Living with God Teaching The Way of the World

 Wisdom and Knowledge

Since the ancient days, people have been trying to find light in God. Most people question His existence while very few have lived with God teaching about Himself. After the beginning, we had a narrow idea of life. We made life about success instead of family values. No one understood the universe and we had no real way of knowing God. We made living through materialism and money our happiness and God was a wonderous idea most people didn't grasp. We didn't think about life at deep levels. No one knew consciousness was living through light in atoms or that matter was a nothingness only living in consciousness. 

No one knew the extent of higher intelligence in life. We couldn't see God and never grasped that what we couldn't see was more alive than what we could. No one understood the Spirit or Soul. We weren't understanding the invisible world. We only lived through our senses and that didn't give us the way to know the truth about life.

We turned religion into living with God and made prayer and worship our idea of conversation with God. No one was living with God teaching about Himself. The disciples were the last ones to know about God until now. We've been living in incessant thinking listening to our self chatter without a clue to how unconscious to life and God we are. Our idea of living with Hin is a one-way street with God living in human precepts praying and worshipping but not consciously evolving in Him. Humanity has been living for what is at face value without knowing the devil was shaping our eyes away from God. No one understood what living with God was and wasn't. We assumed it was our rituals, laws, traditions,  prayer, and worship when it wasn't. 

Nothing that became living with God was ever near Him. It was only our idea of it we believed. No one in over two thousand years has lived in conversation with God teaching about Himself. Science didn't know the world was energy. Even now science has no idea about human photosynthesis or that human consciousness can only live in its own light in life. No one can experience anything other than their own thoughts as living. We've had no aptitude for knowing the world in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

Seamlessly, our breadth of knowing God was made only into religious ideas of Him. We created traditions, and rituals to substitute living with God teaching about Himself. Our churches and temples became foundations for knowing God while no one was being taught by Him.  Religious traditions felt holy, but we weren't learning from God. It's been thousands of years with humanity knowing God exists and still no one understands creation. We're not living with Him teaching about Himself. We're swimming in our ideas of Him which dive deeper into the devil than in light. We've fallen deep into the devil without knowing it.

Human precepts don't lead to God they can't. Only by carving our Soul deeper in God and consciously evolving out of one reality for another do we know Him. Our relationship with God never reached hearing Him. People have been listening to other people talk about God instead of learning to live with God. We made living with God only religion's idea of it and religion never made it to God. It's been carrying its depth out of branding and marketing instead of ripping the devil out of consciousness. Everything has fallen to the devil's way of life. Once we had a city called  Sodom, now it's the planet. Not one nation adheres to the Ten Commandments. If religion knew God they all would adhere to the Ten Commandments. The idea that there is higher intelligence we don't live knowing is our doing. We're the only ones ripping ourselves out of God's arm by not understanding what living with Him is and isn't. 

The path to God is extraordinary not what anyone is prepared for. Society isn't living it and won't be. The individual journey to God cannot be replicated or even understood. He's not moving in our world for anyone to know Him that doesn't hear His voice. If we don't live it we don't know Him. The idea that anyone can replicate a light in God is how religion is existing believing that one idea of God fits all or is the authority of God. God never lived in religion. Jesus went from temple to temple being chased out of them because He was teaching what the high priest didn't want to know. He was made to live as someone who was blasphemous to God while it was religion who was blasphemous to God. At no time has religion lived with God. Only when Christ was teaching religion it didn't know His Father did it have time to learn about Him. 

Our idea of knowing God is now only based upon whatever religion we are born into and that is the devil taking humanity. The idea that any religion knows God is a unicorn only taping its horn on for shaping false ways to God. It's only living in the hearts and minds of people because society is not knowing creation or reality. Once people truly know that God exists it makes religions level childish.  

Religion never learned how to live with God because it was busy trying to accomplish authority over the word.  Not one religion in thousands of years has any new data about God. They only teach from what was given thousands of years ago. Our light deepens in God every time we choose Him over the world. Living with God isn't effortless or even practical. It's not in the light of human goodness because it's in the highest level of life. God living within our light is only serving to change us to know Him more and that's by removing the devil in human consciousness. No one knows their devil until it begins. After time with God moving energy out of our light and through us, do we know the severity of human consciousness in darkness and what has been shaped. The journey with God doesn't live in any ideas society holds. They haven't begun the journey for enlightenment or knowing Him. 

