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Knowledge from God

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“By faith, we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God so that what is visible came into being through the invisible.”
Hebrews 11:3

Since ancient days, people have been trying to find the light in God. Most people question God’s existence, while few have lived with God teaching about Himself. In the beginning, we made narrow passageways about life and lived for what money could buy. No one knew how the world existed or what being alive was for deepening our light in God. After biblical days, the idea of God was turned religious instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

As time passed, we shaped the world into matters level because we didn’t hear God. We made face-value assumptions about our existence; consequently, the little person’s idea of life became the world. As money became a second God and material goods became the reward, lower ideas about life emerged.

Eventually, our world lost hearing God. Everything became rudimentary living instead of life-altering experiences with Him. No one was living with God teaching about Himself. We made religious ideas exist instead of listening to our Souls. We heard people preach about God instead of deepening our light in Him. This is how satan grew in our thought system. We didn’t understand thinking or how to control our thoughts. We allowed every idea to live as something to us. 


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not living for the idea of Him. The Souls  awakening is the walk. 

Knowing God existed wasn’t enough for us to walk to Him. We didn’t try to deliver a deeper knowing because our living religiously felt like we were with God. No one knew consciously evolving was the path in Him. Instead, we went along with society and followed religious guidelines. Once we had an idea, it became our way without question.

No one is grasping the enormity of God’s existence because religion places false idols as knowing Him. It diminished depth and substance. We’ve been going along with others instead of deepening our light in Christ. We’re not questioning the path of living with God or what being alive is. We’re taking everything for granted without deeper thought. We’re not registering that to know God is to live far beyond mainstream ideas. The livingness with God is in Heaven on earth in a light that is only living His will. 

We don’t travel outside of mainstream or know society as an illusion. It doesn’t seem like an illusion, and we won’t detect it either. It’s when we live in another reality with God teaching about Himself that we know it. No one can live in a made-up reality and know it’s an illusion. They have to travel further to walk out of it to see it. Consciousness can’t live outside of itself; it has to transcend itself. 

Society is the illusion acting as a backdrop for observing our consciousness and carving our Soul to God. Human beings only experience their narrative as life, and in that are daydreams. We live through incessant thinking, keeping stories to live through in matter. God created the word, and the word created the world. Only what we can think can live as life. It’s not Truth, and its relative to one level of consciousness out of an infinite. There’s more here we won’t see until we consciously evolve to other levels of life. The mind is shaping daydreams as part of our waking state. We believe were conscious of life, but we’re not. We’re conscious of our story and nothing more. There is more existing outside of our eyes.

God created human consciousness in His light for being able to transcend everything in life to something else. We haven’t been taught about consciousness to know the enormity of its content. It’s not just a thought; it’s a light that is placing matter as real. The Soul is what is living, and the Soul is Love existing as consciousness. God gave humanity the way to think a world into being and live through it for another one. It’s an endless cycle that has us living for eternity going deeper in God. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love to shape Heaven on earth. How we think is creating it. 

We’re a thinking species that hasn’t known what thinking is and isn’t. Without deeper knowledge of creation, we think soceity is areality when God is. We’re not deep enough to live with God teaching about Himself because the mind of humanity is shallowly living with money as a second God, only placing matter as life. We’re shaping a reality based upon matter, money, and ego. We haven’t known energy or thought to avoid ego and satan. When ego and satan are the energy in thought, it is considered lower mind because they both shape darker earthly energy in thought. Consciousness has to process energy. If we don’t live for higher light, we process lower earthly energy. 

Knowing God existed was giving us the way to carry more of His light than ours. The mind is searching for ways to feel good, and matters level obliges us quicker than our knowing God because we’re coming into the world already in lower mind. We’re living through our senses and placing matter as a reward. We were taught about God of no form and of all form, and that there was a world, we don’t see with us. Christ gave us the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for understanding God’s existence as ours. We live in different stages of light throughout our existence, and God is upon us in all variances of life. Placing matter is like walking where there are no steps but making them appear as we go. We bring into being what isn’t here quicker than science can know light. 

God is giving us the way to know Him for carrying Love. Love isn’t a lower-mind idea. God is Love and created everything in existence through it. He told us to keep Him above all things because the mind wanders into darkness without knowing it. Satan doesn’t tell us it’s satan. We create and move in matter, making life be whatever we want, and satan moves with us without us seeing. It’s small pockets of energy moving like hundreds of millions of tiny snakes in our thinking. we haven’t grasped Adam and Eve or Jesus battling the devil for forty days. The enormity of our thought system requires diligence in living with God for higher light or only living the devil’s level of life in lower mind. 

Reality is being shaped only in satan. Society as reality isn’t our magnitude of life. It’s what we could muster up as life and believe. We don’t believe in God to live to Him. Religion is the place we stand claiming God instead of walking to God for learning everything about life at this one level of consciousness. Religion has no magnitude of God and doesn’t know creation. It’s satan’s hobby for feeling good in ego and status. We’re climbing fences two feet high, claiming we made it to God. The enormity of our existence has been shattered into a tiny piece of nothing as life. We’re not knowing God, Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or other races of Heaven. 

We only live in ego and satan trying to be something to society. We haven’t understood God of no form and of all form to know the human being is conscious energy. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. Consciousness is continuous. We’re living to know God as reality to live with Him teaching about Himself. Every other story we shape along the way is satan not knowing life.  

The idea of God falls to the waste side because He’s placed in religion instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life. Without our living to God, we’re deepening our light in satan. Being born into religion only shaped the thought system for the illusion. All worldly religions live society as reality. They haven’t left satan’s level of life to know God.  The light we seek isn’t existing in lower mind. We have to live deeper and further into water we do not know to begin moving the earth, moon, and sky. Matter’s level of life only knows stories. It doesn’t live outside of incessant thinking, and incessant thinking is satan keeping us busy in lower earthly energy. We’re trying to shape self as a somebody and be someone to society. We’re not knowing the illusion because we don’t know thought or how its existing in matter. 

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We live in algorithms, pulses, and resonance. Every thought is placing energy through pulses for placing images in our Soul.  The light we’re living through is darker earthly energy because human consciousness lives in story with money as a second God. We’ve been making wealth the only idea of success for human life instead of enlightenment or depth of life. We don’t understand creation to know the world is consciousness.  Magnitude of God won’t exist in satan. Only when we begin deepening our light in God and moving out of satan do we begin to open our eyes. 

The laying down laws, protocols, and human precepts as knowing God is the opposite of every path to Him. We took what Moses gave and bastardized it. We turned it into satan’s gift instead of lighting the path to God teaching about Himself. The greatest gifts are not the face value ones. They are the deeper hidden ones. We’ve been making the journey to God family traditions, rituals, and human precepts. We’re not making our Love greater, consciously evolving, or living for enlightenment. We’re missing the point of Christ. The place we make as knowing God is the body as self, society as reality, and satan as the teacher. The mind won’t leave the story for surrendering to God because ego has to be right. We’re a species thinking while not knowing what thinking is or isn’t. The mind is categorizing living with God based only by what is accepted in our environments. 

We walk in a broad line with everyone else marching to the same beat while believing we know God deeply. We didn’t know how to battle the devil or how to get beyond satan. Rudimentary family traditions keep us living lower mind. The idea of life is the body as self, family, friends, teachers, acquaintances, and strangers. We don’t know God or His Angels. We only know matters level of life, and then we add God to that mix and claim we know Him. We’re jumping over a two-foot fence, acting like we climbed Mt. Everest. The walk to God is beyond religion. 

The Soul’s journey to Love is our walk to God. Nothing else is. The door is Christ, and the way is Love. We don’t serve God by spreading a word that keeps everyone satan. Religion, not knowing creation, should have already taught us about snake oil, but it didn’t because we also wanted to know God without doing anything. it made the idea of God and living with God easy to achieve. We’ve read many biblical stories about people with God and know the easy way doesn’t exist. God’s way takes us out of our way. He doesn’t placate satan and removes us from our lives and what works for us to reshape us into light. 

God isn’t lifting any weights. He already knows where we have made His existence and the little person’s level of life. The enormity of God is grace. He doesn’t sit within satans ideas and never has. God has always chosen people outside of who we think is religious;y with Him. He makes it a point for humanity to know He isn’t in religion. The idea of religion is from human beings at one level of consciousness shaping their ways for being something to Him without walking to Him. The walk to God isn’t our worship. It’s consciously evolving in Christ. 

There’s place in all of us that lives deeper than the world with God, whether we know Him or not. He created us and is moving in our light even when we don’t believe He exists. The idea of God for many is only a religious one. They haven’t deepened any other knowing. We’re not searching for God because we’re being told about Him. This is the crux of satan. The light we seek is beyond everything being told. It’s outside of society’s ideas of God and doesn’t live in mainstream ways. We’ve been placating other people’s ideas and making them our own. We’re not seeking God were satisfying satan. 

Everything religion has shaped as knowing God is the little person’s level in satan. We made schools, colleges, titles, and positions all exist as kenosis. We don’t know God. We learn about an idea of Him and adopt it. The mind isn’t deepening light in Christ because we memorize scripture. The depth of satan is always greater because society is reality and the body is self. We’re living matters level instead of deepening our depth in Spirit and Heaven. The knowing of God isn’t in religion. The only magnitude of our living deeper in Him is out of the Soul. It’s the process of kenosis, Love, and magnitude of Christ. Even when we don’t know Jesus, we can deepen light in Him through Love. 

The world’s ideas of Christ haven’t measured His existence with God. We’re keeping human stories in matter our magnitude of Christ instead of knowing Him with us at the beginning and in Love with us. Jesus wore the clothes of the world for teaching us about God because we are the lost children walking deeper into darker woods. He gave us the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and relinquished our sins, dying on the cross and rising three days later. He gave everything we needed for knowing there was a bigger world far beyond the ideas of mainstream. 

Jesus moved in our world for knowing a birth in human flesh carries light of God.  He was teaching religion it didn’t know God because they hadn’t realized a deeper knowing of Him. The highest levels of religion stood in satan with wardrobes and branding, trying to have power and authority over the word. They masterminded their own place in society as knowing God without understanding the walk to God or what it meant to reach God. Wordly religions don’t realize reaching God means something happened and changed. To reach God is the most extraordinary level for any human being. We can’t make it up, and nor can we do anything about it. 

The world of religion has been branding and marketing itself without knowing what it is to reach God. We don’t continue living with purpose at society level when we hear God. We don’t live the body as self and nor do we live first. Those that know God live last. No one knows they are with God at any level until their time comes. Religion is the opposite of that. Anyone and everyone can claim God and know Him perfectly because they did what the institution required. The idea of religion is the most profound level of satan in our world. It’s the teacher for understanding consciousness in lower mind. We want to feel like we’re doing something for God and want to be someone with status of knowing Him. The path is surrendering and depth. It’s not shallowly taking branding and marketing as value of knowing God.  The world of religion made a costume into a false idol and placed a human being living famous as decree in God. It challenges a thinking species for magnitude of Love for God or complete acceptance of the devil. 

The light we want isn’t known in religion. Religion is still wandering in the dark because it crucified God’s only Son. 











We’re not hearing God to overcome the world. We’re making a home at the devil’s level of life, trying to be something to society, and that shapes the thought system in ego, satan, and the little person. We haven’t learned to keep God above all things because the mind is living with self as the body and society as reality from birth. When we placed God in religion, we tethered the cloth with Christ for false idols instead of God. 

a backdrop for making choices and observing our thoughts. No one understood reality or how matter was existing. We didn’t know creation to understand more about the world. Mainstream ideas don’t shape the eternal landscapes of God. They only serve the illusion. We haven’t been losing our lives to gain them in God because we don’t know how. The idea that everyone who Loves God knows Him is lower mind. The mind has to change away from self-identity at matters level to lose satan. It’s a process of living from everything other than Love to Love. 

The Apostles had choices of depth, and each one made their way in Christ. They lived at society’s level, and when Jesus called them over to Him, they changed reality for only living God as reality. The walk with God isn’t by our design. It’s God’s making and not ours. He knows our Soul. The world isn’t a cookie-cutter place for religions to decide how God exists, who can be with Him, and to what degree. It’s moving at the little person’s level, trying to have favor with God without walking to Him. We never learned to live with God because the highest levels of religion crucified God’s Son. At no time has it changed. We’ve continued to build religions out of the very text that was teaching religion would not know God. 

It’s been shaping itself out of individual accounts with God instead of doing the work of kenosis and living deepest in Christ. Without our thought system changing away from matters level, we don’t grow closer to God. Living with God is beyond everything this life carries and isn’t the little person’s idea of it. It’s the highest level for human beings.

Religion is making God a mainstream idea as long as we do what they teach. It’s the adultery idea from people wanting power while displacing depth for others to know God. The highest hierarchy in religion is the lowest with God. They don’t live kenosis to leave ego and satan. As long as we’re claiming society as reality, we’re not willing to live beyond it for light in God. The depth we take is where the mind goes. If the mind goes into the little person’s level of religion, living the body as self and society as reality, we are in satan at the devil’s level of life. The path of kenosis is for self-emptying the ideas we have shaped as self and majoring in Spirit identity instead of matter. 

We make ourselves into something instead of surrendering to God and letting go of everything we are for Him. The self-identity in matter places meaning and attachment in matter instead of in God. We live for more of what the world thinks instead of Love. We’re walking to the rhythm of the world and not Heaven’s. The mind is journeying to live from the many to the one, and that process is in Christ. It’s out of depth in Christ’s light. 





