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Knowledge from God

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“By faith, we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God so that what is visible came into being through the invisible.”
Hebrews 11:3

Since ancient days, people have been trying to find the light in God. Most people question God’s existence, while few have lived with God teaching about Himself. In the beginning, we made narrow passageways about life and lived for what money could buy. No one knew creation or what being alive was for knowing God. We placed false ideas and never left them for Truth. After biblical days, the idea of God turned religious instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

As time passed, we shaped the world into matters level because we didn’t know God. We made face-value assumptions about our existence; consequently, the little person’s idea of life became the world. Lower mind developed, and money became a second God. We lived through our senses and made material goods a reward. World governments shaped ideas of power by monopolizing subjects as their own. We never knew creation or how matter existed for science to believe its own ideas. Science became an expanded version of the human education story.

Eventually, the world lost hearing God. Everything became rudimentary living instead of life-altering experiences with Him. No one was living with God teaching about Himself. We shaped religious ideas instead of deepening life with inner inquisitions.


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not living for the idea of Him. The Soul awakening is the walk.

No one was living for anything beyond mainstream ideas. We didnt know consciousness was all that was alive or how life worked. We were forging ahead with only face-value assumptions. The more we established religions, the lower we went in lower mind. We placed false idols in front of us and lost depth for the Holy Spirit. We turned false precepts into knowing God. We were building satan as our existence. No one was knowing God, and no one was hearing Him. 

Without depth, we marginalized His existence and ours. No one knew what divinity was or how to obtain it. We falsely created our ideas of holiness and branded them. The Pharisees and high priest, when Jesus walked the earth, pretended to be divine when they were the devil in satam. They lived society as reality and didn’t hear God. They worshipped Him by playing a role. The role had nothing to do with God; it was satan feeding ego, making others believe they knew God. People wanted power and to be seen as righteous all the while; they were the idea of satan. 

We don’t claim any decree with God, especially when we don’t hear Him or know Him.  Jesus was the teacher for religion to know it had no idea who God was. No one in the hierarchy of Judaism was able to see or hear the Messiah. They tooted their own ideas as depth in God while knowing nothing of Him. None could hear Him or live with God teaching about Himself as Moses did.  Studying laws and memorizing text is the furthest from God. The psychological journey for Moses should have taught that, and the prodigal son reaches into more ground for living outside of institutionalized ideas.

God gives to those we do not see as God-loving. He places light in those who don’t know Him. The idea that we can design our existence with God and dismiss that He knows us better than we know ourselves is satan. We’re traveling in dirty water for only living what works for us. The mind isn’t carving depth in life it’s living rudimentary in satan. We want to master a religion instead of living beyond everything in life to God. We get stuck living religiously instead of walking to God. 

God taught us about His existence for living to Him. But we don’t do that. Instead, we follow human beings who don’t hear God. Religion hierarchy is the little person level abiding by mainstream ideas. They don’t lose their lives to gain them in God when all they do is play roles for satan. With over four thousand religions, the concept of finding God in one is already the devil’s idea. Living beyond everything in this world is our path.

Satan will make anything something to stand in, and once we do, we won’t walk out of it to God. We lose our eyes and ears for rudimentary living instead of living from the many to the one. The concept of God with us gets buried the more we claim society as reality and religion. The light of God is outside of everything we’ve been taught as life. We’re not working to tell people about God. We are working to self-empty everything we are.  Unraveling our ideas is a requisite for walking out of the skin to light. I am the door doesnt live with the body as self. It lives from knowing the Spirit and the eternal light of our divine existence. The deeper in Christ we go the more light we know. 

We won’t know God by religious protocols, worship, and traditions. Jesus broke the rules in Judaism by teaching that rudimentary ideas don’t consciously evolve in God. When Moses murdered someone and was given the Ten Commandments, it taught God’s deeper ways of moving beyond human ideas of Him. His ways are raw and deeper in the Soul. He doesn’t abide by the human idea of Him and knows the Soul beyond the mind’s self-chatter. We live dancing for a God who doesn’t care about the dance. Four thousand religions speak volumes about satan. 

The world lives with paradigms of cuts, bruises, victories, and challenges. Every piece is placed for moving through and acquiring depth, substance, and maturity. When we design our path with God, we lose. No one shaping their idea of God and what faith is actually knowing faith. Moses had no idea God existed but learned to  Trust Him. The Trust came out of a deeper calling in the Soul. The mind would have spoken volumes for not trusting God. Going back to Egypt, where He had murdered, and the Pharaoh was now his stepbrother who despised him, wasn’t a good go. The Soul knew faith. 

Depth isn’t a mainstream concept. It’s an unknown, vulnerable, uncomfortable, and wrong-minded level that has the hidden right-minded light. We have to be willing to be ostracized, different, and unaccepted by everyone for going beyond this world to light. The majority never know God and only the few chosen ones have. Religion is a cookie-cutter satan level of life. It’s teh seekers in the wrong direction of God. 

Judosm was lost before Jesus walked the earth, and Christianity mimicked Judaism and went in the wrong direction with them. Both competed against each other for the devil’s level of life. There’s a reason God chooses atheists and walks outside of mainstream ideas. He’s not in any religion and never will be. He is the blueprint to life and created every human being, whether we know of Him or not.

God isn’t living for the human story. He is living for the individual to know Him. He walks with us no matter where we go or do. We live with free will to think anything we want and bring it into being for living through. He doesn’t pressure a human being to know He exists. He isn’t concerned because we live from the Soul in an eternal light. Eventually, we all arrive at His door. No one places it. God makes it. 

We’re not here to live religiously; we’re here to become Love. We’re trying to consciously evolve out of the skin for Spirit. The light doesn’t come from human education or anything human at all. It’s already within us and was with us at birth. The divine light within is a speaker to our existence greater than any mind story. The mind is the temporal world’s walker, and the Soul is Heaven’s walker. Everything we shape as self gets dissolved the deeper Christ we live. 

The ego is fighting for self-identity in matter to please satan. Satan wants the easy road and works for it tirelessly. We shape a thought system in lower earthly energy by placing meaning and attachment at matters level instead of Spirit. The mind gravitates to the senses instead of having a willingness to know the invisible world we walk through. If we satisfy ego and satan and never leave the devil’s level of life. 

Matter is the devil’s level of life because we associate everything about our existence in a temporal fashion of society. When we leave the body, everything of matter fades. Even our thoughts go. Nothing we have walked through ever exists again. We’re placing value in a temporal story instead of placing it with God. There is no greater investment than the Soul. Life is very expensive when we walk with satan. We create Soul debt when matters level is the walk for us. A life continuum that goes on for eternity tells us there is more to life than a white picket fence. 

Humanity is a thinking species always changing form. We live for eighty, ninety, or hundreds of years at one level of consciousness, and when we leave, it never plays again. It’s like one record out of trillions and trillions we can walk. The mind is part of the collective story. We’re in a pool of consciousness based on where human consciousness sits. The mind has algorithms already known while we discover them.

The placing of life was here when we arrived, and slowly, as we aged from a one-year-old to a forty-year-old, life blossomed into a world we believed we could master. We think we master life because we get older and everyone has an agreement. Whether we’re in Japan, Russia, or Ethiopia, we live in the same general ideas of life. No one is tripping out over the world, seeming foreign. We’re comfortable, and everything seems normal.

Life has no reference to God because false idols play God. We lost the muscle for a bigger world the day we made money a second god and society reality. God’s light with us dimmed when the prophet Samuel anointed King Saul and placed it as His. This has continued throughout the ages. We’re putting false idols in front of us, trying to live at their idea. We don’t walk to Christ because we walk to preachers, rabbis, bishops, cardinals, and a papacy. The mind isn’t able to carry depth in God when all we walk is shallow water with satan. 

Walking religiously means we placed God in an idea, and that is satan. Four thousand religions and billions of people pleasing family traditions have believed they know God because they are in a religion. Meanwhile, no one in any religion has walked to God. They stand at the devil’s level in a mainstream idea. The chosen live beyond the world and have nothing to do with mainstream concepts of God. They defy them. The idea that anyone in religion is closer to God than an atheist is satan wishing for the ego to be happy. 

Many times, we walk what the majority does and already know it’s satan’s calling. We don’t change course because everyone else is doing it. It’s not easy to walk against the world’s ideas, but it’s a necessity for opening light within us. The easy road is following what everyone else is doing, but the depth we can carry, no one else can. The walk with God isn’t a mainstream one. It’s a unique personal curriculum that nothing in this world can write.

Walking out of skin isn’t an easy task. The mind has to unravel everything taught since childhood. Every part of our existence has a measurement based upon matters level. We live pleasing someone else’s idea of us all the time. We chose the right clothes, hairstyle, housing, job title, accessories, and ideas for someone else to believe we were good, successful, or happy. We measured it on where someone else in society was standing as successful, good, or happy. No one catches satan. We think it’s what we’re supposed to do. 

Life doesn’t know itself until we make it something. We’re writing on energy matters level from our level of consciosuness. If we had stayed with God, this generation would know more about Heaven on Earth than society as reality. We’re not deepening light in God because religion has no depth in Him. Consciousness has to change. When Jesus battled the devil for forty days, He gave the way to know the psychological trickery of lower mind has to be overcome. No one in religion has lived beyond satan, the little person, or the devil in human consciousness. 

It’s a terrible acronym to tell someone we know God while only living in lower mind.  If we live society as reality, we have no idea who God is.  The mind holds matters level in lower earthly energy trying to be “a someone.”  We don’t try to lose our lives to gain them in God. No one even tries to live beyond the preacher. The idea of God is stuck in religion. We stay in rudiemnnatry dogmatic ideas and never leave the devil’s levels. The mind willing to listen to a rabbi or preacher isn’t a mind for God. We’re walking in satan denying God. 

There’s no point in believing God exists and then choosing a religion. Keeping God above all things is the only way we move through matter to light. If we place a societal idea above God, we embellish it and then place identity in it. The bishop, cardinal, and rabbi have no way to self-empty what they have become. Ego is thick, and identity placing others outside of them is living. They don’t know the light of their own existence, never mind God’s.

Spirit is a peculiar walk for us because our senses dictate so much of life to the mind. We have to dive deeper into Christ to know Love. The depth of Love we should live is crazy to humanity. We lose our lives for Love, and dive outside of human placement for only God.  When Jesu called the Apostles to Him, they left one reality for another and only lived God’s will. With God, we don’t walk in human roles that fit society. We walk His will, and that is beyond society. 

The walk is bigger than any idea of living we have. Our greatest achievement in life is walking out of this idea to one of Heaven. The word we stand in now is the baby world. Its the backdrop only existing for us to walk out of our skin to light. It serves as a landing place to catapult from. The world of matter gives us a way to observe our consciousness, change ideas, and carve the Soul for depth and substance. We can consciously evolve using it. The trials and tribulations are for choosing Love.  

No one in life who breaks the walls for God lives a majority idea. They’re with the creator of everything in existence, and the journey is Heaven’s level of life. We move to a world of challenges no one could ever believe is their story. Moses freed the Israelites from four hundred years of bondage. Abraham garnered descendants as numerous as the stars, and John the Baptist was raised by God in the wilderness. No one knows what is living in this world until it happens. Only God can teach religion; it doesn’t know Him, and only God can place us in miracles. 

The world of consciousness can change in the blink of an eye, and we’ll only ride the wave. We won’t place every drop of water for it to exist. The light of Christ we’re after isn’t shaped in religions. It shaped in life. It’s raw, real, and challenging. We have opportunities, and some are more hidden than others. The light of walking through doors doesn’t come from what someone else told us or taught us. Its outside of us and only arrives when a deeper cut in the Soul shines light. Everyone is special, and no one is special. The world of Heaven is everyone’s. 

Living for Christ is the beginning, and the depth needed to go further shatters this world for knowing God’s voice. We’re living to walk outside of every mainstream idea of God. Nothing will stand when we hear His voice. The world is shattered for only knowing God the moment we hear Him. No one returns to where they once stood. Human purpose doesn’t exist when we’re with God. His idea of our Soul is working throughout the world.

We would rather live in what works for us instead of what doesn’t. With God, we walk through what doesn’t to see other roads of life beyond our comfort zone. God tends to do everything we wouldn’t want to. No one could hear Moses’ mind about going back to Egypt. We don’t know His emotions surrounding his adoption or where he stood with Egyptian gods. The relationship between Moses and God was only theirs, and no one, including Aaron or anyone else, could know the Truth. They were part of the story. Only Moses and God lived God. 

There’s only one of us here with God. The world is our level of consciousness, and living is only in our narrative. No one lives outside of their thoughts, and we only live in them. Eight billion people walking the earth as we see them is the illusion that lives very real. The mind made matters level live outside of us when it was only living through us. Consciousness is all that is alive. We’re passing through images in our Souls. We interpret and narrate the world with an echo, living through everything we see. 


Religion wanted to know God but made satan by not understanding life. Without knowledge, we change living to God for lower-mind ideas. At one time, we were walking fearlessly with God, but that changed. It’s not easy to know something intangible. We tried to place matters level with rituals and traditions as standing with God but missed the ways of Him. We mimic Moses, not understanding consciousness or reality. We try to walk a path with Christ but don’t know what human is and isn’t. We don’t build muscle in Spirit for Christ consciousness. We build muscle in satan every day; we adhere to a religious idea instead of living to God teaching about Himself.

The Pharisees and high priests prayed to God while crucifying His Son. They had no mind for knowing satan or light and believed the dark was light. When the light comes into the world we can know our dark. We don’t know God because we want to. Living beyond satan is our life’s journey. It doesn’t come because we decide to claim chastity and forgo the worldly idea of life. We can walk into a forest for twenty years, and it is nothing with God but our idea of living with Him.

The person who wants to live with God from any level of consciousness is the one not caring for Him. The depth of leaving one world for another is for having eyes to see with and ears to hear with. If we don’t build the muscle, we don’t consciously evolve in God. We’ll live a mainstream idea, never knowing our divinity or Him. Knowing creation isn’t taught in school. Soul intelligence is required to acquire depth for deeper wisdom and knowledge of Heaven. 

If science had no way of understanding God unless explained, the lesson is knowing where we stand in consciousness discerns reality and every idea of life. If we do not acquire substance, we only carry a marginal idea of God. We live incessantly thinking, jumping from one thought to the next. We’ll live in self-chatter in our narrative until we hear God. Only our narrative of life exists until then. Living with God teaching about Himself is a reality change that dissolves matter identification for Spirit identification.

Believing that hundreds of trillions of galaxies exist or traveling to each one and experiencing life on some planet are two different things. Having an idea of God or praying to Him isn’t hearing Him or living with God teaching about Himself. It’s not experiencing His magnitude in the world or in us. The Holy Spirit is one light, and depth in God is another. When God moves in a human being, it’s a bit jolting because our being is feeling another presence within our light. It’s outside of everything we know as self.

Our state of mind is the only level that can know God, and if we don’t consciously evolve from where we came from, we won’t know Him. Human beings are coming into a world already existing in lower earthly energy. We’ve been in lower mind for thousands of years, walking in satan at the devil’s level of life. We shaped the lower mind by making money a second God and false idols as our idea of living with God. The thought system knows matters level and nothing else. 

We’ve been godless for thousands of years because religion made itself something instead of learning to live to God teaching about Himself. Nothing in our world can teach the individual Christ but God. Organically moving through the world, making choices that unravel empty and displace life doesn’t happen when we do it ourselves. 




The idea that religious people believe in God is null. If we did, we wouldn’t be in a religion. It’s a farcical notion that we live and listen to preachers and rabbis talk about God when God exists. The mind of a religious person is satans trying to be “a someone” to God instead of surrendering to Him. As long as we abide by shallow ways, believing we can memorize laws and text, practices and protocols and it defines depth in God, we have no way to comprehend carving our Soul into God. 

The perilous walk over shards of glass, as we fall over cliffs, doesn’t come from books or teachers. The Soul has to be willing to walk where no one else has. The depth required to unravel our thought system will only deepen the more we lose our lives to gain them in God. This means no one who claims to know God best… would. No one would be a bishop, rabbi, cardinal, or pope. Losing our lives to gain them in God means we don’t walk society’s place. No one is going to hear God’s voice and care about a religion. They’re living for Christ and walking into Heaven on earth. The idea of a temporal idea of religion ( one of the four thousand) meaning something is null. The eternal light is building. 

