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There's More Than One Being of Light within us for Living Through

Other races blend the Soul for living in higher light.


We have more light in us for living through. One is the lower self we live out of for living through our divine light within. 

Science never had anyway for understanding Heaven's level in life or what was at cause. No one knew how matter was existing, what reality was, or even who God was. We didn't understand atoms, human photosynthesis, or quantum entanglement. Our idea of life was at face value with matter as the builder. We didn't know consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect. That led to shaping the world only at matters level.

Humanity shaped the world the opposite from God No one grows up learning about God like they do another person. We don't carry a deep relationship with God talking to us. We only live within religion's idea of knowing God which never lives outside of the devil because we only live society as reality.  

From the beginning, no one lived with God teaching about Himself for understanding our world. Caesar Augustus ruled for forty-five years and knew nothing about God or life's existence and neither did King Phillip. No one lives for enlightenment but people still acquire power because of characteristics that keep the animal in human consciousness alive. World leaders have little knowing of life and never consider the world as higher intelligence. Money has been equating to power since the beginning because no one understood consciousness. Power has been existing from armies and wealth. 

We don't have enlightened masters in government which seems crazy. The ones that know the most about life at deeper levels have no place in government. It's not living for enlightenment because it never understood true power with higher intelligence. 

We live with military's, judicial systems, and famous people showing us what living beyond society is but none have a higher intelligence or even understand reality or God. The level is the last without being first. No one who lives placating to society can live knowing Heaven on earth or the bigger world. The shaping of our thought system is only living temporarily as we drive through one human experience to another. Our present one never understood who God was for actually experiencing Him teaching about Himself. We don't even try to live with God anymore because religion made knowing God a shallow level that only subsidizes religion's existence while making it the godless episode. 

We don't have enlightened masters or celestial light teaching deeper knowledge of life. Most people don't care about knowledge because they haven't understood reality. We don't have enlightened masters or even intelligence as a factor in who has power.  The most ignorant person can create others to live for them only because they are famous or have wealth.  Hitler didn't live in anything other than banishing the good for the bad. He played on the darkness within everyone for making it seem positive and productive. When society lives without God and has no idea what being alive is, what reality is, or how life exists within higher intelligence. We shaped a plastic world creating fundamental values that don't exist as any building element for life. Everything begins to crumble because no one who is having power deserves it. 

Money shaped the world in ignorance and it created false power with people who have no idea what they are doing or how life is existing to plan the human race's fate. Nothing living today has ever understood how reality was existing. If world government is existing for humanity what is it they believe exists as life? What is at face value? Because what is at face value is the illusion that lives very real. The level of intelligence in world government is the bottom of the barrel because money shaped power and money doesn't know light. No one who lives for matters level understood what the consequence was for doing so. Without science having a clue as to how matter was existing the entire level of human consciousness fell to earthly darker energy. 

We haven't shaped life in light only darkness. Consciousness needs light for living in higher intelligence. If we only live for materialism and wealth we only live in earthly energy. When God gave us the way to know He existed he gave the way for learning about life at levels human beings could never give. We needed celestial light and other intelligence because the world was created in higher intelligence. Human education only feeds the temporal level of life that lives at matters level. We need higher intelligence that's of other light and not of human origin. We're not comprehending the magnitude of life and how it's existing within other races of light. 

We made life about materialism and wealth not realizing it was for existing with God for opening greater realms of our existence. God wasn't just for praying too He was here for guiding us through His creation. We're the ones that took everything for granted and thought we knew what life was. But we never did and no one will except for those who live beyond society to God. Everyone else will live society as reality until they awaken knowing life is iving  with higher intelligence.

It seems crazy to think about other intelligence creating us because we live so free but when we understand how matter is existing we begin to know the grace of God freeing us for living in free will. Free will is having the choice to live through anything we can think. It's also our journey in life to only understand being created when were deepening our light in God for knowing the truth of our existence. The gates begin to open as we become more aligned with our Soul and Love.

Our light in God is the only reason we're able to live in matter. God isn't some man or some spirit in the sky. He's a higher intelligence hundred of billions of years alive. He doesn't exist as matter. God is the light all life is in. He's energy existing within every atom's nucleus giving us as energy the way for living through matter from any one level of consciousness. God has no existence as we do. God is literally the fabric of life and everything within it. God is of no form and of all form because He is energy in every atom. Nothing lives outside of God's light. Everything is an algorithm within His consciousness. 

God's existence is extremely quantum just as ours is. The image of the building and the sun is the level of consciousness we are in but its existence has nothing to do with what we see it as. For us, the Sun is enormous and incredible but for God, it's nothing at the level we conceive. His light shapes its existence. No one thinks about how the moon, stars, and sun all exist at this one level of consciousness and will exist at another level of consciousness four hundred years from now. It will be seen differently and with depth beyond how we see today. 

Our eyes only exist at one level of consciousness. We don't see anything outside of this one level of consciousness. The world has more than we can see because our level of consciousness can't live outside of itself and it weaved it's own filter at this level. It doesn't matter if we send five hundred cameras around the moon. No one can see the totality of the moon because they can only observe it from this one perspective. Nobody sees the totality of anything they one see from one level of consciousness. 