We’ve been marginalizing God and the Apostles. Nothing within the constructs of religion can purify a Soul for God. Its keeps satan in place and is only living at the devil’s level of life, with the body as self and society as reality. The little person level is all it knows. We’re not living for consciously evolving in God. We’re not even trying to go beyond religion to Him. We’ve been blocked with religions and can only live in institutionalized ideas of God. 

The purpose of life is beyond religions depth. It’s deepening our magnitude of God living from the many to the one with our thought system and reality changing. Religion doesn’t acquire enlightenment even though it tells people it knows God. It’s sitting at the devil level, placating to science only knowing society as reality. Their authority has been forced and without valor. It’s not living for knowing God it’s only living to be something with His name involved. The depth it didn’t acquire was walking to God out of one world and into another. It stayed with society as reality and added God to it instead of knowing God as reality. 

The Apostles lived with God teaching about Himself. No one in religion has. We’re not consciously evolving in God, nor do we move out of satan. Religion is standing kneck high in satan and doesn’t see it. There isn’t a place for the hierarchy in religion. It’s the opposite of kenosis and the opposite of moving toward God. Rudimentary living in traditions and rituals has nothing to do with knowing God. We’ve turned knowing God into memorizing laws, scripture, and human precepts instead of consciously evolving out of one thought system to another. The idea of knowing God is being taught, and then we’re adhering to the acceptance for it. We’re not unraveling the Soul to God. We’re living academic levels as knowing God and then believing we know Him well, and it’s not from enlightenment but from mainstream acceptance.

We’re living in lower mind taking what it is given instead of consciously evolving out of ego, satan, and the little person losing our lives to gain them in God. The left doesn’t know the right, and the less has made itself more. Our ideas are swimming in shallow water, and don’t define magnitude of God because they’re institutionalized ideas. We’re not traveling into unchartered water for depth. We’re living at one level of thinking spinning around in the body as self with society as reality. The depth of our knowing God must live differently. There’s a fundamental change in our reality and thought system needed. We’re not opening Heaven on earth consciously evolving from self to light. The depth required to know God is living with Him teaching about Himself. If we carry anything else as knowing God, it is satans ideas of life.

Jesus taught us to Love God for taking us deeper into Him. Living in consciousness requires knowing satan for living beyond it. If we only live society as reality and in a religion, we only live matters level of life, which is the devil’s level of life. Living wrong-minded is from ego, satan, and the little person. We didn’t know creation to walk outside of mainstream living with God. The depth of believing we know God became superficial because the hierarchy in religion are false idols. No one can apply their own decree with God and believe they actually have decree. It’s not living with God.  It’s one-sided wrong-minded thinking making up what we want and then branding it. We’re not consciously evolving in God while living society as reality, the body as self, and mainstream ideas of Him. The magnitude of knowing God is living from the many to the one hearing Him. 

Religion placed itself for power and authority over the word without knowing what the word meant. It didn’t register the individual relationship with God eclipses group ideas. No institution can carry favor with God or live deepest in Him. The individual, whether a sinner, murderer, or atheist, is carrying decree in God, the same as the hierarchy in religion. No one has greater decree in God because they’re famous with a title and position that has been branded. 

Religion hasn’t lived through the psychological journey to God. The enormous trial in our lives is getting out of satan’s ideas and into light. The path of knowing isn’t placed by us or any religion. It’s the Soul’s light moving us toward Love. We’re not knowing anything about God because we are taught it. The enormous contribution of religion has been satan and not God.  Without anyone understanding our thought system or what being alive is, we’ve manufactured ideas of knowing God. They don’t sit with enlightened knowing or knowing creation, satan, or the devil in human consciousness. They don’t make it to God for living with God in conversation. Religion majored its own ideas as the ideas without knowing what it was doing. 




The Soul is the light Spirit lives out of. It’s consciousness giving thinking its level. A substance in the Soul deepens as we live deeper in Christ. We were taught to live in Christ for consciously evolving from everything other than Love to Love. It’s the level of leaving self for light, and its the level of leaving ego and satan for Love. Knowing prayer and worship is the start of a bigger journey. If we encapsulate our path in human precepts, prayer and worship, we never leave satan. The highest levels of religion plotted to kill Jesus while praying and worshipping daily. If the thought system doesn’t change, we don’t leave where we are. No one can stand deeper in God while in ego and satan. The little person level of life keeps us living to be someone for making society as reality a place we own. We’re not knowing God as reality because we haven’t kept Him above all things. We wanted authority over the word and to be someone to God and lost our way to the devil. 

We shaped ideas of life based upon matter and not Spiri. We made religious institutions stand instead of consciously evolving deeper in God for enlightenment. The placeholder for God became false idols, deep in satan only knowing the little person’s level of life. We’re moving to satan instead of Love. 



that went to the father and didn’t know that life needed to be lived to earn His respect.  The prodigal son did everything the opposite and what shouldn’t be been done but learned about life. 

We’re manufacturing an idea of God and then telling people to do this and that, and that is considered living with Him. God continually teaches religion and humanity. He isn’t in religion and is with every human being regardless of our believing in Him or sinning. he created life for one level of consciousness to experience the world only at its level of consciousness. This was done so that we only experience our light as life. Nothing in this world can keep God from us. No human idea will ever define Him or marginalize His existence to their satan. 

God doesn’t serve the ways of religion. It’s made humanity born into its wing without a way to fly. It hasn’t realized enormity of life for knowing its ridiculous level in life. No human being will dictate to another what living with God is and isn’t. Only the one with God can give light for Christ. The mainstream swelling of ideas that religion shaped into its existence was for every human being to know God at their level of consciousness. It’s not for factory levels of living to God. The individual will never be part of the factory. They will make believe they are to be accepted but already know their Soul is alone with God.

Two thousand years ago, religion didn’t know Christ and didn’t understand God wearing the clothes of the world. It was fantasizing about God’s existence in satan and made its own devil for not knowing Him. At the time, Israelites knew God had lived with them and placed it into false idols instead of living in conversation with God. We lost our ways early on, and even during our time with God, it was tumultuous. We have lived knowing Him, and we have lived worshipping other gods like Baal. Our journey isn’t an easy one, but the moment we create false idols, the journey is over. 

Huma nature is constantly trying to have something without living through it to have. We find the easiest ways to do things and like doing what works for us. Living to God is the opposite of that. We won’t find God in religion because we want to be with Him. We should quietly be doing everything we can behind closed doors with God one on one if we earnestly want to know Him. Jesus taught that people in religion claim a lot and wear clothing to make everyone else believe they know God. He gave everyone the way to know Truth. The one with God knows more than anyone in religion and can provide the light beyond any level they dare believe they have. He knew more than the Pharisees and high priest. He walked another way, and it was the opposite of religion. 

Jesus didn’t walk from temple to temple to listen to anyone. He was chased out of most, and people carried animosity towards Him rather than favor. Jesus walked from temple to temple teaching religion it didn’t know Him. It wasn’t obliging their ways. He broke Sabbath and ate with the sinners and tax collector. He didn’t wash as they did and didn’t live with rudimentary ideas of God. He was experiencing the most profound acceptance of our world with Heaven. The one is the only one having depth in God. No one else does and won’t while they walk the earth. It is the chosen and the given by God. Not by our making or ideas. No human being is satisfying God in their own attire. 

The world of religion missed the point of God. We’re not consciously evolving or understanding creation to change what we do. Without knowing creation, we have no way to grasp there’s only one of us here with God, living through a magnificent echo of light. We don’t recognize His face in all things. We take our own ideas and place them as life instead of surrendering everything we are for Him. The battle is in mind and Soul. It’s the world standing in front of us telling us it’s real and to be something in it, vs. the Soul pining for light and moving deeper in Spirit than the idea of self. The two worlds aren’t colliding; they are polar opposites, pulling us in two different directions, and the moment we make one something over the other, it’s over. 

Life is living in consciousness, and how we think of it claims the direction we shape life in. When we make society reality and do not keep God above all things, we shape a thought system at matters level in ego, satan, and the little person. Human life hasn’t lived with God teaching about Himself for thousands of years. We devised our own ideas of Him and then made that the false idols to satisfy human life. We didn’t live for enlightenment or losing our lives to gain them in God. Instead were born into an idea and live dogmatically in instutiuonized protocols. We didn’t learn to let go of one world for the other. Instead, we’ve been adding God to society as reality building our house on fluff instead of rock. 

The enormity of life has escaped us out of nothing more than our shrunken ideas of God being in religion and not the blueprint to life. Everyone is lost because of the false idolatry and the shallow existence proclaiming to know God greater than others. We don’t know enlightened life, nor do we hear God. The costume level of life branding itself ended with Christ. We’ve lived for thousands of years with wrong-minded thinking. If God was prevalent in religion, we would have billions of enlightened masters walking the earth, but we have none in religion. No one in religion knows creation to give deeper understanding of our existence. It’s a mainstream false idol carrying its own ideas without God. 

Magnitude of God won’t live at the level of religion or society’s level. We’re losing the abysm of society’s ideas for Heavens. The walk isn’t through this world’s ideas. It’s beyond them and a solo walk of ideas through our Soul. We’re already programmed to know more as we invite Christ into our lives. The world is living for us to know God. We can deny it and believe He doesn’t exist. Nothing we think matters when God makes His idea of us exist in this world. He’s living for us to know our existence in Him. We haven’t thought about being created or life in space. We’ve been taught everything to think and don’t truly grasp the enormity of our own existence in space.

The idea of God has been made more fairytale because we have no magnitude of being created or creations level of life. Religion living as false idols marginalizes Him terribly. We’re needing a reboot for what being human is and for understanding our creation is from intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. The existence of life and its scope of it dwindled when science came up with a three-dimensional theory instead of knowing life is living in resonance. We haven’t measured the atom in anything but lower mind. Human education is spitting out false intelligence that proclaims the world’s existence in a fairytale of thinking. 

Science hasn’t known how matter is existing or how reality exists. It never knew that one level of consciousness is living. It’s trying to be something for humanity and place a role in bringing ideas into being that can be shaped in ways that build stories for us. It never knew creation to know the muscle that carries it is another race called Celestial Light. Celestial Light is at the tip of every idea making whatever we bring into being something that can be placed in a story to live through to something else. It’s part of our playdo living in matter, but it’s the brilliant part that builds castles in the sand for us. Celestial Light is a blend of human living and Heaven in one. We’re not living as one strand of consciousness. We’re in a pool of consciousness that has been blended for us as energy to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. 

This victory is only in God. We have no way to know life without a knowing He’s placed. The idea of human education creating a satisfactory idea of intelligence is null. It never knew creation to begin with to have a fundamental idea of intelligence in the first place. It doesn’t know life but elaborates in fairytales for a storyboard of ideas. It’s the giver of the storyboards we turn into as living. It’s playing a huge role in our society as reality idea. We’re serving what we can as life without knowing anything about life. Without science knowing how matter is existing it has satellites in the sky and invisible matter and believes it’s doing it itself. Nothing we can bring into being is by ourselves. The notion that other races don’t know us is because we never lived knowing God or Heaven on earth. 

We’re placing a world in front of us from what we can muster up in thought. We’ve been handed a lot for moving through and bring anything we can into being, whether right or wrong. No one has someone over them telling them no. We’re doing what we can and live with assistance for seeing it become something once we have carried it over the threshold to be brought into being. Science has trickled into places it could have washed the world clean with but refused to see bigger life and shrunk its lens into dirty ones. The idea that we know other races because of science is null. Science never understood other races live outside any idea we call living. They are deeply in another idea in God. 

God created everything in existence for human consciousness to know itself. We can marginalize the world, but it keeps turning for us to awaken. We’re sleeping in a world of ideas, not catching the glimpses of the bigger one we’re in. We stay in mainstream consensus and don’t walk further into the depth of life. We’re trying to know the universe while not daring to jump into the abyss of lunacy. Everyone placates an idea of science already in place instead of dismissing everything known for something else. We don’t fire into new areas within our minds for life to be bigger. We’re marginalizing everything to matters level of living instead of algorithms, resonance, and pulses. The measure we have is of the world we can muster up, not the one here. 

Algorithms, resonance, and pulses decide every part of matter’s existence at this one level of consciousness. It’s telling a different story than ours. The enormity of every particle living in concert with all others, including the ones light years away, hasn’t measured in science the intelligence or rhythm of living consciousness. Science didn’t determine the atom for nonduality or for shape-shifting its own light for other atoms within its fold. It’s living without human light and doesn’t read human language at our idea of it. Atoms don’t decipher if someone is speaking Russian, English, or Spanish. They know pulses out of algorithms beyond our ideas of communicating. 

The world of feelings and imagery is language deeper than the word knows. It’s the birthplace of words. We can read scrambled letters that don’t live in our minds but know them anyways. We’re placing syllables without knowing rhythm. We’re shaping ideas without knowing algorithms. There’s another world existing far beyond ours in higher intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. The mark of science is the giver of inventions and ideas. It’s the one place we turn for antidotes and ways we don’t easily know. Science has shaped itself as the top tier of intelligence while making its own idea of it exists. Just like religion placing false idols, science has made its own way in life. 

Both carried one thing but made another out of it instead of reaching for God. Without depth, substance or maturity science is sitting at mainstream levels of life while carrying everything that lives beyond it. We’re standing at matters level of life, trying to know light without walking in it to know it. The enormity of our intelligence wont strive for bigger ideas as long as we can be heroes at matters level. Consciousness isn’t making us consciously evolve. Something within us has to carry the willingness to know beyond society’s level of life. The world we carry is our magnitude of thinking. If we want mainstream acceptance, then our magnitude of thinking shrinks. When we want to know God, we’re outside of mainstream, striving for depth in something bigger than us. 

