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Listen to voices from beyond human.  


Angels are Energy in God's light.

Energy is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. They are Heaven's race giving our livingness in matter. You're hearing their light in resonance at an extremely quantum level which is the fabric of our world.



What am I hearing?

God, Angels, and celestial light. The world is alive with living intelligence of Heaven giving us the way to deeper in God.  


Where are they?

They are living as part of algorithms in God's consciousness. Conscious Energy is quantum and is the fabric of our world.  


How can they live without any matter as their existence?

God is of no form and is of all form. His light is consciousness and out of Him He created self-organizing energy for existing in different temperatures through holographic light. The world we see doesn't live as we see it. It's hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The world is consciousness in God. 

Hearing Thoughts

This video is giving his thoughts via energy in decimals that exist within my light.  This video gives the world one way of how telepathy works in life. It's an imprint within my light. 

 Video Footage From Some of the Recordings

There is more here than we know.