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Knowing God Living with Other Races in Our Light

 Wisdom and Knowledge

Since the ancient days, people have been trying to find the light in God. Most people question God’s existence while few have lived with Him teaching about Himself. In the beginning, we made narrow passageways about life and only lived for what money could buy. No one was understanding the world or what being alive was for deepening our light in God. After biblical times, the idea of God was made religious instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

We shaped the world at matters level because we didn't hear God like we needed. We made face-value assumptions about our existence and consequently the little person's idea became our living with God. It was turned into rudimentary living instead of dynamic experiences with God teaching about Himself.

No one knew consciousness was living in matter or where God was. We didn't know creation, reality, or how matter was existing. We made our version of life from our senses and they were in lower earthly energy.  The invisible world of Heaven was hidden from our eyes. We weren't communicating with Angels, Conscious Energy, Celestial Light, or other races of Love to know more. If we would live with God, we would learn about the mystical world. 

By the time Christ was walking the earth, human consciousness was already tethering any way of knowing God. We didn't live in conversation with God and status was shaping ego in human consciousness. The world can't live outside of how we think and our thought system was becoming lower mind. We didn't live for understanding creation. We only accepted face-value assumptions. Knowing God existed didn't make us think of a bigger invisible world. We weren't putting two and two together. We only had little person ideas of life. 

Moses had freed the Israelites and the Ten Commandments were in our hands but what was to come would tether all covenants with God. After King David, things began to change. King Ahab adopted Baal worship as Israel's official religion. Israel was worshipping another god along with God. Our ideas and ways of life we're changing. We didn't carry the same magnitude in God as we did in the beginning. 

Our knowing God started becoming human ideas of God instead of people actually experiencing God. After the disciples, no human being lived with God teaching about Himself until now. Living with God never made it to Heaven's level in life. We're not consciously evolving or hearing God. The world is human ideas based on mainstream living which is the furthest concept of God. No one can know God until they have lived going from the many to the one. It's a process of leaving one reality for another because we live only God's will with Him teaching about Himself. No one can live in mainstream concepts of God and know God. They only know the devil's rendition of God.

Life is a magnificent process of letting go of everything we shape as life for seeing something more. This includes our ideas of God. We live in consciousness and if we can't evolve beyond how we think today we never learn anything new. Our ideas sink into lower mind because they can't get beyond the walls of our thought system's tiny ideas of life. The only idea of God humanity knows is the devil's idea because we don't live with God teaching about Himself, we live in human precepts. We're happy with others acknowledging us as loving God instead of losing our lives to gain them in God.

The journey is the individual's Soul deepening as Love. We unravel everything about self for Love. When Moses gave the Ten Commandments it was for leaving one idea of life for a new one. We were learning to give to others and make choices for Love. Religion made itself into something that doesn't understand what living with God is and isn't. We carry studies, traditions, and soceity as reality as depth in God. When depth in God comes from leaving one reality for another. We're supposed to leave society as reality for knowing God as reality.

The world of religion only lives society as reality. It's never lived Heaven's level of life. No one in any religion has lived hearing God. We don't have any enlightened masters in religion nor has any religion ever had an increase in knowing God. They all teach from what was given thousands of years ago without adding anything new. The mind hasn't changed for God. It practices protocols for religious ideas instead of leaving them for the Soul's idea of God.

We don't live in God like we think. We live in ideas of God as living with Him. No one is speaking to God and watching the world live malleably. Or seeing God move in the world outside of humanity's idea of creation. The world we know as God is the little person's level trying to be something to society. We're living for society as reality instead of living outside of it to God. As long as we live society as reality and live as a piece of society's temporal story we don't know God.

The day our lives get shattered for knowing God is the day we begin the transformation of leaving one reality for another. It's the process of losing our lives to gain them in God. Society's ideas won't matter and will dissolve for only knowing God's will. We don't live with God making ourselves be something to society. We live with God losing self for Love. We don't make ourselves popular, good, or satisfy what others think of us. In the process, others will see us as the losers, sufferers, and mess-ups. The world requires we live according to its rules or end up the losers of life. 

God scoffs at that and welcomes it. God has chosen the sinners, losers, murders, atheists, broken, people in prison, and those that had little hope of succeeding. He's marking the world for living outside of everything deemed the best for losing our lives to gain them in Him. If we honor the devil's ideas and live the little person's way of life, we'll be everything society says we should be. If we live for God teaching about Himself, we'll be everything society says we shouldn't be until our time comes.

It's the idea of society's place in life that changes us for not knowing God. It's called the little person level of life because it carries lower mind's idea of life. We're living for society and believe only what others tell us about life. We grew up in human education and by the time we're in our twenties we believe we know what reality is and isn't. Even though we've never lived a day hearing God. No one has lived with Heaven in their lives. They've only lived with the idea of human beings. We haven't graduated for living with higher intelligence teaching us about life.

Human beings come into a world already existing and go along with it because we don't learn to do anything else. Religion fell into the devil's hands when it placated to society's ways instead of learning to live to God. Nothing in our world can teach us as individuals to deny satan if we carry satan. Religion has made its home in satan and has neevr known the light of living with God because it never made it to God. The knowing of God is profoundly beyond mainstream ideas and enlightened with what no one knows until taught. 

God isn't placating to human ideas. He's opening the light in our Souls for knowing Him beyond them. God doesn't tend to the temporal story because He's building the eternal one in our Soul. Life is far beyond this one human experience. It's for eternity in trillions and trillions of experiences. The world at this one level of consciousness is bending for more light so that we experience what is beyond it. We're not garnering the substance for moving our thoughts into light because religion is claiming God at the little person-level keeping us in human precepts. We feel we know God as long as we walk into a church or do some protocol the institution says is knowing God.

No one lives outside of the little person's level and satan keeps us trying to be something in society. We never leave the devil's level of life to God. We're happy keeping our lives exactly as we want them and telling the world we know God when we haven't even tried to make it to God. There's a remarkable way for people to realize the ignorance in religion has claimed the devil in everyone who follows it.

Only one small request from God is ever made and that is to choose Love. He doesn't wander the earth searching for people to have new cars, fame, or wealth. He's moving in our Soul for Christ. Love is the key to God and Christ is the only door to God. We won't live knowing God living society as reality or practicing for the institution's acknowledgments. The price we pay for knowing God is losing our lives to gain them in Him. It's the unraveling of our thought system and everything in life we have shaped as life.

Nothing is able to prepare us for this. It's part of knowing God. Only God can carry us through it and only God gives us the armor for winning. We can't master a world we have no hands in. Only God's making is at work. Nothing we think is the way to live with God is. Religion didn't know creation for helping us leave satan. Leaving satan is the process of losing our lives to gain them in Go. We dissolve self, and remove meaning and attachment at matters level. We're erasing ego for Love. The process isn't one we can get from books or other people. It's the Souls walking and the Soul's making. 

The process takes us outside of our knowing. We haven't lived with Heaven until we've heard God's voice. Our path with God is at birth and will unfold accordingly regardless of any human ideas. Our journey has never been in the human idea of life. Its always been beyond it with God. Moses had no idea God existed until God spoke to him at the burning bush. Up until then, Moses had worshipped many gods in Egyptian culture. Moses not knowing God wasn't a factor for God. God has no regard for what we think when He comes into our lives. God knows what He's doing and where we are going and what is needed to change our thought system for depth, substance, and maturity in Him.

The world of religion plays no part with God. It's null and hasn't lived deeper in God than anyone else. It's quite the opposite because those chosen by God have always lived outside of religious ideas. They've been ordinary people no one suspects but carry livingness with God. Living with God isn't from ideas based on institutions or people who live with branding and marketing. We place titles and positions in religious institutions and then brand them as something higher than ordinary people with God. That's called a false idol and is the devil's worship.

The individual living in status with branding never make it to God. They're holding satan with ego fulfilled.  The mind doesn't live for not having someone see them. It's being fulfilled as something that feels good and powerful. We're not having any way to prevent ego from taking over because it soothes life immediately and we can't bear to not be something to society. It's the old adage of life cleaning up after our birth. 

Whether we decide it or not life is going to turn into something. We can drive ourselves or surrender to God and let Him guide us. When religion made itself in human consciousness it changed humanity from knowing God. We can't live beyond religion to God. That tells us it's the devil's level trapping us within its walls. If God needed a middle man it wouldn't be religion. Religion is playing God and keeps everyone at its level instead of consciously evolving beyond it to God. As long as we satisfy some little person's idea of God we're living away from Him. 

We made branding and marketing the claim to fame with God. It's a disaster for religion just like Prophet Elijah battling the four hundred priests for god Baal. It's one person taking down all of religion in one lifetime with God. We aren't grasping scripture for not doing the devil's work. The Vatican doesn't know scripture. Its defiles the light of Christ by trying to have human beings as Christ through branding and marketing. The papacy is blasphemous and is the devil's child, not God's. Never has God blessed the Vatican and nor does God live with false idols claiming Him. 

The Sistine Chapel earned its place in hell by making accusations as a conclave that God blesses. God isn't blessing the Sistine Chapel or Vatican. They are the devil's children trying to find light for getting out of the dark. Most people know Michaelangelo's painting of God and Adam touching fingers. It's the epitome of the little person idea making human beings have no conceptualizing ability for God's existence. The Vatican will not keep open for long. The idea played its role in teaching the human race what living with God is and isn't. It's the book of blasphemy.

Nothing making society as reality earns magnitude in God. It earns magnitude in satan at the devil's level of life. We play roles and live in status instead of learning creation for living out of the many to the one. The arduous road isn't walking across the street becoming religious. It's leaving every idea of life as we move through ego walking down the corridors of satan. We can't make choices like we once did for saving ourselves. Only God can save us now. 

Religion never learned living with God was the Souls journey and had nothing to do with human ideas of God. We can't live anything at society's level and claim knowing God. It's like being on an island claiming to know other islands but we never leave the island to know anything. The thought system of society as reality is matters level and the thought system with God teaching about Himself is Heaven's level. They don't criss-cross and they can't see each other. 

When we live with God we're only doing His work on earth. It's not our choice or even our wanting sometimes. It's God's choosing everything in our idea of life. It's a constant level that keeps building our light in Him. The world is our personal curriculum for awakening to light. 

People that carry titles and positions don't have decree in God. They're carrying a story of self being important. No one has any Apostolic Successory nor is anyone sitting at the right-hand side of God. The making of the papacy is Nicodemus playing a role with the Pharisees instead of claiming the role with God. We don't lose our lives to gain them in God by walking across the street and becoming religious. The departure is beyond society's ideas and outside of mainstream ways. It's the ripping of our Soul as we carve it in God.

The walk is through the thought system changing tearing apart satan, ego and the little person for knowing God. We go from the many to the one. I am the door. I am the vine haven't lived as long as we think there are billions of people walking the earth as we once knew. Going from the many to the one is reality changing for living with God teaching about Himself. The mind is changing as we lose ego for Love. We see life differently and learn there is only one of us here with God.

The reality we once knew is shattering for a new story of life that God is giving. It's outside of human ideas. The story we once knew of life, self, and life's meaning and purpose is turmoil. It's spinning around and breaking into tiny bits of data that no longer carry enormity. It's shrinking into tiny ideas that are illusory in human thinking. The world is folding over into another one because God is teaching about Himself. 

We couldn't live society as reality even if we wanted to. The mind is living in another light that knows two worlds but lives only in one. Our feet may be on the ground but our light is living Heaven's story of life. We don't have any way to move outside of what is now shaped. The existence of consciousness is deep in God and the only filter to life is Him.

Consciousness can't live outside of itself. Once it has shaped its livingness it can only live through it to something else. Once we are with God teaching about Himself the journey in consciousness is through deeper ideas in Him. We never return to society's level of life. The making of our light in Christ is the quest for living and nothing else is anything but that. It doesn't matter what we live or who we are with. God is working through everything for substance of Him. We change ideas about life because our existence is hearing God more than any other human being. Heaven's level of life is our family. 

We're not learning to trandscend thought for God. We don't work in dhikrs or meditation for pausing incessant thinking. Most people don't even know they have to observe their thoughts.  They don't know what incessant thinking nor did they realize they only live in their own self-chatter. We don't wash away our thoughts for new ones. We go with whatever comes to us as real. When almost every idea living in matter was a daydream brought into being without managing it.

Human beings live more in daydreams than anything else. Thought is a dream that plays out in matter. We don't question what we think because we aren't conscious of life. We're conscious of the story we made up as life. But don't live in conversation with God to know Ultimate Reality. The light we're living through is filtered through satan, ego, and the little persons. Those filters shape our eyes and ears and what we can call reality or not reality. It's one level of thinking not awake to consciousness. 



They don't observe how they think because they never question what is thinking or who is beyond the self-chatter. We don't question why we think what we do or try to change the energy thought comes from. 

it to God because we only live in our ideas. We haven't had our concept of life shattered. It's the devil's level of life moving us year after year without noticing it's godless because wee satisfied with status, rituals, and the little person's idea of God. We're not living through our light to God. We don't know the true nature of David to Goliath because we haven't lived for leaving society to God. As long as society is reality we live lower earthly energy as knowing God. 

Creation is important to know for understanding the path to God. The thought system shapes itself to lower earthly energy when we come into the world. We have to live through satan and ego to God. It's the process of leaving one world for another and it's not through religion it's from our living to Love. It's the Soul's path already placed in God. Our journey has always been the individual journey to Love. It's the calling of God for carrying His light into the world.

Ordinary people live divinely when God changes them. We haven't made living with God consciously evolving with Him teaching about Himself. There's no point in knowing God exists and living without Him teaching about life.  The world of Heaven is far beyond society. Nothing in this world can touch what it's like to hear God's voice out of thin air. It's not a small event.  It beckons every knowing of other races to live profoundly mature because there's no other existence but other races. we haven't grasped what being cverated is or what human is. 

We knew God was of no form and of all form but couldn't conceive what that meant for being human. Genisis gave us the way to know we were created and out of dust. It's a metaphor for knowing our light was shaped and made by God. We haven't lived with Angels, Celestial Light, or other races of Love to know the profound world we're in. 

We made human ideas our little person level with God. We're not trying to rid satan nor does anyone know satans existence. We haven't lived with deep inner inquisitions to know satan. Living with God is a natural level of our world. It's not based upon an ideology with religion. The world is our personal curriculum and Love is the journey. Every time God is with someone it's because He chose them and not the other way around. We don't dance for God. He's not choosing someone because they are in a religion. Most of the people in scripture had no idea what religion would live like. They didn't have anything to do with human precepts. They were chosen at a time in human history to fulfill the needs of God. 

Religion takes the entire idea of God and lowers it. God isn't the idol for human worship. He's the God for teaching us how to live in His creation. Consciousness is magnifying ideas in matter and if we cant think out of Love we shape satan and the effect is the devil in matter. We create human circumstances to have disasters because no one rids satan out of their thinking. 

God is outside of every human idea and won't comply with them. He's not living for what we think is living with Him. He's making Himself known in our lives for what He chooses. Whenever there was a covenant we had an agreement with God and everything outside of that agreement was never lived for human ideas. 

Living with God is outside of everything we've making as living with God. We're trying to make God fit into our lives when the entire purpose of His existence is to rip us out of them. He's sculpting the light in us for living in Christ. Never does God yield to live as we want. He's not going to live the little person's idea of Him. He's going to lead us deeper into Christ for knowing Him. 

The solitary walk into another world summons everything we are for moving out of one level of consciousness for another. Reality changes for living with God. Our ideas of religion placate the devil's way of life and not Heaven. No one is living with Angels or other races of Love teaching about God. No one will live with God and know society as reality as they did. The landscape changes for living with Heaven on earth.

It's not like living with family or friends. It's a constant idea of shaping something far beyond our knowing into the world. Nothing about our journey with God is fairytale-like except for the fact that He exists along with other races in our light. The work with God is solely for ideas to change as we let go of pain, anger, and our idea of self for Love.  The process is a constant weaving into areas deeper in us that don't show themselves easily. 

The process is consciousness changing and from that, how we see life and our existence changes too. God is giving us the way to know life beyond any human idea of it. When we live with God teaching about Himself He gives the world in another light. It's not existing for anything other than Love and depth in Christ. It's the climate change that moves inside of us challenging everything we are to carry it. No one is living with God and holding the little person's level in life. Their living only for the divine light within.  

God hasn't been in human light for thousands of years because humanity is living at the devil's level. We're born in lower mind and have to work for leaving lower earthly energy to God. We're not consciously evolving for living with God teaching about Himself. We're more selfish, greedy, and narcissistic today than Sodom ever was. We're playing a role instead of carving our Souls in God. The idea of consciously evolving in God never reached humanity. We're not living for enlightenment and don't really care to. There's nothing in life telling us it's a mandatory level for knowing our existence. 

When God gave human beings the way to know He existed it wasn't for shaping religion over living with Him teaching about Himself.  There's no point in knowing God exists and listening to human beings talk about God. There's a fine line between telling the world we know God and not ever hearing Him. Its become a normal environment with religion because religion is playing God. People speak to their pastors and other hierarchy in religion and believe they are doing something holy. When it's blasphemy. Religion has inured human beings to live with their hierarchy as God instead of actually hearing God. 

The only existence for us to know God is when we live with God teaching about Himself. Everything else is the journey through satan to Him. The moment we hear God's voice the journey begins. When life changes we experience what makes us think outside of mainstream ways. There's never been a test from God that was living at society's level. They always shake the earth into walking on ground we never knew before. When God talks to us it's breathtakingly outside of what we're ready for. 

There's a supernatural level in life we don't know. We think so much about the supernatural as a fairytale because we can't grasp God existing. Our idea of life is mainstream and that's the lower-end idea of life. No one has understood human existence constitutes other races. Hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence have nothing to do with our ideas of life. We're weaving many stories for living through but haven't begun knowing the world. 

We're a species masterminding generality as genius. We don't know any better and have to be something that exudes brilliance. The idea that so many people have credibility about other races when no one has lived with one is axiomatic of our not knowing more than our own ideas of things. We're reading books, watching films, believing we know about subjects equal to the ones who live them.

The same goes for God. We don't live in conversation with Him but swear we know Him. The light for humanity is to start experiencing the bigger world before speaking about it. People master subjects with branding instead of depth. If we can put on a greater show we get more credit over being someone who looks awful but has the magnitude of it. Life isn't living for Truth. We care more about the superficial nature of life than deeper fundamentals. Nothing the world divulges can pass the shallow meter until we cross the bridge from mainstream to light. 

Other races is a slogan used by those who don't know what being created entails. We have no idea what being human is or how matter is existing. We've turned other races into something out there instead of right here. The world is far beyond our tiny idea of it.  Our world is consisting of only ideas of other races. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and so are His Angels. The world is only consciousness living as energy.

When we think about energy we tend to not feel anything about its existence. Its resonance living intelligently far beyond our idea of intelligence. Energy is able to communicate and is blending in human consciousness for living in matter. That's what living in God's light is. It's living through hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy all made perfectly for strands of light to pass over for living in human photosynthesis. The world isn't living at face value. They're images passing through our Soul for living through. 

