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Who is God?

Who is God?

Who is God? God is consciousness living as energy. God is smaller than a quark or bit and has no facial features or body but can live in any idea of form. His existence is light years away and within our present moment simultaneously. He doesn’t live at the level of our light but lives in our light. God is consciousness living as energy and is the source of all life for eternity. 

God is outside of everything we know as living. He’s hundreds of billions of years alive and is the source of all. He’s living as a light for everything in existence to be. He gives human consciousness the way to live in matter. We wouldn’t be able to hear our thoughts, see our hands or move in a body if not for His light within ours. Everything lives perfectly with God. 

We’re an algorithm out of God. His consciousness shaped the idea of our existence and everything life would be. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we live is an idea in our mind. His light is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in resonance. Resonance is the level of everything that lives in human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of sub-atomic particles. 

We see cars, trees, and oceans, but only energy exists. If we saw creation’s level of life, we would see grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. God is the light keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

God lives inside of every idea we carry. He’s always with us and always breathing Heaven into us. He doesn’t live for religion, nor does religion know Him. From the beginning, He has chosen individuals to know Him. 

The body is the temporal idea of life, and consciousness is eternal. The mind doesn’t live for consciousness it only moves in energy out of matters level. Thinking is temporal and part of the transitory story we muster up for moving through matter at this one level of consciousness. 

We can only know God from each level of consciousness. We can’t know God’s totality. We’re living at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Realizing enlightened living is the only light we can live through for knowing more of God. Human education and society’s ideas don’t make it to God. They stay in satan at the devil’s level of life. Moving from society as reality to God as reality is the goal. We only know God from our light and not beyond it.  We must transcend by consciously evolving at each level of consciousness to Him. 

The story we arrive in always brings reason to Love and know Christ. 





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