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Celestial Life

Humanity was created by God. God is hundreds of billions of years alive. He shaped human consciousness out of His energy. This means we’re blended with higher intelligence for living in matter. Human beings are energy in consciousness living in a world out of energy. The light we see as matter is nothing more than hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in different temperatures placing more light in more energy for matter to exist exactly as we think it to be. 

How we see matter is through Celestial Light and Conscious Energy. Both are living species of Heaven. They shape the fabric of our world for living as energy in matter. 

Celestial Light is the Angel of livingness. They’re on the edge of every thought bringing more light to us for having the ability for ideas and imagination. They sit at the edge of our ideas happily making more of them for living through. The world is a masterpiece of higher intelligence letting the ideas in human consciousness become something for living through to the next thought. 

Our knowing life has never been as a species created, living in something and being raised. When God gave us Genesis He gave us the way to know we were created and He existed and was our creator. We don’t think much about that or really care anymore. We’re shaping the world as we think it to be and have no master over us telling us to do this or that. Life keeps moving without deeper glimpses of who is in control. 

Our ideas manifest through Celestial Light. All of science’s discoveries and technology is muscled in through Celestial Light. The world never knew how matter was existing or that resonance was the world for bringing so much into being. Its grace that brings in technology. We’re living in a world secretly hidden inside of God that never knows the hidden ideas of life until we live consciously evolving for them. Nothing in life is as it seems. Celestial Light is one level within life that is the giver of everything we think is reality.

Our reality is an illusion only living at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Human beings only live in their narrative listening to their self chatter as life. Celestial Light blesses us with the illusory world for carving our Soul in God.  Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Celestial Light is the light of our livingness and is the opener and muscle for any idea to become what it does. 

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