Science will understand intelligence is the motion at the smallest particle. The light of living is in intelligence outside of our idea of it. Other races don’t need our approval for living with us. They were bred within our very existence for giving us the miracle of life. God made the word create the world for consciously evolving out of the devil in human consciousness to Christ. We’re shaping Heaven on earth, and it’s existing with everything we need for thinking deeper and questioning more. Other races give us the way to know light. 

We’ve been created by God, who is hundreds of billions of years alive and don’t carry a perspective about being human at that same level. We don’t carry aptitude of life yet. We’re still making up baby stories for living through them to more. The conversation about other races is null until humanity knows what being alive is and how life is living as consciousness. The idea of other races has been a sci-fi level instead of a human one. We haven’t known how consciousness exists or the world resonance to deepen our perspectives. 

The idea of life hs stayed at matters level because we don’t live with God in conversation or consciously evolve to carry more light. We’re in darker earthly energy without a way to leave satan until we live for Christ. The journey to Love is our way for changing how we think and the magnitude of what we can know. The world at Hevaen’s level knows our ways and sees our place for where the Soul is now. When we begin moving towards Love, the world recalibrates for making the path.

Without knowing creation, we don’t exercise right-minded thinking for our existence. Hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of elements have lived in bigger ideas than we fathom. Trees communicate with leaves, the atmosphere, and other plants, animals, and insects. The enormity of life communicating with elements outside of their own existence is rapid. They’re a language we don’t see or hear but know. It’s the language of pulses and algorithms connecting everything we can be conscious of together in a seamless idea at one level of consciousness. The image of a backyard is laced with Heaven. We see chairs, grass, plants, bugs, and trees. We don’t see the livingness of it as what is behind it. What is behind it is birthing it. It’s more alive than our idea of it. We’re only seeing what we think is there, but what is there is beyond what we can think. 

The world around us is living in pulses, resonance, and algorithms. It’s outside of our ideas and in God’s. The enormity of how we perceive the universe is given for us to thinking more about it. We’re being handed pieces to elaborate on and build out of. We don’t detect first-hand placing. We only hear our ideas and not what places more to them. The mind is created light and was placed as we grew from children to adults. We’re moving through created light making our way into what we want from it. We have many directions we can go and many ways to think. We’re choosing what works best for us, not knowing the enormity of what we have to choose from. The mind is a reflective apparatus and storyteller. It’s changing every day for keeping continuity of the story as we age. 

The daily movements in life are riddled with other races of Heaven shaping, turning, adding, and placing what is our will and ideas in matter. We’re a thinking species only experiencing our thoughts as life. We haven’t been taught how to awaken. We’ve been taught a story for choosing costumes to be someone that fits into society. The idea of reality was shaped before we could question it. We didn’t have a way to question anything. We were taught everything about life before we could question any of it. We don’t understand atoms, resonance, or pulses for realizing the illusory of our existence. 

We’re walking in stories that have magnificent images believing everything we see without questioning it. We don’t even notice only our narrative is existing as life. We’re sleepwalking through a dream were shaping out of ideas. The awake state is deeper and outside of the body living as self. The place religion took humanity is satan. It didn’t understand life deep enough to heed the message of Christ. 

We grew up playing house as children wearing floppy hats and dad’s ties and didn’t notice that after college, we solidify a costume and made it the representative of self. We’ve deepened our idea of self by creating our accessories, cars, and neighborhoods to live as part of our self-identity. The meaning and attachment we place in matter is the level we live from. The world is discreetly moving in another light and is open to any idea we shape. What we shape is the illusion at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We’re living to hear God for living out of society as reality and into God as reality knowing the world at Heaven’s level. 

The idea of self is lower mind’s idea of building lower earthly energy into something. We’re moving with matter instead of Spirit. Spirit is ours to know, but we make the body self, instead of knowing Spirit as our livingness. With God, we know the invisible world more than the visible. The invisible world is the maker of life, and the visible world is the effect of it. Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. When we dismiss Spirit, we make a shallow reality with storyboards for the body to be something. Spirit uses matter for carving the Soul into light. Matter is the temporal part of life, and the Soul is the eternal. Our identifying the body as self is from not knowing God. If we knew God, we would know Spirit is our existence, and the body is the temporal human experience at one level of consciousness. We are not the body; we are the conscious energy inside of the body. We are Love. 

The right way of knowing what being alive is, is living deeper than what the world shows. We have to penetrate through ideas in lower mind to get beyond the story to Love. The body is the vessel. The body is the little person’s representative moving in thoughts at this one level of consciousness. We’re moving through ideas of self to the idea of being Love. We’re awakening to God is Love. The right light is deeper in Spirit for shaping light in Christ. Love is the energy we acquire when we move out of self for selflessness. When we Love deeply in Christ, we move the world for waking us.

Religion placed living with God at a cookie-cutter level disregarding the unique path of every Soul’s light with God. No one experiences the same world in the same light, and no one lives at the same level of consciousness. We’re in our own story with God, trying to move through the devil in human consciousness to Him. Nothing in front of us is designing our way to God. We’re using everything we see for magnitude of Him. The Soul is the light pointed for more. The deeper lesson in life is learning to live beyond everything in this world to God. Matters level is the temporal part of living. We leave this world with none of our belongings, wealth, or titles. We leave with the Soul’s Love. Everything here is the teacher for knowing our eternal light instead of the body as self. 

When we know we live in a life continuum, we know every story at this level of consciousness is coming, and it’s going. Our ideas, beliefs, and existence fade for new life. We won’t repeat this story ever again, but the Soul will acquire Love from it. Love is all that is real because everything else is an illusion that fades when we leave the body. The Love we became is our Soul’s light for Spirit to live through in matter again for teaching Love again. 

Creation isn’t whatever we want it to be. We’re moving through veils of illusions, bringing into being whatever we can muster up. The muscles with God have shrunk and have no elasticity for building depth. We’re accepting ideas from human beings instead of living for Heaven on earth. We walk according to institutions instead of God. God told us to keep Him above all things, but we didn’t do that. 

The service to God isn’t being teachers; it’s living deeply in Christ knowing God as reality. It has nothing to do with being something for society. We’re not living to be teachers or to spread the word without our living to God teaching about Himself first. We put the cart before the horse and haven’t made it to God because of that. We have to live through kenosis and losing our lives to gain them in God, going from the many to the one to know Him. It’s not a position we make or claim. It’s outside of our knowing and doesn’t work for the world we’re in.  



The lower levels are matters level and living society as reality. We’re not grasping the divine nature or the enormity of our existence because we live small in what works for us and is comfortable. We haven’t been taught to live vulnerable, as losers or wrong. The idea of self is constantly scrambling to be good. We shape what can feel good and idealize us as good with society’s measurements. As long as society accepts us as good, we continue placing thought at that same level.

The mind won’t be seeking God outside of what feels like we know Him. The measurement we have isn’t for hearing God. It’s for hearing ego and satan building us as a somebody. The energy is living, and it’s the only level discerning our magnitude in God. If we choose one of the religions and stay at its level, we’re keeping ourselves in lower mind being somebody in society instead of living out of the many to the one. Living from the many to the one is the process of light overcoming the dark. The thought system knows creation and God greater than any other idea in life. We’re not driving; God is. 

Religion has never known creation. It didn’t live to God for Him to teach it. Its living society as reality and in the defaults of life because it doesn’t hear God. It didn’t know how the illusion existed or the difference between society as reality and God as reality. We’re harboring so much satan while walking alongside God. We don’t see or hear Him in our world. Our world is the decals, crosses, clothing, and displays. We’re walking into mega churches instead of knowing self doesn’t exist. The mind at matters level is the devil’s because we don’t leave society as reality for God. We don’t even understand what it means to leave society for Him, nor have we ever heard that self doesn’t exist. We’ve known God is of no form and of all form but don’t grasp it.  

One world builds a temporal idea and lives it. We don’t acquire enlightenment by its ways. Soul intelligence is acquired from living out of self deeper in Christ. Religion makes the temporal story it’s home while God is in the other world. God is the eternal, and living with God teaching about Himself is right-minded. Everything other than living with God teaching about Himself is satan. Satan is the ideas in lower earthly energy. We’ve shaped beliefs, ideologies, and the way of living without knowing God. We’re claiming the many instead of the one. If we knew God, we would know the one. We don’t, and we’ve lost more muscle for getting there because we stand in religions living the little person’s level of life. 

When we make the body self, we lose heart for God. We dismiss Spirit and deepen face-value acceptance. The mind claims matters level and makes the body, name, family, and idea of goodness self. This begins the building of the representative we will call me. It’s not our Truth and is only the representative this level of consciousness can conjure up. Placing the body as self is normal because we’ve been godless for thousands of years. Our parents lived for bringing us into a story, and the story lives from humanity’s present level of consciousness. We’re dismissing God’s level and our Spirit at the same time.

No one is honoring Spirit as anything in our world. We’re keeping the body and name as self without inner inquisitions for who is thinking or where it’s coming from. We don’t realize the advanced level of our existence because we don’t know Spirit is living in us. We can’t fathom higher intelligence is among us. The mind has placed self as the body in lower mind, and we make ideas exist from its level instead of in higher light through Spirit. Spirit is living like the sun’s rays carrying variances of the Soul in matter. The Soul is the sun living for Spirit to shine in any idea at matters level. The Soul gives Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is our existence and is the energy Love living as consciousness. God is Love, and we are Love. We’re just not at His level of  Love. 

Human consciousness has lived at the devil’s level of life, with money as s second God from the start. We went from Adam and Eve disobeying God to Cain killing Abel to living away from God altogether. It came through segments of living that disregarded God’s existence for darker ideas and false idols. We’ve always battled to know God, and we’ve worshipped relentlessly to have favor from Him. We’re not living outside of society for Him because haven’t known to do it. We’re marching in a dream with the lowest levels directing. We’re not dealing with our own existence as anything but human because we don’t live deeper to know Angels, Celestial Ligt, Conscious Energy, or other races of Love. The idea of human is asleep. We’re not knowing our own existence, to know God’s. We’re substituting His existence with religions.

We’re a thinking species that is not consciously evolving vertically to know God. We live horizontally in linear consciousness expanding out of money as life instead of knowing Spirit. We once lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars, then we began living for a billion dollars, and then people started living for five hundred billion dollars, and now we live for a trillion dollars. Thats linear consciousness, not knowing anything but what money can make as life. We don’t live for enlightenment because we can’t. We’re trapping the idea of life in money instead of knowing our divinity. 



We have to change how we think to know more. We first learn to live Love to move energy for thoughts to know light. If we only live in base-level ideas of life, we only receive the same world. If we make religions our way with God, we only live in religions as God. We don’t leave where we place our thoughts. We’re building castles in satan instead of building our house in God. 

Society is reality to people claiming they know God.  It’s backward and not common sense. We’re learning to make believe our existence with God instead of walking deeper into Him. The Apostles knew God was outside of this world and didn’t care what the world carried as knowing Him. They knew otherwise. We’re doing the opposite, saying the devil knows God perfectly instead of a deeper search for God. We’ve been living in satan for so long that we don’t know right-minded living towards God. 

As we make the body self, we carry ideas of how other people see us. We envision people looking at us and liking us. The mind creates an idea of life that is wrong but effortless to make. We’re creating thought mazes with perspectives of other people knowing us. They solidify the good parts of self we build out from. Our ideas are elaborate and constantly marking a place within us of greed, worth, and achievement. Ego and satan work tirelessly for shaping a little person in the world. No one told us self didn’t exist or that we only hear our self chatter as life. We continue to shape the storyboard of self and society for acceptance of who is me. 



We believe we are our thoughts, but we’re not. We don’t distinguish depth from our ideas because they are illusory and made up. Self-chatter in ego has designed the idea of self and society without us knowing God. Satan is the snake riddled within every idea from lower earthly energy carrying us. The day the body became self was the day lower earthly energy moved in us for thinking out of. Without hearing God, we only live in satan with our self-chatter. Knowing creation is how religion understands Christ teaching that it didn’t know God. We understand the teaching when we know more about life. 

When Jesus battled the devil for forty days, it didn’t dawn on us why; after all He was the Messiah. He did it for us to know the psychological battle with satan was everyones. We’re a thinking species that must live with more energy of Love to carry light in our thinking. If we only live for wealth and fame, we live in lower earthly energy. The idea of life living being more hidden because we live in consciousness didn’t dawn on anyone like it does now. What is at face value isn’t at cause. Consciousness is all that is alive, and living deeper in God is our salvation. 

No one can claim Jesus Christ as their Savior, live in satan at the devil’s level of life, and carry light. We’re not going to make up religions and what we want as living with God and believe we are. Religion as been doing this deeper since Christ walked the earth. We know about the Apostles from many accounts. The way to carry light from every religion is to have be something with God. If every religion creates its own idea of living with God while everyone stays in satan and the devil’s level of life, what have we done? We haven’t believed in God. 

Religion is the opposite of believing in God. If we believe God exists, then live to God teaching about Himself. If we only live in our ideas of God and do not hear Him we only know satan. No one is hearing God in religion. When we’re with God we are beyond all ideas of the temporal world. The story in the temporal world isn’t the magnitude of the eternal. In the temporal world, we choose the illusion of any religion we want and don’t travel further to God.  

