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Knowledge from God

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“By faith, we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God so that what is visible came into being through the invisible.”
Hebrews 11:3

Since ancient days, people have been trying to find the light in God. Most people question God’s existence, while few have lived with Him teaching about Himself. In the beginning, we made narrow passageways about life and lived for what money could buy. No one understood the world or what being alive was for deepening our light in God. After biblical days, the idea of God was made religious instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

As time passed, we shaped the world into matters level because we didn’t hear God. We made face-value assumptions about our existence, and consequently, the little person’s idea of life became the world. As money became a second God and material goods became the reward, lower ideas became life.

Eventually, our world lost hearing God. Everything became rudimentary living instead of life-altering experiences with God. No one was living with God teaching about Himself. This is how satan grew in our thought system. We didn’t understand thinking or how to control our thoughts. We allowed every idea to live as something to us. 


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not living for our idea of Him. 

We made society reality without knowing consciousness made illusory out of matter. The world doesn’t carry ultimate reality it’s the story we muster up. The illusion is the little person’s idea of life that hasn’t awakened for divinity. Without hearing God, we haven’t understood the illusory of life. 

No one has lived for enlightenment or knew our ideas carried pain. We don’t know energies level of life and have no idea about matter living in consciousness. Science didn’t know at the smallest particle, the motion was resonance, or that consciousness was all that was alive.

We’re not building light in thought or carrying depth in our thinking. We make face-value measures and measure self as matter. The world hasn’t known that Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world or that higher intelligence is living within our light. We live through our senses instead of diving deeper into who self is pretending to be. 

Religion, false idols, and human precepts became the knowing of God. We grappled with lower-mind ideas instead of consciously evolving to God. Institutions became satan’s level, with people making false decrees in God. No one held a covenant with Him because no one heard God. Knowing God has been human precepts and not enlightened living. We measured our depth through branding and marketing instead of enlightenment. We felt we knew God because we lived in religious traditions and rituals. We were praying, worshiping, and living through protocols instead of hearing Him. We made lower-mind ideas and lived like the Pharisees, claiming we knew God while not living with Him teaching about Himself. 

After the disciples, our world fell into darker earthly energy. As we made money a second God, we made matters level the world. We didn’t understand the teachings. They weren’t for living as teachers, they were for living with God teaching about Himself. We didn’t hear God and instead created a world of teachers, rituals, and traditions as knowing God.

We appointed ourselves as knowing Him instead of experiencing God choosing us. We assembled teachers, preachers, rabbis, ministers, imams, bishops, cardinals, a papacy, books, traditions, and rituals without knowing how to reach God. While they all branded themselves perfectly, none lived with Him. 

In the beginning, no one knew God.  People with status were defining who God was and wasn’t. Scripture was changed with human ideas trying to live at disciple’s levels. No one remained in light. The journey to God was lost for humans claiming Him instead of losing their lives to gain them in Him. Most scripture has been tainted by eras of human ideas changing it to suit their needs. We haven’t tried to know God. We’re following religions. They placed human precepts as knowing God, which wasn’t going to give to life. They lessened living with God and marginalized the human story.  

Living with God has been rudimentary, and doesn’t live consciously evolving out of self to light. We’re living society as reality and don’t know anything about creation or who self is and isn’t. Religion made lower mind ideas the level of living to God, and herein lies why no one has the way to know divinity.  

Since the beginning, living with God has been mysterious. We’ve changed our direction many times without carrying the torch. Empires have risen and fallen. Life has lived in different directions and no direction. We’ve worshipped many gods and no gods. The culture of religion has been for power and authority, not enlightenment. If any religion knew God, no others would exist.

We appoint ourselves as knowing God, and when we do, we never make it to Him. The journey to God isn’t about our ideas. It’s about living through His. The walk to God is dismantling self.  Self is a temporal idea at matters level that doesn’t serve the magnitude of our existence. It’s our idea at this one level of consciousness. We make a representative work in our stories to move through matter. What we muster up as self is all we can. When we live with God teaching about Himself, we begin unraveling everything we made as self. 

We lose one world for another when we hear God. The eyes and ears move to our thinking. We’re learning to choose Love to know light in our Soul. Ideas have to soften and fade for Love to reign. The world doesn’t pretend to know us until we Love. When we open the light for carrying Christ, we open Heaven on earth. It’s a process of following only Love as life. 

The world opens for knowing creation’s level of life with other races of Love. The thought system changes from fear to Love. We learn to live outside of society and deeper in God. The psychological changes are profound. They’re reminiscent of Jesus’s living for forty days battling the devil. Satan is being dismantled, and ego is shattering as we lose our lives to gain them in God. We shed our ideas of self for Love as we walk deeper into Heaven on earth. 

Religion never understood the walk with God. It made itself into something before it knew the way. God lives for us to know Him. He’s teaching consciousness and moving matter for light. It’s not about being someone to the world. We’re living to lose everything we’ve known as life for Him. It’s an experience that reshapes our idea of living. We find the bigger world and live with Angels talking to us, along with other races of Love. The world around us is Heaven, and we live with other races far beyond society’s idea of life.

The world is malleable, and God uses every part of it to move us into deeper light with Him. We’re consciously evolving to leave self for light.  We’re learning creation and not the human idea of it. God teaches outside of science and human education. He’s giving us what no one knows. 

When we live society as reality the body becomes the living level. With God, we’re not the body we’re the conscious energy inside of the body. Spirit is soaring, and light is changing our path to God. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It’s the temporal idea in the human story. We’ve been living matters level for so long that the idea of our existence is tiny. 

God is hundreds of billions of years alive, and we’re out of His light. We’re far beyond our idea of human and more advanced than we’ve fathomed. Were intertwined with higher intelligence for living exactly as we think in matter. Human photosynthesis is changing everything in the world for leaving it. 

Religion marginalized God’s existence. We won’t know God as long as we carry multiple religions as knowing Him. It seems a little silly for anyone to claim Him at this level of consciousness. The world places Jesus as a foreigner to God. When it’s a religion, who hasn’t known Him. God isn’t placing light in religion for a reason. It made itself into what it wanted, and that is its reward. 

We lose the enormity of God’s existence for our little person’s ideas of Him. We know God when we hear Him, and until then, we’re living in lower mind searching for light. Everything is satan keeping our thought system in lower earthly energy. Our ideas are out of ego, satan, and the little person. Changing how we think only occurs when we change our energy. 

When God teaches, He teaches about the Soul and Spirit for knowing our existence. God of no form and of all form is our existence as well. The body falls away, but consciousness is continuous. We’re constantly changing form, moving through matter at different levels of consciousness. Our divine light is building in God as the Soul becomes Love.

The enormity of our existence is so advanced we’re learning to know another reality that doesn’t carry self, family, and matters ideas. We open to light, energy, and consciousness. Mainstream ideas don’t carry the propensity to know God. We have to leave one world for another. When we come into the world, we learn to know our narrative as life. We’re the storytellers living through many different storyboards.  

The human experience is one level of consciousness living through its own light to Love. The circumstances in our stories are from the collective consciousness and the level of Love we’ve become and not become. Whether we believe in God or not, the journey to Truth is always upon us. Our doctrine, ideas, and beliefs are transitory, and sooner or later, we know it. What is real is Love. Everything else is the story to Love. 

The world is our narrative, and we live slowly awakening to observe our thoughts in matter. The mind is the universe, and only what we can think lives. It’s one idea out of an infinite. We have to consciously evolve to know a universe different than the one we carry. What we carry was shaped at matters level and not with God. 

Mainstream life is the illusion. It’s the storyboard of ideas we’ve mustered up for what we can think of as life. Without hearing God or knowing creation, the story is face-value living. We shaped it long ago when we made money, a second God, and placed God in religion. We didn’t know creation to thwart satan. Humanity’s thought system fell to lower earthly energy. We made our ideas from matters level of life, dismissing the invisible universe we were in. 

The mind hasn’t lived with light because it carries the body as self, society as reality,  and money as a second God. They are the lower mind’s ideas of living. We haven’t lived hearing Angels like we should. We’re not living for enlightened perspectives. We’re shaping lower earthly energy in consciousness and creating the devil’s level in human consciousness by living lovelessly.

We’re living to be something to society and willing to carry selfishness, greed, and ego. We’ve made the self more important than Truth by not letting go of the representative for Love. Knowing God is of no form and of all form hasn’t swayed us to think deeply about our own existence. We placate to matters level and accept the body as self without pursuing energy or transitory placing of life. We change only when we have to instead of changing our perspective to Love all the time. Love has become a part of the ego. We’re using it to serve us instead of losing self for light. 

The world walked off the cliff with everyone following it. We didn’t know what we were doing and built a story to work, which became life. Never did anyone know God or creation to surmise human existence. Human education became the storyteller of all time. It’s mandatory and measures nothing more than face-value assumptions. Without enlightenment, the base idea of living became our word. We’re a thinking species that doesn’t understand what thinking is and isn’t. 

The devil in human consciousness is the loveless thought system. It placates the self as the body and makes us believe our branding is who we are. The representative is lost out to sea and won’t find the way back to divinity. We’re shaping our eyes and ears only to see and hear the little person’s level of life. When we made money a second God, we wanted it for power. We made selfishness, opponents, attack, and defend ideas in our thinking. Our thought process changed to lower levels to serve self. We made our thought processes constantly circle back to what was good for us. Ego, satan, and the little person changed our thought system for greed. 

We’re building a box of knowing and not knowing in a shallow pond. The magnitude of our existence is hundreds of billions of years alive, but we have no propensity to fathom God. We only take face-value assumptions as life. The senses won’t tell the story, the mind would if we could carry more light. 

We’re making the brand of clothes, hairstyles, cars, homes, and lifestyles our identity in life. We base self-worth and feel-good remedies on what we can buy. As long as we make money, the only idea we can live through, it takes human thinking into lower ideas of life. We believe other people have opinions of us and see them as outside of us. We base our ideas on how we’re perceived by the world instead of knowing the world only lives through us.

We don’t live with energy, or knowing there’s only one us here with God. The human story has made billions of people move in a world different than the individual. When our existence is living out of the many to the one. It’s the opposite of society. Everything we see is living through us. It’s in our light and only living in our narrative. 

We’re living in linear consciousness. We don’t understand consciousness is all that is alive. If we did, we would live to evolve consciously.  As long as we build human ideas from money, we live horizontally, stretching out its ways. We once lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars, then people lived for a billion dollars, then we lived for five hundred billion dollars, and now people live for a trillion dollars. That’s linear consciousness. We’re not vertically ascending in God. 

Human knowledge isn’t acquired at this level. We don’t try to live enlightened because no one has to. Human life has been based solely on human ideas. We even shaped our own education system to keep our ideas living. We’re not leaving matters level for knowing more because were trapped at the devil’s level, making matters level life. 

A thinking species that doesn’t think in anything but rudimentary ideas loses pathways to light. We make the dark light and swim in shallow water as depth. When God told us not to make money as a second God, He knew the consequences. We didn’t. Our ideas fall to lower earthly energy because our senses dictate the ideas.

Human living is not society as reality. Society is the backdrop giving us the way to make choices to God. We’re carving our Soul to light. It’s not an idea to become part of. It’s for living through to God. Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. Herein lies why what we think is all we live through. We’re trying to shape thought as Love.

Thought System

Our thought processes take shape as children for attention and worth. We increase beliefs trying to be something as we grow up. The mind doesn’t know any better and can’t differentiate thoughts as illusions or reality. We daydream, subjugating thoughts with stories of grandeur. Nothing is taught to know what thought is and isn’t. By the time we’re adults, the thought system has been shaped in lower earthly energy. Our beliefs, ideologies, and knowing carry a foundation we won’t leave unless we consciously evolve beyond it to God.

Thinking is the transitory level of the mortal world, while consciousness is the eternal. Thinking is stories for awakening through. It’s at one level and doesn’t know the magnitude of life. It only knows what it can muster up. The mind reinforces its stories about who we are and how others see us. We don’t register anything outside of our level of consciousness. The light we’re living through is the Soul’s level of Love and not Love. It’s creating the light thinking emerges out of. We want to unravel the thought system for Love. We increase light when we do. 