Marginalizing God is what religion is doing by telling humanity we can assign titles and positions and make them have decree with God.  Judaism has its ideas as well as Islam and Christianity. No one in any religion is anointed by God, and the hierarchy is the opposite. They are the devils. The notion of placing our own criteria as God’s is satan. The one with God leaves the world for Christ. Nothing religious stands with God because the temporal world is fading of light. We’re not here to be a bishop; we’re here to know Christ. 

Depth in religion is branding and marketing, not enlightenment. The papacy is the epitome of the Pharisees from two thousand years ago. The Pharisees and the high priest at that time were satan’s level, doing everything they could to crucify Jesus as blasphemous because they were blasphemous. 

The mind of the one that plays a role with branding and marketing as God’s representative is the mind of the child who does not believe in Him. The ignorance of the hierarchy in religion has lived since its inception. It wanted authority over a word it did not know. The secret of life is to walk outside the line placed in front of us. If we place our own design of living with God, we lose the muscle to believe in Him.

No one telling humanity they believe in God, or have faith in Him had eyes to see the false idols. They walked alongside them, praising and honoring them as sacred. The blasphemy of the papacy is beyond a red flag in front of us, yet we clamor to adore the position. We treat the position as holy because we’ve been taught to. Since childhood, the branding of the papacy has been ingrained in all of us. 

We don’t have eyes to see with or ears to hear with because we don’t keep God above all things. Being born into a religion is the devil’s way of keeping humanity far from God. We’re satisfied with religions instead of hearing God. Huanityy doesn’t live to go beyond a papacy or rabbi; that alone should have told humanity the devil was here. We’re not awake to define God deeply. We’re living in lower mind, placing satan because it’s easier. 

The walk to God isn’t anything it should be. It’s a shallow level that doesn’t get anyone near Him. We believe we know God perfectly because we worship Him and study Him. No open is living with God teaching about Himself, and everyone is in an ideology by satan. God existing tells us if we live in anything but His light, we carry satan. Very few people have lived that depth with God. The majority doesn’t and the few do.

Religion is the majority telling the world they know God while not hearing Him. We don’t know God because we study Him or memorize laws. He doesn’t live in rudimentary human ideas or precepts. God isn’t going along with any religion and doesn’t care about them. He’s not concerned about our existence with Him. God knows the Soul and only the Soul is lighting the way to God.

God has given ways for depth and substance. Love is all that is real, and learning to live Love is our duty. The mind becomes satan’s tool and tries to be something to someone. It loses muscle for Spirit and knowing God by choosing religion and society as reality. As long as we keep false idols in front of us, we deny the Holy Spirit. 

Religion believes society as reality is life because they haven’t heard God’s voice to know God as reality. They don’t know creation because God has never placed more light in their thought system to hear Him. We don’t assign titles and positions and believe God adheres to them. He wrecks them out of Love. The world of satan is thick, and ego lives happily abiding by it. 

For thousands of years, religion has slept, building its empires of sacred. The branding, marketing, costumes, and rituals have been mastered long ago. They’re not living to consciously evolve in God. They’re only existing to carry a religious ideology. They stand in a broad gate of ego, displaying to all of life they are special with God. The armor of religion isn’t by God. It’s the devil. 

The meek inherit the world because they stand for depth, substance, and maturity. The college grad wants something because they graduated with a system of ego-building ideas. The religious acceptance is the wake of satan building deeper corridors for only its acceptance. As long as we can claim a religion and do its precepts, we believe we are with God. The ignorance is satan.

The Apostles were chosen by Christ. Paul isn’t an Apostle and won’t carry light. Jesus chose the Apostles at a time and placed them. When He chose them, they walked out of one reality for only knowing His will. They never stood in any religion, nor did they carry one. Neither did Moses, Abraham, or John the Baptist. John’s father appeared religious, and God placed John in the wilderness to know Him. John is more than an idea for us

He was the only human being to know God’s Son’s arrival and placement. He stood with God in another light, which no human being has again. John knew Jesus not by his own recognition or mind but by God’s. The enormity of John the Baptist has been dismissed by religions because no one understands God. He wore the cloth of God in our world for a short time, giving eyes and ears the way to know God’s Son was coming. 

The world of religion isn’t standing near God because it proclaims Him as its own. The one with God knows the light of all and is the light of the world for all. There is no one religion or idea that steals God from someone else. Only the eternal light of Love exists. The mind tries to find the easiest road to God without depth. 

We come into the world and go along with what is here. We don’t learn to keep God above all things. We learn to keep God in a religion above all things. There are over four thousand religions doing this, and each one only adheres to its practices and protocols. Religion wanted a place with God and created nations, heritage, culture, and ethnicity to encompass religion. We designed everything we could for someone else to believe we were special to God. The irony in this is that we don’t believe in God. No one would design so much if they believed God existed.

We know God created everything in life. If we have to place culture, heritage, lineage, and worship, we need branding and marketing for others to see us with God. The depth of being born into a religion is the epitome of walking the devil’s level of life. The individual doesn’t acquire the substance to know God. The mind knows Him however it wants. We don’t master knowing God because we are religious. It steals knowing God because we consume our existence in memorizing protocols to satisfy someone else. It’s an idea being handed to us, and because we are young and believe family is family, we do it. 

No one is learning how God exists or what life is at a young age. We learn religious human precepts, and it’s ironclad to us because it’s all we have ever known. No one grew up like John the Baptist hearing God. We study and practice traditions and rituals with family, friends, and neighbors. No one is trying to know God, we’re placating our parents trying to be good. The world of religion isolates any other ideas of God for its own ideas. The measure of every religion is the same. Not one can hear God, and not one knows God. They only live with the ideas of God. Knowing God is very different. 

No one who knows God lives religiously. They live with God teaching about Himself, knowing the eternal light of life. They live from the many to the one to know the illusion and the story. Losing our lives to gain them in God is self-emptying everything that has been taught. It resembles John the Baptist being placed in the wilderness to know God. He lost the worldly ideas and ways of life for only God’s ways. We lose the idea of self for knowing Christ. The light of Christ is Love. The mind takes a back seat as the Soul drives into deeper water. We lose life’s purpose and have no other course but God’s level. 

The idea of practices and protocols or titles and positions defining depth with God is ludicrous. The walk breaks everything ego carries, and satan wishes. No one cares about the one with God until their time comes. Until then, they have been everything no one would ever want to be. 

We made our own decrees with God for how we wanted to live knowing Him. We’ve been taught an idea of God and claim knowing Him through that idea. Humanity has thousands of different ideas, and as long as we claim one, we stand at the devil’s level of life in a variety of satan’s ideas. We’re not keeping God above all things when we choose religions. We’re placing human ideas above Him. 

We’ve designed religions to satisfy the need for knowing God. We wanted to know Him and needed Him. God gave us the way to know He existed, and where it began was never where it was going to end. We dismiss creation and God’s existence in our light. He created us, and no mind idea can change that or alter it. No one is going to reshape their Soul, and the Soul is in Heaven deeper in God. Human beings are dancing for a God that detests it. He doesn’t require multiple religions to claim Him. He gives humanity the way to know the blueprint of life. 

Creation is a profound level for living in consciousness. We have to think what we can believe and think  our way through a story in matter. How deeply we stand with God decides the way. The atheist can carry more depth than the papacy. What is seen on the outside has no bearing on what God knows of the Soul. We’re dancing for God while living shallowly in branding and marketing. The depth of the Soul lighting a path no one sees is our walk with God. 

Siddartha Guatma is the perfect example of living without knowing God exists while acquiring light in Christ for enlightenment. Moses also worshipped many gods in Egyptian culture and lived atheist to God prior to hearing Him at the burning bush. In the twenty-first century, God chose and woman atheist to live deepest in Christ beyond the papacy and every religion.  The worldly idea of God is temporal and satan. God isn’t living out of it. He knows the Soul and the eternal journey we are on. 

God isn’t listening to the mind; He is hearing the Soul’s light. Living to God is the Soul’s journey to Love. Its the walk of the individual in a story moving differently because the Souls guidance leads them there. The worldly ideas are satan. The Soul is beyond them and deeper in God. Only a few people have known God, but religion is telling the world everyone in their religion knows Him. It’s a lie and blasphemous. No one in any religion is enlightened or carrying ears to hear God. They haven’t left satan, ego, or the devil in human consciousness to know God. 

We’re on a planet in space, placing God in the papacy instead of learning light in Christ. The Hollywood idea in life is satan. We marginalized God when we couldn’t hear Him. No one could fathom His existence living as consciousness. We had no way to grasp what God’s existence of no form and of all form meant. We never lived deep enough to understand Him or our existence.

The papacy has no reasoning to tell the world it knows God. It is the equivalent of satan living in mainstream ideas placing lower earthly energy with ideas. It only lives society as reality and the body as self and has no depth for Heaven on Earth. The idea of the hierarchy in religion playing a role for God when no one can hear God is humanity’s ignorance going along with the devil. We go along with it because we get to feel like we know God, too, when we’re accepted by false idols. 

No one is here to be a teacher or live religiously. The entire world is our church, and the light of our Soul is the temple. The only rock Christ gave was the Holy Spirit. We are the walking promised land with capital in God. Nothing the mind can read has anything to do with the author. The Soul is a hidden writer of worlds we’re trying to surrender to know. As long s we claim God and adhere to other human ideas of Him, we lose Him. Claiming God is shallow. Living Christ is depth. 

We’re walking out of our skin for light and driving cars we never knew existed. Only God chooses who knows Him, and only God places us in life for others to know it. The world of religion is the opposite walk to God. The individual placing light in their world beyond mainstream ideas finds God. No one has to believe in Him or know Him prior to His claim. We walk with light already, and sometimes, the elixer is something we have no depth in. It doesn’t happen the way we want or plan. No one is the writer of their story with God. God is.  

Surrendering to God, self-emptying everything we’ve been taught, and walking our of our skin for light is the way. We don’t have to shape a design of that because the world already carries it. God created us to know Him, and the world is our individual curriculum with Him. We are the only ones who rip ourselves out of God’s arms, and we do it by planning our lives with Him. Learning to surrender is depth acquired by humbly walking with Him. No one else sees it or knows it. 

We live through periods of family and friends believing we’re losing because they don’t know the gain in God. The world sees someone failing, but God knows they are rising. What is on the outside doesn’t display what is on the inside. Society wants everyone to present themselves for living successfully. God wants everyone to lose their self-identity in matter for light. We try to be ” a someone” and lose everything of Spirit doing it. We claim matters level and that’s the devil’s level because once our thought system shapes self and reality at its level, we don’t leave it. 

We place our self-identity in our name, family, job title, clothes, car, neighborhood, hairstyles, and bank account. We don’t know Spirit because we have shaped the body as self and built a representative as the “me” in life. The thought system that goes along with this is satan because the ego has to attack and defend to protect its “me.” We live in a world of competitors and opponents.

Christianity wanted to outdo Judaism, and Judaism wanted to be more special than Christianity with God. The devil claimed them both. The mind isn’t observing its thoughts; it’s only hearing them. We live incessantly thinking, jumping from one thought to the next. We listen to our narrative and only know our narrative as life. Every human being hears what they want to hear and hears what they don’t want to hear. Only their interpretation exists as life.

Satan is the builder of worlds and requires ego and the little person to exist. Satan moves perfectly for us to feel logical, practical, and reasonable. We idolize our advances and feel like we are good people. No one ever detects satan until they learn about thinking and consciousness. When we learn about creation, we understand why Jesus taught us we have a psychological battle to move through. Jesus didnt have to battle the devil for forty days, but it blessed us for knowing we have to psychologically change. 

God is a universal monotheistic depth. He is the blueprint to life and created every human being to know Him. The story of religion is nothing more than a passing idea we made without God. The Apostles didn’t live anything Christianity or Judaism does. Moses didnt either, nor did Abraham. They worked with God’s light in a story. They didnt know God before it began. 

God moves in an idea in human consciousness but not of it. Wherever we are in idolizing Him is where we are, and whatever idea of self and reality we have is what we carry. The world is in a story. When God chooses us, we are isolated with Him. Our feet are on the ground still walking through a story in human conscience. What we shape as life is a temporal story that leaves when we leave the body. It only exists for eighty, ninety, or a hundred years. When we leave the body, every idea fades, too. Our lineage, culture, history, and life all fade. 

No one lives again in anything they did in this life. When we change form, we change reality and the magnitude of resonance in human consciousness. No one is reliving this life as the representative or idea of self they made in this life ever again. It was one quick trip in matter, giving us the way to live through a story awakening for carving our Soul deeper in God. We walk in something, but we are not of it. We are divinely living deeper in God but do not know that depth because human consciousness is in lower earthly energy. 

When we made money a second God and society reality, we lost light. We’re living at matters level instead of knowing God and Spirit. As long as we need false idols, we walk satan. False idols are weakening the magnitude of life for cheap ideas. Placing God in a religion means we don’t know His light in us. We’re blocking God every time we deny Him. God created every human being, and every human is with Him, whether they know it or not. Herein lies why an atheist can live deeper in Christ than any religious idea. 

The mind wants the ego to be satisfied, and satan wants to be honored. The mind’s story of living with God is nothing but that. When the Soul erupts and reality changes, we know the magnitude of God. Ultimate reality is hearing God, and everything else is a dream we’re walking through to Him. Living aware of who is thinking and what self is and isn’t was vital for knowing Spirit. The depth of human is living as resonance within a variance of God’s light. When we knew we had been created, we knew no religion was needed. God was upon us. 

In 1 AD, Jesus placed the Holy Spirit for depth in God. Up until then, we hadn’t idealized God. We don’t recognize the folly in trying to idealize Moses and what He lived as our story. We’re with God in a unique story that has nothing to do with Moses or Abraham. 

In 70 CE, after the second temple was destroyed, the diaspora occurred. Some people went to Babylonia, and others elsewhere. Judaism tried to create an idea of Moses as its existence with God. No one understood how God existed, nor did anyone hear Him. The rabbinic period left Judsiam in the dark. Throughout history, rabbinic literature has been placed as holy when it was the little person’s ideas living society as reality, trying to make Judaism something with a God no one could hear. Mamoides, Josephus, and Philo, had no depth in God but stood for Judaism to be more than any other religion emerging at that time. They didn’t hear God, and nor did they understand His existence or creation. 

The competition between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity made each other travel the same roads. They didn’t dare go anywhere but in what could be accepted by the others. Even though they crucified each other and battled, they saw each other as rivals. The ideologies of all three were eventually accepted. The cordialness was satan making sure they only know the devil’s level of life.

All three live society as reality, and all have never had any increases in knowing God for thousands of years. They don’t live with God and chose to live in ideas of Him. If anyone had seen the light, they would have walked towards it instead of shaping religions. No one who can live with God teaching about Himself cares about a religion. Religion is the seeker, not surrendering to God. 






No human being has lineage to Moses. Moses lived an individual experience with God. He was in a story of family, friends, and the Israelites being freed.

Moses’s personal curriculum with God began before he was walking. The story of the enslaved Israelites living 400 years in bondage was part of Moses growing up in Egyptian culture, not knowing he had been adopted. The psychological childhood story of Moses pushed him through rivalry with his stepbrother and hatred of the lie, learning his slaves had been his family. Every human being in this very moment is alone with God in a story. The state of mind places the world outside of us instead of knowing it’s only living through us. 

Living right-minded is knowing there are no human being here but us with God. The eight billion people we believe walk this earth are a story consciousness carries. We don’t know God as our mother, father, brother and sister. And we don’t know other human beings as energy within our Soul. We never understood why Jesus told us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. He knew the echo and the walk of the Soul. No one can harm another human being’s Soul; we only harm our own. 

The depth we carry in consciousness is matters level, its not Spirit. We place attachment to matter and carry self-idenity in it. Every building, tree, and snowflake is resonance. When we know God of no form and of all form we know everything we carry is consciousness with attachment either at matters level or Love. The mind should associate matter as energy, as one idea out of an infinite. 