No one is turning over a leaf for religion with God. They’re not living for enlightened knowing. Religion is living for mainstream ideas. Its existence is based on society as reality, Which is the illusion and far away from God as reality. Religion became the nonbelievers because they didn’t carry a brighter torch to know God. Instead, we placate the intuitions, practices, and protocols and remain loyal to it instead of consciously evolving beyond everything in this world for the Souls surrendering to God.  We walk in rudimentary ideas with preachers, human precepts, temples, and rituals. The mind only knows the body as self and society as reality. We’re not consciously evolving beyond satan to God. We’re living in lower mind making up whatever we want to feel holy and good with God. 

God doesn’t need a middleman. He chose an atheist that didn’t know He existed to live deepest in Christ. The idea of religion is shaped out of not knowing how to reach God. Every religion made up what it wanted and has no conception of why it is not believing in God. It was originally shaped to never reach God. It was shaped to be the middle man living; however, it wanted to claim God. Religion didn’t intend on reaching Him.

When we believe in God, we know Him as a living God. Religion isn’t treating God as alive and with us. When the bishop believed in God, it wasn’t living to exceed the Souls journey by u-turning for the devil. The perilous walk to God is through hidden and narrow corridors that the Soul must light to see through.. If we only mark satan as the path, we only know satan. We’re telling the world we know God and Love Him while standing with the devil playing self however we want. We’re not knowing God because we’re satisfied with religion and don’t care to lose our lives to gain them in God. The corridors were wide, and the gate was open. Religion was an easier choice. 



he wouldn’t play him. We’re playing in satan, not carrying the will to live to God. 

We’re not reaching God because we’re staying in our ideas of Him and don’t get closer. We’re happy to be known as a rabbi, bishops, or preachers. It’s easy to live in a world designing our living with God. None of the Apostles lived that dream. No one with God lives how they want to live with Him. We only live His will, and it’s not ours. Religion is the little person playing house and making costumes to solidify feeling holy. We’re not walking to God as long as we can make believe we’re knowing Him simply by knowing His name. The idea of living with God isn’t by scripture, human precepts, praying, and worship. It’s profoundly more. It’s going from the many to the one leaving one reality for another. The idea of life changes for living God as reality. The thought system is dismantled and rebuilt in God. 

There’s never going to be an easy road for anyone who touches religion because the idea of God has been changed to carrying the religion instead of the Soul through realities. No one in any religion has ever heard God. They don’t have ears to hear Him because they shaped satan and applied religious living instead of kenosis. We’re not having credence for a thought system creating reality and the magnitude of that might. Our thinking in satan weaves a world in lower, darker earthly energy. The idea of knowing God simply because we claim it is satan. Jesus chose every Apostle. It wasn’t a carte-blanch crowd of Apostles because they wanted to be one. Only Jesus chose who would be with Him teaching about Himself. None knew Him prior. 



Religion is dismissing scripture for creating its own little person idea of it. We’re giving people titles and positions in a cookie-cutter setting for telling the world they know God better than others. It’s satan and infantile. The enormity of living with God teaching about Himself is a miracle and not a human being wearing a costume. Religion is the nonbelievers. We’re making it up ourselves instead of living to God teaching about Himself. 

Human existence is diminished by religion, placing our journey with God in practices and protocols instead of consciously evolving out of one world into another. We’re wearing traditions and rituals from satan and not finding our way out to God. Humanity hasn’t known creation because not one religion could hear God to give it. God chose the atheists who didn’t know He existed to teach religion about Him. The teacher has been made, and the day of knowing was set thousands of years ago. The day the highest levels of religion crucified God’s only Son was the day this day was made. 

We’re making rituals,  traditions, and worshiping our depth with God when it’s satan’s level because it’s living in the temporal idea and not marking the eternal. We don’t consciously evolve out of ego, satan, or the little person’s level of life. If we lived for Love, we wouldn’t live society as reality; we would know God as reality, but we don’t. We live Love at the level of society, not knowing the Kingdom beyond it. We’re not hearing God to know the divine light within us. 

Depth comes from deeper living, and when humanity made religion its depth of knowing God, it lost ears to hear with and eyes to see Him by. We fell deeper to lower earthly energy proclaiming matters level of life as living over the Kingdom of light.  If we live society as reality, we honor lower mind and live in ego and satan. We claim worldly living instead of divine knowing.

When we live for depth in God, it’s outside of everything the world is. We travel beyond the wilderness of matter and into levels of energy no one else sees. Religion doesn’t carry God and doesn’t hear Him. It lives satan’s ideas of life. No religion will ever define where God is or how He moves in this world. He is the only one making it be. Religion doesn’t make our path to God. It carries its own existence over the Souls of human consciousness, knowing God. We’re stumbling in the dark with ideas of God that only live the temporal level of life and have made matters level the world instead of knowing God and the eternal existence of our Souls. 

Knowing God is living with God teaching about Himself and nothing else. Everything other than God teaching about Himself is satan. We’re proclaiming our depth in God while standing on the shore. Only when we are swimming, leaving one reality for another, do we know God. There are no teachers for God. They are seekers trying to find the path to God but setting up camp in satan instead of living deeper in Christ for leaving everything they believe self is for light. The journey doesn’t appear because we want it to. God chooses people for a reason. We’re not creating a college to know God. Were creating colleges for pretending like we know Him. 

The depth for knowing God isn’t a human one. We’re not playing God on earth and claiming Him because we want Him. The epitome of a rascal is the child that won’t settle down for deeper understanding. The swim with God isn’t for the rascal. It’s for a bigger level in our Soul that swells upon us with deep conviction, tenacity, and willingness to go beyond everything in this life to Him. We’re ice skating on surface levels of ice, claiming whatever we want as carving our Souls in God. 

We don’t live carving our Soul in God from our design. It deepens without our ways. It’s the place where faith and trust show their Truth. The faith and trust we know aren’t what God uses. He’s using what we don’t know. When He told Abraham to sacrifice, Isaac, it wasn’t something Abraham was prepared for or expected. God is moving us into places we won’t choose ourselves. He does it for carving more of Himself in us. 

We won’t know God until we leave satan. While in satan, we can call on God and live with blessings and miracles, but we don’t live with God teaching about Hismef awake to His voice. As we learn more about creation, we understand why Christ taught that religion didn’t know God two thousand years ago. We missed the importance of that teaching because we’re born in religion. Being born into religion makes it hard to see what it is and what it isn’t. It’s difficult to see it objectively or to question its validity. The family makes it even harder because we’re going along with what we’re born into. Life is more extensive and more profound than we know.

The illusion lives very real, and if we fall and scrape our knees, they may bleed but its an illusion. We’re living through a world that is moving and talking exactly as we want it to and don’t want it to. Only our level of consciousness is experiencing the world. There is only one of us here with God, but we don’t know it because the mind shaped the world outside of us at birth, and never did we hear God to know Him as reality over society as reality. 

God told us to keep Him above all things for knowing Him above the ideas satan tries to conjure up as life. Kenosis exists because the story we shape as children and adults is the illusion that came from not hearing God. We dive into water that doesn’t live here when we live to God. Kenosis doesn’t exist as we are being something to society. We’re the hobbit twiddling away out in the forest, losing our lives to gain them in God. The walk isn’t straight or narrow; it’s infinitesimally tiny and curves at every bend. The walk is outside of this world and into another reality that only carries God and Heaven—the idea of people, purpose, and meaning has no place when Heaven is living in us. 

Kenosis doesn’t travel on roads we know. It’s breaking the rule for what life is and for everything we know life is for. It proclaims a light that doesn’t know the world its in. It’s building another one. We empty our ideas of life from a deeper well that won’t carry the story of self or society. Kenosis doesn’t live mainstream and is different for every human being because every Soul has their own unique path to God. Religious kenosis doesn’t stand in anything but wannabee. No one would be in religion if they knew kenosis. 

Religion made itself into the little person level by staying in satan. It didn’t dive into deeper water because it was making itself be something to society, and it claimed the devil’s level of life, placing society s real. It never understood God of no form and of all form to know the illusory of life and that matter was temporal. 

Religion ended humanity’s way to God by not knowing Him. It’s carrying stories from other people’s lives instead of building its own relationship with God. We’re not living with God. We’re living with ideas of Him from others who never heard Him. 

Heaven is the magnitude of our existence, and we’re making our way there through stories that twist and turn. Heaven is beyond the concept of human ideas. We measure Heaven with a state of mind with the body as self, and society as reality. We’ve been making Angels human beings with wings and living with God based upon human precepts. It’s infantile and grasping the voyage of living to God. We have to shed the snake’s skin for light. 

We’re not honing in on Spirit or the Soul for idealizing Heaven with any magnitude. The little person is making face-value assumptions and ideas fit society’s acceptance of knowing Heaven. The way is deeper and more profoundly outside this worldly concept of spirituality. We’re shaping a community of ideas to live satans level as higher consciousness. As long as the body is self and society is reality, and we carry purpose for being something to society, we have no idea what spirituality is. We’re sleepwalking, trying to make something in our sleep, and then believing we achieved it because society says we have. We’re not living beyond society to light. We’re making the dark lighter. 

The magnitude of knowing our God is out of more than our ideas of Him. There’s a twiddler inside of us carving and shaping what we haven’t lived yet. When we think of other life, we tend to make it lower based on science’s ideas of life. Science is darker than we know. It hasn’t lived in anything but the devil’s level of life, making matter its home instead of knowing the world as resonance. 

We haven’t thought deeper about what being human is because we believe we already know. We’re not knowing how reality is existing or how matter exists, but believe we know what being human is has been the ignorance of science. We’re troubling the world to live with a three-dimensional theory when not one scientist can know God. The measure for God has been in front of the face of science without anyone having faith to know it. It’s the place of atoms, rhythms, and allegorical light living that challenges science for knowing God. The world of science hasn’t known other races because it can’t see God where it is now to open the universe of life within our existence.

Knowing creation is the path for science to know more. Human consciousness is blended with other races. We’ve been shaped in God’s light, and His light has variances for energy to live as matter. We’re moving into deeper levels of human to graduate. The asleep have been dreaming terrible dreams. The more awake we can be, the better dreams we will have. 

We made the body human, and that measure doesn’t think about God hundreds of billions of years alive. He created us out of His light, telling us He was of no form and of all form. We have ideas of other races being elsewhere instead of within us. We don’t think of energy, shapes, and objects living consciously and able to communicate. We idealize bodies as living instead of consciousness living. God doesn’t have any facial features and can move in all things. He doesn’t need oxygen to live and can live in the most hostile of environments. His existence is consciousness living as energy. We’re placing matter as our measure in life and losing terribly for deepening our light in God. 

We’re playing in playdo and making it live as real as we can with Celestial Light placing it for living through to something else. What people thought of life in 1 AD had no idea we would be walking around with phones. They didn’t know satellites would be in space or that cars would exist. In 1AD, life carried its own library for what history was, life was, and the future. It didn’t know anything about the world we know. Consciousness completes itself with a history, present, and future at every level of consciousness. We’re living for eternity, experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness; each one will complete itself with a history, present, and future. It’s a storyboard of ideas living for eighty, ninety, or hundred years and then out of the body into a new story. 

Consciousness delivers stories for matter to shape in. We’re bringing something into being to live through to something else. It’s an eternal way of life. Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. 

We’re not walking around believing we’ve been created because we were born. We’re not knowing creation because we don’t grasp who our mother and father are. God doesn’t live deep with us; our idea of human swims in shallow water because of it. We’re created out of consciousness hundreds of billions of years alive, and don’t have any measure of it except for being on a planet in space with hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of elements living separately by themselves, and together, they complement each other like notes in a song. Each one was made for another piece in the puzzle.  

Nothing in this world detects illusory or God until we seek it. Life is from intelligence far beyond ours. The making of it was in God’s light, wakening more to know its existence. He created the existence of human consciousness for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. It’s far beyond our idea of consciousness and doesn’t live anywhere near us for comprehension. It will be a few thousand years out before science begins to know human photosynthesis. 

We’re not earning magnitude of life because we don’t consciously evolve. We live in human education’s idea of life and don’t move the dial much further than where we came from. We’re not living for enlightenment or to wreck mainstream ideas. We’re going along with society and placing our ideas of discoveries in it. The world of science is out of human ideas that never understood God because religion claimed Him. If science had understood that God was hundreds of billions of years alive and the blueprint to life, they might have pursued His magnitude, but they didn’t care. No one cares until depth is known. 

In the beginning, God lived in osmosis out of destiny and lived making light conscious. Destiny lived without placement. God placed His level in all things for knowing Him. His knowing placed energy to know itself. God’s light is the only living level. Everything in existence is an idea in His mind. God’s consciousness is the living level placing knowing in life. Our existence is a piece within His. He is the circumference of all life. 

The moment we begin to open the door to more life with us, we begin to settle into deeper ideas for knowing our level of consciousness is the world. The knowing of creation is the honoring of what we live in matter through what we think.  The three-dimensional theory displaced reason because we didn’t carry a measure for energy. We carry a measure for what is in front of us instead of consciousness. Ony what we think and can live, but what we think isn’t all that is here. 

The word created the world and gave us the way to think of anything we could and bring it into being for living through to something else. Our idea of matter is from this present level of consciousness which hasn’t known God or Heaven on earth. When we made money a second God, we were living society as reality without ears to hear God with. We made material goods our reward and placed money as our existence. The idea of other races is infantile because we don’t know what being human is. . 

