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Living with Light 

We see matter and believe it to be a permanent level in life. Consciousness is all that is alive, and this one idea is fleeting. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. It’s one idea out of an infinite. We come into a world already existing and go along with what is here instead of learning to live by the Soul.

The mind doesn’t live for light until something deeper in the Soul pines for it. We’re busy trying to make self into something instead of letting go for Spirit. The mind is a storyteller and satan’s level because it clings to face-value living instead of knowing the invisible world that lies deeper with us. We don’t begin living for light until something happens in life for deeper inner inquisitions for who is thinking and where God is. 

As long as we are satisfied by society’s ideas/the devils’ ideas, we stay living mainstream ideas. Something has to break inside of us for more in order to gain it.  

The idea of self and society as reality place walls for only knowing face value assumptions at matters level. We shape our knowing and not knowing and live inside of those walls. The idea of an invisible world with us seems like a fairytale until we know more about God. 

Light is from higher intelligence. It’s a level outside of us but weaved within our light for more. Celestial light is the race on every thought, making any idea we have live with the opportunity to be something that works for this level of consciousness. They are part of Heaven and were shaped by God for human consciousness to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. 

More exists beyond our thoughts, but because we carry human education, we never leave the lower minds placement. We live only by measuring our existence according to what was taught, not learned. The difference between taught ideas and learning something is living through light that breaks what we think we know and don’t know into new pieces.


The world of resonance, algorithms, and God. Language doesn’t live in atoms only pulses from resonance do. 

The world is resonance, and we are a variance in God’s light, knowing only one idea of light. It’s one idea of light from an infinite. We learn to know energy and movements beyond matters eyes the more we let go of self for light. If we define meaning in matter as part of who we think self is, we place lower earthly energy with us. We want depth in Love to have measure in Christ for going beyond the mind’s eye in matter. 

Everything in this world is an illusory story coming and going. When we leave the body, all of it fades and doesn’t live again. Consciousness completes itself. When we come into the world already existing, we have a history, present, and future awaiting us. No one is questioning history or carries the magnitude of what to expect at seventy years of age. We don’t know our story until we live it. 

The world is placating lower mind’s ideas because they are comfortable. We don’t know anything, but what our senses dictate is life. It’s easier to go along with mainstream concepts than not. Science is measuring ideas in lower mind’s ways. It never knew we were a thinking species or how matter was existing. It’s not going beyond mainstream acceptance. The discoveries fit perfectly into the human story. Celestial light is at the tip of every thought, placing our ideas into something liveable so we can live through them to something else. It doesn’t mean they’re fact or even comprehensible. 

Reality is an idea in an illusion. It doesn’t exist until we hear God’s voice.
 Until then, we live in self chatter, only listening to the voice in our head.
 The narrator is the idea we made as self, but at that level of consciousness,
 we have no idea who the thinker is and believe it is the us we made, when it’s not.
It’s created light moving through us, trying to awaken us to God.

God’s voice is the only reality in existence. Everything else is satan because it’s lower earthly energy shaping our thought system with ideas. We know ego, satan, and the little person when we make the body self, and society reality. 

The world of matter is an illusion and what human consciousness can shape through freewill lives. Gravity and general relativity never had a chance at existing, but nothing else was capable of living at the level of consciousness for moving through to something else. Both will be known as illusory or playdo, giving way to humanity’s new frontiers. Human photosynthesis and Conscious Energy are the right light for knowing matter. 

We have little knowledge of our world. We built a story and tried to master it instead of walking through it to something much more. We don’t know God or other races, and that is why the lower mind exists. If we understood God’s existence and that we have been created, we would know we are living in something and being raised by higher intelligence. We’re not knowing God because we carry religions instead. The human idea of God doesn’t exist; only a religious one does. 

The world of Heaven is designed to carry consciousness deeper into God. Everything in this life is for knowing God. The only way we dive deeper is through His will and not ours. The Soul is the mark of light, and the Soul is the only light telling God we’re there for it. The mind is a storyteller, and the Soul is a light that gives the Spirit the way to live in matter. Consciousness is the Souls light that gives thinking its tone. 

