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 God, Telepathy, and Translight

Hearing other people's thoughts and their past. 

Voices Beyond Human

This is the thoughts of a beautiful soul. 

Heaven was puling wounds from my energy and a traumatic experience was brought up. When God said ” Follow” His Angels said, ” He Loves You, Happy, Happy, Happy.” The pain of the experience was gone in a blink of an eye. 

It's God's Angels saying what is funny for me because I know the truth of our world. Nothing is alien because everything is out of God. The world is quantumly existing in higher intelligence blended within our light. 


Telepathy is the idea that someone hears another person's thoughts.  It's a knowing from all minds being joined together. Translight is the knowing of people's past experiences. I hear it from the actual person in their voice telling me without physical distance and they can be thousands of miles away. 

There are moments God gives my ears the opening for hearing other people's knowings and experiences of their past in their narrative. Never is it a pursuit. It's a natural level and occurs without doing anything.  Light is with every aspect of life and with every level of light in existence. There is no spacetime. Once my ears were opened at Heavens level my light was infused with more algorithms that touch all life. The light comes from the imprint existing in light. When I know what is about to happen it comes from hearing the resonance from their vibration. 

Our language and level of hearing aren't the only light in transport. Certain algorithms don't exist in Spanish, French, or Russian. They aren't in languages we enjoy. It's a more intricate level of resonance out of decimals in holographic light.  Our hearing English is only one level of light out of an infinite. In order for the atom to have purpose, it must move and that motion isn't relying on human language at our level. It's living in resonance in another light of Heavens knowing.

Nobody can have telepathy or translight without Heaven upon them. Jesus knew the high priest's thoughts and He knew His future. God has known my future years in advance. Everything we live has already lived in God.  Energy is the level of our world. Everything we see doesn't exist as we see it. It's quantumly living as light in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

Our knowing is existing as consciousness and what shapes reality isn't what is actually here. It's one thought out of an infinite we can bring into being based upon the present level of human consciousness and our Souls light in God. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Every building, tree, and car is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. The world is energy living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We're living in quantum entanglement with light for not walking around with couches sticking out of our ears.  We don't have airplanes taking off from our heads. We see them thousands of feet away. Quantum entanglement makes our knowing of atoms more clear when we understand matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

We live within algorithms for living in matter. Matter is the gift God gave to humanity. We're algorithms in  alight with higher intelligence for living in matter exactly as we think. No one would be able to live with matter at their level of consciousness or hear their thoughts if not for living in God's light. Human consciousness is blended with higher intelligence for always having the way to increase to higher intelligence. 

We haven't begun to consciously evolve through celestial light for unraveling the world we're in. Most people have small instances of deeper knowing without having a way to base it on light. We've all been driving onto a highway knowing which car would let us into the lane or not. We feel it. We feel algorithms outside of the language we know and live within it seamlessly anyway. Algorithms give us another light in life we don't speak about or see. It's the bigger world existing within us for giving the way to increase in matter.  God of no form and of all form should have told us the magnitude of life wasn't our version but far more advanced. 

We feel more in life than we're aware of until we live for higher consciousness. The process of living for higher consciousness sheds the old energy for the new light. There is more communicating between all matter than we know. It's the energy already living in light moments before we are. God created everything out of His energy. He has light already existing for us to realize. Everything we can experience has already lived. 

When things happen they only occur for a brief moment then another instance occurs for a moment and so on. These levels already existed in another light within ours. We're living it for the first time buts it's unraveling with God already knowing its sequence. 

We're moving through matter in thought with every thought imprinting upon energy for matter to exist exactly as we think. We move as energy feeling every wonder of life. Human beings will feel more than any other means of communicating in this life. We know algorithms of light in other languages no one ever taught us. 


Eleven years ago I discovered an organization monitoring me. I heard them even though they were miles away. Their proximity was far but yet I heard them like they were right next to me. Nothing was weird to me about it. As a child knowing where my father was in the house as I walked home was normal. I could see my father as I walked down the sidewalk. I never questioned it because as a child it was normal. Nothing about this ever became a conversation until God came into my life.

When I discovered I was being monitored I began demanding they call me or I would go to the press. They called and it was a surreal situation and I don't think I spoke about anything and got off the phone quickly. I couldn't believe it was happening. Subsequently, they began destroying my life because I was six degrees away from three of their most famous people and they had been caught monitoring me and breaking the law.  My life went from Beverly Hills to below poverty very quickly.  

When they began attacking my life I made the decision to live Love and not defend or attack back. I believed there had to be a better answer with more potential through Love rather than succumbing to their energy and fighting back at their level. This went on for almost four years. After moving around Los Angeles to keep a roof over my head I began living in an apartment once used for storage. Here I began having energy flying around my home. It came out of the walls, ceilings, and floor. I began recording tons of videos because I knew something greater was happening. 