We don’t learn about Heaven on earth to understand thinking is graduating blemishes in light. Our thoughts live out of created light. The word created the world and gave us a way to live in stories. Thought travels the distance we make it and doesn’t travel beyond it. Thinking isn’t in a reservoir of nothing its ion a reservoir of placed light. The variations within that light are endless, but the state of the light was made before we were born. 

We’re coming into a world that already exists, and the environment is perfect for us. We’re living known before we take our first breath. The idea of living hasn’t mastered originality, and it won’t. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think is an idea in our mind. The original idea was made before our variation knew it would exist. Living created is beyond society’s living for self. 

As we unravel our existence, the scope of living is based on higher intelligence weaved within our light. We’re living to increase God’s light in us. Only by consciously evolving out of self for Love do we bring more of His energy into our light. The journey to Love isn’t based on a self-story it’s based on letting go of it. 

We want Soul intelligence. If human education knew creation, it would be seen a standardized beginning but not the end. It doesn’t give deeper light and only gives the storyboard of human living. Intelligence has to swim out of its own territory to know. otherwise, it’s branded intelligence within its own story to be exactly what it is

Human education is shaping society to have exactly what it needs to have a purpose. We’re not acquiring anything other than what a systematic process has designed to believe we’re intelligent. Our ideas marvel us. We’ve been graduating from university’s perfectly for hundreds of years. We already know each degree’s branding and what it’s used for in life. It’s a baker’s shop that knows the outcome of every ingredient it makes. The world is using it perfectly for being something. 

Human intelligence made its own idea of intelligence and doesn’t veer away from it. We keep rolling with universities and positions in life to satisfy it. The idea of God lost its way the moment religion branded Him as part of its ideas. If we would have lived to hear God, human intelligence would know enlightenment instead of rudimentary illusions. 





For that to happen, we need something beyond human to jar it. God, is that something. 



Human thinking is presently living through incessant thinking. We haven’t lived aware of consciousness to know what reality is and isn’t or what thinking is. We’re going along with any thought as if it is real not knowing human thinking subjugates thought with daydreams. It’s easy to feel like the world is real when we only know our thoughts as life. Humanity hasn’t learned that only our narrative exists as life. Only what we think can live. 

We’re unaware that our thoughts are inflated and not actually standing on a foundation to call reality. They are illusory daydreams making themselves be something so we can live through them to something else. We don’t live for enlightenment to know that. We’re going along with whatever we think and believing it. Our thoughts do not tell us they are daydreaming. They live just as real as any other idea. We know this because we can think of past experiences that live real in this present moment. 

The mind isn’t telling us it’s not really happening. It delivers pulses that carry images to exactly the light within human photosynthesis. Thinking is energy, whether it was twenty years ago as a thought or now. There is no difference. A thought is a thought. The depth of the thought is substance. 

Incessantly thinking is jumping from one thought to the next in self-chatter. We change ideas for ego when we live in lower mind. Incessant thinking is satan’s level because it’s in the dark. We’re living face value assumptions trying to be something to society instead of letting go of everything for God. Without becoming more aware of consciousness, we never leave satan for God. We live the little person’s level of life in lower mind trying to be something for society.

We need to know light before we carry depth in God. Light lives in Christ. His light is our Love.  We’ve put the horse before the cart by shaping religion without anyone understanding creation or God. Losing our lives to gain them in God is a process that changes ego and satan as our thought system changes. We leave one world for another, losing purpose at society’s level while gaining purpose in Christ.

We won’t live how we want with God or in mainstream ideas. It’s deeper and profoundly outside of everything we know as life. We leave one reality for another, and as we do, we lose everything we previously thought as self. The world isn’t living for us to be something to society. It’s living for us to lose our lives to gain them in God. Society is acting as a backdrop for choices of Love. It allows us to observe our thoughts, evolve, and carve our Souls deeper into God. 

We come into a world already existing and don’t have a way to know about it. It’s the temporal journey giving us a story to live through. It allows us the way to observe this level of consciousness in matter. We’re moving through our thoughts in matter, trying to awaken as Love. We shape our story, create our costumes, and live what we can think of as life. When we live for light were living for Love and living for others more than self. Its the only way to open a higher light within our existence.

We think about the higher self or a greater version of our being when we need to live for opening light in human photosynthesis. We already carry advanced intelligence within our light, and through Love, we learn of it. The blending of our present state of mind with advanced higher intelligence takes our light into higher ideas of living. It’s the beginning of placing light for unraveling self for Truth. 

With God, we unravel everything we’ve known as self. Our entire existence until we hear God’s voice was shaped by satan’s level of energy. We lived society as reality and made self be something to society. We didn’t know our divine light, nor did we know reality from God. We only live in what has been taught and assume the rest. 

When we live with God teaching about Himself, we learn an extraordinaire level of human. Creations level is far beyond our idea of reality and human. Living with God opens us to living in the eternal level of life. Until we hear God, we’ve only lived the temporal story. We haven’t lived the eternal. Hearing God’s voice gives us depth, substance, and knowing of life far beyond this one story. 

Religion claiming to know God while only living at the devil’s level is why Jesus went from temple to temple in 1AD, teaching religion it didn’t know God. As long as we’re trying to be something to society we’re shaping the devil’s level of life. We’ll make face-value assumptions about the world and won’t live through Spirit. We’re trying to satisfy our idea of self but miss the boat to God while doing it. God is outside of everything we know as life.

Through Love, we lose our identity, and the meaning of life changes. We leave self for Love. The impact of leaving one world for another shatters the old for the new. We move out of our skin to know Spirit. Spirit is never owning the body and only living through them. It’s beyond this story and its ideas at this one level of consciousness. 

Living with God carries experiences that only He can carve. He’s shaping substance, maturity, and depth for knowing Him. The world is malleable, and living as our personal curriculum in God. We don’t live religiously because there is no point in human ideas when we’re with God teaching about Himself. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the light of our church. Our light is shedding everything about society for Heaven. We’re living to know God outside of this world.  We’re living beyond every religion, idea, and belief at this level of consciousness. 

Up until now, we’ve been taught how to know God. We’ll unravel everything that’s been taught for Truth. God is beyond society’s ideas and He knows our Soul. We can live how we want, sin, be atheists, and God is there. Jesus sitting with the sinners and Moses having murdered before God gave the Ten Commandments is the way of His world.

We don’t live society’s ideas with God. He doesn’t abide by them. He’s living outside of everything we are and know. He’s living the Soul’s light and not what we have conjured up as life. The story is coming and going, but the Soul’s light is being made.  Our knowing God won’t be because we’re living religiously or devotedly in some practices that the world made. It will be in Christ from the Love we have become. 

God doesn’t live by the religious idea of Him. He chooses people, and when He does it for reasons beyond our story of Him. No one in religion is ready for light in another human being until it happens. They don’t understand going from many to the one is our existence with God. How the world perceives God isn’t where He is. He is with the individual. He’s not in society’s story. He’s in the Soul. 

The gift God gave us is living in matter from any one level of consciousness. We live through our thoughts to God. Living through everything other than Love to Love. Society shaped the road, but it didn’t know what reality was for making the road to God. We’ve been living as we want with God and not consciously evolving or leaving satan. We’re living matters level in lower earthly energy. 

We’re born into a religion and don’t have any way to know God. We’re taught how to know God from those who haven’t heard His voice. Anyone who hears God begins reality changing and living only His will on earth. We don’t continue the little person’s ideas of life. 

If religion knew God, we would have billions of enlightened masters all over the earth, but we don’t. What we do have is fear and people living in lower mind. We’re struggling with ideas that began thousands of years ago, not acquiring substance for light. Ever since religion made itself into something, it changed the idea of God to only its idea. And as long as human interpretations define God, the world lives the devil’s level of life. 

The little person’s level of life is changing human consciousness for darkness. We made the world a credible one out of ignorance and branding. We’re not carrying intelligence because we graduate college or become a physicist. Both are storyboards that play a role in life and have been shaped to live as they are. The magnitude of knowing can only begin when we understand creation and what being human is. Til now, no one at any university has known. 

We’re creating subjects and building the idea to master them. It’s a circle making itself round. Human consciousness needs to step outside of its circle to understand creation. We’re placing too many lower mind ideas as life. Living with God is the way to leave our little person’s ideas for light. It was the way to know Truth. Without light, we only hear our self-chatter.

Human existence is in one light of living. We experience of everything in life is only at our level of consciousness. We never leave our narrative, and we only hear our voice as life. The elaborate experience of matter makes us feel like there are humans outside of us and objects everywhere. We associate matters level from our present level of consciousness. As of the twenty-first century, no human being knew matters level until these knowings from God. 

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness means energy is our world. The level of energy is out of resonance in human photosynthesis. Our seeing bodies and matter is the gift God gave us as energy. He created us out of His likeness and made the eternal path of life, experiencing anything we could think of and living through it to something else. Our existence is far beyond our knowing. As we consciously evolve in God, we live knowing more. 

The world is resonance changing rapidly outside of our knowing. We don’t see bacteria crawling all over our bodies, nor do we have particles blocking our view. God created consciousness to live comfortably in its light without seeing creation’s level of life. We live the story and only know what we can think as life. The world is a storyboard giving different ways to live ideas while shaping the journey from self to Love. We’re leaving self no matter what. It’s just a matter of when. 


Moses grew up in Egyptian culture, worshipping many gods. At the burning bush, God told Moses I am the God of your Fathers. The God of Abraham, the God of Issac, the God of Jacob. Until then, Moses had no idea because he prayed to other gods. The moment we hear God is the moment we know God. Everything other than that is satan’s ideas living society as reality.

God knew the Israelites would be enslaved for four hundred years. He knew when Moses was born that he would free the Israelites from Egypt. The enormity of Moses having no idea who God was is a token for many in scripture. God doesn’t care about society’s ideas of Him. We have many religions, and none know Him. He’s giving to the individuals light in Him because at creation’s level, there’s only one us here with God. 

Our living society as reality was made without us knowing God. We didn’t know creation to understand His existence. He’s not a man in the sky but is hundreds of billions of years alive, living in every atom giving human consciousness the way to live in matter. Our thoughts live with God. Our level of consciousness knowing God is one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We’re placing this version to light. 

When we hear God, our own ideas shatter for Him. They’ve been taught to us, and our ideas haven’t been deeper than satan. When God teaches, the world we know no longer exists. God changes everything we know about life. He’s tearing into ideas we’ve carried since childhood. Isolating our thinking for only hearing Him. Knowing God isn’t based on what everyone else knows. It’s based on what no one else knows.


Religion is the idea that began as people tried to live with God. They didn’t know Him and wanted to do all they could for Him. When Jesus was walking from temple to temple teaching religion, it didn’t know God He did it because religion was already part of the devil in human consciousness.

The moment we claim knowing God while only knowing satan, we lose the way to Him. Religion shaped human precepts with traditions, rituals, and wardrobes to define itself as something. By doing that, the ego, satan, and the little person became our idea of God. We didn’t live for enlightenment or carve our Soul deeper in God. No one understood there was only one of us here with God living through our thoughts to Him. 

We made matters level a world outside of us instead of only living through us. We saw people as others instead of energy in our Soul. We shaped ideas in assumptions instead of living in conversation with God. Religion made itself into something while missing the entire point of God’s existence and what He created as life. 

God gave us the way to live from the many to the one in His light with Him teaching about Himself. He gave us Heaven and ideas of Him to know Him. Moses lived with God beyond everyone, as did everyone who knows God. It’s not a group light. God chooses us, and the world becomes our personal curriculum going deeper in Him. 

Gods will is lived because God is our reality, not society or any mainstream idea of life. The mind changes from society as reality to God as reality because we hear Him. Hearing God has been damned by religion and marginalized by humanity. No one is going to hear God and continue living society as reality. The knowing of His voice shatters everything we’ve known about life. There is no idea in religion coming close to what living with God teaching about Himself looks like. 

