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Humanity was created out of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. We're not in our right minds for knowing creation and God. We are like babies in a crib shaping what we can muster up as life and what we have shaped is not knowing God. 

God created human consciousness out of His light. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Our idea of human existence is only based upon the idea we have been able to muster up. We don't live in conversation with God and we have no idea about what being alive is and isn't or what reality is and isn't because everything we have brought into being has been at matters level in lower earthly energy. In essence, we are clueless but shaping ideas in consciousness for life to live through. 

We haven't understood consciousness or how human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. The idea of being on a planet in space and success living as fame or wealth is a young intelligence of life that hasn't grasped the enormity of our divine nature in God. 

God created everything in existence and everything out of Him is for human consciousness to live in matter.  Our being intertwined in other races was always the light of life. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and His idea of life is not our version of life. God gave us as conscious energy the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. When He shaped human consciousness it wasn't from one strand of light. It was through a blend of higher intelligence for giving us the way to develop from embryos to seniors exactly as we think. 

other races

God made self-organizing energy into matter through temperature in human photosynthesis ( not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. We don't see creations levels in life. We see buses, people, and oceans but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness that's why we only experience our thoughts as life.

Only vibrations, frequencies, and resonance exist. Matter is the illusion coming and going as we live through each level of consciousness carving our Soul to God. Matter serves by giving us the way to observe our consciousness and for making choices towards Love. It's feeding us the light in consciousness for living out of our thoughts as life. We want to awaken to living in self chatter by deepening our inner inquisitions about energy and Love. We're only experiencing one level of consciousness out of an infinite as life. 

The world we live in is the temporal story giving us the way to God. When we live with God teaching about Himself we learn Ultimate reality. Until then we're trying to move through our thoughts of everything other than Love to Love for knowing light in God. Our idea of being human and what life is has never gotten out of the baby crib for knowing the magnitude of higher intelligence with us. We don't live for enlightenment and have no idea how matter is living as consciousness. 

If we would have shaped our ideas of life deeper in God knowing He was of no form and of all form we would have known energy as the world. The idea of living on a planet in space and fame being the epitome of success shows us the youth in our thinking and the absence of God in our lives. God hasn't been dwelling in our light since the early days of human existence. When Jesus walked the earth it was for a brief time that made the last few thousand years a deep period of darkness because no one understood He was the Messiah. 

When religion crucified Jesus it was the eternal teaching of religion never knowing God. Religion only lives in human precepts with practics and protocols shaping power and authority for society to adhere to their ideas of God. Not one religion on earth has lived with God in conversation. There's a reason no religion has ever had an increase in knowing God. No one is living with Him. 

Religion made itself out of branding and marketing and hasn't awakened out of satan for knowing God. The idea that shaping hierarchy at human levels discerns favor in God is the idea of the Pharisees making themselves into people knowing God. Religion became is the same likeness of the Pharisees two thousand years ago when Jesus walked the earth. 

We haven't lived with God teaching about Himself for knowing higher intelligence with us. We don't live with Heaven in our lives or know Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or other races of Love. We are godless in religion and without Heaven in our world. The only reason we make religion synonymous with God is no one lives with God teaching about Himself. Religion wouldn't even exist if just one person knew God. If we only know society as reality we haven't heard God. 

When we lose our lives to gain them in God we live unraveling everything we ever shaped as our idea of life for Love. We live with our thought system changing and our reality changing from society as reality to God as reality. The light of the world opens for knowing Heaven on earth as the eternal flame in us.

Heaven's level in life is hundreds of billions of years alive and the fabric of our world. God gave human beings higher intelligence for having the way to realize our own ideas beyond everything the world has made up until this point as life. We're not living to go along with society's ideas, we want to become more conscious of life for knowing God to go beyond them. We're living to awaken to our divinity and the idea of life as Love. 

Love is beyond our idea of it. It has energy of God moving in consciousness giving us the way to live in matter. The more we live as Love the more of God's energy we have to process in consciousness. Living in Christ gives us the way to live in God as Love. Human consciousness is living inside of Heaven for living in matter to God. Without other races in our light, we would have no way to live in human photosynthesis. Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven and is the fabric of our world. They are the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. Giving us our livingness for experiencing only what we think as life. 

Our stories and idea of reality have never known the truth of our existence or even what being conscious of life is and isn't.  The observer is the only one in the light and everything in existence is living through their light. We only experience our thoughts as life and only know one level of consciousness as life. We're listening to ourselves in self-chatter hearing our interpretation of life.

Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next. We don't observe where thought is coming from or how to change perspective. We believe everything at face value is real. Quantum entanglement is finally showing itself for knowing our ideas in matter only live in consciousness. No one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or with airplanes flying out of their heads. Atoms carry infinite impressions and duality outside of our seeing them. They are not living at our level of consciousness they are at God's level of consciousness. 