Other races are higher intelligence and live blended in human consciousness for moving through light. The enormity of higher intelligence is beyond any level we can conceive. We're like a tiny grain of sand in the sandbox of higher intelligence. We dismiss it because we want to see a being purple and green in front of us.  We don't think more maturely about other intelligence or that form doesn't have to exist for their livingness. Something hundreds of billions of years alive is far beyond our idea of a body. We're not capable to conceptualize that existence because our level of consciousness is so young it idealizes by TV and not the depth of life. 

God doesn't need oxygen nor does He have any facial features or body. He can move in anything and everything because His light is of it. Other life has always been with us. We couldn't see our hands or grow from nothing into something without light. When God comes into our lives He opens Heaven on earth for us. Our living with Angels is axiomatic of everything in life with God. We learn about creation and consciousness.

The world takes on another light for knowing the enormity of life. God doesn't live like a friend in front of us. He's moving in every particle no matter where it is. There's no spacetime in Heaven. As we deepen our light in God we experience the world malleable and as a teacher. Everything in life changes including our hopes, dreams, and ideas. They become something outside of us. God isn't living for us to live our ideas. He's changing everything about us for His. God knows us and knows exactly what we are to live in this life. 



Algorithms tell us the world is in resonance. Including living as human. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and made us out of His energy. The light that carries our Soul is His. It's the song of Love hearing its calling again and again. We live through echoes of light that remind us of home. 

Only consciousness blocks us and only consciousness frees us. Living with God is the pilgrimage that pulls everything we know about life apart while placing us in another world. Reality changes because our thought system does. Hearing God unlocks the invisible world. We learn about life beyond mainstream ideas and know about creation for moving through light. There's no way to consciously evolve in God without our thought system changing. Only by living in Christ do we change ideas about life. 

God knew Moses when he was placed as a baby in a basket on the Nile River. He was saved by the Pharoah's daughter. The endless journey of life moves from one life experience to the next. It extends into new life even when we leave the body. Living with God transcends the world many times over.  Consciously evolving in God is a process that keeps us living deeper in Him for eternity. Consciousness keeps changing for higher light as we evolve. It's a vertical ascend instead of a horizontal one. 

God dissolves the ego, satan, and the little person. We learn about our light. I am the door and I am the true vine speaks Truth to every human being's existence. There's only one of us here with God going from the many to the one. The thought system is changing from believing the world is outside of us to knowing it's only living through us. Our perspective is the only narrative living as life. 

We don't learn about creation as children and no one teaches us how not to think. We learn ideas growing up and become them. There's nothing in our world helping us live beyond these concepts. We get caught up in the story and never leave society as reality. That's why it's the devil's level of life. We'll spend our entire lives trying to be something at society's level instead of realizing our divinity in God. 

No one who lives society reality leaves it unless they lose their lives to gain them in God. The thought system has to change and it doesn't change by keeping ideas that carry society as reality.  Consciousness has to transcend itself or it lives in a box of ideas that keep regurgitating the beliefs and ideologies as life. If we don't scale those walls and dive into deeper oceans with God we don't get there. Losing our lives to gain them in God is real. We literally fall away from society and live last to people who once saw us as first. The pain we can feel is because of the change in life living so differently. With God, we travel into unknown waters and live without parachutes. It's a walk that changes us regularly for only living with Him. 

We didn't learn about God because God became religions idea. Once we placed God in religion we had no way to know Him unless there was divine intervention. When Jesus walked the earth He was teaching religion it didn't know God. No one listened nor did they care. The teaching was missed by the highest levels of religion then and now. The idea that any group thinking corners God is satan. Our only way to God is through our own ideas in Christ. Living Love is the light that paths shine by. 

We needed to know more about the mind but satan kept everything hidden. We're listening to our voice as life and believing everything society is telling us without keeping God first. The eyes will deceive us and the ears will only hear in our narrative. If we aren't carefully minding what we see and hear we lose the way of knowing God. It becomes religiously keeping human precepts instead of living beyond everything in this world to God. 




No one ignores God but no one lives with Him in front of them either. We haven't placed His existence in the right light yet. Everything we learn about God doesn't live deep enough for us to get Him. Until we understand creation God is nothing more than a fairytale. The honoring of our own existence is partly why we believe God is a fairytale. Human beings live in veils of illusions about themselves the world and life until they awaken to higher consciousness. We sleep walk in stories about self making up our idea of life and living through it. The mind can't tell where one idea lives over another. We feel like everything we think is living when almost all of it's a daydream. We conjure up ideas of the past and future instead of being present in the present moment. 

Most people don't even know what the present moment is because they never live it. The mind doesn't end it's spilling out ideas for life to move through. Its constant machine of thoughts ripping into every major component of life without backing off. We can't pause our thoughts unless we work hard at it. They keep coming. No one understood incessant thinking was satan. The master behind idle thoughts is darker energy. 

Darker energy spills our guts out without us noticing it. It's the light of life to process energy. Nothing anyone can live by is anything other than energy. We have the choice to choose Love or not. Only Love brings higher light into consciousness because it's God's energy we accrue. without Love, we would be deeper in darkness than we can imagine. The world isn't living for anything more than energy. Thoughts living through incessant thinking are at the bottom of consciousness. It's lower energy living within us.  We're not learning to let go of pain energy. We keep everything about the past as part of the future.

It's a psychological drama for humans to forget life. Every moment is new for rebirthing but we haven't touched that level yet. We're more inclined to repeat history. The repetitive nature of human life is disastrous for consciously evolving. We don't live opening the new. We only carry around the old and add something to it that feels new. We're a species repeating daily life over and over again. Most people sleep on the same side of the bed their entire lives. We have morning routines Monday through Sunday. Every day has its own routine. We're not living to experience what we dont know. We're trying t make each day the same feeling. 

Human nature has become a constant model of repeating from one day to the next. The idea of living has become a mundane one that only lives with surprises we plan. Our ideas don't go anywhere. We live on one level of thinking and carry our beliefs, and ideologies as golden rules of reality. We don't live outside of our little box of thought and the box is making itself into sludge. Our whispers are satans story and not our light. We have more to live through but won't until we begin knowing Love. We need Love energy for having alchemy in consciousness. 

Darker earthly energy makes up our consciousness because we live society as reality with our self-identity at matters level. The mind doesn't see above that line. It only processes the level of matter. Our believing we know life is bogus. We know what we could muster up as life but we don't life. What we think is all we can conjure up as life and what we think is out of darker lower earthly energy. Our ideas come from a soup of satan. It's not living as anything other than a repetitive adventure in consciousness. 

Life won't deter us or prevent us from moving forward. It doesn't know our knowingness or not knowing. It's only giving what we make it be. The world traveler hasn't known far east places in life. We travel to resorts that keep us in our knowing instead of wading through waters waist-deep with alligators nearby. The adventure of life is living at the same address for fifty years. We don't make life a traveling journey of experiences. We stay in one place trying to master our town and shape our entire idea of life out of that one level of thinking. It's the low-end mind that tells us we're masters of the universe while we perch ourselves on one tiny street of knowing. The light of life dwindles fast in our world because the concept of life is routines. 

We have no jagged edges we can run through. Everything has been shaped for comfort and feeling happy. The mind won't take us beyond the walls we've made. Human consciousness shapes the darkest levels in life as intelligence. We're not painting a white canvas were making a blood-stained one. We crave pain and it's hidden from us because ego makes it feel like intelligence. Most people shape their thoughts by clinging to the news as informative data. We carry ignorance because we haven't known creation for masterminding our destiny in light. The devil will keep lower early energy processing if we do not deny it. Pain energy consumes us daily. Its become a normal part of life for the upper elite. It's the unseeable secret in the devil's perfume. 

Nothing in our world can carry knowledge until we bravely shatter life for light. If we only build from ideas in lower mind we receive life at the same level. We can have fancy cars and positions that make us feel powerful but the child lives in pain energy. Our thoughts dive like a rollercoaster with worry, anxiety, and fear knowing we're not on track. It was inevitable at birth. The pain being has been raised since birth. 

We come into a world already existing and live being taught how to see and think. The lower mind is the approach of human education and is the indoctrination for living society as reality. We don't stand a chance for light until were adults. Until then we shape the lower mind with satan, ego, and the little person's idea of life.  Living has become a redundant storyboard of ideas from the devil unless we live for God.  The only access we have to light is Love. This is why living for Christ is required. We want to extend energy into higher places than matter. Matters level is lower earthly levels that make everything in matter exist as life. 

We take the world at face value thinking and can't get beyond it. We don't understand thought or changing perspectives for new light. We're anchored in our ways and don't want to learn anything new. It's the battle of trying to teach an old dog new tricks. We don't do it. We try to live comfortably in our neighborhood for as long as we can. Human ideas in lower earthly energy have shaped the story of life. The record we keep playing needs to be broken and thrown away. No one gets out of their own recordings long enough to open the world. We haven't taught ourselves more about changing thoughts to feel comfortable in stories we aren't heroes in. 

Human idealizing of life to be something everyone adores kills the cat from no curiosity about life. We're on a mission to be something so we can feel like we are something. It's the quest of the lower mind and is the world we walk through to God. Nothing in human living touches light until we begin undressing every idea we carry as self for Love. Until then the making of self is the lower minds idea. Its lower earthly energy shaping in consciousness for an idea at matters level.  We're not graduating from the story we were born in. 

We think family, friends, and society exist as we think them to be. Nothing tells us they are energy within our Soul or that no one is walking the earth as we see them. The mind has been laced in energy that keeps only face-value assumptions living. We're not living beyond it for having other ideas of life. Only what everyone else is living feels right. Until we learn that self doesn't exist and the world is one level of consciousness we can't think with light for questioning it and learning more. We can only go along with it by sleeping through it.  

The days of wondering about our world come to c a close when we begin working. Once we have a position at work the mind carries its attributes as life. We aren't living to know more. We go along with what we're standing in because we can't see the illusion. The ego quickly feeds us wonderful scenarios of success and wealth. We start making stories about our future in grandeur the moment we tell family and friends about our success. It grows from there into storyboards of only satan's making. The idea of making it at society's level and being something takes over. We have no real care about God unless He's part of our being something at society's level. We'll pray to God night and day as long as some shade of fame and wealth becomes us. 

The mind isn't learning to live with Christ. It psychologically masters satans web of ideas without light. Soon we have no building on rock and have walked into quicksand. The world will only keep ideas that keep us trying to be something. We won't escape it. The story of self has been made and our idea of what is a good self is propelling us to be something others see as good. We'll make everything in our world the perfect idea of life based on society's ideas. Whatever society says is good we try to acquire. No one carries the substance to deny society's ideas. We've been indoctrinated to only live them, not battle them. 

Ideas are a dime a dozen and we can get lost in them. We build castles in mazes of nothing more than lower earthly energy telling us it's light. We can't see the dark because the veil over our eyes has whispered a new story of living with light. The lens we see through tells us everything is for us to feel good. No one can rain on our parade without consequence. Self-gluttony in ideas of grandeur keep human living in lower mind with ego shaping the stories. Our titles and positions are like valor. We walk around eagerly waiting for someone to ask us what we do so we can tell them our highly regarded position. It's our satan regurgitating how good we are. We keep in our ideas of self and constantly build self to be something that feels good. 

The mind won't release us until we begin losing our lives to gain them in God. Until then the mind will keep feeding stories in lower earthly energy for living through. The idea of self is perfect. We give our entire existence to a concept without question. Matters level won't get shattered as long as we keep meaning and attachment in it. By placing self-identity in matter, we imprison our being to believing we are the name, body, hairstyle, and clothes. 

We're strangers in a foreign land and can't figure life out. We're busy echoing what famous people look like and trying to have jobs that everyone thinks are impressive. The life we live is branding and marketing whatever society says is good. We want to have the right car, right job, and live in the right neighborhood and then we believe we are righteous as well. When it's not living in anything but our ideas. We're making up stories and setting up house for shaping a magazine life society deems worthy. Most people won't carry any ideas outside of the ones society calls life. We don't know there's only one of us here with God and the images are nothing more than elements for carving our story into the light. It all seems so real and it's supposed to. 

No one reveals the secret of life that lives the illusion of life. When we learn it, it's because of an anomaly or enigma that moved us into another position for opening the world. Whether we seize that opportunity or not will come from Love.  The mind won't give more than we battle for. If we're complacent and ego is building our house the idea of life won't open more of our being. Satan happily talks us into living society as reality. The lower mind has plenty of stories we can live through but none leave its walls. 

Life is energy being shaped by Love. What we know of Love has nothing to do with the Love this teaching is about. The Love we want to know is God's Love. It's energy within us every moment of our lives. The energy is discerning ideas and belief systems of self and life. The ideas can't live in anything but the energy we carry.  The energy is only a fragrance for moving through but if we only carry one fragrance we only know what is in that fragrance. We won't know anything beyond it. 

When God shaped human consciousness it was with other races in our light. They're higher intelligence weaved within consciousness for keeping us living exactly as we think in matter. God gave us the way to live differently as we increase His energy in our light. When this happens, ideas change and our beingness changes too. The idea of self in lower mind doesn't know higher energy. We don't see all of the petals on the flower. We only live like the stem in the ground still trying to know light. Life is an unfolding fractal of possibility. The edges never knew the beginning but what was started had a place of growth that could carry for eternity. 

Human ideas of self prevented us from opening divine light. We are the mundane idea and not the flower opening for light. The moment we question the body as self is the moment we enter our process for leaving it. Take away the body and all we have is energy. We are infused with higher races of light running through every aspect of our existence. Our thinking is with other races keeping our light in its light until we open the door for more of their light. They've been there the entire time increasing in consciousness for growing from a baby to an adult. They are there blending of our being with God. The light of God has changes for every level of consciousness to know Him. 

When we increase with Love we carry more of God's energy in us. He created us by taking His light from here and there mixing and making the way for human consciousness to live in matter. We're blended with other races in His light for moving as energy in matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and we're made out of His energy. We're like a tiny dot in the middle of a huge circle of energy that is comprised of only higher intelligence. Were an idea in the mind of God and everything we think is an idea in our mind. Our existence is only other races with a human idea for what being human is from this level of consciousness at matters level. We made being human the body even though we knew God was of no form and of all form. 

We didn't grasp the world was consciousness. Nor did we think about living created out of God's energy and that meant we were blended with other races of higher energy. The human being isn't one single strand of light we're a blend of other light shaping our light for living in matter. We live seeing a body but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles moving rapidly with light with other intelligence than ours. 

The aspect of living as a body has made us oblivious to light in our livingness. We don't see it and can't make it talk to us. We live one-sidedly with our thoughts as life. Nothing can give us more light and no one can make us exist in light we don't carry. Only what we carry is our level. Human living has never been alone. Its always been inundated with other races shaping the light for matter.

Living as energy that makes matter live at any one level of consciousness beckons science to know Conscious Energy as the fabric of our world. Our little person's idea of being human was shattered in 1AD but no one could grasp God's existence. For college graduates to live in illusions of human life needs reformation. We want to fast forward-thinking for understanding creation. We haven't known our own existence much less the universes. We keep regurgitating life without questioning or changing it. 

It's never going to be easy but it's mandatory for human ideas to leave everything it has made as life alone. We're backward and have no clue about what reality is and isn't. The story we made up is bogus and only lives from satan creating a lifestyle based on face-value assumptions at matters level. The divine level in us has never been realized for living with God. The devil's level is all we know. We're trying to be something at society's level while shaping self to live as the body. The concept of consciousness living as life has never been lived until now. We're only beginning to realize the enormity of other races when we know the entire universe, even what is considered thousands of light-years away, is God. The reckoning of life is underway for getting life right-side up. 

However, we live today, and whatever we made as life simply isn't. It's society's story and it's what could be conjured up at this level of consciousness. There's more beyond it and we're far beyond the body. Spacetime doesn't live at God's level. Only human ideas make it live as something for that level of consciousness. Spacetime for other races is light living in one constant line of existence. Matters level is nothing more than a pit stop moving through to new levels of consciousness. The world we carry is an idea and nothing more. It can be anything but ends up always being what we could make it be. 

Consciously evolving is abnormal for us but it will become the normal idea in life. We want to constantly move into a new light for shaping new worlds outside of our comfort zone. nothing in life is for stationary living. Everything is as transitory as each moment passing into a new one. God gave us the way to know everything becomes new. We don't live for new and have taught ourselves to live for what is known. That's the death in consciousness. We trap ourselves in thought systems that never leave their walls. Human life is struggling for ingenuity and for breathing outside of everything it has become. Only through God do we build on rock.

Until we live with God teaching about Himself we're in an obstacle course of quicksand. We're constantly trying to be something and swearing that we are something. We fool ourselves quietly wondering where we went wrong or what we could do better. The mind doesn't give us rest.  It's the restless wanderer seeking the ego's reward. Heavens level in life is the balancer and the keeper of depth, substance, and maturity. It's the walk outside of society's walls. When God gave us the way to grow from plasma to a body. he gave us the way to know our light is beyond the body. As nothing we came to be. As plasma, we carried every cell and organs imprint for life. It knew how to grow and what to become. We didn't question the lungs forming or the heart beating. We just accepted it as our livingness. 

No one is realizing other races in their light. We don't have eyes to see with. We live at our level of consciousness and if we make the body self, we get the body as self. Yearnings for higher consciousness made spirituality into a branded level of living. Higher consciousness departs everything we know as life. It's the equalizer of nothing. There's only one story living and there's only one story being dissolved.

Life isn't consisting of only satans ideas. We have more inside of us but we have to get away from the dark for light. Imagine a highway with many lanes all going in one direction. Whichever lane we're in is what we get but to our side is another lane of higher intelligence. Our beingness changes the more we blend into other lanes. The eyes change filters and the ears begin to hear the whispers of Angels louder. Our ideas change with higher races of Love in our light. 

The mind doesn't live in self chatter when we open Heaven's level of life. Satan falls away for Heaven. Self-chatter leaves for hearing God and Heaven. The practices of thought become conversations with other races with God or quietness. We don't carry stories from incessant thinking. The thought system is living at Heaven's level blended with God's energy beyond lower mind. Our livingness is hearing other races in our light.  We don't live in self stories with soceity as reality. 

Our incredible existence has always carried more than one idea of self. We don't know human existence as a blended light in God. We're carrying a story of one human being as self when we're more than one light. We're many other levels of light but never turn the faucet on for having a bigger stream flowing through us. There's a remarkable idea from scripture with Jesus telling the disciples not to be concerned with what to say because the Holy Spirit would move through them speaking. God living within us is an intelligence other than ours in us. We are blended with many other levels of light for variances of consciousness in God. 

When we open Heaven on earth we can talk to every level within our light. The body isn't here, hundreds of trillions and trillions of energy are. When we see the body has hundreds of trillions and trillions of different levels of energy we see why it's easy to talk to other light in our light. There's so much here. The house is energy, the couch is energy, the tree is energy and all of it is higher intelligence giving us the way to see matter exactly as we think it to be.

God shaped life from His light in self-organizing energy. The world of Conscious Energy is deepening every moment of our livingness. Having everything in cased in other races is arbitrarily living for carrying any level of consciousness we can to higher light. The more we open the more changes and the entire universe shapes itself to fill our needs. No one lives alone and no one will know Heaven on earth until they live with God teaching about Himself. The door that opens is wide but the passage is so narrow we barely find the opening to slip through. 






have no idea they are nothing more than a walking billboard of echoes out of society. Its not common for the upper echelon to realize 


of idnetoifyng matter as self in lower mind is accepted effrolessly by satan.

instead of living with God. 