We lose our lives, purpose, and meaning at society’s level for only Christ. No one lives anything other than God’s ideas. We don’t carry a life anyone in society would want. It’s a deafening experience beyond the world. 

God doesn’t live the idea of religious hierarchy with titles and positions. Its the little person’s level of life not making its way to Him. It’s making its way in its own idea of Him. The roles we play are our costumes. It’s what we could make as knowing God when no one did. 





Scripture has been rewritten repeatedly to favor the climate of the times and caters to whoever is fighting over it. There are countless ideas of text going back before Hinduism or the Torah. We’ve always tried to claim God, but very few ever hear Him. 

Religion missed the way to God because it made itself into something. The moment it did that, it became society’s level of life. Society is the devil’s level because it’s matters level only knowing matter as life. We’re the body, and reality is what we see in front of us. We don’t know human thinking lives in daydreams, subjugating thought with imaginations of the past and future. We’re always revisiting what we did yesterday or need to do tomorrow. The daydreams move into matter when we make them live for us. 

The mind is an instrument moving like a conveyor belt, constantly churning out ideas we live seamlessly with as life. We don’t observe them, nor do we question them. They’re an “is” we live as real. Scripture became perspectives from different levels of consciousness and sometimes different realities. Deuteronomy is an arrangement from people who never heard God or knew Him. It plagiarizes Moses and has been written by people guessing what Moses may have wanted to say. They made it up, and it’s not a secret, either. We reference Jesus, disciples, and prophets without care.

We’re not trying to hear God ourselves. We’re trying to take what other people live and make it what we feel is knowing God. It’s the little person’s level because our journey to Love hasn’t occurred. The eyes and ears don’t see or hear in light. They’re still in the darkness, making other people’s experiences our knowing God.

Herein lies why religion doesn’t make it to God. It’s pointless taking scripture from an experience someone else had and not live with God teaching about Himself. If we won’t live deeper than what other people live, then we have no way of knowing God. Other people’s experiences are not ours. 

Our living to God is our journey. It’s given at birth and coded to our uniqueness. It’s the Souls outpouring to know its livingness. The idea that mainstream knowledge is God’s is null. God is giving what mainstream doesn’t know or can’t believe. Society won’t know Heaven on earth until it knows self doesn’t exist. The mind can’t weave the bigger world until begins changing where it stands now. Our thought system has to change from human education to Soul intelligence.

It has to leave self for light. We’re leaving human education, which builds the temporal world, for Soul intelligence which knows the eternal light.  

Living with God

Living with God goes back to the beginning. We’ve always picked up breadcrumbs instead of running through the woods. What we did with those breadcrumbs constitutes one idea from one level of consciousness. What we didn’t do was live for Love. What we did doesn’t discern Truth or whether it was meant for that or not. It was what we could muster up at that level of consciousness.

When Jesus walked the earth, we placed many texts about Him. We didn’t live for Him until we knew He was God’s Son. The Christ period was way before He manifested to teach about Himself. The Israelites were given favor for knowing God. God lived beyond any idea we could fathom. He chose people to carry His light into life.

When God changed from only the Israelites, the world changed too. We made traditions and rituals a way of trying to gain favor from God. We were trying to invoke Him, but He wasn’t living for that. The world separated into groups of people shaping their methods for trying to live with favor by God.  We did what we could but didn’t understand creation.  Without hearing God, we made religions. 

Religion has made human experiences with God their claim to God. Adam and Eve weren’t Israelites. Nor was Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. None were religiously living like we are. When God gave Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars, it was for carrying His light into the world. It was for others to know living with God was the way of the world. It wasn’t for religious ideas of God. The pure knowing of God lived before we tainted it with suppositions for religions.

Knowing God as the blueprint to life was always the knowing for humanity. It changed because religion made itself into something to have power and authority over a word it didn’t understand. We made it a religious level because we didn’t know creation or God’s existence. 

God purposely chose people outside of religion and from all walks of life. He’s not living for the hierarchy in religion. Their status is their reward. The father of nations is an idea deeper than flesh and blood. It was the knowing of God beyond everything else that gave God to the world. Jesus, John the Baptist, Abraham, Moses, Isaac, and Jacob have all been revered as the people that began religion and kept it together. 

The idea is not close to religion’s little person’s level. God gave to people to change the course of human history. Moses When Moses was raised as an Egyptian in Egyptian royalty worshipping many Gods. John the Baptist was raised by God in the wilderness. Abrahan heard God out of thin air and knew Him outside of everyone, including Sara and Lot. Isaac was Abrahams’s son and knew God in favor of Abrahams’s knowing God. Jacob was the son of Isaac that laid claim to power that wasn’t his by tricking his father from giving it to his brother Esau. None lived religiously as we do. They experienced God outside of society and knew more of Him than any other human being on earth at their time of knowing. 

Long ago the Israelites changed their ways to have their own ideas of Yahweh. They made traditions and rituals for their community. They wanted to separate their ways from everyone else for favor from God. The ideas fell to lower earthly energy because we tried to be something to God. It shifted the knowing of God to matters level instead of light. The traditions, worship, and protocols became every religion’s signature for what they wanted to live as knowing God.

We listen to parents, friends, and the community without knowing the Soul’s journey to God. No one in any religion can teach creation or even carry the authority of knowing God greater than any other religion. They’re all making what they want as living with God instead of living enlightened. Jesus lived outside of religious ideas. God was the only one teaching.

The Bible wouldn’t even exist if not for the highest levels of religion crucifying Jesus. He was crucified because He knew God greater than the Pharisees and high priests. He spoke in ways that threatened their status. They claimed Jesus was blasphemous because they couldn’t see the Messiah right in front of them. This was religion’s downfall. It’s the place in our world that remains seekers and not finders of God. 

There are over sixty versions of the Bible and if one lived holy there would be no others. Going back to its beginnings, empires were influencing text. It took over a thousand years for the Bible to be compiled, and during that time humanity lived in different realities and ideas of life. Kings wanted power over it. We changed so much to make religion into something we’ve lost depth with scripture. It’s being made to be superb when its had so many ideas placed from people who never heard God’s voice it beckons us to do all we can to hear God. 

Living with God is the only reason why we’re alive. Whether we know it or not, sooner or later, we all know God. Knowing scripture or not knowing scripture has no bearing on knowing God.  The walk to God is surrendering everything we know as self for Love. God knows our Soul and that human ideas come and go. Someone will always be claiming they know God even when they don’t. Jesus warned us about it and knew that religion would shape itself into something that never makes it to God. Christ gave us the way to know Him so that we carry the door to God, regardless of any human idea of God. 

We do not know God’s existence, creation, reality, matter, consciousness, thinking, or Heaven. We don’t know what being alive is because no one hears God to know. We believe our little person’s ideas when they never graduate for light. We’re aging in the world but not aging with God. If living with God was our idea of it then God need not exist. Without rigorous inner inquisitions of our existence, we don’t carry the magnitude of life to know Him. Instead, we live society as reality with religious practices and protocols. The mind doesn’t consciously evolve to God. It stays at satans level, trying to be something to society instead. 

John the Baptist

John the Baptist baptized people not through a religious idea but by God’s idea. He came out of the wilderness and baptized people placing the arrival of Christ. The washing our light opens the door for God. Whether we walk through it or not is our choice. Simply by cleansing the Soul, we do not know God. Walking through the door is shattering one world for another. We’re living for the Soul’s journey to Love with God teaching about Himself.

The fabric of life changes its essence when we’re dancing with Angels. No one can live society as reality with God. Living with God is the opposite of society. Society makes purpose for being something in it, and we endure it by making the costume for self. With God, we unravel everything we are for only knowing Love as our beingness.

We will leave this world through an enlightened corridor between God and our present level of consciousness. The doors we have while in matter are the same except were not moving through them. We have choices, and we either make society as reality or live God above all things. We either live as Love or self.  If we’re not living with God teaching about Himself, we’re moving through the devil’s level of life with society as reality.  Christ is the door to God, and Love is our way. 

Creation Synopsis

The word created the world, and the word was by God. Thought is algorithms living already in higher intelligence. Nothing will produce thought at matters level. We’re shaping matter with every thought, and that’s living interweaved with many other levels of intelligence. The levels of intelligence are Heaven and other races in our light.

Our ideas can’t live in matter without other races placing it.




God created it, and it’s all there is. Nothing else can live ever again. Light is moving armor into places we can’t see for ideas to know themselves. 

The only way humans see a body, tree, or ocean is by hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy moving in temperature. We’re living through human photosynthesis for experiencing matter exactly as we think it to be. Conscious Energy is one of the living races of Heaven and is the fabric of our world. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. It’s how we live in our narrative only experiencing our thoughts as life.

God gave us the way to live in free will for living through anything we could think. The word created the world because consciousness is all that is alive. God gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. This gave us the way to live for eternity experiencing different levels of consciousness through ideas in matter. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love to shape Heaven on earth instead of hell. We only experience what we think as life and can observe our consciousness in matter. It’s giving us a way to make choices toward Love.

We come into a world that already exists and learn to shape a persona that becomes our representative. It’s not our Truth it’s what we can muster up as self at this level of consciousness. We’re blending into a story that we’ll later live unraveling to Love. When God gave us the way to know we were created it was what we could find.  Genesis doesn’t live for a deeper idea of creation because God can give us that as we age. That level of consciousness had no idea microwaves would exist or that satellites would soar into space.

We didn’t know life as we do now. No one had electricity nor did we know cars would back themselves up. He gave us the way to know we were created and that was accomplished. The magnitude of creation widens as we consciously evolve. Ten thousand years from now we’ll know creation in another light than how we do today. The world isn’t living in anything but consciousness. If we don’t consciously evolve we carry old stories as life. 

Making money a second God drove human consciousness into lower earthly energy. Every idea from this level of thinking is lower mind swimming in incessant thinking, self-chatter, and not knowing what reality is and isn’t or what being alive is. The mind is telling stories and we go along with them without knowing we’re only living in our narrative. The light we need doesn’t come to us because we’ve made society reality from birth. The left doesn’t know the right and the bottom can’t see the top. We’re living like a hard drive being filled with someone else’s ideas. Nothing will remove them until something beyond them comes our way.  

Human thinking doesn’t serve Truth because we can’t get beyond it to know it. Our ideas, beliefs, and ideologies were shaped as children. The seed blossomed in its own knowing as we aged.  We’ve been walking down a hall billions of others have walked. We have seen what they see and have heard the same stories about God and life that their great-parents knew. We’re not exploring consciousness we’re recycling it.

The idea of being a thinking species too afraid to venture beyond mainstream ideas changes the thread of life. It’s the acronym for old and the acronym for ignorant. We don’t marginalize creation to a book and we don’t marginalize God to a religion. 


Self is the transitory idea of the mortal world. It doesn’t exist. We have a vessel to live through and it’s a body that can move and house a thought system. We’re traveling through consciousness with it and for eternity we’ll live in different bodies and environments. Our family, friends, jobs, hobbies, persona, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, and dreams all change when we change form. This level of consciousness is only shaping a temporary representative to live through carving the Soul deeper into Love. 

The world is churning from human consciousness through human photosynthesis. Our existence will carry more worlds than we can shake a stick at. Our family and friends will manifest for eternity in light. Everything in this world is a level of energy in our Soul and continues with us for eternity. The light we know as family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and co-workers are energy moving in our Soul. The world is our echo carrying our Love. 

Life doesn’t teach creation it only teaches us the story of this one level of consciousness. The illusion is the idea we muster up until we live with God teaching about Himself. It’s the illusion because it’s one level of consciousness out of an infinite and has no aptitude for controlling where thoughts come from. Our belief that it’s ours is null. We’ve lived in God’s consciousness from the beginning and live in a light far beyond our own making. The idea is overgrowing in more places than just our minds. The world has already placed our destiny and harold into a bigger level each time we chose Love in our lives. 