When we claim the body as self we have to design its existence. The idea of self is what we made up to please our parents and self-image. No one taught us about the Spirit or the invisible world. They only taught us to be someone to society. Human consciousness hasn’t evolved to know Love. We’re designing an old paradigm as life because we made money a second God. 





God of no form and of all form was hard for us to imagine. History shows we continue to make God an old white man with a white beard in the sky. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and living in every atom, giving human consciousness the way to live in matter. He’s the epitome of what every imagination can fathom, living as another race. God doesn’t need oxygen or facial features. He has no liking to the body, but we are His likeness. God is consciousness living as energy, and human is a variance within His consciosness. We’re conscious energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. At the smallest particle, the motion is resonance. 




We had an opportunity for depth to know the body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life but the Soul is continuous and a deeper light in God. 






Human knowledge is made up knowledge. We did whatever we could for the placement of life. Some of it is wicked grandeur, while other parts try to know more. Human education was created by human beings for living with knowing and not knowing. We placed what we could accept as knowing and built out of it. Never did we know creation or how matter was existing to know life. We thought matter was the world. No one knew resonance was.

The light of science was face value assumptions. We made a three-dimensional theory and created human measurement for nothing more than illusory. The world of algorithms wasn’t known thousands of years ago. We came out of the dark ages into a scientific community only carrying measure from illusions. We made up ideas for agreements and placed them as fact. Our desperation for knowing created illusory at its best and satan at its worst. Human education is the story we came up with. It doesn’t carry knowing of God, creation or what being human is. 

The idea that we shaped knowledge without knowing creation is the epitome of children moving forward without knowng life. We’ve had no idea what we were doing here or what life’s purpose is. We made life’s purpose what money could be because we had no knowledge of life. Face value assumptions shaped society and living matters level of life became human life. Science has no idea what human is or what matter is and has lived with human education as the builder of knowing. 

We come into a world already existing, and we’re taught everything we believe today is knowledge. It’s like having a download of data that places reality and who we are, but we never leave that arena. It becomes a reality for us. Without hearing God, we have no measurement of the bigger world. God told us to keep Him above all things because He knew consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive, and it adheres to very strict rules. 

What we think is all we know, and what we think is a tiny minuscule dot in a massive pool of consciousness. We’re deciding belief systems and ideologies on nothing more than feelings being placed by ego and satan. Ego and satan work together and are brothers. Human beings feel before they recognize the idea of thought. We’re being delivered more than an idea but only recognize the idea. Algorthimgs are swiftly categorizing every feeling into a measure of knowing and not knowing. Knowing is what we’ve been taught and believe out of nothing more than mandatory agreement. No one could teach their fifth-grade teacher anything, so we went along with it. 

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We’re experiencing one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Reality is one idea, and it’s the level we could muster up. It doesn’t speak to what is here. Consciousness doesn’t live outside of itself. It has to live in the energy it creates. All places of life sit with other life to exist at the level they can realize. The highest realizations are the deepest lights in God. We don’t understand the world of consciousness because we associate it with thinking instead of building worlds of Love. 

In the beginning, God gave energy the way to realize its livingness out of His idea of it. God delivered destiny to her place in life and shaped everything in existence to realize its light in Him. There is nothing existing except what is an idea in God. We don’t recognize God because we don’t know Him. God is in every atom, giving human consciousness the way to know matter from any one level of consciousness. God gave us as conscious energy the way to live in matter because we are the youngest light in Him. 

We wouldn’t understand our existence without matter. Only when we leave the body for more life do we travel knowing Spirit. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness and is the light of our Soul’s journey. We can observe our thoughts, consciously evolve, and move matter for deepening light in Christ. Consciousness has to transcend itself for more light. 

The enormity of life is conscious evolution for higher ideas of matter. We created a world of fame and wealth from the little person’s perspective of living. Ideologies don’t exist, knowing divinity for more. We place matters level without knowing consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Human education doesn’t know Soul intelligence or the other races with us. We’re sleeping in a world profoundly living with other races and more realms. 

Human education stymied depth in life. People thousands of years ago lived with more wonder than we do. We think we know life and know space perfectly when we never even knew who was thinking. Science doesn’t know what a human is or how matter is existing but believes it knows Mars well. Human education created the know-it-alls that don’t know anything at all. We embellish agreement and bring things into being, not knowing it is a mandatory level.

We’re consciousuness needing to see something in matter, and what is in matter is what we can conjure up.  In 1 AD, they believed they knew life, too. People held facts and ideas of the future. None exists today. Human consciousness is living one idea out of an infinite, and when we leave the body, it leaves, too. We’re paralyzing ourselves with society as reality instead of knowing God for the individual to walk into bigger worlds. 

 Science measures everything out of matters existence instead of consciousness. Without depth in resonance, we don’t carry the magnitude of atoms. Our idea of atoms and particles is playdo. We develop muscles and place agreement out of our senses. The word would be a crazy one if we lived without sensory to our environment that made sense. The universe is consciousness, as is every raindrop, snowflake, and leaf. The environment is the individual’s level of consciousness. Everything is in our light and only exists in our narrative. 

We’re living inside of a dream that placed our existence as “a someone” out of nothing more than not knowing God or the Spirit. Matters identification is taught from birth. We assign personality to what pleases others and live for acceptance by others. The world of family, teachers, friends, and colleagues places ideas. We don’t acquire depth for life and only acquire face-value assumptions. Knowing God as our mother, father, brother, and sister is for knowing there is only one of us here with God. The mind isn’t going to carry depth as long as we place meaning and attachment at matters face value level. 

Living with God wasn’t for a religious endeavor; it was for reality. Without Him, we only live in our self-chatter, expediting our narrative of life. We don’t have any other measure for the bigger world other than the bigger world. Thousands of years ago, God gave us the way to know He existed. People wanting to have favor and power made religions exist through branding and marketing. They wanted to be seen as knowng God and having favor by Him. They made it up. 

The Apostles knew God, and no one else did. Everyone else tried to show the world they knew God, and the mind went into satan feeding ego. No one living in any religion hears God or knows Him. They live satan’s ideas. Relions cater to the devil’s level of life being something for society instead of walking to God. 

We lessen the world and make it the way we want when we don’t live for God. God isn’t existing for religions to play Him. People don’t believe in God. They believe in an idea of God. If anyone believed in God, they would live to Him. Believing in God is something different, and it’s much deeper. The idea that we can claim Jesus Christ as Our Savior and live with Christ is the devil. The mind isn’t deepening light in God; it’s living a surface idea of religion. 

Depth doesn’t come from the mind’s eye. It’s living deeper in the Soul and is awakened by Love. The light of our Soul is something outside of everything this world is. We carry divinity and know it at certain times of our walking through matter. The light of Christ isn’t bought, sold, or placed. We don’t assign our own decree with God or create branding and marketing as knowing God.

Living beyond ego, satan, and the devil in human consciousness doesn’t exist in religion. They haven’t understood creation to consciously evolve in God. No one lives beyond the institution’s ideas to God. Which already places it at the devil’s level. No human being can determine another human being’s livingness in God. Only God knows us better than we know ourselves, and only God delivers us to Him. 

Religion is making a mockery of divinity. The Soul is wiser and more profound than the mind’s satan. We don’t design what living with God is. The world was created by God, and every echo within it is for carving our Soul deeper in Him. Nothing in the human story will discern God’s existence. He is beyond us and doesn’t live by our rules. No one can decide who God chooses or not. The only walk we have is surrendering to Him. We leave this skin for light for moving out of the many to the one. 

When we lose our lives to gain them in God, we leave self for Spirit. We lose matter identification for Spirit identification, consciously evolving from one reality to another. We leave society’s purpose for only God’s will. Every Apostle left their reality for Him. Most were uneducated fishermen but knew His light. They didn’t live in religions or idealize God. God chose them, and they surrendered their lives to Him. 

We’re walking a shallow walk in religion, playing fools believing its depth in God.  The meek inherit the world not from branding or other human beings believing they know God. They inherit the world because they stand alone, outside of mainstream ideas, digging deeper into their Soul’s for light in Heaven. The walk with God has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with the individual, consciously evolving from the many to the one. 

We don’t lose our lives to gain them in God as long as we place the body as self and create its story. Kenosis is the action of self-emptying everything we’ve been taught since kindergarten. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s more of God’s existence with us than our ideas. Suppose we decide on living as a friar or monk as a dedication to God, where claiming the devil. The thought system is placing self over Spirit. We identify doing something as dedication instead of surrendering to God. We’re constantly designing whatever we want and placing markers in it as knowing God. Until we hear God, we only know satan. 

We can live in any religion, cater to practices and protocols, and follow family traditions, and not one ounce has anything to do with God. Human ideas of making rituals living with God is satan’s version. Kenosis is right-minded because we walk out of our skin for light. Nothing we can place as living with God is. He places it, and we know it beyond everything life has ever taught about Him. No one is living with God and standing in a religion. They walk out of the temporal story for Christ. 

Living religiously is the seeker not believing in God. God is beyond all things in life and doesn’t carry a temporal story as His existence. He walks with every Soul, hearing the call for light. Buddha is a light deeper in God than the papacy, cardinal, bishop, rabbi, and preacher because he walked towards God while they only sat in satan. We don’t assign ourselves titles and positions and believe we acquired something from God. Siddhartha Gautama lost his life to gain it in God while not knowing God existed. 

Siddartha lived a life pining away within his own Souls journey of life to find answers beyond society for where suffering was coming from and what to do about it. He walked away from royalty and luxury to live beyond every ascetic, searching for answers. The Soul walked deeper than any religion and took armor only with the bigger world. While he didn’t make it to hear God, he did obtain light in Christ for enlightenment. 

The individual is existing, experiencing their level of consciousness as life for living through everything in this world to God. We live in our self chatter for navigating and changing course. Something we keep missing with religion is that no one in religion has ever found God. Only those that walk perpendicular find Him. Something in us has to trigger a walk beyond the world we’re in. If we only walk mainstream ideas, we live satan. 

This journey isn’t our doing; we can dance all we want for God and believe we’re traveling deep into Him because we mimic Moses, Buddha, Abraham, or someone else, and nothing gets us closer to Him. The meek inherit the world because a deeper calling is leading.  The individual has to live fro something outsi of everything this world is showing.

Every human being that changes life has something happen that derails them from mainstream living.  Martin Luther King lived perilously called upon God for light and walked a deeper path than humanity to bring Love to us from our level of thinking. Ghandi carried a torch beyond humanity and placed a nation into the light for humanity at its level of thinking. Every rabbi, sage, prophet, and preacher has lived humanity’s level of thinking. They lived society as reality and not with God teaching about Himself.

Moses and Abraham walked with God outside of society and into Heaven because God chose them. When God chooses us, we know Him. Until then, we live society as reality with light in Christ if that is obtained. No one living in any religion, whether Judaism or Christianity, has obtained light in Christ. They don’t live in higher consciousness or with enlightenment. They don’t know life any deeper than the man across the street who is an atheist. Loving God and knowing God are two different lights. 

Religious endeavors want to know Him, but no one is learning how. We don’t carry Him for knowing Him. We carry God to tell the world we know Him, and He is with us. The right-minded way of walking to God is letting go of one world for His. We don’t design the way and or design His existence. We surrender for deeper light in Him. God chooses people who live as atheists and brings them deeper into Christ than any hierarchy in religion could dream of.

He chose Moses, who grew up in Egyptian culture worshipping many God’s. Moses became monotheistic only after living with God teaching about Himself. In the twenty-first century, He chose another person living atheist to live deeper in Christ than the papacy could dream. Life with God is a constant reminder we do not place ourselves with Him or create branding and marketing like we know Him. 

We made our knowing and not knowing the absolute truth when we had no eyes to see God with or ears to hear Him from.  The idea that human beings can appoint themselves as knowing God through their ideas is futile. We end up working for the devil instead of moving beyond it. The thought system has to change as does reality when we live with God teaching about Himself. 

The little person’s level of life placed satan so deeply we cater to false idols, building muscle at the devil’s level of life. Believing in God means you know He exists. The papacy doesn’t know God exists. It’s not treating God’s existence as anything but its own recognition of “a someone” with Christ. The depth we need is insurmountable to titles, positions, and roles society can adore. 

When we lose our lives to gain them in God, we leave a world existing outside of us for knowing it’s only living through us. We leave the body as self for Spirit, and the eternal landscape of our existence emerges as consciousness. We lose titles for the ego to break. No one in life sees us as anything but an outsider who knows nothing of God.

When we abide by religious precepts, we honor satan. God created everything in existence as our personal curriculum to Him. Everything means everything. When we shape religious lifestyles, colleges, and religions, we live like God has no place with us. The one who asks a preacher or rabbi something is the one who doesn’t have deep enough faith in God to believe He exists. If we had a shred of depth to know the Holy Spirit is with us, we wouldn’t be in religions. No one with God is going to listen to preachers or rabbis. When we know God exists, we live to God teaching about Himself; everything else is sstan. Religion is satan. 

God doesn’t need a middleman. He is upon every human being, whether we know Him or not. God places atheists deeper in Christ teaching religion; its home is the devil. The spark in the Soul won’t ignite as long we walk mainstream ideas. No one is being born to live beyond religion to God to then turn around and teach religion about God. It’s the devil’s level keeping everyone under its ideas in satan. No one lives beyond the rabbis or papacy to God. Every parishioner stands under the priests and idly walks Satan’s route to hell. We don’t believe in God enough to walk to Him. 

Religions place God in satan instead of creation. Nothing is about depth, substance of maturity in our existence with God on this planet in space. It has nothing to do with enlightenment, even though we’re a species existing as consciousness. Consciously evolving in God doesn’t exist in religion because the papacy, and every idea of God shatters when enlightenment is lived. 

Very few people have lived with God teaching about Himself, but every religion claims to know Him. The majority never does, and only the individual knows the walk. 







Human consciousness only lives in what it can muster up. When we place false idols, we’ve already lost sight of God. We’re losing muscle because religion exists. We don’t live the Holy Spirit when we are religious. We make preachers and rabbis exist as authorities when neither walked to God.  The mind is already deep in the darkness. When we made money a second God, we placed consciousness at matters level instead of with God. 

Every religion has interpreted ideas and battled for supremacy with God. We’ve been changing literature since the beginning to suit our needs. Sages and prophets have appeared and gone. The individual is doing all it can to know God, but the world’s content is satan. As long as we brand ourselves as something with God, we lose. Ego and satan win. The mind isn’t discerning depth in God because false idols live as knowing Him. 

The mind is deeper than our making, and we fall if we don’t adhere to any ideas higher than our own. We’re not finding Truth in our world because we didn’t keep God above all things. Society doesn’t know creation or how matter exists. Consciousness is all that is alive; every thought brings something in matter into being. We’re pretending to know God for feeding satan. 

Satan is the idea that proclaims everything as something while not adhering to any Truth. Someone worshipping God doesn’t mean they know Him. They know of Him. If we study scripture, we don’t live with God. We’re living with the ideas of Him. We know an idea, and that’s not hearing God or living through our thought system changing. Religion is placating satan and not consciously evolving in God. 

To know God is to know life outside of mainstream ideas. We haven’t lived for God like we think we do. We’re living for acceptance of ideologies and beliefs. No one lives to lose their lives to gain them in God like they should. If we were, we wouldn’t live religiously; we would live with God teaching about Himself.  We’re making knowing God lower minds satan. When knowing God is very rare and historical. 

We live with God but deny Him. We don’t open doors for depth in Christ while standing in shallow human precepts. The idea of living with God has become the child’s place of knowing. The enormity of creation and other races of Heaven begins when we walk out of this world for His. 

We do what we can from our ideas, but deepening light in God doesn’t live with anyone else’s idea of God. We’re leaving His existence to other people’s ideas. God didn’t create us to live with the papacy or a rabbinic idea of Him. We haven’t known God but have mastered ideas from others. When God gave us the way to know we were created, it was to understand our existence with Him. We live in our narrative, and it does not exist with anybody else. Only one of us is here with God because only one level of consciousness is living this world. No one is living in anything but their own thoughts. 