Having so little time to breathe humility, kindness, and caring for others shapes darker energy for living through. Energy is constantly shaping itself for living through.

. wecant change that expert by choosing Love. If we are living for self and trying to accomplish something for status in soceity we are hungry for pain. 

think that's far-fetched because they don't understand human consciousness or what their thought system is made from. 

The purity of Christ was for having a thought system that knows light. We shrugged that off for darker energy. 






We take life for granted when it comes to thinking. Human beings incessantly think jumping from one thought to the next without pausing our thoughts. We don't notice our self chatter talking to ourselves. No one notices it until it's pointed out.

We're walking through matter in stories and most of them are daydreams living only in thought. We're not observing our thoughts to catch it. We think mostly about the past and future. We're constantly idealizing our lives seeing ourselves in situations we want to win in, do better in or plan for. Time isn't in anything but a thought. 

Our knowing spacetime is because the story includes it. If the story didn't have matters ideas at the level of matter we would know more about the power of light. Science doesn't move for anything other than what someone else in science can concur with. It's broken. It's not understanding the world in consciousness for removing the chains that bind it to mainstream ideas and dogmatic political systems. There's more for those who want to learn but it does require walking alone in water no one else sees until their time comes. The world only unfolds for those who have the courage to live through ridicule, shame, and suffering. Society makes everyone live for what is comfortable and lives in society. We don't dare walk outside of its walls. 

If we want to know about the world it's not part of the world we should stand in. We have to live for what no one can believe is real and then we'll understand our world. Until science knows the walls are shaped by being something to the world it won't live beyond them. If we try to please everyone on the island we never leave the island. Knowing God is a profound light for science and knowing the fabric of the world is Conscious Energy is another. We're not giving anyone in science the way to know our world because we haven't lived for being ridiculed, shamed, and belittled. We're not honoring the adventure of science by placating little ideas that subdue mainstream concepts of life. If someone has to agree with us then we shouldn't live as scientists. 

The idea of discovery is never out there its always in our own mind. What we make real from childhood seeps into every idea we carry as adults. We've learned to live pleasing society and won't walk beyond it until we understand creation's level of life. There's only one level of consciousness experiencing the world. Only our narrative exists as life. If we placate others we shorten our own ability for knowing more. We have to live not caring what others think for knowing beyond them. Consciousness can't reveal more of our world if we don't walk outside of the walls we build. 

The world is moving in a cloud of thoughts we haven't lived controlling or observing. We can't detect the illusory because the mind is seamlessly whispering to itself. Without our knowing it we have been spacewalking through matter aimlessly. Living on a planet in space has become a normal idea that doesn't carry depth in our existence. We treat it as nothing and therefore the ideas of life live as nothing. We live for fame and wealth instead of living on a planet in space.

There's a stark difference when seeing life in human ideas that live superficial and shallow than learning of God hundreds of billions of years alive, Angels, Celestial light, and our world in Heaven.  We don't grasp the enormity of other races weaved within human consciousness because we have no idealizing at that level. Our ideas are the little person's ideas subjugating thought at matters level. We need face-value assumptions instead of knowing more. We're not carrying any aptitude for God. We carry the level of matter believing He's a man with a white beard in the sky and that Angels are human beings with wings. The child ideas only exist because human beings live in shallow ideas of life. 

We're on a planet in space with the sun ninety-three million miles away living precisely at the right angle for giving elements that help us breathe. everything green and lush on this planet has needed hydrogen in amounts that surpass our conceiving it. We're not idealizing other races as us because we can't even idealize the enormity of life on this planet as anything but face-value assumptions. We don't register other races raising us because no one lives in conversation with God to know Heaven. We aren't majoring in Angels or Celestial light. 

No one knew the world as resonance or that consciousness is all that is alive. If we don't try to live beyond society's story we don't get anything other than society's story. Religion and science had no clue who God was. They both live society as reality and haven't grasped the enormity of God.  Teaching a world about God doesn't happen because we admire society ideas. It happens because choices are made that go beyond society or God.



Nothing can tell us it's an illusion until we hear God's voice. When we hear God's voice reality changes. It's not an idle event and it rips us instantly for knowing there's more existing in life than we ever knew. The eternal world is moving alongside the temporal one. Heaven's level in life is beyond our knowing. We're like a tiny pin dot in the center of a huger circle. Everything in the circle's space is other races of Heaven. 

Jesus gave us the way to live Love for bringing light into our thoughts. He's the door to God. The thought system is energy and the light it needs for moving into higher levels of thought is Love. When human beings tethered our relationship with God we began adhering to the ideas of other human beings instead of God. We turned more selfish and didn't cultivate caring for others. We didn't know how dark human consciousness could live because we had no idea what creation was. Adhering to other human ideas as life instead of listening to God shaped the devil in human consciousness. We learn self-love instead of selfless Love. Love doesn't know self-love. Self-love is the little person trying to feel something instead of letting go of something. The light in Christ is for knowing selfless Love.



Adam and Eve were only the beginning of moving into satan. We haven't stopped going deeper into darkness. Since life began human consciousness has been shaping ego, satan, and the little person's idea of life. We haven't begun to crawl and we're nowhere near walking to God. We live incessantly thinking trying to be something for soceity but it shapes worry, anxiety, and living in fear.

Money claims the Soul at birth and begins shaping the thought system in lower earthly energy. The energy in our thought system makes thought patterns only at matters level. We attach life to material items and the body. Matters level is the only way we can identify living. We aren't privy to Spirit or God. Nobody walks around with divine light because we don't walk in Christ. We're born into a religion and immediately shape our ideas of God at matters level. The knowing of God is rudimentary teaching that only shapes human precepts. No one actually lives with God teaching about Himself even though everyone swears they know God. It's not knowing God until we live with God teaching about Himself until then it's the devil's level in satan.

The version religion carries is the little person living society as reality being something to the world. When we live with God we live from the many to the one opening the door. The only reason religion has branding with God is from human ignorance never making it to God. Living with God doesn't serve religion it serves the human race. God is blessing humanity with light. The light of the world isn't a religious undertone. It's the thought system learning how to live with God. When we go along with society's ideas we only harbor satan which is darkness in thinking. God is giving us the way to carry light by knowing Him. 

Human living has been placating to satan for thousands of years and hasn't begun consciously evolving deeper in God. We haven't known what creation is and isn't for mapping a road to God. We navigate in the fog trying to find Him but never do. If any religion had made it to God we would have enlightened masters all over the world but we have none. Not one religion carries a covenant with God nor does anyone live in conversation with God. It's only living as branding and marketing. There's no substance or relationship with God. We haven't begun knowing the light in our world because we continue shaping human precepts as knowing God. 

When God gave us the way to know He existed it wasn't for human precepts, traditions, or rituals to take the place of learning from Him. We're standing at the crossroads of satan too many times to find God. We made religion into something and carry its devil instead of learning to live to God. Living with God is reality-changing as our thought system breaks for light. It has nothing to do with society's ideas and can't live in religion. It's the Soul remembering its home going from the many to the one. 

Human beings haven't lived deep enough to know life. We're only making matters level our existence because we can't carry the magnitude of divine light. Face value assumptions are an easier plan. We identify who we are by the body. By how we look, what we wear, where we live, and what our job title is. We made our self-identity the body and outerwear who we are instead of knowing Spirit. The idea of our existence is what others think of us instead of the Soul singing in God.

Lower mind is keeping the thought system building attachments at matters level. We see society as real because we can't carry the depth for seeing more of the invisible world. The bigger world eludes us because our eyes are fogged over with a veil that condemns light. It's keeping us in the darkness where we have been comfortable for centuries. 

We don't question what we see or why we think what we do. We take our thoughts as they come and never question the eyes. The eyes believe everything we see is true. We have learned about changing narratives or moving perspectives into other energy. Controlling our thoughts wasn't taught in school. Without deeper inquisitions into why we think what we do, we stay asleep to life. The thought system has an abyss of ideas but they all live at one level of thinking. It's the reservoir of living on repeat but finding minor differences to believe we're living very new. We don't live outside of our one level of thinking unless we consciously evolve beyond it which we won't because no one is living for enlightenment. We don't really care about knowing our existence. It's easier to go along with society as reality sleepwalking through life. 

Only when something jars us into suffering do we begin questioning more about life. The walk to enlightenment never comes because we chose it. It overtakes us. We have to find answers no one else has and in that quest, we begin the valley of the light walk. We're a thinking species that doesn't live for consciously evolving. We're not the disruptors of life. We're the safe walkers trying to stay in the lanes of rudimentary living. We would rather live in our little person's ideas than venture into the unknown. No one is being taught to deny society's existence. We're only being taught to embrace it. Yet, if we know God exists and He is beyond mainstream ideas, where is that world? The invisible world is always with us but if don't depart society as reality we never find it. 

Consciously evolving is a mandatory level because we live in consciousness. If we don't consciously evolve we never leave the box of ideas that shape our little reality. Our knowing God was for living outside of the tiny box of thoughts. Self is the idea of the temporal world trying to be something at society's level instead of knowing we are Love. It's based out of lower mind. We believe are our thoughts when our thoughts are not who we are. We are not our thoughts. They only create stories for living through to God. 

At matters level of life human beings believe they are the body, name, car, job title, clothes, hairstyle, and bank account. It's the younger claim in face-value assumptions. We haven't lived more enlightened to know we're not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It's not who we are, it's a temporal vessel for moving through matter at this one level of consciousness. It's giving us the way to carry the human experience in matter. 

Everything we think about who we are and what life is has been shaped in darkness. The human race is backward with ideas that have no clue about the divine world we live in. Our ideas are the little person accepting face-value assumptions. The world is what we could muster up as life. When we live with God we undo all of our wrong-minded thinking for knowing Him. It's unraveling satan and becoming Love that brings light. 

With God, the eternal world is home instead of the temporal one. We live for His idea of us and not our idea of us. Different levels in life produce more living in bigger parts of our world. We can't know them until the mind changes for them. It's not written in any books and can't be taught. The Soul is the whisperer of the wind and knows the path of all things. We're travelers in a world we have never known. It will be this way for eternity. Every new life is for experiencing a new level of consciousness in matter. The only guide we have is God. Learning to live with God is our mainstay for carrying light in the journey to Love. 

God made everything in existence for carving more into consciousness. We have infinite variables, elements, and ideas for living through. The one determining facet in everything is Love. The energy we carry is the light we live through. Love makes more light in us. The only living level in us is God. Where we live within His light is based on the Soul's Love. Having more Love is better than any idea in human consciousness. It overrides everything in life because it's the alchemy to everything in life. 

Our shaping the alchemy in life has been our power from the start. We haven't developed Love in Christ for knowing our ability to shape light in matter. It's not part of our teachings in this world. It's the bigger world's teachings for us to learn. God of no form and of all form beckons us to know we're not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body, changing form just like God.

Thought is solely a storyteller for the temporal experience. Consciousness is the light thought lives out of and consciousness is eternal. It's the Soul in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live with thought. When we leave the body thoughts fade. Everything we knew as life never lives again but everyone we've lived with stays in our light for eternity. We'll never experience this world again but we'll enjoy more ideas in consciousness through other worlds. Our new life is lived in another level of consciousness with a new thought system filled with ideas.  

When God gave us the way to live for eternity it was by shaping matters level from different levels of consciousness. Living in a life continuum that never ends is only living for becoming Love. As we carve the Soul to light we create Heaven on earth with more extraordinary ideas for living through. It's an endless imagination of worlds we have been blessed with. God is giving us the way to experience more knowing than we can fathom today. We think we already know the universe, every star, and world. When we haven't even been conscious of life yet. 

The human race is dead asleep and has never known what being alive is, how reality exists or how matter is living. We don't know God and certainly have no idea of the plethora of other races in our light that make up Heaven on earth. We're sleep-walking in dreams that live very real and don't know ultimate reality. By the time we graduate high school we think we know our world. We've been taught history and what living successful is. The idea of fame is deafening by the time we're in elementary school. The mind has been shaped to matters level and has little aptitude for anything outside of that box. We're indoctrinated into a world that only serves one level of ideas as life. Those ideas are human ones that never knew anything about life. 

Human education is only the storyteller for the temporal world. It carries society as reality and not Heaven. It's the giver for the backdrop in life and not the pencil for the bigger world. Science is the same. We don't come into a world with knowledge or knowing. We come into a world that's made the temporal idea of life the eternal without ever knowing the eternal. We haven't learned to walk but think we're running swiftly with intelligence. Human knowing is null. We're not living with God teaching about Himself and everything we've made up is the temporal jibber-jabber of life. It works because it has to. 

Human beings have to live through something regardless of its validity as something. We don't live ten thousand years out to know better. Whatever we can muster up right now becomes life with help from Celestial Light. It's a world that lives being built up, torn down and a new one takes its place. It's a cycle occurring more often than human birth. We haven't been privileged to live conscious of the world in our earlier years no longer existing.

What was life in the 1970s is now old memories. It was a world filled with matters level matching human consciousness level but now it's gone. We made another world exist for moving through to another. This cycle extends beyond the body. There is no birth or death. There's only a continuation of consciousness changing form. We'll live in more bodies than we can count and none of them are the eternal light of our being. They're only a temporal costume for living in one level of consciousness in matter. When this idea changes for living in another light the body begins to change. The body changing is the knowing that we're going to soon live in more life.  

We see bees dive into lakes to leave the world. Many species do weird things to leave matters level. Human beings age and the body changes for pushing us out. It's a celebratory moment of light gliding Spirit to the Soul. We gleam like the sun's rays returning home for light. The journey to Love is endless. We don't have to do anything and we're moving from one life to another like living on a conveyor belt moving from one process to another. Consciousness is constantly moving forward just like our world. 

The sun comes up and goes down and every moment passes for another. We don't live in any moment twice. One leads to the next and life keeps churning for newness. God doesn't get bored. The world is a spectacular painting that keeps producing masterpieces at every level of consciousness. We haven't lived outside of our story for living with Heaven. We made our world live at the devil's level the moment money became a second God. The consequence was human consciousness moving in lower earthly energy. Every attachment and meaning placed in matter anchored us to its level. We didn't know what we were doing and made reality one level of thinking. 

Everyone could believe in face-value arguments but no one could believe in what they couldn't see. We didn't understand consciousness for knowing there was more existing beyond our eyes. Only what we could muster up as thought could live in front of us. When we change how we think we see more of our world. What we think is here is nothing more than one level of thinking producing the same level in matter.  The more we change the mind the more the mind can see. 

No one can live beyond their thoughts and what we can muster up as thought is endless. The idea that the mind sees in totality is null. We don't see the totality of anything we can only see at this one level of consciousness. Only when we consciously evolve do we see more. This is why every fact eventually fades. It had a moment in time to be something but new eyes bring in something else. 

Religion monopolized the idea of God through power from branding and marketing. It's not living in higher intelligence and doesn't live with God's light. It's lower mind shaping human precepts in satan. When God is teaching about Himself we don't carry religion. The idea of religion is society's mind. With God, we live beyond Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam knowing the temporal stories of religion have nothing to do with the eternal.

God is giving each of us the way to know Him beyond all things in life. Human ideas will come and go but knowing the eternal is the light that never ends. God doesn't build His existence from our ideas. He's turning our ideas into dust for knowing Him. Life isn't existing at the level we think it is. The storyboard we carry is ideas coming and going and the true world we live in is outside of that book. God breaks into our thought system for shattering our ideas from satan to Heaven's level in life. He's giving us a way to know the Truth instead of the stories. Ultimate reality is only living when we live with God teaching about Himself. Everything else is veils of illusions to God. 

The world is only existing in thought and can't live outside of how we think. How we think is the only narrative the world can live by. It won't live in anything but our perspective and self chatter. We don't live in any other existence but our own self-chatter. 

God gave us the way to experience only our thoughts as life so we could change them and see more. He gave us a way to observe our thoughts, learn about Love and change energy. When we change the energy thoughts emerge from, we change what we see.  The mind doesn't live without energy. It only swims with particles we shape as resonance through our algorithms in God. At the smallest particle, the motion is resonance. Nothing can reveal itself unless we learn to change the energy thought lives out of. Once begin to move energy we begin to understand consciousness is relative to energy. Thought needs energy to live. Just like the car needs gas to run. Without deprivation of darker energy, we don't have good gas in our cars. The only idea we can carry that brings higher light to thought is the energy of Love. 

Every human being is taught to believe what was taught to someone else. We're not having a way to think outside of what is given. We end up becoming the same level as the ones teaching. Without a deeper understanding of consciousness, we can't bring light into our thought system. Human education is a system of ignorance making itself brilliant without having a clue about reality or consciousness.

This is the first generation to awaken to know human education is the base level and not living for Soul intelligence. It only makes the backdrop for living at the little person's level. We don't graduate beyond it for knowing our world. We live in a box of ideas that shape themselves as reality and never leave them. It's the devil's level of life making every child's thought system in satan. No one will ever know it until they live enlightened.

Once we go beyond society's level of consciousness we can look back and see it for what it is. If we're living society as reality we can't see anything. We're inside of the whale's belly and have no idea what lies outside of it. The knowing of life is from where we stand. If we stand in the whale's belly, we only know the whale's belly. When we stand outside of it we know something else.

Life cant give anything beyond our ideas of life. We're the ones keeping ourselves in the box and we're the ones not willing to live vulnerable and uncomfortable for knowing more. Religion, science, and human education are all in the same boat and have no way to know anything outside of it. They've learned to build stories at one level of consciousness while never piercing the veil of illusion for light. Nothing in our world carries depth unless we live beyond the first illusion to the next. 

Science will turn three hundred and sixty degrees as life changes for knowing more. The world of consciousness makes it inevitable. Our living with technology, medicines, and inventions is Celestial Light. The idea of science knowing about the universe while having no idea what reality is and isn't or how matter is existing is telling of human consciousness in darker earthly energy. It's an idle idea we live from requesting more substance than were able to find. 

Nothing we can know makes technology an idea in matter without Celestial Light. Celestial Light is the bringer of goods into the story. They keep the world buzzing. We're walking through a thick forest that every so often has fairies lighting our way to greener valleys. We don't feel it but everything comes together for experiencing something we only dreamt about. Celestial Light is on the edge of every thought showering our light for moving into miracles that seem like normal living. 

Celestial Light is the maker of the world. They are weaved in human consciousness. We've been building rockets while not even knowing reality, consciousness, or matters level in life. We have open heart surgeries without anyone knowing they only live in their self-chatter. We're not living awake to Truth. The fable is all we know and it keeps us busy without any way to realize its existence. 

God shaped hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy for every level of consciousness to progress during its time on earth. What we had in the 1970s as an idea in consciousness is different than what we carry in 2022. The development of our world is from Celestial Light. The story progressed seamlessly without anyone watching reality changing into more. Hours become days and ideas placate to moments in time with human achievement. We always achieve something and we always bring lots into being for moving forward in human consciousness. 

