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Yesterday, God told me to trust Love. It’s been very different with the feral cat coming to the door. She began sleeping in the backyard chairs and then sitting at the door as if she was picking out my home for Love. I have thought about her situation and how to care for her because she is feral.

Today God told me to give to the church within. Meaning my light that is the temple in Him. To feed my trust in Him and to carry a simple idea of loving the cat at this moment and allowing whatever is to come – to come without care. I know His teachings don’t always make sense for having something planned and harmoniously at our level. It’s harmonious at His level and soon enough at ours. His knowing the future and everything of our destiny is Heaven.

He’s upon us to carry that same light in life. Even though we don’t have the answers or knowing of the future what we do have is this present moment and God telling us to give to life without a care about what is to come. To not plan the future with scenarios is better than shaping a world in satan. To give now with no care about what is to come is greater than living satans ideas of life. Living with God teaching about Himself is learning to make this moment of giving nothing more than keeping Love as all that is real and the rest as nothing more than the illusion of nothing. 

Below is the audio recording of God saying, ” Give to Cat” and the video with the recording of God’s voice in resonance. 

Actual Video with God