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Knowledge from God

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“By faith, we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God so that what is visible came into being through the invisible.”
Hebrews 11:3

Since ancient days, people have been trying to find the light in God. Most people question God’s existence, while few have lived with God teaching about Himself. In the beginning, we made narrow passageways about life and lived for what money could buy. No one knew how the world existed or what being alive was for deepening our light in God. After biblical days, the idea of God was turned religious instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

As time passed, we shaped the world into matters level because we didn’t hear God. We made face-value assumptions about our existence; consequently, the little person’s idea of life became the world. As money became a second God and material goods became the reward, lower ideas about life emerged.

Eventually, our world lost hearing God. Everything became rudimentary living instead of life-altering experiences with Him. No one was living with God teaching about Himself. We made religious ideas exist instead of listening to our Souls. We heard people preach about God instead of deepening our light in Him. This is how satan grew in our thought system. We didn’t understand thinking or how to control our thoughts. We allowed every idea to live as something to us. 


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not living for the idea of Him. The Souls  awakening is the walk.

Thought carries light, and light shapes matter. If we don’t live with deeper inquisition for where thought is coming from, we idly move into a thought system that plays like a record. We’ve learned the religious ideals of God without hearing God. We carry ideas from thousands of years ago and treat them as iron-clad knowing. When no one is living with God conversation.  What we know is an individual experience with God that we haven’t walked. We don’t exercise the muscles for hearing God because we live by what others lived instead.  We’re foraging in a forest for fruit we planted instead of seeking it without guidance. The muscle of the one who goes against the world is much bigger than the one who doesn’t do it. The prodigal son tells us there’s a greater magnitude of living for the one who tries to live beyond society’s idea of life. 

Mainstream depth in God is nonexistent. It’s satans existence at the devil level of life. We’re pretending to know life while not knowing how matter is existing or what reality is and isn’t. We have no idea why we’re on a planet in space or how we got here. We’re making up whatever we can that carries agreement and calling it life. The prognosis for a species that has no idea what being alive is, has always been God’s ironing. God places light even though we have no idea what we’re doing. He gives miracles and blesses the children in satan for knowing His Love. God isn’t deserting what He created regardless of our ignorance, blasphemy, and false idol worshipping. We won’t live with God teaching about Himself as long as we stay in satan, but we’ll possibly make it through this life. 

The depth of our living with God is too shallow to hear Him. We’re living matters level and have only matters as the measure of life. The enormity of our existence is outside of this measure. No one can know God without hearing Him. Religion placed everyone knowing God just by walking through their doors and being baptized. It made a cheap idea for its own existence. Never did anyone need any religion to know God. It’s not existing. Moses growing up in Egyptian culture, worshipped many gods and had no idea what God was at the burning bush. Nothing in the human story will keep God from a human being. The human story is transitory, and when we leave the body, it fades forever. Never will we know what we thought we did in this life again. The story of life disappears.  

The world we come into is a placeholder and acts as a base level for catapulting out of. It’s only a story feeding us history and the future for developing the present idea to God. Consciousness completes itself, and when we leave, it leaves too. We won’t shape lineage with God because the one who hears Him is the only one who knows Him. We can’t reference our great grandma knowing God, and it be our experience of Him. We must carve our Soul into God, and live what no one else can know. There is no reference for what we experience because it’s unique to our present level of consciousness. 

Every human being is created by God, and only their light knows Him. Individuals know God. Only one level of consciousness is experiencing the world. Creation places us in our narrative with God. We’re the observer, and everything and everyone we are conscious of is in our light. Nothing we know as life from someone else lives in anything but our narrative. We hear what we want to hear and hear what we don’t want to hear. The Soul is breaking for us to dive deeper. Human consciousness is beyond the present idea being called human life. We’re trying to place ourselves in a community when the right-minded thought is knowing; everyone is a level of energy within our Soul. This is a placeholder giving us dynamics for thinking. We live through beliefs, ideologies, trials, and tribulations to know God. We’re constantly moving towards Him even if we don’t know He exists. 

We’re going along with what is here and not learning creation. Our assumption is that society is reality, and the body is self. This assumption is satan from not knowing God. The mind places events and people perfectly for living in a story. The place we measure life from is the lowest place we can. Human consciousness is sitting in lower earthly energy because we made money a second God, and religion our idea of knowing God. We placed a middleman between us and God instead of strengthening our muscles to know the Holy Spirit. 

We haven’t known God’s voice or Heaven on earth to carry light. We’re deep in human ideas, not hearing God’s voice. Religion never knew creation to know it was the devil’s level of life. Before shaping itself into something, it should have known satan, ego, and the little person. It never triumphed out of satan to hear God. Every time a religion birthed itself into human consciousness, it did so with ruling empires and satan. Both Judaism and Christianity sat under the wing of the roman empire. Not everyone wanted to be there but went along with it. Having power in that period was important, and living by the empire was too. What lived as a religious idea was mixed in dogmatic political systems. Without cultural changes, ideologies and beliefs wouldn’t have swayed, fallen, and blended into mainstream ideas. The particularistic and centralized ideas of God fade for mainstream acceptance. We don’t live for the individual depth in God; we placate the world for group agreement. 

We never escaped the devil’s level of life or satan. No religion has known the thought system or consciousness to leave satan. Ideologies filter ignorance in religion because they shaped fundamental principles for knowing God on the opposite of His creation. Without the magnitude of God’s existence or knowing creation, it branded itself as having the absolute word of Him. Which set its own devil to teach it satan. Jesus, two thousand years ago, was already telling religion it didn’t know God. We killed God’s Son instead of learning from Him.

The road religion has taken is satan. No one is here to live as a teacher for God. Satan is producing the preachers and teachers. Our only duty is to live to God teaching about Himself. We’re here to live last surrendering ego and satan for Love. Nothing another human being can give someone teaches how to live with God. Only God teaches how to live with God. Human beings shape family traditions, rituals, and human precepts as the magnitude of knowing God. Nothing claiming God has lived with depth in Him. The world is worse than Sodom, and no nation is adhering to the Ten Commandments. We have little faith in Him. 

Religion isn’t of God; it’s a product of many voices shaping what they need to feel like they know God and carry Him. We don’t transfer consciousness when it only focuses on matters level of life to be something. Light is light, and darker earthly energy is darker earthly energy. No one can claim God while living society as reality. Everyone God chooses moves out of society’s purpose for only living God’s will. They walk out of one reality and into another by God’s voice. It is not ours but His. Only God can change a human thought system to know Him. He’s the only one shaking satan out, knowing the places we block and fall into. He gives us knowledge beyond the world and teaches what no human can. 

Jesus battling the devil for forty days taught us the psychological escape was mandatory. We’re not here to be accepted in congregations of like-minded people. Satan builds churches with bricks while living with God shapes churches of light. The mind is deepening for knowing God beyond all things in life. If we live by theologians and preachers carrying mainstream ideas of God, we fall into the sand trap of satan. Building castles in the sky as living with God has the entire human race believing they know Him and hear Him perfectly. As long as we’re in a religion, we know God. If we’re not in one we don’t.

Religion’s little person’s level is deciding who should know God and shouldn’t. They’re believing they can override God making that choice. God cares nothing about religions, construct, or concepts. Both have no conscious evolution capacity or depth placing. They care about the institution’s identity instead of life in God. The mind in religion is matters level carrying the body as self and society as reality. It’s not going deeper in God for knowing the path is from the many to the one. We’re leaving self for light, knowing reality is traveling from the temporal idea to the eternal. It’s moving from matter identification to Spirit identification. 

There is no place that houses God but the Soul. The geographic landscape changes over time. Buildings come and go, but the Soul is always with God. Only one temple remains in life, for eternity, and it’s our Soul in God. No one can take, break, occupy, or destroy it. Nothing in human consciousness can change it. We don’t want to place meaning and attachment in matter as our ledge with God. The more we can focus on Spirit and the Soul, the more we feel His presence in us. 

Idolization isn’t just of human figures. It’s objects, routines, and practices. We make false idols wedge a space between depth in God and shallow water. The shallow water places meaning and attachment at matters level. Enlightenment carries God. Depth is the right-minded way to know God. We can dress like we know God and carry items to solidify that it’s true and never hear His voice. To quietly know God is to become the door. We don’t live to make the public see us as knowing God unless we want satan. The more we have to be someone for society’s standards, the deeper we fall into lower earthly energy. The most religious people become the furthest from God because they carry satan. 

We’re making claims that dismiss God’s existence. There is no ideology that won’t change because we’re living for eternity, and fifty thousand years from now, we’ll exist in another level of consciousness far from anything we can believe today would be called life. We can’t place any one human being as the only one to know God’s light. If we believe in God, we know every human being is on a journey to live with Him, teaching about Himself. We’re placed to know God. God’s not giving only to Abraham, Moses, or John the Baptist for eternity. He chooses when and in whom to live. 

Religion shaped itself outside of God and isn’t believing in its own story to know God. Nothing in this life is keeping a human being from their birthright to know God. The religious idea that Moses is the completeness of how to know God belittles God’s own facilities for marking human consciousness. It’s ignorant and lost light to believe in God. Thousands of years have passed, and not one religion has had an increase in knowing God. This ideology is telling as to why that is. We’re not believing He wants to know us. 

God gave Abraham a light for knowing Him as He did Moses. He created us to know Him, not read about Him, memorize laws, and carry family traditions. We’re removing ourselves from God for satan. The idea that any religion is carrying the totality of God from a level of consciousness in satan is preposterous and ludicrous. We’re no echoing a powerful enough idea to break the devil’s chains for God. We stay in satan as long as we place self-identity at matters level. When we break the bondage of ego and satan, we loosen everything on earth to hasten Heaven. 





We’re living through every idea in human consciousness to God. The collective story isn’t conscious of ultimate reality. It’s living in a temporal story that we mustered up as life. There’s no foundation but God because the stories comes and go. Consciousness completes itself with a history, present, and future. The mind says we have lineage based upon what is given, but not lived. We don’t know the story like we believe we do.

The markers were given for consciously evolving with greater depth, but we didn’t do it. We take oral pieces of life and believe they are real. We don’t know the echo in life or the storyteller. We mix up what we want to suffice the “me” that wants to be something. We’re not living profoundly with inner inquisitions to question thought and where it’s coming from. We think whatever we want and believe it’s real as long as it lands in our knowing and not knowing. We’re trying to feel good, and are willing to think anything that might work. We haven’t learned to control energy for moving thoughts. No one gave us a way to know satan or how thinking is placing matters level. 

We’re a thinking species that knows nothing about thinking. Psychologists never knew God to know only one narrative exists as life. They don’t know what reality is and isn’t and haven’t understood what being alive is but stand as authorities of ideas. The measure we place as ideas is where we must divulge our deepest secrets. We won’t know thought as long as we go along with it without questioning its origin. The mind isn’t caring to know God until the observer is awake to know creation. Until then, we do religion and move in circles with satan,

The depth of knowing more isn’t showing itself. No one knew the blueprint to life when they came in, and no one here does either. We’re on a planet in space, walking to thoughts that no one knows where they came from. A thining species is weirder than any other idea we might conjure up. It’s thought at one level that sits among many other levels, and each level doesn’t know the other. Wherever we are is what we receive as life. Other levels have more life and carry different life. We have no aptitude to conceive this universe because its an unfolding image based upon the present level of human consciousness. 

Throughout history, science has measured its ideas of fact on a bridge that tumbles and rebuilds itself every few hundred years. The idea of fact is transitory and only a fleeting agreement that seems to work for us. It was brought into being and is used for living through to something else. It won’t last and certainly won’t dictate life’s measure. It’s one idea out of an infinite making its way into the pool of consciousness to replace something for something else. The moving target keeps us moving forward, bringing new ideas into being for living through.  

We’re a thinking species that never lives to consciously evolve for enlightenment. We shaped human education out of human ideas and placed our measure of intelligence for the productivity of society’s existence and never left it. We have infinite possibilities but refuse to get off the island to know it. We like comfort too much to struggle. We prefer easy thinking rather than complex puzzles. We want the path lit instead of forging a new path. The mind is searching for quick and easy routes that can get by in life as good. It’s unwilling to go deeper inside itself unless it’s made to. The mind won’t create a triathlon we hate to do. It’s placing the red carpet for us to know we are good. 

Knowing thought is outside of us because we’re the observer, trying to know it. Only our narrative sees it. The robber constantly steals any way of knowing it. We have to surrender everything we are to let God move in us. It’s not an idle surrender or a shallow one. It’s allowing the world to see us as last, broken, and in shambles. We don’t fit into society’s purpose and won’t remain the favorite daughter or friend. Life’s journey for us is the individual tree walker jumping through a forest of snakes. We’re living to self-empty the self-identity we’ve placed in matter since childhood. The representative is the body as self and is the illusion that took Spirit identification from us. The mind didn’t hear God and instead placed matters level as our existence. We don’t know the eternal landscape of living because the temporal story is all we can relate too. 

When we made money a second God, we made matters level our measure of life. Material became the reward, and the self needed to be someone with money placing our existence into the outer world instead of knowing the inner one. We dismissed Spirit for only knowing self as the body, and we dismissed God for religion. We’re not living to know life beyond the story we come into, yet it’s the only way to God. Religion made itself what it wanted without knowing Him. It placed ideas from stories it had no depth in.  We’re honoring satan and have no gumption to leave it. We don’t question religion or its blasphemy. We’re in a world where everyone and anyone can know God simply because they want to. No one is acquiring depth in God because a cookie-cutter idea has swept over human consciousness since religion appointed itself as having authority over the word. The charlatan level of knowing God is carried as the magnitude of Him. 

We’re making claims we can’t back up, and no one cares because we’re finally living our dreams with God exactly as we want to. We live with God how we want and know Him how we want, and everyone accepts it as knowing God because no one in the group hears Him. We sound like the stepford wives and don’t even know it. The Soul’s journey to God is nothing more than a cookie-cutter placement in religion. We’re not acquiring any muscles to live to God because we announced His arrival with satan. 

Nicodemus was a high priest when Jesus walked the earth. He knew Jesus was more than a man but had no way to cross the bridge to live with Him as the Messiah. Nicodemus lived in the hierarchy of Judaism and held status and power. He worried about his peers and place in life. His mind had no muscle to know God because Judaism at that time was deep in satan and only living for matters level of life. The cloth that once weaved a deeper level had been severed and forgotten. Judaism was backward and diving deeper into the devil’s level of life than to God. False idols made up is the aristocracy in the roman empire, and people only knew what the Pharisees and high priests gave as God. The idea of religion was a flop. It had no light with God and was shaping human beings as the middle man to God. 

It guided satan and shaped its own devil in human consciousness by not keeping God above all things. God doesn’t live in our world as we do and doesn’t operate from our ideas. He’s beyond them and in a much deeper part of life, carrying all of human consciousness. We are instant gratification children that want everything our way and now. And when we don’t get it, we brew over how to do it again. We even make up whatever we want to believe we have it. The idea of God turning His back on us is void because He is the only light with us. God not moving how we want or doing what we want makes us repeatedly rip ourselves out of His arms. We’re not carrying the muscles to wait and see what happens. Society’s devil is too much to bear. 

There’s a constant fire burning in our story, and it never goes out. Somewhere in the world is injustice, inequality, and wrongdoing. The devil is making sure enough sourness is added so that we don’t taste the sweetness. Overcoming the world is an absolute surrender to God. The story has too many pieces breaking the illusory of Love into satan. We must let go of every idea we’ve made as life to change meaning and attachment in matter. No one is going to surpass the illusion as long as we remain active in it. Our depth in God is for leaving everything this world carries for knowing Him above all things. We must acquire it and seal it. 

The mind is a complete maze of twists and turns with hidden corridors we do not detect until we’re walking through them. They appear out of nowhere and take us into realities we never knew existed. The placing of religion is the little person living as a seeker trying to know God without having a clue for what thinking is and isn’t or the landscape of thought in matter. We’re not knowing our ideas are satan because we have no margin for ego or reality. When we made the self the body, the mind carried it, and reality was shaped by it. 

The muscles we need to live beyond this world is shaped by God. Without the landscape changing, we do not leave matters level or the idea that self exist. We only solidify them both and acquire muscles for keeping them. When religion made itself be something, it was the opposite of creation and God.  Knowing God existed should have ended our trying to know Him religiously, but it didn’t. We made false idols with teachers and allowed religious concepts to placate our Soul’s journey to God. The unique passage of living isn’t a cookie-cutter process or knowing. Nothing in this world has the seeds of light. They are placed deeper in us than the mind conceives. 

The timeline for our journey isn’t placed by us; its placed by God.  It’s His. We’re trying to know Him in satan instead of self-emptying everything we are to know ultimate reality. The illusion is the reality we shape, making the representative and society as reality. We pass through veils of illusions only made by the mind’s eye. We live in self-chatter and only know our narrative. Ultimate reality is hearing God and living with God teaching about Himself; everything else is satan. 

The human idea of Love takes us deeper into lower earthly energy because we don’t understand creation. Moving energy within our Soul is all we’re doing. We can claim the body as self and live matters level in lower earthly energy or strive to know the light by conquering Spirit as our being and Love as all we are. Carrying depth in God is by Christ. We’re knowing Love as Jesus for knowing His light in us. The more Love we live, the more of God’s energy we have. 

We’re trying to be like-minded instead of grasping the teaching of Moses. He didn’t know God like the Israelites. He stood beyond their ways. When God chooses someone, they don’t live what society feels is best. There isn’t a gage for how God breaks the world for the individual to know Him. He doesn’t abide by anything religious and doesn’t carry the human idea as His way. What we make as God is constantly shattered by God. The Israelites had been in slavery for over four hundred years. No one lived deeper in God than Moses. 

