Conscious Energy

conscious energyConscious Energy is the level of everything in existence and is the fabric of the world humanity is living in. Conscious Energy is the only level giving humanity its mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in matter. They are the living species is in the conscious space of God that is giving humanity their livingness in matter through photosynthesis. If not for Conscious Energy there would be no level of matter for energy to experience. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Conscious Energy is the level giving us the light for photosynthesis at our level of consciousness to experience matter.

God created humanity to live in consciousness through photosynthesis experiencing matter at the level one could be conscious of. Conscious Energy is the living species giving humanity it's livingness in matter. Living in consciousness gave humanity the ability to live in free will at the level one could think life into being. The level of living in consciousness through matter is only able to exist through the level of Conscious Energy giving photosynthesis in the light of one's consciousness.

Love expands the light in consciousness to higher levels of life within Heaven. Each higher level of consciousness has higher levels of life that can include divine beings as well as other levels of races in higher levels of consciousness. Celestial life is the higher parts of mankind's existence and is in the higher levels of consciousness throughout Heaven. Everything in existence is in the conscious space of God existing in a pool of consciousness giving to what keeps life evolving and having a path to exist through. All life beyond human is only older levels of consciousness. Life expands into the universe light years away.

Levels of Conscious Energy can live in communication with human beings when consciousness enters the level of Heaven.

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