The world appears outside of us, but it’s only living through us in our narrative. Our perspective is all there is in life. When we don’t deepen any depth bigger than human education as an idea in life we live lower mind. The reason it’s lower mind is we place meaning and attachment to matter with human education. Soul intelligence is worldly. The idea of consciousness breathing in manufactured knowing is small. When we stand with God, the infinite light of everything opens. 

We haven’t learned about Soul intelligence because humanity doesn’t live for enlightenment to know the universe’s education system. We’re not living to leave society as reality for Heaven on Earth. No one walks deeper to God than a religious concept. The walk with God is from one world to another and that change happens as we leave self for light. We’re walking out of our skin to know God. 

The “me” we’ve been carrying is the illusory, giving us a vessel to witness consciousness in. We shaped the “me” from birth and placed ideas for what seemed to please others. We’ve been building ideas of ourselves and life from how others react to us. This is satan’s home. We don’t live with God to know the Spirit and the eternal light of our existence. Instead, we placed the body as self, marking the temporal world as our existence. We’re doing it backward. 

No one can drive a car deeper to God that stays on earth, marking their existence with society as reality and the body as self. We’re shaping our thought system to carry self-identity in a story that never leaves matters level. We created a box of knowing and not knowing, with assumption living. Without hearing God, we surmised His light with us not with Truth but with religious interpretations. Being born into a religion is the devil’s way of keeping its existence while making sure no one gets to God. Religion is playing God instead of knowing Him. 

No one living society as reality knows God. We’re fooling ourselves to be someone religiously living. The meek inherit the world not by branding and marketing, but by walking a road few do. Religious living is taboo with God because it’s a mainstream idolization that doesn’t work for substance. We’re creating our titles and positions and assigning them decrees with a God we do not hear. The hierarchy in religion is the epitome of the Pharisees and high priest, whom Jesus said had no idea who God was. We don’t live for depth because we place branding and marketing as knowing God. If we’re living above the public, believing we have a place greater with God, we’re living satan.

Satan doesn’t care what we claim or do as long as the ego is fed. We won’t live beyond our branding to God. Nothing we can shape is getting near Him because we design in satan. Instead of losing our lives to gain them in God, we’re trying to be someone seen as knowing God. The walk is out of human education and religious concepts for Soul intelligence.

We don’t drive our cars to God. Nor do we claim Him while having a state of mind at matters level. Knowing God is opening a much bigger part of the world. We carry light that serves Him and His will. No one in religion is working for God because they don’t stand with Him. They stand for the ideology and don’t acquire depth. Living with God is leaving ideologies. We haven’t existed with God as a living God.  If we had, no religion would exist. 

The walk to God is outside of institutionalized ideas of God. God has never lived alongside religion nor in mainstream ideas. He is always far beyond them, working in human consciousness. The greater good of life doesn’t come from the man on the corner talking about God. It comes from the human dissolving everything they carry as ideas of self and life for knowing Him. It’s going beyond the story of life. 

The mind accepts what it has been taught to accept. If we had stayed knowing God without false idols, everything would be different today. We don’t dissolve ideas taught to know God. We live with them, not knowing satan or the devil in human consciousness. Because we have no concept of creation, we darken every possibility of God with satan. The light we seek isn’t in religion; it’s dismantling everything we’ve been taught for light. 

Living from the many to one is the knowing of Christ. I am the door, and the light all life lives in is the state of mind, understanding consciousness and creation. We know the enormity of our divinity in God. Every human being was born with the birthright to know Him. We’ve been created and live in something that carries many stories and diversions. We’re working for depth to move through all diversions for losing our lives to gain them in God. If we detour and exist to be “a someone” in society, we shape reality based upon the idea of self. We don’t gather muscle for Spirit when we placate it for matters level of life. 

Living with God is the only existence of living that changes reality and knowing Him. We walk from satan to light. Leaving matters level of life only begets the magnitude of God when we hear Him. We can master scripture, laws, and prayer and never leave matters level of life. We make mainstream ideas of God live greater than light. The dance with Angels travels outside of everything humanity presently believes in. 

Our growing up in religion places deep walls in satan. We shape knowing and not knowing within those walls. The ideology of living and every belief we now claim lived inside of someone else’s idea of life before it was ours. We carry what someone else gave, add a twist to it, and then believe it is our ideology too. Being born into a religion has no eyes to see except for whatever religious filter has been made. We grow up taught how to think and feel about God and then own it.

Nothing about God existed during this; we shape it to feel like we’re with Him. We didn’t hear Him, the thought system doesn’t leave family ideas for Him, nor did we stand with Him opposite of the world. Satan inaugurated our living to God. We never heard God to walk beyond family, community, and self. The mind is growing up in satan instead of beyond it. As long as the body is self and society is reality, we haven’t existed for God.  We’re still making our way there.

Kenosis is the idea of self-emptying. It’s the walk of Soul intelligence over human ideas. Only the individual can walk it. Nothing in life will reverberate it, and no one believes it’s worthwhile except for the individual who claims it. It’s the hidden gem in life that walks through branches and piled pathways of thorns. No one can see it to walk through it. Something in the Soul has to trigger a light to shine in that direction. 

We don’t carry this light; only God does. God has always chosen those who know Him. We don’t choose God, claim we know Him, and it is so. Those that do are the charlatans telling the world they know God when they don’t hear Him. We want depth, not branding, and we want substance, not acceptance. Only the individual can escape a world of ideas for God. We travel into a world of everything for walking out to nothing but God. If we live mainstream concepts, we haven’t begun that walk.

God didn’t create us to live society first and Him second. We haven’t lived keeping God above all things. Living in a religion is placing religion above Him. No one in Judaism wants to convert to Islam, and no one Christian wants to convert to Judaism. We placed religion above God. God is above all things and not placing depth in a temporal story. Everything we think in this life fades when we leave the body. What satan is doing is placing heritage, culture, and religion as part of self-identity, when it is a fleeting idea in matter. 

We’re keeping cultures and religion above God. Keeping God first is for keeping satan’s ideas out of our thinking. Knowing the Spirit develops muscle for only living the eternal light of our existence with God. The temporal world is governments, being “a somebody,” successful and intelligent. We’re striving to shape an idea of self that is good instead of losing self for light. No one is living to lose the idea of self in matter for Spirit because we don’t know what to live in that. No one stayed with God deep enough to idealize it. 

Instead, we gravitate to religions with false idols because it’s easier and more convenient. Losing our lives to gain them in God doesn’t live in any conceptualizing idea of it. People try to live in seclusion for years or claim chastity as part of it. We don’t live for the Soul’s journey to Love. The mind is trying recklessly to find an idea of self while the Soul is waiting for a glimpse of depth to walk through. We carry ourselves for what is convenient instead of troubling ourselves to live differently for another purpose in life. What is in front of us and what others are doing, we do. That’s satan’s world. Learning to keep God above all things is a mandatory level for God. 

We deepen muscles of faith that few know when we live to God. He moves the world to know Him beyond every idea we’ve had about life. It’s a reversal of our childhood upbringing and what was taught. We’re leaving family for God and community for God. The light turns outside in and not inside out. Only God delivers us from satan and places us deeper in Him. We don’t design it ourselves or choose how to live with God. Those that claim Him while living by their interpretations and designs are lost from Him. 

The living God is dismissed when we live by our ideas.  God doesn’t need our ways or ideas. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We don’t dive deep enough to discard our taught ideas. We’re growing up being placed in the word for society as really. We’re not placed to know the illusion or God as reality. The placing of religion at birth stole the road to God. 

No one can discern society as an illusion because no one can walk with God. They have to walk a religious idea first. As long as we claim religion above God we claim the devil instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. No one needs a religion to know God. God has always chosen those outside of religion to know Him. The reason anyone can know God regardless of the mind’s ideas is out of favoritism to His creation. 

God created every human being, whether we know Him or not. The mind lives in stories of being Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, while the Soul knows no story. The Soul is the eternal light, giving the Spirit the way to live in matter. The mind is the body’s storyteller, moving us through a story in matter, trying to acquire depth to know God. We don’t awaken because we claim God. We awaken because God chooses us to awaken. 

His choosing isn’t based on religion, devoutness, or righteousness. It has nothing to do with worldly ideas of life. The Soul is a deeper light in God and is the awakening level of our existence. We’re placing the magnitude of God’s existence on mainstream acceptance instead of searching through the forests of the mind to Him. The place of God in us is beyond the mind and is further into a unique individual idea. We’re diluting His existence with shallow water. Not everyone knows God, and no one who claims Him is knowing Him. 

The glory of God is beyond the mind and is outside of our little person’s idea of being “a someone” to the world. He’s not living for the accepted good boy and girl. God is living for us to know Him and is working through every human idea of self and the world to clear satan out of our light for seeing Him. God places us in His light for knowing the Truth of His livingness in us and our light in Him. The world of religion is demanding God exist at its level, and it falls because of it. 

God isn’t adhering to any human ideas of Him and won’t ever. The individual is with God, living beyond every human idea of Him. God isn’t placing us in life to satisfy anyone. He’s developing more light in the Soul for consciously evolving. His existence isn’t about the story but always about His existence with us. We’ve made life about a story instead of living with God. The world of matter derives its own elixirs in satan and always has notoriety, branding, and acceptance. When we are with God, none of that exists. It’s quite the opposite and constantly outside of what anyone sees as good, successful, or even knowing God. The nobody is deeper in God, just like the atheist is. 

The idea that religion has a place with God is human. It’s not living with the magnitude of Him. It placed itself with God, and we believed it because it was easier than trying to know God. Living in a world where everyone who wants to know God does is the devil. It’s cheap and doesn’t exist. 

We’ve been created to consciously evolve in God. Not to accept the most shallow level and claim Him. The idea of religiously living having depth in God is satan. The walk with God is one that travels further into the Soul than the mind’s storytelling. We’re pit-stopping at the devil’s level and never leaving it. The word created the world means we must place greater light than where we stand to go deeper. If we surface live claiming God while society as reality lives more than Heaven, we lose.

The mind is claiming a story instead of unraveling to Him. Living in a religion carries satan at the highest levels because the story is being carried, and we don’t empty matters level of life for knowing the Holy Spirit upon us. The Holy Spirit is a light of God that can deepen the deeper we live. The Holy Spirit is the light that places depth and Trust. When we hear God, we know Him upon us. The light of His existence vanishes for more. We live with Him at matters level and not just consciously knowing the Holy Spirit. We live with God moving the world and showing us how malleable the world is. He moves in us as us. His light has been building in us as He carries us into Him.

The religious person knows the Holy Spirit as an idea. They don’t treat it as a living light in God. If they did, they wouldn’t be in religion; they would be with God teaching about Himself. We’re missing the point of the Holy Spirit because we carry false diols and idolize God as an idea instead of losing our lives to gain them in Him. Gaining depth in God is not memorizing something or living the fundamental idea of God. It’s the destruction of the mind for Soul. It’s leaving self for light and hearing God as He moves in the world to know Him. 

The world is moving in the opposite of every way it ever has when we hear God. No one stays the same with God. We change beyond what any human being wants to. Nothing compares to God than living from the many to the ones knowing creation, Heaven, and other races of life. God isn’t placing light in stars, planets, and galaxies for us to walk a human story. He’s given us a world of ideas, and which ones we carry will decide our reality. We are shaping what we want to believe in and not believe in. It’s out of ignorance from not knowing consciousness and the infinite ability we have in living.

If we live out of other people’s ideas of life and not with God above all things, we dive into satan and live the devil’s level of life. We walk matters level in a narrative that only knows the self as the body and society as a reality. Our narrative wasn’t shaped with God above all things, and we’ve associated meaning in matter that’s made attachment in our state of mind of who we are. It’s not real. It’s just what we could think. God of no form and of all form was telling us Spirit was deeper than form. We don’t live outside of satan to question more. We’re going along with mainstream ideas, missing the walk with God. 

The only way to awaken in this world is out of Love. It’s light in Christ. The more Love we live, the more the human story fades. We live for others over self and begin purposing life for light instead of being someone according to society’s living standards. The light in Christ is acquired through depth and substance. We don’t walk across the street into a religion claiming Jesus Christ as Our Savior and walk out of satan or the devil’s level of life. The false idols in religion taught us that. 

When we claim Jesus as Our Savior, we are opening ourselves up to know more. Where that goes is the Souls journey, and it places the walk in matter where we stand. No one can fake leaving satan, and no one can fake leaving the devil’s level of life. A lot of living takes place, and no one wants to leave satan. The ego must be shattered, which is arduous and terrible.  We’ve lived our entire lives placing ourselves somewhere in goodness, intelligence, and living special. We don’t think of ourselves as animal, monsters, or evil. The world we walk in has justified the sinner’s mind. We walk roads we never should have been on and don’t measure depth. We’re at a calculating level for believing we are good. 

The moment we know Jesus is the moment everything collapses. We’re walking out of our skin, not building it. Jesus isn’t living for feeling good. He’s our light for knowing God. Jesus is the door to God because no one can walk into deeper water except through Him. We pass through halls of shame, idolatry, guilt, worry, bravado, and more. The idea that someone wearing a branded wardrobe defines them as knowing God is the epitome of satan and ego. The atheist, not knowing God exists, lives at the same level as the person claiming Jesus Christ as their Savior. The two ideas don’t seem the same, but they are. 

Many times, we believe we know something because we want to. We state it out loud and reaffirm it with actions. The idea is placing a depth within us to believe it’s true, but the idea itself doesn’t really live in anything but the observer’s mind. It’s the story in the mind, that hasn’t jumped the wall to deepen in life. We’re circling ideas and making them be something. The world of God delivered by it. We haven’t heard His voice. We’re believing the story without God. 

Most people who are accepted as religious believe they know God well even though they haven’t heard His voice, know creation, or even know how God exists. They recite Genesis as creation and have no idea what being alive is or the difference between the Soul and Spirit. No one taught them about satan or the devil in human consciousness because no one religious knows the difference between thinking and consciousness or the difference between the eternal world and the temporal. One mainstream idea lives, and no one lives beyond it to God. 

Humanity has lived under a religion instead of keeping God above all things. The desire to know God hasn’t existed outside of the institution’s hierarchy. If no one lives to know light, we only know darkness. The papacy isn’t in God and hasn’t met Him yet, but no one is living to know God beyond the papacy in Christianity. If we only live in the institution’s idea of God and not beyond it, we’re ripping ourselves off. It’s woeful we’re not fighting to know God. Another human being’s idea of God is the devil keeping us at that level instead of beyond it. 

The mind won’t deliver what the Soul can. God is the blueprint to life and created the word to shape the world for every human being. What we shape is temporal. When we leave the body, it fades and never lives again. Our only lineage is with God; everything else is the storyteller’s temporal living. We shape self to live as “a somebody” and then define it as we live this brief life. None of it is real, but all of it lives real. Only Love is real. Love is the only energy that goes with us. God is Love, and we are Love. We’re just not at His level of Love. We’re trying to acquire that magnitude of light through our life continuum. 

Today, we are matters level, and hopefully tomorrow, we know more. 

We don’t consider a formless existence because we placed self-identity in matter. If we focused deeper on what is living, we would carry more knowledge. No one knows how Spirit comes into a placebo or how plasma carries personality. We don’t acquire knowledge by human standards with God; we apply light for wisdom. The world of education and placing intelligence with mainstream measurements is society’s. When we live deeper within, we open another world within. Consciousness is all that is alive, and it travels through every atom, placing particles.  



The mind isn’t the director of life; the Soul is. The Soul is in Heaven and is the light of consciousness coming into us from outside us. The world of matter is energy. We see buildings, trees, and oceans, but if we saw creations level, we would see energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see. The mind isn’t seeing creation level of life. We don’t see bacteria crawling all over our bodies or other life blocking our view. We live in a comfortable idea that only sees this level of consciousness, nothing else. 

We do not know what being asleep is because we equate living conscious of matter as consciously living. It’s not undecided because no one can hearing God because they want to. Living in consciousness is profoundly living outside of the human idea of consciousness. We don’t see it as algorthims in higher intelligence or understand the massive amount of energy in resonance shaping it.