No one lived for moving in God greater. We weren't consciously evolving in Him. We've only lived for going along with religious ideas because no one on their own is pursuing God beyond religion. Why is no one living beyond religion to God? Because religion shaped itself as the authority of God and has lived like the devil because of it. After time everything in life balances for Truth. Nothing we have ever done has held light in God since Adam and Eve took from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge. We have veered far away from light by making money a second God and have moved out of knowing God altogether. The rituals and traditions have nothing to do with Him. Once we understand the magnitude of God we know our idea do not come close to Him.

Making humanity believe that simply by claiming Jesus Christ as our Savior is salvation, mastering scripture and laws defines a period in human history of lost Souls. It's the epitome of wanting something without doing the work for it. Our thought system has to change in order to live with God and in religion, we can keep satan and also keep the devil's reality only knowing society as reality. We're not making our light change by losing one idea for another. All we're doing is satisfying human precepts without any changes in consciousness or reality. There's a reason we have five billion people believing they know God while not one person knows creation, reality, or lives as an enlightened master. The entire concept of religion has fallen to the devil because no one is living for God teaching about Himself. 

No one living by society's protocols lives acquiring light. There are no changes in thinking, reality, or depth in life for having it.  We don't understand the experience of the disciples or Abraham for knowing how far away we are from living with God. None carried society as reality. They knew God as reality and He was first above all things. Their lives never lived with purpose at society's level greater than the purpose of God. God's will is done because God is the entire universe and nothing will prevent Him from shaping what He is shaping in us. We can fight it all we want but he brings us into light after every battle for moving deeper in Him. 

God isn't living for people to live in their ideas of Him. We are not a people living for enlightenment and it would be silly of God to go along with our ideas that are deep in darkness. We're living in a thought system with satan, ego, and the little person. Human consciousness is in lower mind in darker earthly energy and doesn't exist with higher light because of it. God isn't going to take our idea of Him and make it His existence. He's going to teach us through our light and increase every level of our existence beyond our idea. God is the creator of everything in existence and has no need to placate to satan. Human ideas of God have not lived deep enough to realize how substance is acquired or what living with God entails. 

Scripture has given us much to learn about living with God but doesn't spread the red carpet because the path is our journey to Love. Christ knows us better than we know ourselves and He gave us what would be the teaching for eternity. That Love was the key to God. Acquiring light in Love isn't at face value or at society's little person level. It's beyond it and in the light of what most would say is crazy, wrong, foolish, and harmful. Society's idea of Love only fits in the level of where they are presently living in Love and for human life, we're not gathering Angels in life. People only live for what works for them or has status. They don't lose their lives for anyone and can't fathom doing something that seems broken or uncomfortable for long. 

We want to give when we have plenty to give a smidgeon. We want to do what works in our schedule and fits our lives perfectly. No one is trying to do what wreaks havoc or troubles them. Our idea of Love is satans. There's no one knowing Love out of satan. We're the ones that feel wonderfully in Love with a new shirt or car. We haven't learned to know Love in Christ. Nothing society brings to life lives Heaven's level in life. Heaven's level is beyond society and outside of the thought system society carries in lower earthly energy. 

No one loses their lives to gain them in God because we add God to society and that's the devil's level in life. The journey is a remarkable feat in consciousness. It's the twisting and ninja moves psychologically fighting out of satan in ways no one is prepared for. It's the journey of thinking in light that isn't there until we make it there. Energy has to change in order for consciousness to carry other levels of light. Consciously evolving in God is the only pathway in Him. Without consciously evolving satan, ego and the devil don't move. Society doesn't live for anyone to go beyond it to enlightenment. The path of enlightenment is always beyond society and not within the light of what is successfully living to society. It's called the fringe and is the other level of life that doesn't deserve acknowledgment from those who can't conceive why it's there. Nobody can understand what opening light in God is until they have lived it. 

