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No One Understood God

If we knew the one who created us was here, why did we make religion our home? We have God with us, and there is no human being existing with Him teaching about Himself because religion shaped everything at its own little person-level living in protocols instead of with God. 


When we think about God we don’t consider the difference between His light and ours. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and is the light for all of life to live through.  Our idea of life and what being human is doesn’t come close to our truth. God being of no form and of all form is closer to human life. Most of our existence is beyond our eyes. We don’t live seeing how thought executes, Love, happiness, or matters truth. we only experience a tiny fragment of what we can live as life. 

Reality doesn’t exist until we live with God teaching about Himself. Until then we live through veils of illusion that live very real but our one level of consciousness out of an infinite we can live through. The world is malleable and what being human is has nothing to do with just the body. We are a thinking species living beyond the body for the world to exist as it does. 

When we see the moon our light is placed upon it. when we see the sun our light is placed upon it. The world doesn’t live outside of us it only moved through us. Our world is energy and living out of consciousness in other levels of intelligence far beyond human consciousness. 

God created the word and the word gave us the way to live through a world exiting at the level of the meaning and principality of the word. The word is the only level existing as our light in life. What we think IS. Our thoughts are the only level we experience as life. No one lives outside of their thoughts and everyone only experiences their level of consciousness as the world. 

God gave us the way to live only with Him but we haven’t received enough knowledge to live that level. 

Increasing Intelligence 

Other Blends of Intelligence 

No one can understand life if they only have human education. There is deeper wisdom in life that comes out of celestial light and not our idea of intelligence. Human intelligence only exists for the level of society which is the temporal illusion we live through to God. The story at society’s level we call reality is nothing more than an agreement of ideas that we move through to a greater idea. There once was a time people couldn’t fathom cars, microwaves, or TVs existing. We now move through that idea to new ones. 

We’re not realizing the extraordinary level of reality-based only upon our present level of thinking. We don’t understand what is eternal and temporal hold two different worlds. The temporal idea of life is always fleeting and the eternal is living for us to open our light for greater understanding of life itself. The temporal world is society’s little person-level building a story at matters level to live through.

Society is the illusion acting as the backdrop for our thinking to permeate in higher levels for going beyond it to greater heights in God. Society is temporal while God is eternal and the home of our light. 




Reality doesn’t equate to a world living as ultimate reality. It’s giving a story to move through and nothing more. The realness of scraping our knee when we fall and it bleeding has to be for us to do everything we can for making life live as we think it into being. Our only existence is out of thought. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. No one understood the world as an illusion because no one lived with God as their teacher. Only the disciples knew God. 

If humanity would have learned from God we would understand the world differently and would live only for higher intelligence. As a thinking species living for enlightenment is mandatory of every human being because the world we come into doesn’t serve as life it only serves as a backdrop for making choices that help us consciously evolve beyond it.  Humanity didn’t do this because we made society reality without understanding life or God. 

We live with God, Angels, celestial light, and other races of Love that carry intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive and never learn from them. Instead, we live with society s reality in human education that only placates to the illusion and not life itself. Ignorance is darkness and human consciousness only lives in darkness because we don’t live with God teaching about Himself. 

Consciousness is all that is alive. Every aspect of what is deemed as life is only consciousness. People once saw the universe without understanding stars, gases, and hydrogen.  Today we have another perspective and ten thousand years from now human consciousness will have another. It’s not about intelligence it’s about ideas. How we measure fact is based only upon one level of consciousness and nothing more. That one level of consciousness is living in human photosynthesis without a way to know about other levels of consciousness until we live for consciously evolving as a normal part of life. Consciousness can’t live outside of itself and has to live through itself to greater ideas and perspectives. 

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Every human being lives in their own light at their own level of consciousness. We experience a world individualized and customized only to our level of consciousness. No one ever lives outside of their thoughts. Thought is transitory and only exist for moving through the temporal level of society. We are not our thoughts. They only cater to the human story of society’s present level of consciousness. It’s an illusion living for a brief moment in time.

Society lives very real because it has to. We wouldn’t call it life if it didn’t live real. The intricate level of existing in matter at one level of thinking is a problem for a thinking species that doesn’t live for consciously evolving. Our idea of consciousness is bastardized by science having no idea how matter is existing. Without the understanding of matters light, we can’t understand what reality is and isn’t or what thinking or what consciousness is. 