We don't even see the totality of what is in the Bible. We can't see everything there. No matter if twenty people all look at the same page and agree what is there is all that is there. The page only exists at the observer's level of consciousness and only lives in our narrative. We can't see the totality of the Bible we can only live it from this one level of consciousness. 



By living matters level we short change our existence and the miracle of consciousness. We have to live for enlightenment. For opening the world beyond society for other realms of light within it. Not placating to society's little person level but living for the higher light in our Soul. 

Every human being has two distinct lights in their Soul for living through. One is matters level which lives in lower earthly energy through ego, satan, and the little person. The other is living Heaven's level with God teaching about Himself. We're not living for God as we think we are. Society lives for adequating religions little person-level instead of living for God.  We're not grasping how insane we are for telling people we believe God exists and then not living as enlightened masters. No one will ever live with God and not increase beyond society with intelligence. 

God's existence is only for increasing depth in Him for living as Love. That doesn't live easy and isn't anything except the light of Christ. Our version of Love is the devils. Most people live for selfish reasons even when they think they are giving to others. No one gives when it becomes hard, uncomfortable and they lose something in it. The process of giving deeper always comes with a temporal loss which is the master of gaining light but by the end our teacher knows the victory of Love because God is living deeper in our light. When God teaches our lives ebb and flow but we live with Him gaining more in our light through faith and trust.

The tests, teachers, and learning to give without receiving anything but humility is the light we live for when increasing substance and depth for intelligence. The only way a human being breaks out of their maze of thought and mold of living is outside of what works for them and is comfortable. What we know and don't know traps us for staying in their walls. God breaks the door down and rips apart the walls for living in life differently and beyond our present thought process. Our learning about life comes through teachings no one wants to experience but they're mandatory. The thrill-seekers learn quickly how real life is when God is changing reality and our thought system.

The walk of fame will never exist for anyone who loses their life to gain it in God. It's our light becoming the last in society no matter where we presently stand. The world will see us as the loser, sufferer, and broken. But it's only a brief moment of knowing for them because we don't fit into society or have the trendy levels of materialism. We're not trying to be something that wins everyone over or look our best to be seen as something.. Society's purpose falls away the deeper we live in God.  The focus only becomes living as Love with God teaching how to live Love beyond society. He teaches about creation and life at the same time for heeding us into Him more and more. Our light in God keeps increasing for seeing Him in the world in ways we never fathomed. 

We learn about creation's level in life and the plethora of other intelligence giving us the way to live in matter. Our world opens for knowing human consciousness is living in Heaven without knowing it. Our thought system doesn't register what is outside of it. We just keep living in our maze in incessant thinking without having a clue what is beyond our maze is Heaven. Thinking outside of our light only begins when we begin to live with God teaching about Himself. Reality changes from living society as reality to God as reality. Our existence goes from living in a self-story in society to living outside of our light deeper in God as Love with the world only living as Heavens level. We know the back end to life and understand what reality is and who God is. 

We live in another part of our world listening and moving through matter with God.  If we only live matters level we keep society as reality and add God to our lives at the devil's level in life. The devil's level has religion keeping practices and protocols with traditions as knowing God. No one in religion in over two thousand years has increased in knowing God. No one in religion has ever held a conversation with God about creation for changing our living with Him.  No one can live with God and not change the world on some level. He's not living for us to not change the world. He is with us for bringing into being what blesses humanity for knowing Him. 

Nothing religion has done has anyone consciously evolving deeper in God beyond the institution. It's only making everyone live in religion instead of with God teaching about Himself. No one is being born to live beyond religion to God to then turn around and teach religion about God. Religion only keeps religion existing. It's not letting anyone live beyond it to God.  God is the only one that can teach religion it doesn't know Him.  

The Mind

Nothing we know today is based upon knowing how matter is existing which means everything we've shaped as life never once understood how it was existing. Now we think we know everything about the mind but haven't understood the basic principles of what being alive is. Never did science understand the brain or the level of what makes matter exist so we can touch it. We assumed it was there when it wasn't. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Our touching and smelling are living through human photosynthesis with algorithms beyond our depth of knowing. The mind is temporal and only existing for this one experience in matter. It's a processor and nothing more. 

Nothing we presently know about the brain makes sense for matter to exist exactly as we think it because science didn't understand the light of matter as living intelligence. When we hear the fabric of our world is Conscious Energy that tells us its living intelligence and a very quantum level producing the temperature and light for matter to exist. No one makes any real assessment of God being of no form and of all form because they don't fathom higher intelligence living in our light as part of our creation. As science learns the world is alive and other races continue our livingness in matter they begin to understand our cells and every organ as images in our Soul for living through. 

No human being is existing as we see them. They can't live in any light other than ours. They exist only at our level of consciousness and don't know anything other than the story we carry of them. They only exist for our journey in life as Love. Life doesn't discern who we are or what school we go to it only produces algorithms that provide the path of life. Nothing we make is anything but algorithms beyond any number we can compute. The algorithms in life exceed our counting abilities. Each one is a feeling. It's a resonance sparking light that produces greater vibrations in frequencies that speak to livingness in matter. 

We take in over 400 billion bits of information a second but are only aware of 2000. The enormity of what is living is far beyond any level we ever conceive or know about. We have to live for higher consciousness and for enlightenment to open more of our world. Our world can only live at the level we can think. It can't exist beyond our level of consciousness. 