The idea of other life among us is surprising because we didn’t believe God existed. His enormity shrunk when religion decided to shape false idols as knowing Him. We began measuring  God’s existence to religion instead of to science. The idea of God hasn’t been realized because both science and religion live out of human education and not light.

Being created means, we’re blended with something and living in something. It also tells us that what we think life is…isn’t. Everything we believe has another record giving us the way to know what we can think at this one level of consciousness. Human consciousness is part of a pool of consciousness in God. He blended light for our existence in matter. Being created tells us we are with other races, and we know it because we know Heaven has Angels.  The concept of other races has been small because we haven’t opened our eyes for seeing the world around us. We’re marginalizing human existence out of fear. Our deepest fear is living in God. 

We’ve worshipped God however we want and have claimed Him to be whatever we want. Who He is and who He chooses doesn’t work for us because He’s not part of our design of Him. God doesn’t work according to our ideas or rules. Knowing His existence is profoundly with us has us drive differently. We have to think of a life continuum and about the Souls journey. God’s ability to speak out of thin air makes science cringe with joy. It’s not ours, and we don’t understand it. His existence, able to speak out of thin air, tells us there’s a world with us that we do not see.

If our ears heard Heaven, we wouldn’t live matters level of life because we would know the hidden world better than the one we’re moving through. We don’t see our thoughts or know them until it’s part of matters way. Human living is inside of Heaven. We’re a tiny pin dot in the middle of a vast circle, and the space around the pin dot is other races in Heaven. The mind is carrying a story inside of Heaven. 

We can carry lower earthly energy and make the body self, and society as reality and only live that as life, or we can open Heaven here on earth. God was giving us the way to keep Him in our light for living outside of satans story. When we made money a second God, we lost hearing God and marginalized Him in religion. The concept of higher intelligence and what being human is has been the little person’s ideas. 

We wouldn’t be able to hear our thoughts, see our hand or walk the earth without other races blended in our light for living in matter. We’re not comfortable with our existence woven with other living levels of light but when we know our increasing from a blob of plasma to a twenty-five-year-old was shaped out of them, we start to understand what being raised is. Our movement is a movement with hundreds of trillions of cells, all making a mark for their own existence while moving with all the others too. We’re swimming in water filled with other races, but don’t have any way to know it until we do. It’s living in consciousness that hides the bigger world until we find it. 

We can believe anything we want, and when we believe human education knows life, we carry a measurement from that. It doesn’t live with other races, God, or Heaven. It’s plastering our walls with smaller ideas of life for what we want to be instead of what we are. We don’t know Spirit coming into the womb out of trillions and trillions and trillions of higher intelligence or how the body knows its own design.  We have over a thousand parts made perfectly for each other’s existence. We’re not thinking about cells as other races like we should. We’re in lower mind placing a face value story for life. The world is beyond our eyes. 

No one living society as reality and the body as self is living with aptitude to comprehend what hundreds of billions of years alive looks like. We’re not even comprehending what human is because we placed the body as self, not understanding Spirit. Our measurement hasn’t been with other races. It’s with matters level, and matters level shallow making wealth and fame living successfully. 

The conversation of other races has not lived deep enough to garner life beyond our eyes. God of no form and of all form meant He was beyond our ideas of living life. 

God is the blueprint to life and doesn’t live in any religion, regardless of our interpretations of Moses and Abraham. We missed a knowing with Abraham and Moses by playing our own tune when God was living with us. He’s moving in our world for knowing Him outside of our present ideas of Him. How we think of God is out of satan. God delivers us in Christ, and we have an understanding of how Moses and Abraham knew Him. It was beyond everyone else and in a light that was their teaching for living deeper in God. We’re not knowing ideas of Abraham at deeper levels to understand why God told Him to sacrifice His son Isaac. It’s the epitome of knowing God when everything is stacked against God for only being the devil in life. The mind is racing through ideas, and mazes, for comfortable knowing instead of surrendering for His light in us. 

The world doesn’t walk with God; it’s undermining Him, attacking Him, and diminishing His existence for false idols and countless teachers. We didn’t know Moses or Abraham, and our version is satan. We’re living at a time that mere human beings claim Apostolic successory just because they can. They don’t carry respect for the journey. The idea of trying to be someone so that others believe it has made the world the devil’s level. We’re walking in the opposite direction of divinity and drowning in darker earthly energy, branding ourselves as a someone. The light in Christ is found beyond humanity’s making. The ideas we shape our for our benefit. The ideas in Christ are for humans living deeper in God. 

Religion masterminded carnage in God by building the house on sand. No one honored God as much as they honored their idea of Him. We didn’t surrender or lose our lives to gain them in God. We made a costume and began proclaiming we had a decree in God when we had satan. No one in our world will ever make their own idea of God and claim a decree in Him. It’s satan shortchanging humans living with God. The process with God is profoundly outside of everything religion masters. It’s the idol of the devil instead of surrendering to God. We make the journey at the devil’s level and never leave it. 

Walking to God is through Christ experiencing kenosis and His will, not ours. Once we hear God, we don’t know society’s ideas of Him. We begin a profound experience of leaving one reality for another. The thought system is changing its identity of self, meaning, and attachment at matters level for Christ. We’re leaving one idea for another, and the new idea is only God’s. We don’t live how we want with God or create our lives with Him. He is the master of the universe and claims every part of our existence for depth, substance, and maturity in Him. His light is breaking down ideas we’ve carried since childhood. God doesn’t placate anything of our ideas. He’s cleaning up the refuge and shaping light to have eyes to see with and ears to hear with. 

We’re coming into a world already existing and claiming a story before we know God exists. We don’t live learning creation because no religion hears God. Science has been off the mark since the making of the three-dimensional theory. That shattered their measurement for life, and there has been no detour to change it until now. The idea of life isn’t face value assumptions or our senses. Consciousness makes up the idea of senses, and consciousness shapes how we see the world. Consciousness is all that is alive. The place science missed was consciousness was all that was alive. They didn’t know consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect. When we realize this, we already know there are other levels of intelligence involved in our existence. We didn’t create trees, dirt, or cells; something else did.

Science has a better chance of knowing God than anyone in religion. When we know consciousness is all that is alive and the world is living intelligence, we understand why Christ is the light we carry for crossing deeper water. God created human consciousness to know Him. Not human ideas of Him. Human ideas keep us from Him. Living for God is already placed in us, and the path is the awakening to life. Until then, we cross bridges in lower mind with ego, satan, and the little person’s costume as our magnitude of existing. Departing one world for another doesn’t live in religion. No one is living beyond the institution to God. We only live the institution’s idea of God. This is the devil in human consciousness not knowing God. The journey with God is never-ending. We’re living for eternity, consciously evolving in God for light in Christ. The more light, the more we know Him. 

No one is living to stand with the little person’s idea of God. We’re living to know depth and Truth for own existence with Him, and that comes with a price. The price is losing our lives to gain them in God. It’s the trek of Trinity living outside of all existence to Him. It won’t be taught in schools, by teachers, or by science. Acquiring Soul intelligence comes from outside worldly levels of our world. Heaven is our destination, and it’s the journey through illusory and surrendering. We don’t master existing by costumes alone. We wear many and lose them all for knowing Love as our being.

When we learned that nothing we live in this life goes with us when we leave the body, we needed to think profoundly about the eternal existence of the Soul. Christ taught us to surrender our ideas of life for living in Him because the thought system won’t change as long as self is the body and meaning and purpose is society’s level of life. We don’t travel very far for Christ when we become something for society. Kenosis is the opposite of that and is a deeper journey outside of everything we want. When Jesus called the disciples to Him, they left one reality for another. Never did they live again with society as reality. They only lived God’s will. They lived God as reality outside of the world.

We’re not grasping the thought system changing because we don’t consciously evolve in God. We stand in shallow water and swim feverishly in satan, worshipping God but not going any deeper to Him. We want to be accepted by society instead of going beyond it to God. We’re not keeping God above all things when we claim a religion and live at its level of life. We’re adhering to its laws, principles, and rules for knowing God. The Soul’s journey ends when we live deeper in satan than in Christ. We’re living to experience our thought system changing from the many to the one. As it moves deeper in God, reality changes from society to Heaven’s level of life. We end one part of our existence for another. The caterpillar walked the earth, and when it changed into a butterfly, it knew life from Heaven’s level and not the level of the earth. We’re needing deeper wisdom and knowledge for carrying Spirit over the body. 

When we know life’s making with resonance, we know the hidden world is the living world, and the one we’re in is the illusion to it. We’re walking in stories at one level of consciousness, trying to awaken. The teacher is our own ideas of life. We live building self into something and then try to place it in the world. We’re shaping ego, satan, and the little person at birth because we only know matters level of life and not Spirit’s light. The enormous world shrinks the moment we identify our existence at matters level and not Spirit. We learned that God was of no form and of all form for carrying Spirit. When we claim the body as self, our divinity is placed on hold. We’re shaping ideas of life based on face-value assumptions. 

The human body is an incredible instrument of light. We’re living with more life and want to know it. The eyes and ears are in lower earthly energy, and the mind follows it, but when we start living Love elements begin to change. 

Creations Light

Buddha was born Siddartha Gautama, around 567 B.C.E., in royalty. He lived when humanity was trying to find deeper ground for living in more civility, peace, and understanding. He moved into places no one thought he would. Siddartha left his comfortable life for living an ascetic life, depleting everything he had for depth. He wanted to know why humans suffered. He lived through his ideas, starving himself and hungering for liberation. His light was fighting for Love beyond humanity’s ways and outside of every other ascetic’s idea. Buddha didn’t live for God but knew Christ without knowing Him.

Nothing in our world is anything but algorithms in God at one level or another. We’re placing depth in religion because we don’t grasp the individual’s journey with God outside of it. Nothing in our world discerns God’s existence or who He moves through. We don’t dictate life to God. The human story is our little person’s ideas trying to be something. Every so often, a human being goes beyond the world to another land far from the one they knew. In this light, there are movements. 

We’re not trying to find God anymore because religion is telling the world they know Him. God is again telling religion it has no place with Him. The human Soul does. Siddartha didn’t know about his journey as an ascetic until it began. He was brought up to honor his father for the kingdom. There was a deeper calling in him, and it would change his life from one world for another, no matter what anyone did to prevent it. His willingness to adjust to his Soul’s was profound.  He left his wife, child, and royalty in search of liberation. 

Even though he didn’t realize God, he lost his life to gain it in God and became a level for utilizing in human consciousness towards God. Even if we’re living atheists, we’re living toward God. The individual walks to something deeper when allowed. Our building religion as the journey with God is missing the point of living with Him. We make what we want and try to design it ourselves. Siddartha didn’t design when his life would change for being an ascetic. He didn’t know his father had kept him sheltered from sickness and death until he went beyond the walls. Buddha was living a sheltered life in a kingdom made for him. He left the luxuries of royalty for living as an ascetic. His deep desire to end suffering for humanity was the light deepening in Christ. The determination to discover where pain came from and how to live in liberation is what gave the light for knowing Christ even without observing it. 

We don’t think about Jesus as eternal level because we carry His existence wearing the clothes of the world two thousand years ago, instead of Him being the Son of God. Nothing in this life can carry God how we want, when we want, or where we want. God chose Moses, who also didn’t know Him. Now he’s chosen someone living more atheist for living in the light of Christ. God doesn’t determine our journey because of prayer or worship. It is much bigger. Moses played a part in life that freed the Israelites after four hundred years of slavery. He carried a covenant for them. Abraham began a journey with God that would reach descendants as numerous as the stars. Not based on bloodlines but based on light deepening in human consciousness for knowing God. 

The story we carry with God extends beyond this life and is for eternity. He builds us and places us in the human story for changing our existence with Him. Only God knows what is to be delivered and when. Everyone who knows God plays their part not by choice but by His choosing. He is shaping the human story for light, not ours in Him. God is moving for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if we are Buddist, atheists, or Christians. Nothing at our level is deciding our fate with God but Love. We’ll live for eternity in many stories of God and will navigate through all of them by Love. The soul is the temple, and the church is our mind-switching for Christ. Jesus saw in Peter that he knew He was the Messiah and not from flesh or blood. Jesus built the church on this rock for us to know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It was the first time Christ knew God would move in mere human beings. 

The workings of God in our world are profoundly in each of us because He created us. The level we carry is a variance in the pool of consciousness trying to get back home. We’re a level of energy within His, wearing a cloth we haven’t recognized. The light we seek is not found here. It’s out of the furthest walk from here and through changing ideas of life. 

The depth of our the walk is where we stand in it. If we live for society, we get society. If we live to know the world, we can move for that too. If we walk for God and our willing to carry Christ, we find Him. Some of us choose Love for saving humanity from pain, while others seek knowledge beyond mainstream knowing. The echo of a teacher is our ideas moving in matter. The storyboard is the observer’s level of consciousness, living out every thought for Love. 

The prodigal son and the hidden walk that Buddha lived show us deeper threads are weaved with God, even when we don’t notice it. Religion is upholding its own ways instead of living to consciously evolve in God. The world is our personal curriculum to God. It’s filled with surprises and detours that are there for depth. Our faith in knowing God designs the life we walk. 

Knowing God became a cultural idea instead of the individual journey to Him. We don’t distinguish our ideas of God from others because everyone has to think of Him the same way to be accepted as knowing God. The place we stand is not for our Soul. 

When prophet Samuel chose King Saul for the Israelites, it was His and not’s God’s. We changed consciousness away from God. We moved from God to false idols quickly and continue doing the same thing today.