Our light in God is over everything we know in life. We move through many ideas in matter and don’t recognize God because we don’t carry the light of Christ for Him. We’re bearing to much pain to live without darker earthly energy in our thinking. The light we’re moving towards is Love. It’s the only idea that changes every other idea to know God. Love overpowers every other energy and is the one energy that transcends spacetime for more than we know. 

The world we’re walking through is one small piece of the bigger world we have. God gave us at birth the light for rising above everything in this world. He has placed Angels along our path and has lit Celestial Light in our thoughts. We carry higher intelligence with us no matter where we are or how we think. The world is only living within our idea but what is with us is far beyond us. We’re never alone and never do we think without other light hearing, moving, and placing energy. 

No one recognizes other races with them. We don’t see them. Our invisible existence keeps everyone at deeper levels than ours. The conscious energy inside of the body is ours. It’s hidden from us. We think of it as Spirit but it’s much more magnified than the fragrance of the Soul. Our livingness is outside of the human idea of life. We’re not seeing creations level nor do we grasp God living hundreds of billions of years alive. The human race isn’t resounding in advanced ideas of life. This level of consciousness is young. We don’t know other races and have never known God as far beyond the idea of humans. We placate matters level with lower mind ideas of Him. 

Our creation is one of the most incredible ideas life can possibly know because it’s living for eternity experiencing different levels of matters based on our level of consciousness. 







Without light, we don’t increase our knowing. We stumble around subjugating thoughts with daydreams and know nothing more than a fragrance that lives very real. The making of self has been matters idea and only placates the thought system in lower energy. The mind isn’t knowing greater depth. 

We haven’t learned scripture deep enough to know why it was imperative to know God was of no form and of all form. We even knew Spirit was ours and still we can’t grasp light as our existence. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are knowing God. We haven’t shaped divine ideas because we deny God for living society as reality. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is light in ours breathing everything we can live into being. The depth of it is our church shaping its temple in God. This has nothing to do with a building or congregation. The rock is the magnitude of the church in God. It’s built upon our depth in Him. Our leaving matters level for light is what changes depth in God. 

Jesus saw that Peter knew He was the Messiah not from flesh and blood but by God moving in him. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were God placing His light in ours. The world we’re living through is energy and we’re standing at different levels of energy in God. Matters level is lower mind because it lives money as a second God and places self as the body. This shapes identity in matter. By the time we know more we’ve already created a self and reality at matters level. Herein lies why we must lose our lives to gain them in God. We have to dismantle and lose every idea of life shaped by satan.

When Jesus was walking with the disciples a man came up to Him and asked how to have eternal life in Heaven. He told Jesus he followed the laws and worshipped God. Jesus told him to sell all his worldly goods, give the money to the poor and come follow Him. The man refused and walked away not willing to do it. Jesus turned to the disciples and told them it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

When we make the body self and matters level our existence the thought system acquires everything it needs to be something at matters level. The idea of self-triumphing as wealthy makes us feel worth and value. It’s egos echelon and not our Truth. The representative we’re carrying s self never knew divine light. Its the lower version of our being. We skipped divine living for face value making of self. We build costumes as who we are with job titles that shape our outer look. Nothing will break these chains until we lose everything for God. When Jesus told the man to sell all his worldly goods and give the money to the poor it was for losing his idea of self for Love. 

Love is the energy that makes our ideas fade to light. The man didn’t have faith in God to do it nor could he leave his ego, satan, and the little person. He was living with the idea of self-being successful, powerful, and wealthy. That story was too good to lose. He wasn’t going to let go of that false reality of self. He didn’t know creation or God. His idea of God was from ego and satan.

The mind won’t carry two thought systems. We make choices and antiquate our ideas in matter for it. The alchemy is Love. If we only know the body as self we only carry Love at satans level. The Love we require to shape our thought system with light is outside of matters level. Jesus gave the way to shape a thought system at Heaven’s level with Him. We have to dismantle everything we’ve placed as our self-identity. When Jesus chose the disciples, they left one reality for another. Most were uneducated fishermen and they never lived that reality again. They only lived with God teaching about Himself.   

We have to lose our status, titles and positions, our wealth, and our idea of self for God. We’re leaving the ideas of one world for another. We go from the many to the one becoming Love. The journey to Love is through the dismantling of our ideas as someone in matter to only Love. We’re shaping thoughts differently and seeing our existence in the eternal rather than the temporal story of self. 

The only way to live outside of this consciousness is through our thought system changing. If we carry society’s ideas we live with them. Living with God takes us to Heaven’s level of life. We live God’s will. Our existence isn’t based upon self or society’s idea of self. It’s not carrying society as reality or society’s purpose and meaning. We’ve traveled into a new world where only God’s will is known. 

When we live matters level society’s purpose changes as we age. With God, it is continuously the same. To know Him. We’re not understanding creation because we don’t comprehend God’s existence as all there is in life. Nothing can give consciousness more than Him. Our existence and idea of life are at a level in Him whether we know it or not. We’re acquiring Love for consciousness to carry more light. The more we live in God the more of His energy we have as light in consciousness. 

Our idea of aging and learning keeps us enamored in self instead of trying to know who is thinking or how thought exists. We don’t see light nor can we detect energy beyond matters level. We’re not sitting deeply with enlightened ideas. We’re in rudimentary ones shaping society as something. The mind doesn’t see what is outside of the rudimentary walls of thinking. We’re not learning how to move energy or live beyond matters level. Moving energy is the art of completion.  The world’s ideas only live in our narrative and only out of our thoughts can they change. Completion is the light with energy. Without Love, we don’t acquire the light for changing higher levels of life. 

We’ll hike in circles to feel like we have knowing and not knowing.





The representative we shaped as self is all we can know and it’s the illusion. We want to go beyond the idea of self for knowing we’re Love and that only takes shape as we lose our lives to gain them in God. 








We believe we’re the body and everything we see is antiquating our existence as something. We place our worth and value at society’s level believing our wealth defines us. 







shape a costume as our representative of self and live stories through it. 



. It overrides depth, maturity, and substance. 



God doesn’t serve satan or the little person’s ideas of Him. He changes our thinking to know His light. Religion lives how it wants. It’s standing in its own house, ensuring everyone follows its rules. Nothing about that is living with God. God doesn’t tolerate it.  That’s why Jesus performed miracles on the Sabbath and ate with the sinners. It’s also why God chose a murderer to deliver the Ten Commandments. God doesn’t care about our ideas of Him. He knows the Soul.

God is living for us to know Him and not our little person’s ways. We’re going to walk out of one world for another. We’ll lose our ideas of family, purpose, and self for God. Consciously evolving to enlightenment doesn’t happen in religion. It only knows society as reality and placates the mind of the little person. 

Individuals will know God and not groups. The Soul will change, and the one who hears God deepens. The mind learns to move differently in the world, away from matters level and into light. Leaving one world for another is out of self-dissolving for Love. The transformation begins as we leave society’s thought system for Heaven’s thought system. The place that changes the most is self not existing. When we experience God changing matter we learn His existence not by ideas but by experiencing Him moving the world. Our world is malleable and doesn’t live as we see it. 

We see buses, cars, and trees but what is here is energy. Energy is swarming into matters idea for us to experience it exactly as we think. When God is teaching, the world becomes our curriculum. He uses everything in it to know Him. It’s much bigger than society’s ideas and beyond anything we thought was our world. There are worlds within worlds but in order to know them, we have to leave one for the other. God gives us a way to do that. He opens the universe for us. 

Satan’s ideas are from the thought system making self the body and matter the world. We don’t know Spirit, and we haven’t begun knowing Love. We live in ego and the little person trying to be something to society instead of disengaging from it to God. The ideas in lower mind keep us living mainstream ideas. Our thoughts don’t leave lower earthly energy. God breaks us out of one thought system for Heaven’s level in life, but it requires losing our lives to gain them in Him. That process is leaving every idea we know as self. Our achievements, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, and identities crumble. 

Mainstream living keeps everyone looking their best and trying to show the world they are good. We have the right clothes, hairstyle, and livingness. The mind is clamoring for believing that people see us as good. Our idea of self has made the world live outside of us and were trying to be something in it to satisfy our ego. We didn’t learn that depth in life was not living as self. We’ll make a sharper turn to God when we begin knowing human living at creations level. Self is the transitory idea of the temporal world and doesn’t leave making a representative to live through. 

We’re constantly freeing ourselves by living for compliments, accolades, and self-indulgence. It’s not something we’re aware of. It’s weaved into our daily activities as life. We’re secretly living by how others perceive us. Nothing about human life is anything but that wish. We’ve been doing it since childhood. When we learned how to please mom and dad it grew. It’s been fine-tuned and turned into a bigger knowing. Our work, lifestyle, materialism, and outer appearance all live to please society.

If we’re a musician we make ourselves look like a musician. If were religious we try to look religious. If we’re living for wealth we douse ourselves in clothing for others to know we have money. Everyone is trying to live according to society’s ideas because they don’t keep God above all things. We didn’t learn about satan or thinking to avoid his trickery. The thought system shapes to lower earthly energy and makes our representative at its level. We had a chance for our representative to shape divinely but when we accepted society as reality we lost that way. 

God gave us the way to know Him for living with light. When we didn’t keep God above all things and made money a second God we made our ideas matters level.  When we associate the body as the self we fall deeply into the ground levels of life. We’ll only move by how society moves. We’re not making our existence with God teaching about Himself. We’re trying to Love God while shaping our representative to live something in society. It’s missing the point of God living with us. 

No one travels beyond matters level that makes self exist at matters level. We won’t know God in anything but satan. Human precepts became our idea of knowng God because no one in religion made it to Him for knowing creation. The world is bigger than our ideas of it and is profoundly outside of everything we can think. Nothing God is doing has anything to do with our ideas of Him. All of it is His way to know Him. We’re going from the many to the one. 

Society’s level is the base level we come into. It’s giving us the way to settle in and live in something before living out of it. We’re not learning to live beyond it. God existing and no one living with Him teaching about Himself is why we have no idea what life is and isn’t. We’re moving in human ideas. The idea of society is what we made up. We didn’t live knowing God or Angels. We settled for what was in front of us and made money a second God. No one was caring about the invisible world or creation. We were in ego and wanted to satisfy self by living with power and money. The world was built from money.

Every place in life that has shaped authority and institutions has been from ideas where money served to place them. Our infrastructure, human education, and industries have been lower mind ideas only at matters level. No one was in conversation with God or understood what reality was and wasn’t. We assumed reality was what was in front of us and we assumed we were conscious because we could see our hands in front of our faces. We’re living as a thinking species which means only what we think lives as life. The word creates the world.

Our ideas placed what was in front of us as real instead of knowing it was one idea out of an infinite. We didn’t know what thought was or how matter was existing. No one knew that energy shaped thought. We didn’t understand what the temporal world was or what the eternal was. We made the temporal idea our existence instead of knowing it as one level of consciousness out of an infinite. The story we live through is the one we can muster up at this level of consciousness. It’s not knowing the eternal unless we live with God teaching about Himself.

Ultimate reality has been the idea from knowing we live through veils of illusions to it. But no one understood what it was because no human being has realized it.  Ultimate reality is living with God teaching about Himself in Heaven while here on earth. The Truth of our existence is from God. Not our little persons ideas of who self is or what reality is. We don’t leave the thought system at matters level until we live with God teaching about Himself. 

Society is the illusion and is the temporal level of life. It’s a quick trip in matter where we live one level of consciousness as the world. Only our narrative is existing as life. We don’t feel it or know it until we live outside of mainstream knowing. We live with many crossroads for choosing Love. When we do we begin a deeper walk toward Heaven on earth. The road with God isn’t one on a map. It’s the Soul living in a greater light than the mind can know. We’re living beyond this one idea of self with God. We shape a repestative out of ideas of who self is from this one level of consciousness. Self doesn’t exist because we live for eternity with many different bodies, families, and life. We’re believing we’re our body is out of ignorance. We’re energy being blessed by God for experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness. That’s giving us the way to live for eternity. We’re always changing form. 

