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 God, Telepathy, and Translight

Hearing other people's thoughts and their past. 

Voices Beyond Human

This is the thoughts of a beautiful soul. 

Heaven was puling wounds from my energy and a traumatic experience was brought up. When God said ” Follow” His Angels said, ” He Loves You, Happy, Happy, Happy.” The pain of the experience was gone in a blink of an eye. 

It's God's Angels saying what is funny for me because I know the truth of our world. Nothing is alien because everything is out of God. The world is quantumly existing in higher intelligence blended within our light. 


Telepathy is the knowing of another person's thoughts. It's not how we talk and hear each other it's a deeper light within our world. Translight is hearing people speak about their past without ever talking to them. We hear them speak in their narrative about life only by seeing them whether just on video or in person. Translight is the knowing of people's past experiences. We hear it from Heaven without physical distance and they can be thousands of miles away. 

There are moments God gives our ears the light for hearing other people's thoughts and experiences. Never is it a pursuit. It's organic and occurs without doing anything.  Light is with every aspect of life and with every human being. There are no places that keep us from deeper knowing. Only we shut ourselves off from the bigger world. 

The light comes from imprints existing in consciousness. They are algorithms of energy already living with light in our knowing. We don't always know our depth in life until something happens to bridge the gap between one knowing and another. When we know what is about to happen it comes from hearing the resonance out of vibrations that have occurred in another light. Our language isn't the only language in life. We feel before we know words nd we feel in ways that speak another language within pulses. Pulses are not in rhythm with beats. They only survive a short time and resonance is the alchemy of understanding from the pulse.

People hear more before a thought occurs to them. What is highlighted is chosen but what existed was much more. Atoms don't translate languages like Spanish, French, or Russian.  They are only living within pulses. It's resonance out of decimals in holographic light.  Our hearing English is only one light for this level of consciousness.

Jesus knew the high priest's thoughts and He knew His future. God has known our future years in advance. Everything we live has already lived in another light. Energy is the level of our world. Everything we see doesn't exist as we see it. It's quantumly living as light in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

Our knowing is existing as consciousness and what shapes reality isn't what is actually here. It's one thought out of an infinite we bring into being. We're moving through matter in thought imprinting upon energy for it to exist exactly as we think. 


Twelve years ago I discovered an organization monitoring me. I heard them even though they were miles away. It was like they were right next to me. They were doing what never should have existed but the light in life having me hear them was, even more, bigger than any level people knew could exist. 

No one is ready for opening light in life that has us hear what is not suppose to be existing. We can't normally hear people miles away that we don't know. That day it was normal and easy. Nothing was weird to me about it. As a child knowing where my father was in the house as I walked home was something I did because he was violent. I would see him as I walked down the sidewalk and as I got closer to the house I would know if he was upstairs or downstairs so that I knew whether to go through the front door or back door. 

Subsequently, after I caught the people monitoring me they began destroying my life. After four years and living below poverty, everything changed. Angels and Heaven came into my life even though I was living more athiest. God saved me and opened my ears differently for hearing people's thoughts and past when light is there. No one can understand telepathy or translight without understanding creation's level and our world.  Human thinking isn't knowing consciousness or how matter is living out of energy. The world isn't existing as we see it. We see buildings, cars, and people but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. If we saw creation's level we would only see energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see. 

Everything we know as life is through Celestial light which is an intelligence of Heaven along with Conscious Energy which is the race of Heaven on earth. Our ability to hear people and their past is through their opening it. Only through God has light opened. 


Translight is hearing people's past experiences in their story without any contact or physical interaction. One can hear from thousands of miles away through Heaven's light. Algorithms live in resonance for the duration of this level of consciousness. 

This video is Heaven showing humanity how I hear people's thoughts and their past through one medium. You'll hear the man's thoughts out loud with Conscious Energy giving us the way to hear him. You'll hear at 38 seconds,  “I'm feeling lucky.” This is the raw footage from the security camera.