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We Feel Before We Hear our Thoughts

Feeling Pulses as the Language

We’re living in another language that lives through pulses in different algorithms. Human beings feel light before the knowing is known. We live in another language no one knows about but is with us at birth. The algorithms provide more knowing than we are ready for. Our light is with higher intelligence living in Heaven’s level of life.  The pulses are algorithmic in other levels of light. They are part of the native language to God. 

Creations level in life is very different than ours. We’ve been created, but creation is part of its own level of consciousness. How we think doesn’t discern what is here it’s only discerning what we can think at the time. People change lanes on the highway already knowing who will let them over and who will not. We had no conversation with anyone, but the language knew the pulses. Our feeling before we know the word has been the way of life. Atoms aren’t deciphering whether someone is speaking German, English, or Russian. They’re knowing pulses from resonance in human consciousness. 

Thought is a fluid light changing temperature beyond the speed of light. The speed of thought breaks every idea in human consciousness for what speed could be. Our awareness is little, but the processor takes in billions of data every moment. There’s a processor in us that can outdo any technology we could fathom for moving data in bits. 


We are not our thoughts. Thoughts are the transitory level of the mortal world. They build stories for awakening through to God.

Every Language Hears English in Their Mind

In other languages, the idea in the mind is heard as English. It’s an idea in knowing that has nothing to do with language. It’s beyond our idea and living deeper at creations level of life. The atom isn’t deciding what language anyone is speaking in. It’s listening to our rhythm in human photosynthesis.

Our narrative is hearing the idea and not the language. Someone who is Spanish isn’t hearing Spanish like someone else is. Someone who is speaking Russian isn’t hearing Russian they hear the word cup as cup. The cup is the cup in German, French, or Spanish. They hear a voice in their mind with the idea of the word rather than the language. We hear the language. The idea in human consciousness is English. A universal language on the inside but a beautiful light for many languages in human consciousness on the outside.  


We’re moving through light, sitting ready to be known. Once known, we live through a placeholder in light existing for accessing at any moment. The access can be strong or weak and is determined by our eagerness and differentiation when it first arrived. The mind is making more pathways to live through every moment. We’re able to recall fifty years ago and know the future. The idea of thinking isn’t only a depository of knowing. Its light blending beyond our ideas and carries into a world hundreds of billions of years alive because it’s in God. The mind is living outside of the body. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. 

We learn something new, but it was already there. It was there with knowing for when we would carry it. Everything has already existed. Every memory can live in the present moment like it was happening. We feel it, hear it, and know it like it was happening. Memory is a place within our light that has stored energy. 


Both live beyond our eyes and ears. They are living deeper in Heaven than in our world. We come into the world already existing at a level in human consciousness. It carries light for what the content can be. We wouldn’t live well if bananas tasted like chalk or ice cream’s texture was like rocks. Our experience of both is equal to the light in human consciousness. It’s been placed for us to know as we arrive. The world has properties existing for knowing it perfectly. Bering created is a marvel for how many levels in life have responses. We’re writing on top of layers within our light. Light is moving rapidly within our light to bring ideas to every nuance of living. Smelling & tasting complement the way in life.