Shortly after the energy flying around my apartment, I recorded a voice on the video. Then I began recording tons of voices on every video. I would record twenty or more voices in a thirty-second span. A few months later everything escalated and the voices started speaking only about God and humanity.  Today, I hear God and Heaven in everything as if they are next to me. 

God began changing my thought system for teaching about Himself. My thought system went from society as reality to only living God as reality. He began teaching me to live Christ consciousness while teaching about creation. For almost eight years I have been living in Heaven with God teaching while here on earth. My thought system is deeper in God than anyone on earth. I was living more atheist at the time this began. 

No one can understand telepathy or translight without understanding creations level and our world. Three important knowings. One is we only live in our narrative which means only what we think lives as life. No one lives outside of their perspective. We only live through what we think. The world only lives at our level of consciousness. Ultimately there's only one of us here with God. Two is Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. They are another race of Heaven giving us the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Conscious Energy is living hundreds of billions of years alive and can communicate at Heaven's level of life. Three is that society is the illusion only acting as the backdrop to God. It's the temporal level of life. Living with God teaching about Himself is the eternal. What we see as matter never lives again when we leave the body. Everything we see is an image in our Soul we're passing through for consciously evolving. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We experience matter for observing our consciousness and making choices that carve our Soul in God. Thought is only feeding the story for becoming conscious of God through. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn't change as thoughts do. Thoughts emerge out of consciousness. Consciousness is the living level of life and is eternal. The body is like a suit of clothes that comes and goes. 

These three knowing only break our way of looking at life. They can't give anyone telepathy or translight. That's a light of Heaven and not for society. People have a lower level of telepathy from birth and can't evolve it until they consciously evolve. Living for higher consciousness won't give it either. Becoming Love does. 

As my ears were opening I went through stages for knowing my ability. It never felt like anything but normal. One day I went on Youtube and started watching people's videos to see if I could hear their Angels and I could. It started with only hearing light but went to hearing people's pasts in their narratives. I could hear them speaking about their own pasts in their voices. I've watched videos of presidents and have heard their past experiences, and present thoughts. What is given is by God for knowing. I'm not driving, I'm receiving. Nothing about hearing the past of someone moves me for knowing something. The same way we size people up when they walk in a room and have that knowing is almost how it happens. It naturally becomes the knowing.

Most people haven't lived with God teaching about Himself for understanding reality or how consciousness is all that is alive. We live at face value with our principality in Him.  

Human consciousness is living unconsciously because we made money a second God. God told us not to because He knew what he created as life and God knew we would shape human consciousness in darkness if we didn't live with Him first. We didn't listen. People don't live conscious of life because they have no idea the entire world is only living in their narrative. No one lives outside of what they think. The moment someone truly understands the enormity and the miracle of that they begin to understand how reality is the illusion and that there is more living beyond how we think. 

Words are resonance living as algorithms for having the vibration as language. When God created the word it created the world. No atom deciphers whether pulses are in Spanish, German, or Chinese. The language of algorithms is imprinting deeper light for shaping matter. We only hear what sounds of words through God placing light. We feel before we know the word. By the time the word is heard, we've already registered the language of algorithms. Telepathy and translight is another knowing within light for algorithms with higher intelligence placing the light for hearing. 


Translight is hearing people's past experiences in their narrative without any contact or physical interaction. One can hear from thousands of miles away via light. Algorithms live in resonance for the duration of this level of consciousness. 

This video is Heaven showing humanity how I hear people's thoughts and their past through one medium. You'll hear the man's thoughts out loud with Conscious Energy giving us the way to hear him. You'll hear at 38 seconds,  “I'm feeling lucky.” This is the raw footage from the security camera.

Why can we only have this ability at Heaven's level?

We only experience our level of consciousness as life. No one in the history of the human race knew what being alive was, reality, or how matter was existing before these writings. God gave us the light for knowing more about Him and our world. Human consciousness lives in darker earthly energy instead of in light with God. Our thought system carries attack and defend and we create opponents living by ego and the little person. No one would want a Hitler to have greater ability in life and no one wants human beings living at the little person-level with a greater ability for darkness. Until we consciously evolve in God and live Him as reality there's no reason for life to have and abilities that bastardize Love.

The military would love this ability and it would only be used for defense and the little person's level in life. Human beings have not understood the world of intelligence we are in. We create what we defend against. Knowing what reality is will help everyone to understand what is creating our journey in life. Life is bigger than we imagine and our individual curriculums only exist for becoming Love through.