If God wanted like-minded living with Him, He need not create individuals. The individual is in the story, and everything else is part of it. Only the one with God knows God. It’s their story and no one else’s. The world is operating to assist their story and lead them deeper into God.

Every human being is walking with God, whether we know it or not. We’re living at a level of consciousness no one else has. The experience of God isn’t for joy. It’s for knowing Him. Existing at one level of consciousness out of an infinite tells us that consciously evolving is the only way to know more of Him. If we live with like-minded people agreeing on who God is and how to live with God, we stay in satan.

Every human being was created differently and uniquely. We carry our own narrative of life and have our own thoughts that no one else hears. The placing of life is outside of anyone elses placing of life. The journey for us is different and beyond anyone else here. We’re not operating from this knowledge and refuse to know our own power. We idly go along with everyone else in a cookie-cutter idea of God dismissing what He created to keep us bigger than that. The flower is more dynamic than we are, and the worm is more versatile too. We’re displacing our own authorship of God for satan, dictating who He is and how to live with Him. We’re too afraid to seek Him ourselves. 

The best place is the vulnerable, shattered, unknowing, willing place. The know it all loses while absence builds. We come into a world already existing, and human consciousness carries a story. The story is the illusion. It’s the temporal idea we’ve mustered up as life. It’s living large and real and has many elements that solidify its existence to us but its only what we think it is. 



of life that is coming and going. We’re existing for eternity, experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness. The present level of human consciousness is making us idealize God from its level. It’s never known Him and has no depth in Him. 

We come into a world with history telling us this happened, and this happened. It places ideals of reality and markings for our own ideas of life. The mind is whirling with fantasies playing like movies in our mind. The imagery can live real, and the moving of the story is fluid. The mind is a creator like no other. It masters in placing ego perfectly in every story. We carry a narrator that constantly narrates everything in life for us. Not one morsel is left unturned by the narrator. It’s a character’s personality that was shaped only by the eyes of satan. It doesn’t know God and hasn’t lived in Heaven on Earth. The personality lived before we were walking and was a seedling in us throughout our childhood. It’s been nurtured and growing into the costume-wearing adult we’ve become.

We believe we are who we see in the mirror. The voice in our head makes us feel at home. Everything the narrator says we believe is who we are. We don’t know the narrator as a transitory light. It only idealizes one level of consciousness in matter for living through to God. We’re not the narrator, and we are not our thoughts. The brain is an instrument for processing energy. It doesn’t last and isn’t here forever. Everything that comes out of it is temporal. It’s the story giver. It’s processing both the human story and the individual perspective. The energy thought emerges out of is held in the Soul. Consciousness is the light thinking emerges out of. 

The narrator is a created level only living for eighty, ninety, or a hundred years. It’s one story out of an infinite that completes itself with history, present, and future. When we leave the body, everything fades and is never lived again. It was a passing story that lived very real for knowing God. We’re not diving deep enough in life to understand it. Science could not know creation because it swims in shallow water believing human education. The enormity of life is an illusion to humanity because we made the illusion the eternal concept of living. We’re not adhering to any principles of time. We’re nothing more than a blade of grass blowing in the wind and leaving. 

We don’t make a mark here; it’s a moving dream. We pass through this story either in ego, satan and being someone at the devil’s level of life or experiencing divine light with God and Heaven on earth.  We don’t arrive with a compass or map. We live the beginning part at the mercy of human consciousness but live always with God. Once we are thinking in our own light we have choices to make. The choices tend to be darker than dark because society has been made reality, and the body is lived as self. We don’t know Spirit or the Holy Spirit to live for God. We’re being placed in a religion at birth, and that places us into the devil’s level because religion is at matters level of life. The mind isn’t knowing an eternal force. It knows mom and dad and matters level of life. 

Our thought system is shaping in lower earthly energy with the body as self trying to be someone that garners the adoration of others. The mind has already placed the world outside of us and is constantly seeking acceptance from strangers, parents, siblings, teachers, and friends. It wants to feel safe and part of something that feels good. The personality is shaped by ego for what feels safe and good. We learn very young what can invoke other people’s love for us. We’re living to be someone that maintains everyone’s love for us. We’re learning to please others and society to fit in. The mind isn’t seeking God. God is being placed into the story the mind has already shaped as self and life. 

By the time we’re in our teens the ego, satan, and little person have become the representative we know as self. We didn’t learn Truth of life; we learned the story that could be given at this one level of consciousness out of an infinite. It’s an idea that lives very real because we move through thought in matter. Every thought justifies itself and leads to another thought. It’s an endless loop of thinking once we are born.

Incessant thinking is where our species is. We have no conceptualizing of life outside of a conveyor belt of ideas that were planted throughout childhood. The measuring of life never existed. It was given to us. We’re moving through a story that seems real only because our senses dictate that it is. We don’t know energy or resonance. We have no measurement of algorithms in life. Our mind is matters level, solely breathing for the story of self to be someone. The enigmatic life of a human being on a planet in space has dwindled into a tiny story of ego. The ego is driving the illusion and placing satan perfectly for feeling good.

The shallow ideas make life live for the right brand of clothes, watch, and hairstyle to be someone. It’s the superficial making of a human being who could have lived divinely, but we lost the light when we didn’t keep God above all things. The mind created a representative for the story instead of knowing deeper light. We’re not living for enlightenment and have placed society as reality, and there’s a very narrow passageway for leaving it. It’s the devil’s level because our thought system is shaped at maters level; it has only one way to leave it, and that’s to transcend it. Consciousness won’t live outside of itself. It has to live through itself.

If we shape the body as self and walk in a story building self into someone, we shape hundreds of trillions of tiny snakes in our thought system that live like walls. Our knowing and not knowing are placed ideas living in lower mind. The magnitude of God was diminished when religion played a role for knowng Him. Incessant thinking keeps us living one-track-minded, and we don’t have any muscle to be more versatile in changing perspectives. The idea of life quickly lives only as a narrow gated community that never leaves its walls. Only what we can live as a good self works.  We don’t deviate from what is easy and working. The idea of self never had an adversary, and no one knew Spirit was our Truth. 

We don’t see Spirit to know it. Depth in God is at the same level as our knowing Spirit. Both live shallowly idolaizing matters level and



We only live in our narrative, and never do we live outside of our thoughts. There is no nation with God, and nor is there any religion carrying Him. We’re experiencing a story, and it lives extremely real, but it’s illusory of thought moving us through matter. We might break a bone, lose a tooth, or trip, and all of it will only be our experience and lived out of our ideas. 

Nothing in our world can live if we are not placing it. People can fall into comas, rise from the worst accidents, or leave for new life. Nothing is living but the story idea and our interpretation. Consciousness doesn’t live as we know it. It’s a dynamic force in life, giving us the placement for any story. It’s moving differently than thinking and is the light thought emerges out of. 

Since God chose a people, it has lived in satan. it’s never lived with Him. God gave human beings the way to know He existed and that we had been created. He began with a group pf people to place the word in human consciousness. Where it began was never where it was going to end. God is creating every human being in existence and isn’t making one special over the other. His beginning with someone being called an Israelite wasn’t His it was ours. Being called an Israelite was out of human placing.

The depth of religion with God is mainstream and denying Him. Each religion is claiming they Love God while treating Him like He doesn’t exist. The human idea of Him is running rampant and deeply in satan. Human heritage is no bases of knowing God, nor is Chavis. Going to see the pope is the devil’s level of life. False idols have broken the seals of light while family heritage deepens satan. The magnitude of people trying to tell the world they have a place with God while in satan is all of humanity.

Judaism has never lived with God. It shaped itself out of satan and is now separating its existence by idols. The human idol doesn’t have to exist as long as we make the golden calf. Judaism is trying to create a mindset but has no compass or depth for carrying anything close to God. It’s circling what it wants and nothing more. The timing for Judoasm is perfect, but its satan has never taken basic human existence into account for shaping itself into something. 

Moses lived an individual experience with God. His story has been passed down, manipulated, added to, deleted, and made into what works for someone wanting to be in Judaism. He’s no the Messiah, God is. For anyone to judge Him as the beginning and the end of God’s word is the devil trying to tell humanity only human interpretations can pass down who God is,  not God Himself. Judaism will not prevent God from choosing people to live deepest in Him during our human story. Life is living for eternity, and many people will live beyond every religion with God. 

We’re already digging ourselves  deeper in satan by deciphering only what we want as living with God and treating Him like He doesn’t exist. Judaism carrying something from three thousand years ago is a telling sign of no one  living in conversation with God. Rabbinic literate and commentary are satan. It’s human beings writing from their hearts but not with God. We’re doing everything we can to make something be something instead of living to God teaching about Hismewlf.

Rashi and Maimonides never heard God’s voice, nor did they try.  They loved the Jewish people and wanted to unite them. They didn’t hear God and had no idea about creation or that only one narrative is here with God.  They lived society as reality and the body as self. They didn’t carry depth about the Holy Spirit or even Spirit. No one during that time understood God or how He existed. We didn’t carry a magnitude of God; what we carried were passed-down stories and commentaries. The mind was at matters level, and human consciousness was living money as a second God.

We devoured our own ideas into God for having Him. It’s never been ours to hear Him. It’s always been His. The light of God is upon us and has been since birth, whether we know Him or not. The Holy Spirit is for knowing God beyond any geographic location or human idea. Nothing in human consciousness can part us from God. The world is masterminding a deeper story with Him that carries us beyond every household to Him. Family heritage with God doesn’t exist. We don’t carry His light when only satan is talking.

The story of Moses, Joshua, and David is a story that brings us deeper into a walk for knowing God. Only Moses carried God’s light. Joshua and David were blessed out of knowing God but didn’t know the depth Moses had. The idea of one person living with God in their own story with Him hasn’t lived until now. We haven’t been awake to know what living in our narrative means. The enormity of God won’t ever live in a lineage of time. He’s with every human being for knowing Him whether we do or not. 

The passing of stories is what human consciousness carries. Consciousness is light we’re knowing but haven’t known. We move through a bigger idea of life making smaller stories inside of it. We strive to be good and something to life. No one knows it’s a story until they are awakened to only living in their self-chatter. Until then, we go along with the story. The mind isn’t telling us its daydreams nor is it awakening us to know we’re only living by the voice in our head. The narrator is dictating life. Without knowing what we are and how God exists, we shaped satan in everything. We haven’t known creation to prevent the ignorance of religion. Each religion shaped its own destruction out of its own ideas. It’s not carrying God. There is no Moses, Abraham, or Jesus. It’s rabbinic commentaries, oral storytelling,  scribes, and scholars all making what they believe is best without knowing God.

When it comes to knowing God, there’s only one light which is hearing God while living with Him, teaching about Himself. Everything else is satan and the seeker. We don’t have any way of knowing the totality of God, or believe that one human being with God defines God’s existence for eternity. We’re living ignorant while telling the world we have wisdom. Moses lived when nothing in human consciousness knew there would be airplanes or iphones. We didn’t know we could microwave food and had no idea a fast food restaurant would exist. No one knew satellites would be in the sky or that human ingenuity could transplant a heart. 

Moses lived in another era, in another reality, in a  different period in human consciousness. What lived then isn’t living now. We don’t let go of any of it to know God today because we can’t. We have no way to know God now. With so little faith, we cling to the past. The mind is searching for God anymore. Once we placed being born into a religion, we would only be born at the devil’s level of life. No one is trying to know God beyond their institution; the institution is satan. The many voices that made what they wanted as religious knowing had no light with God. Every religion has a beginning, and they all dive so deep into the devil they should have never lived out of it, but they survived by becoming it. 

Christianity and Islam shaped themselves out of ideas that lived in Judaism. When Jesus walked from temple to temple, teaching the highest levels of religion, it didn’t know Him; it was the Pharisees and the high priest who plotted and schemed to kill God’s Son. The high priest is now the rabbi, bishop, and imam.  We’re designing our titles and positions with God and believing they exist with Him. We’re not consciously evolving in God or going from the many to the one. We’re simply living matters level of life in a story, dressing in costumes and being whatever we want to God. No one can correct us because it’s a mainstream idea that lives. The moment we placed our branding and marketing we lived with satan playing God. Now we have religious hierarchy or the idea of the teacher telling others this is what God requires, needs from us, and is our duty. All the while, none hear God, know God, or even live to God. 

We’re meticulously arriving at our own destinations for living with God exactly as we see fit. We know nothing about His existence or ours and have no idea what creation is but deny that for telling the world we know God. This is satan. However, we want to live with God is already the wrong way. The human idea of it is satan. God doesn’t choose the ones dancing for Him. He knows us better than the human story gives us. Moses grew up in Egyptian culture, worshipping many gods. He didn’t read rabbinic literature or study any laws. He lived a true life outside of anything some would know would live hearing God.

Moses had a tumultuous journey within in his own psychological makeup. He was raised in Egyptian culture with a stepbrother who hated him, while his real family was his slaves. Psychologically Moses carried what most people know as a rotten childhood. He even committed murder and fled from royalty to live as a sheep herder. Nothing in his existence was memorizing laws, family traditions, or knowing God as others believed. He knew God beyond everyone else and only lived in his narrative with God. It was his story for knowing God. No one else had what Moses did with God. 

Judaism is placing whatever it wants and trying to be more special with God than any other idea in human consciousness. It’s not grasping His existence or even our own. The major idea of Judaism is lineage and culture. Here in lies a historical placing of geographical land, secularism, nationalism, and monotheistic wanting. Secular living is the opposite of what Judaism believes it’s doing, but it’s changing its own cloth with God for never knowing the promised land. The Holy Spirit is God upon us no matter where we are in the human story. No one comes between us but our ideas. Only we rip ourselves out of God’s arms.

Judaism separates itself from humanity as does Islam. They’re both trying to be something to God without knowing creation to know God. The more we place ourselves on an island, the more the thought system lives in satan. The thought system gets darker because we rely on the outer world to dictate our inner. We’re placing self-identifying at maters level and losing light while we do it. We should focus on the Holy Spirit knowing the world of matter is temporal and coming and going.

When Jesus told us He would destroy and rebuild the temple in three days, we dismissed it. No one understood His magnitude of living formless and with God. We didn’t know what the temple was, and we still do not understand the promised land. Both are far beyond a geographical location and building. God upon us already tells us no idea in human consciousness defines our existing with God. We are born out of His energy and only live in His energy. The human story is a concocted one that we place at a level of consciousness. Today, we are only experiencing one level of consciousness out of an infinite. 

The human landscape of countries was different in 1 AD. Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey all lived outside of how we see them today. There is more to come. Humanity is living for eternity, and ten thousand years from now, Jerusalem won’t know its name. We will never claim one idea out of the infinite and believe it won’t change in time. Life is a transitory story and is forever changing. The only aspect of living that doesn’t change is God. We’re in Him, mustering up whatever we can to know Him. The Israelites claimed a story and made it into everything it is today without knowing history. No one could understand consciousness coming into being or how the word would create the world. 

We have no way of knowing what God is doing. It’s beyond us and outside our ideas. God is living with us to know Him, not Moses.  Moses is teaching for knowing God chooses us no matter if we know Him or not or have sinned terribly. Nothing in this life dictates God’s existence with us. He gave the sharing of God for deepening his individual light in Him. We must continue living in a story after we hear God. The human story doesn’t erase the moment we hear God’s voice. We’re standing with our feet on the ground wearing the clothes of the world, and have to move through it. The difference is our reality is God, and our thought system is Heaven. We’re only living God’s will on earth with no societal purpose or story. The eternal landscape of human existence is ours. The story we stand in will be marked and moved for deepening our light in God. The story is transitory, but our light in God is eternal.

We’re dismissing the Soul’s journey with God to stand in stories, not understanding what satan is. We devour ego and live to feel like we are good. At this moment, our eyes live with dark heavy steel veils that no one can see out of. The thought system is incessantly jumping from one thought to the next, idealizing anything it can to be right. We’re trying to remember what scholars wrote and what people have told us. We don’t have an individual depth in God to hear Him. We scamper for any idea in society that can prove we know God. We want to carry it because we don’t know why we don’t hear God. We know we don’t live n conversation with Him because we’re not enlightened masters, but we still want to claim we know Him well.

We’re majoring in mainstream ideas and have no ideational Truth for what Abraham or Moses experienced. We’ve never experienced anything remotely close to what they did.  We don’t hear God, and He’s not blessing us with knowledge and knowing of life beyond all others. Instead, we’re carrying family heritage and society as reality at the little person’s level of life. The walk with God is the miraculous level of knowing Him beyond everyone in existence. It’s not a mainstream idea or family idea. It’s the individuals. 

The individual story is all there is. We live in our narrative, moving through matter with every thought. Moses, Abraham, and Jesus lived differently. Christ is the Son of God and is God. He is the light of God within Him. God manifested at matters level to teach Judaism it didn’t know Him. By the time Jesus was walking the earth, Judaism was deep in its own ideas, placing God. It had created false idols and had lived blasphemously for a long time. Judaism and Christianity both shared the Roman Empire, and both placed their own hierarchy as knowing God over everyone else. The world of religion has a beginning that shatters everything God is to life. 

We’re not living to know God as much as we are defending our ideas of Him. We don’t surrender to God because the ego is screaming we know Him perfectly. We don’t want to know anything else or see anything else. What is on our island is all we can handle as God. No one can teach a Jewish person the Talmud or question Christianity with the pope. We have tyrant ideas that placate Love. The one idea God gave to us was to keep Him above all things, and we fail miserably at it. Jewish people created more holidays and livingness with God to feed the mind it’s way. The rituals, heritage, and culture try to create reality, but it’s subservient to society’s ideas and is deeply embedded in satan. We can worship all night long, every day, while only telling ourselves a dhikr and will not consciously evolve deeper in God. 

