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We Feel Before We hear Our Thoughts We're Using Another Language with Pulses

Feeling Pulses as the Language

Human beings feel light before the knowing of language is heard. We have another language no one knows about but is living from birth. The algorithms constantly change and provide more of life than we are sometimes ready for. Our light is with higher intelligence being raised for opening our light in God. Angels are one level of higher intelligence along with Celestial Light and Conscious Energy.  

How we think doesn't discern what is here it's only discerning what we can think at the time. People change lanes on the highway already knowing who will let them over and who will not. We didn't have a conversation with anyone but the language was known by both. Our feeling before we know the word has always been the way of life. Atoms aren't deciphering our present level of language they are reading pulses out of frequencies and resonance. 

Think back to ancient times and how living only in our narrative worked with atoms. The language of humans has nothing to do with the language of the world. Our moving through algorithms is part of our being created living in thought.  We don't see everything or know everything because only our present level of consciousness exists as knowing. 

There is more existing beyond our thoughts and more life beyond how we think. Thought is a fluid light changing temperature beyond the speed of light. The speed of thought breaks every idea of speed human consciousness knows. Our awareness is little but the processor takes in billions of data every moment of our lives.

Thinking is algorithms moving deeper into light through pulses. Only pulses decipher the atom's magnitude. Aptitude in human consciousness lives from substance stretching light. Without substance, the light can't expand. Most people believe their thoughts are who they are but we are not our thoughts. They are only part of the temporal story being moved through for a brief time. Love is all that is real and Love is the door to opening the world in God. We are beyond the body and all present thinking.  Thought is temporal and Love is eternal. We are Love just like God is. Consciousness is continuous while everything in matter comes and goes. Its a story only serving Love.