Thinking and consciousness are two different strands of algorithms. Thinking is only existing for the transitory level of matter. Consciousness is eternal and continuous in every life. Thought emerges out of consciousness. Consciousness is the energy of Love we are of. That light shapes the thought process for having a level in matter. Our version of life only exists in our narrative because our eyes only experience a world from our present level of consciousness. Spirit holds thought while our existence carries consciousness. Spirit lives in every life for giving consciousness the way to increase its light in God. 

Consciousness gives Spirit the way to live in matter for increasing its light. This is part of our eternal existence in God. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We’re not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body and live for eternity experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness as we deepen our light in God. 

We see what lives in our world at higher levels of consciousness. The world reveals more life than we ever knew existing at society’s little person level. 


The atom is the only algorithm in life out of God. God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness is assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. The atom only delivers exact levels of resonance. Our resonance passes through higher intelligence for having depth for matter to exist exactly as we think. The human being is energy in resonance. Nothing about matters level is anything but consciousness having temperature for to exist. Temperature is created through other races living in our atmosphere. Snow Squid is another race in our atmosphere that is part of the plasma we need to have matter exactly as we think it to be. 

Snow Squid created wonder in science before anyone understood how plasma was living without any noticeable living qualities. Other races don’t need oxygen and can live in very hostile environments yet have hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence and can communicate with us at Heaven’s level in life. 

Plasma has our little person’s level of consciousness calling it what we want and it only exists from our present level of consciousness. At creations level the living entity is perfectly helping our atmosphere with temperature and light for matter to exist as we think it into being. 

Our living with other races is more normal than our idea of life. We haven’t grasped God’s existence hundreds of billions of years alive or what it means for what the actual level of life is. Our present level of thinking of what life is doesn’t come close to what is existing or who we are. Our idea is comfortable for us at this present level of consciousness but as we consciously evolve we’ll have a greater aptitude for understanding the power of consciousness and the divine level of what human is. 

Atoms exist through algorithms out of consciousness. They don’t decide whether someone speaks in German, Russian or Spanish because they only live with signals through algorithms in resonance. They don’t hold emotions as light, only the pulse from the resonance. No one understood what the motion was at the smallest particle because no one comprehended the light living alive and as consciousness. Our idea of matter never developed because human knowledge never knew anything other than what was at face value.

When science shaped a three-dimensional theory it pulverized our ability to know energy. Resonance was all around us and we knew there was moving beyond what we could fathom in the world. The idea of living energy having intelligence didn’t resonate with us. People discussed God’s existence without having a clue as to how He could exist. We didn’t grasp particles. The universe should have given us everything for knowing there were higher levels of consciousness-raising us but we didn’t see another body and therefore couldn’t grasp God’s existence. 

Knowing God was of no form and of all form didn’t click for knowing His light was energy. People understand more now about quantum entanglement but haven’t lived it for having depth about its existence. We don’t live conscious of our world. Most people know airplanes don’t fly out of ears and couches don’t stick out of our heads. But we still make quantum entanglement a proposal that no one can grasp. We do that because science doesn’t have the depth within its knowing for understanding how matter is existing. Its programmed level is only meeting what is at face value and not beyond it. 

Without deeper representatives in life giving knowledge to humanity, the world falls to ignorance proving itself as science. Our idea of factual in life is an absurdity when science can realize it’s only living at one level of consciousness as an idea in the mind of the observer. Every scientist only experiences the world at their little person level of thinking. It’s only their narrative existing as life. The observer is the only one in the light everything else only lives in the observer’s perspective. Our world only caters to one observer at a time. The entire world caters to the observer.

If we would have greater intelligence we would have understood the concept of life as a veil of illusion moving quicker than we have time to realize. When we hear that society is an illusion we have to have greater knowledge of what consciousness is and how matter is existing to understand the passing through illusions to ultimate reality in God. If our existence is a thinking species and we understand that in 1AD life lived differently with an idea of what life was and then in the 600’s lived differently for what life was, we can understand we build and bring into being was through thought our idea of life. It’s an eternal process that slowly moves through veils of illusion closer to God.  Living for enlightenment gives us the way to open our world in Heaven’s level of life. 

We want to go beyond society’s level of reality to living with God teaching about Himself through consciously evolving beyond our present narrative of life. The fleeting triumphs of science is the debased understanding of life and God.  The world values science only because we haven’t begun the journey of enlightenment with God teaching about life. As more people understand our world beyond science more people in science will wake up to having nothing more than an illusion as life. 