The idea that life is swimming with other races defames us. We haven't been awake to God for understanding the simple existence of Angels. Heaven on earth lets us know we're intertwined with other races. The enormity of that carries to living as an algorithm in God. Everything in existence is living in God's light. It's living in His consciousness and His consciousness is energy. The only existing level in life is resonance. 

We didn't notice life-changing. The light moves the world forward perfectly. We're not uncomfortable and don't really notice the world changed while we slept through it. We walk through different generations, music, lifestyles, and material goods effortlessly. The enormity of every nuance in life-changing to match thought doesn't dawn on us. Every blade of grass and snowflake changes. Each blade of grass lives in its own light just as every pebble does. The pieces changing is in the hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions when life moves forward. Every nuance of life changed without us noticing the enormity of that change. The light in life is different and our ideas are now brewing on a different plane. The change brought us into something different for diving deeper into imagination, creativity, and possibility. Consciousness is biding for new territory.

Science assumed there are different atoms for rain, snow, and hail. It hasn't dawned on us to know everything at birth was given its imprint to be what it is today. Nothing including the sun has been some spontaneous existence outside of our original plan. The mind is swimming in waters that knew the land before it arrived. Every atom is held in measure by God for human beings to shape the purpose of the atom and the livingness of the particle. Nothing is swimming alone. We have the comfort of many other races in our water for guiding us to shore. 

Science has lived without a clue that only one narrative is experiencing the world. It didn't grasp God or the world living as energy. The idea of other races is a marvel in science because everyone desires knowledge of them but no one wants to know God. Living at a time when human consciousness has made other races as something beckons us to wake up and understand creation. We're not holding common sense for our own existence. 

When God gave us the way to know He was of no form and of all form. It told us He had no facial features, or body and didn't need oxygen or anything we need to live. He was of everything and anything. God can live in hostile environments and doesn't need matter to exist. Matter is a  nothingness only living in consciousness. God living hundreds of billions of years alive is telling humanity we haven't lived deep enough to understand what being human is and isn't. Our assumptions have nothing to do with Truth. If we don't comprehend God's existence we have no way to know ours. 





what was living at birth moved into new light and is with us now.

We lose trillions of cells every day but the mainstay elements have been exactly as they were at birth. We don't grow new kidneys or lungs and we don't regurgitate new blood or arms every five years.  We've been created for living with some changes but the fundamental idea of us is laid at birth. So is the world.

The world is swimming with new days and nights. We lay awake until we fall asleep and drift into dreams of conquering the universe. The idea of learning rain drops are moisture in the atmosphere is the child's eye searching for a reason at this level of thinking. We don't travel into what isn't living at face value. We're not grasping that face value is one level of thinking but there is more existing beyond this one level of thinking. Moisture isn't a relative motion from temperature changes or increases out of hydrogen. It's a mind-boggling affair of Conscious Energy knowing a climate level is needed for another climate level to live. 

The world is alive in intelligence keeping human consciousness fulfilled in its story. The weather is consciousness from human living. We can summon the gods of rain in dance or prayer but the world already has its design at birth for when and how it lives when it does. Just as we had every imprint within our light as plasma before birth so does our world. The human story is unfolding within a level of knowing from creation that it already lived. We're shaping every circumstance a human being can experience as life including the weather through human photosynthesis. 

Human photosynthesis is making every idea exist within some time frame of life. We shape galaxies and catastrophes with pencils that make the world everything it is out of the collective Love we have become and not become. Energy is moving faster than light and shaping stories years in advance. God knew the Israelites would be enslaved for four hundred years. He knows our past and future effortlessly as does Celestial light, and Conscious Energy. The world we're moving through has already existed at some level in God. We're an idea in the mind of God and everything we live is an idea in our mind. 

The idea that life is filtering a brand new atom at every moment for every new idea is null. The knowing that particles live moving differently is a better way for understanding the world. It's not rebirthing itself as much as it is moving in other light. The light of the particle is endless even when we think it dies. We should watch the leaf fall from the tree and become part of the earth and dust. The endless cycle of life is ours. No particle is leaving spacetime at our level of consciousness. It's moving through light beyond the world more than in the light of the word. 

Everything we know folds into something else. No speck of dust is wasted. We birth out of nothing into something and live in matter for a brief time. The circus tent gets propped up for storytelling and doesn't live in one town. It's brought down and put up throughout the lands. Life has placed everything we require with us. We don't know when or where our lives change but every encounter has more possibilities than we know. The story of our ingenuity is living for variables, places, and times only creation knows. We're living in something for knowing more than we garner living society as reality. It's a world of higher intelligence making stories come to life. 

The book of life is never-ending and constantly changing for the one level of consciousness reading it. It satisfies and gives us everything we wanted without us knowing we've been catered to. Everything we learn is perfect and just for us. We live unaware to notice. It's the possible scenario that makes us feel like everything is brand new. It feels like we just thought of it for the very first time. Prior to this moment it never entered our minds. But how did it enter our minds? The light in us lives in Heaven shaping energy into the word for making the world. Only what we can think carries another idea for following it. 

Existing in consciousness is hundred of billions of years alive but yet human beings get to dance in the knowing of it. We won't garner everything about consciousness but we can shape our thoughts with Love and perplex the entire landscape of life into a new world. No one realized how God exists until they experience Him speaking out of thin air. When we hear voices out of thin air reality changes swiftly. It's a remarkable experience of the world cracking open into what we never thought was possible. 

Life exists with more races than we can fathom. God living hundreds of billions of years alive shaping energy to live at any one level of consciousness makes Heaven on earth the epitome of other races. Not one Angel is living out of the little person's ideas. They're far beyond human beings with wings. Learning about consciousness at different levels is learning that each level will carry its stories until it awakens. We can't live knowing until we experience God. There's nothing in life that can carry what climbing Mt. Everest entails until we actually climb it ourselves. 

Monday morning quarterbacks are living for ideas that make not doing it something done. With God, we only have one way and that's living in the light of Christ. Everything else is satan.

When God was placed in religion we lost everything. He became a moral idea instead of the blueprint to life. Without having higher intelligence teaching us about consciousness we shaped darkness instead of light as human consciousness. 



Knowledge doesn't come from mainstream ideas. It's beyond them. It's the carrier of a hypothesis no one else carries and the mark of ingenuity that remembers a much deeper light in life. We're making knowledge mainstream instead of pioneering into what isn't accepted by anyone. Knowledge doesn't swim in shallow water. If face value assumptions have become knowledge it's because our species doesn't live for enlightenment. It's playing in shallow water building castles and making the world believe it's deep. 

Nothing in consciousness is at face value. Consciousness is endless and what we can muster up is what we get. The art of living is knowing how to muster up more than what is living. The world is a moving place of algorithms and resonance. Everything we think is what we live through. Ideas, inventions, and technology have long been exercised by Celestial Light. We don't recognize higher intelligence because we haven't made it to awaking yet.

Celestial Light is the carrier that sits on the edge of thought for placing it in life. Our not knowing higher intelligence is because we never live with God. We worship and pray to Him but have no conversations with Him. Human beings haven't carried their own weight since the beginning. God and Heaven have always given everything needed for life to exist. We don't realize the story we're in completes itself. It has a history and future already imprinted within it. We're like flowers blossoming in soli already loved with a sun having everything we need for elements to grow. 

Science never got on the right track for knowing creation. The three-dimensional theory thwarted its efforts. Only by knowing energy can science begin to know life. Without knowing the world as energy we haven't understood quantum life. Our existence appears as big chunks of matter but it's only tiny subatomic particles in the hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions. Resonance is the closest we can come to understanding life. It's a light in human photosynthesis filling up spacetime with ideas. 

Without knowing how reality exists or how matter exists science has now set itself up for knowing what an illusion is and how other races live blended in our light. It's perfectly sitting for knowing life is a thought we muster up.  As a thinking species, we must live for consciously evolving. Living for enlightenment is the only way we can travel to realize our potential at this level of consciousness. If we only go along with society's ideas we live at level one and never get off the ground for knowing our world. Consciousness is giving every human being their own portal to move through. We never leave our minds and only have our thoughts to live in. 

Life carries more realms within them when we live for hearing God. If we remain in our self chatter and never get light the dark lives in us and nothing can remove it. The dark is our own making in thinking at matters level. Leaving darker energy is our quest and by living in Christ we do just that. Love changes energy instantly.

We're taught as children the world is living outside of us instead of learning the world is only living through us. Parts of human education haven't graduated to higher consciousness. The lower mind keeps it at matters level. Soon it will be too low to be called human education. If human beings can't learn creation the level of where human consciousness sits is in darker earthly energy. Our present education idea hasn't begun to even know simple life. It only makes one story out of an infinite live as something instead of teaching the infinite idea of the world only at our level of consciousness. 

No one who graduates college has the aptitude for knowing the Truth in human existence. The Truth would seem like a sci-fi movie or fairytale because the mind has been shaped in lower earthly energy. We're creating a thinking species to only sit in one reality in lower mind. We don't bring any light for the thought maze to move beyond the tiny box of reality we've shaped. It's like being on an island having no idea how enormous the world is. Our college education collapses the knowing of life into a tiny box. It isn't capable of believing anything outside of its box. The eyes don't see beyond the box and the ears can't hear outside the box's language. Everything in life must be packaged perfectly for the mind of the college grad to believe and know as life. The college grad fits perfectly at society's level but nowhere else. It fits perfectly there becuase it has been raised to only think in a thought system of society's ideas. 

Consciousness is like a field being planted with seeds that grow and only become exactly what was planted. Human education is cultivating an idea and only that idea becomes reality. It's not living for human potential or for human intelligence. What is deemed intelligence from human education is rudimentary ideas that placate matters level as life. Which in turn is ignorance. We haven't met God for opening the world of consciousness. We're shaping ours to a lower level in life without knowing it. It's called the devils level because we never leave matters level. 

We're happy to have new cars, fancy clothes, and job titles. The enamoring of material reward keeps us from pursuing enlightenment. We would rather have instant gratification and all the pleasure we can find than barrel through thorns to Truth. No one wants to know the Truth in our world. They want someone else to find it and then tell them about it. We haven't been taught that only through our thoughts can Truth live. If not out of our own substance we don't carry it. We can read about it and never touch the surface of it. 

God created every human being to acquire their own light at their level of consciousness. No one else can live our journey. And only by our journey do we have enlightenment. The world of human education, Ph.D.'s, and geniuses is the human-made idea of intelligence. We're seeking the magnitude of light from higher intelligence. It's the Souls intelligence we seek to increase and not the mind. The mind is a tool that will sit wherever we plant it. Soul intelligence is the wind that blows the world into other lands. 

Nowhere in our world do we find wisdom and knowledge. Our placing knowledge in human education is like running down the same track every day for years but believing we knew other roads. If we only carry the same information relentlessly we didn't go anywhere. It's a false teacher to only know one story living. We're needing to broaden our horizons with God and begin knowing creation for more intellectual stimulation. Without further inquiries into life, the box shrinks. We won't live carrying consciousness for light if our idea of life continues to live only in linear consciousness.

Linear consciousness is the stretching of ideas horizontally instead of vertically ascending in God. We once lived for a million dollars and then we lived for five hundred million dollars and then we lived for a billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. That's linear consciousness. We're expanding out of money as life. The mind has no intelligence for shifting ideas vertically it can only sit locked in a horizontal position. We're not garnering any ideas out of light for seeing our dark. We make the dark light and keep money as a second God because we haven't earned credence in life. As long as our ideas shape the world outside of us we stay asleep.

Human consciousness sits in lower mind because we don't live with God teaching about Himself. We only listen to our self chatter as life. No one is experiencing anything except their narrative as life. Only our perspective lives. We listen from our narrative and speak from our narrative. The idea that other people have different opinions and knowing is the beautiful echo of consciousness fortifying ideas for moving through. The ideas are only shaped in our narrative for what can serve us. It's like ala carte ideas coming at us all the time and we can take what we want or pass on it. 

Consciousness is a constant movement. We aren't going to know anything other than our ideas as life. They keep manifesting and regurgitating themselves in different ways for living Love. The ala carte tray comes by often for trying to move us in other directions. Our reflection is everywhere and the ideas we carry continually keep us moving through matter.

Satan is the self chatter in darker earthly energy. The thought system carries tiny snakes that move our ideas into darker energy. Nothing can prevent satan from living until we observe our thoughts and bring Love into them. Love tears satan out of our thought system. Maybe human education should learn what thinking is and isn't before graduating to knowledge. Without knowing thinking as daydreams we made thinking real. The world carries only our ideas in matter. It's not living as anything other than thought. 

Human thinking is subjugating thoughts with daydreams. We are idle most of the time with pictures of our past and future. We don't live in the present moment because incessant thinking keeps us dwelling on what we did yesterday or need to do later. The mind doesn't rest unless we pause it. Only when we pause incessant thinking and focus on the present moment do we find it.

Our enormous world can only exist in how we perceive it. If we're short-sided and have stubborn little ideas about it then only those ideas live as it. Everything is consciousness. The mind won't live outside of itself and what we believe is all we get. The mind is a slippery slope trying to rid itself of ego, satan, and the little person. It can't break the chains of ego unless our light is in higher energy searching for depth and magnitude of life. The ego is relentless and won't let us feel good if we try to leave it. It's the keeper of me.

The ego feeds on satan and the little person. The little person only exists because satan makes a home for it. Satan is the trickster in our thinking that constantly makes the story of me in trouble. Its finds clever little ways for the scenarios to be justified, important and intelligent. It masquerades its agenda as living successfully. Satan only lives for a quick moment. Its job is done once ego kicks in. 

Observing our ideas in matter gives us a way to see thought in action. We change our perspective when we realize the ego has falsely insinuated something in life for its own benefit. If we don't observe our thoughts and begin a deeper climb in consciousness the surface ideas move only in ego, satan, and the little person. We won't notice it because the mind can't see itself unless it tries to. Placing light in thought brings us to higher knowing. We observe how we feel and where thought is coming from. We see the story and know the making of the characters has come from ego. Changing how we think is from changing the energy thought emerges from. 

Thought is energy manifesting itself in a light that is either dark or light. It's from more temperature than anything else. The temperature is pulses in resonance that live breathing in God. They are living morsels of motion in Heaven's level of life. The pulses take seconds of our time to shape years of our lives. They are surfacing only for us and only for this one level of consciousness. We don't repeat the same pulses and we never experience them again. Even when we drive the same road each day it's a different road each time. No one ever lives in anything other than a remembrance of light. 

No one knows life is on repeat but everything we do is always a repeat of something we did before. Human thinking regurgitates the same pulses over and over. We don't really change our lives as we imagine. It's always linear steps to the side that seem so different. The magnitude of living on repeat is relentless. Human thinking placates comfort. We want to live in knowing and refuse to not know. We'll make up whatever story in our mind that feels best. The mind doesn't deny it. It will accept whatever we give it. 

Human ideas living in routine light is making human intelligence sink. We aren't favoring a bigger muscle in thought and weakening ours by placating to what we know. The knowing of thought in routines is the making of our thought system in tiny mazes. The tiny mazes of our thought patterns keep ideologies living for thousands of years and keep making life itself into tiny knowings of nothing. We live in passed own ideas that make us feel comfortable. As long as ego feels like a know-it-all we are the champions of the world. The mind won't defect what we give it and doesn't run away. We keep shaping human ideas in lower earthly energy because it's easier than living for Soul intelligence. 

The mind is the keeper of our world and if we stay in what is comfortable and feels like knowledge we never walk outside for knowing. It's the comfortable illusion to nowhere. Consciousness needs more from humanity and won't deliver it by itself. We have to live for more. Our regimen ideas for shaping credibility with institutions that know little has been the landmark way of life. We don't really care for outside opinions or anyone who sees life differently than where we stand. Human beings try to live with like-minded people because we never understood the world of gifts. 

When we make the world live outside of us it makes competition. opponents and being right a mainstay probability in thought. We're not learning our narrative needs air. If we only stay with like-minded individuals we lose the world to a tiny idea that feels good. The mind won't break the walls we build and our reality will live contained within the walls. Human thinking hasn't awakened for knowing itself. We are a species still moving in the dark with veils of satan, ego, and the little person claiming our eyes. We don't see outside of what we have been taught to see and we think we're seeing a universe when we're only seeing a tiny island. 

Our existence is at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We don't see the totality of anything. We only see one level of thinking out of an infinite. If the walls of ego claim a tiny idea we only know it as the universe because there's no other choice but that. The eyes will suffice the ego's making of it. The thought system that keeps to matters level is the imagination of life in a gutter. It's the ending of knowing for placating to a linear level of consciousness. The light in our eyes can see for miles and miles when we shape the mind to know there are miles and miles there. If we don't know anything is there we cant see it. 

Human education places the miles for us and has never understood consciousness for opening light. It darkens ideas about what human beings deem as fact when it's illusory trying to find itself. The storyteller never knows it's in a story until someone points it out. The eye of our mind doesn't live in our mind. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. The Soul is in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Spirit is the temporal guider for this life. Everything we think can only live for a short time. Our thoughts never leave this place. They are the only living idea of the human experience at this one level of consciousness in matter. 

Human life is nothing more than a quick trip in matter at one level of consciousness moving into the next one within a hundred years or so. We don't stay long and we're only here cultivating light for living deeper in God. God is the universe and were the Soul seekers on an island trying to find life. His light reaches further into stories than we can muster up. God created the way for ideas to be brought into being and lived through. He gave us the way to shape our story at this level of consciousness. God is the road in consciousness we travel through for eternity. His livingness is hundreds of billions of years out from our place in life. 

We know the sun, earth, and sky only because the word gave us the world. God gave the word for consciousness to feel at home no matter what levels it resides from. The knowing of life is always genuinely felt s our own. We see everything as if it's always been here. We find it comforting and don't question reality. It's a seamless existence in a foreign world that has been made to live perfectly comfortably. Consciousness doesn't know foreign and doesn't live feeling like an alien in its own home. Its been shaped to feel constant knowing even when we don't know anything. We're never like fish out of the water.  

Human touch is a marvel for accepting the world exactly as it is without question. We don't see anomalies that frighten us and we don't feel like we're alone. No one comes into the world knowing there's only one of us here with God. We work through our lives learning it. It's gradual learning. Nothing we live tells us it's an illusion and nothing we live tells us there's only one of us here with God. The world won't shock us with revelations about reality or life any deeper than we can handle at this moment. Our aptitude is the signature of our reality. 

The moment we hear anyone speak outside of our knowing and not knowing we challenge the world for Truth. The idea that someone can know something more than us can spark ego into defensiveness and attack. We have lived on an island without knowing it. Our island is home and comfortable to us. The mind doesn't tell us we're in a tiny reality. It makes us feel like Kings and Queens of endless galaxies. We keep telling ourselves day in and day out that it's a new day filled with new things. When we haven't lived differently in weeks and sometimes years. 

We have the go-to menu of life that continually is the same menu without us noticing. The idea of living consciously is mute. We only know our routine way of life as real. Consciousness keeps the world living perfectly no matter how asleep we are to it. We won't notice our routines until someone points them out and won't question living in our narrative until someone points it out. Up until that time we are clueless about daydreams subjugating thoughts or what living in the present moment is. 