God created everything in existence and uses everything in existence for us to know Him. He’s not using our temple, altar, and candles. It’s the individual making the altar its place with God. Only the idea of the interpreter exists. The individual state of mind is placing itself where it wants to be to have acceptance by family and community. The interpreter found a home where it was suited to live. Once we manicure our lawn, we always manicure it the same way. We build our comfort zone inside of our ideas. 

Human thinking shapes knowing and not knowing and doesn’t deviate from it. We don’t climb walls to be wrong. No one wants to feel empty. We want to be filled with our own comforts and place God in them out of fear. We’re not surrendering to Him. We’re placing him in our ideas and only want to live with Him in our knowing and not knowing. The walls are being built to keep us in them. Easier to know what we want to know and have it work for us than not to know and fall. We’re mastering beliefs and ideologies to be scholars of God not knowing the path to Him is the opposite. As long as mainstream acceptance is achieved, we believe were doing God’s work on earth. 

No one in any religion is doing God’s work on earth. Not one. The only requisite He lived was our living with Him, teaching about Himself; we don’t dare do it. We made up everything we wanted, and none of it included God. It’s human ideas about God. We carry soldiers inside of us to defend what we are capable of living at this level of consciousness. The magnitude of Moses doesn’t live with us, and we won’t carry I am the door. Our faith has become nothing more than a mainstream dribble. We’re not believing in God deep enough to know Him. 

Every religion is made up of nonbelievers of God. No one in religion believes God exists because they make traditions that define Him and speak to the hierarchy in religion as if they are a conduit to God. We do not believe in Him as long as we place God’s existence in institutions. Anyone who believes in God would surely do everything under the sun to hear Him. We’re not doing anything but practices and protocols sufficing satan at the devil’s level of life. As long as society is reality and the body is self, we are satans because we live in lower mind with our self-identity at matters level in a human story instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

The reality of Judaism is placed in satan because it’s not clearing the debris for consciously evolving in God. It’s sustaining that now and forever, only what Moses gave can live as knowing God. Which already claims God doesn’t exist. It’s also deciding who can know God or not know Him based on its ideas, which is ludicrous knowing twenty thousand years from now, many people will have lived with God teaching about Himself. Human consciousness is making up stories to live through from one to the next, and without divine intervention and without our own existence of God, there is no point in life existing. It would be a gibberish mess of satan if not for other races of Heaven placing the word into something liveable. 

Being created by God means we are living in something and being raised. This isn’t a free for all that stands without structure. God calms the chaos, and in chaos is order. God chooses people to change human consciousness and its story and direction. He’s moving in the world for light and is doing it to take us out of the dark. We keep replacing the light with the dark and doing whatever we want as living with God instead of understanding creation. Religion would never be what it is today if it understood life. No one can define God or place His existence as their own idea. Only God teaches religion; it doesn’t know Him, and only God gives us the way out of satan.

We didn’t master what thinking is and isn’t or how reality is existing to realize the damaged level we made religion. It’s satans ideas. The rabbinic laws and literature are satans. The papacy canonizing people is satan, and the tyrant laws being placed as culturally knowing God is satan. It’s the little person’s level, only knowing the devil’s level of life. If we knew God, we would surrender every idea for Him. We’re not honoring God at this level of consciousness we’re diminishing and bastardizing everything He is for our human ideas to be something to society.

The one who walks to God is the one willing to lose their lives to gain them in God. Which means self-emptying our identity in matter. The present idea of family changes to know God as our mother, father, brother, and sister. We don’t see human beings walking the earth as we do now. We know they are levels of energy within our Soul only existing for living Love through. Family heritage is nothing but satan’s story for the little person to feel like self exists. Self-emptying our identity in matter is a process beyond kenosis and is the thought system changing reality. We’re identifying self outside of the temporal story. We gradually know self as Spirit and God as reality.

It’s not through memorizing laws, scripture, or being religious. It’s the Soul moving beyond everything in the story to hear God teach about Himself. The mind is changing out of self-identity to know the eternal landscape of our existence. God created us in His likeness and is teaching us to know it. The world is our personal curriculum, and everything n life is used to live with depth, substance, and maturity in God. 

The human race is a thinking species, and only by consciously evolving in God, do we know more of Him. Going beyond society to God is a mandatory level. Every Apostle was chosen by Christ and lived going from society as reality to God as reality. They left their identity at matters level and their purpose in society for only knowing God’s will on earth. Abraham and Moses lived in another light with God far beyond everyone else, believing they knew God. No one knew God as they did. Reality and the magnitude of God is outside of the mainstream concept of living successfully. The last are first, and the first are last because the one with God lives worst than the world’s idea of success but is more blessed than anyone else because they know God. 

Human existence made a sharp turn long ago away from God for human ideas of Him and false idols. The only defining light for telling anyone we know God well is living with God teaching about Himself; everything else is satan. Creation is being taught for religion to know why it doesn’t know God. It’s claimed it knew God and created its own devil to learn it doesn’t. We’re placing our journey with God in every decision. If we only go along with family and society, we only stay at the devil’s level of life. We won’t know Heaven on earth, and we won’t live with God teaching about Himself.  The mind won’t disembark from self-identity at matters level. It keeps living in the story to be someone and do something that feels good. We don’t know the Truth because were believing whatever we’re told as children and were raised in it as part of it. Herein lies why God is the Truth teller and no other human being is. 

Family is part of our adjustment into singular knowing. We move through human consciousness and live to individualize our own existence as we do. The depth we carry isn’t a Truth. Our existence is more powerful and more divine in God than we know. We’re needing to know another magnitude of life to recognize the tiny place religion is under the microscope of the universe. God living in 1AD and fifty thousand years from now is the walk of living as conscious energy changing form for different stories in matter. God lived placing a table as a table back then and is placing mars as mars today. God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. Without living in God’s light, we wouldn’t be able to see our faces, live in a body, or carry a thought. 

The only place we should be striving for is Christ. We want to strive for Christ because we want to know Love and carry the mind in the eternal aspect of existing instead of the temporal story. Jesus is Love and gave us the way to carry God. We denied Him without understanding creation. We didn’t know how thought lives as matter, nor did we understand God of no form and of all form or what it meant to live as conscious energy. We never placed human existence as energy. We only placed it at matters level even though we knew God was of no form and of all form. 

We made our ideas from matters level and lived through our senses. It was easier to place what was tangible with face-value ideas than to drive beyond them to the invisible world. God of no form made us live deeper for knowing something more in us of Him than a face value assumption. His moving in life was a mystery, and no one could summon Him with a snap of the finger. We did many things to try and invoke God. Slaughtering animals and people is part of the human story with God. Returning to Cain and Abel, we know human consciousness shaped suffering in life terribly. We don’t categorize the devil worshipping as anything because we only call it God worshipping. No one thought killing people in God’s name was sinning, either. 

Nothing religiously placing itself as something sees itself as anything but goodness. It’s the devil in sheep’s clothing making satan its homework. We study and write religiously to comprehend God. We categorize the hours spent learning about history and theologians’ perspectives. We want chronological dates and meaning. We can only -experience God if we learn about Him. No one is realizing God chooses atheists. Abraham had no level about God existing. This is why he passed the test for descendants as numerous as the stars. It was a landmark moment of a human being having a magnitude of God not by flesh and blood but by knowing something deeper within Him that was lighting the way to know He existed. 

Abraham didn’t run to Sara or Lot when God told him to sacrifice Isaac. He knew it was God, even though it wasn’t practical, logical, or reasonable. It didn’t make sense to him, but he felt something that gave him knowing. The Holy Spirit was with him. The magnitude of God won’t come from a book or worship. We don’t even have to know God exists for His light to move in us. The idea of the Holy Spirit gets missed in religion because no one is realizing the light Moses held wasn’t just his own. He didn’t have two bodies or two heads. He had light mixing with light. The Holy Spirit is God with us no matter what idea of Him we carry. The atheist will carry God beyond the pope. 

Our existence is through God. We wouldn’t have the way to live in matter exactly as we think if not for God. The variances of the human being give us the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is not living as flesh and blood. He is consciousnesses living as energy shaping light for human consciousness to live in matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and has no resemblance to our idea of human. This generation doesn’t even know what humans are because of the idea we carry at matters level. We don’t know Spirit or energy as life. We only know face value assumptions as life. Without hearing God, we shaped everything we could exactly as we could. The human story and the idea of human are satan’s little person’s level, not knowing God of no form and of all form. 

We’re not knowing Moses’s story like we think we do. Whatever we can muster up at this one level of consciousness is all we are owning. We’re not even trying to decide anymore about God’s existence. The know it al level in life is carrying its place in ignorance. A human being is born into the world already existing and goes through kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, being taught reality and God. We’re not living in conversation with God or outside the temporal human story. We have no bearings in anything except what is being dictated as life. It’s given to us. We do not magically create it in our minds. The thought system is being written by other voices within our representative. We don’t capture anything about only one of us here with God. We have no way to discern it. We’re being taught everything and everyone is outside of us, and we’re a part of it. We have no place in Truth because the human story doesn’t live with God it lives in religions. As long as we accept the story, we are receiving it.

No one is being taught to live beyond religion to God. We’re not even being taught to live beyond Moses to God. The irony in people claiming to believe in God while believing God is capping off who can know Him is satan. The enormity of our divine right at birth to know God is ours and ours alone. No human being will decide our fate with God, and Moses taught that by having murdered someone, yet God gave him the Ten Commandments. Religion placing claim over God while an entire species and life is evolving is satan. No one is capping off God, and no religion is placing Him. We’re only playing pretend with God as long as we appoint our own existence with Him,. 

The sovereignty of God upon us is outside of satans demanding voice to know Him because we want to. We’re appointing our own measure with God and telling the world we know Him out of nothing more than cookie-cutter measures in satan. We’re not appointing ourselves as something to God than wearing wardrobes to believe it’s real. Jesus had no pillow to lay His head and held no place in the placing of the Pharisees and high priest. He sat with the sinners and broke Sabbath to heal people. Jesus wore the clothes of the world and did it perfectly for teaching at temples; the rabbinic level of life didn’t know God. We’re desperately trying to make Christ be someone for making ourselves be someone to God instead of living to God teaching about Himself. 

God chooses the atheist to teach every religion it doesn’t know Him and has no monopoly on Him. God won’t live by human ideas. He moves in the world when He wants to and in who He wants to. It’s not based on our ideas. He’s living according to our Souls and not the mind’s storytelling.  The idea of God living in religion is from the seekers wanting Him. The most idiotic concept we have carried in religion is to be a teacher. Life is unraveling, and human education places us deeply at the devil’s level of life. If we don’t consciously evolve, self-emptying what we have been taught for knowing God, we have no basis for telling someone we know Him.

The eyes and ears are deeply embedded in satan and have no way to see or hear God. We’re only marching to society as reality and the body as self. We do not know Heaven on earth, Spirit, or God’s voice. Nothing places us in God as long as we study, memorize, and live in traditions. The mind is making our representative live Heaven at the devil’s level of life. We’re sleeping and don’t know it. We’re confident we know God very well until we have to come to terms that we have no enlightenment and do not carry any aptitude to understand creation. We don’t know God as another race, and that concept is frightening. We’re the little person who couldn’t comprehend God hundreds of billions of years alive doesn’t look like us or dwell as human consciousness. He created it. 

The placing of God with us is childish because our idea of God is as well. We believe we can cross the street and claim a religion, then claim Jesus Christ as our Savior and have been saved. All the while, the mind is in satan, and we’re only knowing the devil’s level of life. Christ gave us the way to know Him to live His light. We’re diminishing it for false idols while deepening our own light in satan. It’s not easy to see society as an illusion or to live from one reality to another. The mind isn’t going to release satan or ego as long as the little person’s level of life is lived. The place we know God from has been given, and it’s the lost child still seeking God. 

The only way we travel towards God is through Christ because Love is the energy that changes light in matter. We’re a species living in consciousness, and consciousness is resonance. To live deeper in God, we have to consciously evolve beyond the story to Him. This means we have to disengage our ideologies and beliefs for God teaching about Himself. The reality we carry is satans story. We don’t know Angels, Celestial Light, and other races of Heaven. We only know the human story. God’s existence is bastardized to matters level instead of as the creator of everything in existence. The human idea is to keep God in the story, not beyond it. We’re shortchanging our divine existence for a moldable representative we call self. The self is the representative we have shaped since childhood. We could have been the baker, singers, CEO, police officer, preacher, pilot, doctor, attorney, or politician. 

We made our costumes live as a living being at one level of consciousness. It was all we could do because we were born into a world already existing, placing us in a religion, family, and reality without God’s voice in our heads. We’ve grown up only listening to our self-chatter but believing there are human beings outside of us. No one told us life was living in consciousness or that matters is as nothingness only existing in consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness.

We have no awareness of our existence. We believe the body is self, and our thoughts are who we are. No one is comprehending God creating us means the idea of human and life is ongoing. The word created the world, and we’re at a level of the word not knowing the other ones.  This one level of thinking is out of an infinite, and it idealized God. Thinking is created light and is temporal. Consciousness is continuous and is the Soul. 

We feel like we believe in God because there’s a consensus at society’s level for His existence, and as long as we go along with it, we are all accepted as knowing God. It’s the little person believing they can sit on the right-hand side of Christ while dancing with the devil in satan. We lose our lives to gain them in God for leaving self-identity in matter. We have to let go of the worldly existence for Spirit. 




God isn’t living by Judiasms rules or Christianities. There’s not one religion in our history capturing God’s existence. 




We’re not rebels at birth fighting to live beyond religion to God. We’re accepting it and placing walls as we do. We prevent depth in God by going along with mainstream ideas. 



trying to be something to family, heritage, and society and dismissing God’s existence as we do it. No one can stand breathing deeper into God if they don’t strengthen the muscles with Him. We carry the false idol as long as our faith is in preachers and rabbis for teaching us something. God gave us Angels, Celestial Light, and His power upon us. We have no faith in God because we placed it in rabbinic laws that carry no place in God. Human extrapolations for knowing Moses, Abraham, and Christ carry nothing but human ideas of them. The entire point of God’s existence is to live with Him teaching about Himself. If we want the story because we refuse to lose our lives to gain them in God, then we can stand bastardizing our existence with God by placating human ideas instead of hearing Him. If we want to know God, then we live to God teaching about Himself; everything else is satan. 

the temple was destroyed everyone made a story in human consciousness to fight for another. 

. and making its own identity in nationalism with a secular existence from God. 



If this weren’t so, we would have billions of enlightened masters all over the earth in religion but we have none. 



. They are nowhere near God and have no path to Him. 



religion is the little perosns level trying to be someone without walking to Gd. 

Judaism killed God’s only Son and denied the Messiah right in front of them. 

We don’t walk the deeper path when mainstream ideas suffice us. Knowing God existed wasn’t for us to create ideas that please us. It was for unraveling one level of consciousness for another.

We don’t think about biblical figures and the state of mind people carried. Faith deepens light in God, and it breaks realities into Heaven. Even though it was a different time, we lived in deeper light. We stood in an eager and more robust way for God. We hadn’t filled our heads with assumptions. We carried innocence. Religious false idols made a bigger idea of satan, and the measurement to want to know God fell away. We’re not trying to be with God teaching about Himself. We’re ice skating at a surface level, trying to run a triathlon but haven’t even gone to the gym. Humanity has lived with false idols for so long we carry no faith in God. The cloth we’re weaving is shriveled and shredded in to many places to live light. The false idols in religion changed human thinking away from God and into religions. 

We’re not harvesting the seeds for conscious evolution or living in more places with God. We have to deepen our knowing without actually knowing. Faith is the light that carries us into the water we wouldn’t dare walk into. It’s the knowing within our Soul that is beyond the mind’s eye. The depth religion shapes is for its own institution which is only living matters level of life. We need to arrive in places no one thinks about being godly. Faith requires muscles we don’t build when false idols exist. 

Religion made what it wanted without making it to God. Scripture is pieces of literature that took centuries to compile. Both the Pentateuch and the Bible are cathedrals of writings that have grown over thousands of years. The content is not the result of one, but many ideas. Individuals have placed commentaries about God without hearing Him. We’re circling in human precepts and protocols instead of deepening the light in Christ. Religion has lived tumultuously trying to know God. No religion has ever lived with God in conversation. We’re taking individual experiences with God and making them into ethnic, cultures, and heritages.  It’s not living for God.

The hierarchy in religion doesn’t live for consciously evolving in God. It’s maintaining the institution’s branding. Only an individual is experiencing their story. No one else is. Our measurement isn’t living like we believe in God. We go to preachers and listen to preachers while God is standing next to us.  We don’t do anything but a religious idea of Him. No one deepens the Holy Spirit.  

We don’t have the wherewithal to know there’s only one of us here with God. Human photosynthesis carries our world. The world is like a holographic light of ideas that live only for matters level. Our thoughts are all we live and they are existing as the light of life. The place we stand is at a level of consciousness that must travel through God. Human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy living in temperatures that bridge light for matter to exist exactly as we think it. We’re on the outskirts of life at the devil’s level carrying religious ideas instead of baring our Souls to God. We have to consciously evolve beyond this illusion to know more. . 

The mind isn’t going to detect illusory. It’s only when we reach Heaven on earth that we begin to understand our existence. Without light, we stumble in the dark through elementary, middle school, high school, and college. Human education is the storyteller giving us the way to live through this one illusion to God. It’s one idea out of an infinite and it’s a temporal story that only exists for eighty, ninety, or a hundred years. We come into a world already existing and live placing the idea of society as reality and the body as self. No one is hearing God learning about the Spirit or Heaven’s level of life. All we learn is a temporal story at matters level. It’s what we’ve been able to muster up as life while not knowing creation. 