No level of the world is at matters level. Its tiny movements making the table, car, and ocean. No one realizes how incredible life is because no one grasps how God is existing or what He created as life. Our version is always carried at the present level of human consciousness which lives superficially and shallow. We don't understand living on a planet in space is profoundly beyond any white picket fence, or the wonderful smells of croissants turning in the bakery. Every thought is energy and every level of matter is only energy. Nothing we see and touch is what it is here. Nothing we perceive as our world is living as we see it. 

Heaven's level is the fabric of our world and the celestial light we live within. It's giving us the way to exist in matter from anyone's level of consciousness. Nothing we see and carry as our story of life lives again. It's one piece of an eternal existence living through different levels of consciousness in matter. 

Never did science known how reality shapes itself or how matter moves in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Knowing about atoms eluded science because no one knew about consciousness or that we were only living in our narrative.  Only living in our narrative is one of the greatest knowings God is giving us for science to know the atom has infinite impressions. Which gives us the way to understand matter as a nothingness only existing in consciousness.

The atom lives in decimals in holographic light smaller than quarks and beyond everything we've conceived about it. The dynamic sort of particles never lived because we don't have enlightenment. Basic human education remains at society's level of matter. We don't acquire Soul intelligence beyond society because we never understood our world and the higher intelligence living within us. Our little person only exists with society's intelligence until we consciously evolve for higher light in God. Our living society as reality made life a tiny spec of knowing. 

When human consciousness made money a second God, we didn't understand the consequence was darkness. God told us not to make money a second God and knew what He created as life. We didn't listen. No one knew what consciousness was or how our self-knowing was being shaped. When we didn't live for enlightenment going deeper in God we literally based our own existence on matters level. No one carried any depth or substance for understanding what we didn't see was more alive than what we did see. 

We see buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in motion. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. The world is images moving through our Soul for evolving through. When we didn't live for knowing God society became reality over living God as reality, and this changed the energy that shaped human consciousness. We placed God in religion and religion never understood living with God. When Jesus walked the earth religion had no idea who God was and nothing changed from then to now.  The consequence of that is the human race not living with God teaching about Himself. The disciples were the last ones to live God as reality with Christ. 

We made materialism and money our focus in life with darker energy in human consciousness. We always had a choice for living higher light in God but we didn't understand higher intelligence, energy, or celestial light. This shaped the devil in human consciousness because it made our thought system live in earthly energy only expanding out of money and materialism. Materialism and consumerism became the only level we aquated as life. God and Jesus were fairytales to the majority. 

We've been living at the bottom of the pyramid of the all-seeing eye stretching the bottom step horizontally instead of vertically up towards the eye. Human consciousness has been in linear consciousness from making money a second God. We once lived for a million dollars and then we lived for five hundred million dollars and then people lived for a billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. That's linear consciousness. We're expanding what money can be instead of consciously evolving. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Increasing human intelligence is mandatory for sustainability and peace. We don't live for enlightenment or for knowing the truth of our existence. We take what is at face value and accept society as reality when it's the devil's level of life. 

The Miracle of Life

When God gave us the way to live with Him it was beyond what religion was shaping and knowing. Jesus gave us the way for consciously evolving with God teaching about Himself. While religion gave mastering scripture, protocols, and traditions. We stay busy with society's level instead of Heaven's level. We make rituals the significance instead of carving our Soul in God. Many people live with ornaments but have zero living with God. We know prayer but not His voice. 

There's no way to unravel more of us if we can't acquire greater depth in life. The surface level is being mastered at the devil's level with nothing building the deeper foundation of the eternal. Consciousness is all that is alive and our present level of consciousness must rise in order to open more realms of life.

Every one is made from nothing into being and live deep in Heaven with organs and cells forming beyond our knowing. Our cells form with light intertwined with ours but of higher intelligence.  The higher intelligence is blended within our consciousness for giving us the way to live in matter. We come into the world and begin aging effortlessly without any say. We grow from an embryo to an adult and out of the body without making it happen. We don't have a say in how our bones grow or how our organs develop. They know what to do and when to do it without any help from us. Even when we sleep our digestive system is breaking down food down and moving blood through our veins. The body always lives at Heavens level. No one screams in pain as the bones grow from a baby to a ten-year-old. The higher intelligence within us is intertwined within our light but we never know it until we live in higher consciousness. No one realizes God or the celestial light in life until they begin deeper knowing of their own existence. 

As we live in higher consciousness we learn how alive our world is and how other races of light exist for us to live in matter. Consciousness is blended with more races of light. From birth, we live with intelligence for increasing our body and consciousness. Celestial light increases for us to go from an embryo to a ten-year-old. We're always with God whether we know Him or not. To see the couch we live through higher intelligence for quantum entanglement to place the couch across the room through human photosynthesis. We wouldn't be able to hear our thoughts if not for living through God's energy. Higher intelligence is our quantum world. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in matter. God shaped self-organizing energy for giving everyone their level of consciousness as life.  

The Conveyor Belt

God gave human consciousness free will so we could live through anything we could think. The set was already staged for us to live and the path would only be in two directions. Hell or Heaven. Heaven would be through our living deeper into God and His light moving in our consciousness and hell would be making money a second God and living at matters level. Most people with wealth can't fathom what I'm speaking of but once they understand creation and consciousness they a better aptitude for knowing how satan exists and for what's shaping consciousness and their Soul's journey. We missed the teachings from God about creation because we went for instant gratification. 