The mind is living in lower earthly energy and hasn't known light for thousands of years because human consciousness made money a second God. When we made money a second God we shaped matters level as life. We identify self with matter and we place meaning and attachment at matters level instead of in God. The walk is on the earth instead of in Heaven. 

Religion branded itself with God but never knew Him. It's not living in conversation with God. No one in any religion lives enlightened or even understands the thought system. God teaches about consciousness because we have to know more in order to transcend the ego, satan, and the little person. Incessant thinking is satans home. Religion hasn't begun to transcend satan for God. It only lives society as reality in mainstream ideas keeping incessant thinking as its livingness. 

God gave humanity a beginning for knowing He existed. He chose people for carrying light into the world. We took that knowledge and assumed from our little person's perspective what it should become. We made everything cater to an idea for religion. The concept of God isn't for religion it's for every human being to have light in their thought system. We didn't understand the world for shaping our ideas higher. We made religion an affiliate to God when it was the opposite road to God. 

Never has anyone in any religion lived in conversation with God. He chooses people outside of religion and even chooses atheists. He's not living for keeping religions existing. He's moving in every human being for knowing Him whether we know Him or not. Consciously evolving beyond the world is the map to God. It's the Soul's journey into light that makes the passing of one world into another. Never has any religion understood consciousness or reality.

Buddha carried some understanding but never knew God. consciousness never left matters level of life. If we don't live outside of the world we can't know the light of the world. Religion hasn't made it beyond matters level of life to know God. The idea that titles and positions equate to decree in God is satan. It's the little person trying to be something to God instead of unraveling the world for Him. We shape our ideas out of societies without question. We're not learning to live beyond the devil in human consciousness. We go along with it.

Life isn't catering to us as we believe. Its temperature is shaped by our knowing and not knowing. It serves exactly our light in life. If we live mainstream ideas we get mainstream weather. The world won't bombard us with Angels and other races of Love as long as our mind is aligned with society's little person's idea of them. We'll live more incredulous because society does. The world we carry isn't going to unwind itself if we don't move the dial for unwinding it. We have to live for it to know life. We are the shapers of universes and the makers of light. The alchemy in our pocket is always Love. Love is the only alchemy to building other realities. 

However, we arrive in this world the paths to other places chase us. They swirl around us trying to have us see them and walk toward them. We don't have to live from where we came or from what has been taught to know life. We can change at any moment and make radical choices toward Love. The universe is constantly shifting ideas and places just for us. It's moving recklessly trying to build the one road we take. our ideas need more places outside of where we presently stand. We need to try harder for making it across the most resounding valleys in our history.

Loving life isn't the simple measure of people adoring us. It's the opening of worlds hidden that sing with joy because the chains in life quickly dissolved when the music from far away places found us. Happiness is knowing God. It's the brother of Love that swept the world with light. We're living to open our being into areas of life we don't even know exists. The world is a mysterious place of hidden corridors that only live for moments before vanishing. They don't sit for long and sometimes never come back. Its pathways are there but knowing to walk them is a choice. We have to decide within our hearts the road of life. With God, we earn our premises in other realms of life. 

Places we have never seen haunt us when we walk with God. Our knowing of life is outside the map we were given. We see other places that once were hidden on the map. Deeper in us are answers and wisdom. The world begins to shimmer with light and eye sores are now clear for seeing everything there is for knowing Heaven on earth. Knowing God is the jewel of living that transfers our divine compensation into living with Heaven's level in life. It's the doer of Love and the maker of joy. Nothing ever breaks out of Heaven except more Heaven. 

Turning our narrative into light is from walking the road to God. It's living in Love and through Christ we make it. We shaped a world with titles and positions as decrees in God instead of living with God teaching about Himself. The story of religion is self-made entitlements that haven't worked for God. Our work isn't being something to soceity. It's leaving everything in society for God. We lose our lives to gain them in God unraveling the thought system from dark to light. The mind has to switch places with everything we have made self live as to Love. Our identity in matter is a shadow one. We know the echo of our thoughts without knowing the enigma of the body.

The stark difference between religion vs. knowing God is reality-changing and living with only one of us here with God. It's not society's level. With God, our reality knows Heaven on earth and lives with other rates of Love, Celestial Light, Angels, and Conscious Energy. The world is very different and our purpose is only God's will. We don't live for what others believe because God teaching about Himself is beyond what others know. The walk isn't on familiar ground and doesn't live for knowing familiar ground. God is teaching about life outside of society's level and beyond ours. 

It's the walking on clouds that didn't live close enough for us to reach. We learn of life far beyond human ideas and experience more tiers of our world. The entry to the universe is Heaven. It's a wonderful world of other races and ideas. Angels never placate human concepts. They are an enigma like God hundreds of billions of years alive living as energy and of any form. They carry energy into other areas of life for shaping doors to Heaven's level in life. The opening of every door is out of our light in God. The idea that matters level is the reality of life is tiny thinking. 

Once we know God exists we know there are other worlds to travel through. Where we stand has nothing to do with where we can go. Where we stand is malleable and filled with other life we don't know exists until we do. Up until now, not one scientist understood creation. Imagine what else is not having an idea in life and we can imagine trillions of galaxies swimming right next to us we have no way to see. We're not going to see what we cannot think is here. What we think is what we get. If we want to live a small and incredulous existence then we get a little stubborn world perfectly made for us. We're not able to live in what we can not think is there. The world only caters to our thoughts. 

Branding has become the human story of intelligence, success, and ideologies. We're making what is on the outside live as something instead of cultivating what is on the inside. It's the shallowness of money as a second God. When money equated to power it overrode everything deeper in life. As long as we had money we could buy power without intelligence, principles, righteousness or the ability to imprint goodness in life. Its become the Hollywood idea of living. As long as wealth or fame is part of our formula it doesn't matter our Truth in life. Someone who is cruel, evil, and terrible to others can be a charmer and successful as long as wealth and fame are part of it.

We can't fool God and we don't actually fool ourselves. We're a species that knows Truth beyond what is shown on the outside. All minds are joined together and most people know the Truth about someone instantly. We haven't understood how consciousness has no barriers. Form doesn't exist at creation's level of life. Only in the human story does form live. We pick up on people's algorithms because there's a deeper echo in the measure we already know.

Branding is fake. It's trying to convey something about living when we don't carry more. Our idea of life is beaming with branding as life. When we made money a second God and could buy people and reward in material items we claimed the devils level without God. We didn't learn to carve our Soul for substance, depth, or maturity. We learned to gather money and hunt for branding opportunities as life.

The world at matters level is only revolving around what others think we are. It's the elephant in the room we're constantly hiding while tirelessly running from room to room. We try to hide our insecurities, anxiety, and fears by masking them. We try to be something to gain popularity with others. We become the most positive people in the room shining as bright as we can for others to like us. We've groomed for the occasion and picked out the most perfect clothes to wear to feel good about our performance. 

Branding carries personas to fit the environment perfectly. It's egos playground of dreams. We know when to turn it on and have every bridge made. We have the perfect job title and names to drop for solidifying we are good people. Branding is the scholar of make-believe living in a surface world for feeling better about ourselves. As long as other people think we are good we feel better. When they don't care for us we think we are failures and haven't performed well enough. We sharpen our pencils and start drawing ourselves for being even better next time. 

The world of branding is making sure others believe what we are selling. Sometimes it requires other items like watches, cars, and money. We'll charge anything needed to honor ego's wishes. The ego doesn't care if we go into debt, have surgeries to change our looks, or shame a deeper part of our lives. The domino of branding is always one domino away from knocking down the entire wall we have built as self-worth. If one even shakes the entire wall can go down. 

We're learning to put on happy faces when we're upset and to live as something acceptable to society instead of knowing our divine light. We don't know anything about life because we've been playing house the entire time. As long as we look good it works but sooner or later the Truth teller speaks to us. Whether it's money issues, hair loss, or the body drooping our branding can't carry the aging process. It's inevitable that one day we'll look in the mirror and have to think deeper about our existence. We've managed to make the world a place that puts it off for most of our lives but at some point, we all leave the body.

As we live closer to that day our branding ideas seem to no longer mean anything. We don't carry that level much anymore but care more about treating people well and loving them. The entire story comes to an abrupt end as we grow up and mature. The foolishness of having to be something was a waste. We're not realizing the efforts placed into being something have to be released in order to truly know our existence. We unravel everything we shaped as self for living enlightened. 

The process of enlightenment isn't an add on its a takeaway. We release and unravel everything we made self be while renouncing the world as we once knew it to be. Nothing we made as self exists it's in a story we once made up. It's the temporal idea we tried to make as something but failed to know the branding was fake. We're not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body. The mind isn't part of the body's clothing it's the storyteller dressing up the body for living in any costume we choose. We're trying to get beyond the body for knowing we are Love. 

Society keeps us spinning around ideas to please it instead of making a path to God.  By the time we're ready to learn about God we're too late and leaving. The milestone for every human being is when the body begins to change profoundly for kicking us out of it. We know our time is limited but don't care. We want to take in everything we can without stumbling in the dark. No one is teaching about our life continuum. It seems like a fairytale because we haven't understood what being alive is. 

Nothing in our litte person ever existed as anything but a light in God for consciousness to live through. We were not really here but lived like we were here. We felt pain and we moved through many trials and tribulations.The challenges were real to us as were the upsets. We thought deeply and carried ourselves for being good people. The victories we remember and the loves of our lives we cherish. The story of life is complete when our time comes to move into new life. We don't know the sacred passage and no one does until they live it.

We're being brought into the world out of no thing and we leave out of the body back into no thing but consciousness. Consciousness is continuous and the body is the temporal vessel constantly coming and going. We're always changing form and living in matter from different levels of consciousness. We'll experience more life than any library could house as life because we live for eternity. There's no stopping our existence once it has begun. The forward march is to light and the path is becoming Love. Where we are today shapes what we live tomorrow. Love is the only decider for our storybook. 

We'll live going from everything other than Love to Love. It's a process that lives in different stories with different bodies, families, and ideas in human consciousness. We're moving into the era of knowing there is no birth or death but only a continuation of consciousness coming in and going out to a new level of life. Everyone we know in this life will manifest again in our journey. They are always with us and continue to live with us no matter where we are. The reprise in Heaven is with everyone from this story and the Soul making the new chapter in life keeps them in our light. 

We're living to know God for a deeper understanding of birth and death. Without knowledge, we suffer when someone leaves us. Everyone is energy in our Soul manifesting for living Love through. Matter is images that live exceptionally real to us and we can't detect knowing more.  The world is real but only living at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. The journey to Heaven is seamless. 

We move in and out of dreams our entire lives. The state of leaving for another life is almost the same. It's already existing and waiting for us. We sleep in a magnificent dream that keeps us happy with everyone we've known in this life. No one knows a dream from reality. They both swim in the same water. It's the story of Heaven living deeper for moving us into new life. God carries the light and Heaven builds the process. We live without form for some time before entering again. The time we are in Heaven is part of the path of Love. Everything is planned perfectly for entering matter at a new level of consciousness.

The invisible world is living more than matters level. 



Religion has nothing to do with God and it never will. Our relationship with God is a solo one moving our ego into nothingness as we open light beyond the body in Him. The idea of living with self while knowing God hasn't addressed any level of going beyond satan to God. It's not a journey of faith until we battled the devil in human consciousness. The existing protocols in religion keep the world in satan. 

Prayer can lead us to God but if stay in satan we keep darkness with us instead of light. We turbulently call upon Him in a tornado that never calms. The thought system keeps diving into shark water while we claim peaceful knowing. Our living out of prayer light has become darkness because incessant thinking has stories in satan. We need to live outside of religious and mainstream ideas. Abraham knew God better than Sara and Lot. Moses was with God beyond all Israelites. John the Baptist was raised in the wilderness by God and didn't live society as reality. Knowing this is our beginning for departing society as reality for God as reality. 

Being chosen by God is for a reason far beyond the world's ideas. It's not about our living in one religious idea or another. It's the light living for Love. Consciousness is living through one reality into another. Were in another world with God that doesn't speak the language of society. It's the teaching of a lifetime with God giving to us everything needed to deliver His light into life. The idea that sitting in the temple praying to God is the deliverance of our Soul is the little person not willing to leave this world for God. We've made so many areas in life holy and sacred we have no idea what holy and sacred are. We succumbed to the devil's level of showmanship instead of acquiring substance, depth, and maturity. Love is the holiest light we carry. It's the one most sacred with God.

Nothing we can do in any religion can take us deeper into God. It's the departing of one world for another and that's only out of consciousness.  The Pharisees lived beautifully in public with authority and power while Jesus had no home and was chased from temple to temple teaching that religion had no light in God. The magnitude of living with God won't be pretty and won't be anything society deems as success. Society's version of God is the child's not knowing Him. It keeps us living in the temporal story not awakening to the eternal. 

Prophet Elijah battling four hundred and fifty high priests tells us the light of every minister, rabbi, imam, bishop, cardinal, and papacy is satan. There's a profound teaching in Prophet Elijah battling the high priest worshippers of Baal. One man went up against the highest levels of religion without only God. The Soul is living deeper in God than the idea of the world. The idea is one level of consciousness in a story. The Soul is beyond this story and is light becoming Love in God.

The teaching for eternity is that God doesn't care about our religion, culture, ethnicity, or human ideas. He's moving in another part of the world far beyond our idea of Him. God's not focusing on our little person's level. He already knows the divine light in Him. It's deeper algorithms showing our light for Him. God is weaved through every thought for living in matter. He's carrying every atom to its place for every thought to live just as we think it to be. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. God is deeper in our light than we know. There's no nuance of our being He hasn't known.

Our knowing God is for our existence. It's the only way our thought system gets light. Without Him, we sleep in darkness only making the temporal idea of life the journey in life. When we hear God we begin the knowing of the world. It's consciously evolving into Love for knowing light. It's not mainstream and it's customized perfectly for us. 

God knows the art of life and continues sculpting it with us. Every painting is a piece of a puzzle that makes the pool of consciousness a brighter one. Our choice is to either live in darkness or light for knowing the temporal world or the eternal. The world masterminds the journey without anyone saying a word. It's an innate building in life we haven't known. Our personal ideas of life haven't begun to see it. 

Most people only focus on their narrative instead of observing it. We're on the awakening walk of David and Goliath. Its the climbing a bridge with no stairway. Faith has nothing to do with knowing something. It's the opposite. It's the drive we feel that speaks loudest. There's no insurance, but we're reaching anyway. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac because of Trust in God. If Abraham had told Sara or Lot that God told him to sacrifice his son, Sara and Lot would have said it was the devil. When God tests us it's not in the light of the world its always beyond it. Most people would tell us we're crazy and ridiculous. God isn't with us for traveling in our world. He's with us for living in His. This means we have to depart from everything we feel we know and don't know. When we lose our lives to gain them in God it's going from first to last in our world but last to first with God.

Many people approached Jesus for being His discipline. He gave one person a test by telling him to let the dead bury the dead and come follow Him. The man wanted to bury his Father instead of walking to Christ. Our ideas of living with God work for us. We claim Him and then only live according to mainstream ideas. We don't move from one reality to another or lose our lives to gain them in God. We add God to society's ways and believe as long as religion concurs we know God perfectly. The child never grows up and the world never changes. 

Something in life keeps us in the dark. If every human being knew creation's level at the start the world would live in peace. Over five billion people believe in God but none make it to God. We haven't idealized life for knowing anything more than what was given thousands of years ago. No one born into a religion knows God. We're being born into practices and protocols with traditions that make us believe it's the journey to God. When it never leaves the devil's level of life living society as reality and never leaves satan. 

Our idea of life shaped religions little person's level. Making money a second God made human consciousness only abide by the devil's idea of life. We won't depart mainstream living as long as money ties human beings to the world. The world of consciousness carries everyone far beyond money's level and mainstream ideas. It's the unhinging of principles that bind life. Unraveling our thought system to Love is the quest we take when we sign up to know God. We have to leave self for consciousness.

When God gave us the way to know Him it was for living with Him teaching about Himself. It wasn't for people to teach about God. The writings were for our passage to God. We can't teach about a God we don't hear and if we heard God we wouldn't teach about Him. We would be living for the light in Christ. We've detoured to suffice society's little person level trying to be something without understanding our role was satans. The light is for ripping our lives into masterpieces of light only knowing God's voice. We fall into satan trying to play a role for God in life without understanding the only role we have is getting to God teaching about Himself. If we don't leave society as reality we don't know God.  We're going from the many to one with God teaching about Himself.  

In grandeur, we made ourselves the authority of scripture without understanding a speck of it. Religions continued to birth themselves out of texts that told them religion would never know God. We had no idea what we were doing and continued in satan's ways. Today religion carries ideas out of Judaism's light. Judaism shaped everything given to the Israelites in earlier years. It's a remarkable idea in our world to believe that someone given one light in life is the only existence of God. 

Every human being chosen by God was for a purpose beyond religious ideas. The individual had a moment of knowing Heaven's level of life outside of everything the temporal world told as life. We don't journey into the mind of Moses or Abraham for realizing their journey with God was more than any religious knowing. It was the Soul's light in God making their time exist in the way it needed for adding to human consciousness what it needed to live on.

The idea that we live with God for religion is null. Our knowing God is for creation's level of life to unfold. It has nothing to do with religion. This teaching is from a human being who was living more atheist and is the only human being on earth living with God teaching about Himself. God isn't concerned with our beliefs, cultures, ethnicity, or ideas of Him. When He chooses us the reasons are beyond this world.

It's never going to make sense to those who believe human precepts are knowing God. They can't exist in knowing Him. The walk is out of one reality to another and through a thought system of matter to Heaven. It's leaving everything society deems as knowing God for actually hearing Him. Our idea of religion shames Truth. We make satans ideas the world of God instead of Christ. When God chose Abraham religion didn't exist like it does today. When He chose Moses it was while Moses only knew Egyptian gods. God chose people for carrying light into the world.  It was about birthing our livingness in light rather than out of darkness.

God gave us the way to know He existed. He gave ways to live to Him. God was building our way but over time it began to tether. We couldn't keep God above all things. We gave human beings more credence than God. We do it today too by having priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, bishops, cardinals and the papscy. If we know God exists it becomes a terrible idea to live listening to human beings talk about God while He lives right next to us. We're not building muscle in God we're building it in religious ideas. 

God isn't looking for Israelites, Muslims, or Christians making a human precept knowledge. Nor is He betting on the good Christian who is making scripture his life. The conquest won't come from that level. That juncture is the child's way of living to God and never makes it to Him. God is seeing a deeper light in us from birth. Moses killed someone but was already chosen by God. Living more atheist meant nothing to God. Human ideas try to make a path to God but God already has our path. Love lives highest in God.

Every idea of life breaks apart for light. God comes out of left field and begins moving us into Him. Love is the seed in play that harvests knowing outside of everything we carry. It doesn't have favorites, likes, or dislikes. It's seeing more than what is seen. Ego perilously dives into shark-infested waters shaped in our mind for only doing what we want in life. We can't bear to leave our comfort zone and idea of self for others. The idea of self is the short changer of life. It steals the magnitude of life by only serving satan. The mind tries to make self-identity in matter. As it does we build a highway horizontally that never leaves the road. We build walls around our roads and won't live vertically unless something detours sharp enough to have us soar beyond them. 

