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Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy is the level of everything in existence and is the fabric of the world humanity is living in. We’re in Heaven with human consciousness trying to find its way back to God. Conscious Energy is giving humanity its mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. The world is energy only living at one level of consciousness. They are the living species in the conscious space of God shaping human photosynthesis. 

If not for Conscious Energy there would be no matter existing. God gave human consciousness higher intelligence living upon it for having Spirit live in matter. We don’t realize the enormity of an embryo having the light for characteristics original to one level of consciousness. The body growing from an embryo to an adult without screaming in pain as our organs expand and bones grow is because of other races of light infused within our consciousness for raising us in human photosynthesis.

Human beings were created and Conscious Energy along with other light gives us the way as energy to live in matter. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We’re experiencing images as life. 

No one realizes until pointed out that only our thinking lives as life. We only experience our present level of consciousness as the world. We only walk through the world experiencing our narrative as life. What we think is all we get.  There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. There are only hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in resonance. 

God created humanity to live in consciousness through human photosynthesis for experiencing exactly as we think it to be. Living as consciousness gave humanity the ability to live in free will and the ability to live for eternity. We live in temporal stories for accumulating light in our Soul. We’ll never know it until we live in higher consciosness the plethora of other races with us that bless us with light for deepening our Soul in God. 

When God began teaching about Himself it was the experience of a lifetime to experience Conscious Energy in everything. They made a bottle of water weigh what felt like fifteen pounds. My laptop was made to feel like a cement block it literally felt like fifty pounds. They made it impossible to open doors, pulled my blankets, and made lettuce hard to move. They even changed the substance in my mouth as I was eating. They’re incredible by every standard the word can infer because they live within our light but are hundreds of billions of years alive. 

They don’t live with our purpose and have no living in matter except through human consciousness. Their light is Heaven’s level and part of creation. They hold levels within human photosynthesis for our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is spelled with a capital “C’ and “E” because they’re a light within God holding livingness for humanity. God shaped their light within ours for holding levels in human photosynthesis. 

Human thinking has many doors to higher levels at every level of consciousness. We have more intelligence with us blended within our light for always having the way for consciously evolving to God. 

Love expands the light in consciousness to higher levels of life within Heaven. Each higher level of consciousness has higher levels of life that have divine beings and many other races of Love. Celestial life is part of the higher level with humanity because it’s giving light to us for living through every time we bring something into being. The world is a pool of consciousness opening for awakening through. The amount of other races with us is spellbinding because higher intelligence is endlessly existing in human consciousness. 

When we knew God was of no form and of all form we needed to think deeper about what being human was and wasn’t. The metaphors with light and Spirit haven’t given us the way to realize what being human isn’t. The body is the suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life but the conscious energy inside of the body is eternal. The body will come and go and we will move on to new life experiencing every level of consciousness in matter for the infinite evolution of consciousness. 

Every level of life we live we accumulate Love for opening more light in God. 


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