God is consciousness living as energy and so are we. He created us out of His light and we’re conscious energy with a little “C” and “E.” Heavens race Conscious Energy is with a capital ‘C” and “E”. The world lives greater than our face value assumptions. Living outside of the mainstream is a requisite for diving into our existence with a blank slate. If we carry society’s stories we keep our minds at its level with self as the body. When we begin to dismantle the body as self and begin to know society as an illusion. The deepest dismantling happens when we hear God speak to us. At that moment our idea of life shatters.

The only place we carry life is in our thinking. When we change how we think we change the world we live in. The degree of that change will only be by Love. Nowhere in life can we dismantle self quicker than with Love. Caring for others over self and giving to others more than self is a mandatory living to know Love. We won’t give to our existence as much as we give to others. The curriculum is where we end the dream for what we have made our representative live for thus far. We’re not shedding self for light until we literally live doing it.

We won’t carry society’s idea of us and Love at the same time. The first are last and the last are first with God. Society sees us as last but we’ll be living deeper in God knowng Love. The world we made outside of us will now serve it purpose teaching us to leave our ego and satan. We’ve made our own curriculum by living with self as the body trying to be something to society. That living is now what we’re dismantling to no thing. We’re leaving self for Love. Love changes the world for only Christ. We’ll need strength, aptitude, and faith. And only God can breathe it into us.   

We’re stumbling around in the dark reaching for a light to see with. The ideas at matters level placate satan, the ego, and the little person. We don’t shed anything for God.  Moses, Abraham, John the Baptist, and the disciples were far from mainstream ideas of God. They lived deeper in God and knew more of Him than any other human being on earth. It wasn’t a group knowing. It was an individual living with God teaching about Himself with their light giving to the world.

We don’t challenge the institutions that branded themselves as knowing God because we live among them. At birth were taught they are real, just, and know God. It’s the devil’s images making it impossible to know God. No one is being born to live beyond religion to God to then turn around and teach religion about God. We don’t know there is only one of us here with God living through the devil’s images to Him. If we detour with religious ideas we keep them and do not live God above all things. We’ll live the institution’s ideas above all things instead of ripping our lives apart to hear God’s voice. 

We’re not trying to live beyond religion. We settled for it mostly because we were born into it. We have no way to think of it objectively because our family discourages us from questioning it, by instilling at birth that it knows God perfectly. religion has never been on the chopping block like it was when Jesus walked the earth. Christ led us to God and led religion to the devil’s level of life. It was the highest levels of religion that plotted and schemed to crucify Jesus. They didn’t know God. No one saw the Messiah in front of them. They had no idea Jesus was God’s Son. They had no living with God to know His Son. They were deep in politics and revered as saintly simply by branding and force. 

Religion was never shaped by God. It’s been shaped by empires and people wanting authority over the word. Living in our time with God is dismal because Catholic blasphemy made its own idea of decree falsely placing a papacy as knowing God. Never has any pope lived hearing God, knowing God, or even knowing creation. They don’t live for God they live for the institution’s idea of Him. The heresy from religious ideas changed the course of human being’s knowing creation. They forced people to live by their ideas and disregarded everything outside of them. Only what they felt was knowing God became knowing God. 

The irony is we shaped religions out of the very text that taught us religion would not know God. We mimicked the high priest and shaped the hierarchy with it. No one got the message that scripture was the very text for knowing religion would not know God. Jesus was delivered through religion killing Him. The eyes and ears of people claiming God simply because they claim a religion is satan. We don’t walk deeper and we don’t leave society as reality. 

God gave us the way to Him and it’s in Christ. It’s not through a religious institution or human idea of Him. He chooses people outside of them all. It’s our little person’s idea placing self as the body that makes religion our destiny instead of God. We don’t house the courage or magnitude of life to live for divinity. When Martin Luther tried to teach the papacy it was the devil’s level of life they needed to learn it. What they have done by branding the papacy as knowing God will live as the epitome of the devil in life. No one will ever believe them again. It was a child’s idea that had no clue how God was living or what God would do. 

When God chooses people to teach humanity about His existence it’s always a notable level outside of everything religion stands for. He’s chosen murderers, dream tellers, and people who have no idea He even exists. They’ve lived more atheist than anything remotely close to religion. His choices define humanity as living wrongly and not on a choice to Him. We’re not living for God and instead were living for institutions false idols and blasphemy. 

God giving Moses the Ten Commandments is the teaching that shatters everything religion is. Moses worshipped many gods, didn’t know what God was at the burning bush, and even murdered someone. This time He picked someone living more atheist. We didn’t want to hear His name nor did we believe He even existed. God gave the one living more atheist Christ to teach all of religion it doesn’t know Him. He didn’t choose any priest, bishop, rabbi, cardinal, imam, or pope. The walk with God is perilously living in another reality far from society’s ideas. 

Our shedding self for light is a journey to Love outside of human precepts. Human precepts keep us living matters level in ego, satan, and the devil. We don’t acquire substance, maturity, or depth in God top go beyond them. Our wearing a wardrobe as a branded decree in God already speaks for itself. The idea that false idols are religiously claiming decree in God is the same as two thousand years ago when Jesus walked the earth. 

The making of teachers in religion is humanity not knowing the disciples lived with God teaching about Himself and not another human trying to teach about God. Our becoming teachers is the detour in the devil. We don’t live for God to know Him. We play a role like we already do. We’ll never go deeper toward God because we’re honing in on our skills for being the best teacher. Ego and satan work perfectly together to keep us feeling good.  Religion never understood the journey to God wasn’t in society. It was beyond it. 

The teachers of our world are the ones who do not know. Whether in human education or religion the teachers have never understood creation or God. We don’t use common sense with religion. If the papacy knew God the papacy would be in Heaven while here on earth able to explain God’s existence greater than any scientist can talk about life. 

They would with other races like Angels, Celestial light, and other races of Love. They would live in a higher level of consciousness, not in society. There would be a profound knowing of God beyond the world and all religions put together. They would live enlightened with a profoundly greater knowing of everything in life than every professor or scientist. 

The idea that we claim and brand our own decree in God is the epitome of not having faith in God. 

The entire planet would be filled with enlightened masters if everyone who claims to know God knew God. All religions would be one religion and there would be an increase in knowing God. For over two thousand years not one religion has had any increase in knowing God. It’s still talking about texts thousands of years ago with no new data. And not one religion can teach science about creation. They can’t because they don’t hear God. 

Society won’t define us with God. We can be famous and live with saintly branding but God won’t choose what is false. He’s choosing the magnitude of the Soul beyond the ideas of self. Religion making its own decree with God is faithless and demoralizing to life living with God. 

We’re forcing humanity to choose a religion and then carry it like the holy grail when it’s nothing more than human ideas placing themselves in ego, satan, and the little person’s level of life. It has nothing to do with God and won’t because our knowing God is an individual walk out of self to light and from fear to Love. 

Martin Luther is someone who gave the papacy the way to know it was satan’s idea. In the 16th century, indulgence was a donation to the church with a promise from the pope to reduce a sinner’s time in purgatory. It was imitating Jesus relinquishing our sins trying to create branding. The vexation is a human being living at the devil’s level deceiving society with false claims that only God can grant. Money-generating practices for the Roman Catholic Church made money a second God without noticing it. 

We don’t honor God when we continuously have to be something to make others believe we know Him. Life isn’t serving the teacher it’s serving the one who knows God beyond religion. Those teaching haven’t journey to God.  Martin Luther gave the Roman Catholic Church the way to see its satan which it denied just like Judaism did with Christ. We’ve made living with God human traditions and teachings instead of relying only on God. 

There’s a line that has been crossed with the Roman Catholic church that is bombast and deceiving not just Italy because the deception spans the entire human race and detours us from God. No one spoke about it but Martin Luther and everyone should have listened. Today the light has been solely for learning to live with God and only God and yet religion wants to find a place where it’s not living. 

People were persecuted for the papacy to exist and no one could see the devil playing like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Thousands of lives perished during this time out of religious ideas for power. We weren’t trying to know God. We were trying to be something to society. We were in lower earthly energy swimming in satan. The papacy was trying to have power over all other ideas of God.

Every few thousand years religion has a way to wake up but never does. It keeps power and authority over a word it does not know. If it knew scripture it would be living with God teaching about Himself instead of trying to play God to humanity. Religion has no ears to hear with because wisdom and knowledge bypass it. It’s performing instead of losing everything for God. As long as we live society as reality and place our decree in God we have only the devil’s level to live by. 

Humanity has been lost since religion has been making human beings live by its ideas. We’re not going to consciously evolve deeper in God as long as we praise the papacy as being God. The blasphemy is deeper than the Pharisees and high priests. It’s out of context for human life to have lived with someone acting famous as knowing God who has never heard His voice.

Blasphemy doesn’t work here because it’s more perilous than that. The travesty is the human race losing its way to God. Everyone is being raised in shallow tainted water. Our ideas of living with God lost light. They are ideas at the same level as someone telling the world they know scripture while living as a false idol in blasphemy.  

No one can place any value in knowing God because everyone is claiming to know Him regardless of not hearing His voice. Status is stealing our Souls instead of our losing our lives to gain them in God. As long as religion is branding false idols the human race is losing.  This teaching is mandatory by God for humanity to know we must live beyond all religion to Him if we are to know Him. Religion capitalizes on its own existence instead of teaching everyone to live beyond it to God. 

Ideas are a dime a dozen but light in God is eternal. It doesn’t change like ideas do and is a deeper knowing beyond everything humanity can claim as knowing God. Were not tested in mainstream ideas of knowing God. We’re tested by every idea that could believe it’s not Him but yet we know emphatically it’s God. The knowing isn’t from scripture or laws its a deep thread inside of us that has only His signature. We know because it’s God. The entire world would claim otherwise and that is the good teaching of God. 





what is beyond it. We’re comfortable in something. Human living doesn’t live breaking the rules, daring itself, or leaving what is comfortable. We don’t fight to live vulnerable or uncomfortable. We’re fighting and masterminding everything we can for living in our knowing and not knowing. We don’t understand the enormity of life to know we’re supposed to live uncomfortably outside of our ideas. 

Human education doesn’t live beyond mainstream ideas. It’s the lower mind’s way of placing what is comfortable as life. It placates one level of consciousness. The idea of like-minded living and civility shaped human education. We dived deeper into matters level than knowing there was only one of us here with God. No one had the aptitude to understand scripture was telling us to know God above all things. It was the only way to keep our thought system in light instead of lower earthly energy and the dark. Instead, we shaped face value assumptions as human education. The subjects are remarkably only for what mainstream ideas can carry. We’re not living as enlightened masters knowing life. We’re factory-making knowledge.

As long as we make face-value ideas, human education it will be the lower mind’s illusion.  We don’t question society’s level of consciousness, and instead, we go along with it. No one realizes more life than their neighbor. We’re living the same story while picking out different clothing and hobbies. We shape self to live in a costume society provides. We place self in the body, clothing, car, neighborhood, job title, square footage, and bank account. What is on the outside is being displayed as who we are. We have no idea our existence is advanced and not the body. We claim the body and build self as a piece of the temporal world. The representative we shape has nothing to do with who we are. It’s only living in what we think we are.

We thought of how to look pleasing, live successfully, and be something as self because we didn’t have enlightened ideas of life. Our making matters level life placed us in lower earthly energy. We’re living at a very basic level in our journey to God. We’ll have to leave self and every idea we’re in to make it to Him because no one is teaching us to live with God as children. No one is teaching us what thinking is and isn’t. And we don’t have any way to know creation. The mind is shaped at matters level from birth and goes to lower mind without light.