The Papacy

No one taught religion creation, and no religion hears God to learn about satan and the little person’s level of life. The papacy hasn’t begun rising to know God, and it won’t because it has to fall to learn the road to Him. We’re traveling through space with a creator hundreds of billions of years alive and human beings are assigning themselves as something to Him. God doesn’t live at this level. He’s working within our Souls for knowing Him. When we place our own ideas over Him, we don’t surrender to Him. We’re busy building self into something instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

Faith is knowing more, even when we cannot see. When God gave us the way to know He wasn’t living as we are and was of no form and of all form, He gave the light for knowing a deeper world existed. Spirit is deeper than the body. We’re living to know Spirit but placate the devil’s level of life and turn the body into our representative. We make a representative out of the body because we don’t know Spirit and the eternal light of our existence. We’re placating to the temporal world, trying to be something instead of getting to God. Our magnitude is Spirit, just like God is not known by eyes alone, neither is Spirit.

The papacy moved satan’s level to be being something to God instead of leaving this world for Him. It’s the little person’s way of claiming God without hearing Him. Since the days of Judaism, we have been trying to self-place covenants with God when we don’t carry them. The papacy’s inception was for power and branding. In the 300’s when Siricus styled himself pope, it was for having power over other bishops. The idea wasn’t God’s. It was satan’s trying to be something, not knowing how to live to God. We had been placing our ideas above His.

Since the Apostles, humanity has been grabbing at straws, making anything we want as knowing God. We’re not living with Him teaching about Himself. It’s making something live out of ideas of Him instead of living to Him. We’re the make-believe costume wearers playing in costumes instead of tearing our Soul’s for God. What we have done is sidetracked humanity away from God for thousands of years. It’s been the godless era because religion has been playing God. 

Every religion is shaping its existence within its walls and not Heaven’s. If it was living for God, they would be teaching people to live beyond them to God and to come back and teach them about God. We’re watching multiple religions proclaim God’s existence while no none lives in conversation with God, can teach science about creation, or has enlightened masters. They live society as reality, the body as self, and don’t know creation or God’s existence.

The maker of religion is from indiviudal experiences and the accounts from their lives with God. We interpreted their expereinces while not hearing God ourselves. 

We measure knowing God with car decals, clothing, and memorizing scripture and laws. We’re not vertically ascending in God, consciously evolving. We’re not even living enlightened about life. Nothing in religion has greater knowing of creation or life. It’s institutionalized God not expanding on life. It stations itself in mainstream ideas. The way of religion has been for its own existence and not the awakening of humanity with God. We’re troubling ourselves with bureaucracy and power instead of kenosis and light. The yielding to another idea is null because the institution is a sandbox that can’t change from where it stands and is being outrun by God. 

Without depth, substance, and maturity consciously evolving in God, we leave Him. Human consciousness can only exist inside of what it carries. We’re not progressing with depth nor acquiring substance to deepen light in God. Jesus walked from temple to temple teaching religion; it didn’t know God because of this reason. It makes itself into something without getting to Him. Without hearing God, we make interpretations from the measure of matter instead of light. We assume and build what is holy to humanity without depth. We’re playing costume instead of dirtying everything about our lives for God. 

The Soul is open, but when we place a costume within our light to play someone, we shape everything in life to read that story. We don’t leave it. Herein lies why the hierarchy in religion is the lowest and not the highest with God. It’s not grasping the prodigal son, why Jesus sat with sinners, or why God chose someone who murdered to give the Ten Commandments and now has an atheist living deepest in Christ. The teaching from God has been missed by ego and satan wanting to be something rather than knowing God. We’re walking a rudimentary idea instead of living beyond every idea in this world to God. 

Creation is giving us the way to know we come into a world already existing to go beyond it. Not live something within it. We’re not having a chance to know God because religion capsulated life for its own existence instead of teaching human beings to know God above all things. Now it’s the lower pretending to be the higher abdicating no light out of its own making. Ego and satan are winning in religion. We’ll be something and proclaim we know kenosis while doing the opposite of kenosis. 

If we understood creation, human existence, and God’s existence, we would know satan. We’re walking to the little person level of life because we don’t try to transcend it to God. The depth we need isn’t found in religion, family traditions, or human ideas of God. It’s the falling away from one world to another, learning God is our mother, father, brother, and sister. It’s going from the many to the one living with God teaching about Himself. 

The papacy is identical to the Pharisees and high priests that had no eyes to see the Messiah two thousand years ago. It claimed a decree in God while not living to Him. The Apostles lived with God teaching about Himself before telling others about Him. We aren’t doing that. We don’t make it to God; we skip over that and start teaching for ego to be satisfied. We’re appointing ourselves teachers and pretending to know God while only living one level of thinking that hasn’t evolved to hear Him. The act of holy while standing at the devil’s level of life is not serving it. 

The representative we’ve created as self is the devil’s child the more we teach about God while having no ears to hear Him. The idea of knowing God has been made cheaper than cheap. Its human precepts with rudimentary ideas with titles and positions for an institutional living and not the Soul’s journey to God. We’re detouring to be something to society because we don’t understand God.

Once religion made its place in life, and we were born into religion, the only level human life would live is the devil’s. Two thousand years have passed, and not one religion knows creation is telling us it’s not with God. We’re carrying ignorance from satan. We see the hierarchy of religion as famous and being something holy and fall into place with satan for believing it’s something with God. We don’t question deeper or live our idea of God. When we understand God’s existence and go deeper, we see more. We don’t question someone saying they know God with enlightenment.

We’re living at a time that everyone has been taught to believe they know God simply by being in a religion. We’re settling for satan instead of consciously evolving beyond it. We’ve made being born a knowing God just because we’re born into a religion. It’s not making its way near God. The walk is profoundly bigger and has our thought system changing, reality changing, and light pouring in. Religion makes knowing God a factory idea instead of the individual’s unique walk. . 

No one lives beyond satan, and most people have no idea where satan is. Satan is part of our thought system in lower mind. It’s out of incessant thinking, which is jumping from one thought to the next. It’s a thought process that isn’t awake to deeper light within it. Its made its own identity in darker earthly energy by placing self as the body and matter as life. We shape hundreds of millions of tiny snakes in lower earthly energy weaving ideas in meaning and attachment at matters level. With the body living s self, we made opponents, jealousy, attack, and defend a natural level in thinking. It’s not in front of us, but always the builder behind us trying to satisfy someone. 

We’ve made a library of ideas that live ritually and repetitively throughout our days in lower mind. The library satans and is placing face value assumptions as life. With the body as self and our self-identity in everything seen ego accompanies satan. Satan relinquishes our sins for committing more. We’re building algorithms of thought that live in old lousy images in our library that were darkened long ago. The darker energy has made its own light, and we have no way to know our Truth because it’s masked satan for feeling comfort. No one believes they are in satan until the light comes into the world. The Pharisees were praying to God while crucifying His Son. The magnitude of our Truth is hidden in satan’s ideas of life. Only when we live for deeper light in Christ do we begin to see cracks for light. 

The papacy claiming decree in God is blasphemous and ignited shallow living as knowing God. The magnitude of a famous person claiming to know God is teh epitome of satan. It’s the little person’s level of life charging divinity to low earthly levels. The enormity of our existing with God is over mountains and through forests that live far beyond our ability to walk. The placing of titles and positions as knowing God is an infantile hideous level. Not one Apostle carried the enormity of God by claiming it. They were chosen and then raised by Christ. 

Religion is the seekers that haven’t lived to God. They made satans idea instead of losing their lives to gain them in God. No one can live a cookie-cutter concept with God. Every individual is in their own story to God and living at their level of consciousness. God isn’t choosing us because we dance for Him. He’s choosing the depth in the Soul carrying something outside of this world in Him. 

The walk to God won’t be our design. We’ve been created, and the Soul’s journey is through illusion awakening to God. We don’t just wish it, and it is. We come into a world already existing and must walk through it to Him. No one knows the way because someone tells them it is. The door is Christ because it dismisses every human way to God. Religion doesn’t carry the way to God. It’s making humanity live inside of its walls instead of Heaven on earth.  Alchemy is the hidden ingredient no one ever learns about because it’s not written anywhere. It shapes out of our Soul and through Love in Christ. We don’t see it building or find its place with us until it blends our light deeper in God. 

We learn to lose our lives to gain them in God for leaving every idea of life. It’s out of society’s way, and won’t be institutional protocol. Through kindness, compassion, charity, and peace, we weed. And by Love, we light the way to Christ. God won’t come into our lives through our door. He never has.  The world is living at our level of consciousness for one reason alone. Only our level is wearing the cloth with God. No matter if we are asleep, believe we are awake, or don’t care about Him. There’s a muscle building within whether we feel it or not. It’s obscure and not ours; it’s His. God is telling us to Love in Christ because it’s the only idea that washes away all of the others told. 

The mind won’t know Love until we’re deeper in Christ, living as it. The light of Christ is the eyes that open wide for seeing a new world above the one we walk through. It’s the slow churning of our Soul becoming known. The deeper we live Love, the further we walk out of this world. Love washes away every other idea of life we know. 

When we design our path to God, we do it in satan, not having faith in God. God created us, and He will provide. Our duty is to surrender everything we are to Him, allowing the swells of light to build our way in Christ. No human being creates their idea of decree in God. We don’t claim it, and nor do we display anything about His existence that is on the outside. What is deeper in us shows itself when it is to be. 

Jesus taught about religion wearing wardrobes, and making status the claim to fame with God as satan and the obvious way to know someone doesn’t know God. The first are last, and the last are first with God. No one sits at the table with Christ because they branded their own existence for showing it. We’re displaying our satan and devil to humanity every time we do it. 

When religion shaped itself, it wanted favor with God, but missed the point of God and what He created as life. The journey to Him is our purpose, and the meaning of life is for living as Love carving our Soul into light from any one level of consciousness. The world is a disguise of many characters and personalities, and each one gives choices for Love or not Love. Every trial and tribulation is a test of movements. 

The papacy hasn’t awakened from satan for depth in God and isn’t blending light for Him. It’s deepening in the devil’s level of life, not living for Christ. It’s living just like the Pharisees did two thousand years ago. We didn’t learn from Jesus. He died on a cross because the highest levels of religion couldn’t see the Messiah right in front of them. That teaching is everything that shatters religion, but instead, the devil turned it into religion. Then proceeded to make false idols and shallow ideas of God as their own.

It’s the seeker living through society’s ideas of branding and marketing instead of traveling to God. The Apostles lived with God teaching about Himself, and no one else has until now. The papacy has been human-made at the devil’s level of life. It came from not knowing God. When God chooses someone, they live in front of the world as His. The right-minded teacher is the broken, the loser, the sufferer, and the one everyone else scoffs at. No one knows him or her but God. We’re placing ego, satan, and the little person’s level of life as the highest level with God.  

Walking with God won’t live in religion. It won’t move through it or touch it. The world is the door to Christ, and our Soul is the temple of God.  Jesus chose uneducated fishermen as His Apostles. He didn’t choose aristocracy, nor did He choose anyone with status in religion. God chooses. We don’t claim our decree in Him and make the world believe it from satans levels. God sees everything we do and knows the Truth about where we stand. When He chose an atheist to live in Christ beyond the hierarchy in religion, He taught the world about His living with us. 

We’re playing in costumes with the body as self instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. We’re not thinking deep enough to get out of the messes we’re making. Transcending one reality for another is the only road in Christ. God has been teaching from the beginning that He’s not adhering to human ideas. He will not stand in religion and will teach humanity to know Him beyond it. God chooses this because it’s the one way we have to know Him no matter where humanity is living. Human consciousness will always shape interpretations of Him in satan. Society’s ideas won’t decide our fate with God or prevent Him from saving us. He chose an atheist to live deepest in Christ because He is the light in all things living to know Him. It won’t be based on religious beliefs or our sins. 

He chose Moses, who murdered to give the Ten Commandments, and Jesus broke Sabbath and the rules of Judaism, sitting with the sinners for knowing He was beyond religion. Joseph and Moses both delivered Israelites out of hell even when they had no place with Israelites. The world isn’t at our little person’s level and is not what we think it is. It’s an enormous voyage beyond this illusion. 

God created hundreds of trillions and trillions of elements for thought to pass by. The word created the world and gave us the way to think anything we could and bring it into being. The walk is the undoing of everything we’re taught because we don’t hear God at birth. We hear parents and society telling us what they can as life. When we knew God existed thousands of years ago, we needed to keep our ears open to Him, but we didn’t.

We’ve passed through prophets, scribes, and false idols. Every scripture has been touched by people who surmised what someone would think or say as theirs. It’s been twisted and turned to complement the religion it’s going to carry. We’re with God for living beyond all of it. None of it can prevent God from knowing us. 

The way to God is Christ. 


When Siricuis, in the 300s, styled himself as pope, satan was already shaping religious living at the devil’s level of life. The papacy has been falling lower ever since.

Indulgences are outside of blasphemy and in another league of tearing the cloth of Christ as satans. Indulgences give humanity the way to know religion’s beginnings were old and out of ego and satan. We’re doing what no one should while claiming to know God too. 

Indulgences showed the papacy would do whatever it wanted for power. It’s lived a lonely idea into the ground. The papacy created ideas with poor people paying to shorten their loved one’s sentences in purgatory. The foundation of the papacy was built in blasphemy. The string of its ideas, from confession to canonizing, is making its own ideas greater than God’s. No one has to be baptized by a human being in religion to live with God. John the Baptist baptized in God’s name by God and not a religion. 