The depth of knowing God won’t come from religion. It’s a light in the Soul bursting for us to know more. We don’t understand living and most people won’t. The thought system is being shaped to matters level so quickly out of human ignorance and not knowing creation we have little chance of leaving Satan’s level of life. The mind is placing body as self because we have no way to imagine the invisible world with us. When Jesus walked the earth it was for shattering our dreams to know His light in life. We don’t dive deeper to understand God of no form and of all form is the world. The enormity of human existence has been placed at matters level instead of in light. The mind can’t get beyond the story it’s moving in and instead places God in it as well. 

Christ told us we were the people forever seeing and not seeing and always listening but not hearing because we don’t leave satan until we hear God. Self-chatter is all we know until that moment. The human mind is an instrument floating deeper in dreams than anything else. We have no way to relieve ourselves from hearing the voice in our heads. We don’t measure the voice in our heads as anything until we’re aware of it. We’re hearing our narrative as life and won’t leave it. Human living is experiencing only what we think as life. 

No one is telling us about creation to know how thinking and consciousness differ. One is the storyteller and the other is the light giving Spriit the way to live through this temporal story. Thinking is the storyteller keeping us moving forward just like a conveyor belt would. We incessantly jump from one thought to the next without knowing where the thought is coming from. We believe it’s who we are when we are not our thoughts. Thought is created light and has been placed for knowing. The word created the world and when it did it blessed us with the way to live through anything we could think of and bring into being.

God gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. This paved the way for eternal life living in matter from different levels of consciousness carving our Soul deeper into God. Matter is the temporal story and doesn’t live for eternity only the Love we acquire from it lives for eternity. The Soul is Love and the Soul is Consciousness giving us the light for knowing matter. Spirit is living only by the Soul’s light and is giving us the way to live in matter. The Sun would be like the Soul and the Sun’s rays would be like Spirit. Spirit is an ever-changing light that lives in any human form from any one level of consciousness. The Soul lives in Heaven while Spirit moves in matter. 

God gave us the way to consciously evolve and experience matter from any one level of consciousness we can acquire. Conscious evolution isn’t a linear light, it’s a vertical one that transcends our present existence. When we made money a second God and started shaping life out of what money could be we stepped into satan’s thought system. We made matter the reward and money became our sole focus of living.  The mind was associating self-identity with the body and places self-identity in matter. We shaped meaning and attachment in a story just like creating a cartoon character with branding. The modeling of what seems to be our light is out of the mind associating self as matter. We want the right job title, hairstyle. car and home. We believe they reflect us. 

The mind isn’t knowing God or Spirit. In kindergarten, we had an idea of self-being different from others and shaped self to be our idea of what was good, plenty, and able. We placed the body as self and began shaping our representative because we didn’t know creation. Mom and dad live perfectly for our living as a child. They’re supposed to. The same way a cub is raised and then lives on its own in the wilderness is our place. We’re being brought into a complex and intricate world that is only living in thought. We’re surmising our existence not on Truth but on what we can think at this level of consciousness. The mdn is adapting to the environment and is already programmed to exist within it. 

Spirit coming into an embryo and our consciousness acquiring an environment with measure for existing at a perfect level of thinking to live within it is a miracle. We’re not associating another light of life. We’re only living in this idea of life and nothing else. The only way we travel into another light is by transcending everything in this one to it. God was giving us the way to live with Him so that we would know more than just our self-chatter as life. He knew we wouldn’t have any credence to get beyond our thoughts to know more. God gave humanity the way to know Him for our story to have a piece far beyond it. Without knowing the story is a story we’re lost children in a wicked forest.  Hearing God was the way for us to know thinking vs. consciousness and what being alive was. We made it something religious like fools instead of knowing the blueprint to life. 

The story of Adam and Eve is the beginning of human defiance towards God for our playing god. We’ve believed everything we have made as real without diving deeper into atoms, particles, and light. We’re making ourselves geniuses while having no clue how matter is existing. That one piece is the missing piece that brings more together.  Without knowing how matter is existing we have no idea what reality is and isn’t. Our measurement for life is matters level instead of light. We’re backward.

The place we know as self is the furthest from knowing our being. We diminished our own existence out of nothing more than ignorance. Spirit has been ignored for thousands of years. It was diminished into nothing while matters level was placed as life. We lost God because we missed our own existence and creation. As long as religion is existing we are displacing God from our lives. If we need false idols to believe we know Him then we do not believe in Him. We don’t carry depth for knowing Spirit but we carry the magnitude of self as the body. We’re so far away from God and haven’t understood life to know it. Placing religious hierarchy in life is the epitome of not believing in God. 

It is the false idol that makes us believe we know God. We don’t hear God or live in conversation with Him teaching about Himself. We measure our knowing God by false idols. Whatever the mainstream idea of knowing God is what we live. We have no clue about His existence and certainly do not know creation.  We’re living in a fishbowl of lies pretending to know God.  He doesn’t live in religion and won’t.  It’s not because of false idols it’s because of the mind in satan needing to live with false idols. We’re not ready for God. We’re living the little person’s level of life trying to be someone instead of surrendering to know God. Knowing a religion is already deep in satan because we didn’t keep God above all things. We’re keeping our family traditions, culture, heritage, and religion above all things. 

 The mind is quickly placing matters level of life and we’re adding God to society as reality instead of knowing Him beyond it.  We don’t live to know God because we placate satan in some religion going along with the illusion. The mind isn’t grasping His existence as long as we call on preachers and rabbis. The mind is developing at matters level and associating the illusory as life. We don’t know there’s only one of us here with God living through our mind. Our thoughts don’t know the light to realize our narrative is all that lives. Only what we think is shaping what we walk through in matter. Every thought created the world to live outside of us until we deepen our own inquisitions for who is thinking and where thought is coming from. 

Until we are more awake to life we live it asleep in a story of self and society as reality. As we awaken we begin to realize our narrative can change and the light in matter can change. We deepen depth in life every tine we live Love. Love is the elixir of our existence for moving out of matter identification to Spriit identification. We begin to know the idea of self has anchored us at matters level. It’s making us think in ego, satan, and the little person. We carry fear, anxiety, jealousy, resentment, and sin because we don’t know creation. 

No one is being born to know there’s only one of us here with God. We’re not living deep enough to realize our own existence when we live matters level of life. We grow up believing self is the body and live through human stories that become very real. We walk through human education solidifying it. No one has any clue about God or Spirit. We’re displacing our identity for a representative. The world shapes itself for what we can think. Thousands of years ago God gave us the way to know He existed and we did nothing with it but what would be our hell. Playing God in religion is normal and no one is calling it blasphemous or even false idols. The devil is giving us our reward and we don’t care. The hierarchy in religion is clueless about God and has no depth to carry Him. 

The mind mimicked everything it could to be something instead of our losing our lives to gain them in God. We stood in satan and happily walked the devil’s level of life. No one blinked an eye to place the papacy as something holy. We didn’t dare wreck it. The reward of this is satan. The mind in religion is the mind that won’t know God. We get what we can conceive and as long as we stand with false idols we get them. God has more than once chosen someone living atheist to Him. Moses didn’t know who He was at the burning bush and never did most of the biblical figures idealize Him like we do. The world of religion bastardized God’s existence for charlatans to play roles in human stories. 

The irony is that the very ones claiming to know God most are the ones furthest from Him. They made an idea of their livingness and couldn’t see satan because their ego drove them to the devil. Having status and wearing wardrobes that place self-identity at matters level was the death of the hierarchy in religion. No one in any religion is living in conversation with God. The state of mind is at the opposite end of His light. As long as we make our own existence with God we do not surrender to Him. We’re trying to tell the world we can live with God how we want and it actually works for us to know Him. When God has only chosen people to know Him. We don’t design our ways to Him and then believe we achieved it. That’s satans way. 

When Jesus walked the earth He taught the highest levels of religion they didn’t know Him. They had shaped what they wanted and placed their own status with God without ever hearing Him. They created what they wanted as living with God without care. As long as it had an agreement and felt like it was with Him it was living. We chose what we wanted and scribed what we wanted and narrated what we wanted. The ones who lived with God were no longer living. Human interactions and ideas lived instead. No one was living with God in conversation but the one with God. We’ve displaced knowing God for admiring what others lived instead of living to God teaching about Himself ourselves. We don’t hear God or even understand the basic levels of creation. 

Religion made human precepts and heritage the idea of knowing God instead of human beings hearing His voice. The idolization of rabbis and peachers is the epitome of everything Christ was teaching us not to do. If we believe we know God in this very moment we’re not seeking the magnitude of Him. If busying ourselves with law-abiding, culture-living heritage. We wear clothes to tell others we are God’s while only knowing satan at the devil’s level of life. The rabbi and preacher are the children that didn’t surrender to God. They chose to be authorities of Him instead of losing their lives to gain them in Him. The moment we believe we’re standing next to God is the moment we birth satan. 

The mind is telling itself it’s found God and is living doing His work on earth. We begin the journey of Love inside of the devil’s level because of our ignorance not grasping the enormity of God or what living to Him is and isn’t. When Prophet Elijah went up again the hundreds of priest that lived for god Baal it was a teaching about maintsream believing we know God simly by soceity’s ideas. The narow gate is the only gate to Heaven. We’re not going to study some mainstream idea of God and then believe we know Him. Its important to disntiquish knowing God with wanting to be with Him. Religion doesnt know God it wants to be with Him. The one who knows God doesnt live in religious ideas and has nothing to do with mainstream ideas of God. 

The depth for knowng God isn’t ours its His. He’s choosing us. We’re not dancing for Him. No one wil lmake up their own brnading as nkninwg God and know Him. We lose our lives to gain them in God and stand against the world only knowing Him. The rabbi and preacher lost their way for being something to family and society instead of keeping God above all things. The error is in reality. We don’t keep God above all things to know Heaven on earth and instead succumb to society as reality instead of knowing God as reality. 

Knowing God isn’t an idle level and isn’t in the family tradition. Moses passing on the baton to people wasn’t anything but His story. It gave us the magnitude of God willing to live in anyone that could carry His light and only His light. When Peter Simon knew Jesus was the Messiah and it wasn’t by flesh and blood it was a moment for humanity to know God’s light in all of us. When we proclaim we know Him while not living with Him teaching about Himself it’s the wanter in satan trying to believe we know Him but we have nothing but society’s claims. The one with God is beyond everything in this life with Him teaching about Himself. They don’t fit into family ideas, religions, or cultures. Something profoundly bigger is living.

We’re pretending that billions of people can know God the same and all live with Him the same. It’s absurd and satan. The seeker doesn’t know God. The one hearing God isn’t anything in life but last. We won’t design a heritage to God nor will we place Him in our religion. It doesn’t work like that and won’t bring us closer to God. Leaving satan is a requisite to know Him. The ideas were walking through were made in childhood and shaped a thought system of knowing and not knowing and that’s all we’re carrying as life. We’re trying to find our footing in a land that’s been made up for us to live through to God. We’re not living through it. We’ve majored in making the body self and society as reality to feel good. No one is preparing themselves to leave the world they made for God. 

We’re living how want and were adding God to it.  We feel good about our ideas and were knowing something that keeps us believing we are an authority of God. It’s working perfectly to live society as reality as somebody. We’ve been comfortable with who we think we are and where stand in society’s ideas of success and goodness. We’re living with God exactly as we want and it feels right. We major in being super religious so we can feel good. The more strict our behaviors and traditions the more we believe we gave to God. The world of religion is the devil. 

Jesus sat with the sinners, broke Sabbath, and didn’t follow the rules. He gave us the way to know Him by. Moses committed murder and God gave Him the Ten Commandments. The world of religion memorizing laws while not adhering to the Ten Commandments is the icing on the cake for satan. We do whatever we want to do because we have little faith in God. No one is troubling themselves to live beyond the institution to God. We’ve been satans study by accepting it and only adhering to its rules. No two people will ever know God the same. No two people will hear God. The light of our eyes is the Soul in God and only we have the way to know Him.

No idea at the devil’s level can live God. The individual will go beyond the world and will live outside of everything mainstream carries as knowing Him. The individual is on a journey to Love to live from the many to the one. Reality changes as our thought system does. We leave self for light and know God over the world we stand in. The world of dreams and trying to be someone took up our entire lives without us realizing we didn’t hear God or know Him. We were sufficed at the devil’s level and never did we fight to know Him. What was given to us as children is what we accepted. The hierarchy in religion is the devil’s child that doesn’t hear God or know Him. Never will it be near Him. We’re living in a story at matters level. We have status and a false measure from satan telling us we know God more than someone else. We’re trapped in ego and feeling good and won’t claim God deep enough to get out of it. 

Losing our lives to gain them in God is a massive idea that shatters our idea of self and society as reality. We won’t be good children to our parents if they are religious. We won’t be the best friend to others because we won’t be living for what they are living for. The story of life lives very real and if we fall and scrape our knees they may bleed. The idea of knowing God tumultuous from satan shaping Him in the first place. To leave everyone and everything for Him is to know another light in the world. Society’s story doesn’t fit into Heaven’s idea of life. They are opposites. 

Heaven’s level is God’s. Society is matters level and shapes the devil’s ideas as our thought system. We honor the body as self and try to be someone instead fo learning to lose our lives to gain them in God. The idea of surrendering is satans. No one is surrendering to God if they are religiously living. We’re shaping our reality at matters level identifying reality from where self instead of having depth in Spirit and the Holy Spirit. The mind is writing itself for placing self-identity in matter with meaning and attachment. The process is an insidious one that feels perfect. Ego is making sure we like it. The mind is wiring itself to be somebody in a story that is gong to do well. 

We’re placing life in a mind that has never known light. Since birth, we have been in darkness with money as a second God and religion telling us who God is and isn’t. The story of self was already placed before we could think otherwise. As adults we have little way of seeing society as an illusion, only one of us here with God or that self doesn’t exist. We carry a different story now and it associates life at matters level. The light we seek won’t be found at the same level. Albert Einstein gave us a way to know we can’t live from the same level of the problem we have to be beyond it. If we create God in satan we have to leave it to know Him. Living from self to light is the unraveling of our thought system and the attachment and meaning placed in self. 

Jesus battling the devil for forty days was a teaching that taught us psychologically we’re leaving one world for another. The ideas of life have to collapse and break for light. Otherwise, our ideas make walls for only what we want to know and don’t want to know. Our narrative is stronger than life itself and only God can break it. Until we hear God we only know our narrative. Only self-chatter exists as life until then. This is why everything other than living with God teaching about Hismleff is satan. We keep stories existing instead of losing everything as life for knowing Heaven. We’re choosing traditions, cultures, and status instead of deepening light in God. The world of satan has lived for thousands of years as a human story instead of anyone knowing God. 

Every religion that has been shaped in human consciousness since the beginning knows only its idea. No one is living in conversation with God and no one is hearing Him. We’ve created laws, rituals, and worship to base our knowing Him and we don’t live by measures that no one else can verify. It’s satans idea of doing it. Knowing God is beyond every human being in existence and it trumps every scientist, scholar, theologian, and hierarchy in religion effortlessly. There is no mainstream idea and it’s beyond everyone until it’s not. 

God isn’t working for theologians to know Him and isn’t living by the rabbi’s commentaries. His church won’t be found in a building and the temple won’t be lived in our homes. The light of every existing joining with God is consciousness. There’s a deeper light living and a deeper knowing. The Soul is opening for leaving this world behind. It’s a compass beyond society’s knowing. Only God knows us and only we will know Him. Nothing about the experience of God is with another’s acceptance. It’s outside of other people until it’s not.

God didn’t live deeply with Jospehs twelve brothers who traded Him into Egyptian slavery. He carried a light with Joseph and didn’t give it to his brothers. Joseph was ridiculed and seen as an annoyance because he lived beyond them with God.  The idea that family knows God because we depict it is troubling. No one in our family hears God and won’t. They haven’t lived beyond society to know the many to the one or that self doesn’t exist. They’re living family as family and won’t know God as our mother, father, brother, and sister. The mind is at matters level and not living Spirit to know everyone is a level of energy within our Soul only existing to live to Love through.

We have placed self in the middle of a story. Sometimes we need God and pray. There are times miracles are needed and given. Miracles are a birthright and endless. We have light in God at any level of consciousness. Everyone born has been created by God and living in His light. We can have miracles with no depth in God. Humanity has lived for thousands of years not hearing God, but people have miracles. Atheists have miracles. The idea of religion giving anything towards our light in God is null. It’s shaping satan instead of teaching everyone to live beyond it to God. 

The evangelist did what they thought was God’s work and missed every chance to know Him. They won’t carry light living satans ideas of life. God doesn’t place light upon preachers and never has. He isn’t anointing anyone as an Apostolic successor of the Apostles. No one in their right mind would be an evangelist. It’s the little person being someone instead of surrendering to God. The one ministering to others has no idea self doesn’t exist and is living society as reality. They are in a story trying to be someone to God without losing their lives to gain them in Him. 

Miracles are a birthright between God and us, even when we don’t know Him. He created us with grace and has placed us with Heaven to live through our story to Him. Ministers have lived with branding and marketing, not enlightenment or hearing God. They have created what they want and only know society as reality. They wouldn’t know God right in front of them. He has to live as they want and wish. The mind isn’t telling us satan is overrunning our world. Ego and satan live together in sync. We like believing we know God. It feels good, and we believe we have something over others. We think we have God more than another because we want to feel that way. We’re not being honest with why we’re living as preachers. 