Energy living as a race only entered humanity now. No human being on earth knew God as energy living within our existence as we do. Living in God couldn’t be explained until now. God is the light all life is in, explains a variance of existence within His mind. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think of as life is an idea in our mind. God gave us as energy the way to live in matter.

God is consciousness living as energy, and we are created in His likeness as conscious energy. The mind is placing matter before Spirit because we didn’t stay with God when we learned of Him. We live through our senses, wanting something tangible to exist. We placed reward in matter and defined our existence within its livingness. Keeping God above all things is harder than it seems because human consciousness lives incessantly thinking. We jump from one thought to the next, daydreaming. The mind carries infinite stories and is like a conveyor belt of ideas that keep coming until we pause them.

No one practices pausing their thoughts because we’re not even conscious of them. We don’t observe our thoughts or determine them for validity. We daydream constantly about what we did last week or what we must do later. The mind shows images in our narrative; we believe them to be real and call them life. We don’t understand consciousness as matter or how reality is shaped to live deeper. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We idealize and go beyond the speed of light, experiencing everything we think. 

The placing of matter is seamlessly living because other races are weaved into our existence. God created us out of HIs light, and He weaved us in different levels of Him. We don’t exercise with other races until we consciously evolve out of lower mind. We have every appointment set at matters level, and we don’t break them, until we do. Weaving within more intelligence should be an idea already known because we aged from a baby to an adult, but we took that for granted. The right-minded way of knowing life is knowing being created means we are mixed with other things. The more we understand God, the more other races are nothing more than a disfigured human idea. 

We don’t know what being human is because we left God out of it. When God became a religious idea instead of the blueprint to life, we lost knowledge. We placate matter instead of knowing resonance. Science has never known how matter exists to believe the mind’s storytelling ability. The three-dimensional theory was fabrication at its worst. No one could go beyond face value assumptions and only determine the senses they could quantify with matters level. We didn’t know about a sixth sense or gut feeling as depth in life. 

Most people drive onto a highway knowing who will let them over and who won’t. We live feeling before we exercise thought. The tangible thought was formless before we knew it. It’s a guide with us that doesn’t know its strength. We make it what we want, thinking in lower mind instead of knowing that feeling in a higher light. We devalue it instead of developing muscles for it. The walk into Soul intelligence isn’t from a book or a human teacher. It’s Heavens life with us. The universe knows a story we don’t write.

We came into the world already existing and have light here for knowing. We don’t always find it, but it’s here. The magnitude of consciousness with other realms of life is infinite. The mind carries what we can conceive, we can receive, while the Soul carries anything and everything. The Soul is outside the ideas of matter and deeper in God than the mind knows. It’s living for another song we haven’t heard yet. 

We see our hands and cars and immediately associate life through our senses. We make face-value assumptions even though we have ideas of God. It was convenient and accessible. We don’t think about Heaven on earth, Angels, Celestial Ligt, or other races of Love like we do being successful and achieving something. 

The world’s language isn’t math—the rhythm of pulses in an atom quadruples out of algorithms in light. The resonance is pronouncing. The theory of everything is in light. Our pronouncing within Heaven’s level of life determines ideas. Nothing can exist if we can’t idealize it, and we can only idealize within our present level of consciousness. Resonance is carrying the magnitude of living within every particle. Measuring light won’t carry creation, but knowing light will. Consciousness is at cause, and the measurement is the effect. 

We’ve lived since the beginning not knowing what the word creating the world meant.  It meant consciousness was all that was alive. Living created isn’t part of our livingness. We dismissed being created for being born. No one understands God as our mother, father, brother, and sister because we don’t see consciousness as human beings. We’re not seen as energy as we are form. 

Human life is face value ideas, and everyone goes along with whatever is the consensus. Human photosynthesis gives every atom a home. No one could live in a story without seeing it exists in matter. We observe every thought in some idea of form. Our existence is as a thinking species in daydreams. We exist within a library placed by God with infinite stories to tell. The world of matter is the effect of consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

The theory of everything is in resonance and is the sum of protein in the photon.  We’re writing on top of what is here. What is here is hundreds of billions of years alive and outside our ideas. We’re in a library of ideas, carrying a book placed for this level of consciousness. The word creates the world; however we live, it is our choice. We won’t catch up with God. Everything is forever expanding. 

The photon has a pulse, and in the pulse lies our id. We don’t exist with a name, body, or thought. We’re light and on another level of life. When we leave the body, our ideas leave, too. Thought doesn’t go with us. Only consciousness is continuous. 





Human photosynthesis because every idea is fleeting. Whatever we think of today as the atom won’t be thousands of years from now. We don’t make the world. We only exist within it.

Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s a blend of higher intelligence. We’re weaved with other races to live in matter. Living in God’s light means existing in other levels of living within His consciousness. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we know as life is an idea in our mind. The difference is God’s level of consciousness and human consciousness are very different. His light is hundreds of billions of years alive, and ours is created. We think we’re fifty-eight, but we’re ageless. 

The word created the world and places us in a story as it does. The human story is transitory and only exists for one level of consciousness at a time. We come into a world that is complete for thinking to move in. The world we arrive in has a history, present, and future. Everything is set with millions of libraries of life. Every aspect of consciousness has endless variables. We’re living through created light but never feel it. 

The world doesn’t tell us the universe’s alphabet. It only begets the degree we can consume. The mind is a tool for stories; the light of the stories is the Soul’s elixir. We don’t carry ideas of being created and what it looks like because we don’t live awake to God. When we made money, a second God, and false idols our way to God, we made human consciousness shape darker than Adam and Eve, unleashing satan.

No one knew consciousness was all that was alive or how matter existed to know the detrimental attributes of harnessing thought. We carelessly think whatever we want without controlling thought. Humanity is at a level of consciousness called the lower mind because we incessantly think with self-identity in matter. It’s like a shallow record playing at the slowest speed. We formed lower earthly energy as consciousness because we placed matter as life. 

Ego and satan live in lower earthly energy. If we had kept God above all things, we would carry higher light in Christ. We’re not living to consciously evolve beyond society as reality or the body as self. We don’t adhere to God of no form and of all form. Knowing Spirit existed was a point in human existence that could have changed the scope of living for us, but we dismissed it. When religion made itself synonymous with knowing God, it lowered human ideas of God. 

We marginalized His existence and didn’t live to know Him. We lived to be “a someone” who was religiously devout to God. We serve the idea of God instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. The road religion made is the devil; no position in life goes deeper in Christ. We’re not delivering depth with religion. It’s an idea at matters level that only dictates its idea. Consciously evolving in Christ is our duty. 







We live out of resonance, existing within trillions and trillions and trillions of other light. We’re not living as matter. We live as energy within a motion.

We don’t need math to understand creation or ideas in matter. We need consciousness to expand the purpose more severely within our light. When made a three-dimensional theory, we got lost.  

The idea of others seeing us as something is satans dream. Satan is trying to please ego, and both are doubling down to satisfy their needs. 

No one who knows God is seen as knowing Him. The Apostles had no marking of God except His light in them. Religion makes costumes, rituals, traditions, and brands and markets them to be seen as something. It’s a cheap walk in satan. The Apostles carried depth and substance and heard God’s voice. No one in any religion hears God’s voice. They listen in lower mind to self-chatter.

Most people don’t even know what being alive is in religion, nor have they understood consciousness. We don’t know creation, and no one in religion has held a conversation with God about it. Religion is in its world, playing God while proclaiming it believes in Him. It would never exist if it did. Believing in God has dwindled into nothing more than idolizing Him. 

When we believe in God, we carry Him. We claim to believe in God while carrying one of the four thousand religions as His. The mind is in a story of family, tradition, heritage, and lineage. Satan is placing self as the body and creating the world to know self. We’re building who we are without knowing God. 

Do not build an identity in me. I Am. – God

We haven’t lived in anything but shallow ideas from money as life. But religion believes it knows God well when all it’s done is read something while idealizing Him. The Truth of human living with God is godless. The idea of any religion knowing God is futile. Religion wouldn’t exist if we knew God. There would be no point in it. We’re marking life with God in satan while proclaiming to know God very well.

We believe we’re doing God’s work when satan is all we do. We do God’s work after we live with Him teaching about Himself, and He places us back in life. We don’t design His work or our idea of Him as Truth. We’re not grasping the enormity of God creating everything in existence. This world is His, not ours. The little person struggles to be with God because we don’t carry light at birth. 

We come into a world already existing, and we’re told who God is and how to live with Him. Immediately, we break bread with the devil. We grow up believing we know God well because our parents and friends concur. The story is living perfectly, but God isn’t in it. The idea of God is all we live. Breaking bread with Christ is much deeper and more profound. 

John the Baptist baptized people without a religion. God raised Him in the wilderness and gave His light for doing it. God hasn’t given any preacher or person more light than someone else to baptize others. Christianity is making people believe it has a right to baptize and is more authorized than the farmer not in a religion. It’s been blasphemously placing its existence with God while God abandons it. 

Jeremiah was a prophet who dabbled in sorcery out of satan. He claimed more than He should have. His giving to humanity was for prophets, rabbis, preachers, and those who claim God to live it deeper. We don’t live anything close to what those who have known God live but market ourselves as bishops, popes, and famous rabbis. We are the cheapest generation to live, claiming we know God while living the devil level of life in satan.

The papacy is the epitome of a false idol, and yet, no one in Christianity saw it. The eyes were closed, and the ears were closed because the muscle for God was closed. We’re being born into religions and immediately learn satan’s ways. We don’t live beyond the mainstream ideas of God. We’re living the devil’s level of life and never leave it. Religions don’t carry light for depth. Humanitarian deeds are always good, but it’s not the path to God. 

We live Love to know Christ, and give all we can to others as a light that shines in the path. The depth we seek is outside of this world. Wherever we are in life, is made by our thoughts. We’ve idealized who self is , what the self should be doing, who God is, and what living with God is. Most likely, it began as children and was the family’s idea. 

Our mothers and fathers did not hear God. They lived the devil’s level of life in satan playing perfect parents. The story of family, self, and society is only a story for living through to God. God is our mother, father, brother, sister, and neighbor. The enormity of our existing with God one on one is major, but the mind can’t get into deeper water to pronounce it. We’re edging towards God when we claim Him on street corners. We’re diving deeper into satan when we do that. 

Diving into deeper water is a hard place to walk. It’s not mainstream, and no one can teach it. The Soul is the guiding force for knowing God. People made titles and positions a depth in God when both are the devil’s ideas. When we appoint ourselves through our ideas who knows God more than others, we dive shallowly into our ego. No one is caring about God and Truth in religion. Never has it.

Two thousand years ago, the highest levels of religion crucified God’s Son. The Pharisees and high priest plotted and schemed to have Pontius Pilate do their dirty work. They had no eyes to know God and no ears to find Him. They were deep in satan tooting their own horns as knowing God. Religion has been making itself whatever it wants, and God has repeatedly told it nothing knows Him in it. 

We’re not creating a road to God where blocking and diverting them so far away from God we’re blasphemous and ridiculous. No one wearing a branded wardrobe knows God. They are the opposite of everything the walk delivers. Nothing we can claim as being with God nears Him. We’re living satan walking into mega-churches proclaiming love for God while sitting with false idols. No one in religion has eyes to see false idols because everyone is happily dancing in satan. 

The devil in us keeps us satisfied with cheap levels. We don’t lose our lives to gain them in God. We walk across the street into a church, claiming Jesus Christ as our Savior, and believe we know God. It’s shallow, cheap, and has no depth in God. It’s satan’s wish. 

Living to God isn’t effortless and is outside of everything this world knows. We haven’t begun nearing God if we believe the body is self and society is reality. Living to God is a thought system change that displaces everything we’ve known. Nothing in this world has carried light because humanity made money a second God, and matters level our existence. We don’t exist enlightened at birth—quite the opposite. We’re drowning in ignorance. 

Society hasn’t known creation to redirect from a thought system in satan. We don’t know the Spirit or how the Holy Spirit lives in us. If we did, we wouldn’t build a representative as self. The temporal world is blocking us from the eternal. The mind isn’t able to carry higher light until we acquire substance. Subtance isn’t coming from mainstream concepts. 

We need to know God is with us more than we need a preacher. If we need the preacher, we have no existence with God. The mind won’t acquire deeper ideas of Him as long as the muscle we build is with false idols. We’re not living with God. We’re living with the ideas of God. We believe our prayers weave us with Him. 

Imagine a room with four walls, and inside that room is God and us. Now imagine a divider between us and God. The divider is our thought system and the energy we carry. On a scale of one to ten, we’re minus a trillion. We’ve been living in satan since birth and only know society as reality. Every idea of God we know has been given to us. We grew up being taught who God is to us. The mind hasn’t sought Him like we think it has. We’re trying to fulfill our ideas of Him in satan. 

Every idea placed since birth about God made His existence into something without us hearing Him. We’ve never lived in conversation with God and only adhere to religious ideas. The walk with God is the opposite of everything being taught. Only the individual knows God and the unique walk isn’t with anyone else. There is no broad gate idea that we live and know God by. The idea of religion teaching someone about God when its people have never walked to God is why it’s the devil’s level of life. 

No one will know God who proclaims Him. The meek inherit the world out of faith and depth and live humbly without any recognition or knowing in society. We’re not grasping the thought system changing and what that entails. When Jesus called the Apostles over to Him, He made the choices. Paul in Christianity isn’t an Apostle and never will be. We don’t sit with Christ, making choices for Him. Jesus chose people at a specific time, making them everything they are. Paul was a worshipper and not someone who heard God. 

His demons rose and fell, and walking with Christ was what he wanted. Jesus never knew Paul and had no life with him. Christianity is bargaining its existence with satan without believing God exists. It placed a pope as someone with Christ when the papacy is blasphemous. It buried itself in the devil between Paul, indulgences, confessions, canonizing people as saints, christening, and a papacy. The Vatican demonizes God with false idols and heresy.

If one bishop believes they know God better than an atheist, they are taught by God they don’t. God isn’t choosing the hierarchy in religion or living for it to be something. He is with every human being, whether they know Him or not. No one is special, and everyone is special. The world of religion is fake. God doesn’t live by our rules and won’t walk our roads either. God is hearing the Soul’s call and not the mind’s satan. 

Our ideas don’t measure anything but fake branding. No one in any religion is an enlightened master, and no religion can explain creation. It’s a child’s place of playing. The true walk with God is through a dark forest that never ends.  The breaking of satan and the devil’s level of life lives outside of religion. The individual walks a psychological battle and breakdown that shatters every snake within. 

We don’t measure knowing God from titles and positions. We measure by light. God gives us His light for living in Christ. It doesn’t live mainstream and is a reality shift that removes life’s meaning and purpose for only knowing God’s will. We don’t live in any religion because we’re with God. The temporal world carries religions while the eternal dissolves them.

Living from the many to the one is the light of our walk. I am the door is every human being’s birthright. We only live in our narrative and experience only our level of consciousness as the world. No one lives outside of their interpretations. The voice in our head is the narrator of every story we dream. Marking God in mainstream ideas is satan’s way. Knowing we do not know Him until we hear Him is Heaven’s way. 

Religion was false before Jesus walked the earth. Then, the highest levels of Judaism killed God’s Son, and now a papacy claims to sit at the right-hand side of God out of nothing but cheap branding. Never has any pope been anointed by God. They are the devil’s children, living satan. Appointing ourselves holy while we live as false idols is satan.

Humanity isn’t standing for God. We’re trying to look like we love God and are religious for society to accept us. We’re the generation of branding and marketing. The monk, friar, evangelistic, and pilgrimage are shows for the devil. Each one believes they know God while not one human being in them can hear God. If they could, they would live outside of everything they do today. 

No one is going to tell God they are a pope or evangelistic. Both make humanity know them as God-loving. They live on ego, not God’s work. God’s work is leaving the ego. We self-empty every idea of self for Christ. I am the door comes out of kenosis. It’s not an evangelistic idea of God. The walk places our identity in peril. We’re dissolving ideas of grandeur and leaving our place in life. 