People don't realize they only live in their narrative or that the world is alive for giving them the way to experience their greatest achievements in life beyond any level society holds. The idea of only wanting to live as we want makes our journey into hell almost certain. Our world is alive and it's giving different variables for knowledge, wisdom, and pathways. If we only stay in our comfortable setting we have no way to comprehend other light with us and the higher path of our world. Most people can't fathom God speaking out of thin air or that there higher levels of intelligence that can speak to us from any level of matter. 

Many people who read this will wonder what in the heck is she talking about. People don't comprehend Angels, celestial light, or other races because they don't live on a daily basis experiencing them. They've only experienced society as reality with God as something in religion instead of knowing Him teaching about Himself. Nothing we live today tells us the bigger world is here. We're more incredulous than any other generation because we've darkened our light in God for money.

Only our thoughts can open any door. If we live matters level and only for society's agreement we won't experience the enormity of God and Heaven. Many think God and Jesus are fairytales because they've never lived with any capacity for depth and substance in life. It's all been society as reality without Angels, celestial light, and other races. No one realizes that they went from nothing into an embryo and were given consciousness and the way to produce hundred of trillions and trillions and trillions of cells. Each in their own light and each having their own intelligence. 

Society made NASA and the government the credible level for knowing what life is and the universe. Both have never lived a day outside of the little person's level of consciousness and neither knew what being alive was or how matter was existing. We never get it until we do that our world shaped itself at one level of consciousness that never understood consciousness or reality for knowing God lived very quantumly making light for matter to exist exactly as we think. 

Knowledge doesn't come from human origin it's only living through Heaven's level in life. What human beings use at matters level is constantly regurgitated through past down levels of consciousness. Living with God goes outside of the society's consensus for principles and laws of life. God isn't giving what upholds our idea of life that would be a waste. He's teaching what we couldn't fathom and had no way to realize. Life isn't in our fishbowl is a never-ending abyss of water that extends so deep we have no way to know where the bottom is. Only consciousness begins to clear the water for seeing deeper. Human institutions have never lived for enlightenment. They don't know Angels, other races, or celestial light as normal. They haven't understood creation or God. They simply hold the space for shallow living with knowing. What society knows doesn't scratch the surface of life. 

EVeryone living society as reality tries to live agreeable with status. They aren't living to be the oddball out of place or last in life. They appease worldly views and never break out of the world they appease. No one can live with higher consciousness and win society's levels. They live outside of that level for another. Life only gives to those that break the golden rules of society because when we see something different that no one else believes or fathoms we carry space for a realm beyond the one everyone else lives within. That's the gift God gave us for living in free will with the ability to bring into being anything we can think. 

Heaven's level in life is with us from birth but because we don't understand creation and we're not conscious of what being alive is, we haven't grown up acknowledging other races of light and God. We take everything for granted and never once do we dive deeper into our own existence. Usually, we live exactly as society does and only live for being something that fits into society. No one is living to not fit in but that's our natural light, to be completely beyond society in Heaven. 

Having consciousness as an embryo is a miracle we don't give credence to. We function beyond any level we're able to do with hundreds of trillions and trillions of cells living separately perfectly and together in harmony. Our existence doesn't equate to what is happening in the body or consciousness. Both are far beyond our level of intelligence and we only bastardize their existence because we don't live in Heaven.

Consciousness doesn't live at any level of the brain no matter how many sensory levels there are. It has nothing to do with the brain. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us and is a level of light that gives thinking its expression to live from. Consciousness is the light of the Soul and is the Love we are of and not of. Consciousness doesn't live as we think. It's far beyond particles and resonance. The light of energy is a remarkable existence of consciousness with God's highest levels of light. They are only living for keeping other light in matter. The blend of energy is perfectly living for a human being to live from an embryo to a senior without knowing other races exist intertwined in consciousness for living in matter.

Our consciousness is not awake to creations level until we begin living for higher consciousness. If we only live society as reality and matters level we can't live with higher levels of energy. This is why God said not to make money a second God. He knew we needed more of His energy in our light for opening the world. Otherwise, we only live matters level. Celestial light is with us always but our knowing it only comes as we awaken to deeper levels of our existence.

Nothing we're keeping measure with gives anything but our present level of consciousness. It's one level out of an infinite. There are no levels existing but resonance. Our seeing the brain is in consciousness. Never will science understand until it understands what reality is and isn't. 

Consciousness extends into some of the most incredible attributes of life that weave a pattern with algorithms for our existence. No one can understand living until they begin the journey of God teaching about Himself. Until then we only bring into being matters level. Nothing ever begins to unravel our conviction of truth until we have depth in life existing beyond our little persons knowing and not knowing. If we're too afraid to reach outside of that we degrade our own existence for a tiny dream. The masterpiece of life exists outside of the present thought system. Living for enlightenment is a requisite for us because we live in consciousness. 

The depth in life doesn't live with our knowing and not knowing. It's what breaks that wide open for what we never fathomed possible. Our knowing and not knowing is what we shaped and what breaks that wide open is what God has for us. Learning to live with Heaven is learning to be guided by a bigger part of the world even if it seems crazy, upsetting, or too much work. The light in life is trying to break us away from what we believe is life and our ability. People who live for wealth only live matters level. They live society as reality and have no clue why God told us not to make money a second God. 