The idea of walking into a building that is deemed holy and finding God is the marketing of religion's charlatan. if buildings carry God we shouldn't live with the Trinity. When Jesus knew that Peter His discipline knew that He was the Messiah. It wasn't through flesh and blood but was through the holy spirit moving through Him. He knew the church would be built on that. The church isn't a congregation it's the Trinity and our light is the temple in God. Ultimately there's only one of us here with God. The idea that buildings or altars can define God is why we have no enlightened masters walking the earth in religion. Nothing in this world is coming close to knowing scripture when many people with false authority change what was intended for what they can muster up while deep in the devil takes the cake for why humanity has no clue what creation is or who God is. 

Religion has never heard God's voice and has defined scripture for only living society as reality instead of living beyond it to God. It completely did the devil's work while happily feeling empowered with satan. Sometimes the world seems perfectly living until the light comes in. When the light comes in we see all of the places we've made the dark seem like light, but really it was only darkness. Religion's path to God is out of religion killing His Son. It's a wonder it felt privileged to build out of such an atrocity. Nothing humanity is honoring is coming into light because we shaped so much darkness as light.

We're not grasping what happened in human consciousness when the Pharisees made Jesus blasphemous and crucified Him. The idea that human beings can toot their own horns, make branding and marketing their ticket to fame, and become something in society is deteriorating for good. People cannot begin to comprehend what living with God is out of so much childish living in religion. If positions garner favor in God which one doesn't live in the devil? People marching to the devil's drum care very little for God. They thought they worshipped Him but have laid at the feet of the devil for centuries making titles and positions depth in God. We have become the most blasphemous generation with God. People all over the world claim they have knowledge for teaching about God and not one has ever heard His voice moreover all of them only live society as reality. 

The idea of knowing God isn't out of any human ideas we're presently carrying. It's the walk that takes us from living as the many to the one with enlightenment pouring into our knowing. We're not living with God more than we are living in human precepts. The human precepts dictate the journey without anyone noticing they are playing God except the papacy. The papacy has been made to live as a beacon on earth along with Christ and is the most blasphemous idea we have conjured up. Never does someone parading around in branding and marketing know God. Never does someone making the devil's level live in God. Never does someone living society as reality honor God. We're not giving to God when we try to have status or authority over the word. It's the greatest liar in life because it seems like it's our duty until we know it's the rouse from the devil keeping us from God.

We will live with the many as the many fighting for God losing everything we know for God. Enlightenment is going from knowing everything to knowing nothing. It's the servant to the wind. Moving in God doesn't come out of society's idea of scripture because society is living at one level of consciousness feeding a story out of the darkness. 












Our idea of living with God has never lived to understand what losing your life to gain it in God means. There is no way to know society as reality and know God. The idea of living society as reality only dictates living the devil's level in life. No one will ever live with the creator of everything and live society as reality. Our living society as reality is because no one stayed with God to learn about creation. If we would have lived with Him deeper we would understand our world better, but we didn't do that. We have constantly made our idea of scripture from levels in life that have never lived a day hearing God's voice.

Nothing the world is bringing forward knows God. It's all human precepts with practices and protocols. It's exactly what Jesus fought the devil against two thousand years ago. The idea that living with God is living with human beings teaching about God is a notion that defies common sense. No one can live with the creator of everything and ever listen to another human being teach about Him. It's almost too ridiculous to imagine but yet it's all religion is. 

Weren't grasping the enormity of life or God by doing it in such a trivial light. Having traditions and rituals do nothing about living with God. They instead make us feel like we are with God while living godless. Most people believe they are with God deeply until the light comes in showing the dark. No one who is living religiously with great devotion to God along with knowledge of scripture has known Him. Only by living with God teaching about Himself do we know Him.  everything else is out of human ideas and never gets close to God. Our present ideas have lived for centuries absolutely godless without the highest levels in religion noticing it. They are living as the Pharisees did two thousand years ago. Now parishioners claim knowing God simply because they read scripture and listen to human beings talk about God. The shallow existence with God is axiomatic of the shallow knowledge of God from religion. 

We don't make our journey deeper in God because our ideas keep us living only the depth of religion with God. No one is learning to go beyond religion to God. This is making the devil's level in life. Never can any institution know the Soul greater than God. The journey of Love is outside of everything religion is carrying. 