We don’t know our world because everybody has placed what they could muster up as life, and everything was wrongly made. No one in science knew consciousness was all that was alive. They made a three-dimensional theory having no clue the world was resonance. Human education took face-value assumptions without understanding what thinking was and wasn’t. It doesn’t live out of the illusion because it made itself the illusion. Science has never known atoms don’t live with us when we leave the body. They only exist for matters level. Spirit is an algorithm deeper than atoms or quarks. Its existence won’t live detected by us, but will always give us a way to know it’s there. 

We’ve been creating whatever we can muster up as life without God. And our design is backward, in the wrong direction, and hasn’t woken up to be conscious. We’re living in illusory out of what we can muster up as thought. The word created the world was literal and means any one level of consciousness can place matters existence. We didn’t understand creation to shape human thinking out of Love. We shaped it in everything other than Love. Ego, satan, and the little person musters up ideas in attack and defend. They need opponents and must feel worthy. 

The light we need is Love. The energy of Love gives thought a perspective with light. Nothing else can give at the level of what Love does. Herein lies why God and Jesus are known as Love.  When we don’t live for God, the thought system carries matters level. We shape how we want to appear to others instead of knowing self doesn’t exist. When we do that, we have a much deeper idea of reality living outside of us. When we think about how others perceive us, we build status in our mind’s livingness. We shape anything we can to be the best to others. This begets ego to reach into every corner of our thoughts to pump them up and satisfy the representative’s needs. We’re not moving through this veil of illusion. We’re making it real and shaping our representative for how we think we should be.

Once we justify our creation, we don’t quit doing it. The self-chatter keeps building an ego for living happily. We won’t detour for anyone. Human thinking is building itself into whatever it wants. We needed to live with God to build our thought system in higher energy. The world resembles lower mind because Love isn’t profoundly our idea. 

The world isn’t living in anything but an illusion. We don’t live out of it until we hear God. God is beyond our little person’s ideas. We’ve built a world that doesn’t live with God teaching about Himself or know Heaven’s level in life. We shaped reality at the little person’s level, not comprehending the advanced design of being human. God living hundreds of billions of years alive, already told us everything we could think of as life would be minor compared to His ideas. 

 No one is questioning society’s state of mind. We’re not living enlightened, nor are we trying to. We only live to satisfy the illusion. Society as reality is the only knowing we have because we don’t know God. We live in what we can make up as life. We need Soul intelligence and knowledge beyond our own ideas of them. The human being has become a vessel made up of ideas in lower earthly energy. We’re building a representative out of darkness instead of building it out of God. 

The mind shapes who we think we are and carries our idea of family and friends. It’s the little person’s level not knowing everyone is a level of energy within our Soul. Or that God is our mother, father, brother, sister, and friend.  We don’t know the world as energy and only see matters level. We’re making the world live outside of us and have no clue about the consequence. The mind won’t come back to a blank slate. Once we make that choice, it builds out from it. We’ll only have chances to unravel what we have done and redo it. Consciousness doesn’t live outside of itself. It has to live through itself, transcending every idea we’ve carried as life. 

Human living is in illusions we build out of thinking. What we can muster up is what we get. Herein lies why we needed to live with God. God gives us the way to know Truth. We’ve created a world at the little person’s level by making money a second God. Materialism is our identity. What we wear, drive, and do defines us. We don’t know how to be because the representative we built only lives for status. Our mind is constantly searching for how we appear to others. We’re only living in our narrative through self-chatter but won’t know that until we awaken. Until then, we think in stories of self. 

No one is exempt. Everyone is building their representative’s identity in life. Only when we have deeper inner inquisitions for who is thinking, do we start changing the light for who we think we are. We don’t live to know Truth until something spurs us in that direction. We’ll live the temporal story and never awaken as long as self-chatter is changing us to matters level. We must pause thought and live Love to open the door to Truth. Without observance in why we think what we do, we don’t make any choices differently. We march in one line of thought and never move outside of that idea. The world doesn’t shake us out of it, either. We’re shaping the world for our idea of it and won’t leave its walls. 

The light we seek isn’t found in society. Only through the Soul does our existence begin to realize its potential at this level of consciousness. It’s not coming from trying to be something. It’s losing everything we are for silence. Our incessant thinking keeps our narrative in stories that only make matters level life. If we don’t pause thought, we never leave the story and live the illusion as reality. Silence is the most awake we can be. It’s the place deepest within us. The Soul is outside of every idea at this one level of consciousness. It’s beyond this one idea of life. We need to dive deeper into knowing life to maneuver differently. 

Mainstream living is the base level and doesn’t give for depth. It’s not the teller of wisdom. The Soul is. When we pause incessant thinking and live for silence, we start the process of moving energy into a much bigger world. We’re displacing the little person’s self-chatter for another level within us. We’re striving to make our representative Christ. Energy will change the deeper in Christ we live. The mind is giving us only what we can place. It doesn’t swim in unchartered water.

We’re building every idea life can be from our narrative. Without greater control and dhkrs the mind collapses to incessant thinking. We must change our idea of living to a point within harnessing only Love. As we live deeper in God the mind quiets. Space is better for thinking than incessantly writing on top of it in self-stories. The mind can’t break itself down without energy to do it with it. Love gives us the energy to undo and rebuild what was once placed. 



If our thinking is for society as reality we’ll shape a self for its idea of living. What we shape isn’t who we are it’s only our representative playing a role in matter. The idea of it being self is because we think the body is who we are. We don’t know our existence as Love or that our light is beyond this one level of consciousness. The mind won’t tell us it’s honoring whatever we think. If we don’t have a deeper inquisition into who is thinking or what self is, we default to self-being the body. Knowing God is living as energy told us we were far more advanced than face-value thinking. We’re the conscious energy inside of the body. Life is learning about creation and knowledge, shaping one level of thinking instead of going beyond it. 

We’re not living in a world with enlightened masters as intelligence. Instead, we made human education our idea of intelligence. We’re not unraveling the Soul for light. Instead, we memorize ideas as knowledge. We didn’t learn creation and nor do we understand what reality is. We made the idea at the little person’s level reality when it was an illusion. Nothing we believe is our world carries it. Our ideas have been in lower mind and based on what money can buy as life. The world is bigger than our idea and keeps us moving forward for awakening. 

Were taught how to see and think, and it leads us into adulthood with small beliefs. The mind won’t reach for what requires faith because we’re in lower earthly energy and want face-value satisfaction. We go for what is tangible and right in front of us. We don’t fathom what is beyond our idea of knowing and not knowing. The universe has to fit into our tiny idea of thought or not live. 

Since kindergarten, we’ve been fed what to know as life. We’ve mastered memorizing answers as knowledge. The world has bred us to live in it, not outside of it. The mind has never journeyed to thinking. It’s been managed since kindergarten for only receiving what someone else gives. We live through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college in a delivery system of memorizing. Then we carry its ideas as life. We never question it or have an opportunity to learn another way.

Our knowing life is nothing more than what has been taught as life. We don’t question our parents or teachers. We go along with them. The ideas are passed down. We don’t stray far away from those ideas of life. Human consciousness is a repetitive strand circling itself, never leaving for higher consciousness. We don’t acquire knowledge in thought. Our thoughts are routine and repetitive. One level of thinking houses everything in life and we don’t leave it. 

Our knowing and not knowing is nothing more than passed-down ideas. We shine them up and sometimes design them better, but we rarely see an open window for more. The eyes only see what the mind can think and what we think is out of lower mind ideas. We don’t live for enlightenment and have no idea who self is and isn’t. Were matching the eyes to a mind deep in fog and darkness. 

The world we stand in isn’t the world we’re in, but we won’t know the bigger world until we open our eyes. The world has to shatter for us to see what is beyond it. The journey to change isn’t at society’s level. It’s the walk to God through our journey to Love.  No one is teaching us how to see because no one has known the light in the world is beyond our representative. The storyteller’s ideas have to awaken to a deeper depth in consciousness.

We’re a blank slate coming into the world, and human education writes on that blank slate with its ideas. We need to unravel everything we’ve been taught as self, life, and God to get back to the blank slate to know what is beyond it. We could be called a physicist, historians, or anything else, but the costume was made and doesn’t know about the world. We’re not shaping intelligence for knowing anything beyond it. We’re like a factory-made slate for only knowing society’s level. The world can detour and rest for long periods of time but eventually, we right our wrongs and begin again toward God. 

Knowing and not knowing won’t expand from what we learn in school. School shrinks it to matters level. We need light and have it upon us, but don’t live with God teaching about Himself. We need deeper lessons that open our eyes to the bigger world. If we only try to be something to society we stay in the small one Our reach doesn’t stretch until we live for inner inquisitions for who is thinking and what self is. The mind won’t break open until we live much deeper than what human education has been. We have to go inward for enlightenment to acquire substance for Truth. Substance only lives when we carve our Soul to Love. 

Human education doesn’t know about life but is the basis for life. It’s only keeping one level of thinking as life. The learning is taught through memorizing what it is given. There isn’t a carving of the Soul in that process.  The mind doesn’t maneuver deep enough to strengthen aptitude in life. Its stays at society’s level without any muscle for more. Deep inner inquisitions are a requisite. If we only make human education our knowing in life and don’t dive into deeper water, the eyes and ears cant know deeper water. 

We’re not learning to consciously evolve in life. We’re only maintaining the idea from which we came. No one is learning to live for enlightenment. Our shaping life into society as reality is because we’ve set it up at a comfortable level as life. We don’t try to acquire intelligence beyond it. We’ll change when we let go of the little person’s ideas. We’re not learning to walk until we stop crawling, and the floor’s view doesn’t have light. We’re living through lower earthly energy and shaping our eyes to know that level of life instead of standing for a bigger world. If we don’t live for deeper intelligence, we don’t live knowing anything but the little person’s mainstream eyes.

The Ph.D. and plumber are from the same cloth they live in the same reality. Our costumes don’t define intelligence. Whether we’re a Ph.D. or farmer is out of our desire to learn it. Our learning was nothing more than memorizing that idea. We shade a deeper knowing when we find our own level within it. The representative we’ve become was changing to play its role for society. We’re only finding something to do in society because we don’t live with God teaching about Himself. We’ll need to challenge everything in life to get beyond it. 













lives with God teaching about Himself, not groups of people. The walk for human living is out of the many to the one. We’re consciously evolving in God, changing and moving into a different reality. The walk with God has nothing to do with mainstream ways of living with Him. They are the little person’s ideas and not the disciples doing. 

Abraham, Moses, and the disciples all lived something. They didn’t earn decree by studying text or living traditions. It was a curriculum that made their idea of God change through tests of faith and trust. They lived doing the work of God because they heard God. Religion is not doing the work of God because it doesn’t hear God. It’s doing its own idea and failing. It doesn’t live according to God. It lives according to human ideas that interpret scripture and design what living with God is. It’s the opposite of knowing God. 

The world has never learned to live with God teaching about Himself because religion makes everyone live however they want. We’re not acquiring substance or depth in God because we never make the walk to Him. We walk across the street and become religious instead. God isn’t living for human beings to claim satan. The walk to God changes our lives for only knowing Him. It’s not done with text, it’s done by consciously evolving as reality changes. We lose our lives to gain them in God because we lose self for Love. 

Religion is the little person’s level of life, living society as reality and not living to God. The only light we can carry is our narrative. If we shape our idea of living with God at matters level, we only know the devil’s level of life and will spend our precious time in religions placating the institution’s ideas. God doesn’t live in religion. He hears the Soul cry and knows the heart’s Love. There’s a much deeper thread in God that lives for when our time comes to know Him. It won’t be out of studying scripture or memorizing laws. God will choose us, and our lives will change forever.

God has never chosen anyone in religion, and He’s not going to either. He won’t because religion shapes its own idea of Him. It places a hierarchy with false living and makes human beings believe they know Him when they don’t. Moses was a murderer and worshipped many gods through Egyptian culture. Choosing Moses was a teaching and a profound one. He didn’t choose anyone with power or in religion. He chose the epitome of what everyone believes is broken, downtrodden, and unworthy. God always makes choices not based on religion, beliefs or our traditions. He’s making them based on the Soul and where human consciousness is leaning towards. 