No one with God is able to breathe as they once did. God isn’t living for our idea of self; He is giving us the way to know Christ. God doesn’t care about any religion outside of His own. The church is His light in us, and the temple is consciousness deepening in Him. We’re not going to assign our depth and believe it. No one designs their lives with God. He disrupts ours and destroys it to shake satan out of everything we’ve known as life. No one comes to God clothed. 

Whatever we shape as self, and our world is frivolity when we arrive to God. The clothing in this world is the devil’s maker. We wear what we think imitates our self. We’ve made our name, family, neighborhood, bank account, car, job title, clothing, and friends part of our self-identity. We have no clue who Spirit is or what we are. Only satan has been teaching.  

Self is the idea of the mortal world from not knowing God. When God told us He was of no form and of all form, it was a lesson for the Spirit to live greater than matter. We didn’t understand and have never been able to capture God’s existence, either. We have false idols because it’s different to live with intelligence we do not see as human. The mind isn’t traveling far enough to know God in all things. 

Our ways depart the magnitude of knowing God when we listen to rabbis and preachers instead of God. We treat God like He doesn’t exist. Anyone listening to rabbis and preachers denies God is upon them. It’s a wonder why people in religion tell others they believe in God when they do the opposite of it. If we build muscle in satan, we don’t find doors to leave the devil’s levels of life. We create corridors in it. We’ll roam the halls of satan feeding ego our entire lives and miss the chance of living with God teaching about Himself. 

The idea of religion makes fools of us all. If we believe God exists, then live to God teaching about Himself. Everything else is satan. We’re placing a world before us as real and don’t deepen that level to God living with us. Many people believe God is a fairytale out of ignorance. They don’t know creation or consciousness to know only their narrative is living as life. When we don’t know creation, we make up anything we want, and it’s true.

The mind perfectly sits with a drawing board for any idea we can muster up. We live through what we can think to something else. The idea of Wall Street lives real because it’s a tangible story item we can move matter with. The idea of God is also a tangible item that can move matter, but He doesn’t live at the same level as Wall Street. Wall Street is level one, and God is level a hundred. 

What is on level one only knows level one. We have beliefs, ideologies, and tangible living at that level. When we are in a deeper light, we know more. Consciously evolving is a requisite for a thinking species. Humanity is a thinking species that never lives beyond human education. Human education was shaped by human beings. We created our idea of intelligence and then made a system for living it. No one is living outside of what was given in childhood as life. We only stand in that depth of water.

Consciously evolving takes us out of that water into new water we’ve never seen. The mind won’t deliver more of God from a Wall Street level of living. That living is for satan in lower mind trying to be someone for someone else to know. The thought system at matters level makes everything in matter a knowing and not knowing. We never leave what we make. 

Every idea was placed in the comfort of knowing. We love to know things and feel intelligent. We don’t find out about where the standard came from but live it anyway. The mind is a tool of stories. At birth, we have a storyboard to work within and develop our own stories for living through. They are a room in a house that was built when we arrived. The placing of self and matter is based on our level of consciousness. 

Consciousness won’t live outside of itself and has to live through itself, transcending to new levels. The mind doesn’t have favorites for one level or another; the Soul does. Human education is society’s illusion. It built a society for the beginning but not the end. We don’t live outside of mainstream ideas in satan. Satan only carries what can feed the ego. Fitting into society is a must for the ego to live happily.

The way of life through human education is the missing corridor to God’s way of life. No one who travels in religion or human education makes it to Him. We made theologians and colleges for religions without knowing creation. God gave us the way, and we deny it. Keeping God above all things means above all religions. If we slip into a religion, we fall into satan and then build a life with the devil making society reality. We don’t know God beyond it. 

The life of a religious person is for living in the eyes of another. We’re pleasing someone else’s opinions of God. Their approval is part of our self-identity. We walk with satan at birth, deepening darker earthly energy instead of learning the Spirit and keeping God above all things. When one of our four thousand religions comes first, we lose God. The mind isn’t going to leave society as reality without a battle. 

Since birth, we’ve been building our “me” and have placed everyone’s opinions of us inside of it. We see the world through filters based upon peoles perspectives of us. We’ve never walked like Moses. He walked back to Egypt, carrying an idea of God with Him while facing roadblocks. The roadblocks were his own ideas of living with God and without God. Moses grew up in Egyptian culture, not knowing God. He lived more atheist than anything else out of Egyptian culture. 

Egyptians weren’t monotheistic; they worshipped many gods for planting crops, rain, sunshine, wealth, health, and the afterlife. When God spoke to Moses at the burning bush, Moses had no idea what god it was. When God told Him He was the God of His Fathers, the God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham, never did Moses dive deeper. God knew Moses was frightened and had no idea what was going on. 

Moses lived with God, teaching about Himself as an individual. Not a nation or a religion. He carried a story from birth, being found on the Nile River by the Pharoah’s daughter. His rival was his stepbrother. Moses never knew who he was and had no idea they found him during a time when King Herod ordered all the first male children two years and under in the vicinity of Bethlehem to be killed. The idea that Moses is the founder of religion is bogus. 

Moses lived a story with God; only his light was with God. The individual is the only one hearing God, and everyone else is part of the story they are in. I walk this earth with God in a story that has humanity living something. The story is my anchor of Love. The depth Moses lived with God shot from not knowing Him to standing ever deep with Him. Everything he lived through ripped apart his ideas of his existence. 

Nothing written about Moses can capture his thoughts, fears, or achievements. It’s between Moses and God and no one else. We won’t relive anything he did with God. No one can simulate his knowing or adhere to it. It was his and only his. Moses’s way with God isn’t ours to take. We lose the magnitude of God trying to interpret history instead of forging our path with God. No one is going to relive anything Abraham or Moses lived. They both give us a way to know God doesn’t live in religion.

Abraham has descendants as numerous as the stars, not for a religion but for humanity. He heard God above all things and lived true to Him. God tested Abraham by telling him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham didn’t run to Sara or Lot asking why. He knew it was God even though what was being asked seemed like the devil. His knowing God went beyond everything logical, practicable, and reasonable. It was insane and a tricky test. God knew nothing would happen to Isaac, but Abraham didn’t. This test gave Abraham’s descendants as numerous as the stars. 

It shares with a magnitude of God throughout the biblical era. When Peter Simon knew Jesus was the Messiah, and it wasn’t by flesh and blood, it was the first time Jesus knew God would move in a mere human being at that level. Both Abraham and Peter have nothing to do with ideologies or buildings. They lived deeper in life through the Soul’s calling. The mind didn’t prefer over God. The Soul carried them. We’re losing the muscle of the Soul for ego and satan to be satisfied. 

Abraham walked with God when most would have sworn it was only the devil. We don’t consider the measure needed for Abraham to know it was God. Nothing about it was normal. It had been God who blessed Sara with Issac for having birth at a late age. The psychological measurement for having goodwill towards a God telling him to sacrifice his son after going through a miracle to have him is slim to none. A deeper note within was writing. The mind had no place in what was being written. Another idea was living; no one else carried it or heard it but Abraham. It was between Abraham and God only. 

No one today can replicate it or even use it. It’s useless to us. Building our muscle in God won’t come from historical ideas of Him. We’re losing more than we know, being born into religions and having no idea about creation. God is with humanity outside of our placing Him with us. 

He lives out of left field and chooses who no one expects. Moses murdered, and God gave Him the Ten Commandments. God claims atheists for deepening their light in Christ. He doesn’t live by our rules and doesn’t live with anyone but the individual. Abraham shows the difference between where we are today and where he was. 

Back then, we searched for deeper truths. We didn’t live through human education, having a history planted and a future placed. No one was born into a religion, and everyone wondered about life. In the twenty-first century, we are the know-it-alls claiming to know everything while knowing nothing. We left depth, substance, and maturity for living at a surface level of ideas. When we made money a second God, we made face-value assumptions about the world. 

Abraham never questioned God or made decisions through multiple religions. His walk was organically placed him. The mind of a human being back then had little interference compared to our world today. We created ideas from money and ego. They live lower earthly energy and don’t carry light. The world of matter is the devil because once we shape a thought system with it first, we never unravel it to place God above all things. We live a religion, job, family, and idea of self first. 

The marking of satan is how much self is formed. If we are in the hierarchy of a religion, we have triumphed in satan. If we are a farmer, no one knows we might fare better. The world of matter makes us exist in a body. We don’t know Spirit because the self has to exist in the world of matter. Knowing energy isn’t a strong suit in religion. It hasn’t lived for enlightenment. It’s dogmatically living in rudimentary ideas of the past. 

Every generation has the opportunity to know God beyond everything in life. But we don’t do it, and instead, we learn religions.  The mind isn’t seeking God in the right-minded way to find Him. We seek Him for someone else to see. We’re fitting into society’s ideas of God instead of losing our lives to gain them in God.

Moses shattered everything religion is today with one swoop of the rod. It wasn’t based on memorizing laws, scripture, or protocols. Faith had been deepening during the relinquishing of the Israelites from enslavement. We learn depth and substance carried the movement of God in his life. We know he carried a massive burden and died in it. His muscle isn’t like ours. We cheaply walk in religions without carving the Soul into God. 

Moses went through hell to live what he did, as did every Apostle. The religious sect telling people they have Apostolic successory because they want it is satan. No one in any religion bothered to walk to God and cheaply live, proclaiming a place with Him. Conscious evolution is a must, and knowing creation comes with knowing God. 

Too many people swear they hear God while only in satan at the devil’s level of life. We live society as reality in a mainstream idea, believing we know God. The mind is listening to its self-chatter, doing everything it can to be “a somebody” that has favor with God. We want to be special and need others to know it. We don’t harbor the magnitude of any hell or unraveling of our thought system to know God. We walked into a religion and now claim whatever we want, just like they did. 

The little person’s level of life is this. We do whatever we want and have an agreement and then believe it’s true. We didn’t know the illusion that only one of us is here with God. We don’t see illusory or temporal ideas. We place ourselves in a story and believe anything to feel like we know God perfectly. We don’t want to be the ones who don’t know God. Everything we feel is God has been told to us. We haven’t lived our own story with God. It’s in a religion and the same as everyone else’s. 

The devil isn’t going to place us above the papacy. Everyone is living under the papacy to know God. That’s how it works in lower mind. We don’t see false idols or detect satan. We go along with whatever resonates for feeling worthy and good. Parishioners live under the preacher, the preacher is under the bishop, the bishop is under the cardinal, and Christians are under the papacy. The ruse of the hierarchy having authority different than the atheist is satan. 

No one who is a papacy follower has depth in God. They fell to satan and stood with the devil. The test isn’t the one we are waiting for. It’s the one we miss constantly. Nothing bigger than that can show what a false idol is. We’re the children living satan out of convenience. It’s convenient to go along with religion. Claiming Jesus Christ as our Savior and believing the deed is done is convenient. Studying or memorizing something is convenient instead of walking in the dark forest at night. Having matter identity is convenient instead of knowing energy. 

Walking with the Holy Spirit is harder than walking into a temple or church. We are not carrying anything near what Abraham or Moses did with God. We are the charlatan level of satan making up our designs and claiming decree in God. We don’t have a speck of life to show for it. 

God made an atheist in the twenty-first century live deepest in Christ. He didn’t live in any religious idea or position. Christ lighted the Soul, and it is God who is teaching religion it doesn’t know Him and won’t. No one in any religion can stand next to an atheist whom God teaches about Himself.  The shame of satan is the papacy.

If we live by a papacy, we do not believe in God. How does anyone claim a belief in God that tells a priest’s confession? We’re denying Him without care for a convenient idea. The convenience of a human being playing God is the devil stealing muscle to God. No one who believes in God needs another human being for agreement. We don’t shame our ideas in satan when we carry depth in the Soul for God.

Living to God is our deepest, most shattering walk in life. It’s outside our ideas and ways. It won’t live by our design and wishes. God chooses who He chooses, and it is done. We’re not dancing for God, and He’s not picking from our satan living. The Soul is the guide of the call. Nothing else is or will be.

Society is a story for living through to God. It’s a placeholder and nothing else. We consciously evolve from one reality to another when we hear God’s voice. We only leave our self chatter when we hear God. Human consciousness is incessant thinking, jumping from one thought to the next. The lower mind in self-chatter listens to the narrator as our existence. The mind is the storyteller we’re trying to leave. Only God lifts us out of satan. 



















is illusory. It’s an idea that has been shaped over and over again for what the collective could muster up as life. We’re not living with God as a taskmaster over us. God gave us free will to live anything we could. Free will is the right to think anything we want and bring it into being to live through. God designed life for consciousness to evolve. We think whatever we want and live through it to something else.

Satan and the devil in human consciousness are both levels of energy out of how we think. Consciousness lives only in energy and is resonance, shaping itself in matter through other races in God’s light. God created Heaven for human consciousness to know itself. We’re living through a light in God for knowing Him. God gave us the gift of matter.

As conscious energy, we would not see our hands, the earth, or water if not for God’s light placing measure in energy. The first living light was the only one. Everything else came out of it. God is the light all life is in from His, making energy know itself in Him. We are created in God as a variable of His light. God is consciousness hundreds of billions of years alive, and we are conscious energy within Him.

Everything we see as matter is energy living as an idea. It’s one level of consciousness coming and going. We’re here eighty, ninety, or a hundred years living through a narrative pacing a story to live through. When we leave the body, the story fades. Human existence has been shaped to know God for knowing His creation and not our ideas of it. Our ideas of life make the devil level. God told us to keep Him above all things because consciousness will shape where it focuses, and when it believes where it focuses is good, it keeps building it.

When we made money a second God, we thought it was okay because the world of tangible items grew and provided more to us. We didn’t know consciousness was all that was alive or how reality was being shaped. No one knew or questioned where thought was coming from. We listened to the voice in our heads and believed it. Self-chatting is satan’s dream. Satan immediately establishes ego as his love. The story we make as self is satans. God gave us the way to know the Spirit for focusing on the Spirit over matter, but we didn’t do it. It was easier to see what was in the mirror.

We did the same thing with God. We didn’t understand God of no form and of all form. And when we couldn’t see Him like we could humans, we lost muscle for Him. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit, but we still lost sight of God. False idols became the way. Not seeing God like humans was a challenge for us. We couldn’t place His existence and had no idea what intelligence hundreds of billions of alive could be. The world of religion stood at one side and God at another.

Never did God give any religion its place; human beings did it. We lost the way to God out of our presumptuous egos, wanting a place with God without learning what it meant. No one knew how God came into Abraham’s life out of left field. Abraham didn’t dance for God, and it wasn’t Abraham’s doing; it was God’s doing. The idea that we assign ourselves decrees and roles to God is satan. God doesn’t need a middleman. We’re not grasping the enormity of God or that He knows us better than we know ourselves.

We live in self-chatter, not even aware of it. Someone has to point it out to us. We don’t know anything about creation. No one has ever known how matter exists or how reality is shaped and not shaped, but we’re assigning ourselves knowing God. We don’t hear Him or know Him. We’ve studied what other people lived and didn’t walk it ourselves. To know God is to live with God teaching about Himself. Everything else is satan.

Religions, heritage, lineage, nationalism, culture, and the human story are satan’s. It’s a level of thinking shaping them, and that level of thinking is from not knowing God. We make up anything we want, and it lives real. If we trip and fall, we may scrape our knees, and they might bleed. It’s very real to trip and fall. No one can say the world isn’t real easily, but we can say it’s an illusion. We’re experiencing one idea out of an infinite. No one sees the totality of anything. We only see what we can think, but there is more here than what we can think.

Consciousness requires consciously evolving to see more. People in 1AD had a different reality than we do. They didn’t know cars, airplanes, microwaves, or phones would exist. Their reality was very real, but it was nothing more than a passing moment for eternity. Everything we believe is real is fleeting. It’s a story we live, but when we leave the body, all of it fades. We’re here to live as deep as we can. Without depth, substance, and maturity, we carry satan and go along with the devil in life.

No one is learning to live beyond society to God, and no one is trying to live enlightenment. We live mainstream ideas and never go further. The mind isn’t carving light in God. It’s sitting in one place, making ego happy. Since birth, we’ve been denying God. Human consciousness placed religion as something over God. The creator of everything in existence is living in religions and isn’t lived as the blueprint to life. An ideology in satan is our guidance for knowing God. We can be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, or switch and live adhering to any one of them. Whatever resonates deepest in us, we live. We lost God because we shaped religions.

