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Snow Squid Another Race in Our Atmosphere

Conscious Energy Is the fabric of our world

Matter is energy existing only in consciousness. It's subatomic particles in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy which is the quantum species of Heaven. Without a deeper understanding of how matter is existing, we miss higher intelligence living within our own light.  No one understood creation until recently to begin knowing the quantum world. Quantum entanglement gives the light for having a greater understanding of human photosynthesis. Human beings are not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body. The world is energy. Only other races give human beings the way to live in matter.

The last section of videos is light beyond us giving us the way to know they are there. We can't see energy. We can only experience what is given at our level of consciousness.  The video with the bone is an extraordinaire video for nothing to be there and then to be there. When we're in deeper levels of God we live with Him teaching about Himself for us to live opening more life. Listen to Heaven's voices in resonance here.  




Energy of Heaven

What is behind the energy is living intelligence beyond our world. We're having a glimpse of knowing something invisible is there. We see energy but what is there is higher intelligence existing quantumly as the fabric of Love itself.