God moves in our world not for the small things but for the big. When He changes the world, He changes it for good. Who He chooses is part of a plan that was known hundreds of years ago. The beginning is never the end, and the choice is always in the light. We’re carrying Love for God but missing the point of His existence. It’s not about worship it’s about consciously evolving to Love. He’s not living for us to idolize Him. God is living for us to consciously evolve out of ego, satan, and the little person’s level of life for Love. 

Enlightenment is adamant and doesn’t serve society’s ideas of life. We lose our lives to gain them in God is the process of leaving self for Love. We dismantle and unravel everything we know of life. We’re not trying to fit in, be something, or be seen as successful living. We’re in another light, only seeking God. The walk won’t begin in anything but leaving ego. Titles and positions in religion are the opposite of the walk to God. They place self as something and make society believe they are living with God. The status feeds ego and satan. Living society as reality is the only red flag we need for knowing someone is living at the little person’s level in satan. They haven’t begun to dismantle self or their meaning and attachment at matters level. 

We’re not living with God until we hear Him. And when we hear God, we never live society as reality again. We go from the many to the one in a process with our thought system changing. The thought system begins changing as the idea of self starts to unravel. We’re living with deep inquisitions and choices to Love beyond society’s ideas of it. Life begins to break apart because we live Love in ways others detest. Love in Christ is outside of everything mainstream Love knows. We’re not adhering to its rules or placating satan. Love takes us into places that others deny as Love. They think it’s toxic, not serving self, and problematic. 

Our idea of Love has only been for our own benefit. We make Love work for us and live it how we want. When it becomes challenging or self-sacrificing, we don’t do it. We’re not willing to lose our idea of self for Love. Nothing society is placing as Love is light in Christ. It’s satans work. The depth of Love we live with God goes beyond society’s ideas of it. We’ll live what others think is crazy, but it’s only crazy for those not with God. With God, it’s the right light for depth. 

When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. It wasn’t something Abraham ran to Sara and Lot about. Abraham knew they wouldn’t know God as he did. Sara and Lot would have told Abraham it wasn’t God but the devil. No one is ready for the tests God gives because they’re not of our world. They are beyond it. That’s the point. We don’t have any way to live them except with faith. 

Love isn’t mainstream. Jesus taught us Love, but we deny it. Serving others and giving to other life without caring for your own isn’t what works for us. If it does, then we’re not living it with God. God’s idea breaks us and picks up the pieces for Love. It will always take us beyond any level we thought we could live. Maybe we know it already but refuse to do it. God places us in the world to teach humanity about Himself. We don’t have a role, title, or status. We live breaking our existence into pieces for Him. Without anyone knowing the enormity of what has been lived. 

God isn’t trying to accompany our ideas of Him. He’s not living for our ideas. He is giving us the way to know more and to live with light instead of darkness. Religion placates the devil’s level of life. It’s not serving enlightenment or consciously evolving in God. It’s keeping everyone in an interpretation from thousands of years ago that is deep in satan, ego, and the little person. Religion doesn’t know God because it only lives in its own ruling of God. It knows nothing about creation, God’s existence, or living with Him. No one lives religiously when they know God. Religion is the seeker that hasn’t made it to God. When we hear God, we don’t live by society’s ideas of Him. Nor do we listen to human beings talk about Him. We live with God teaching about Himself with Heaven on earth. 

Living with God won’t be a group understanding. It will be a solo masterpiece. No one on earth will know God like the one with Him. 

The world isn’t as we see it. We see human beings walking the earth believing they are outside of us. No human beings are walking the earth as we see them. There’s only energy living in our Soul. The world’s existence is in human photosynthesis. If we saw creations level of life, we wouldn’t see human beings we would see hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles moving in every direction. We live in matter exactly as we think through human photosynthesis. Energy is the world. It’s resonance living in temperature for matter to exist. 

There’s only one of us here with God, but we place our livingness outside of our being. We’re not taught to see everything in life as energy in our Soul. The mind places what we see outside of us instead of learning its living through us. Our birth begins satans ideas of life. Humans haven’t lived with God for thousands of years, and we shaped a reality at the devil’s level of life.

When we made money a second God, we made matter our existence. We place self in the body and have no perception of energy as the world. We make matter exist outside of us and don’t carry the aptitude to live more conscious for knowing it’s only living through us. Science never awakened to life. It’s been asleep like the rest of us, believing the world is outside of us. Our depth in life is shallow because we don’t recognize living in consciousness. 

No one knew consciousness was all that was alive. Our schooling doesn’t teach this. It teaches the opposite, and herein lies why human ideas are matters level of living. No one understood creation or God to thwart our thought system being shaped by satan. Human intelligence was stymied by human beings believing face value assumptions about the world. No one took it seriously that the visible came out of the invisible. We don’t know the invisible world until we hear God. It opens to our substance and makes a deeper knowing through depth. 

Life continues to make geniuses without substance or Truth. We carry our own ideas shaped by society’s ideas, and together, we believe we’re living rightly. God dismantles them all. He knows satan is our only idea in life. We’re being raised to awaken, but until we do, we have to live through something. That “something” is our ideas in ego, satan, and the little person. It’s what we can muster up in thought. Our stories live perfectly at our level of consciousness for observing why we see what we do. But we don’t observe them. We’re not awake to question thought as we must. We’re living through our ideas, and they’re in a dream we conjured up. 

Human beings have never understood what reality was and wasn’t. We don’t live deep enough to know. We’re letting every thought live as real when ninety percent of them are daydreams. Human beings subjugate thought with ideas of yesterday and deeper in the past. We think about past meetings, wins, losses, dinners, excursions, dates, arguments, and upsets. We constantly revisit what we already did as if we’re police officers surveying a neighborhood for any hint of a crime. We go over every detail without recognizing we’re in the past and not the present moment.

The mind doesn’t know what a daydream is. Human beings live in the past like the present, and we live in the future like the present. We’re constantly thinking about what we need to do later and placing ideas in that daydream. Our thoughts are echos in the world. We make going to dinner the production of a movie that started in a daydream and played out in matter. Our thoughts are moving us in matter. Each idea has its place in building the next idea. They keep us living from sun up to sun down. The mind is a storyteller constantly placing scenarios at our feet for walking through. We continually think about how we are living and what we are doing. 

We’re not questioning them or being aware of them. We don’t notice the voice in our head narrating everything. We’re living only in self-chatter, but we never notice it because it doesn’t feel like it. We’re used to hearing it. We’ve heard our own voices in our heads since birth. The incessant thinking is so natural. We’re jumping from one thought to the next, idling, allowing them to be what they are without question. The mind won’t pause our thoughts if we don’t. We’re living in lower mind, not awake to what thinking is and isn’t.

We believe our ideas and thoughts without knowing how they came into being. We’re not questioning or observing them to change them. Nothing in life will begin to open until we are conscious of self and its lower mind essence to live. The idea of self was made from lower earthly energy, placing matter as life instead of knowing Spirit. The body as self,  was the mistake that shaped our thought system to place meaning and attachment in matter. We didn’t know God of no form, and of all form was teaching us to choose Spirit over matter. Our thinking is the same. We’re thinking in lower mind with incessant thinking through ego, satan, and the little person. The ideas are from identifying self in matter and placing meaning at the same level.

We shape our life’s purpose from face-value living. We’re not learning to live with God teaching about Himself from birth. By the time we could consider God’s existence, we’ve already been indoctrinated into religion and are being taught how to see Him. We’re taught who He is, what He did, and how to live with Him. It’s matters level, and we’re shaping our thought system for society as reality, not living with God. God becomes an add-on to society’s ideas of life. 

Our light isn’t finding God’s because our shallow living without knowing Spirit or consciousness makes the idea of society the only one we know. We come into the world already existing and go along with it. No one is teaching us to know God above all things. Society is lived first, and then we add God to it. We’re not knowing creation or our Truth because life hasn’t been awake to God for thousands of years. 

When God gave us the way to live in matter it was through the word. What we think is all we live as life. Our thoughts move in matter regardless of what we’re doing. They won’t cease until we pause them. Herein lies our living in something. Thoughts keep turning and don’t ease up. We’re constantly thinking about something, and that something moves us into something else. The word is only an idea out of our level of Love. 

Consciousness needs energy and will take any level we give. If we don’t live for Christ, we fall into lower earthly energy, making self into something. The mind carries lower ideas when we only live matters level of life. It’s like a kingdom with walls. Only our ideas live in the kingdom, and our ideologies, beliefs, and knowing will not go outside of the walls of our kingdom. The mind doesn’t live in anything but what we house as thought. Thought is living through the light in consciousness. The light in consciousness is Love. It’s the level of God’s energy we have acquired.

The most important energy in human living is Love. It shapes our eyes and ears. There’s a doorway we already see but few walk through it, and it’s Love. Love in Christ is the walk with God to deeper levels of His light in ours. It’s the surveyor of new worlds waiting for us in Heaven while here on earth. The walk with God doesn’t keep us at societal levels because we carry depth in Him that builds light in consciousness for knowing more. We see and hear more than anyone else. 

Consciousness won’t build in anything but Love. It’s the light thought emerges out of. The only idea that is real is the idea of Love. Everything else is satan trying to find Love. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. 

God gave us the way to live with our consciousness as the world. We never leave our narrative and only experience what we think as life. There’s only one of us here with God living through an elaborate idea of life to Him. The devil is placing images in front of us for making choices to Love. The images live very real and coincide with our idea of life. They keep shaping ways to choose Love, but we don’t always see it that way because emotions dictate anger, sadness, frustration, and victim ideas. 

We don’t live to see Truth. We’re okay with emotions as real. Emotions are nothing more than an essence that has been shaped from perspective. Our choices for feelings are an idea from childhood. We equated fairness and justice to our wants and needs. An upset was sure to find us. Our competitive nature and worthiness placed emotions in us that knew darkness very well and didn’t want to experience it. We made life only for light and did everything we could to live happily. It was the surest way for darker energy to arrive. No one taught us balance or synergy. We muscled our way to know happiness and did everything we could to keep it pristine. 

Human ideas of happiness are considered chasing the empty bowl because none of it is anything but an idea we made worthy of not knowing life. We’re missing Truth. What we made up to be happy was the child’s idea that didn’t know God. The image of getting what we want, winning, and being successful is satan. We never lived a day with God teaching about Himself for knowing there are cuts, carvings, and toppling, all part of the highest light in life. The idea of failing and losing makes us fake emotions. All failing and losing are building light. They arent what we see and have greater power than we know. They are the worker ants carving and shaping substance to carry something much greater than we knew we could. They build us. 

The mind won’t carry a hypothesis deep enough to us if we don’t have greater faith. Faith is the silent partner that is more powerful than knowing. It’s the quiet light burying deeper in us for believing in what isn’t in face-value assumptions. Faith is the matrimony of Heaven and is the healer of satan. We live for what is beyond our eyes and ears. It’s a profound lesson for humanity for learning about the invisible world and how to access it. 

Faith doesn’t build out of knowing. It’s deeper and more with other levels of intelligence. The quiet builder is a masterpiece of higher intelligence swimming within our light, waiting for us to throw the line in to fish out another level of life. We don’t know what is there, but we know it is there. We believe, and we’re willing to lose everything for that belief. Herein lies why those willing to pay the heftiest prices yield the greatest returns. Our divine compensation in life is living with God beyond any idea society has of Him. 

The ones that proclaim Him and swear they know Him only know society as reality. The quiet builder who is losing everything in life while gaining light in God is the one life celebrates. The world isn’t existing for us to make its present level our home. It’s for living beyond, and that requires faith of another kind. Only our Soul searches for it. We don’t change everything in life for it unless we know it. Even the slightest nuance of it is more powerful than our continuity in life. 

We want to recognize the connection between how we feel and what we think. What we feel is shaping our thoughts. The energy shapes a well for water to come out of. The well will be muddier if we don’t choose Love in our thinking. Our ideas need Love to see more in our world. The temporal world will come and go, but the eternal light is Love.