Being seen as someone with God has benefited us, and it brings ego into knowing something more than someone else knows. We don’t question why we don’t hear God because we believe we do. Even though nothing in our existence exudes higher intelligence or knowing creation. We’re living a mainstream idea and have conquered religious ideas to be someone in religion. That’s not living with God. That’s the opposite of it.

Walking to another beat doesn’t come to all people. We don’t live in a deeper depth of His light to know more. It’s not everyone’s idea to know Him. Where we are talking is where we are. We made the choice to be someone in religion instead of living beyond it to Christ. 







The mind was created for carrying endless light. We’re the deciders placing measurement at matters level shortening the length we can see from. We won’t see the horizon while standing deeper into the earth. The light we seek is from a higher plateau and unless we develop muscle in Christ we carry nothing but satan. Religious hierarchy placed itself as knowing God above others while it was the lowest idea to live from. Once we place self as the body and society as reality we have nothing to keep God above all things. We succumb to being something to society instead of surrendering to God. 

No one in the hierarchy of religion understood God and has lived in the opposite direction of Him. If we believe in God we live to God teaching about Himself. If we don’t carry that faith we live for religious ideas of God instead of knowing He created us to know Him no matter what the world carried. Nothing in life can keep God from us. No ideologies or family traditions carry magnitude with God. The world for Moses was Egyptian worshipping of many gods and God gave him light. The story we stand in has nothing to do with the Soul’s journey to God. He knows where we are and nothing the human story can make as life can change God’s eye on us. 

No one who believes in God carries religion. They pass through the walls of satan for light in Christ. The Soul is the anchor and Spirit is moving us through human stories for deepening our depth in God. Depth in God isn’t a mainstream acquiring. It’s a profound knowing outside of everything in life. It requires faith no one else can carry but us. It’s ours and His and nothing else in this life touches it. The magnitude of knowing God won’t come from a mainstream concept. It won’t live in branding or marketing. It’s a dire existence living outside of the world’s eyes. No one knows the one with God until their time comes. 

The story we know as reality is only the backdrop for making choices. It’s not living as we perceive and it’s not shaping our eyes. It’s placing a veil over our eyes and the Soul is trying to make choices for Love to pierce the veil.  We’re claiming we know God in shallow water.  God created everything in existence including the stars light years away and is in every atom including what we believe is thousands of light years away already tells us the shallow human idea of religion is the devil. No one is going to create what they want as living with God and it be so. 

God exists far beyond our idea of Him and isn’t caring for any religious construct because the individual is His. We’re measuring God’s existence in blasphemy instead of knowing the Holy Spirit. The human story will have many false idols and charlatans just as Christ told us. He gave the Holy Spirit for only knowing God upon us. We’re passing through stories, ideologies, and family traditions for knowing God is our mother, father, brother, and sister. God created us and created a story that lives very real to know Him. 

We play roles in costumes like children playing dress up with mom’s floppy hats and dad’s ties. The hierarchy in religion has branding but no enlightenment. It has status but no depth in God.  The place we stand is where our Soul is. It’s what we carry that shapes either satan or light in Christ. The mind is living out of the energy we carry and if we don’t keep God above all things and consciously evolve in Him, we never know Him. We play as we do and have an agreement with the community and family. Never learning to know the illusory of life and where God is. 

The right-minded way to God is through ideas that know only His voice. It doesn’t include family or community ideas of God. There’s a deeper knowing of only one of us here with God. It’s not an adoration and is God teaching about Himself. Life falls apart out of one world while rebuilding only in His idea of us. We live beyond self and outside of everything we ever wanted in life to know God. 

Nothing we can shape as kenosis touches kenosis. We design what works for our mind to believe we have done it. It’s the little person’s level of life believing we can change our thought system outside of one reality for another. Nothing in our idea of kenosis reaches kenosis because it’s already placed as an idea of kenosis. The willingness to lose our lives to gain them in God recalibrates the world for His depth. Choices will come and go and the Truth for what the Soul was ready to live is lived. If we carry branding as someone devout to God we have placed ego and satan in our mind. We’re thinking aligned with what we want to be to God instead of surrendering. Kenosis travels much further into another reality of Love. 

The Soul will disrobe all of the ego’s ideas of self for depth in God. We don’t live with any status and no one believes we know God. Society is living an idea of God from satan. When we hear God we learn about God beyond the world’s idea of Him. Religion is an engine of satan because it travels into ego and lower earthly energy to be something instead of surrendering to God for His plan. 

We wouldn’t play a role in religion if we heard God. No one would listen to a preacher if they heard Him. We haven’t lived with our ears open because our faith is little. We placed a marker in front of us we could carry as living with God instead of dismantling everything we are for Him. The light one knows with God isn’t mainstream nor does it bear acceptance by family and friends until its time comes. It’s the process of losing our lives to gain them in God we haven’t touched. The light for us isn’t martyrism it’s overcoming the world in a psychological change that sees reality differently. The story of the one that lives with opponents is the story of satan. The mind will carry ideas of attack and defend instead of knowing Christ. We don’t live for letting go or fo



No one would play a role if they believed God existed. Religion is the seeker that hasn’t known the way to God.  The power of knowing God isn’t a religion it’s the eternal light of life. It encompasses all things and no- thing. It’s not a temporal story and isn’t placating satan. It’s Heaven’s level of life knowing the human story will change a trillion times over. We’re making false idols pretend they know God when none have begun the walk to God. 

We’re developing satans muscles and not Christ’s. The walk with God extends beyond everything in life and has nothing to do with religion. It’s our Soul burrowing through a human story with God. The individual is the only one in the light. No religious collaboration can do anything for the Soul. Only God can. Any religion believing it can take a confession from a human being is the devil. We live placing branding while diminishing Truth. No one can do anything with another human being’s Soul. Only God can.  No one can hurt or repair another human being’s Soul. We can only harm or save our own. 

Going back to the beginning we have roots to God only based on individuals chosen by God for beginning what would not be the end. The light we live in isn’t for a group placement with God. It’s for an individual experience that carries a story in human consciousness. The story is dynastic and part of human history. We’re making individuals who lived with God into religions. Moses and Abraham as well as many others lived knowing God individually. They were the observer and only their level of consciousness was living as life.

When we were given the way to know God existed it wasn’t for teaching about Him. It was for living to Him teaching about Himself. Religion missed the point. We’re idealizing from others instead of reaching God ourselves. We don’t try to know Him because someone is telling us how to think of Him. No one ever tried to acquire greater magnitude of God than their religion. Religion is placing a ceiling on knowing God. It’s trying to be an authority for a walk it never took. No one can live beyond their religion to God and then turn around and teach the religion about God. We only know what has been taught. 

The place religion has taken its the Souls journey to God. We’re not walking on our two feet into the abyss of Love because we stay at mainstream levels. We don’t go beyond society’s ideas of God and that is the death of our knowing Him. The mind needs depth, substance, and faith. As long as religion has been existing it’s been driving backward into satan. When the Apostles gave us the word it was from their individual experiences with Christ. They lived with God teaching about Himself in their own light experiencing the world only at their level of consciousness. The light we carry is satans.

We haven’t lived with God teaching about Himself but were claiming to know Him out of learning about Him. Learning about God and hearing Him are two different things. The world of learning keeps our thought system at matters level. We live the body as self and society as reality. Living with God teaching about Hismef we live the Soul as Love and know the world of Heaven. Two different thought systems and two different realities. When someone hears God they no longer live society’s purposes and only know His will. They don’t work in religions for a human idea. They live for the eternal light of life with God teaching about Himself. 

Two different beings, realities, and ideas of knowing God. We only know satans level of life until we hear God. We don’t leave matters level until we do. The mind needs a master of light to break the chains of satan. No one can live society as reality and know God. They live the little person’s level of life going along with mainstream ideas of worship. To know God is the hear God, everything else is satan. Religion places the mind in satan at the devil’s level of life. It doesn’t know kenosis and hasn’t lived hearing God.

The hierarchy in religion is the opposite of the path to God. It’s placing self as a someone instead of knowing Love. The mind is in mainstream ideas and doesn’t know the eternal light of life. It doesn’t know Heaven on earth. The hierarchy in religion is the rabbi, minister, preacher, imam, bishop, cardinal, and papacy. They do not hear God and have no aptitude to know Him. The mind has been shaped to matter’s level and doesn’t see light within the world to know there’s only one of us here with God. In religion, the mind is the devil’s because it’s living society as reality. It hasn’t seen the light of day for knowing God. It’s been creating whatever it wants and doing whatever it wants as knowing God. The placement of God with false idols in human precepts is satan.

For centuries religions have made themselves with empires. Sometimes unwilling but nonetheless they lived moving in dogmatic political arenas and not Heaven. We’ve moved through many ideas of leaders with Egyptian, Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman empires. None have placed God as the creator or as a living God with us. They carried God to keep power. The idea of God living in religions that place credence in empires is the epitome of satan keeping our faith and trust from God. The growth of our thinking with false idols has stymied even the slightest depth for seeing. We’re losing light for matters level of life. 

Without conscious evolution traveling vertically, we have no depth in God. If we continue a horizontal idea of thinking with religion over God we have no idea of His placing us in life to know Him. We put a middleman between us instead of carving our Soul to God.  The mind must live beyond everything in this world to Him. It cant pause at satan’s level and build homes in the devil. The only place fro anyone wanting to know God is with God teaching about Himself. He doesn’t use human beings for that. 

God gave His Son Christ for teaching Judaism it didn’t know Him. He was already ending religion’s bogus ideas of Him.  The ones that know God are the ones living with Him teaching about Himself. They are in a story that sits in human consciousness but the only light is theirs. The world of human consciousness carries everything for itself without admiring God. The story of Moses isn’t the Israelites it’s Moses living with God in a story for that period in human consciousness. Moses gave humanity the enormity of God’s presence and took us on a journey through many teachings. The teachings are why we know it. Trying to emanate Moses or any Apostle is futile. The only story we can live is the unraveling of our thought system to God. 

Something happens in life and it creates a choice to go into a land we don’t know or stay mainstream. We keep choosing mainstream which is satans harbor. The only way to travel towards God is to deepen our light in Christ. By becoming Love, we fray the woven veil of satan. No one can live to God through mainstream ideas. It’s beyond this world we begin to know Him. 

Different forms of spiritual leadership emerged after the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. The sage placed claim as a teacher and eventually became the rabbi, priest, and imam. The new idea of the teacher began after the Zions returned from Babylonia. The Christian movement placed their idea of it into the priesthood. After the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed a second canon was shaped. We moved interpretations to fit the times and purpose. The literature was shaped to explain the Bible – enhance the Bible, and adapt the Bible to a new reality, which is the basis of rabbinic Judaism today.

All religions have shaped their stories to fit their culture, heritage, and ideology. It’s the making of matter to be something instead of surrendering to God. The making of a culture into a religion is the devil’s level of life not adhering to keep God above all things. No religion has kept God above all things they keep human ideas above God. The world of knowing God is small but religions are many. Scripture is a mosaic of opinions. 

We’ve been adding, deleting, and imagining what we want to fit into the ideas of the time. Many scribes have interpreted from levels of consciousness that never heard God or lived towards Him. They had no basis to implement what they wanted as knowing God because they never made it to Him. We’re doing anything we want and making it historical and believing we carry God. 

Throughout history, God has chosen who He moves through. He’s not catering to a group idea and won’t. He is placing His light in frequently and precisely. The idea of religion is a broad gate of acceptance. No one is carving their Soul into God or leaving one world for another walking into religion. We’re anchoring into the devil’s level of life trying to be someone to society. We live for society’s ideas and as the body. We don’t have any mind muscles for knowing Spirit. Spirit isn’t part of the temporal story. It’s the eternal light for deepening our depth in God. It won’t live from the self-ideas. It’s living out of Christ as Love. 

The only way we begin to know Spirit is out of our light changing in God. In order to change light in God we must hear Him. Religion has been proclaiming that billions of people hear God and that the hierarchy in religion is knowing God. No one on this earth is hearing God but me. There is little faith in the child that steals light from God. The magnitude of living with God isn’t our doing. He doesn’t listen to our ideas in satan and doesn’t move for our demanding ways. The costumes and the branding in religion are its rewards. It won’t live enlightened or touch what the one with God can touch. It’s not sitting to know God and has played God for thousands of years scrutinizing everyone else but its own existence. 

The marking of the devil isn’t some huge red scroll on our foreheads. It’s the Soul only driving shallow ideas in satan. It’s the little person not willing to grow up. We understood what playing dress up was as children and needed to know it carries into adulthood. No one can appoint themselves with knowledge of God. We aren’t ever going to know Him as long s we keep fooling ourselves that we do. Wearing clothing that defines a religious idea is the epitome of Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a high priest when the Pharisees were plotting and scheming to kill God’s Son. He knew something more but didn’t have the faith to adhere to it. Nicodemus lost the miracle for knowing the Messiah right in front of Him. 

The chances we get to know God don’t come from our idea of Him. They don’t move the way we want them to. God isn’t placing Himself perfectly in front of us to know Him. He’s seeking our faith in Him. It’s obscure and off the beaten path that we find God. The word doesn’t begin to shape the world until it’s doused in endless faith. Mainstream doesn’t build the muscles we need to know God. It places ideas that go nowhere. Nothing any religion has given gave humanity God. No one in any religion can hear God. 

God has chosen people who don’t know He exists. Why religion believes anyone has to be in religion to know God is absurd. Moses grew up in Egyptian culture and had no idea what God was speaking at the burning bush. In the twenty-first century, He chose a woman who had no idea He existed to teach humanity about Christ. God doesn’t care about human opinions of Him. He’s not living for our ideas of Him. He’s living for us to know His ideas of us. 

We’ve been getting it backward since religion tried to play God without understanding life. No one in any religion knows creation but every religion swears it knows God. The hypocrisy is mind-bending and the loss of common sense is too. We’re not going to assign our own titles and positions and believe we know God. It’s a ridiculous concept that only seekers could come up with. To know God is to Love God. To Love God is to lose our lives to gain them in Him. We have to believe God exists to lose our lives to gain them in Him. Without depth, we live religiously. 

Losing our lives to gain them in God is the process of leaving society as reality for God as reality. The thought system changes from matter identification to Spirit identification. The world changes abruptly the moment we hear God. God isn’t speaking to us to become an accountant, bakers, or bishops. He is speaking to us for changing every idea in our minds for knowing Christ. It’s not in religion. It’s the Soul’s burning for a deeper knowing of God and beyond any temporal story of Him. The light we become isn’t in our world. It’s outside of everything we believe a human is. 

Society’s ideas of humans are based on measurements at matters level. The process we live with God destroys matters meaning and our attachment with it. It’s the complete opposite of costumes. No one will know the one with God until their time comes. Until then, they aren’t carrying any magnitude of Him that anyone can see. The place society has shaped as knowing God is satan. When light is in the world there is no level of life able to mimic it. God stands within our livingness and God places us in the world. No one living with God designed it. He did it. 

The individual is the only existence we have with God. No group idea or religion can carry it because creation made only one of us here with God living through our level of consciousness in a human story to Him. 

When we live for God we shape our ideas of that livingness. We make our own heritage, lineage, and deciding factor as to who He is. We have completed His existence in our minds without ever hearing Him. When we live with God outside of society’s ideas we carry no human idea of Him. It’s solely His idea and not ours. 

Our love for God took false idols effortlessly. We’re not acquiring light because we’re living in precepts instead of struggling to know God. There’s no conscious evolution when all we do is provide heritage and abide by laws and rituals as knowing God. We’re not recognizing His place in us because someone is force-feeding us His entirety. 

The walk we shaped as living with God is the little person’s idea of knowing Him. It’s not changing the thought system, reality, or knowledge. Everyone wants to be something to family and society and we’re accepting the last tier in life. No one is trying to usher in knowing God in a world that is proclaiming it already has scholars that know Him well. We’re walking through a broad gate pretending like it’s a narrow passageway when it’s not. Living with like-minded people who all believe they know God perfectly is the opposite of learning about God. The individual walk with God is the last and not the first. 

We know more than anyone else and it doesn’t fit into mainstream cookie-cutter ideas of Him. living with God is a breathtaking journey outside of everything the world carries as knowing Him. It’s the one who becomes the teacher out of default. Our concepts of being are last with God. We don’t carry dreams or people as society does. We’re outside the world in another but our feet are on the earth. We wear the clothes of the world while only knowing Heaven on Earth. The idealizing of life is much deeper and profoundly outside of the story and in the eternal one. 

We’re wandering around theoretical ideas from data from thousands of years ago with people who never tried to make it to God.  We’re producing mindless teachers. They don’t know God and aren’t walking the path to Him. If we don’t leave society as reality with a thought system change we’re not delivered out of one reality for another. Without hearing God we go nowhere. There’s no one recipe for God. He’s with every human being whether we know Him or not and is working individually with us. No one will go to religion or a school and carry depth with God. That’s the opposite of living towards Him. We have to unravel everything that has been placed by satan for knowing Him. 

Only when we go beyond society’s ideas do we begin to stretch the mind into places we never knew existed. We’re exalting family and friend’s opinions of God for depth.  No one can detect society is an illusion without hearing God’s voice. The mind doesn’t tell us it’s an illusory idea. We have no way to place it because our senses keep us deepening matters level of life instead of knowing the invisible world with us. We place many lights within our mind for catering to the idea of self. Those lights are dimmer than we know. They seem vibrant to us but in the scheme of life they are the darkest. 

The ego is struggling constantly to blend the perfect elixir for satan’s map to live. It doesn’t want to be wrong and fights desperately to feel achievement. The pleasure chest of religion placing human beings with God is the devil. God isn’t living for any religion to claim Him. He knew thousands of years ago Judaism was outside of every magnitude for knowing Him. Jesus didn’t carry Judaism like the Pharisees. He wore the clothes of the world and lived it perfectly with God. Jesus walked from temple t temple teaching religion it didn’t know Him. He lived differently than a rabbi and had no place in the idea of it. He lived only with God. 