The papacy designed its way to have power over humanity. It made awful choices to be what it is today over riding knowledge for satan.  It has no knowing of God and won’t. It doesn’t hear Him or carry light from Him. No one is making themselves be something to God and then claiming a divine light. The papacy carries indulgences, confessions, canonizing, and claiming a decree while living at the devil’s level of life as a false idol. It made Paul an Apostle when he wasn’t chosen by Christ when Jesus chose His Apostles.

The papacy tried to claim a thread from the cloth of Christ but wore the robe of the devil instead. When Jesus chose the Apostles, Paul had no living with Him. Jesus didn’t choose Paul as an Apostle, and religion is the one making Him be one. It’s not careful in what it does because it’s not believing in God. We’re living at a time that revisits Christ on earth two thousand years ago, teaching religion it didn’t know God. 

We’ve lived for thousands of years while religion dictates and chooses who is closest to God. It’s a marvel for humanity to find out God exists and doesn’t carry religion when everything about its existence has been under fire since the beginning. The epitome of God’s living is for every human being, regardless of their story, at this one level of consciousness. Religion doesn’t exist with God because it wants to. The place for anyone with God is lower than life itself and further down than any religion cares to go. 

People claiming to hear God and know Him fall like flies when the thing is giving people the way to have depth. Religion never carried magnitude of God or depth for anyone to question. It’s a carte blanch factory idea of placing a human being with branding and marketing. That doesn’t work for God. We’re idealizing what someone holy looks like from satan. If Jesus was living in a body today in Syria, we would think  He was a terrorist. The Apostles looked homeless. The idea of anyone in religion having magnitude of God is absurdly living in satan.

We’ve been making anything we want as living with God, and He is the one teaching religion; it doesn’t know Him. Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry claiming to know Jesus does. People that live knowing God don’t make life acceptable at society’s levels. They live in something else. There’s one place in life that lived depth for God and didn’t live for anything society was, and it’s in Hinduism and not from worldly religions. We’re making false idols instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. We’ve marginalized enlightenment and have placed holy as fake. The place for religion is where it is a teacher of satan. 

The papacy canonizing people is equal to indulgences, and it’s the making of someone being more supreme than others. If religion knew God, it would already know what satan looks like and what blasphemy is, but it seems to miss the mark on all three. 

Never build your life in my identity knowing I am – GOD.


Moses and Abraham both experienced God beyond the world. They weren’t deep in religion, and Moses didn’t know what God it was at the burning bush. We have idealized them as the fathers of religion when they were the opposite. They taught knowing God wasn’t like everyone else’s ideas of God. The knowing of God isn’t from books, teachers, or any family tradition and ritual. It’s experiences of faith and trust beyond our idea of them both. God isn’t choosing human beings to live doing what they deem is living with Him. He’s taking us outside of our ideas for knowing Him. 

We’re following many others but aren’t living like Moses or Abraham and won’t. Its the twenty-first century, and we don’t harvest depth for faith. We walk in rituals and human precepts, repeatedly mastering them as if we’re vertically ascending in God. We haven’t left one level of thinking for thousands of years, but believe we’re living like Moses and Abraham. The idealizing of scripture has made religion fools gold. 

The individual journey won’t be pleasing, and it won’t be mainstream rituals, traditions, or theories making God be something we claim as ours. God is beyond us and stands further away for a reason. We’re carving our Souls into Him. One lifetime doesn’t do it. Many lifetimes place us closer, and sooner rather than later, we know Him. It’s not based on schools or scripture. It’s the Soul’s journey with God building in faith and walking in Christ. Every idea lives holy when we know every thought is taking us towards God, whether we know Him or not. We’re making our path out of Love. 

  In 1 AD, they didn’t have satellites, cars, or microwaves. It was the era of discovering and finding deeper truths. Since Mesopotamia, the journey with God and higher intelligence has crept more into our lives. We have periods in human history that falter without depth in God, but we have succeeded too. Faith isn’t an arbitrary idea that suits the suitor. A deep swell within our Soul knows something more than this state of mind. The light of faith is the matrimony of Heaven. It’s the thread of holiness deeper in us than we give credence to. It’s part of the cloth in God we’re weaving to know Him. 

We have little faith in God because we have false idols in religion. religion is claiming itself for confessions and is building its own idea of God further from Him. Who can believe God exists while walking into a booth for confession with a man in satan? We’re not grasping the shirt-changing of our existence with God for religion. If we know God exists and rely on religion, we’re the only ones ripping ourselves out of God’s arms. Faith requires substance, and substance is based out of depth. We acquire depth by living outside of mainstream ideas and deeper for God. 

It’s a profound feeling of knowing that doesn’t speak to what is at face value or in front of us. Something is deeper, and we know it. We feel it. We walk to know what isn’t seen or there. 




Atoms don’t live for human language they know pulses. They’re not deciphering who is speaking in German, English, or Spanish. Every atom is living with layers of more and exists alive and speaking. The world of light is living with other races beyond our idea of them. 

Every human being is hearing English and not a language. Someone who is Spanish isn’t hearing Spanish like someone else does. They hear the idea of the word in English. Someone who is speaking Russian isn’t hearing Russian they hear the word cup as cup. We hear a voice in our mind with the idea of the word rather than the language. 





We’re aware of the illusion. No one can detect the illusory because the mind is living in daydreams. Human thinking subjugates thought with daydreams about what we did yesterday in a meeting or need to do tomorrow. We think about how we were perceived and daydream about how we wish we were perceived. The mind is constantly creating stories to live through from sun up to sun down. The thought system is in ego and satan because we live matters level of life. When we made money a second God and the body self, our thinking shaped meaning and attachment with matter.

We live in self-chatter, only hearing our voice and don’t even know it. Self-chatter opens ideas into only our energy. The idea of being conscious doesn’t exist until we hear God. Until then, we are only conscious of this one level of consciousness: the storyteller making the illusion. It’s one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Only our narrative is living as life. We don’t know anything outside of our own light. 

The narrative is our perspective living as life. When we listen to someone, we hear what we want to hear and don’t want to hear. Only our interpretation is living. No one realizes that they only live in their narrative because the world lives so real. It’s not easy to see the echo or to understand it. The mind is jumping from thought to thought not questioning what is thought or pausing it. Human thinking lives in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next. It’s a seamless idea blending stories. 

Incessant thinking is residual energy finding a place of warmth for a story to live, building into more. Thinking is created light, placing the idea of the word at this level of consciousness. Without hearing God, we only know our self-chatter as life. We’re living in consciousness for consciously evolving and awakening to God. When we didn’t keep God above all things, we shaped the thought system in lower mind with darker earthly energy. Our darkness is out of not living with God teaching about Himself. We don’t know creation to navigate consciousness. With God, we do. Christ is giving us the way to know Love for having light. 

We’ve been walking the roads our parents have, believing the same town as ours. Instead of walking on roads, no one has seen. We’re not opening the world for seeing more. We’re inching towards the door but not getting close enough to see the cracks of light. Living in consciousness is for marketing new territory and not standing in the old. Life only moves forward, and that must be our thinking too. 


Kenosis is the way for unraveling ego and satan. It’s for leaving everything we’ve been taught for knowing more. Without deeper identity in Spirit, we keep the temporal ideas as self instead of knowing the bigger world of no form. 

When we proclaim the body as self, we lose knowing Spirit for identifying life at matters level. We place meaning and attachment with ideas of grandeur for our existence. The ego is the thief of depth and railroads our thinking for making satan happy. Ego and satan are twins, and both work hard fro making society reality instead of knowing God as reality. Both carry algorithms in thought that shape images in darker earthly energy. We don’t detect ego because it soothes us. Ego and satan make the body, and self, and we claim the story building everything we can to feel good in it. 

We don’t carry muscle in Spirit or dive deeper into what isn’t seen. We build from what is seen. The ideas of the world gives us plenty of choices for being someone and we try to find what works best for us. We don’t question society’s state of mind or ideas. We don’t get to. We have to blend into it as quickly as possible. We’re placed in kindergarten, elementary school, high school, and college to know society as reality. 

The workload for money keeps everyone living in scarcity ideas of life. Fear has become a brother to thought because satan is the author of our script. We’re trying to please our existence by becoming everything that makes our parents and friends happy. We don’t care to know God unless it’s a family idea. The work we do is out of pain thinking in satan. No one detects it or even believes it until they understand energy and thinking. 

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

Thousands of years ago, Jesus walked from temple to temple, teaching the highest levels of religion; they didn’t know God. They taught practices and protocols with memorizing laws and scripture. Jesus taught living with God in us. He gave the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All are one and live in variances of our existence. The Soul, mind, and Spirit. 

There’s one God who created everything in existence, and He has one Son. His Son materialized to wear the clothes of the world at a time when humanity was derailing itself from having a way to God. Jesus wore the clothes of the world and blessed us. He relinquished our sins and sat at the right hand of the throne for giving us the way to God. He always existed in human consciousness as Love. 

The Holy Spirit is God at our present level of consciousness. We can only receive what we can conceive and live at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. The light we carry is our temple in God and is the road traveled on. God travels through our light and gave us free will for shaping any story we wanted. His existence keeps us moving forward for knowing Him no matter what level of consciousness we carry.  The Holy Spirit is the walker of light with us no matter what story the mind invents. 

God’s energy is the only light in existence. Anything and everything to be is in Him. We’re an algorithm out of God’s energy making our way back home. The stories and experiences we can live in matter all shape light deeper in God. God gave us the way to create within our own light an existence called life. He gave us free will for bringing into being anything we could think. He’s not in our faces and quietly moves the world for us. God is Love, and we’re a variation of that Love. 


Science never understood energy for knowing the world is lollipops melting nonstop. We don’t know what is in the middle is until we get there. Science mastered its own idea without discovering the world. It didn’t understand the dichotomy of life to know what direction to walk. It took face-value assumptions and measured it from one level of thinking out of an infinite. The eyes didn’t see, and the ears could not hear. The senses were dull and dripping with sweat in darkness. 

The knowledge we never had is creation. What we made up as humans and as life is a story unprecedented for having some knowledge that God was of no form and of all form. Our measure for knowing the universe is satan because it’s out of human education’s illusions. Illusions are abundant in science because no one knew a basic fundamental level of living.

When we knew at the smallest particle, there was motion; we had no way to know what that motion was because the observer only measured life by the idea of human. We didn’t carry knowledge about Angels, Conscious Energy, resonance, or other races in our light. No one carried God deep enough to believe He existed, and religion had no way to teach science about creation. Science was on its own to live intelligently beyond the majority while claiming its place in human consciousness. It successfully earned its degrees and ideas for catapulting the entire idea of life into a three-dimensional theory of crap. It didn’t know anything about particles, ions, or light. 

The degree of knowledge was matters level and only mainstream living. No one in science lived for enlightenment or even knew what it was. They didn’t know human living was out of energy. They only took life at face value assumptions. The world of science began from ignorance to life and then created its own version of life. At no time has any one in science known creation or God. He isn’t part of their anatomy; only human education is. 

The knowing of God for science is silly because they made matters level life instead of knowing consciousness is all that is alive. If they would have known at the smallest particle that motion was resonance, they would have known God better than religion, but they failed to understand energy.

Without deeper thought, science devised its existence for mainstream ideas instead of hypotheses. Our idea of hypotheses is jibber jabber based upon old ideas. They aren’t truly standing as hypotheses in the bigger sense because they placate an older idea instead of living fresh for new ones. We’re not seeking new land like we think we are. We’re seeking bridges that stay attached to the old land. We’re afraid to climb where no one sees stairs. 

Consciousness requires we do it. It’s a mandatory level for science because we are a thinking species. Thinking species must live outside of the word they stand in; otherwise, we get trapped in our thought system. We won’t leave the walls of mainstream if we don’t know kenosis. Science has never cared for spiritual ideas because it places life at matters level, not learning consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. 

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness and will only exist at this present level of consciousness. Our narrative is the only giver of the science breakthrough. When we fortify the body as self and make our ideas of life exist in time and space, we deepen satans level, which is lower mind. Human education cant rid lower mind because it is the maker of it. The idea of living isn’t society’s. It’s God’s. We don’t exist for knowing creation and haven’t allowed our existence on a planet in space to sink in. 

Most people can’t even grasp what it means to live on a planet in space because they’ve been trained for fame and wealth. Human education is creating society as reality without knowing what reality is and isn’t. It has no one teaching about consciousness or where thinking is coming from because no one in human education knows. We’ve been ice skating in face value assumptions instead of picking our way through the ice to deeper water. 

The mind isn’t going to jump from one level of consciousness to another. Thinking is a temporal story placing us in matter. It’s not existing outside of this one level of consciousness. It is a storyteller at best and night sleepwalker at worst. It doesn’t live in anything but energy at this one level of consciousness. It can’t think at the level of life existing five thousand years from now. It can only think in the energy of this one level of consciousness. God knows consciousness from 1 AD and ten thousand years from now. He is hundreds of billions of years alive and created human consciousness for knowing the word at any one level of consciousness. 

Human living is for consciously evolving to live through this level of consciousness to a new one. It’s not done in human education. It’s Soul intelligence we’re after. Human education only carries the story at this one level of consciousness. Soul intelligence carries the eternal and knows more than this storyboard of ideas. Science must live deeper than mainstream for knowing God. We can’t see the totality of anything and only know our self-chatter as life. It won’t matter what we discover if we don’t carry God because all of it eventually fades into dust and never lives again. 