The Soul

The Soul is Love and is our living. It stays in Heaven. The Soul is consciousness and was shaped out of God’s energy. The Soul carries Spirit. Spirit is the instance in matter, always living to shape Love. In every life, we accrue Love by living through everything other than Love to Love. The Soul is consciousness, while Spirit is the conveyor of thought. It’s carrying matters idea for living through to Love. Spirit is like the sun’s rays, always part of the Soul but moving in a different light.

Thinking and consciousness are different. Thinking is the temporal storyteller that fades when we leave the body.  Thinking is only the apparatus idea of matter. It’s not the Soul’s existence. It’s shaping one level of consciousness for a little while in matter. Consciousness is deeper and eternal. Consciousness doesn’t change like thoughts do. It’s the house for thought to live out of. Consciousness is the tone thoughts live from. 

Our knowing thought is dismal. We didn’t understand consciousness was all that was alive for realizing our thought system’s duties or how a thought process is shaped. We don’t think deeply enough about each thought or the energy it’s living from to direct it. Photosynthesis is the light we live through, and it’s made out of Love. Our light won’t live in anything other than the Soul’s knowing. It’s one idea out of an infinite swirling in God for coming into being. We don’t change consciousness by doing something mainstream or in this world. 

Thought has many perspectives and layers, but consciousness requires a deep carving of our Soul into another light to change. It’s not a perspective change. Its substance changing right before our eyes. The Soul switches to another level of Love, and the world begins to shed light to see more.  The ghostly white clouds remind us that we once knew another world but no longer stand in it. The world we know now is far beyond any level of life we once knew. It’s another reality birthing inside of our thought system that is made out of substance. Higher consciousness is a veil out of Heaven that is Love. Its the marking of knowing more than mainstream but doesn’t necessarily reach hearing God. 

Buddha is a good example of light in the world teaching without the ultimate knowing of God. Our learning about consciousness has been a long journey missed. We continue to placate wisdom to matters level instead of leaving the world for another. Our living with God teaching about Himself is for knowing His existence over everything else in human consciousness called life.  The idea of enlightenment is one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Nothing at any one level of consciousness can change thought except light. We’re not living to do what anyone else has or acquire what anyone else has except for Christ. 

Living in consciousness tells us we can live within our own ideas without anything else hampering them. The choice to Love is ours, and how we choose it is ours. God is giving us the way to choose Love at the highest level in life. His light is Love, and when we live Love, we acquire more of His light in ours. There’s only one requisite, but this requisite garners many changes, and most can feel like a consequence because they are different than what we have been taught to know as good. The dark isn’t our fate, but the clouds are. The blue sky is living bigger and brighter behind the clouds. The clouds gave us perspective in light to see the blue sky better. 

Consciousness is changing outside of how we want and know. It’s moving differently inside and out of the world beyond our ideas of it. The world will dictate matters level relentlessly, but shaping matters light to be different is our goal. We remake, redo and change the idea of it repeatedly for choosing Love. Seeing Love is from substance, giving us knowing beyond matters level. It’s the alchemy of light transcending our knowing to a deeper place within that only knows God. 

Wisdom is for the sage. It’s the one seeking the greater Truth of their existence that sheds darkness for light. Humans have become vessels of branding instead of living for depth, maturity, and substance. We believe college gives us knowledge and don’t live for enlightenment. Many think enlightenment is a fringe concept and not necessary. We haven’t begotten knowledge in the right light for knowing it. Our disposition of knowledge is our own making. We made it live as it does and believe it actually exists as knowledge because we can antiquate it to the world.

What no one told us was that it was only our narrative. The world and every idea are part of our level of consciousness. God blessed us to shape everything we could inside it. Naturally, we made knowledge our existence. It favored us to do so. College is one idea in human consciousness, but it only placates matters level of life and needs us to live society as reality. Enlightenment doesn’t need our world and goes beyond it. College won’t change. It’s existing for society’s ideas. We can’t all live in enlightenment, and we won’t all make it to God in this lifetime. Society is acting as the backdrop for living through to God, but not everyone will. 

Our Soul is making a journey to God beyond this one level of consciousness. We don’t know our future, and we don’t have any idea what other living will be like. We’re only shaping this life in what we can muster up as life. If we’re not taught Truth or creation, we default to society as reality. Human consciousness has never lived enlightened because it never lived out of the dark. We’re not trying to leave it either. We don’t really know what we’re doing, but it’s in front of us, so we go along with it. 

We haven’t lived for intelligence because it’s handed to us in school. Our ideas already have the answers, and the idea of knowledge has been placed in the world. We’re not grasping that we’ve been teaching the answers to the test over and over again. No knowledge is in that. Were placing it as knowledge but it’s a veil of illusion at one level of thinking wanting to be something. Knowledge doesn’t procreate repeatedly for everyone. It’s known and gone. 

We’re making it live for centuries at a time, mastering it instead of moving on. We feel like we know things instead of fighting for what we don’t. Everyone feels better when they can live in their comfortable knowing and not knowing. Nothing vaguely resembles knowledge anymore because it’s old ideas with answers. We’re filling the slots for society through human education but not expanding society for enlightenment. We regurgitate plans we already know to know them again. Human beings place ideas they know over and over again as new. 

The mind will repeat if we don’t dive deeper in life. Human education isn’t a deep diver. It’s willing to take what is at the surface and make it intelligent. Thinking isn’t about memorizing answers to known questions. It’s for opening anything and everything we had no idea existed. We made thinking into a comfortable place of knowing instead of a vulnerable journey into the unknown. 

Were sufficing satan by shaping life like a factory, only birthing what feels comfortable. No one walks beyond the walls of ideas already made. We’ve branded intelligence in credibility without a deeper understanding of it. We’re not moving to truly be knowing.  We’re learning the answers to the test and adding a spin on them for having some charismatic distinguishing so that we don’t look like everyone else’s knowing. 



charismatic knowing to distinguish our knowing outside of the same knwlledge everyone else has.  of what everyone else knows too.

We’re trying to live up to society’s idea of intelligence with its own teacher producing it.

We’re filling the slots in society without knowing it’s a rudimentary idea of knowledge shaping intelligence to suffice its own ideas. We don’t live to know more than the institutions that already exist. We placate their ways and never go beyond them. 

We live with science as the deeper knowing of life when it’s only a fragment of its own desire. No physicist claiming to know atoms has ever known consciousness was all that was alive. We don’t recognize ignorance because the world shaped its own branding of intelligence to live as intelligent, even if it’s ignorant. We’re not knowing anything about creation but believe our twelve years of college gave us knowing to shape satellites in space. It’s like being sold the Brooklyn bridge repeatedly for twenty-five dollars. The enormity of living with higher intelligence escapes us because we actually believe we are geniuses even without knowing creation. 

Without knowing creation, we have no way of knowing what reality is and isn’t or what being alive is and isn’t. Our made-up world functions because it has to. God gave us the way to live through anything we could think into being. What we can muster up is living for us to live through it to something else. We’re being given a place at one level for moving through it, acquiring something more for another level. Every idea in life shapes levels of living.

No one in science knew that only one level of consciousness was the world. It’s not living for awakening its part of the deep sleep humanity is in. Life won’t tell us were asleep. It keeps us living through it until we awaken. We eventually begin to question life beyond society’s ideas and live Love. No one who is presently branded as genius or intelligent ever knew what being alive was and wasn’t. We’re a thinking species tooting our own horns without care. We don’t worry about deep Truth because our shallow make-believe world has lived as our Truth. No one questions society’s level until they hear God. 

If we don’t question where thought comes from, then why do we question why the world is as it is? Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. We’re living in matter to observe our thoughts for deeper inquisitions as to why we think like we do. The examination is for living Love like Christ. We’re uncovering light in our Soul for living Love. 

Thinking isn’t for going along with carte blanche. It needs pauses, reflection, and questioning. We want to observe how we felt when we thought what we did. Was it a past experiences idea, or did we live it with a clean slate? Love is what cleans our slate. It washes away the storytellers idea of a memory, or satan.  We’re constantly building ideas in matter to live through. When we don’t observe our thoughts, we don’t know how to control them or change our perspective for Heaven. We go along with them, not realizing its darker earthly energy reverberating in old stories that feel like new. 

Our reference in thinking is from a worn-out maze we’ve walked through a million times before. The human mind lives in routines that repeatedly repeat themselves. We don’t live in new ideas. They are constantly out of old ones. By the time we’re in our thirties, we’ve shaped a thought maze of routine living. We don’t live for what is outside of our comfort zone, and what is inside of our comfort zone is routine knowing. We want to feel familiar with life and not vulnerable. Our routine thinking is made up of walls that place incredulous ideas in us. It’s because the comfort zone is in our knowing and not knowing, and everything outside of it lives incredulously and has to live through a filter made up of small routine knowing. 

We live inside of our knowing and not knowing like geniuses. It’s like being in our house and memorizing every room and how to live in them. Anything outside of our house is a fairytale, impossible and wrong. We don’t care to go beyond our knowing and not knowing. That walk requires living uncomfortably, being wrong and vulnerable. We don’t do it. We’re more apt to walk the known path rather than the unknown one. Herein lies why God changes our thought system for completely unknown living. 

The thought system is a built-in apparatus for housing every idea for its own livingness in matter. It’s a temporal system only placating this one level of consciousness. When we leave the body, it goes and never returns. Every idea and nuance is gone for good. We’re building our ideas very carefully and trying harder to make them live than to move into unchartered water. We don’t want to live outside of the comfort knowing we have at this moment. Without knowing it, our walls have been built and strengthened to never live beyond them. We don’t truly live taking advantage of consciousness. We shrunk it to only living in our comfort zone. 

The reality we believe is nothing more than one tiny bubble of illusions. It’s what we could muster up in our comfort zone as ideas.  


Blends of Intelligence 

Our light has higher intelligence

No one can understand life if they only have human education. There’s a pearl of deeper wisdom in life that comes out of God. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s blended with many other levels of intelligence for having light in matter. No one level of consciousness is existing but God’s. Everything out of God is blends of light.

He is blending different levels of intelligence for shaping each level of consciousness. We don’t live alone and our thoughts do not exist only within our light. We are always in other races of life inside of other levels of consciousness. We are living as algorithms in God and the algorithms are other races of light existing for living in matter. No one could live in matter if not for other levels in God giving to us the way for living through human photosynthesis. 


Snow Squid 

Snow squid is a wonderful level for understanding other races in our atmosphere. This is the first video in human history of another race in our atmosphere giving us the way to live in matter. On this night, I was in Saint Louis when it began snowing. God opened the world for experiencing many other races and taught about human photosynthesis. Read more here

Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and feel it. What is actually existing is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Only energy exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Atoms don’t decipher whether someone is speaking German or English. They know pulses in another language hundreds of billions of years alive. God gave atoms the way for nonduality and existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding temperature in tiny elements smaller than what we know as small.  We’re seeing buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is light. Only our narrative is the speaker we’re living through to God. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it’s not existing outside of us, it’s only living through us in our narrative. We’re experiencing images within our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is what God created with self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis. Every part of matter is living through Conscious Energy which is the fabric of the world. Energy is shaping temperature for matter to exist. 

Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it.  


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He’s the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

The only algorithm the atom is reading is temporal.  It’s living layers with temperatures at higher concentrated levels. They can multiply by crossing each other and fulfilling the light in many ways we cannot see. Atoms fulfilling each other no matter the distance is only helping quantum entanglement have deeper depth. There is no birth or end, but they do not exist at the same time. Atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance through light. The pulse never completes itself it only manifests for a short time before becoming another light within human consciousness. The resonance is what lives momentarily. 



Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human cognizance. They’re not deciphering whether someone is speaking Spanish, or German they’re responding to algorithms. They respond to light. Our resonance is the most living level in matter. Nothing else competes with resonance because it’s the decider of the quantum levels moving for human photosynthesis to shape life out of. God created everything out of His energy and through His light life moves. 

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