As of this moment, science has no idea what being alive is, what reality is or isn’t, how matter is existing or that the level of the atom wasn’t at human levels but living beyond it for only reading algorithms. They never understood other races don’t have to have facial features or bodies and can live in the most hostile environments to human living. They had no clue how God could exist but do now. 

Knowing science didn’t understand how matter was existing, consciousness, or what reality was and wasn’t tells us everything brought into being is given by celestial light for our story to exist in something that builds through something to something else. 

Strands of Higher Intelligence

Human consciousness lives through strands of higher intelligence for living in matter. If not for other races, we would have no way to exist experiencing our consciousness in matter. Matter is the gift God gave humanity. Our knowing motion is resonance tells us it lives from someplace to exist exactly as we think its existence lives. Our eyes are not eyes of matter; they are instruments of algorithms living beautifully within other intelligence beyond our knowing for matter to exist exactly as we think.

It’s like a petrie dish with tiny microscopic organisms moving through each other and building in life beyond each other’s existence but blended in one light.  While we are different levels of consciousness we are one pool of consciousness making matter exist through one light in God. No one could increase in intelligence if not fro higher intelligence already existing within our light.

The human brain increasing with knowledge from a five-year-old to a fifty-five-year-old only exist because of light in higher levels of intelligence blended within ours. What adds intelligence to increase in matter? What does it look like for a five-year-old to think differently, see differently and experience a whole other narrative of life at fifty? It’s energy already living in higher levels of intelligence moving through our light in human photosynthesis. Our increase is from the increase of energy in God giving us the way to move in matter at different ages of light.

Human beings age effortlessly without any say from an embryo to a senior and out of the body. We are constantly moving forward in life just like the sun coming up and going down each day. No one can put on the breaks when they age from a five year old to an adult. It’s happening without our doing anything except experiencing the body aging. The embryo is already programmed for leaving the body down the road. 

Nothing about hundreds of elements knowing how to grow is organically living. All of it is higher intelligence moving in our light without us knowing increasing levels for cells to produce light for aging. The body only exists in consciousness. No one considers consciousness as life because we don’t understand the magnitude or ferocity of its elements making matter exist exactly as we think it to be existing. No one ever questioned what the motion was at the smallest particle for comprehending it was living intelligence with ours. No one ever again will live ignorant to the quantum world living as God’s light that all life is in. 

No Human Beings Are Walking the Earth as We See Them

No human beings are walking the earth as we see them. They only exist as images within hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles mixed with other races of light for appearing at our level of consciousness. The point of their existence isn’t away from us across the street. It’s through us in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). Even if we go to a town we never knew existed, it’s only living through us at our level of consciousness in human photosynthesis.

Every living creature and being is light. Thunder never lives without lightning and human consciousness never exists without higher intelligence. God creating human beings means His energy and raising of us is completely within our existence even if we don’t know it. We have never lived knowing we were created because we live in free will. Free will means we can live through anything we can think. God isn’t reigning over us with a whip making us know Him. He gave us the way to live with Him consciously evolving in Him so that as we understand life we understand the miracle of it. 

Humanity is a thinking species living as algorithms out of God’s consciousness. Everything we think of as life was given. The word created the world. We don’t see our world at any real level. We only see what we can think and nothing else. The world is more than how we can think, and there’s more existing beyond our thoughts.  

Quantum Entanglement

Living in consciousness through human photosynthesis with atoms beyond our light at matters level of eyes. Nothing is living but thought. 


Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and feel it. What is actually existing is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Only energy exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

God gave atoms the way for existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding levels of temperature beyond any other level. Human consciousness shapes out of trillions and trillions and trillions of levels of energy at remarkable levels of light within decimals in holographic light. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it’s not existing outside of us even if it’s the sun. It’s only living through us as images within our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is human photosynthesis.  Every level of matter is living through Conscious Energy which is the fabric of our world. 

Conscious Energy is the living light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give us our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it. They are the one level in life blended ever so perfectly within our consciousness for giving the light in human photosynthesis. Conscious Energy is able to communicate and is another race of light hundreds of billions of years alive. Our understanding of consciousness has never understood what makes intelligence have light. We also have never grasped consciousness coming into an embryo or how light increases as we go from a baby to an adult.