The depth of the Pharisees and high priests at that time were superficial and shallow and none knew God. Judaism had already begun its departure from God. Christ came to change it but they killed God’s Son instead. They didn’t understand what God was doing. They had no depth for His existence as no form and of all form. They had false idols already in place which began long ago with prophets and King Saul. The enormity of what was being shaped as knowing God was so off the mark He placed His Son with us to teach us about the Holy Spirit. We devoured matters level as life and lost everything we had been given by God. 

Judaism wasn’t-near God and the scripture from Christ being in flesh and crucified is the scripture teaching religion it wouldn’t know God. We created religions out of it instead of understanding Him. Jesus gave us the way to know the Holy Ghost and it begets the bigger concept of our journey with God. We’re losing light with God because we’re not losing our lives to gain them in God. Were living society as reality and adding God to our heritage. The thought system never leaves matters level and only knows the human illusion. The story is the backdrop giving us the way to make choices that carve our Soul to Love. But we’re not doing that either. 

Judaism went for lineage and got satan. We didn’t live deep enough to miss it. The idea of people mapping how they carry God is the opposite for knowing Him. What God gave thousands of years ago was for Moses’ story with Him was at a different time, in another reality and at another level in human consciousness. We didn’t carry God into the twenty-first century. We’re still talking and living by what was given thousands of years ago as if God isn’t a living God today. We don’t believe in God. No one would listen to a preacher talk about a God standing next to them. 

Idolatry in religion changed human consciousness away from God. No one caring for another human being’s ideas of God is trusting God. We’re confusing satan with depth. The light we seek is profoundly deeper in us and it’s only ours and has nothing to do with theirs. Placing God in religion was the lost child seeking Him and wanting to have Him without knowing Him. We’re not going to consciously evolve in God as long we stay in society’s story of Him. 



is slick and is living in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next. It’s a storyteller that doesn’t rest. Its proclamation is daydreaming. The only light we can acquire is through Christ. Knowing this makes it imperative we live Love beyond mainstream ideas of Love. 

Religion isn’t changing reality or even reaching God. It’s substituting the individual’s Soul to God for a cookie-cutter practice. The individual is trapped to only know an idea in satan. Regardless of the words from thousands of years ago human beings reading about it and teaching about it live in satan. None of the biblical experiences were made to be read they were shown for what could be lived. We’re not living to God because we’re wasting our days reading about Him. The mind that is seeing the scripture has only lived society as reality and hasn’t lived in light. The individual hasn’t heard God.

We often feel like we know God well because religion is telling the world it knows God from branding and marketing. We’re doing the same and adding our inflections to it for legitimacy. We’re not hearing God. If we were we would have billions of enlightened masters walking the earth but we have none in religion. When religion shaped teachers they left out what God existed for in the first place. It’s obvious they had no idea what they were doing because God’s purpose isn’t for teachers. It’s for us to get to God teaching about Himself, everything else is satan. 

The human mind isn’t differentiating what is a dream or reality because it’s not knowing it definitively. We live what we think and believe it’s real. Thinking is created light and is a passing level in human living. Everything we think in this life is like a story and fades when we leave the body but our Soul lives on. Life is daydream. It’s living differently because we have senses but only the idea is moving in matter. God gave us free will which means we can think anything we want and bring it into being and live through it. This also meant whatever we conjure up is all we get as life. We can believe we know God perfectly from daydreaming. Only when we hear His voice and consciously evolve out of one reality into another do we know Him.  

When we try to be something to God, we lose purpose and depart the path for depth. We’re learning in childhood to know God the same way we learn history. When we learn about history we create adjuncts for believing we should defend it. We surmise our feelings from nothing more than interpretations. We didn’t experience it and nor did we live it for depth, maturity, and substance. Our opinions are placing meaning and we’re acting as if we lived it and know it well.

Religion hasn’t lived a day with God to tell humanity it knows what was written thousands of years ago is knowing God. It’s basing its own credibility on branding and marketing it. Thousands of years ago it forced itself upon people. The level of its authenticity is zero. God isn’t living the ideologies that place us as knowing Him when we don’t even hear Him.  The world isn’t opening doors because we claim Him. The doors open in Christ for the Love that we live and build in our Souls. No two people will live the same journey with God. Their walk won’t even look the same or speak the same language. The Soul is not a replicated idea of a human. 

Without losing our lives to gain them in God, we shape society as reality and the body as self. This places our thought system at matters level. It moves us into lower earthly energy. We have to know the Spirit and the eternal light of our existence. It’s beyond the body and as Love. We’re going along with religion instead of knowing the solo journey is beyond it. The mind isn’t getting beyond satan because no one is teaching anyone how satan exists or the difference between thinking and consciousness. We’re living in lower mind interpretations being passed down from generation to generation. The thought system regulates every possible idea we can have of life. The more we live at matters level, the more ideologies and beliefs settle at that same level. 

God was giving us the way to know He existed to have measure outside of matters level for knowing light. We’re living society as reality at matters level instead of knowing Heaven on earth with God teaching about Himself. Everyone is trying to be something to Him and missing the point of His existence. Our walk is one of many tests and one of depth. Faith is the point of knowing what isn’t seen. It’s not knowing what is seen or known. It’s a deeper feeling within that is hearing a call. The only way we can expand faith is by walking outside of what everyone else is walking. Abraham knew God beyond Sara and Lot. No group of people knew God exactly the same as Moses. Everyone lives with God in their own light, and no two people know Him the same. The individual living through a human story with God is the only level in life. There’s only one of us here with God living through a story.

The hierarchy in religion made the false idol. The rudimentary concept of a teacher in Judaism fell into Christianity’s level. They both were biding for more than the other for credibility and legitimacy. No one was surrendering to God or believing that He knew better. The false idol was living profoundly in every religion. Knowing God fell to human precepts, practices, and protocols. We didn’t understand living to God because everyone was already proclaiming they knew Him perfectly.  

Religious zealots diminished God’s existence to the human being. We tried to live with authority over a word we didn’t know. The rabbinic commentary and placement of Moses changed multiple times throughout history. Scribes often made commentaries out of thinking about what Moses might have said if he was alive today. The culture and the idea of lineage to God has made everyone scramble to appear as if they are the chosen ones. Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people all believe they have something special with God while none live with God teaching about Himself. 

Never does a religion carry what the individual can with God. We’re placing claim to people’s lives who lived thousands of years ago in other realities and in other light with God. We can’t mimic it or even distinguish a valid level of it. We proclaim so much while knowing nothing. The depth that Abraham and Moses carried with God was their own Soul’s journey with God. It has nothing to do with lineage, heritage, or us. It’s the twenty-first century, and humanity is busy trying to establish heritage to a living God no one even treats as living. 

It wasn’t until the Hellenistic period, around the second century that Judaism appeared as a culture. It was becoming the human placement with God instead of the individual losing their lives to gain them in God. Every religion emulated Judaism, and they all dove deeply into satan. We weren’t comprehending life as energy to know better. Science was moving into its own existence and shaping declarations. The place of science got lost, as did religion and human education.

Nothing was given to our existence for Truth. It was false idols and face value assumptions shaping societies. No one understood deeper questioning or tried to question authoritative reasoning. We didn’t carry a way to know life outside of our own self-chatter. The mind is an apparatus of storytelling and face-value examples of life. It won’t question depth until prompted. The Axial period gave us a greater contract to question all scholars because Socrates did. We needed to dig deeper into life for better ways of living with God. 

The idea of the papacy, living without question and creating an atmosphere for no one to question it is the epitome of the devil not wanting to be seen. We cheapened our existence by allowing blasphemy and ignorance to live as teachers instead of knowing God. We don’t treat God as a living God when we carry authority in religion. We’re placating theologians, scholars, and religious leaders. We don’t treat God like we believe in Him. No one would go to a preacher if they honestly believed God was standing next to them. We don’t know the Holy Spirit and nor are we trying to because the false idols are easier to please us with. 

When Jesus walked the earth, He was teaching Judaism it didn’t know God. No one revered Him. The Pharisees and the high priest despised Christ. They didn’t want any disorder from someone placing God above them. The day Jesus wore the clothes of the world was the day He gave us the way to God. We hadn’t understood the walk to Him. Abraham and Moses had come and gone, and we were diminishing our light with God. We made false idols and substituted living with God with prophets that carried dim light. We didn’t understand creation to live beyond all of it to God. We placed Judaism as something, and the Roman Empire gradually helped it. The Pharisees and the high priest made sure no one would live anything but their idea of God and their idea of living with God didn’t include God.

Christ gave us the way to know the Holy Spirit to deepen our light with God. Judaism was off-path and deepening its light in satan. God of no form and all form didn’t make sense to us, nor did Spirit. God gave us what would help us understand more, but we denied His son and killed Him instead. The enormity of this is axiomatic of the history of humans living with God. We think we know Him perfectly while not knowing Him at all. We claim false idols while telling others we believe He exists. We marginalize His existence to authority in religion that has never heard His voice. 

We walk in and out of faith with God. We don’t always keep pace with the reality of His existence. The only way we can deepen light in God is through faith. The acquiring of faith doesn’t come by our means. It’s not human. The idea of faith living in our knowing and not knowing doesn’t exist. Faith is outside of our existence, deeper in the Soul, and is driving the light for knowing God. This is why it’s the silent calling more powerful than rational thinking. 



Christ was placing our light deeper in God, and the depth of our faith has been the decider in knowing Him. We’ve dismissed one of the most profound teachings by God for living towards Him. Judaism became a heritage; instead of an enlightening walk out of the many to the one. It’s deeper in satan out of fear. Making society a reality departed from God quickly. The idea of keeping a covenant didn’t serve. The worship and Love for God carried everything needed, but the world wouldn’t allow it. Jewish people have shaped what has been needed for survival, living in a community of fear. 

The idea of combining everything for a community to shape itself into something became the Israelite’s quest. It wasn’t until the 2nd century that more ideas of heritage became living. We placed our lives with God and did everything we could think to know Him, but no one was reaching God. The diaspora of Isareiltes spreading out made everyone try to acquire a set of knowledge. God doesn’t need a middleman and doesn’t need religion. He is of all things and can move in anyone at any time.

The human story is His, and everything in creation is too. The idea that a human claims to know God while never hearing God was the adjunct of living with status. It began out of fear of not having God upon us. We worshipped daily and did what we could, but no one was living like Moses, Abraham, or John the Baptist had. We were already living society as reality, and money had been made a second God. The mind was making matters level our idea of existence, and the body had been made self. We didn’t know what enlightenment was and hadn’t understood any path to God but a rudimentary religious one. The idea of living with God became mainstream; it was being proclaimed as knowing God when it was nowhere near Him.  

The seeds of passages are a place in us all that doesn’t live from the world’s views. They are implanted at birth and are nurtured by light in God for knowing Him. Even if we swear He doesn’t exist, the seeds are sprouting. The idea of living with God from a human perspective is satan. Humanity is always trying to make God theirs without knowing Him. Few people live to God teaching about Himself and time passes without anyone hearing Him. Life isn’t wired to know God at every junction in human consciousness. It seems we missed Moses and Abraham’s teaching purpose towards us. 

Human consciousness has had epic changes in history. We don’t always prepare for it and nor do we plan for when it’s coming. God intervenes and places in front of us more value for knowing Him. We don’t seem to live conscious of it for some time. Then years down the road, we claim it and want to live it, but it’s too late. We miss the miracle of His existence inside of our already believing we know Him. It’s a fortuitous life of scholars and geniuses that shapes ignorance. Human education was made by human beings creating their idea of intelligence. For any human being to walk this earth believing they understand God or life is pure ignorance. They haven’t lived in anything but their own self-chatter, listening to their narrative deliver what they want to hear and don’t want to hear. 

The mind isn’t an escapade of wisdom and knowledge. It’s taught learning to feel knowledgeable. The word created the world is a lineage of why having depth in Christ is imperative for carrying wisdom. The light thinking is emerging out of doesn’t sit in anything but energy. We can carry lower earthly energy of higher light in God. When we made money a second God and placed the body as self we transferred all energy to lower earthly energy. Our associating self-identity in matter shaped the thought system in ego, satan, and the little persons instead of in Christ. It carried its own weight by living the body as self, trying to be something to someone else. 

Everyone is in the process of letting go of a world. We’re living at a time when knowing society as the backdrop to life is mandatory. The light we’re choosing is out of nothing more than simplicity’s idea of knowing. It’s easier to go along with what is in front of us than to question it or live ostracized by it. The world isn’t living for the hero. The hero emerges out of nowhere and lives it. The mind isn’t going to detect an illusory level of life as long as it’s our play station of living. We’re trying to proclaim we know God while not even knowing what being alive is. 

Most people think it’s about the heart and don’t recognize Spirit doesn’t have one. God doesn’t have a heartbeat, facial features, or a body. The enormous idea out of fear that teachers of God exist in is placed deeper in Judaism, wanting to keep a lasting covenant with God. The rabbinic teacher is satans dream. We want to have authority over a world we do not live for. The idolization in human living is placing teachers as someone with greater authority than others unless they can satisfy their ideologies or beliefs. 

It becomes the little person’s level of life having false power, only wanting to be fed with what they can handle. Anything outside of what they can idealize becomes wrong. The individual isn’t trying to carve their own Soul deeper in God but is believing they can teach someone else too. Religious leaders are the worst teachers of all because they never walked through the forest to know God. The idolization in human consciousness birthed itself thousands of years ago when money was made a second God—the one who had it held branding as having power. 

We’re living today idolizing Moses instead of living to God. The passageway is narrow and isn’t found in mainstream living to God. Unraveling every idea that’s been placed since kindergarten is the pathway to depth in God. We take on the journey to Love self-emptying everything taught as living. It’s leaving one world of matter for Heaven on Earth. The individual’s self-emptying from one thought system to another is for light. It’s the journey to Love. We’re living from the many to one going through reality changes as we do. The light for living with God isn’t out of mainstream ideas. It’s much deeper in the Soul and doesn’t travel through our shallow water.

Moses lived an individual journey with God and lived it through a world that existed at one level of consciousness that would never repeat. We don’t re-walk in Moses’s shoes, and nor do we carry God as he did. His Soul’s journey is not ours. The walk for every human being is a solo one in their own story of life that takes them from the many to the one. It doesn’t live in religion, and it doesn’t live in family traditions. It’s outside of society as reality. It’s deeper in God than the human idea of Him. 

God created our existence to travel through stories burrowing a quest for faith. He doesn’t live for the one who claims Him.  When Jesus was crucified by the highest levels of religion it was teaching us that religion didn’t know God. Both Christianity and Islam came after Jesus was crucified by the highest levels of religion. The very text that was teaching us not to live religions satan became religions. We’re not living by God. We’re so deep in satan that we continue to believe we know God from nothing more than ego. It’s the slivering twin of the snake that places us as a teacher while never hearing God’s voice. 

No one is special, and everyone is special. God let the human race know He existed thousands of years ago by choosing people. He chose people who were known as Israelites, but at the time, the father of religion, Abraham, had no idea what an Israelite would be. When God chose Abraham, the idea of Israelites wasn’t living as it does now. We’re referencing people thousands of years ago who had no idea Israel would be Israel and had little to do with the culture, heritage, and rabbinic commentaries. Abraham and Moses both lived an individual experience with God that tells the story of their present level of consciousness with Him and the world they carried. 

Moses is heralded as the author of five books in Judaism. He didn’t author them, and most people who understand that period of history know this. The walk out of Egypt to the promised land is a heritage placement out of knowing the creator of everything in existence touched one of ours. It’s not a small idea and isn’t a big one, either. It’s a miracle that lives for more miracles. The placing of what happened thousands of years ago to how we live today is a lost period in a time warp. We’re not forwarding our own conscious evolution for the magnitude of life. People in religion stop time only to carry what was instead of what is. The what is would be nothing because no one is living with God. 

We can’t proclaim knowing God when we don’t hear Him or live by His teaching about Himself. We’re carrying something that lived in another reality and time period as knowing God. It breaches insanity and ludicrous living as knowing God. We don’t know God because we read or study something. We don’t know God because, emotionally, we feel like we do.  We don’t know God because we had a miracle by Him. We know God because we hear him, and He is deeper in us than anything else in the world, taking us into Christ. It’s not living by rabbinic laws or prophecies. It’s living at our level of consciousness one on one with God moving through a human story. 

The human story is for carving light into God. It’s existing as the backdrop for making choices and moving pieces for knowing Him. It’s not existing as we see it. It’s the devil tricking our mind into walking in a light that lives comfortably as knowing. We don’t venture outside of family ideas or community ones. We don’t know there is only one of us here with God. No one knows creation or what thinking is and isn’t.  The idea of life is living very real without anyone seeing the illusion. 

Adam and Eve carried human consciousness into darker earthly energy. When Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge, they unleashed sin, fear, resentment, jealousy, shame, anxiety, and worry. It placed human consciousness in satan and into lower mind. We trace our lives back thousands of years to claim God’s Love and don’t know the wrong-minded thinking in satan. It’s a story that keeps us carrying the past instead of the present.  No matter where we stand today, whether in a religion, or atheists, He is with us. 

Religions have been shaping themselves on what happened thousand of years ago and have no relationship with God today. Branding and marketing places our ideas. We dress ourselves to be different than other religions. We pronounce something no other religion has, and we market it. The wardrobe and nationalism in religion are the desperate attempts to carry lineage to God. An individual that knew God has become everyone’s knowing God while none hear God or know anything of His existence. It’s the little person level in satan not knowing their own birthright for knowing God. We’re not here to know Moses. We’re here to know God. 