Consciousness doesn't live in two places at once. It can't live outside of itself and has no way to know what is beyond its own level. It shapes mazes of thought process for executing life within the maze. It won't stretch the maze outside of variables that have been set and it doesn't care for what lies outside of it. No one who lives society as reality will know God at Heaven's level. Jesus told the man who wanted eternal life in Heaven to sell all his worldly goods, give the money to the poor and come follow Him. The man walked away upset because he was very wealthy and didn't want to give it up. He would never enter Heaven. There wasn't a way for Jesus to explain consciousness at that time and why He wouldn't enter Heaven. 

If we create our lives to only live matters level and we make money a second God. We don't live with light in Heaven. We don't know guidance from what we do not see. It seems like rubbish because our thought process shaped little pathways of knowing that never exist in the bigger world. We only know what our senses tell us at our little person's level of consciousness. Consciousness shapes itself to matters level and not Heavens.

No one can understand Christ from not knowing how to live with Him. If we don't have any capacity for understanding more life than what works for us we don't ever live in anything beyond our tiny maze of thought. 

Other races of light can't make sense to the person who lives matters level without knowing beyond society. If the news, government, and life dictate truth to us and it's all we can accept. That's all we will lever get and not a drop more. Life exists beyond our world and what we call reality. It's beyond everything we've imaged possible. The only reason the majority only makes society reality is when Jesus walked the earth religion already bastardized knowing God. Nothing changed because religion crucified Jesus without learning who God was or how to live with Him. 

From that moment we made knowing God an idea with levels feeding it in matter. No one is living with God teaching about Himself because no one understands how to do it. If we did there would be enlightened masters at every corner. Nothing religion has lived ever knew God or lived with Him teaching about life. We're only now going home for good. 

If we believe money is God and live our lives for wealth and fame we shape our thought system at that level of energy and can't hold higher light in God. Preachers who live in million-dollar homes while reciting passages of Christ have only the devil in their house. They haven't understood how to live with God. They appease religion's hierarchy and protocols instead of losing their lives to gain them in God. Nothing we know about God will lever live deep in Him. Carving our Soul in God is the only level there is. Knowledge means nothing if we never carve our Soul in God. If we only master religions level we have no one to blame but ourselves for keeping the devil happy instead of shaking satan out of us. Nothing except consciously evolving leaving society as reality gaining God as reality can know Him. God teaching about Himself is the only level to live for. 

The choices in thought are ours and ours alone but the world opens constantly for knowing other light for living through. If we make our lives only live matters level it's inevitable it begins to wither. Just as the sun comes up and sets, the snow falls, rainfalls and autumn arrives our world is moving forward. It doesn't stop moving forward.  Our thoughts carry energy and as we live for matters level we change the light in our Soul for darker earthly energy. We have darker earthly energy because the thought system shapes in ego, satan and little person. We place self as the body and identify matters level as life. 

The journey of aging is for learning to let go and to Love above all things. We don't do that as we should in our twenties or thirties. Our learning that life is beyond wealth and matter is a requisite for us. The light of Love is the most giving in life. It's the only level that brings greater levels of God's energy in ours. No one knows more about life than those that have come closer to losing it. What we make as important seems to shatter when life lives deeper. Happiness, peace, and Love reign for us when we live knowing Heaven's level in life. 

Nothing we do is alone and everything we do is in something. Our something is God's creation and Heaven. Our existence never changes until we change for its existence. 

God & Heaven

God and Heaven's level is our world with human consciousness creating its story within it. Celestial light is the quantum level of life. Its higher intelligence breathing greater levels of energy within our consciousness for living in matter. God shaped human consciousness out of many levels of light for having the way to live in matter. We're blended with higher races of light for increasing intelligence. Humanity never knew God for making His existence our only knowing in life. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and gave human life a brilliant ability for bringing anything into being we could think.

Our present reality doesn't give us the level of our world or life. We only know what we can think of as life. The word created the world and the word was given by God. Our idea of life doesn't register creations level or even God's existence until we think deeper about life. God of no form and of all form was the Trinity's coming into being through Christ. It gave us the way to comprehend God's magnitude in life. He didn't live like we but created us in His likeness. Human beings have long-lived making the body as God's level. When that's backward. 

God of no form and of all form teaches us His light is consciousness living as energy/Spirit. The human being is not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body. Nothing religion exists knowing about God has ever changed in over two thousand years. There's never been an increase in knowing God. No one lives in conversation with God becoming an enlightened master. Without consciously evolving in God we have no way out of the devil's thought system. Jesus battling satan for forty days was overcoming the human world for light. He was born of Heaven into human existence and would leave in levels beyond our world. 

No one comprehends that God hundreds of billions of years alive created our reality far from His. His existence is beyond what we can conceive. No one knows the depth of life until they unravel their own thought system and meaning in life. We live building a world in consciousness that must be unwound for depth, substance, and maturity. Our idea isn't living in anything but one level of thinking that exists on a conveyor belt moving only at society's level of consciousness. Until we get off that track we can't live knowing life at deeper levels of its existence. Making society reality became a consequence to human consciousness understanding life beyond it. 