The world lives differently with God than in a religious manner. God moves in all things and sees all things. He knows every thought, secret, fear, and desire. There’s nothing in His movement that is matter. God carries matter for us to live through this level of consciousness, but He is not its measure. 

God is keeping a measure of every atom, and human consciousness is assigning the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. We’re shaping matter through this level of consciousness. Every idea is making it live as real as we make it. Nothing in the world lives as we think it does. 

We see buildings, cars, and trees, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of particles. We think the body is here, but only energy is. Everything is algorithms on top of other algorithms, zig-zagging in all directions, measuring thought to particles in different temperatures. God made energy aware of itself, and when He did, He placed its purpose. We have self-organizing energy beyond anything we know as matter. There is a bigger invisible world than a world. 

Space is alive and filled with other races we do not see or know about until we do. God created Heaven, and Heaven is all there is. Human consciousness is like a tiny pin dot inside of a massive circle with a circumference of millions of miles. Everything in the space of that circumference is living intelligence. 

Living as a human being isn’t our idea of it. We’ve been created by God, and He is hundreds of billions of years alive. We walk the earth comfortably in a story similar to the Brady Bunch; it’s naive, young, and not aware of what being on a planet in space entails. Life is more advanced than we know. The human mind only experiences its level. We’re not exercising ideas from ten thousand years out.

Where we are today is Godless. We deny God’s existence and only march to religious orders. Human thinking is lower mind. We don’t have ideas outside of what can fit with acceptance for mainstream living. Yet every human being that has made it to God lived knowing a bigger world that no one else could see. Abraham kneeled to Angels no one saw. Moses carried God in ways no one else could carry. 

The world with God is silent to humanity, but to the very few that lived to Him, it was filled with only Him. Living society as reality has no knowledge of Heaven on Earth. Living the body as self has no depth for knowing Spirit.

God placed energy for thinking. Thinking is created light and is living as we come into form. The world of thought has endless books and endless libraries filled with books. The universal language has no words like human ones. God created the word, and the word created the world. He gave the human consciousness the way to see itself. Matter is the gift God gave to us for knowing Him. We wouldn’t understand existing if not for matter’s ways. 

God is of no form and of all form. We are shaped in His likeness as conscious energy. He is consciousness living as energy, and we are too. We carry matter for knowing we exist. Our level of consciousness doesn’t have the light for a deeper knowing of life. Living on a planet in space hasn’t even sunk in. We’re not carrying any measure of God living hundreds of billions of years alive to know that human isn’t what we think it is, nor is our world. 

Light moves in all things. No area in our consciousness is without it. It’s an unseen level of our awareness until we awaken. The ideology of living has been tangible, but the Truth of our existence has little to do with what is tangible. It’s living more for what is beyond the idea of tangible. God moves in China and the United States at the same time. There is no spacetime with Heaven’s level of life. Only human consciousness carries measures for living in matter. The world that is matterless and formless has no need for spacetime. It’s obsolete. 

God knows our future, and light sees the world with us. Angels speak outside of human depth and carry eyes in all things. The idea that all minds are joined together is knowing only one of us is here with God. Everyone is a level of energy within our Soul, living for us to Love. 

The world of light is telepathy, translight, and knowing of the future. Heaven is other races far beyond the idea of human and life. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world, as is the light of Heaven. They are the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. They place ideas in human photosynthesis for knowing. Angels, Celestial Light and Spark beings carry Heaven on Earth. 

The world of God is knowing what is across town while sitting in your home. It’s Angels telling you that a window is open in an empty tenant’s apartment while it begins to rain. God moves in all things and carries us through all things. He builds and works in our light to keep a variance of Him. God directs our eyes when He wants us to see something and opens our ears to hear Him. It’s the world very few people in the history of the human race have known. 

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