Our living with higher intelligence has always been human. We’re the ones that didn’t understand God being of no form and of all form creating everything in existence meant His light was in everything. Knowing His light was the world should have given us the way to understand motion at the smallest particle. We never fathomed our existence so advanced. We’ve only interpreted it from matters level with society as reality. Quantum entanglement never existed with more fervor than now because it leads to understanding human photosynthesis. 

Human photosynthesis is the only level in human consciousness that will take tens of thousands of years to understand. But we can grasp the light of it and as we live more enlightened understanding its purpose and existence within consciousness. 


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He’s the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. At no time is the world existing beyond human consciousness’s idea of it. We only experience an algorithm with the story we have lived moving forward. 

Our life continuum is the light of everything within God. It’s a never-ending story that keeps moving through different experiences in matter from different levels of consciousness. 

The only algorithm the atom is reading exist within decimals in holographic light. The dimensions we believe exist are nothing more than layers of light at other levels of living. They could be considered dark matter level because they’re of every element and none within higher consciousness. The holographic light isn’t dimensional from our knowledge of dimensions. It’s living layers with temperatures at higher concentrated levels with different levels of the atom’s existence. They can multiply by crossing each other and fulfilling the atom as well. Atoms fulfilling each other signifies birth and end, but they do not exist at that time. Multiplying atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance deepening the light of consciousness. 

There are instances of fulfilling that remain as one with dimensions within a light hundred of trillions and trillions of miles within the atom levels. They don’t live our light in human consciousness they live at Heaven’s level of light. Human consciousness has more realms existing through increasing the energy we process in consciousness. The increase in energy is the increase in subatomic particles having resonance. We haven’t begun to know the atom because we surmise its existence from matters level and not as resonance with higher intelligence.  Until we begin living for enlightenment as the way of life, we can’t open the grander door of atoms. 

Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human consciousness. They’re not deciphering whether someone is speaking Russian, Spanish, or German they’re responding to algorithms in the hundreds of trillions and trillions. They only respond to light. Our resonance is the most living level in matter. Nothing else competes with resonance because it’s the decider of the algorithm at quantum levels. God created everything out of His energy and through His light shaping all life out of His consciousness. We haven’t begun to understand consciousness or thought lives in matter through human photosynthesis. Our version of thinking and consciousness is nowhere near the enormity and advanced level of energy. We haven’t understood vibrations, frequencies, or resonance for knowing sequences of light deeper than our present level. 


Science & Intelligence

No one knew what is living because all they ever saw was one level of consciosuness that had no depth or light in life. Science shaped itself from maters level and never understood enlightenment or higher intelligence living within us. No one could give science the light only God is blessing science with the way to understand consciosuness is all that is alive. 

No level in life will ever understand the universe from a pragmatic concept based upon what pleases government or other scientists. It is the one who goes off the edge that brings life the most. Our experiencing technological advances is with Love. Our aptitude for understanding what gives light for those technological advances is more valuable than matters level of technology. 

No one lives for enlightenment in science because no one understood consciousness or how matter was existing. To only live society as reality is bastardizing life. Our accomplishments measure zero for what we could have brought into being. We’re not having any measure on the scale because we’re not comprehending what is possible outside of theories from the past. No one should work within theories of the past and should instead increase depth and substance of life and dive outside of the world in hypothesis. If we only live matters level we miss what God created. Consciousness is a remarkable level that has more magnitude than anything we’ll recognize for the next ten thousand years. We have no concept of resonance or energy. 

Our idea of energy is bastardized because our eyes cannot see or know what is here because our level of consciosuness doesn’t hold higher intelligence and without living for enlightenment we do not acquire it. Our world has human education and education through higher intelligence. No one lives understanding God because everyone thinks He is something of religion when that is the last place to find Him. 

Consciousness is all that is alive and in order to observe light we must become light. Our knowing consciosuness has nothing to do with our story at society’s level. It’s having the story of Heaven and a life continuum that is eternal. Society is the temporal backdrop for becoming Love and awakening to life. Science slaves mundane levels because it only exists placating to dogmatic political light. The only reason anyone has to adhere to its principles is they have been brought into being but soon other principles will live that reshape science for only living for enlightenment. 

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The Story of Understanding Life

Our light is beyond our idea of life. We’re living from nothing in human consciousness into microscopic levels, being raised within higher intelligence for every cell to exist at our present level of consciousness within the human story. We don’t live conscious of other races of light blended within our consciousness until we live in higher consciousness. Human beings have always been raised through light in God for transforming the world to exist exactly as we think. At no time are we not with other races of light. It’s our existence, but our little person’s level of consciousness can’t comprehend that right now. 