Self is the little person's idea that stays only in its story. It dilutes Love and masterminds its glory. We've taught ourselves to live by a short leash that only competes with our living for self-love. It's an idea we claim and then brand ourselves to that idea. We don't actually unravel our thought system for knowing Love. We live from the level of mainstream Love. 

Every generation claims higher consciousness through a pathway of Love that works for them. It's not a pathway to enlightened living because everyone remains living society as reality. We have no idea what the illusion is or even where thought comes from. The idea of self is only the body. Consciousness cant carry self if it's moving into higher knowing. Love doesn't flower from mainstream ideas of it. The water is from Christ.   

The Bible was compiled over a thousand years and lived through different realities in human consciousness. It was given by accounts of Christ but not from Jesus Himself taking notes. The idea of living through what was given thousands of years ago instead of living today with God teaching about Himself is satan. We make scripture living with God while never hearing Him or moving from one reality to another to know Him. We're not transcending ego or satan for God. Its become a concept of human precepts that lives godless. 

We tethered light with God for having human beings play God. We once were making prophets the middle man to God and then we shaped icons and now we have false idols. The idea we have a middle man already makes the light in God weak. King Saul was a beginning that never ended. Our journey has the entire world existing as our personal curriculum to God. Every thought carries light or not. The Apostles didn't have a middle man. They lived directly with God teaching about Himself and that is our only journey. 

Ever since King Saul human consciousness with God lessened. We haven't left satan and we don't understand the walk with God is alone. We live to be chosen instead of living as Love for God to choose us. We haven't earned any muscle in God but tell the world we have decree with Him. The papacy began an era of satan that rivals the Pharisees back in 1 AD.  Claiming to know God while never hearing His voice is blasphemy. 

The entire existence of the papacy is heresy. It's never been anointed by God nor does have the way to know God. It's society's idea and only at matter level. There's something about human beings making themselves have a decree in God that is a complete turn-off for God. We're not living for knowng God as much as we're living for upholding the institution's role. God seems to choose that don't even know He exists and the sinners. Our making up our own decree in God is satan needing power. 

No one in any religion has known creation or carried high consciousness, enlightenment or has any idea what being alive is and isn't. They live dogmatic ideas out of the devil placating to mainstream acceptance rather than Heaven's level of life. Our ideas of God have ripped a tear in every human heart for knowing Him. We don't understand life and have made up a version of life in complete darkness. The idea that billions of people can believe God exists and no one actually makes it to God teaching about Himself is telling humanity the ideas of religion spin around in satan without a door to get out. 

The papacy has damaged every path to God because human beings believe the path is religious precepts instead of carving their Soul to Him. No one will carry branding in religion as knowing God and know God. It's two different directions. Religion sits in society's ideas and living with God is at Heaven's level of life in another reality. 

The Pharisees and high priests in 1 AD lived with satan and had no eyes to see the Messiah in front of them. What they became after Jesus rose three days later is living as religion. The child born into religion has the challenge of their lives to live beyond religion to God. Religion has created a shallow idea of living with God based on mainstream acceptance. We have schools and colleges where people can learn about God. It's the epitome of the devil in a child's idea of life. 

The Apostles tell a different story about living with God. So do Moses, Abraham, and john the Baptist along with all other people known to live with God. It's an arduous journey of the mind and Soul breaking into pieces for light. Never will a religion, college, or monastery carry God deeper into a human being. It's not earning anything in God. The idea of making a way into God is null. God chooses us. We're not dancing for Him. No one ever made their idea of God live with God. Every person who has known God was chosen by God even when they didn't know He existed. We don't get it. 

Religion missed the light of scripture giving account after account of perilous journeys with God as learning of Him. It's not a study or tradition. It's a walk that breaks us in half and tears us into another reality far from mainstream ideas. Learning about God isn't a study it's a life. We give our lives to God no matter the road of thorns we ride through for Him. It's not what we expect and it's not our making. It's God's making of us in His life. 



Knowledge is the path of losing, tripping, and living recklessly. It doesn't know agreement and hasn't met ego. When knowledge comes into the world it arrives hidden until it's known. It's the process of slipping beyond the tightly guarded walls of ego for learning something new. The mind places beautiful knowing without seeing anything.  



We would rather glide in routine ideas that shape thought mazes very deeply. We travel along the same roads in routine thinking without noticing it. Our lives live in routines Monday through Sunday year after year. We haven't learned to budge the dial in our mind. It lives on the same setting for our lifetime. Human ideas keep closer to old ones than to new ones. We're not a daring species for thinking outside the box. We would rather stretch the box than leave it altogether.

Consciousness is energy at different levels. Consciousness won't tear us apart or make us lose everything for more of it. It's living for comfort and knowing. it only changes when we make a move for light. We have to lose something to gain light. In order to carry what is beyond the old, we have to leave the old. If its a partial leave we don't make it. Faith is our bridge in consciousness. Life is moving quicker in ways we can't know but when we travel for it to open we know it's moving with every thought. What we think is all we get. Where we focus becomes more. It's the law of cause and effect that damns us. 

Were not learning God's ways if we think cause and effect is our world. God keeps doing things no one is ready for and makes order out of chaos. Shrapnel is flying all over the place and somehow one piece carried another reality. It's the world of betting on the losing horse for winning the cup. Or the atheist living in the light of Christ teaching religion about God. Nothing makes sense for cause and effect. No one who is living more athiest has anything to do with God so what could be the cause and effect. There isn't one. 

Cause and effect are relative to the beholder's eyes and beliefs. We made cause and effect what it is by believing circumstances unfold out of one idea. But living with God is a journey to nothingness. We go from the many to the one and out of our ideas of self to Love. We don't travel in any cause and effect idea in life. It's the opposite. God keeps moving us in everything we never wanted or would choose. We don't know what we're doing and have no placement in our circumstances. It's not an easy cause-and-effect idea. There's more living. 



If knowing the world is temporal and that the eternal light is holding levels outside of our idea of life, then placing cause and effect three hundred years from now doesn't really know itself. It's placating to our idea of matters level from this one level of consciousness. If we boil water it will get hot. If we walk on glass we may get cut. That's not cause and effect. It's logic. 

Cause and effect has to transcend spacetime and it doesnt. It's relative to the one level of consciousness. What does transcend spacetime is human photosynthesis. The idea of moving with energy to accumulate energy for what we want doesn't live in our idea of it. The atheist wasn't living for God. Most human beings try to have power to be God but the meek inherit the world. The teaching is for understanding our idea isn't THE idea. It's the little person's yearning and idealizing of matter. The deeper idea in life is outside of our knowing. It's already living in another light for being what it will be. Moses praying to Egyptian gods had no idea he would know God. Buddha didn't know enlightenment would carry his livingness into another idea of religion. 

We're shaping cause and effect for what we want it to be without understanding cause is consciousness and effect is matter. The right is not giving the left. We make the pendulum swing for cause and effect. The idea works for us but is null. Cause living from any one level of consciousness will produce only an idea for an effect in matter out of that one level of consciousness. Cause can live from any one level of consciousness and matter can be anything we bring into being. Cause and effect as a principle in life makes the shrapnel defined when the shrapnel isn't defined. Pieces flying all over the place and order in chaos live outside of our ideas. 

We want mathematical knowing that is tangible. It's satan needing something to say I know something instead of carrying faith for experiencing what is not told. ideas are a dime a dozen but living it takes a muscle few can acquire. Buddha knew his existence was more than a prince. He understood the call of his heart for ending suffering in human consciousness. Religion claims authority over God without living to God. God chooses everyone outside of religion for teaching humanity about Him. God makes an atheist capable of living in the light of Christ without even knowing He exists. Cause and effect is a scrambling of energy that moves sporadically, diagonally and distorted for carrying a light we couldn't have known or seen until it happens. 

Its the world listening to our thoughts that knew more about us than we knew. We don't live in cause and effect we live shaping our world to our thoughts. What we think is what we get. We can't experience anything outside of our magnitude of thought. It's the diagonal idea of living that throws us out of sorts for learning cause can't turn effect for us if we don't think it to be. Cause and effect is one line of knowing. Not multiple lines. Consciousness is at cause and just like turning the burner on for hot water, we will surely become the effect. It's one adjective turning the story to a complete idea. 



is all anyone needs to understand for knwing cause and effect doesnt exist. 



The ideas from Buddha made their way to Christ but never made it deep enough to know Christ. Buddha is a remarkable level for people to know God from. His life was lived in two realities. One as a prince in royalty and another as a begger of food searching for enlightenment. He lived only knowing what his father would let him see as life. After sneaking out beyond the walls of their kingdom Siddartha saw for the first time, aging, sickness, death, and ascetic living. He wanted to understand all of it. 

When Siddartha renounced his princely life for living for knowledge he began the journey to God without any knowing of God. The same idea is the atheist not knowing God exists and then becoming the teacher to all religions about God. Buddha lived having light at the level of knowledge for enlightened living at that time. It's the solo journey we claim that tears into everything we are. Buddha unraveled everything he was taught he was for light. 


knew society was an illusion but not because he knew creation. He knew the mind could change perspective for something more peaceful and that we embed ourselves into ideas that can change for light. Buddha didn't know society was an illusion because there's only one of us here with God living in our narrative. He didn't know human beings only experience their level of consciousness as life. 

The idea that Buddha obtained enlightenment from sitting under a tree is childish. He obtained substance and depth by fighting through the world for knowledge for understanding suffering. He's the only human being to have known God by not knowing Him. Buddha gave humanity the way to light and it carries us to God. Our knowing so many religions and ideas are telling us to hone in on our heart more than our mind. The mind spins at satans level instead of deepening our light in God. We want to strengthen the heart's muscles for living Love beyond our knowing of Love. It's the one place we carry light without hearing God's voice. It's the placing of our light in Christ but the depth of where we are depends on much more.  

It's the world of mysteries, missteps, and unravelings that open light to us. Buddha deepened his light in Christ when he gave up his princely life for seeking the magnitude of suffering. He lived doing everything he could to know more. It's like all of God's doings. His life flipped from one reality to another. Any enlightenment in life carries God even if we have no idea He exists. 

 He lived shaping a new chapter in human consciousness for light. 




Only when we steer into the storm do we find the rainbow. It's the hidden corridors of our world that disagree with us adamantly that carry the passage to light. We won't see the door at all if we never do what we don't want, can't stand, and despise. We have to know shame, vulnerability and never living with status. Status devours our lives with a story of accomplishment, goodness, and righteousness. It's the sweet talker of the ego that has us feel good no matter the Truth in our lives. As long as other people see us as good then we can pretend we are good. The faking it till we make it idea shrivels quickly when life begins to test us. 

Our knowing God is ideal for religion but has nothing to do with Heaven's level in life. We carry satan and haven't begun to battle the devil in human consciousness because every parishioner honors the devil living society as reality. No one understood scripture deep enough to abide by Love. Instead, we claim authority over passages and point at others for not knowing God while we've only stood blindly. Jesus spoke of taking the plank out of our eye first but people don't live to remove satan. They want the easier idea of life and would rather walk into a church than walk out of self with their thought system dismantling for God. We're not choosing the battle against the devil were abiding by him by living religious ideas. 

Battling the devil is our thought system dismantling as we lose our lives to gain them in God. Reality changes because everything we know as life changes. Nothing in our mist is what we were or thought we were. Everything moves for only knowing God. Our ideas shrivel into nothing. The world lives outside of everything we once knew. 

The walk with God has no livingness in society's ideas. We're living with Him teaching about Himself as He is tearing us apart for living in the light of Christ. It's brutal and arduous because human ideas have no place in God. When we live with God He's reshaping the entire idea of our existence and His. Up until that time, we've shaped a story that knows nothing of Him. Our story is about religious teachings in practices and protocols. The day we hear God's voice is the day living from the many to the one begins. 

The devil doesn't tell us it's tricking us it simply steals us from God and keeps us happy with practices and protocols. God continues to choose people outside of religion for giving everyone the way to know He is with us regardless of human ideas. When Christ walked the earth we were living money as a second God and in lower mind. We haven't left lower mind because human thinking lives in ego, satan the little person. We harvest lower earthly energy to move in consciousness instead of higher light in Christ. The light we want in consciousness is Love. We want to live like Christ but we never leave satan to do it. 

The world isn't revealing itself for knowing more until we choose Love beyond the world. The door to Heaven doesn't appear just because we want it to. It's the process of consciously evolving beyond our idea of self and self-identity in matter. We dissolve the meaning and attachment we have placed in matter. It's a process that reveals ego's anchors in us and lets us see satan at work. We learn about thinking and matter. The idea of scripture was psychologically claiming God over every other thought because consciousness doesn't live outside of itself. 

if we only think of society as reality we get society as reality. If we keep God with us we know God. Moving in another reality can't exist until God changes light in human photosynthesis. The idea of our building our own church in God is out of Christ. It's the building of Love and light. Nothing in our church has to do with a congregation or any religion. It's based on our relationship with God and our work with Him. It's not a religious study or even knowing. It's the Soul's light flickering more and more for God. We may not even know God exists and it's still going on. Love is the one grade in our existence that's God's language above every other idea we carry with Him. The more we become Love the more we know God. 

Living with God is not a societal event. Nor is it between us and our family. Everyone acting as our family is living as a level of energy within our Soul. They live echoing pieces in our light for giving us a reason to Love. The existence of life as we live it today doesn't exist with God. Jesus gave everyone the way to know God was our mother, father, brother, and sister. The teaching is part of the learning that self doesn't exist. 

Servitude isn't existing with God. It's the unwinding of everything we knew as life as our light deepens in God's blending our light in Him for serving as God. It's the light of Christ we carry for giving humanity at this level of consciousness God. Every human being whether they know it or not is an algorithm in God. Our depth in Him is our light in Him. The depth we carry is a submerging of everything we know as life and self in Him. As we consciously evolve in God going deeper into Heaven than society as reality we begin to know life beyond any other human being on earth. We know God greater than anyone. This starts the deepening of Christ in us. The livingness of Christ is the light of Christ. It's the only idea in God we have. 

No one knew about higher intelligence or even what being alive was. In the beginning, we had no idea we were living on a planet in space. Our ideas were in lower earthly energy trying to survive and control our destiny. We didn't have the retrospective knowing of life. Only what we could muster up became our knowing of the past and future. Our assumptions were wrong. We veered away from God instead of towards Him. Prophets and Kings began tethering our light with God. 

The idea of life became small because we carried so little knowledge. No one was in conversation with God and without knowing what was shaping reality we made our story in darkness. No one understood thinking or how human ideas subjugate thought from daydreams. Reality was being shaped by thoughts that held no Truth. We didn't know how matter was existing for controlling thought or changing perspective.

God was placed in religious ideas because we weren't living deeper in Him. For over two thousand years we've been living in religious ideas without living with God teaching about Himself. When Jesus chose mostly uneducated fishermen to be His disciples and not the Pharisees or high priests we knew God wasn't in religion but failed to acknowledge it. 

God has always chosen those that deliver something to the world beyond mainstream ideas. Religion consistently lives mainstream ideas. Every religion plays off of each other and each religion is scared to death to dictate to any other God's existence. They all happily claim many God's but believe one in the same. It's a joining of ideas binding different religious ideas to God.  No one questions where they came from. It's not idea for there to be so many religions and not one in conversation with God. We're not getting the messaging correct. It's not about religion, culture, or ethnicity. It's about Love. If we were loving God at least one nation would adhere to the Ten Commandments. We're not honoring anything except what we want to claim is living with God. 

Our way doesn't deliver God. The idea that so many religions have made themselves the authority of God and make other human beings live under their idea is the devil masking the way to God. God teaches us over and over again to live with Him is to live beyond everything in life and that's including religion. Religion is the seeker and not the finder. The covenants haven't lived for thousands of years. The writing on our hearts is terrible. We haven't lived for God we live for human ideas of Him. Nothing Jesus gave has to do with religion. 

Jesus wore the clothes of the world but relentlessly taught religion it didn't know Him. History shows religion shaped others people's experiences of God as something that defines them. When all of the experiences defined God, not religion. The idea that Abraham is the father of religion steals Truth. He is the ordinary man being chosen by God to carry His light into the world. Our interpretation of Abraham is the little person wanting to have a relationship with God but we don't dare walk to Him. 

God is moving in those out of religion for a reason. He constantly chooses people that have nothing to do with religion. This time God chose someone living more atheist to deliver Him into life. Knowing this is the master teacher that allows us to see the past teachings the right way. Abraham and Moses never lived a day in Hebrew, Christianity, or Islam when God was teaching. They lived with God teaching about Himself. Moses lived learning his people wee Israelites and gave to his people everything God did for delivering them from the devil. 

Religion has made itself a country's identity. We didn't realize the magnitude of our divinity with God. Instead, we try to carry covenants with God even though we don't hear Him. The idea of knowing God is to hear Him and consciously evolve beyond everything the world tells us is our culture, religion, and ethnicity to Love. 

God didn't give human beings the way to know He existed so we could live in one ideology. Consciousness would have no path if that was life. Consciousness is for shaping light out of stories. It's the breather of wisdom and knowledge as nothing. It's not the dresser of us, it's the dissolver of us. Consciousness doesn't live at the level we know it from. We haven't understood thinking to know consciousness. Religion making a box to live in is the devil. It wont go beyond itself to God. Our box is knowing God above all things. The only idea people seem to own is the idea of society instead of God above all things. The temporal journey isn't giving to the eternal until we hear God's voice. 

God created hundreds of trillions and trillions of elements in life for giving to light. If we make our idea the idea of living with God we lose Him. God doesn't live for human ideas at one level of consciousness claiming His existence in their tiny story. He's delivering us into the light for knowing there's only one of us here with God. God is  teaching us to live beyond the devil's images that divide us to Love. Everything we claim as our knowing divides. We make ideas at this one level of consciousness live very real and never get beyond them to know evolution in consciousness. 

Nothing we can make as the claim to God IS. It's not living in anything but our idea of Him. God chooses people that have no idea He even exists like Abraham and Moses. We don't need to know God in order for Him to live with us. He will choose who He does for what He wants and not abide by our story of Him. 

Every religion has been a separator of people. We live honoring our religion over others while politely allowing them to exist. We shame ourselves by teaching each generation to live exactly so with God.  We make sure our idea is the idea of our children. Society's ideas are all we know of God. There is no divine teaching or higher intelligence upon us. We're not living with Angels, Celestial light, or other races of Love. We don't even know how God exists or that other races are within us. The idea of anything outside of the tiny human story seems fable. We haven't begun to know the enormity of God in religion. Religion makes God the little person's level in life and that's why no nation on earth adheres to the Ten commandments. We haven't lived in conversation with God as we need. 

If our ideas of God were hearing Him we would have enlightened masters all over the earth but we don't have one in any religion. No one can claim God while speaking the ideas of mainstream society. Nothing is trying to reach God anymore because everyone feels like they know Him simply by studying scripture, memorizing laws, and adhering to traditions. We don't consciously evolve beyond this world to Him. 

God gave us the way to know He existed for us to live with Him teaching about Himself. He doesn't need a middle man. And if we keep living with other human beings talking about God we have no one but ourselves to blame for not living with Him. It's axiomatic of ego to make society level God's level. Obviously, God is beyond this one level of consciousness and lives outside of our ideas at this one level of thinking. The world will keep spinning happily in satan living society a reality if we don't stop it. Only we can make the move to God and only we can keep God above all things. 