If we place the supreme idea of nothing more than Moses’s experience in life, we lose everything he gave us for satan. Moses wasn’t teaching us to know Him. He was teaching us to live to God. We deny it and instead move towards the devil’s level of life. The walk with God won’t be found in heritage. It’s going to capsize every idea we have of life and continue creating what destroys our idea of God so we can purposely obtain light to know Him. We’ve been living for years believing we know God perfectly because we Love Him. We haven’t yearned to leave society’s ideas yet. They suffice some part of us that doesn’t want to walk to through ostracization, being last and losing our lives to gain them in God. It’s easier to be religious and accepted by family and friends. 

The walk with God is a solo one, and it beckons us to call on God because we leave family and friends for Him. Everything in life changes for a while as we develop eyes and ears for knowing God. The mind is placing pieces all around us that don’t seem familiar. The world we knew is crumbling, and our ideas of self and life’s purpose are fading. The icing on our journey with God isn’t what anyone else can know. It doesn’t live in the world and has no place in any other human being. It’s our own light in God, and it’s our relationship deepening into areas far beyond the idea of Love. 

The livingness of being a teacher in religion capsizes our ability to surrender to God. When we believe we know Him, we lose Him. The idea of honoring God, while we play God is a misnomer piece in every religion. Religions are cornering life by placing ethnic, national, and geographic ideas as lineage to God. It wasn’t until the middle ages that a search for roots became more common. This was motivated by a pluralistic idea in religion. Everyone was trying to be closer to God and of something with God, which could never be. We don’t walk what was walked.

As long as lower mind keeps society as reality and the body as self, we don’t have the aptitude to walk deeper with God. The mind isn’t measuring Spirit or God as living with us. It’s measuring someone’s approval and our acceptance in society. We’re not preparing ourselves for dismantling everything we’ve been taught about life. Our senses make what we can smell, touch and taste as real as we can make them. The mind creates an idea out of nothing more than assumptive measurement. The duality of the mind is endless, but we make decisions for a singularity to be definitive. It’s done from one level of thinking out of an infinite. The face value assumptions don’t tell the story of life. It won’t dive beyond matter to the invisible world. We assign what can be mustered up from the senses and nothing more. 

The human race is a thinking species, and a thinking species must always consciously evolve beyond face-value assumptions. When we don’t, we believe we know something without knowing there’s more beyond it. Satan is a compository idea of thinking at matters level.  It’s the little person’s idea placing the body as self  trying to be someone. We don’t live with God teaching; instead, we live with human ideas. The idea of being human hasn’t even known what being alive is or God to explain the enormity of our living on a planet in space. We dismiss it because no one can grasp how God could create anything in six days. The mind is matters level and not deeper knowing resonance. 

Human photosynthesis is the life line of life for human consciousness. It’s hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy placing energy in temperature for matter to exist exactly as we think it to be. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature n all matter. They are a living race of Heaven and do not exist as humans do. They are an infinitesimal level that is smaller than a bit or any measurement of tiny.  They don’t exist as humans do and are of no form and of all form living deeper in God’s light for creating us. God created everything for human consciousness to live in matter for eternity from any one level of consciousness. Matter is the gift God gave us. 

He placed our light in His for shaping ideas that can live out of one level of consciousness and live as the world. God gave humanity the way to know Christ by acquiring the passageway to Him. It doesn’t come from society as reality or from the body as self. It’s a deeper walk, and it requires the living of one nation under God inside of our minds without another nation there. God doesn’t share and isn’t in the business of being second. We devoutly give our lives to God to know Him but must leave our ideas of self and life to do it. 




Our idea of human is matters level and not Spirit’s. 

We don’t acquire the magnitude of creation when the mind associates matter with life from the start. Our measurement began with science creating a three-dimensional theory. It’s the world placating matter without knowing consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. When we made money a second God, we shaped every idea by matters measurement. We weren’t thinking deep enough to know vibrations, frequency, and resonance. Materialism was the reward instead of depth in God. The mind didn’t try to understand the invisible world; it was trying to conquer the one in matter. We associated our survival with having it. 

God’s existence moved quickly into prophets and dream tellers. We lost knowing Him individually and believed others had special powers. God hasn’t lived in human light like He is now for thousands of years. It’s been costing us the magnitude of His existence by our keeping false idols as front runners with God. The silent one and the one no one knows will always be the one with God. The ones with branding and marketing will always be the ones that don’t know Him. The type of person God is seeking isn’t a mainstream idea. It’s not ours to develop, and it’s not in anything we can think. The Soul is dictating a bigger story than the world we’re in when God speaks to us. 

The mind isn’t going to live deeper in God as long as society is reality and our association of life. The community idea of God doesn’t serve His magnitude or the His depth in the individual. The individual is living with their consciousness as the world, and only they can know Him. Humanity is acting as if ideas know God when only the light of hearing Him begins knowing Him. Until then, we are agnostically worshipping with daydreams trying to hear Him. No one playing a papacy or other role in the hierarchy of religion would touch it if they believed in God. They would be doing everything they could to live deeper in Christ. 

The light Abraham carried with God wasn’t in Sara or Lot. It was a knowing that no one else had. That’s what gave Him descendants as numerous as the stars. We don’t stop at religious ideas; we live for a deeper calling in the eternal light of life. No one playing a mainstream role and wearing costumes, and appointing their own decree in God believes in Him. To stand with God isn’t a hierarchical position. It’s the last place in life because it’s not a mainstream idea.

Religion is the little person’s level trying to be something to God instead of acquiring a bigger idea of what it is to live with Him. The validation of God’s existence isn’t in our world. If it were, no religion would exist. No one is going to play a role in religion and stand with God. They don’t live society as reality, and they don’t live anything but God’s will. God’s will isn’t our idea of Him. We won’t shape what we want and call it living with God. Our idea of living with God is satan. It’s the little person level of life making a choice for mega churches instead of losing our lives to gain them in God.

The shallow idea in religion tried to mimic Moses and Abraham. They didn’t know God by God; they try to know Him via a religion. Many people have scribed and added their two senses to ply major religions. From Maimonides to Paul. The idea that human beings are interpreting God already showers satan into the world.  The idea of scribing what someone else lived is the idea of a seeker. Our goal is to live to God teaching about Himself; everything else is satan. There is no point in talking about God and referring to scripture thousands of years ago when God is standing right next to us, and we don’t even commend it. 

We have scholars, rabbis, bishops, and imams knowing scripture like the back of their hands but carrying no ears to hear God with nor depth for knowing Him. They have only interpreted ideas from human ideas. They haven’t experienced other races of Heaven or heard God speak out of thin air. They don’t live in anything but society as reality. The mind never walked to God. It walked to be a scholar of scripture. 

The record that keeps playing in religion is the only one they can play. No one is walking deeper in God, and no one is finding the path in religion. They isolated themselves to their own communities and have no basic knowledge of life. The morals and ethics being shaped by secular ideas commend only the community idea. They have nothing to do with the Soul breaking into light. We’re not trying to know God. We’re trying to be someone in a religious context that can believe they know God without ever walking to Him. It’s easy to be born into a religion, but a miracle to hear God because of it. 

Religions battle to live. God doesn’t. The idea of a theory, interpretation, study, law, or culture as knowing God is the backward idea of the one that didn’t make it to Him. Moses lived with God teaching about Himself. It wasn’t a group idea and didn’t live until God chose Moses. No one was dancing around for God, studying or trying to be something to society as knowing God. He did nothing and even murdered. The idea that we can light candles, worship, and live making society believe we worship God, and it amount to something to Him, is satan. 

God isn’t living out of the little person’s story. The little person is assigning the body as self, the name as family, and the parents as heritage. We’re living society as reality and trying to live according to our family’s traditions and ideas. It has nothing to do with God. It’s our idea of worship. Some people pray, some sing, and some read. We have many religions, and each one has many different things we can do to know God. They each live society as reality, and each comes out of human placing. 

Thousands of years ago has nothing to do with the twenty-first century. It’s not serving humanity to try and become what Moses or Abraham was to God. What Moses gave to the Israelites wasn’t the Talmud. The written Torah is five books of Moses, prophets, and writings. In the 2nd century CE, there was a concern that ideas would be lost as Isarelis moved out of Israel. Rabbis compiled the oral Talmud into the Mishnah, and it included numerous ideas in rabbinic literature. Rabbis debated the Mishnah for hundreds of years and compiled what became the Gemara.  The Mishnah is the oral, and the Gemmra is the written. 

The Mishnah had been passed down for hundreds of years as ideas. It would have been extremely difficult for anyone living in survival going from Exodus to the promised land to recall six hundred laws and retain them. The Mishnah and the Gemara are now the Talmud. The light to know the Talmud from is the same light that exists today in Judaism, which has placed every rabbinic idealist as a teacher of Moses. No one can carry the totality of Mses or God because we only experience one level of consciousness out of an infinite. To believe that what we think today will not be superseded or that what God gave to Moses will not be superseded is ignorance to our existence. 

We’re living for eternity and will experience many different levels of consciousness in matter. Ten thousand years from now, the light of God will be brighter than it is today. The cornering of human beings living in individual experiences is placing our own ideology in ancient jibberish. Reality changes, life changes, and God carries on. The idea of a living God being made to only exist in human beings thousands of years ago is the diluted-ness of religion not comprehending God’s existence with us now. We’re not hearing God because of ideals like this. 

The pendulum of religion swung into ethnic, geographic, and national components. The competitors to know God placed anything and everything they could to legitimize and shape a biblical idea. Christianity even appointed someone as an Apostle whom Jesus did not choose. The desperate attempt to carry more than what was given has always been in human nature. We’ve placed branding, marketing, and heritage as our claim to fame without any talent. We’re not trying to produce knowledge with God. We only live to contemplate heritage. 

There is no shared memory of God from Moses. The individual is ascertaining whatever they want. We can’t even share our grandmother’s defining of life. It was hers, and another never walks her depth in living. We only know our narrative in life and have no way of knowing someone else’s. The mind travels quickly, moving through billions of bits of data and retaining only a few thousand in each moment. Who is deciding how that happened?

The world exists at our level of consciousness, and everything we live, is in our light.  There’s no collective past. It doesn’t produce our knowing of the present. The story idea, reality, and state of mind is producing the present. The individual’s narrative is all that ever exists. We’re placing images within our Soul for passing through. 

The collective idea is nothing more than the singular narrative of hearing what we want to hear and seeing what we want to see while hearing what we don’t want to hear and seeing what we don’t want to see. History is the fragrance of the believer. It’s the storyboard level of life for placing identity in the present within a story at this one level of consciousness. The idea there’s a collective memory is nothing more than the individual wishing to live as part of one. Only one level of consciousness is knowing the world, and only the narrative of that person exists. Only one of us is here with God, living through an elaborate story with many pieces and places for defining our light in Him. 

The struggle to formulate what is a historical fact of God choosing people that lived in the human breakage and carried human living with God has been satan. The human breakage is the defining light at each level of consciousness that builds the bridge to God or breaks it. The need to carry history is where satan delivers a wedge between God and us. We’re with God now and don’t even live it. The mind of the one carrying the past is the one not living in the present. God is a living God, and we’re not even trying to know Him. We haven’t measured knowing God by His light upon us. We’re carrying ideas from other people’s experiences as if they pertain to us living with God. It’s like the slide of the hands in the mind shuffling cups around for us to choose which one has the eggcorn. It’s the child that never grows up to walk it themselves. 

The idea of culture, nationalism, and ethics as a byline to God is ludicrous. A people will not major in God. An individual will. Every major religion shaped itself without knowing creation or how God exists, and believe they know God. Without hearing God, we’ve made whatever we want as knowing Him. The covenant people want with God isn’t living in anything but a past memory. We don’t tell God we have a covenant with Him; we live it. Living it doesn’t come from heritage, nationalism, or worship. It’s God teaching us about Himself living from the many to the one.

When God made a covenant with Moses, it was for His experience of life. He blessed Moses by giving to his existence the light needed to move through the world as His. A covenant isn’t a history, and it’s not our wish. It is the Soul’s light living deepest in God for God to raise us for the world to know us. He stands with us because He is raising us through our human story to know Him. The world doesn’t comply with our knowing God. Only by Faith does a door open, and only by Trust do we walk through it. No one is going to have an experience with God that others know. God places the entire world at our feet for knowing Him. He majors outside of our story, and He scholars through a thought system of dust shaking satan off for carrying light. 

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all know the same story and live in it. They don’t hear God, and the individuals they’ve appointed as front runners with God don’t give anyone a way to live in conversation with Him. It’s not ours; it’s theirs. We don’t live to God teaching about Himself. Instead, we live human precepts, cultures, and identification in a religion. The mind isn’t leaving this world for God, and it’s not letting go of the body as self. 

The Mishnah is a human gathering of ideas to expropriate knowing God while people in Israel were dispersing. It was out of Islamic theologians and their speculation regarding religious faith that provoked Jewish thinkers. The rising of the Muslim and Christian world made Jewish people feel a need to articulate and separate their ideas from this monotheistic plagiarism of religion.  In the middle ages, Maimonides, the 12th-century philosopher, formulated a list of Judaism principles out of Mishnah; it was a human being with human interpretations and human ideas. God was not upon Maimonides. He listed thirteen circumvented ideas that determined who has a place in the world to come. His own conviction to place Judaism was his pleasure. Trying to enunciate a creed that encapsulates heritage displaces faith. 

We’ve been emulating Judaism without deepening our own light in God. Christianity and Islam both were shaped out of the very text that told religion would not know God. Jesus wasn’t crucified by Pontius Pilate; He was crucified because the highest levels of religion plotted and schemed to sway Pilate to kill God’s Son. The highest levels of religion couldn’t see the Messiah in front of them. They had no eyes to see with and no ears to hear with. Judaism cornered itself long ago and never surrendered to know God. Thousands of years ago Judaism was marking what it wanted as living with God. In 1 AD, it had mastered how to survive and live under the Roman Empire. It paved the way for Christianity to do the same. 

Every idea places us in a story of belief, ideology, and faith with God. When we live in ego with status we claim satan. The high priest and the Pharisees who plotted and schemed to kill God’s son had no idea about satan or the devil in human consciousness. They didn’t understand life, creation, or the Holy Spirit. They lived a rudimentary dogmatic idea based in political ideology. The depth of knowing God was dismal, and had little way to get near Him.

We’re placing Judaism as a child of God when it never entered His womb. The enormity of saying there is a covenant in the twenty-first century with God while not one Jewish person hears Him is blasphemy. We’re not grasping the enormity of God or how being created is living. We demonize our own existence in satan for feeling like we know God instead of living through hell to live with God teaching about Himself. The enormous falling of our own deeds with God is what continues to rip us out of His arms. We’re not living to know God as much as we are living to be something to a religion and its tearing our cloth with Him apart for only the devil’s level of life. 

Jesus is the Son of God out of God’s light, placing Him in our world. God of no form and of all form made a being for us to know Him. Jesus is living beyond the idea of Him and is a light in God that has been with humanity since our inception. Our dismissing Him as the Messiah has cost us everything because it ended a reign in Judaism for trying to find God. What ensues after Christ rises three days later is the human desperation of wanting God in our lives.

We’ve shaped religions, theologians, and false idols and have nothing of God to show for it. It’s been godless for thousands of years. Just as God placed Abraham, Moses, and Christ He places another human being for knowing His light and for knowing Him beyond every religion. It’s not ours, and it is only His for teaching humanity the light in Christ isn’t in religion; it’s the blueprint to life. The thought system must carry more light than darkness, and the only way we leave darkness is through Christ.

The thinking of family, community, and nations is the little person not adhering to God as our mother, father, brother, and sister. We’re not keeping od above all things or entertaining creations level of living. Being created means we’re living in something. Living in something means our mother, father, brother, and sister are different than how we see them. We don’t consider God of no form and of all form as our world because we live at matters level. But yet, we know God is the light all life is in, and we know He moves in anything and everything because He created it. The mind isn’t treating the world of Heaven; it’s living the devil level of life with money as a second God and the body as self. We’re not living to know Spirit or the invisible world. Face value assumptions is what we make real. 

No one in any religion is hearing God’s voice. We carry what other people lived and make the religious idea ours.  It’s reducing factors in pluralistic thinking for singularity ideas of imprisonment. Each religion shapes its heritage, culture, and livingness before they know God. No one in any religion is trying to hear God; they are living to satisfy the religious institution instead. Hearing God isn’t something we can fake. No one dares mimic Moses or Abraham. The mind must be placed in a light far beyond society for giving God. Religious zealots don’t walk to God; they play god. 

The only measure of knowing God for eternity is living with God teaching about Himself. Everything else is the journey to Love and is satans maze to leave. The mind has to travel far, and the Soul has to carve its light in Christ. The proof of His existence is with us all and is actively living towards Him. We’re trying to live from the many to the one. If we live plagiarizing society as reality we don’t leave it. 

God is giving us the way to know creation for understanding the way to Him is a psychological one that must unravel where it’s been to see something more. We don’t leave our ideas as long as they are the only ones we can believe. Herein lies why living mainstream ideas only spins a record. The universe has more tiers of life, but we must leave family, friends. community and society for knowing it. If we stay at one level of thinking we only receive what is on that level. Religion is in the past, trying to relive what happened then instead of knowing God now. It’s inexcusable for a papacy to exist. 

The papacy doesn’t know God and isn’t appointed by God. It’s the furthest from God than the atheist because it’s the devil’s child. No pope has ever heard God, known God, or lived in higher consciousness or enlightenment. None can teach science about creation, and no one who has ever lived as a pope has neared God’s light. They are the by-product of satan living in branding and marketing at the devil’s level of life. They only live society as reality. They haven’t heard God’s voice to know God as reality. 

