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How did Satan, Ego, and the Little
Person Build My Life

Let’s Bring Light to these Words

  1. God isn’t in religion. He is the creator of everything in existence and is with us whether we know Him or not. He is the blueprint to life, giving us consciousness to know matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle.
  2. Jesus isn’t in religion. He’s the Son of God and is Love. He’s our door to God. The more Love we become, the more light we have in consciousness. The light is God’s energy moving in us.
  3. Satan doesn’t exist as a someone. It’s the darker idea of life. It’s been shaped with ego and the little person’s idea of life. It’s matters level in lower earthly energy. Satan quietly weaves millions of tiny snakes into our thought system and steals light by denying higher-minded ways of living. It hides pain energy in our thinking. Some know it as darkness, the lower mind, the little person, wounded thinking, or the shadow.
  4. Ego is the rabid dog chasing after any idea that can fit its own idea of self and life. Ego doesn’t care if we’re wrong. It’s constantly searching every little speck of life to make itself feel good. The ego is the denier of Truth. It has bent every idea to keep itself safe.
  5. The Little Person is the idea of self at matters level. We live to be something for society instead of unraveling everything, we are to know our divine light.
  6. The Devil isn’t a someone. It’s the dark in human consciousness being brought into matter. Our thoughts live in so much fear we are evil, jealous, cruel, angry, and harmful to life. It’s satans energy knowing selfishness, and greed for ideas of darkness to live validly. The devil is also society’s idea of life. The lower earthly living keeps us in attack & defend creating opponents. We’re living matters level because we can’t escape it. To leave, we need hear God. The thought system has to change from one reality to another, knowing Love as life. We’re living everything other than Love to live as Love. 

We are not our thoughts. Thoughts are the transitory level of the mortal world. They build stories for awakening through to God.

How Thought is Being Shaped


Satan is shaped through our ideas in lower earthly energy. It began at birth and changed the story of life to lower mind. We won’t detect it because it’s all we’ve known. Our idea of self is the body because we made matter our idea of life. When we did that, self-identity was placed in matter.

The idea of self began in childhood. By the time we’re in our teens, we’ve shaped beliefs for who we think we are and what society is. We don’t learn the more profound knowing of our existence. We come into a world already existing and go along with what is here. We make society as reality and don’t have the aptitude to know more. Our interpretations and self-chatter make the idea of life in lower mind.

We think the body, name, job title, family, neighborhood, square footage, hairstyle, clothes, and bank account are who we are. We don’t know the body as a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We haven’t learned the body is only a vessel for the human experience. It’s not who we are, and our representative is one idea out of many. Consciousness is continuous and eternal, while the body is temporal and eventually fades. We’re living for eternity at different levels of consciousness, changing form. We’ll experience different bodies, families, and stories. If we live with a billion different bodies, which one would be self? None. We’re not the body; we’re the conscious energy inside of the body.

We’ve been shaping the little person’s ideas because we don’t hear God, Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or other races of Love. We try to feel normal and carry our place in society because we don’t carry the enlightenment to do more. We go along with what is here. As children, we wanted to please our parents. We were living to be something to someone. The ego shaped wanting to feel worthy. People’s opinions have been shaping our idea of self. How they perceive us moves us. Our thoughts are shaded by ideas of what others think. We make many costumes to see people happy and to feel loved. We place our self-worth in society’s ideas of success and create our representative from it.

The enlightened path we seek is beyond society’s ideas. We’re living to hear God and know our Truth. It’s the unraveling of self that opens our world to light. We leave mainstream ideas trying to be something for a thought system in Heaven. The light in our thinking changes as self fades for Love. As children, we didn’t know how to think. It was never a subject in school. We automatically do it and don’t question it. No one observes their thoughts to know how energy moves in us for light. We don’t grow up learning how to navigate perspectives or decipher interpretations differently. We take what we think and accept it as real. No one taught us our thinking needed steering or deeper inquisitions.

We’ve been shaping pain in our thinking, and the veil is darker than we know. We don’t detect it or see beyond it. It began in childhood but developed as we believed in our ideas. In lower mind, we make the dark light and don’t see the light. No one knows the dark until they consciously evolve beyond society’s level of consciousness. We’ve been listening to our self-chatter without observing it. The mind is always talking in its narrative. We don’t notice or question the tone because we’re accustomed to hearing our self-chatter. Most people don’t even know they live in self-chatter until it’s pointed out.

God is consciousness living as energy. He created everything in existence out of His energy. We’re an algorithm in God living in His light for living in matter. We wouldn’t be able to touch our faces, or have a body if not for living through other races of light. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light its a blend of many levels of energy in God for our having our consciousness exist. We live in self-chatter because our thought system is moving through matter. Every thought leads to another, and every thought carries a piece to a story we’re bringing into being. It’s one level of thinking, and there are higher ones.

Lower mind is the present level of human consciousness. We don’t know higher intelligence with us or hear God. We incessantly think, jumping from one thought to next. And haven’t learned to pause our thinking or question what is thinking. We won’t know where thought comes from or why until we have deeper inquisitions into what being alive is. When we know we’ve been created, we know we’re living in something. And living in something tells us we’re being raised by higher intelligence. When God created human consciousness, His gift was our living as energy with the ability to move in matter from any one level of consciousness. This made the path of living for eternity. We’re consciously evolving as Love for shaping Heaven on earth.

Everything we see is a level of energy in our Soul. We’re living through images for living Love. From sun up to sun down, the mind lives in self-chatter. Every thought builds the next. We’re subjugating thoughts with daydreams of the past and future. While constantly playing stories in our minds about what we did yesterday and what we want to do later. We don’t know the present moment because incessant thinking keeps us out of it. Our feeling awake to life is asleep to it. It feels natural and lives real, but we’re not conscious of anything other than our own self-chatter. We daydream while driving, walking, and even while listening to people. Everyone we meet will always say what we want them to say and say what we don’t want them to say. We’re not conscious of the deeper Truth and live through storyboards.

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Science knew there was motion at the smallest particle, and now they learn that motion is resonance. We see buildings, cars, and trees, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in temperature. If we saw creation’s level, we wouldn’t see buildings, cars, or trees; we would see grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see.

Consciousness is the giver to all in existence, and we’re trying to carry as much Love as possible to have light in our thinking. Without Love, we make satan, ego, and the little person’s ideas ours. Every few thousand years, we learn more about life and God. What we do with it is our personal journey to Him. We are not our thoughts, and the body is the last thing we are. We want to open our divine existence to Love. As we dismantle and unravel matter’s ideas, we live deeper in the world’s light and begin leaving satan, the little person, and ego for hearing God teach about Himself. We’re on the journey to Love.   

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