The mind isn’t questioning religion because the devil places it. We don’t care about God like we think we do. We’re insolent in our ways, making anything we want as knowing God. Titles and positions never have a home in God. Only human beings adore them. We’re traveling shallow while proclaiming the abyss.

Religious hierarchy is the epitome of satan. Never would anyone live in religion if they knew God. Why are we lying and pretending? Basic common sense eludes us. If we hear God, we have zero reason to adhere to human ideas.

The mind shrunk because of religion. We don’t carry ideas about God beyond them. Shaking satan out of our heads isn’t a job easily achieved, especially if we carry false idols as God. Keeping God above all things meant religion, too. It’s easy to live society as reality because no one is fighting to live with God. We made a little person level our accepted idea of living with God. No one is carrying light for Him because they carry light for their religion instead.

When Jesus sat with the sinners and broke bread, He didn’t place favoritism with religion. He placed light on every individual. The world is making up whatever it wants and standing in hell because of it. No nation on earth is adhering to the Ten Commandments, and not one religion can hear God. A veil places our existence on one level while depth in God is on another. The idea that we carry literature of someone else’s experience with God as a tool for knowing God is satan.

Moses and Abraham lived individual experiences with God at certain times in human consciousness. They let us know God moves outside of everything and anyone to us. The mind doesn’t have to know God exists for Him to move in us. Religion made its way out of Israelites knowing God exists. Where it began was never where it was going to end. It had to begin somewhere, and it did. God creates every human being and every human being has a birthright to know Him. No one is special, and everyone is special.

Our race is existing for eternity, and religions will come and go. Today, we have over four thousand religions placing themselves with God. The mind is coming into a story, and it must filter God above all of them. We keep God above all things because He is. The little person is the story maker of life. God is the omega and alpha of life itself. We can make up anything and live through it, but Truth is elsewhere.

Consciousness won’t live outside of itself. It has to transcend itself, but humanity doesn’t live it. We’re always stuck in the same world we arrive in because no one is living to open the word. Without depth and substance, we don’t see more of life. We should have learned this already. As children, we carry a micro reality of life, and as we get older, we acquire depth and substance and shape more. We can feel more the older we get because the mind has acquired substance, and what we feel places life.

Every idea is quickly registering emotions. The emotions populate resonance and land somewhere within that light. Thought is measured outside of human knowing. God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. The atom is nonduality and within its measurement. We don’t measure atoms; we measure ideas of atoms. The atom is nothing but light zig-zagging sporadically in pulses deeper than we can see. The endless mine of whistles and bells of creation live Heaven’s place in our world.

Atoms aren’t listening for who is speaking in French, German, or Russian. They know pulses as language. Human language is also not as we live it. At creations level, light is moving outside of our idea of communication. We hear someone speak in Spanish, but people only hear their narrative in English. Some one French hears cup when they think about a cup, but we hear French if we only speak English. The narrator is in English, whether we are Russian or Chinese. God created languages to place deeper ideas in human consciousness.

The concept of atoms and particles existing outside of the observer is ignorant. Only one level of consciousness is living its ideas of knowing and not knowing. No one can measure the universe for its totality. We can only measure from our present level of consciousness. We think and move in it. The mind isn’t able to see Heaven if it’s only lived matters level of life. The thought system at matters level placed the world outside of us and made the body self. It never lived with other races and was taught how to see and hear in elementary school., middle school, and high school.

We leave high school carrying ideologies for belief systems and dreams. No one knows reality, and everyone only lives what they’ve been taught as reality. We’re not keeping God above all things to stay out of a story at the devil’s level of life. The thought system is shaping a representative as “me” and is placing the “me” in a story to be someone. From birth, the cycle of producing a “me” is underway. We don’t know the Truth because we don’t hear God. He’s being taught to us by satan. The placing of a “me” and the placing of God in religion is what made satan the only idea humanity knows.

If we kept God above all things, knew the idea of our being as Spirit, and knew the eternal world instead of the temporal story, we would carry God differently. We’re making self an idea that has to be someone approved by others. This shaped thinking with competition with opponents. We try to win favor from our idea of others approving us. When we were children, we lived to see our parents love us. Their expressions of joy when we did something good shaped the reckless adult. We’re not understanding thinking because satan is driving us to be someone approved by others.

As long as we live for what others think of us, we stay trapped in satan and ego. We place the world outside of us and believe we are moving through it, separated from God. That somehow we came into a world already existing on a planet in space, and it’s human. We have no facilities to question anything until we are in high school. Getting closer to senior year in high school, we begin claiming who we are. We’re doing it based on what others believe is good.

We’re asked repeatedly what we want to be when we grow up. In high school, we started a deeper idea for playing a grown-up. The mind isn’t differentiating life from Spirit, Heaven, Angels, or God. We’re trying to be solidified in the world as a successful somebody. We seek fame and wealth to please someone else’s idea of us. We’ve been taught as children to please our parents, teachers, and friends. The mind sees others as deeper living than God upon us.

Family traditions, cultures, and society breathe life into us instead of Angels, Celestial Light, and God. We’re dismissing Heaven and God for human ideas. No one can challenge religion because they’re born into it. The eyes born into religion have no way to see God. We’ve been living with false idols without questioning them for thousands of years. Basic fundamental knowledge of scripture has been wasted for heresy in religion. It’s been godless for thousands of years because we have rabbis and a papacy. As long as we are satisfied in
satan, we do no work to know God.

. attack and defend

The mind doesn’t shift to find Him. We’re changing God’s existence for acceptance. We’re raised to go along with what is here instead of learning to know light. Without placing God’s existence more profoundly, we idly memorize scripture and laws as knowing Him.

The idea that learning a religion is knowing God is religion. Walking with God doesn’t live society as reality or the body as self. We’ve denied the Spirit and the Holy Spirit for preachers and rabbis. The time for digging deeper is lost for walking in shallow water with acceptance. We’ve been shaping ideas of God from people who never made it to Him.

Most people in existence have not known God. Very few have. We only have a tiny minority of people making it to God. Yet, religions tell humanity they know God perfectly while never hearing His voice or living with Him teaching about Himself. Everything religion is, has been marked from passed down ideas. No one learned to live to God. They only learned to play Him. We’re not enlightened about God because nothing here is living for HIm. Jewish people live for Judaism, and Christians live for Christianity. They lost their way long ago and haven’t lived for God since they placed themselves as knowing God.

The world of consciousness lets us do what we want, and when we derail from God, we lose Him. No one can remain with God unless He places it. We don’t know Moses or Abraham, and never will we walk in their shoes. They both lived individual stories that have nothing to do with us today. We’re bleeding everything life can give by standing with the ideas of Moses as ours. It’s a denial of God’s existence with us.

Moses’s path with God isn’t ours. Nor is His story. We’re taking something from three thousand years ago and trying to find purpose with it today. Nothing anyone is living today comes close to Moses. He lived in his own ideas and level of consciousness. We’re in a story at our level of consciousness, and it’s the twenty-first century. We’re not here to know Moses. We’re here to know God, and we lose depth and substance for rudimentary living in religions. The world isn’t paving a path to God through Abraham or Moses’ being. Nothing that happened then is now, and what was theirs isn’t ours.

We’re here living through a world that only exists at our level of consciousness. There’s a story unfolding and recalibrating constantly for us to walk out of one world for another. We’re not doing it because we’re complacent following religious orders for acceptance. No one is living beyond a religion to God. We don’t even live beyond the preacher or rabbi to know Him more. Everyone is living like the Stepford wives, believing they can know God from some cookie- cutter mainstream walk. The one with God is always the opposite of humanity.

The highest levels of Judaism crucified God’s Son two thousand years ago. Then Christianity followed them and competed for power. No one bothered to understand the teachings; instead, they did like everyone else, walking deeper into satan. Christianity shaped itself out of the very text teaching that religion would not know God. It missed the point of knowing the highest levels of religion killed God’s Son.

They’ve been building their bridge to hell from before Jesus walked the earth. He carried light for teaching Judaism; it didn’t know God and was giving how to right the wrongs. The rabbi phenomena derailed Judaism for good. It became the hierarchy for Israelis while it made anyone born in Israel or from some Jewish a proprietor of only their ideas. Rabbis crowded any other idea for knowing satan. No one deemed a rabbinic author or sage lived with God teaching about Himself. Every rabbi, including Maimonides and Rashi, lived society as reality and the body as self. None heard God’s voice or knew creation. They knew the illusion as life, and never did they know Angels.

We’re taking scholarly approaches when a Soul is ripping itself into pieces for God. No religion can touch God’s plans for us; they displace them. We live in satan, believing we know God well by doing nothing but the devil’s level of life. For thousands of years, people have told others they know God well without comprehending His existence. It is religion’s satan making society sit still in the devil instead of living beyond everything in life to God.

No religion is living deep enough in God to hear Him. Science is working hard to uncover creation because no one in any religion can hear God to learn it. We’re costume-wearing people, not noticing the fake setting in ego. No one seems to know Mathew well enough to know their ego. We’re dressing ourselves in clothing without a care for satan. Our identity in matter is stealing every possibility to God. We brand ourselves as knowing God and not from enlightenment or hearing Him. We’re branding ourselves to society’s standards.

The ego is very happy in satan and won’t look for God as long as we carry false idols as fine. No one challenges the papacy or lives beyond a rabbi’s idea of God. Both are the devil’s children. They got lost a long time ago and never knew there was only one of us here with God living through the devil’s images to Him. We don’t want to mark ourselves in satan by pretending we know God because we know literature, laws, traditions, and rituals in some religion. The walk to God is more profound and is beyond every human idea.

There’s a sacred place within us that is only God’s. It doesn’t come from books or human precepts. It’s etched deeper in our light and lives for the Soul’s honor. We don’t place a capital in God through human ideas. It’s built by the church within that is shining a temple in God from faith, trust, and honor. Noting in our material world is living in God. Consciousness is all that is alive, and every crossing path is the Soul’s journey to Love. We won’t please family or friends. We’re leaving their ideas of life for God’s. It’s not guessing or something by our design.

The world is a living world, listening and hearing every idea we shape. Nothing escapes Heaven’s level of life, and when the Soul churns and the motion is set, the world calibrates to it. We don’t design ourselves what living with God looks like. Those that do are easily seen as satan’s children. No one can calculate God’s measure until He is upon us. If we try to do that, we marginalize His existence and place satan greater. Wanting God and knowing God are two different things.

We can worship, read, and live with family traditions, but that has nothing to do with God. They’re human ideas in a human world only adhering to the illusion. Our ideas don’t acquire depth in God. Depth is acquired by His. No one is going to rip their world apart like God does. Nor are we going to unravel our thought system. We live satan and pretend we know Him very well because society accepts it. We don’t hear God, nor do we live any enlightenment. We only carry mainstream knowledge.

Religion is playing a fool’s game with satan by not washing clean of Him. No one will live mainstream ideas with God. They don’t walk with society’s ideas. They know Heavens. The world of acceptance is the red flag. Moses, Abraham, John the Baptist, and every Apostle lived opposite of society’s ways of knowing God. God chose them when they didn’t have an idea of Him. We’re making up what we want as knowing God when the one with God has no choice for what is taught. The one telling others to do this and that is the one that never made it to God. The one who is with Him knows light.

We don’t carry humanity like we do when we live society as reality. When we’re with God teaching about Himself, we know everyone is a level of energy within the Soul, only living to live Love through. We’re not here for acceptance, branding, or worship. We’re deepening our light in God for consciously evolving into deeper areas of Him. We can only know God from where we stand.

Most people don’t know how rudimentary and repetitive their existence is. The mind isn’t finding new paths because we walk the same ones every day. We’re not learning to question our thoughts. We go along with them and believe we are right even when we are wrong. The mind doesn’t know the difference between right-minded thinking and satan because we never left lower earthly energy. Our ideas have always been mainstream and nothing more. No one can observe deeper craters within our mind from where we live. We stand on shallow ground and never get lift-off.

We have to walk away from mainstream ideas to unravel more. It takes great courage, resilience, and tenacity. No one is living to be wrong, shamed, or less than. We’re walking a very narrow passageway, and it doesn’t sit anywhere near religion. The Soul is the only light living. We must move outside our backyards for something no one is prepared for. We don’t have the magnitude of living with God because our ideas don’t carry His path. We’re misguided to believe our interpretations, and little person’s ideas carry Him. We don’t live for God. We’re walking for a religious idea instead of unraveling our self-identity in matter for Spirit.

We claim all the wrong things for dismantling our ideas. The more we live a mainstream idea, the further we are from God. God chooses atheists, and that alone tells religion they don’t have an existence with Him. The world of pretend has been the idea of religion since the beginning. It hasn’t changed. Christianity fell to the devil with indulgences and never left satan. People claim to carry a decree in God while never hearing His voice.

The walk with God isn’t our doing; it’s His. We don’t design what we want and tell others we know God because mainstream living is accepted. We should know better. The mark of the one with God is abnormally outside of this world. They aren’t of it. They are His, and He lives in them greater than any other human being on earth. We don’t exist in congregations or institutionalized living. The journey doubles over for Him. Nothing society knows lives.

The confessions in Christianity are blasphemy. No one is honoring God that goes to a preacher. If we believe God exists, tell Him your thoughts and let Him answer. If you have ears for a preacher, it’s because your mind is in satan. Christianity placed indulgences and then confessions, trying to carry decree with a God it does not know. The papacy is the epitome of Christianity not believing in God.

The idea that someone is playing God that hasn’t lived to Him is the papacy. No one will play a role in the society that lives for Christ. We lose our lives to gain them in God, and that means no false idols. We don’t play a role in religions when we live for the eternal light in God. The temporal world in lower earthly energy steals life for walking the devil’s ideas. The papacy has buried itself in satan. For anyone to claim power for canonizing someone as a saint, it’s teetering on psychotic.

Do we not believe God exists? If we do, then know He carries us further than we carry ourselves. He knows who is the saint and who is the devil’s child. A human being wearing a wardrobe that has only lived in branding and marketing is satan. The papacy has never heard God’s voice and does not know Him. Never has anyone in the hierarchy of religion heard God. No one would live anything but going from the many to one if they did. The world displays cheap living as knowing God lived for a long time.

preventing us from knowing God’s voice.

can teach science about creation, and no one in them is an enlightened master. Both exist from branding and marketing rituals, traditions, and old text.

We haven’t learned the lessons of why the highest levels of religion plotted and schemed to kill God’s son. We don’t dive into deeper water because satan keeps us doing whatever we want as knowing God. Religion found its place with God but never once lived with Him. It created its interpretations and ideas without hearing God. Moses hearing God isn’t Judaism hearing God.

The interpretation that Moses and Abraham are the fathers of religion is satan. Moses was living more atheist than anything else. He grew up in Egyptian culture worshipping many gods and had no idea who was at the burning bush. His experience with God wasn’t for Israel. Moses lived in a story at a time when civility was trying to find itself. Moses freed the Israelites because he lived as their ruler in a lie, believing he was royalty. His life carried strife for knowing his history. The day Moses knew he was adopted, not Egyptian, was when a much bigger walk began.

His psychological warfare was deep. He had lived under a lie and belief of knowing. The mind isn’t walking through this world unscathed. We all carry childhood trauma, and we all know the world can seem unfair. Moses walked through fire in his mind for his identity and the placing of his life. He grew up believing he was royalty and Egyptian. His Egyptian parents were all he knew. No one told him he was found on the Nile during a rampage from King Herod. Moses’s world crumbled when he knew the truth.

His brother and sister had been his slaves along with the Israelites. The Israelites had been in bondage for four hundred years. Moses’s anger spewed out of his skin when he saw someone beating a slave. Moses murdered that man and fled to live as a sheep herder. His life had lived in royalty and luxury, but now he was running and living in a tent. The mind of Moses is nothing for us to dictate or try to know what his ideas were. We won’t walk in his shoes, nor will we talk to him. His life will never be known for the truth of what was in his mind. That’s between Moses and God.