Love is the whitewash over human ideas. It depletes the stories of self in the temporal world. Love overrides everything the world tells us is real. It's the source of all that lifts us above the battlefields of satan to Heaven. Every time we make Love our identity instead of culture, ethnicity, religion, and self ideas we hold light in Christ. Making our journey about Love is all God wants from us. He doesn't need human ideas to placate Him at one level of consciousness. He tells us that living as Love is the only relationship in Him. 

There's no point in believing God exists but then only carrying scripture from thousands of years ago. If we believe God exists we should live with God teaching about Himself and not some religion trying to be something to life. If religion is the teacher of God it's only the devil's teaching. 

The hierarchy in religion moved its own light to darkness when it didn't know living with God was living with Him teaching about Himself. Everyone instead became the teacher of a God they never heard. We've been living for thousands of years with religion claiming its own branding and marketing with God. When Israel made its living from human beings living with God it tore into the fabric of everything God was teaching it. Abraham had no idea about Hebrew living nor did Moses. Moses freeing the Israelites is God's Love for His children. The freeing of the Israelites and the struggle for Jerusalem was for one idea to move into the world. That idea was that God existed. 

What we made Abraham and Moses be to Judaism, Christianity and Islam are out of our own ideas of living with God while not hearing Him ever again. Every religion is now the fire of hell swimming only for its existence and not for God's. If we live beyond our religion we are ostracized and taught to only live according to its way of living with God. No one can live beyond their religion to God. It doesn't exist and that's the devil. 

However, we are raised culturally hasn't escaped satan yet. We comply with family heritage and are shaped for only living in its ideas. The human being hasn't begun the conscious awakening for removing human ideas. We don't know that what we see isn't as real as we believe. If we drop a glass it will break. The mind doesn't carry God above all things for knowing the idea of it is temporal. It's one level of consciousness out of infinite and only living through us. Only our narrative is the story of the glass-breaking. The mind cannot separate reality from nonreality until we hear God. Until then we only add God to our reality. The mind is swimming in daydreams and stories that make us exist as the star of them. 


branded and marketed itself as holy and knowing of God but no one can hear God. They can't hear God and if they could they would be teaching science about creation and living enlighted or at least in higher consciousness beyond society. The idea that so many swear they hear God is because religion is teaching everyone to believe they do. No one cares about what satan is to the thought system or even dares to question ego. If anyone in religion questioned ego we wouldn't have people dressing in wardrobes that define branding for knowing God.  We're the child's version of claiming God. 

Losing our lives to gain them in God is the transcending of one reality to another as we leave everything of self for consciousness. Never can two of us know God in light. Only one of us goes to God while the other remains in light. The teaching is prevalent for knowing creation. We're living through trials and tribulations that act as images for choosing Love and choosing God. The entire world is a test. It's our personal curriculum to go beyond everything in it to God. We go from the many to the one as we consciously evolve knowing there's only one of us here with God. 

The prophets that once carried light with God faded thousands of years ago. There's dismal wisdom in our world. We're not an enlightened species were a pragmatic one that lives in linear consciousness. Having wisdom tells us of the world we do not see. It speaks of doors hidden in corridors no one else dares to walk. It's not in secret societies and has nothing to do with human education. It's the tale of a magical genome hidden deep within us at birth. We're unraveling home every time we choose Love. 

Nobody has any idea of the hidden world until they're in it. No one can see what we are living in Truth. They can't see our livingness in light because the world has a veil over its eyes. When God is with us we live through ego just like Moses did going back to Egypt after killing someone. Moses once was in status and lived in royalty but when he learned the Israelites were his people his life began to rapidly change. 


Living God's will doesn't have anything to do with Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or any other religion. God isn't selecting someone for a religious idea of Him. He's choosing people for His idea of them. God doesn't live for one level of consciousness that's living a temporal story. He's moving in us for the eternal knowing of Him. Hierarchy in religion shouldn't be teaching about a God they do not hear. They should be doing everything they can to live with God teaching about Himself. 

God didn't care that Moses was raised Egyptian or that Joseph became Egyptian. Our ideas, culture, and living with God don't define God. He doesn't care what story we're holding He's living beyond them. The hierarchy in religion is only a story that carries branding and marketing at this one level of consciousness. It defies everything common sense discerns as living with God. Those who know God have more knowledge than anyone else in the world about God. They serve a purpose of teaching humanity about God beyond the knowing of humanity. The light someone carries when they are with God surpasses everything all religions together try to carry. One human being knows God greater than the thousands of people living in a religious hierarchy with titles and positions. effortlessly. 

Since the beginning, we've been changing human consciousness away from knowing God. We try to control and exude power over the word for our own gains and not God's. No religion is telling anyone to live beyond it to God. It's claiming to own the idea of God. Moses had no idea about God until God chose Him. We're living in a world that discerns knowing God through clothing, titles, and positions. Intelligence isn't nearly living where knowledge swims with God. No religious person carries light in God like the person chosen by God.

Life doesn't exude how to make it to God because everyone is being taught they know God and live with Him perfectly. As long as reading scripture, memorizing laws, and talking about God is our relationship with Him the devil has satisfied the little person enough to never make it to God. We'll feel like we are the knowers instead of the seekers. The seekers always tell the world they know God better than others until the light comes into the world. When the light comes into the world seekers know their living satans idea of God. 

The idea that God chooses atheists, murders, and people who worship other gods tells humanity we're all with God whether we know it or not. The world will always live by His rule and not human ideas of Him. We don't have to feel confident, able, or even understand what God is asking. He will deliver us for serving Him. Moses had no real concept of God prior to knowing Him because Moses worshipped many Egyptian gods when he lived in Egypt. When God told Moses to go back to Egypt and free the Israelites he was timid. God moved in Moses for serving Him. God knew Moses would free the Israelites.

When God spoke to Moses He gave Moses the way to know Him. God told Him He was the God of his Father, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob. Moses had lived in Egyptian culture and was raised with many gods. Moses didn't live in anything religion would claim could know God. Religion would claim Moses was satan's idea because Moses murdered someone and lived with Egyptian gods.


Jacob was the Son of Isaac and succeeded over Esau for getting Isaacs's blessing. Jacob had twelve sons and one named Joesph had been Hebrew but became a slave to an Egyptian. After living in prison as a dream teller with God moving in Him, Jacob became a high officer in the Egyptian ranks. He went from Hebrew to Egyptian and married the Pharaoh's daughter but lived deeper in God than anyone else on earth. It's an example of God moving in us regardless of the story the world is carrying. Joseph knew God greater than any Egyptian had professed knowing a god. Joseph was buried in Egypt. God isn't caring about society's temporal idea of Him. He's moving in each of us for knowing Him. 

God knows our destiny and moves us through whatever story we're in. He doesn't care about the path He knows the light. We need to live for God above all things instead of making money, work, pleasure, family, and ideas first. Our daily living is where we must keep Love above all things for carrying Christ. The walk is with God and society's ideas.

For over two thousand years not one religion has lived in conversation with God. There's never been an increase in knowing God from any religion. We haven't understood creation to know the enormity of what living with God is and isn't. It's not applying anything to keep society as reality. It's losing our lives to gain them in God. Moving from one thought system at matters level to another at Heaven's level.  

The journey is out of self to consciousness. It's leaving the self-identity for living Love. We won't continue our roles in family or society. The idea of our existence becomes only God's to serve. The journey is through consciousness leaving one reality to another. It's dissolving everything we have placed meaning and attachment in at matters level. We leave our world for knowing Heaven on earth. Abraham knowing Angels is an important lesson for life. The day we know God we know Heaven on earth. We hear Angels and live with other races of Love. 

Society is an illusory idea that is forever changing. It's the backdrop giving us ways to observe our consciousness for making choices to God. It's the devil's level throwing up images that detour us, make us want money, and live satans versions of life. We have to overcome society as reality for living with God. The journey is a solo one through one reality to another. It's not based upon human ideas, culture, or religion. It's deeper than anything we're idealizing. It's Love. We have opportunities to know God but dwindle them in human ideas instead of reaching deeper to Love for Him. 

When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac it came out of left field and was the test of his life. Abraham didn't run to Sara or Lot or anyone else and ask about it. He knew it was God and that no one else knew God as he did. Our knowing God isn't mainstream ideas. God tears into us in ways that no one else can fathom. If Abraham would have asked Sara about sacrificing Isaac she would have screamed it was the devil and not God. 

No one else knows the magnitude of our knowing God. They can't know it. There's only one of us here with God moving through ideas and matter to Him. The light we carry goes beyond us for trusting what we cannot know or rely on. Having God in our lives is a knowing that defies logic or reason. We haven't relied on God because so much lives without Him. We build society as reality instead of God as reality. Our ideas, beliefs, and depth are one level of thinking we're want to transcend for Love. 

At birth, we should be taught that God is the blueprint to life and taught creation. Without understanding human beings live only in our narrative we shape dark instead of light as our thought system. Having God is for keeping thoughts beyond the storyteller to light. 

We're born into a religion and have no way to question it. This paves the way for only living society as reality. The mind's idea is shaped by the time we're in middle school. We observe our family's ideas with religion with zero placating to anything else. We grow up honoring religion and its practices without knowing God. Every religion has shaped ideas and taught them without anyone having a way to question them. They branded themselves as the authority and market themselves as having decree with God. No one can challenge that. God is the only one who teaches religion it doesn't know Him. 



to believe its idea completely. While they have done this not one religion lives in conversation with God or knows God.

Its ideas shape brand and market to humanity to feel like we know God. Everyone has become the master of knowing God because they uphold a religion. When God chose people it had no bearing on any ideas we carried about Him. Nothing we can carry claims God. The ideas are at one level of consciousness trying to be something in a world we do not know. God chooses us regardless of the concept in life. 

Religion is in lower mind. It's made its home in lower earthly energy being something instead of living something. It's the dancers that never make it to the stage. The traditions, rituals, and ideas fill up our lives with shallow knowing of God. We've made memorizing laws and reading scripture knowing God. Instead of experiencing God testing us and ripping our lives apart. Living with God is outside of our ideas. We need to go back two thousand years and live for God teaching about Himself without religion. If we don't live beyond religion to God we don't make it. Practices and protocols are society's little person's level and not Christ's living. 

God teaches us to live in the light of Christ because Love is what erases our ideas. Moses is a profound teaching of living without a rope in life. He lived outside of everything religion would claim pleases God. My being living more atheist than anything else teaches it again. Religion doesn't know God is choosing us when our light is right. We're not dancing for Him. We don't even need to know God exists and He will know us and move in us.

God isn't in our world at our level nor is He caring about our ways. He is far beyond them and knows our light. Nothing in human ideas retains God. He seems to break our rules, ways, and order. He chooses who we wouldn't choose, and almost lives as a rebel with us. He's constantly tearing apart religious ideas of Him and gives the opposite of religion to humanity. Even when Moses questioned which God it was, God held Him deeper than any other human being on earth for knowing Him. God knows human ideas come and go but when He chooses us we know Him above all things.  

The chosen who live with God have no care about religion. There's no idea of religion building anything when we are with God teaching about life. Living with God teaching about Himself carries no light for religion. Everything is about humanity knowing God and living with God. It's not about an idea. We're not trying to fortify Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. We're teaching about God and creation. The ideas religion shaped keep religion at the devil's level of life and not with God teaching about Himself. Individuals live in light for knowing God and when our time comes we know it. 

Our turning ordinary people into something is because we tried to idealize a relationships that worked for us. We didn't know the path was always the opposite of that. No one can script the road to God. He's moving in every human being at their level of consciousness for knowing Him and it doesn't matter what society is placating as God. The right person is chosen for the task at hand. God is blessing us to serve Him. 

We're keeping scripture from thousands of years ago as the only idea of knowing God because we don't hear God's voice. Churches and temples replaced carving our Soul into God. God isn't living to watch us worship, memorize laws and read scripture. God's with us for experiencing Him. Our light in God is the Soul's journey to Love. Our alter places light in God. Consciously evolving in God beyond society is mandatory and becoming Love is our duty. 

Religion never understood the psychological journey with God even though everyone knew Christ battled the devil for forty days in thought. We're not trying to rid satan or understand consciousness. We've taken everything for granted without depth. Consciousness cannot shape light if we continue to live ego, satan, and the little person. We've buried ourselves a hundred feet down while telling the world we have light. We don't try to become Love like Christ or lose our lives to gain them in God. We want to do religions little person's level and that's we don't live in conversation with God. 

Ego and satan shape religion's hierarchy. If we understood scripture we would know to never take a title in religion. It shapes consciousness to matters level and denies the path to God. We claim to know Him without carving the Soul to Him. With God, we have the light for the world. Everyone with God teaches about God and not the little person's religious idea of Him. No one with God builds from mainstream ideas of God.  Religion is the little person's ideas that haven't lived outside of themselves to God. 

Never does a human being playing a role live the role. When we live with God teaching about Himself it's the Souls light shaping the story and not soceity. Religion is society's handmaiden and society is matters level only knowing the devil. Were not going beyond mainstream ideas to God. Were living like the Israelites choosing Baal when we should be Elijah choosing God. The mainstream idea isn't the one with God. 

The hierarchy in religion is the Pharisees and high priests from two thousand years ago. They loaf in blasphemy while living idolatry as false idols. Human beings struggle with giving to others over self. We've made self into a monster that must be fed religiously every hour on the hour. The greed in our veins is for being something to ego and satan. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Prophet Samuel, King Saul, David, Daniel, John the Baptist, Joseph the son of Jacob, and Jacob, weren't religious they were chosen. They held only the idea of God for doing God's will on earth. Jesus wore the clothes of the world walking from temple to temple teaching religion it didn't know His Father. It was religion that plotted and schemed to kill Jesus. 

The path to God is a psychological journey from one reality to another. Every disciple left one reality for only living God's will. Every person who lives with God only lives His will. Not the mainstream idea of that time. They never again live the purpose of society.

When God chooses someone their reality changes and only His will life. No one lives how they want or does what they want when they want. With God, we surrender everything about our lives to Him. Today's version of living with God is society as reality doing what we want as living with God. We shaped what we live with God which is ludicrously living in satan. When we live with God we don't live what we want. We only live what He wants. 

God lifts us above the world into another light of life. We won't live our idea of self, family, society's purpose, or any other mainstream idea. God teaches about Love creation and light. God is taking us from the many to the one for knowing I am the door and the one true vine in life. It's the trek from one thought system to another. We slip into another realm of the world we've always been a part of. It's hidden from us until we have the substance to carry it. Life begins shines with more races than we knew existed. Heavens level in life becomes our knowing. 

We made matters level the world instead of knowing the unseen world was more alive than the seen world. We haven't lived for Spirit or the invisible world. We're trying to be something instead of losing every idea of life for God. We're building our idea of self without knowing our divine light. The enormity of living with God is losing ego and satan. We live from self to consciousness. It's the journey of Love knowing all that is real is Love. Everything else is the way to Love. What we make as knowing God never makes it out of ego, satan, or the devil's level of life. We live society as reality and have no aptitude to know there are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. We don't keep God above all things to know where we stand is an illusion. It's the temporal idea of life that comes and goes.

Ultimate reality is hearing God teach about Himself. Everything else is an illusion to God. We want to work more in energy for shaping our thoughts in light. Alchemy is Love. The knowledge elixir is always an ingredient we do not know. God knows it. Our undeniable Love for God will not break the chains of satan, ego, or the little person. Only consciously evolving out of darkness to light do we begin to know light. Living Love is the eraser of ideas because we lose our lives to gain them in God. We give to others over self and begin the journey of losing self for Love. Love takes our pencils and stories away for divinity. 

Consciously evolving from the many to the one only begins from Christ. It's knowing our light is the light of the world because only our narrative is existing as life. It's the only knowing that solidifies over time with God. The door is Christ and it's Love in Christ that brings light. Losing our lives to gain them in God is falling from first to last while moving into light for living first with God. 

The process is very real. Our lives can be destroyed, dismantled, and moved. We can live in tests that no one knows about or can even comprehend. We live through events society would deem as a waste of life. The secret ways in life are what others wouldn't do. Not everyone can see the door and most times the door flickers only for a few moments. We must run without caring about other's opinions through the door. It's all part of a process that rips into ego and status with friends and family disapproving. We become everything society says we shouldn't. . 

The caterpillar lives on the ground for the first part of its life and then it flies during the second part of it. We come into the world already existing and acclimate to life. Teaching has to begin with this era for knowing God. Human consciousness cant survive without light. We must live for God and not quit until He's teaching about Himself. 

God chooses and carries us into light at the right moment. He is upon us all and hears the Soul fighting for Him. We may not even know God exists but the call is made. It's the most catastrophic change we can have in life when we hear God's voice. Most people claim to hear God all the time but obviously, we don't have enlightened masters walking all over the earth. Scripture tells us that nobody is hearing God but the chosen one. 

The journey with God is outside of everything in this world. It's experiencing what is beyond mainstream and more arduous than walking into churches and temples. God is the decider, the maker, and the final word in our lives. 


Genesis gave us the way to know we've been created and had a creator. It didn't go into great detail because every level of consciousness can talk with God. The idea was knowing He existed for living with Him teaching about Himself throughout the ages. 

While we look not on the things which are seen, but on the things which are not seen for the things which are seen, are temporal: but the things which are not seen, are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18  This passage told us resonance was the world. Consciousness is bringing something out of nothing into being.  There's an invisible world in us we can't reveal until we begin living deeper in God.

Trillions and trillions of elements in life come together for living in matter. They each work perfectly by themselves and together in harmony. Spirit comes into plasma and personality forms out of algorithms in God. No one is telling the digestive system how to break down enzymes nor are we telling blood how to flow down veins. We have nothing to do with trillions of cells dropping off every day and don't see bacteria crawling all over our bodies. 

Human beings live growing bones and organs without feeling any pain. Out of plasma we have the entirety of our existence not even yet formed into anything but squiggle-swaggles. No one knows how Spirit and personality come into plasma nor do we understand how so many hundreds of trillions of life move with us every day. The bigger world has knowledge lower mind can't know. 


Human education was shaped by human beings. It hasn't walked with God or knows creation. It's the little person's level of life shaping everything as it sees fit. We're mustering up ideas and making them live as something. It's the story maker of the temporal world and doesn't know the eternal.

When God gave us the way to know He existed it was for living outside of our narrative as life. He gave us the way to know light instead of darkness. Everyone is swimming in a thought system of satan because no one knows how satan exist or how matter is existing. Thought isn't taught in school. We are given ideas to live by without having a chance to understand how thought is derived and what it can be. 

Thinking in our world doesn't live. Our idea of thinking is regurgitating variations of ideas that have already lived into something new. Plagiarism is thought in human education. It's the idea of giving everyone the same idea as life. As long as everyone can believe the same thing, live in the same light, and continue the same idea our world is happy. We don't know creation for knowing there's only one of us here with God living to break down every wall  human education has made to life. 

Reality is not the world in front of us. The world in front of us is one idea out of an infinite. A great example of that is no one knew there was only one of us here with God because no one understood only one level of consciousness experiences the world. The idea of reality is now changing for knowing God. 

