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More Than One Light in Us Higher Intelligence in our Soul

We have more light in us for living through. One is the lower self we live out of for knowing our divine light within. 

Living within society as reality is shaping a thought system in lower mind. Our idea of self-identity, reality, family, and life purpose is based upon a thought system in incessant thinking. We don't know the truth of who we are because we think we are our thoughts and have placed identity and meaning in matter. This is lower mind. 

Lower mind is listening to our self chatter in ego, satan, and the little person. God gave us the way to live in higher light. We experience a level of it when we grow from an embryo to a ten-year-old and as we age effortlessly to seniors and out of the body to new life. The experience of aging has increases with higher intelligence that lives in our light for doing exactly that.

Higher intelligence is blended with us for living in matter but we never experience other races in our light until we live outside of this level of consciousness. Human consciousness is more than one strand of light and our ideas have been mixed within more races of light for conjuring them up. Every thought is not living alone. There's a multitude of light weaving within ours for living in matter exactly as we think. 

We don't grasp being created and that being created means were being raised and lived in something. That something is higher intelligence hundreds of billions and billions of years alive.  That pool of light is upon every human being for experiencing a world exactly as we think it to be.

The blend in our light is beautiful for having wisdom and knowledge that human ideas cannot give. What is of the devil stays at the level of the devil. This is why we were to keep God first, last, and in all things. With God above everything else in the world, we carry light for hearing more whispers of Love. The space between every sentence has more life.

We're with many other races of light. Opening doorways within our light doesn't come from the path society as reality carries. It's beyond it and on the journey to Love. The light of the world has much more than we can handle at society's little person level. Acquiring depth, substance, and maturity is mandatory for knowing the higher parts of life. 

The idea of there being another entity in our light doesn't serve the little person's ideas. It's Heaven's level and part of the journey with intelligence.  The light in us changes from a baby to an adult. Who does anyone think was speaking as the baby? And who is the voice of the adult? How did the voice change? Light is changing the resonance for the idea in consciousness. 

Our experiencing a world from a five-year-old perspective and then seeing it from a fifty-five-year-old perspective has lived with millions of changes along with trillions of cell changes. We have lived with higher intelligence shaping and reshaping light for living at the level of consciousness in matter. Other races in our light are part of being human. 

The idea science carries as being human is out of satan without knowing how matter is existing, what reality is and isn't, or what being alive is and isn't. The human idea of being human has never lived with God teaching about Himself. We are blends of algorithms awakening into greater light.

This recording is perfect for giving people the way to know there is more in our light for moving through us to higher levels of consciousness. The world is energy crisscrossing and moving through human photosynthesis based upon the Soul's light. Only God opens the world for understanding the deeper part of our existence. This recording is light moving through me.

One day while pausing incessant thinking with the mantra, I Love you, God, I started to say it very fast and my body got very tight and my breath became short. I knew something was happening because I felt Heaven so I kept saying, “I Love you God” even faster. Then a higher level of my Soul's light opened and greater wisdom came out of my mouth. After this experience, I knew it was just another way of light moving through me. My entire being has changed through human photosynthesis for carrying more of God than matters level in life. 

You're going to hear another level speak through and say, “Loves abundance.” Then “Ningham has thinned” and “Lots of demons not ever again.” Then “Lots of good energy.” Which speaks to the devil in human consciousness losing life. Ningham is energy that only lived out of animal levels in human consciousness. It's the lower mind's apparatus of anger. Nothing develops around ningham until someone lives beyond it. As we become Love we enter greater levels of God already within our light. We're slowly opening our pathway to home in God.