Science doesn’t have facts; it has a temporal agreement that is already facing dust. It won’t stand the test of time because it doesn’t note it. It only knows the illusory of life. We’re playing in play-do and doing an excellent job of it. To know more about the existence of life we have to climb deeper into the Soul instead of living the body as self. Science is a wacky inventor that places inventions exactly where we need them for the storyboard to continue. 

It carries technology, science, and ideas of the universe perfectly for dreaming. It’s one level of thinking that has the best opportunity for knowing other races. And not because of its ventures but because it’s learning about what being human is. We are not as we think we are. And never were we. 

God of no form and of all form tells us everything we need to know about life. It’s not matters level; it’s light. We’re not the body and are the conscious energy inside of the body. There is more living than what we think is here because more exists beyond what we can think. The mind only carries a story, and what we can make it is out of energy in our Soul. It’s a defining moment for science because they haven’t cared about the Soul. What isn’t seen for science is everything it wants to know about what is seen. It hasn’t figured out the key to knowledge for unveiling the world.

The places we walk don’t exist. No human beings are walking the earth as we see them. If we saw creations level of life, we would see grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level at this level of consciousness. We’re living through images that live very real, and they only exist in our mind. The mind’s eye is the Souls level of Love and not Love existing. 

We don’t see the atom outside of our narrative. We speculate based on the world outside of us instead of knowing it’s only living through us in our narrative. Science missed a huge place in life by not noticing the world only existing at our level of consciousness. No one in science knew that only our narrative is the world. They didn’t understand our idea of being conscious was the storyboard of wanting to be conscious. We don’t get conscious because we don’t hear God to move out of our self-chatter. 

The life of science is playdo and it’s breaking up into marvelous pieces of ideas for humanity to know more from. We move together with hope and faith that humanity’s imagination lives brilliantly.


Human Education

We’re in a world that has already measured what small and big is. We’ve seen huge buildings, and we’ve watched tiny ants build castles in the sand. The mind is associating a world only with its idealized measurements, which are small and won’t measure the bigger world we’re in. Matters idea is the mind’s idea, and once the mind shapes it, it doesn’t go get beyond it unless it unravels it and deepens light in the Soul for having light in consciousness. 

We’re staying at our present level of thinking, trying to add on to it instead of letting go of it. We can’t add to a thought system already in place. We have to dismantle it and breathe new life into it. Science doesn’t understand consciousness to know the futile level of its existence, shrinking the idealizing of life. We’ve already set up a parameter for what our idea of reality is and isn’t, and we did it while not knowing creation. Which makes our make-believe world an illusory of ideas out of nothing more than what we could muster up as life. 

We don’t grow up hearing God or knowing energy, vibrations, or resonance. We don’t hear Angels, Celestial Light, or other races of Love at birth. No one is looking at the world as living energy. We see space and objects but don’t see atoms and sub-atomic particles. The mind is learning to know a world of matter instead of a world of consciousness. Even though God told us, the word created the world. 

The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy, a living race of Heaven. God gave energy the way to know it existed. Then He carried His light into all energy levels for shaping self-organizing energy into pyramids of light. The universe doesn’t know itself. It only knows what we think it is. The word created the world means only consciousness can live as life. God gave us created light to know the word from any one level of consciousness. 

What we can think is in grades, and out of those grades is the world. The universe has no physical law because it’s only living at the present level of human consciousness. As consciousness changes, so does the universe. 

God is keeping measure for ideas to live in their light. We’re not carrying the stars exploding we exist in light that can live with them exploding exactly as we think them to be. The universe is consciousness and living only for this level of consciousness. Other levels of consciousness know it differently. Our perspective caters to a story that’s existing when we arrive. The present level of human consciousness is like the tree of life carrying hundreds of trillions of branches in every direction. Each branch has billions of leaves, and each leaf has worlds living in galaxies beyond our wildest imaginings. It’s endlessly growing and constantly providing different stories in matter. Every story carries the Soul’s journey to Love for awakening to God.

We have no precipice for the enormity of intelligence living hundreds of billions of years alive. The world around us is mostly space. There’s space in every object living in gases not seen. They don’t have any livingness to them for knowing the intelligence within. We don’t see faces or bodies and can’t imagine they exist quantumly as intelligence. The idea of a world in consciousness is missed because no one can actualize sub-atomic particles as other races. We see squiggles and light and can’t determine its existence. The mind has never known other races to know it.

We haven’t known what being human is or how matter is existing to think deeper about it. We’re making face-value assumptions instead of going beyond them. The mind familiarizes itself and adapts quickly to the environment it’s in. Once we established a knowing and not knowing, our reality created itself. The mind won’t go deeper unless we make it. It’s taking what is in front of us and placing it. We have to train it to go deeper.  

The quantum world lives in light of God with different layers for any one level of consciousness to know matter. The enormity of higher intelligence giving photosynthesis the light for living is beyond any number we could make. The dancing waves of intelligence are far beyond our eyes. We don’t see matter as light. The emptiness of it is a mind-boggling discovery that tells us subatomic particles dance in another level to exist at our level. We’re not seeing anything because our perspective is deep at matters level. Our thought system doesn’t live far enough in light to understand it. We’ve been raised in human education with society’s reality and only know face value living. The underworld or bigger world is a mystery. 

There are layers of our world. We have a hidden agenda in everything. The ice skating level is matters level. What is below the ice and shaping the ice is outside of human intelligence. The environment lives without what is below the ice and is another level of life, only knowing gases and combustion. Matters level has multiple layers giving to its existence.

Consciousness is a well of depth reaching further into places we cannot detect. We carry ideas about dark matter but haven’t learned dark matter is elements placing itself out of everything to know its light in consciousness. What we think is empty space is living more than we are. Our mind can’t detect what is all around us. We’ve shaped human consciousness to know matters level and can’t idealize anything else. It’s a story about an island that doesn’t know land is across the sea.  Once we shape reality we lose the aptitude to see more. 

We’re in a layer that is illusory because it’s one idea out of an infinite. Without our knowing the other layers, we made the story of reality only from what we could muster up as life. We made it up.  We made up science, human education, religion, and every idea we know living in matter. Our eyes haven’t seen the light of Heaven to know the bigger world. What we live is the tiny idea of money.

Money shaped meaning and attachment in matter at its level. We don’t truly understand value because we made it up and strive to find the most value regardless of Truth. We monetized every idea of what life could be with money.  And shaped a thought system of knowing and not knowing based only on its idea. Everything we shaped is in lower earthly energy. We shaped lower mind because we made money a second  God and didn’t live knowing the world as energy for living with God.

Human consciousness hasn’t swum in deep water. It’s lived in shallow water with face-value ideas at money’s level. The world doesn’t know what is possible because where we stand is where we see from. We can’t know more about life until we leave this island of knowing and not knowing. We’re shaping a low level and have no way to comprehend the enormity of life with us because of it. We never stood hearing God, knowing Angels, Celestial Light, or other races of Love. We’ve been stuck in human ideas placating money’s level. 

The ideas we’re born into our lower mind, and we don’t graduate out of them. We continue living face value levels shaping reality at matters level. No one is learning the Truth of our existence for leaving the many to the one. Consciously evolving from a world living outside of us to only living through us is par for the course when we know creation. Without intelligence, we do face value living. Once we know the idea of living from God, we know consciously evolving to living with Him teaching about Himself is the only true level in life. Everything else is our story to bide time while we consciously evolve awakening to Him. 

This world of matter is neither matter nor reality. It’s the world of energy living in resonance, placing matter from our present level of consciousness. The rock doesn’t know it’s a rock. The pigeon never taught its baby how to fly, it knew how to fly and strengthens its wings. The fish doesn’t know it’s swimming, and the shark is hunting for what it knows is food. The idea of humans walking on a planet in space with food, water, and a story to live in is created. Our focus is society when it should be God. Only by caring about Truth do we escape illusions. The mind won’t let go of a self-story until we live greater Love. Love is the key in our world because it whitewashes self into nothing. 

The world dangerously wobbles every time we choose Love. The journey to Love is balancing light, and sooner or later, the world flips to live another reality of life. We’re a species living in daydreams at birth. Incessant thinking keeps every thought coming and going. We don’t detect illusorily and don’t question our parents, family, and world. We go along with it. We daydream about what we did yesterday and want to do later. The mind doesn’t tell us were making up ideas about life.  Our thinking feels legitimate, and we don’t notice the daydreaming until it’s pointed out.

Thoughts feel real, whether we are thinking about something that happened in childhood or now. The idea of now is illusory because we stand on the floor thinking about the past and future instead of knowing the present moment. The mind is feeling ideas we can know and delivers them consecutively until we notice them at a deeper level. It’s the universe’s library of words that no one cares to question. We don’t question where thought comes from or how the library was made. We’ve placed meaning and attachment to each one at this level of consciousness. It’s not existing deeper than one level of knowing out of an infinite. We’re making it be what it is, instead of seeking other ideas of it. We accept face-value ideas because they don’t require going beyond them. 

The library of words is a profound knowing that exceeds our idea of intelligence. Only when we shelve our ideas do we have a chance to open another book. If we stay in our ways and only live for it existing comfortably in our knowing and not knowing, we’ll only live one book’s journey out of an infinite.  We become masters of ignorance but shower it with brilliance. No one knows the Truth because human consciousness created its own education system and idea of what intelligence should be, shaping intelligence in our own paradigm of knowing. It’s the abyss of illusions that travels deeper into the rabbit’s hole. The genius is God working through our stories to know Truth. 

Finding light is our duty because the entire world has made darkness its place in life. Without hearing God, every human idea sits in illusory from not knowing life. The world places a story in front of us and we’re seeking to find the way out of it. Life exceeds our knowing and lives in parallel level without anything we know as life. Parallel universes isn’t the way to think about our world. Human photosynthesis is a remarkable idea of light that quantizes its own measuring cup for human consciousness. The cup only lives for a short while and has already shaped its new carrier before we are old. 

Human photosynthesis has hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of cups. Each one has hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of light. Each light has hundreds of trillions and trillions of other lights, and so on. The parallel universe is an endless marking in God through higher tiers of knowing. The escape route is matters level, and the journey is the abyss of Love. The mind won’t quantize our existence as long as we stay at matters level in the human story we walked into at birth. We’re not shaping the thought system to carry any other aptitude other than matters level of life. We have to acquire substance to change consciousness. 

The only substance that changes consciousness is our living to Love. It’s the fishing line in an abyss of unraveling self and our own existence for Truth. It won’t come from classes, courses, or other human beings. It’s an individual unraveling of consciousness. We won’t live successfully at society level. We’ll only know God’s level of life. The journey to unraveling our existence has no place in mainstream living. Its what is beyond it, 


We measure the idea of self through what we think others perceive of us. Only our narrative is existing, and it hasn’t awakened to know there’s only one of us here with God. We’ve carried a world since birth for shaping ego in self, making our idea of living based on the world’s approval system. We’ll fall into some category of achievement and place ego with its goodness. The idea of self is nothing more than a placeholder trying to feel something. In childhood, we placed what felt good. We found the secret ingredient that made others applaud us. The desire to have others like us became our guiding light to living happier. Self is a monster that was shaped out of lower earthly energy, only creating what society could accept and know as good. 



Blends of Intelligence 

Our light has higher intelligence

No one can understand life if they only have human education. There’s a pearl of deeper wisdom in life that comes out of God. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s blended with many other levels of intelligence for having light in matter. No one level of consciousness is existing but God’s. Everything out of God is blends of light.

He is blending different levels of intelligence for shaping each level of consciousness. We don’t live alone and our thoughts do not exist only within our light. We are always in other races of life inside of other levels of consciousness. We are living as algorithms in God and the algorithms are other races of light existing for living in matter. No one could live in matter if not for other levels in God giving to us the way for living through human photosynthesis. 


Snow Squid 

Snow squid is a wonderful level for understanding other races in our atmosphere. This is the first video in human history of another race in our atmosphere giving us the way to live in matter. On this night, I was in Saint Louis when it began snowing. God opened the world for experiencing many other races and taught about human photosynthesis. Read more here

Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and feel it. What is actually existing is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Only energy exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Atoms don’t decipher whether someone is speaking German or English. They know pulses in another language hundreds of billions of years alive. God gave atoms the way for nonduality and existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding temperature in tiny elements smaller than what we know as small.  We’re seeing buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is light. Only our narrative is the speaker we’re living through to God. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it’s not existing outside of us, it’s only living through us in our narrative. We’re experiencing images within our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is what God created with self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis. Every part of matter is living through Conscious Energy which is the fabric of the world. Energy is shaping temperature for matter to exist. 

Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it.  


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He’s the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

The only algorithm the atom is reading is temporal.  It’s living layers with temperatures at higher concentrated levels. They can multiply by crossing each other and fulfilling the light in many ways we cannot see. Atoms fulfilling each other no matter the distance is only helping quantum entanglement have deeper depth. There is no birth or end, but they do not exist at the same time. Atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance through light. The pulse never completes itself it only manifests for a short time before becoming another light within human consciousness. The resonance is what lives momentarily. 



Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human cognizance. They’re not deciphering whether someone is speaking Spanish, or German they’re responding to algorithms. They respond to light. Our resonance is the most living level in matter. Nothing else competes with resonance because it’s the decider of the quantum levels moving for human photosynthesis to shape life out of. God created everything out of His energy and through His light life moves. 

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