The religious after-fact existence trying to encapsulate something with God is pathetic. It has steered the human race off a cliff and has debased God for false idols to teach what they do not know. Every rabbi, pope, imam, minister, and preacher lives satans ideas at the devil’s level of life out of only knowing human ideas of God. They don’t live in conversation with God and have never heard His voice. We’re appointing ourselves teachers because we master ideas of scripture. We don’t live in enlightenment or even understand the smallest aspect of creation, which begins with the world living in resonance and guides us to the difference between thinking and creation.

The enormity of God’s existence has been diminished into false teachers who make themselves into false idols, telling others they can teach about their religion and that their religion knows God. The religion doesn’t know God ists not thinking or living in life. It’s an idea, and the idea is permeating in satan for the being to believe without hearing God; they know God. The placing of religion in human consciousness changed everything in life away from God and towards bogus little people telling others they know God well.

We haven’t questioned religion with basic common sense because it has been a thread that weaves our beingness in life. Without depth in consciousness, we placate satan and ego. We don’t acquire depth from mainstream living. The path to God is outside it. The walk with God isn’t the hierarchy in religion. It’s the opposite of everything religion stands for. With God, we’re moving through kenosis, leaving self for light. We’re unraveling everything known as life for only His will. 

God’s will isn’t our idea of life. Moses didn’t pine away to travel back to Egypt, where he committed murder to face his stepbrother, who disliked him and demand that he free the Israelites. He had no idea it was going to exist. Moses didn’t see his future as God knew. God knew Moses had a lot to live, and he would only survive it through depth in HIm. His story for that experience was only his. Everything in the world catered to his knowing God. The mind isn’t knowing there’s only one of us here with God because we live society as reality and haven’t consciously evolved to know more about our existence in God. 

Without knowing creation, we’ve acted like Adan and Eve losing every way with God for religious constructs of idolization. The placing of our self-identity at matters level misses the opportunity to know Spirit and a deeper idea about life with God. We’re living a rudimentary one because we don’t carry enlightenment. No one in any religion is enlightened. The eye of the beholder is shaped in childhood for dogmatic ideas that don’t leave matters level. The more religious we become, the deeper in satan we go. The mind isn’t trying to leave the devil’s level of life it’s placating it, trying to be someone to society instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

The more rudimentary lower-minded thinking we succumb to, the less ubiquitous our walk to God becomes. Matters level is the opposite of God. It’s the devil’s level because the mind shapes it and doesn’t leave it for knowing light. We have no way to unveil the invisible world of Heaven living with us as long as our measurement in life is matters level. 

When Moses walked back to Egypt after murdering someone to free the Israelites from bondage, it was outside of this world he walked. It wasn’t a mainstream idea, and it wasn’t even his strength and courage alone. It was God’s taking Him outside of everything in this life deeper into Him. The world isn’t living as we see it. We see buildings, trees, and oceans, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles swimming in every direction. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. The mind is in a story with God, whether we know Him or not.

Moses placed a light in human consciousness for knowing God. He doesn’t exist at our level and never will. He gave a light for us to live knowing God. The compilation of ideas we have coming into a world already existing is positioning light for moving through it. Consciousness completes itself with a history and idea of a future. It’s not a totality of anything and is one human breakage of our existence, experiencing a human story in matter from one level of consciousness. When we leave the body, the story fades. It only existed to know God.  God isn’t placing measure for what we can believe in or not. It doesn’t concern Him. He already knows our future and our depth in Him whether or not we believe He exists. 

The walk with God isn’t made in the idea of family or society. It’s the solo Soul seeking its home. The story we conjure up and live as life is one breakage out of an infinite. We’ll experience trillions of them, and every life experience will take us deeper into God as the human story progresses. God living hundreds of billions of years alive gives us the way to know eternity. It’s the cycle of living we haven’t known to understand the magnitude of God and this one experience. The Soul is going to exist for eternity, placing Spirit in the human story for carving the Soul into light. 

Moses lived in an experience that was only his. No matter where we’re in the collective story of life, what is given as we come into the world already existing is given to know God. It’s not ours, and it’s not His. It’s a passing baton of measurement for the magnitude of God. Wherever the human race is today is becasue of what we have conjured up as beliefs, idealogies and life. It’s a placement we make from the light in our Soul. We’ll believe and disbelieve based on the Soul’s light.

We’re going to shape trials and tribulations, and every experience will add or take away a shaping light in our Soul.  No one knows what they are doing but God. He knows what measures the Soul we don’t. We capsize our lives with our own ideas of Love, compassion, and wisdom. Our magnitude of Love isn’t the same as Christ’s. We’re not coming into a world already existing trying to free it from satan. We go through elementary school, middle school, and high school shaping a “me” to be something in life. The “me” is whatever we can build. Our depth in God hasn’t lived since Moses. Nothing in the twenty-first century is close to God. We’re seekers and not finders. No one who masters scripture or memorizes laws is consciously evolving in God. They don’t leave the record to know Him.  We’re sharpening our tools to know scripture and the past instead of living to hear God. 

The courage it takes to know God is only for those willing to stand the opposite of everything in the world. We must care less for the geographic monotheistic sentiments for hearing God today. It’s faith in knowing Him that brings us deeper into Him. His tests move us into another part of life with only His answer and way. It’s not human. It’s the universe’s school of divinity that changes every student for God. 

We do not carry the magnitude of God when we don’t hear Him. We carry shallow ideas that move us into routine thinking for acceptance. The mind isn’t able to know society is an illusion because we don’t know; only our narrative is existing as life. The mind doesn’t differentiate reality and daydreams until we hear God’s voice. Until then, we only know our self-chatter as life. Living in our narrative isn’t awakening us; it’s keeping us asleep. When we have deeper inquisitions about who is thinking and where thought is coming from, we start another conversation to know more. 

We haven’t carried the aptitude of Spirit. Spirit isn’t pronounced; it’s denounced when we make the body self. The world isn’t giving us the way to consciously evolve as long as family heritage is more important than living with God teaching about Himself. We make the story our existence instead of knowing God. 





Human Education

We’re in a world that has already measured what small and big is. We’ve seen huge buildings, and we’ve watched tiny ants build castles in the sand. The mind is associating a world only with its idealized measurements, which are small and won’t measure the bigger world we’re in. Matters idea is the mind’s idea, and once the mind shapes it, it doesn’t go get beyond it unless it unravels it and deepens light in the Soul for having light in consciousness. 

We’re staying at our present level of thinking, trying to add on to it instead of letting go of it. We can’t add to a thought system already in place. We have to dismantle it and breathe new life into it. Science doesn’t understand consciousness to know the futile level of its existence, shrinking the idealizing of life. We’ve already set up a parameter for what our idea of reality is and isn’t, and we did it while not knowing creation. Which makes our make-believe world an illusory of ideas out of nothing more than what we could muster up as life. 

We don’t grow up hearing God or knowing energy, vibrations, or resonance. We don’t hear Angels, Celestial Light, or other races of Love at birth. No one is looking at the world as living energy. We see space and objects but don’t see atoms and sub-atomic particles. The mind is learning to know a world of matter instead of a world of consciousness. Even though God told us, the word created the world. 

The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy, a living race of Heaven. God gave energy the way to know it existed. Then He carried His light into all energy levels for shaping self-organizing energy into pyramids of light. The universe doesn’t know itself. It only knows what we think it is. The word created the world means only consciousness can live as life. God gave us created light to know the word from any one level of consciousness. 

What we can think is in grades, and out of those grades is the world. The universe has no physical law because it’s only living at the present level of human consciousness. As consciousness changes, so does the universe. 

God is keeping measure for ideas to live in their light. We’re not carrying the stars exploding we exist in light that can live with them exploding exactly as we think them to be. The universe is consciousness and living only for this level of consciousness. Other levels of consciousness know it differently. Our perspective caters to a story that’s existing when we arrive. The present level of human consciousness is like the tree of life carrying hundreds of trillions of branches in every direction. Each branch has billions of leaves, and each leaf has worlds living in galaxies beyond our wildest imaginings. It’s endlessly growing and constantly providing different stories in matter. Every story carries the Soul’s journey to Love for awakening to God.

We have no precipice for the enormity of intelligence living hundreds of billions of years alive. The world around us is mostly space. There’s space in every object living in gases not seen. They don’t have any livingness to them for knowing the intelligence within. We don’t see faces or bodies and can’t imagine they exist quantumly as intelligence. The idea of a world in consciousness is missed because no one can actualize sub-atomic particles as other races. We see squiggles and light and can’t determine its existence. The mind has never known other races to know it.

We haven’t known what being human is or how matter is existing to think deeper about it. We’re making face-value assumptions instead of going beyond them. The mind familiarizes itself and adapts quickly to the environment it’s in. Once we established a knowing and not knowing, our reality created itself. The mind won’t go deeper unless we make it. It’s taking what is in front of us and placing it. We have to train it to go deeper.  

The quantum world lives in light of God with different layers for any one level of consciousness to know matter. The enormity of higher intelligence giving photosynthesis the light for living is beyond any number we could make. The dancing waves of intelligence are far beyond our eyes. We don’t see matter as light. The emptiness of it is a mind-boggling discovery that tells us subatomic particles dance in another level to exist at our level. We’re not seeing anything because our perspective is deep at matters level. Our thought system doesn’t live far enough in light to understand it. We’ve been raised in human education with society’s reality and only know face value living. The underworld or bigger world is a mystery. 

There are layers of our world. We have a hidden agenda in everything. The ice skating level is matters level. What is below the ice and shaping the ice is outside of human intelligence. The environment lives without what is below the ice and is another level of life, only knowing gases and combustion. Matters level has multiple layers giving to its existence.

Consciousness is a well of depth reaching further into places we cannot detect. We carry ideas about dark matter but haven’t learned dark matter is elements placing itself out of everything to know its light in consciousness. What we think is empty space is living more than we are. Our mind can’t detect what is all around us. We’ve shaped human consciousness to know matters level and can’t idealize anything else. It’s a story about an island that doesn’t know land is across the sea.  Once we shape reality we lose the aptitude to see more. 

We’re in a layer that is illusory because it’s one idea out of an infinite. Without our knowing the other layers, we made the story of reality only from what we could muster up as life. We made it up.  We made up science, human education, religion, and every idea we know living in matter. Our eyes haven’t seen the light of Heaven to know the bigger world. What we live is the tiny idea of money.

Money shaped meaning and attachment in matter at its level. We don’t truly understand value because we made it up and strive to find the most value regardless of Truth. We monetized every idea of what life could be with money.  And shaped a thought system of knowing and not knowing based only on its idea. Everything we shaped is in lower earthly energy. We shaped lower mind because we made money a second  God and didn’t live knowing the world as energy for living with God.

Human consciousness hasn’t swum in deep water. It’s lived in shallow water with face-value ideas at money’s level. The world doesn’t know what is possible because where we stand is where we see from. We can’t know more about life until we leave this island of knowing and not knowing. We’re shaping a low level and have no way to comprehend the enormity of life with us because of it. We never stood hearing God, knowing Angels, Celestial Light, or other races of Love. We’ve been stuck in human ideas placating money’s level. 

The ideas we’re born into our lower mind, and we don’t graduate out of them. We continue living face value levels shaping reality at matters level. No one is learning the Truth of our existence for leaving the many to the one. Consciously evolving from a world living outside of us to only living through us is par for the course when we know creation. Without intelligence, we do face value living. Once we know the idea of living from God, we know consciously evolving to living with Him teaching about Himself is the only true level in life. Everything else is our story to bide time while we consciously evolve awakening to Him. 

This world of matter is neither matter nor reality. It’s the world of energy living in resonance, placing matter from our present level of consciousness. The rock doesn’t know it’s a rock. The pigeon never taught its baby how to fly, it knew how to fly and strengthens its wings. The fish doesn’t know it’s swimming, and the shark is hunting for what it knows is food. The idea of humans walking on a planet in space with food, water, and a story to live in is created. Our focus is society when it should be God. Only by caring about Truth do we escape illusions. The mind won’t let go of a self-story until we live greater Love. Love is the key in our world because it whitewashes self into nothing. 

The world dangerously wobbles every time we choose Love. The journey to Love is balancing light, and sooner or later, the world flips to live another reality of life. We’re a species living in daydreams at birth. Incessant thinking keeps every thought coming and going. We don’t detect illusorily and don’t question our parents, family, and world. We go along with it. We daydream about what we did yesterday and want to do later. The mind doesn’t tell us were making up ideas about life.  Our thinking feels legitimate, and we don’t notice the daydreaming until it’s pointed out.

Thoughts feel real, whether we are thinking about something that happened in childhood or now. The idea of now is illusory because we stand on the floor thinking about the past and future instead of knowing the present moment. The mind is feeling ideas we can know and delivers them consecutively until we notice them at a deeper level. It’s the universe’s library of words that no one cares to question. We don’t question where thought comes from or how the library was made. We’ve placed meaning and attachment to each one at this level of consciousness. It’s not existing deeper than one level of knowing out of an infinite. We’re making it be what it is, instead of seeking other ideas of it. We accept face-value ideas because they don’t require going beyond them. 

The library of words is a profound knowing that exceeds our idea of intelligence. Only when we shelve our ideas do we have a chance to open another book. If we stay in our ways and only live for it existing comfortably in our knowing and not knowing, we’ll only live one book’s journey out of an infinite.  We become masters of ignorance but shower it with brilliance. No one knows the Truth because human consciousness created its own education system and idea of what intelligence should be, shaping intelligence in our own paradigm of knowing. It’s the abyss of illusions that travels deeper into the rabbit’s hole. The genius is God working through our stories to know Truth. 

Finding light is our duty because the entire world has made darkness its place in life. Without hearing God, every human idea sits in illusory from not knowing life. The world places a story in front of us and we’re seeking to find the way out of it. Life exceeds our knowing and lives in parallel level without anything we know as life. Parallel universes isn’t the way to think about our world. Human photosynthesis is a remarkable idea of light that quantizes its own measuring cup for human consciousness. The cup only lives for a short while and has already shaped its new carrier before we are old. 

Human photosynthesis has hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of cups. Each one has hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of light. Each light has hundreds of trillions and trillions of other lights, and so on. The parallel universe is an endless marking in God through higher tiers of knowing. The escape route is matters level, and the journey is the abyss of Love. The mind won’t quantize our existence as long as we stay at matters level in the human story we walked into at birth. We’re not shaping the thought system to carry any other aptitude other than matters level of life. We have to acquire substance to change consciousness. 

The only substance that changes consciousness is our living to Love. It’s the fishing line in an abyss of unraveling self and our own existence for Truth. It won’t come from classes, courses, or other human beings. It’s an individual unraveling of consciousness. We won’t live successfully at society level. We’ll only know God’s level of life. The journey to unraveling our existence has no place in mainstream living. Its what is beyond it, 


We measure the idea of self through what we think others perceive of us. Only our narrative is existing, and it hasn’t awakened to know there’s only one of us here with God. We’ve carried a world since birth for shaping ego in self, making our idea of living based on the world’s approval system. We’ll fall into some category of achievement and place ego with its goodness. The idea of self is nothing more than a placeholder trying to feel something. In childhood, we placed what felt good. We found the secret ingredient that made others applaud us. The desire to have others like us became our guiding light to living happier. Self is a monster that was shaped out of lower earthly energy, only creating what society could accept and know as good. 



Blends of Intelligence 

Our light has higher intelligence

No one can understand life if they only have human education. There’s a pearl of deeper wisdom in life that comes out of God. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s blended with many other levels of intelligence for having light in matter. No one level of consciousness is existing but God’s. Everything out of God is blends of light.

He is blending different levels of intelligence for shaping each level of consciousness. We don’t live alone and our thoughts do not exist only within our light. We are always in other races of life inside of other levels of consciousness. We are living as algorithms in God and the algorithms are other races of light existing for living in matter. No one could live in matter if not for other levels in God giving to us the way for living through human photosynthesis. 


Snow Squid 

Snow squid is a wonderful level for understanding other races in our atmosphere. This is the first video in human history of another race in our atmosphere giving us the way to live in matter. On this night, I was in Saint Louis when it began snowing. God opened the world for experiencing many other races and taught about human photosynthesis. Read more here

Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and feel it. What is actually existing is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Only energy exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Atoms don’t decipher whether someone is speaking German or English. They know pulses in another language hundreds of billions of years alive. God gave atoms the way for nonduality and existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding temperature in tiny elements smaller than what we know as small.  We’re seeing buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is light. Only our narrative is the speaker we’re living through to God. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it’s not existing outside of us, it’s only living through us in our narrative. We’re experiencing images within our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is what God created with self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis. Every part of matter is living through Conscious Energy which is the fabric of the world. Energy is shaping temperature for matter to exist. 

Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it.  


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He’s the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

The only algorithm the atom is reading is temporal.  It’s living layers with temperatures at higher concentrated levels. They can multiply by crossing each other and fulfilling the light in many ways we cannot see. Atoms fulfilling each other no matter the distance is only helping quantum entanglement have deeper depth. There is no birth or end, but they do not exist at the same time. Atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance through light. The pulse never completes itself it only manifests for a short time before becoming another light within human consciousness. The resonance is what lives momentarily. 



Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human cognizance. They’re not deciphering whether someone is speaking Spanish, or German they’re responding to algorithms. They respond to light. Our resonance is the most living level in matter. Nothing else competes with resonance because it’s the decider of the quantum levels moving for human photosynthesis to shape life out of. God created everything out of His energy and through His light life moves. 

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