We don't live with anyone reigning over us and we live in free will. Living in free will means we can think anything we want and live through it. Consciousness allows us to only experience what we can think and nothing more. God gave us the way to increase intelligence for experiencing more through His light. He gave us the light of the story and we fill in the pages. But what were filling the pages with is money as a second God and darker earthly energy shaping matters level, not enlightenment.

We're living in something and that needs to be known. We're with higher intelligence giving us the way to consciously evolve and live in matter. God hundreds of billions of years alive should tell us our idea of Him just doesn't get the enormity of that level. Hundreds of billions of years alive is far beyond what we can conceive as life. God is in every atom for as far as the eye can see. He is of no form and of all form. Another race in light that made our race within His for always having the way to live consciously evolve in matter. Matter is the gift God gave us. Living as energy and having the ability to experience matter from any one level of consciousness is beyond the miracle of life.

The world doesn't exist permanently and doesn't live after we leave the body. It's an illusion we're living through for awakening to God.  When we didn't understand our world we didn't live for God. We lived for money and material rewards. This makes us the devil's level without any idea of life because our idea has made matters level more alive than God. Without knowing God we had no way to shape reality or life through enlightenment. Only human origin would exist. With money as a second God, our idea of life falls to attachment, meaning, and self-identity in the little person's level of life. Only moving in energy at matters level instead of higher in God. 

We don't live for Soul intelligence and think in a thought system in lower mind with ego, satan, and the little person. Nothing can reveal itself without having the way to see first.  God is giving us the way for increasing light with Him teaching about Himself. 

Satan, Ego and the Little Person

Lower earthly energy creates ego, satan, and the little person as what we think through. Ego, satan, and the little person are darker levels of energy that hold opponents, attack, and defend as normal life. We don't live for Love or even try to deepen our light in God for knowing the bigger world beyond society. Because we come into a world already existing we don't question society's level of consciousness or the people around us. We accept everything and go along with what is already here. Society has been in darkness since the beginning. We've never unraveled our light in God for understanding our existence. Religion has never known God. Since Jesus walked the earth religion has been synonymous with placating the devil's level in life instead of knowing God. 

Life can only give what we can conceive and if we don't try to open a greater level within our consciousness we never know more than face value.  We can't see or hear any other level of life than what is in our level of consciousness. Someone experiencing a world on Level “A” isn't experiencing the life on Level “B.” They have no way to know it even exists unless they have some light at that level.

Our initial level holds the beginning of life with energy holding more primitive algorithms that haven't been to mature or acquire substance. As we age we open more levels of light to live within ours by maturity and depth increasing with life circumstances. When money became a second God it began depleting the depth one can have because we buy things to subjugate depth. This keeps lower earthly energy in our consciousness. We've never been taught about light or likeness as God. We think we are the body.

When we're not the body, we're the conscious energy inside of the body.

The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It's only serving for the experience in matter. We made society reality when it's the temporal level of life and only acting as the backdrop for living through to higher levels in God. It's the veil of illusion that lives very real for moving through with choices that carve our Soul into light. We're not our thoughts. Thought is only giving the story for awakening through to deeper consciousness in God.


Reality has no level it's only a passing story we live through in matter consciously evolving in God. When we didn't understand creation or God, we shaped consciousness at the little person's level. No one understood energy, vibrations, frequencies, or resonance as our world because they couldn't fathom how the wave was existing. Consciousness is all that is alive. 

Science shaped a three-dimensional theory based upon what was ta face value without hypotheses beyond it. This made the entire existence of human consciousness continue living through theories based within matters level instead of light. We never understood the atom because no one fathomed its existence with infinite impressions. 

God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.

Nothing exists as life except energy with human consciousness shaping images in human photosynthesis for awakening through. Conscious Energy is giving the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. 

Incessant Thinking Creates Our Maze 

Incessant thinking is the level of human consciousness because of the lower earthly energy we shaped thinking out of.  We jump from one thought to the next only in our narrative listening to our self chatter as life. Most people don't even know they only live in their narrative until it's pointed out. We haven't been conscious of life or how it exists through our thoughts. When we listen to the TV or to other people it's only in our narrative. We hear what we want to hear and what we don't want to hear.  No one lives outside of their narrative. 

Life is a maze of knowing and not knowing without any knowing of what is beyond that maze.

The world is veils of illusion only existing at our level of consciousness for consciously evolving beyond.  When we didn't know what matter was or how thought existed we didn't know reality was relative to the agreement we were holding. There is another light to live through but it requires depth, maturity, and substance beyond society's little person level. 

The lower self is only shaping its knowing of life through lower earthly energy. As we live in higher light it becomes the level that opens the bigger world. Life is for moving through veils of illusions for ultimate reality deeper in God.  Ultimately there is only one of us here with God with an entire world only existing at our level of consciousness. 

Our world is energy with vibrations, frequencies, and resonance placing light in temperature for matter to exist exactly as we think it to be.  We're living through quantum entanglement and human photosynthesis. No one walks around with a couch hanging out of their ears because human photosynthesis places the light for its existence to live through. Quantum entanglement doesn't explain depth in atoms having infinite impressions but it definitely moves human knowledge in the right direction for understanding human photosynthesis existing as the only light matter lives from. 

Our present thought process doesn't live for depth in life it's only running the maze were in. We live within a tiny fragment of life, believing it's the existence of everything because we can't think outside of what society gives as life.  Incessant thinking at one level isn't conscious of life. It's conscious of the maze we shaped by thinking in routines based upon the circumstances of the world.  