Human practices and protocols can't carry carving the Soul in God. It's deeper than what anybody can handle living out of human ideas. It's a path that fights through the devil in human consciousness making satan dissolve. Right now every part of religion lives in incessant thinking with God in satan. No one understood Christ living for forty days taking the devil out of His light. And no one living in human precepts has the way to take satan out of their light because society is living as reality and we're not hearing God's voice. 

We don't understand what reality is and isn't or what thinking and consciousness are. The entire level of religion only lives at one level of ideas that continually keep everyone in satan without any sense for how thought is living in matter. Without knowing creation religion demised living for God. No one who holds the highest titles and positions in religion has lived a day with God. They walk the role of the world making their lives live in what can’t give to their Souls for knowing Him. The idea that having a title and position equates to carving the Soul in God or losing our lives to gain them in God is the shallow light in God. 

Nobody can live society as reality and know God. We only worship Him but have never left the devil's level in life or battled satan.  We're moving through energy we have no idea carries the devil because we made dark light and refuse to know the light because of it. No one wants to bring their deeds into the light because they have to see the dark. Nothing the thought system can carry with society as reality can come close to God. The idea of the disciples leaving their roles in life for a new reality with Christ was teaching all of us about losing our lives to gain them in God. 

When they were living with God teaching about Himself they never lived how they once did. Their entire existence was about traveling with Christ deeper into God. Once we leave society as reality we never carry society's purpose again. It's obsolete. The only premise of society existing is for making choices to God. Society is the illusion, it's the backdrop giving us trials and tribulations and the way to observe our thoughts for living as Love. Once we hear God's voice our entire purpose of life is His. We don't live anything else but traveling deeper into the light of Christ with God teaching about Himself. Nothing about the society ever lives as reality again. The thought system changes for only knowing Heaven on earth. Our ideas, family, work, friends, and concept of living are completely rearranged and ripped apart. 

Blends of Intelligence 

Our light has higher intelligence

No one can understand life if they only have human education. There is deeper wisdom in life that comes out of celestial light and not our idea of intelligence. Human intelligence only exists for the level of society which is the temporal illusion we live through to God. The story at society's level we call reality is nothing more than an agreement of ideas that we move through to a greater idea. There once was a time people couldn't fathom cars, microwaves, or TVs existing. We now move through that idea to new ones. 

We're not realizing the extraordinary level of higher intelligence with us. We don't understand what is eternal and temporal hold two different worlds. The temporal world is matters level. It's the white picket fence and living for fame and wealth. The eternal is living with God teaching about Himself. It's living Heaven while here on earth. Consciously evolving beyond society to God is the call. 

Society is the illusion acting as the backdrop for our thinking to permeate in higher levels for going beyond it to greater heights in God. Society is temporal while God is eternal and light within our Soul.  




Snow Squid 

Snow squid is a wonderful level for understanding how faraway NASA has been in understanding our universe and other races. This is the first video in human history of another race in our atmosphere giving us the way to live in matter. On this night, God opened the world for experiencing many other races among us. Read more here

Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and feel it. What is actually existing is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Only energy exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

God gave atoms the way for existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding temperature in tiny elements smaller than what we know as small.  We're seeing buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is energy. Our narrative is the speaker we're living through to God. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it's not existing outside of us, it's only living through us in our narrative. We're experiencing images within our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is what God created with self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis. Every part of matter is living through Conscious Energy which is the fabric of our world. 

Conscious Energy is the living light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it. They are the one level in life blended ever so perfectly within our consciousness for giving the world to us as our personal curriculum to God. 


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He's the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

The only algorithm the atom is reading is temporal.  It's living layers with temperatures at higher concentrated levels. They can multiply by crossing each other and fulfilling the light in many ways we cannot see. Atoms fulfilling each other no matter the distance is only helping quantum entanglement have deeper depth. There is no birth or end, but they do not exist at the same time. Atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance through light.  The pulse never completes itself it only manifests for a short time before becoming another light within human consciousness. The resonance is what lives momentarily. 



Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human cognizance. They're not deciphering whether someone is speaking Spanish, or German they're responding to algorithms. They respond to light. Our resonance is the most living level in matter. Nothing else competes with resonance because it's the decider of the quantum levels moving for human photosynthesis to shape life out of. God created everything out of His energy and through His light life moves. We haven't begun to understand consciousness or thought. Our version of thinking and consciousness is nowhere near the enormity and advanced level of light. 

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