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Human beings never had the light to understand creation or how we are on a planet floating in space. We know the sun is ninety-three million miles away and the moon regulates ocean tides. When we think who is God or hear the word God we immediately think of religion. We should think of God as atoms and energy giving us the way to live in matter. God has nothing to do with religion He has everything to do with Life. Since Roman times humanity has been taught to see God as religion and that idea kept humanity from understanding our existence. Which won't happen again because we are now having the light to understand human consciousness and creation.

The Bible was written over a period of a thousand years and interpreted Jesus from one level of consciousness. While religion is man-made God is life. Understanding God deeper means letting go of what we have been living. We want to start fresh and open to learning about creation, our existence and living in Heaven while here on earth.

The first place we begin is to understand what a human being is. The human being is conscious energy. We are not the bodies we are the energy inside of the body. The body is temporary. Every level of what is existing is only consciousness. Matter is something we have all taken for granted because we are born with people, furniture, and an earth but it doesn't exist outside of our consciousness. Meaning we see the earth, people, and universe but when we leave this body for new life none of it goes with us. It doesn't exist. It was only a dream giving us the way to experience matter at our one level of consciousness.

What is continuous in every life and is alive, is the Soul and the Soul is Love. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. And Spirit is giving the Soul the way to experience consciousness in matter. Everyone has been taught to know themselves as Jerry, Keith, and Laura but what we are, is consciousness. We are not the body, we are not our thoughts we are the energy existing in a light hosting the body for this one experience. We create our personas to have a self-story to live through the human story. In every new life we will have a different body, different name, different family, and different level of the world to experience. What is continuous and alive is the Soul.

Once we understand we are conscious energy living through matter at our level of consciousness we have the ability to understand who and what God is.

God is dynamic energy hundreds of billions of years alive. He is the level of consciousness that created mankind and every living creature in existence. Everything in existence is living through His energy and everything in existence is energy. We see matter through photosynthesis. It's God's energy in every atom giving us the way to see matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. Our bodies are energy, the earth is energy and every building, road and tree is energy. They only exist in consciousness at our level of consciousness.

In essence, our energy is living in a greater level of energy which is giving us the way to experience matter. Humanity never understood how matter was existing in photosynthesis even though scientist know at the smallest particle everything is a wave. We live in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Everything we see is living through us. The world isn't living outside of us. There is no place where one person begins or ends because at the smallest particle everything is a wave.

Here are some notable facts. The world is living in our light just as God has every living creature in His light. We are an idea in the mind of God and how we live this life is our idea of life. God is Love. Human beings are Love. God created the word that created the world and human beings create the word that creates the world we live through. 

What we think is all we can live through. People take consciousness for granted and should realize everything we are seeing is only existing from our perspective. When we change our energy we change the world we experience because the light in consciousness changes. What we watch on the news, see on the streets, interpret what people are saying to us, and think about as life is only in our perspective. It is in our minds. This entire world is living in our minds. Consciousness is all that is alive.

We are in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy which is the light of Heaven is giving us our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. As a result, they are the fabric of our world.

When we think about who God is we want to understand Him as energy and humanity as energy. We literally would have no way to touch our faces, see the earth or have bodies without photosynthesis. God is making photosynthesis possible by being the light in every atom that gives us the way to live at any one level of consciousness in matter.

Our existence is out of a very quantum level in an intelligence hundred of billions of years alive. We see matter very comfortably. Yet, there are trillions and trillions of levels of life living that we do not see. Bacteria and microorganisms cover our bodies and everything in matter we see.  We couldn't handle being alive if we saw everything existing. God created human beings to live comfortably. We don't even feel our bones growing from an embryo to an adult. Also, we're in an effortless process growing from an embryo to a senior and then out of our bodies into new life.

Our existence is in a light giving us the way to create what we live through beautifully. Humanity has the ability to think anything into being and live through it. The “word” is creating the world. Therefore, the world we are creating is originating only out of thought. Consciousness is at cause and the effect is matter. This is why it so important for humanity to live through Love instead of any other energy. Love is the energy that gives wisdom and knowledge because it is God's energy in our light.

We have all heard of the all-seeing eye which is depicted as an eye at the top of a pyramid. Every thought we have and every action we take is living through God. Human beings couldn't breathe if not for living in God. Even as a child in the womb of our mom the light that gave us breath was God in every atom.

Our thoughts are living in His conscious space and it is Conscious Energy giving us levels in photosynthesis to experience matter at the level we think from. The entire experience of life is in energy. Matter is the gift God gave every human being when He created life. The all-seeing eye is telling us God is everything.

Another way to understand the all-seeing eye is we are living at different levels of consciousness becoming conscious of Love. As we become more conscious of Love we rise in higher levels of consciousness because God's energy which is Love is in our light. This is giving us greater wisdom and brighter light in matter. We ascend to learn God is reality. Everyone who has ever had enlightenment has done so through Love.

The next time we hear the word God or think of God. Let us not think of religion but instead, think about life.  We are living a miraculous experience with an ability to create life at any level we can think. When we know what being alive is we have the way to understand who God is. Once we understand who God is and our existence we know living Love is the key to life. Love is the way of our world and will always be the only level that takes us deeper into God.  As a result, the deeper in God we go the more Heaven we have to feel in our lives.

Everyone has the opportunity to live their potential at any one level of consciousness. God is the light that changes what we see, think, and know. He gives us our ultimate experience. There is no greater level in life to share this experience with other than with God. Call on Him and live Love at the level of Christ. Every call is heard. Humanity tends to pray to God and then five minutes later go back to thinking in negative energy. We don't want to think in worry, fear, anger and upset because that deflects the miracle of God.

We instead want to stay open sending Love to everyone and holding the space of Heaven in our hearts and minds. Keep holding that space throughout the day and night never letting any thoughts go to negativity. We want to think with Love to live open to Heaven. This discipline keeps us dwelling in the light of Christ.

Life is leaning towards Heaven because we are in the conscious space of God. The slightest invitation towards Heaven is invoking greater light in our consciousness. Keep strengthening that connection to God by living Love. God is ready to give each and every one of us the experience of Heaven while here on earth. All we have to do is Love and give to life everything we would want to live through ourselves.

May God always keep you blessed. I Love you.