Human thinking lives out of light and the light it lives out of is shaped by energy we hold. when we made money a second God and made matter our level of knowing it only gave the same energy for processing in consciousness. We're not increasing in light because we don't vertically evolve in God. We're overcoming our own light in life for living through to Heaven on earth. We're living through everything other than Love to Love. 

No one understood consciousness and that made the world oblivious to how matter was existing or what life was with God. Human thinking subjugates itself with stories, dreams, and hopes. We literally makeup ideas of other people and bring them into being only from our anxiety and worry. Much of life has no existence other than as a negative thought we bring into being for living through.

We live more in the past and future than in our present moment. No one understood how to think with God for opening light in matter. We only made God the creator instead of knowing He was the facilitator for intelligence and light. We need His energy to process in consciousness for consciously evolving to more of our world. Learning to pause incessant thinking is mandatory for releasing old pain energy in life. 

Pain Body

The maze that shapes our thought system is existing because we haven't lived for higher consciousness to break it. It holds every experience we've ever held and the meaning we placed in it. It's our version of life that carries anger, worry, fear, resentment, jealousy, shame, and guilt. It's pain from where we have been wronged and not lived forgiveness. It's the places of disappointment and of rage. It's the reality we have shaped of life and the light the world lives in. All of our emotions are energy that shape thought for matters level. Every feeling we've ever held has made a nuance for matters level.  

Human beings feel more than they communicate or realize is communicating with them.

When we think we're literally placing light in matter. We don't see that but it's living as the only transition in life. Every thought has light in matter. The story in human consciousness was already living as we came into the world. Our story was shaped out of its present level. Love is the light in human photosynthesis creating everything a human being can experience as life. When we begin life we're already shaping consciousness for the story we make for moving through. No one begins the depth of their existence until teens. Then a deeper level in consciousness begins to unfold for living through as an adult. 

We're not learning to live for the present moment because incessant thinking keeps old stories part of new light. We're always living through some trigger from the past. No one learns to forgive is to beget new light for life to live in higher levels of our world. We shed the old for opening brighter places within our light. 

Energy doesn't dissipate because we forgot about it for a while. People can recall events that upset them thirty years ago and be outraged and experience them as if it's happening now. We have to learn to dislodge from old energy for new. The pain we carry is living in lower earthly energy. It's energy in consciousness that keeps our perspective of life moving through ego, satan, and little person. Perspective doesn't grasp the beauty of life that's here and is dulled to another version of beauty that never reaches Heaven's level in life.

Our mind holds one level of thinking until we live with greater inquisition for higher consciousness and begin the carving of our Soul in God.  The process begins a greater journey into our existence because we shed the old energy and begin opening new light within our Souls. Love is the only energy we want to hold and is the light within God that increases intelligence. Our existence lives scouring for dark when it should live opening like a butterfly to light. We want to learn to trust God beyond everything we see and live through. Knowing He has the final say and He knows our light better than we know ourselves. 

Learning to let go of pain energy is by faith in God that teaches us there is more for living through when we let go of old baggage. We don't want our consciousness gathering nuances of pain energy. We want the light to be upon us.  No one ever lives outside of their narrative. What we think is all we can live as life. The world is our personal curriculum for shaping Love. 

Two Beings

There is more than one being of light within us for living through. It's the darkened perspective from the ego that takes light away from Heaven. The higher version within our Soul is with higher races of intelligence already blended within our light. We don't know it and can't open more light until we live for higher consciousness. Until that time we believe who we are is our body. When that doesn't even begin to give what being alive is or what human is. There is more within our light for rising to supreme light in God but until we increase with other levels of light we don't know the miracle of our existence. 

We enter the world at the level of the world but God gives us His light for increasing so we can live out of it into our divine light with Him. No one is one level in life. We only know the one but there is more with us living for giving us the way to higher consciousness. We're living with other intelligence blended within our light. Higher intelligence is another race of light. It's another level of consciousness already living within our light for increasing depth in God. Other races should be thought of as quantum levels of intelligence fused within our energy. 

When we think of God creating everything in existence we must go to science's level and think about subatomic particles are mixing and blending for greater light in temperature to create matter exactly as we think. God shaped self-organizing energy for having higher intelligence in human consciousness. That's the only way we reveal more of our world. If we didn't have higher levels of intelligence already in our light we would still live with horses and buggies instead of cars.  Higher light is part of human consciousness for increasing matters level in our world. 

Think of the world as particles smaller than quarks blending together for matter to exist exactly as we think. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Self-organizing energy is hundreds of trillion and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in light. Quantum energy shapes human living. Other races of intelligence already live within ours for increasing our light in God. We think of the human being as the body and that we are one human being. When we are not the body, we are the conscious energy inside of the body, and consciousness is a pool of light with higher races of intelligence working for our Soul to live deeper in God. What we pull into our light is what we can conceive and are capable of receiving.

That light with us is other races that literally can communicate and exist within our knowing. The energy that shapes the image of our body is beyond our consciousness. It's another race within God blessing us with light for matter to exists exactly as we think.  We see the building but what lives are vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. There are only algorithms within light in consciousness. All energy is able to communicate.