Human education shapes the base for living through society to God. When we graduate from college we have solidified a thought system at matters level. Society is living as reality and we're trying to be something in it. We don't know about God in any real way except for religious ideas that also live society as reality. We think wall street is more real than God because the mind shaped a small reality that can only explain face-value assumptions. Anything outside of that seems frivolously living. 

Human education hasn't lived for enlightenment to know life. It's the keeper of the story that doesn't spread its wings to know life. 


We shaped a three-dimensional theory that made hypotheses into darker tunnels. The face value assumption never got past the senses. The identity in matter overwhelmed our possible hypothesis. We began to postulate in directions that would only know matters level as life without a clue of the invisible world we were in. Our assigning people in the world with intelligence while knowing nothing about life became intelligence of life. 

The human race has never understood creation, what being alive is, how matter is existing, or even where thinking comes from. Our ideas have lived in darkness. They proclaim technological advances but don't carry reason of intelligence. If going to college equates to knowing atoms then why has no one understood the simplicity of everything. We're far beyond knowing life but believe we're mastering so much of it. We claim authority on many subjects and teach others about them without having any gage for Truth. 

Without knowing how reality is existing or how human thinking is experiencing one level of consciousness as life, we made our own learning profound teaching of ignorance by calling life whatever we wanted. Having human precepts define God made science a leader in creation. Its been shaping itself as an entity of knowledge about planets, space, and time. It hasn't lived in anything but tooting its own horn as inventive, the savior in life, and the necessity of life. Science now shapes the door for learning what creation carries. 

Most people haven't known about God because religious branding is terrible. Religious branding is terrible because it's charlatans. Without the magnitude of God, it debases God. Science tried to pick up the slack and find answers about life but where we stand is in darkness shaping ideas of blibber blabber. Celestial Light is carrying our concepts into something liveable. They are on the edge of every thought seeing where it can be in life. Celestial Light is weaved in human consciousness for doing just that. Every ah-ha moment, invention, or miracle has lived with Celestial Light's hand in it. It's the weaver of our reality at this one level of consciousness for achieving something and bringing something into being to live through.  

Nothing in science has ever lived knowing how reality is existing or matters existence. For people to believe they know what gravity is, mass is, or any other claim in science is pure ignorance. Obviously were traveling in a world that has to be something but obviously, the ideas can live only for a short time as teachers to something else. When science knew motion was at the smallest particle. It had a way to know consciousness but no one in science cared about consciousness. Science has never lived for enlightenment or even questioned reality. It's been a dogmatic lower mind idea. 

The intellectual branding is from life's own yearning for intelligence. We made it be what it is for feeling like we had someone knowing more than we did. We didn't understand God or care for Him. We wanted human beings to live in supreme light. We shaped human education for a micro piece of that. It's the territory of satan and the maker of stories that placate illusions. 

The world isn't anything except resonance. Resonance is the idea of consciousness swimming through other levels of light building without variables for its own existence. It's the chaos knowing order by the identity of algorithms in numbers. There are no numerical numbers per se but there are mountains of numbers in pulses living throughout our existence for having a knowing of life. Just to be conscious we are in more races than we can fathom. Energy is numerously living inside of every cell for making human existence idea in matter. 

We see buildings but what is living is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in temperature for giving the image exactly as we think it to be. It's a picture passing through our Soul not living for very long. God shaped Celestial Light and Conscious Energy for living in matter. They are Heaven's level of life giving us the way to only experience our thoughts as life. We don't picture anything except what we think as matter. Energy is placing variables for us out of God's ideas which hold measure for every atom.  We're not making our ideas from nothing. They already exist in light for realizing. 

Everything we can think of is there waiting for its cue to move towards us. It's already here we just don't know it yet. The world isn't blank. It's filled with possibilities, ideas, and trillions of roads no one sees. The idea that human beings are thinking all by themselves is null. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We have swaying leaves that move in the tunnel of time for realizing but once the moment is passed it never returns in the same light. We're knowing things not because we're taught them. They existed and now we're realizing them.

The word created the world tells us the word was already here. 

Our explaining something for the first time is our first realization of it but it was sitting there the entire time. We had to find it. And when we did we thought it was ours alone but it wasn't ours alone. It was something existing within another light joined with ours for keeping it safe until we realized it. By the grace of God our cup runneth over. 

We're living with higher intelligence weaved within our light for existing. We wouldn't exist if not for other races within our light. Being created means we're mixed with some of this, some of that, and a little of this. God created everything in life out of His light. His existence is the only actual existence in life. He shaped pieces of livingness out of His livingness. We're not separate from Him. We're weaved in Him. God is giving energy the way to live as consciousness with experiences in matter from any one level of consciousness.

Science branded itself just like religion did. It made itself into something that is the feeder of ingenuity to life. That calls for living as something in the human story. It's shaping ideas in life that can sometimes live tremendously more but without harder substance, it shrivels. Every science endeavor comes and goes. What we think is brilliant today will not live brilliant five thousand years from now. 

Every level of consciousness shapes its own geniuses and every level of consciousness moves towards light. But where we stand today is darkness. Without knowing God we've claimed reality as the maker of life when it's the illusion trying to have us go beyond it to life. Everything is backward because we made human education ourselves give to us supreme ideas. Without God, we made micro gods in intelligence for satisfying our needs. 

Ivy league colleges are fancy but cannot deliver supreme ideas for us. They carry the aptitude of lower mind and refuse to live beyond society as reality. They don't want enlightenment and spit out wisdom for dogmatic ideas. We haven't learned the idea of life to placate our ideas as knowledge.

We've had many chances to bring things into being and what we could muster up is what we got, but it doesn't define anything in life with permanency. It's one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Our inventions play into the present story but they've been shaped by Celestial Light for being in the story. Human consciousness is all over the place and messy. Celestial Light is taming our ideas into something liveable but that doesn't mean they are creation's level. 

Gravity is an example that will live for a very long time as the shaper for knowing human consciousness is weaved with other races of light. The world is outside of our ideas being held by God. God created us out of His likeness. God is consciousness living as energy and human beings are conscious energy. We're not the body. We're the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. 

Knowing Heaven is for realizing we are living in something. The journey is through society as reality to God as reality. We leave the thought system of matter for our thought system in light. We go from matter's ideas to Heaven's ideas. We leave everything we knew in one world for another with God. Every human being came out of nothing into something. Our journey in life is that idea continuing through other realities in our world. The motion of life is undermining every thought we carry as the builder of the world we know. Consciously evolving is mandatory because we're a thinking species. 

Part Two

We live as a five-year-old in a micro reality and then as a twenty-year-old in another micro reality with our ideas and thoughts in algorithms at the same level for the world to live at that level. Life is moving fluidly beyond our eyes. We only see a temporal story for a moment and then it changes. Human existence is living through many layers of self-organizing energy for living in human photosynthesis. We can't see everything that's here but we can know more when we live with deeper inquisitions about life in our narrative and where thought come from. 

Nothing in life can wake us up if we don't begin a deeper journey. If we go along with society as reality and try to be something at that level we miss life. We get a little person's story that won't know the bigger world or the Truth of our existence. We only have one idea to live from which prevents every other from helping us. 

God living with us is for keeping light outside of everything we know as life. He gives us the way to know there's more beyond our story. The walk in our world isn't out of mainstream ideas. It's the hidden passages that every so often flicker. The idea that secrets are known to mainstream society is silly. The ones who make it to God live in something far beyond what words can explain. They rival everything in life others laugh at, shake their heads at, or think is worthless. No one takes the trip everyone already proclaims is a waste until they learn it's the passage to knowing what was hidden.

Our ideas do not swim with anothers. We have our own light which no one else can know as we do. What someone else proclaims as trash is another's diamond. Ideas are the same. There is no one way in life except through Christ. Moses once lived as everything Israelites despised. He was part of the Egyptian kingdom and cared little about their fate. Only through circumstances that began changing Moses's light for God did He gain knowledge of a bigger world. The worthless, shaming, misconstrued path tirelessly builds the hidden ladder to God.

We won't know it at first and that's part of its enigma but eventually, we feel everything of Heaven in our lives. The road to knowledge and wisdom isn't in plain sight. Nor does it abide by mainstream ideas. It's the soup in the making with ingredients others scoff at that turns the magic on for alchemy to claim its prize. We're living to know God and that has nothing to do with society. 


Other races don't exist. Human beings having an idea of what being human is, exists. We haven't grasped God living hundreds of billions of years alive or what being created means. Our idea of human is axiomatic of not knowing how matter is existing or that matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

We made human matters level and herein lies why were like babies in a baby crib crawling around for milk. We have to remind ourselves that being created means we're living in something and being raised. Whether we see other races or not they are part of the fabric of our world. Whether we know God or not He is raising us. 

Ideas of other races tend to keep satan happy but don't carry intelligence. The fabric of our entire existence is out of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. We're created out of God. His energy is the only light in life with many variables that live as consciousness within His. We're an idea in the mind of God and everything we think is an idea in our mind. 

God gave energy the way to live in matter. Consciousness is all that is alive. No idea is idle because it's building no matter where we place it. Thought has no home unless we assign it one. Being conscious isn't the recognition of living. There are degrees of conscious and presently the human race is unconscious only knowing an illusion as life. Until we live with God teaching about Himself we don't understand existing in consciousness. 


Society as reality is embedded in us and to detach from it is only by God.  God is giving us help. He knows the mind is trickier than we can know and will quickly cage us in a box without any way out of it. Our continuing ideas from thousands of years ago is living ignorantly. We don't fair well when we can't vertically evolve in God. Linear consciousness is the stretching of horizontal ideas over and over again. We once lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars, then people lived for a billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. That's linear consciousness. We once threw sticks and stones but now use sophisticated weaponry. That's linear consciousness. If we were consciously evolving we wouldn't have any weapons on the planet. 

The mind is stuck in a box of knowing and not knowing that keeps stretching out what it knows instead of breaking away into something new. We aren't living for new like we think we are. Everything new has to touch something old in order for human consciousness to accept it. That's ignorance. We're afraid and don't live for dreams as adults. We clamor to ideas of routines and knowing because it's easier. Life is wasted by living for decades in one house. God gave us a world to see and we barely see it. 

Human life has shaped itself for comfort and routines. We didn't understand consciousness or creation for keeping ourselves outside of comfort zones and routines. Being in ideas that are comfortable shape consciousness in tiny mazes of thought that do not leave themselves. We have a belief system and ideology in marble and not a planet. We carry blibber blabber as life making everything in our knowing exactly as we want it to be. We're afraid of living outside of our own boundary of knowing. We keep close-fisted when being asked to do something we don't want. The wants and needs of a human being have become satans ideas.

We didn't learn with God that everything beyond our eyes is a gift. It's not in our arena of comfort and routines. It's not even in our wants. It's the secret ingredient we can't shape or create that comes our way for guiding us into something more. It's the Angel of light carrying an entire world beyond ours for knowing God. The mind won't escape itself. Something outside of us has to provoke it but it's normally outside of our wants and likes. The knowing of intelligence in our world is for knowing something beyond us is helping us. We just deny it over and over again and refuse to do what we don't want. We miss the blessings and miracles all the time. 

Consciousness isn't living for continuing the past. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Human beings are on a conveyor belt aging effortlessly without any say. We come into a world already existing and begin the moment we arrive. Everything in life is fleeting from one moment to the next. Nothing stays the same and everything is moving to a new moment.

God has carried human life for a very long time while human beings deny Him. God giving to the Israelites is a wonderful reminder to humanity that He carries us through everything to Him. He knew the Israelites would be enslaved for four hundred years and He knew Moses at birth would free them. Our destiny is always known by God as we come into the world. The path for our lives is divinely living. We make detours, disrupt Truth, and blur illusions into crocodile worlds. We have to learn our ways of thinking must live with Love. Love is the key to everything in life having Heaven. 


Thinking isn't in the same light as consciousness. Thinking is the temporal level of life. It only delivers stories at this one level of consciousness. It's the storyteller giving us something to live through. Thinking has no idea about Truth. It's the daydreamer trying to find footing in life. It's walking around blurting out expectations, wants, and needs but hasn't found roots in life.

Thinking keeps us believing we know something and are in something. It doesn't live for knowing outside of this one level of consciousness. Consciousness is dynamic and is the light thinking comes out of. It's the environment thoughts can be born in.  Thinking is self chatter. We hear our voice as we shape stories and ideas. 

Our mind only understands our interpretation, perspective and ideas as life.  We never live outside of our self chatter. People will always say what we want them to say and say what we don't want them to say. No ne lives outside of their narrative in life. Our narrative lives as the world and the world concurs with every thought. We get what we think and we live through what we think. 

The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is in Heaven and Spirit is like the sun's rays constantly manifesting for matters level. Thinking only delivers the temporal story for moving through and acquiring light. Its living for Love. 


Consciousness is the maker of waves but isn't the wave. Consciousness is the beast of algorithms moving into variables we can't contemplate. Light is moving beyond speed and outside of every idea we know as dimensions and parallel universes. Both dimensions and the parallel universe are primitive. They don't allow the mind to capture the magnitude of spinning atoms in holographic light turning relentlessly for other light to make the pulses it carries.

We haven't understood thinking vs. consciousness for depth. The idea of atoms living in non-duality procreates more ideas at matters level than light. It's better to recognize the singleness of an atom having no beginning or end in its livingness. The idea that two energies know each other regardless of spacetime is normal for consciousness in matter. Human photosynthesis is the birth mother of quantum entanglement. 

Nobody is walking around with cars running through their ears. We see planes in the sky and not sticking out of our ears. Quantum entanglement is the enigma of atoms dancing in another level of the world from other races intertwined in our light. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and is the mastermind of moving light.

Consciousness is living profoundly in God. It's the swayer of life and the decider of fate. There are no secrets and we never think alone. Every thought we have is living out of God and through Celestial Light and Conscious Energy. 

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They are the carriers of light through human photosynthesis. Conscious Energy is another race of light intertwined with ours for living in matter. They are heavens level in life. 


Human beings jump from one thought to the next listening to their self chatter. We only live in our narrative and continue building stories night and day. Our incessant thinking doesn't pause nor does it give us the way to reflect deep enough for changing perspectives. It's a hair-trigger level keeping us doing a surface level of knowing. 

Incessantly jumping from one thought to the next is made out of daydreaming in the past and future. We think about what we did last week in a meeting and play movies about what were going to do in tomorrow's meeting. The mind is constantly daydreaming about scenarios we lived and are about to live. We don't pause thought of even know how to control it.

Human consciousness is presently in lower mind only responding to sensory projections that don't turn off the road. We're keeping ideas routinely living for feeling like we know something and have mastered good living. Incessant thinking is sleepwalking. It's the devil's level of life-shaping our comfort zone for never leaving it. We build ego, satan, and the little person's level of life while believing we have conquered living.

We see ourselves as the name, body, family, job title, brand of clothes, hairstyle, neighborhood, and bank account. We have no idea self doesn't exist because we live matters level incessantly shaping stories at that level. Face value knowing is all we live. There's no magnitude of our existence in any idea because we already made the body as who we are. We are not our thoughts. Thought is transitory while consciousness is eternal. Consciousness is Love. It's the energy in our Soul giving Spirit the way to live in matter. God gave us the way to know we are beyond the body but we denied it for simpler ideas. 

Incessant thinking will eventually remove itself for quieter depth in God. The next stage for human ideas is the magnitude of God instead of the self-era.


Living with God doesn't come from our knowing. I didn't know God existed and didn't live as a fan of His. I couldn't stand to hear His name and when someone would say, “God” I would whisper in my mind universe. 

We've been made at birth to live with God teaching about Himself. Our lives move in a movie destined for Him even though we have no clue about it. Events will shape themselves and ideas will flourish. Our test might not even seem like a test because it will seem like a life choice made without God. We have no way of knowing when He is upon us until we do. Ideas are made quickly in every moment with choices that create the next.

Choosing Love beyond society gave the way for light to move in my life. It's one level out of an infinite we can live. Love is the only part of this that made Christ come upon me. Love is the door to God, not memorizing laws, or reading scripture. What we live is the teller in life, not our little person being good for religion. We're surrendering to a world claiming God before we know it. The idea that God needs us to do something has already been shown to be null. Moses murdered someone and fled to Midian where he became a sheepherder. Forty years later God was with Him. God is shaping us at birth for knowing Him. 

Living with God has nothing to do with society's ideas. It rips apart everything we make as life for knowing Truth. No one who lives with God will live society as reality. They'll know Heaven on earth and live God as reality. Human beings travel far from their homes for God and live better away from society than in it. The tale of wisdom is the home is in our hearts and not in the world. We open our Soul to God every time we live giving to others.

The light of living with God is arduous because it's different than anything we have ever known before. Nothing we can read or watch can prepare us for hearing God. The moment we hear God the changing of reality begins. The sword shaping the light isn't of our world its in God. There's nothing in this world that is living with God out of religion. Religion is the seeker that hasn't understood creation or God. Love is the way and Christ is the door.

Blends of Intelligence 

Our light has higher intelligence

No one can understand life if they only have human education. There's a pearl of deeper wisdom in life that comes out of God. Human consciousness isn't one strand of light. It's blended with many other levels of intelligence for having light in matter. No one level of consciousness is existing but God's. Everything out of God is blends of light.

He is blending different levels of intelligence for shaping each level of consciousness. We don't live alone and our thoughts do not exist only within our light. We are always in other races of life inside of other levels of consciousness. We are living as algorithms in God and the algorithms are other races of light existing for living in matter. No one could live in matter if not for other levels in God giving to us the way for living through human photosynthesis. 


Snow Squid 

Snow squid is a wonderful level for understanding other races in our atmosphere. This is the first video in human history of another race in our atmosphere giving us the way to live in matter. On this night, I was in Saint Louis when it began snowing. God opened the world for experiencing many other races and taught about human photosynthesis. Read more here

Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and feel it. What is actually existing is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Only energy exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Atoms don't decipher whether someone is speaking German or English. They know pulses in another language hundreds of billions of years alive. God gave atoms the way for nonduality and existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding temperature in tiny elements smaller than what we know as small.  We're seeing buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is light. Only our narrative is the speaker we're living through to God. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it's not existing outside of us, it's only living through us in our narrative. We're experiencing images within our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is what God created with self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis. Every part of matter is living through Conscious Energy which is the fabric of the world. Energy is shaping temperature for matter to exist. 

Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it.  


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He's the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

The only algorithm the atom is reading is temporal.  It's living layers with temperatures at higher concentrated levels. They can multiply by crossing each other and fulfilling the light in many ways we cannot see. Atoms fulfilling each other no matter the distance is only helping quantum entanglement have deeper depth. There is no birth or end, but they do not exist at the same time. Atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance through light. The pulse never completes itself it only manifests for a short time before becoming another light within human consciousness. The resonance is what lives momentarily. 



Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human cognizance. They're not deciphering whether someone is speaking Spanish, or German they're responding to algorithms. They respond to light. Our resonance is the most living level in matter. Nothing else competes with resonance because it's the decider of the quantum levels moving for human photosynthesis to shape life out of. God created everything out of His energy and through His light life moves. 

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