We operate with an idea of life far away from any level of our magnitude as algorithms in God. Our present level of consciousness debased everything in life for a smaller version of who we are and how life lives, only living matters level as life. We’re not holding any depth in our truth because we haven’t been conscious of life, to begin with. What we think is being conscious of life is axiomatic of no one in science or world government knowing they only live at their level of consciousness and live only in their self chatter. We’re not conscious of living because we don’t know what reality is or how matter is existing. Our version of being conscious of life is nothing more than a flake of illusion.  

Picture this we have a species experiencing a planet in space that comes out of nothing into something growing a body that will live as the vessel for living through the illusion in matter. They walk, talk, and experience an enormous world with other human beings, projects, and life. The reason they believe they are conscious of life is they’re born seeing and thinking with their senses telling them they’re existing as something and in something. That something only determines one level of consciousness that has been given for living through. Our something is nothing more than light-producing one level of consciousness that has already existed. It was placed as living human out of nothing so we could join a level of consciousness and experience a world we shape and create ourselves through thought. The only caveat is there had to be a world already here upon our arrival and a way for the world to increase. 

The world is being created through algorithms in human consciousness that come out of nothing into something for shaping the journey in consciousness. No one actually exists as anything other than thought. We visit and host a body for our experience, contributing light to the human story. It’s one quick trip in a world exemplifying an idea in God’s mind. No one or anything we deem as life is anything but a journey through God’s mind as an algorithm playing a role in the expansiveness of consciousness. 

When science thinks it understands life, it better think twice about who the thinker is and where the thinker came from, to begin with. Then ask what is shaping our knowing as a knowing anyways. Intelligence marks a landmark level for human beings to understand why there is a knowing at all and what made consciousness have any way for knowing it existed. No one understood where the light came from but knowing Heaven is the level of our world and human consciousness is inside of it gives us the way to know more. Other races of light shape consciousness giving us the way to understand we’re existing without our having any objective way of knowing what is beyond our little persons thought unless something else gives us the way to know. 

Intelligence doesn’t live through human origin. Its light increasing beyond the present human story for energy to increase for consciousness to process. Until we live enlightened we have no way for aptitude to realize the magnitude of what being human is, who God is or how matter is living only in consciousness. We’re temporarily harboring an idea that lives out of nothing more than a light in consciousness itself.  Nothing we’re living as is anything but an idea. All we live through is temporary ideas in the pool of consciousness that has been brought into a world to build out of. Human beings don’t exist as we think and human life has no place other than Heaven with a plethora of higher intelligence giving human consciousness the way to live n matter from any one level of consciousness. 

We don’t know life because we only know the story we were given and we must break out beyond it for knowing more. Everyone comes into a world already existing and we have Love within our light from the images of parents and family. No one contemplates the images of the body, family, and human beings as being given to us and only living as normal because we’re programmed to know it as normal. The word created the world and the light of the word was already living. We’re moving through matter with every thought. 

God gave us the way to experience a beautiful entry and raising for us to optimize consciousness and the story for catapulting out of it. We’re living for increasing consciousness not placating to one level of it. We didn’t understand that and instead debased life making what was temporal our world. Society lives as nothing more than a classroom at one level of consciousness for living through. Every observer who lives learning from kindergarten to college has only experienced their level of consciousness shaping itself for more aptitude for living beyond the world to God. It’s our training for thinking and living through thought in matter. 

Every person who has attended a symposium for learning or talked to another human being only experienced their narrative as living. We don’t understand the person we live seeing in front of us only exists at our level of consciousness and as energy in our Soul. They have no level in life other than as an actor in a role within an algorithm in consciousness existing giving us the way to live Love through them. 

No one experiences anything other than their own thoughts as life through the collective story and its circumstances shaped out of Love and not Love. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a room of five hundred people. The observer is the only one living in the light. Everyone in the room will say what we want and don’t want only live at our level of consciousness. They only exist in our narrative. 

Nowhere in the Bible can life explain what demands higher intelligence to receive it. The Bible gave what was needed for living to God. Life lives for eternity consciously evolving into higher light where more is given for the times life is in. God is alive for every level of consciousness to realize itself beyond its present level. Allow the light of Christ to bless us with the understanding of the journey to God and what is mandatory for knowing Him. Never doubt that everything God gave and did was for anything other than living with Hiumn teaching about Himself. 


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