Only the individual lives with God in a story. The story of the Israelites is the temporal moment for Moses’s opportunity to know God. Each of us lives in a story for where life sits and where our idea of self and reality sits. We only know our narrative as life and nothing else. No one can live in anything except their thoughts. Moses lived at a time in human consciousness when humanity was learning about God. It was a period for learning deeper walks in life. We chasened the world by not reaching beyond face value assumptions. It’s the
mark of satan every time we embellish and place religion as God’s idea.

The individual will experience God. No one else does. The story has ideas of people and events. We come into the world already existing, and it gradually unfolds with us becoming something inside of it. Where we stand today is made from thought. We idealized our God and reality without living with God teaching about Himself. Religious ideas make God into something humanity carries. No one is questioning religion because it’s living as a credible institution. We’re idly going along without sparks in our Soul for God. The light we need is to awaken to creation for knowing only the individual is with God. We’re losing our lives with God to the devil.

We accept a realty that gives to ego, satan, and the little person instead of a reality that leaves this world for Heaven on Earth. No one is losing their lives to gain them in God because religion never did it. We’ve grown accustomed to designing our ideas as living with God. We’ve made every religion into something without seeing the red flags. The idea that we know God because we are religious is ridiculous. The one studying scripture and memorizing laws, traditions, and rituals is the one that never leaves satan for God.

The prodigal son and Jesus both placed ideas of grandeur for the one who believes they know God while pointing at others as the ones who don’t. The mind wants to be first and familiar with its ideas. We’re placing knowing of God on mainstream concepts of grandeur. When we are born with a religious idea, we shape satan. Mainstream concepts target the devil’s level of life and never leave it. We have no enlightened masters in religion because satan is the
thought system.

No one knows how the devil in human consciousness lives or how to rid satan because we designed what living to God is. We’re deep in satan like the Pharisees and high priests were. Religion is assigning its decree to God without a clue of Him. We don’t walk out of satan or live self-emptying what we’ve been taught as life. We create a comfort zone of knowing and not knowing and believe what we placed is real. We’re the children that never grew up to walk to God.

Moses had no choice but to know God. It happened out of the blue. He had no idea God existed or could speak through a burning bush. Moses traveled through his ideas of worship and knowing of gods. His reality was his alone, and no one else carried it. We don’t idealize the enormity of the depth of Moses with God or its teachings. We place the teachings at our present level of consciousness and blend them for what we want today as knowing God.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam placed anything they wanted and branded it as godly when all of the major religions live satan. When we make a title and position exist as something knowing God, we place a shallow idea as depth. Religion hasn’t lived enlightened because it doesn’t hear God. All of its claims are mandatory ideas in human consciousness for branding people as false idols. They displaced the magnitude of God for costumes and authority over a word they never knew.

To know scripture is to avoid the walk to God. The prodigal son taught us that the world is already programmed for us to know God. When we create our version to only our placing, we build satan. Religions made knowing God a culture, nation, heritage, and protocol instead of freeing the individual as the door to life. We’re marginalizing God’s process for our ideas. We don’t deepen depth in God creating everything in existence or knowing us better than we know ourselves. We’re doing what we want as living with God and creating our tiny world for what works for us and places us as good people.

Humanity is lost on a planet in space, making money a second God, while religion plays God. We don’t consciously evolve outside of society as reality. Seems foolish for anyone to believe knowing God lives society as reality when every Apostle taught us differently. Jesus chose the Apostles at a specific time. The devil is placing Paul as an Apostle. We don’t live God’s work on Earth, and we certainly do not travel with Christ living as false idol. Our work is self- emptying one world for another as we lose our lives to gain them in God.

The idle passage in religion is everyone knows God because they want to. God doesn’t live with us until we live deeper. He’s always with and blessing us, but we don’t hear Him. The mind of the person living society as reality is lower mind, making the body self and society as reality. We created a thought system in satan because we placed self-identity in matter instead of knowing Spirit. We made society a reality instead of keeping God above all things. We’re walking shallow while proclaiming we know God simply because we want to. That’s not how life works, and God doesn’t live by our design.

Very few people have lived with God teaching about Himself. And everyone who does God chooses them. We don’t dance for God or make up our identity with Him. It’s an arduous walk out of one world for another, and no one in any religion has come close to it. The idea that family, friends, and the community like us when we travel to God is satan. When we lose our lives to gain them in God, it’s because He chose us, and reality is being displaced for a new placement deeper in Him. The life we once lived and the meaning and purpose of that life are over. We begin dismantling self for light and reality for God’s will.

The world of religion is childish. Consciousness must change dramatically and God must choose us. No one is going to cater to a wardrobe and know God. The ego will trap us and feed satan everything it needs to be “a someone” seen as knowing God. While the one with God, no one knows. Branding ourselves as a follower of Christ displaces depth for ego. The walk with God is a unique one and it isn’t living in the world we are in. We have to travel further and beyond mainstream ideas to find pathways to God.

The walk is through the Soul, and the light is a greater standing point within it. Depth, substance, and maturity don’t find us from living mainstream ideas. A spark in the Soul is the elixer to reality changing. We have to carry something within that stands opposite of the world. The prodigal son was good for knowing the son who walked away from his father and squandered the money to experience his ways placed him deeper with the father than the son who stayed abiding by his rules.

The walk with God isn’t inside of our making. We idealize God without knowing creation and change the course for satan. Letting go of what has been taught and letting God guide us is better than steering a ship we’ve never known. Not knowing creation is a massive red flag for us not to design what living with God is and isn’t. We don’t understand reality or what being alive is to know Him.

Every religion displaced that only the chosen live with God. The observer is in the light, and everything else is only the story. We had no idea consciousness was all that was alive or that the world was resonance. We didn’t know anything and guessed everything wrong. We idolize God in satan and live the devil’s level of life with no clue for how either one exists. Reality can live as anything we think, dead asleep or awake. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness.

If we don’t acquire higher light in God to process in consciousness, then we process lower earthly energy, which makes matters level the world. We identify everything around us by placing meaning and attachment to it. The meaning and attachment are shaped by energy. The energy that shapes thought is Love. Love is a light higher than others. It’s the one energy in God making our world.

God placed Jesus for us to know Him. When Jesus walked the earth religion was already in satan. It didn’t know the Holy Spirit or how to place God of no form and of all form. We didn’t live deep enough with God to carry what Abraham or Moses did. Our ideas of God made false idols, cultures, and religious standing a place with God. The individual leaving one reality for another lost its message when false idols were accepted. We damaged our sensory projection of God for human form.

Judaism still carries an unknown factor for the Holy Spirit because it made Moses into God. It lost eyes to see with and ears to hear with shaping lifestyles as depth in God. When no one in Judaism can hear God. And no nation adheres to the Ten Commandments. We don’t have a prophet walking among us. We have people going along with the devil’s level of life, not knowing Christ. The idea of religion continues to baffle because it doesn’t sit in anything but the devil’s level of life while telling humanity it knows God.

To know God is to hear God. If we only live in human precepts accepted by human beings, we’re not being honest with ourselves. The test of faith doesn’t come by acceptance or living in religion. We live from the many to the one departing everything society deems acceptable as knowing God for Him. No one can keep an idea in darker earthly energy and believe it stands with God. We need a reality check for what knowing God is and isn’t because we’ve lived for thousands of years with false idols in satan. No one is noticing the denial of

We live placing God with bishops, rabbis, and imams. We don’t live the Soul’s journey to Love or enlightenment. No one consciously evolves for Heaven on Earth or knows other races of Love. The state of mind of the religious follower is satan. The state of mind for the one with God is enlightenment. They live enlightened because God teaches them about His existence and ours. No one in religion can teach about creation or consciousness. They swagger to a rudimentary dogmatic mainstream idea.

God isn’t with them, and they haven’t crossed the road to Him. We don’t travel deeper in God when we love religious ideas with false idols in costumes and branding. The road to God has always been the opposite of everything religion places. The individual lives through an arduous path no one else knows. It won’t cater to society, nor does it fit into mainstream ideas of God.

They are the lost, forbidden ones not concurring with popes, priests, or rabbis. They know more than anyone else about God and walk with Him instead of plagiarizing their ideas. No one who hears God cares about the pope or religion. They don’t stand at the little person’s level trying to be something. They’re dismantling themselves, walking out of their skin for God, knowing I am the door. All things live through us and don’t exist outside of us. If we have to make titles, cultures, heritages, lineage, and human precepts, we never lose our lives
to gain them in God.

We’re catering to satan when we believe we’re related to someone who lived three thousand years ago. No one living in the twenty-first century is related to someone five hundred years ago. Even if chart our ancestors, they have nothing to do with our living to God today. Memorizing laws and scripture dilutes the door for experiencing God. We’re not walking out of our skin for Him; we’re building it. The moment we let go and surrender to God is the
moment we leave religious ideologies and beliefs.

We have to place God above all things, and as long as a religious idea exists, we haven’t done that. There’s a reason we have over four thousand religions and no one hearing God. If we only live in our ideas of God, we live in satan.When we live with God teaching about Himself, everything in life is shattered for knowing Him.

Religion is satans idea from interpretations and narratives that didn’t live with God teaching about Himself. The Apostles lived through human photosynthesis in individual light with God. They knew God beyond everyone else, and when they wee giving Christ to the world, human consciousness was deeply embedded in the devil. We had made society reality and money a second God. No one after the disciples heard God.

Thousands of years went by with no one hearing God, but Christianity and Islam placed themselves in life anyway. Every nation was competing for favor with God, and every culture was shaping what it wanted to place in it. We lived society as reality and the body as self, making the individual into someone who knew God well. The depth of knowing God was null. It was all hearsay and ideas in satan churning the wheel for self to be something with God.

The papacy carried nothing but satan when it appointed itself as knowing God. Siricius was a bishop in the 300’s and wanted power over other bishops. This is part of the papacy coming into being. It never stood with god or knew God. People trying to have power over other people is satan. We’ve been mud- slinging ever since. Judaism and Christianity have battled relentlessly for supremacy with God, and both went to hell because of it.

We lose everything when we stand for greed, power, and authority over the word. God knows us better than we know ourselves, and as long as we practice being someone who knows God, we don’t. God doesn’t adhere to what we want as knowing Him. He won’t live deeply at the little person’s level. God places more in front of us, and whether we take it or not is up to us. The idea that we know God because we’re in the hierarchy of a religion or branded as knowing Him is the devil pleasing us.

Nothing this world is showing as knowing God has ever known Him. It was this way two thousand years ago and is still today, living only satan. We don’t placeour decree in God and we don’t teach others what knowing God is and isn’t when we have never heard Him or lived with Him teaching about Himself. Christianity made indulgences a depth in God. Indulgences came into being when the papacy wanted money to rebuild a basilica with. They announced to the world that priests could relinquish loved ones’ sins if they paid money for it.

The papacy groomed itself for government and lived hand in hand with rulers and empires. It purchased power at a hefty price and never entered the Kingdom of God. We don’t tell people their prayers for confessions or teach anyone an ideology of knowing God. God is of all things and of no things and lives outside of human ideas. Priests believing they help people by hearing their sins is satan feeling empirical to the publics place. They take human beings into satan because that’s where they stand. If they believed in God, they would send everyone away to talk to God. God doesn’t exist as long as we want preachers and rabbis telling us what to do.

The young idea is the priests believing they know God because they’re religiously devout. The devout walk satan to be seen as knowing God instead of losing their lives to gain them in God. If they walked deeper in Christ, there would be no titles or positions. Depth in God isn’t based upon mainstream ideas. The Soul has to open and cut brighter light. We’re chasing satan instead of losing it. Clothes don’t define us, and religious wardrobes are satan. The mind knows opinions instead of I am the door. We cater to ego instead of humbly living with no one knowing we are with God. We’ve done everything we can to ensure others believe we know Him.

We don’t live deeper in God because we want to. Consciously evolving in God is from something happening in our lives beyond us. The world comes alive and calibrates a much deeper walk if a choice is made correctly. If Moses didn’t return to Egypt and refused it, his journey would not exist. If Abraham ran to Sara and Lot when he heard God tell him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, it wouldn’t have existed. Abraham’s test for having descendants as numerous as the stars existed from faith, knowing it was God even though it sounded like the devil.

Depth isn’t someone else’s idea of God. It’s solely ours and only lives in our Soul. We are the deciders for walking in Christ for His light or religious ideas with mainstream recognition. Losing our lives to gain them in God isn’t martyrism. It self-emptying a world for learning about another light within. If we fill ourselves up with mainstream ideas, we block light. Letting go of ego and satan won’t begin until we have deeper inquisitions for knowing more about creation and Love. There is no quick road to God. We don’t claim Jesus Christ as our Savior and live hearing God.

Wanting to know God is a beginning, but learning to walk out of one world for another is a much deeper calling that few listen for. Everyone is running for the broad entrance to Heaven while a few stumble through the narrow gate. The idea that we all live knowing God because we are religious is the devil. Very few people live with God, and during our time here, if we thwart our possibilities for satan, we deny Him. Learning to live deeper in Christ is a lesson for all of us.


place ourselves as “a somebody” with God. Jesus taught the life of the one with God; no one knows until their time comes. Religion is acting as if everyone’s time has come while they live dirt cheap at the devil’s level of life. The papacy is defining for human history the icon of satan. The only idea worthy of God is from the one who never knew He existed but stood with Him anyway.



Blends of Intelligence 

Our light has higher intelligence

Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s blended with many other levels within God for knowing its existence. We’re a variance within His consciousness. God created us in His likeness. We are conscious energy, and God is consciousness living as energy. In 1AD, human ideas were much different than today. No one knew satellites, cars, or microwaves would exist. Genesis gave us the way to know we were created and had a creator. It wouldn’t carry placement with higher intelligence or atoms until human consciousness realized that idea. 

God blended different Conscious Energy. Human is a blend of Conscious Energy in God. We don’t live alone, and our thoughts do not exist only within our light. We are always in other races of life inside of other levels of consciousness. 


Atoms with Infinite Impressions

The world is energy with resonance, building images through human photosynthesis for living through. Our idea of life has been matters level because we can touch and live through our known senses. What exists is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles crisscrossing as far as the eye can see. Only resonance exists. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Atoms don’t decipher whether someone is speaking German or English. They know pulses in another language hundreds of billions of years alive. God gave atoms the way for nonduality and existing with infinite impressions without changing their critical reading of pulses. This provided light deeper than any other level in life. It gave the atom more ability for holding temperature in tiny elements smaller than what we know as small.  We’re seeing buildings, cars, and trees but what is here is light. Only our narrative is the speaker we’re living through to God. 

Quantum entanglement is a good way for understanding human photosynthesis because no one is walking around with couches sticking out of their ears or airplanes flying out of their heads. We live seeing the couch across the room and live with airplanes flying high in the sky. When we see something it’s not existing outside of us, it’s within our light. We’re experiencing images in our Soul. The appearance of everything hardened and outside of us is self-organizing energy in temperature. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. Energy is shaping temperature for matter to exist. 

Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven and is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give our livingness in matter to see everything exactly as we think it.  


The word created the world. 

Atoms in Holographic Light

Every algorithm in life lives in God and has from the beginning of life. He’s the light all life is in, and God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. 

The algorithms in the photon are placing a temporal light for the atom to image. Atoms know a pulse. It’s living layers with temperatures at higher depths. They multiply and cross each other, fulfilling the light in ways we do not see. Our idea of the atom is the little person’s idea out of human education. Without knowing how matter exists, we carry a measure of the atom plasticly. 

Atoms fulfilling each other no matter the distance or space places depth in temperatures outside of our idea of temperature.  There is no birth or end, but manifestations. Atoms fulfilling themselves is by pulses of resonance in light. The pulse never completes itself; it only manifests for a short time before becoming more light within consciousness. 



Atoms in Resonance

Atoms understand light and not words or human language. They’re not deciphering whether someone is speaking English, Spanish, Russian, or German, they’re responding to light.  When God placed energy to know its existence He made measure for consciousness to exist within many other variables. The atom is one small idea in humanity that tries to capture matters motion of existence. Until we capture depth in consciousness we don’t capture the atom. 

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