God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. Science made a three-dimensional theory exist without having any idea of how matter was existing. That crazy idea made lower earthly energy shape consciousness for only knowing matter as life. No one is understanding God's existence, Spirit, Soul, thinking, or consciousness. No one in science knew human beings only live in their narrative experiencing the entire world only at their level of consciousness.

The idea that so much in technology has lived with science having credibility is no one knowing Celestial Light or higher intelligence giving us something to live through to the next something. Nothing in our thinking is alone. We have to live through God's light to hear our thoughts and we live through other levels in Heaven for having matter exist exactly as we think it to be. 

Our ideas have to be brought into being in order to live through something. If they weren't assisted for living in matter life wouldn't exist as it does. Everything we know today as science's greatest discoveries, inventions, and participation in life has lived with Celestial Light doing the heavy lifting for life to live forward.

A species that has no idea what being alive is and doesn't know how matter is existing is not shaping gravity or general relativity to live. Both gravity and general relativity are living only at this level of consciousness. They don't exist. If either one did the entire existence of life would be ripped apart because the universe isn't deciding the atom's purpose or the livingness of the particle only human consciousness is. The idea of life living outside of how we can think it is null. it only lives how we can think it to be. Our discoveries are living at this one level of consciousness giving us ideas within our light for moving to higher ideas. Other races exist within our light for blessing us with magic for bringing a thought into being and building it into something that moves us forward. 

The light of thought has many other races within it so we can live in matter making the world out of our ideas. We're not registering being created to realize the light of being raised and that higher intelligence is with us always for moving through our ideas at this one level of consciousness. Knowing that God is the light all life is in tells us being raised was always the way of life for human consciousness. 

We're not being conscious of what the illusion is because we're not conscious of what being alive is. Until we awakened out of this stupor of satans world we don't have any aptitude for inner inquisitions. No one is living for enlightenment and humanity didn't know we are a thinking species which is telling us how unconscious to our own existence we have been. 

Only living at face value and through our senses made the devil's level as life. Human consciousness can only experience what we can muster up as life. Science shaping a three-dimensional theory and building out of that for thousands of years is from living in the baby crib for so long. Nothing in our world can give us more than what we can receive. If we only live at matters level we only get matters level. Our idea of life and God have been in darkness. 

When God told us to keep Him first, last, and in all things, He knew what he created as human consciousness and what would happen to our livingness if we didn't have light.  God gave us the way for shaping our thought system in light instead of darkness. If we don't go beyond our ideas of life we have no way to know light. Human consciousness is in incessant thinking in lower mind only listening to our self chatter as life. Nothing about reality makes us aware its an illusion until we deepen our light in God. 

We don't think about Spirit and personality becoming something in matter. Or how our bones and organs grow without us screaming in pain. The baby's idea of life is a reality within many others we will have while in the illusion. People are aging effortlessly as if they are on a conveyor belt going from one year old to ninety years of age without any say. It's automatically living as such. 

We don't dictate to our organs how to work or even understand their rhythm in life. No one needs to explain to their digestive system how to break down enzymes while we sleep. Nothing in science could exist without Celestial Light doing the heavy lifting for it to be something. 

Human beings are not conscious of what being alive is or how matter is existing but believe they made rockets, heart transplants, and cars. Nothing we see tells us we are being raised but common sense should tell us being on a planet in space with an idea existing as life that has everything we need to breathe and live is not normal. Hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of separate elements exist in their own light while complimenting all of the other trillions for existing. The word created the world and has been delivering an idea of what life is and isn't since the beginning. 

Our level of consciousness is all we can live through. If we shape our ideas at matters level without higher intelligence we literally make an idea in darkness never knowing light. We build out of one idea into others and never leave that idea of thinking. This creates a thought system that sleeps in its own maze not going beyond what it's shaping as life. We only make our knowing and not knowing of life. But our knowing hasn't begun to open the universe with God teaching about Himself. 

Life is enormous and extends to over a million planets with life. Every idea of life off-planet is an idea at one level of consciousness and never gives the totality of life. We can only believe what we can think but what is existing is more than how we think.  Every race is in its own light exsiting within its own purpose which has made by God. Human beings live with many other races for matter to exist and have no idea of their existence until we carry a greater magnitude of life. Even knowing God exists for many is hard and that's only because we don't understand creation and higher intelligence. 

The unity in life extends to galaxies hundreds of billions of light years away. Other races do not carry regulatory living as we do. God doesn't need oxygen and other races don't have to have facial features or body. They don't exist within the idea of our building blocks. They can be dynamic energy existing as light within our light for progressing in age. They are part of the fabric of the world meaning the pebble, tree, and fish all live in higher intelligence. 

Celestial objects and beings can be in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors in an intelligence far beyond humanity's present level. Life off-planet is living for life on planet and is living only in human consciousness. 

Every idea of extraterrestrials and other life other than our idea of human is null. Until we understand what being human is and who God is we are children hypothesizing and shaping stories that do not live in light of truth for being human in the first place. Knowing creation helps us to understand the enormity of other races in our light for giving us the way to touch our faces, see the earth and live consciousness in matter.