God created everything in life out of His energy and He gave self-organizing energy the ample existence of knowing for life to live through its own level of consciousness in matter. The world is alive supporting human consciousness for matter to live from any one level of consciousness we bring into being. Conscious Energy is living as the fabric of our world. How we perceive life is matters level because God made our consciousness have the story for living through. Creations level is energy and only energy. Human consciousness lives in human photosynthesis for the images of matter to live in our Soul. Our existence only experiences one level of consciousness at a time and the story we live through gives us the way to increase intelligence in God. 

The human being at creations level is energy crisscrossing within algorithms for experiencing matters level. We're a blend of higher intelligence for aging effortlessly from an embryo to an adult. Think of a petrie dish with tons of energy all existing within their own level but able to blend and create a new level. God gave us higher intelligence for always having the way to increase consciousness for knowing Him. 

Other races of light exist as our world. When we increase with light we have quantum levels with swarms of energy smaller than quarks moving heavenly for giving us greater knowing. Energy is living at levels we haven't begun to comprehend because of holographic light within the existence of the atom. Our consciousness has other races of intelligence living within it for giving matters level in the light and those levels can increase or decrease depending on the Love we become or don't. 

We think our thoughts define one being who we call self. But they're just giving a story for living through to Love. Human existence is far beyond that little person's perspective. That perspective only reflects our present level of consciousness living at matters level. We make the body who we are and associate many elements at matters level as who we are. Most people believe the self is the name, family, job title, hairstyle, car, bank account, and square footage. That somehow these things define something about us and our level in life. Everything about that perspective is ego. There's not a shred of it discerning who we are in God. God lives far beyond our temporal story. That version is lower mind creating our reality small. 

Our truth is more than we ever fathomed. We're a light in God leaving self for Love. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The journey for life is having reality change for greater realms in our world. No one opens more life without consciousness changing. The gift God gave us was the way to increase His energy in our light for changing consciousness. As we live Love we increase God's energy in our light.  

Human beings live for eternity through a life continuum that will experience matter from different levels of consciousness as we carve our Soul in God. We're becoming Love. We'll have many bodies, families, and identities we call ourselves. If we live in a million bodies which one would we call self? None. We're the light living beyond the body. 

God gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. This one version doesn't know our existence as Love. God lives in all versions of life now and ten thousand years from now and we live the same. The body doesn't discern our existence only consciousness does. Making the body who we are is from lower mind not knowing life in God.

We want to consciously evolve for substance, depth, and maturity. These three levels are living within light that has greater wisdom and probability intertwined within algorithms for intelligence. 

There is a distinct little person that reflects at matters level. With denser knowing, opponents and living out of satan and ego. When God gave us the way to enter the world at its level it wasn't for remaining there. It was for consciously evolving beyond but humanity in darkness made society a reality and never understood living with God. Our existence has divine light for higher intelligence. But unless we live for higher consciousness we can't equate our little person. We have to understand ego and satan as a thought system at matters level only giving a reality from lower mind. Beyond lower mind is higher level of our world. 

Society as reality is the red flag in consciousness because we're living with the temporal part of life as what life is, instead of knowing God as the eternal light in life.  We've not experienced the bigger world or God teaching about Himself. The home we make as our existence lives as little person with society as reality. When we want to live through our divine light with God teaching about Himself. The divine light is weaved with the bigger world and other celestial races already in ours. 

We're only experiencing one form of life when we call the body self and believe our thoughts are who we are. That's lower mind living with the little person version of our world. Our truth is mixed with higher intelligence in waiting for us to live deeper in God. Our light changes as we become Love.

Consciousness lives at Heaven's level while thinking is the lower mind for matters level which tells us  there are two different versions of being we can live through in life.  But we can only live through one or the other. 

Heaven's level lives in higher light with other races blended with ours for deeper depth in God. The little person level is lower mind out of ego and satan. The lower mind doesn't live in the bigger world. That thought system only gives the world at matters level. It's incredulous to knowing Angels, celestial light, and God. The thought system of Heaven's level lives with God teaching about Himself and our knowing understands creation and what being alive is.  

Two choices give two different levels of knowing part of our existence in this world. If everyone lived through their higher light our world would live at peace with balance and harmony. In lower mind, we live through satan with opponents, scarcity, and attack and defend as a regular thought process in life. No one knows they have two levels to live through unless they live for Love and higher consciousness. The thought system in lower mind creates a very different world. The reason we don't realize greater levels of life is we can't get our of our thought system without God changing it in human photosynthesis. That only happens through enlightenment. 

If we live in lower mind we make that our home and have no way of living beyond it until we choose higher consciousness. The being in lower mind never knows itself only when we are in higher light do we understand the human level is nowhere near our version at matters level of consciousness. What exists keeps us in pain bodies moving energy in the maze which never leaves itself for light. 

No one is the body and no one is who they say they are. Our belief is only matters level and not the divine blend of Heaven. As life moves for deeper living with God the light for understanding what a human being is and what being alive profoundly deepens. We know our quantum existence with other races within our light blend perfectly for God teaching about Himself. He gave us the way to increase with intelligence for knowing Him as the world.

No one lives as they think. What we think is one version out of an infinite we can hold. Everything is a stepping stone to more life within us. The illusion gives us the way for choices that deepen our light in God. Having principally in God over everything else in life is the way. We shed lower mind for higher light.

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