What is Death?

deathWhen God created life he created the way for life to live eternally. There is no death there is only energy evolving and changing form. A human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside the body. The body is the medium for Spirit to live this level of consciousness in. The Soul is what is alive and is the energy Love that has accumulated over our life continuum.

The energy Love is the light in consciousness giving Spirit the way to live through this life in matter.

Energy is all there is. The mortal world is energy in photosynthesis and the level of matter experienced is only through the level of light in one's consciousness. The Love we feel is living in our Soul which is managed in Heaven. Form will change but the energy of Love never leaves it's emphasis. We never lose the level of anyone or anything because they're always in our light living through different levels within our Soul. There is no death there is eternal life in the light of Heaven evolving through levels of consciousness to experience greater levels of matter.

What it means to leave the body:

When a human being or animal change's form the level of what changes is only the level of energy. The form was never alive, it is only existing for this level of experience in consciousness. The conscious energy inside of the form is what is living, the body is not. Every human being is moving forward, aging effortlessly in a process of growing older through experience's that lead beyond the body into higher levels of life. Life is consciousness evolving through accumulating the energy Love.

There is no death there is only energy changing form. Life is living to evolve through levels of form through higher levels of consciousness. When one thinks of death they should only think of evolving into new life with a new medium to live Spirit through. The Soul is always evolving into the divine light in God. 

The conscious energy we are in form continue's on to live a new level of light in the Soul. There is no level of death in Human beings, there is only conscious energy evolving and changing form. The Spirit from every life rest's in Heaven with those from this life as the Soul continues evolving. Human beings live in a life continuum while all animals live in the Love of Heaven with their loved ones from this life living eternally in bliss. If any animal leaves before their loved ones Gods Angels are with them having fun. Animals are not in a life continuum consciously evolving but continue in levels of consciousness through the level of Love within the Soul of human being's.

What it means for those still in this part of life:

The life we are seeing is in a level of photosynthesis evolving forward and constantly changing form. Those evolving before us should be seen in celebration evolving into higher levels of new living. When someone is evolving beyond the body their conscious energy is leaving the body for Heaven and their Spirit from this part of life will rest's in Heaven with loved one's from this life. They are happy, alive, and in ecstasy with others in Heaven. Every level of what we witnessed as another's life is in the light of our Soul. They never leave our Soul. The level of what is leaving is only the level of form we have experienced in the light of our consciousness. There is no level of another outside of our light.

Life is only living in the light of our Soul. Nothing is ever lost. There is only energy changing form within the light of consciousness. The Soul is the source of living and life is living eternally in God. Everyone who goes beyond the body is living the miracle of newness in Heaven.

What is alive is the level of the energy Love in the Soul. The light in consciousness is the level of the energy Love in the Soul giving Spirit the ability to live in matter. The human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body living and changing form as consciousness evolves becoming Love. There is no death. There is eternal life in God when we live for the light. 


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