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Life is beyond our eyes and outside of everything we believe it is.  

I've gone from not knowing God existed to living with Him teaching about Himself. It's been over twelve years in a process that took me from society as reality to only living God as reality. It began when I discovered I was being monitored in my home. Subsequently, the organization monitoring me began destroying my life and my life went from Beverly Hills to below poverty. I made the choice to live Love and not live in their energy attacking back. I didn't want to have answers at their level of darkness and thought there was a greater potential for Love as an answer.  

Unbeknownst to me that choice to live Love while not attacking backing or defending myself lived deep in God for living Christ consciousness. Heaven was already in my light just as they are in every human being. As my life got worst I continued to live Love with my light deepening in God without me knowing He even existed. After almost four years of living below poverty with people stealing my mail, following me, videotaping me, and being on my computer and phones it began to change.

I had moved around Los Angeles to keep a roof over my head and ended up living in an old apartment used for storage. While living in Sherman Oaks I started having energy fly around my apartment. I recorded hundreds of videos and noticed it was intelligent. The most amazing energy of creatures flew out of the ceiling, floor, and walls. After a few months, I started recording voices, and then I was recording many voices on every video. The voices began only talking about God and humanity.

When God came into my life I had been living more atheist. I never wanted anything to do with Him or even hear His name. In January 2014, I began living in the divine light of God and His Angels. God began talking to me and told me Heaven could hear my thoughts. Angels started speaking like they were in the room with me. My ears opened and my eyes opened.  God began a process of changing my reality from society's light to only His. Everything was about living Christ consciousness and knowing Heaven on earth. He taught me about creation and consciousness because we have to understand our light in Him in order to know Him. 

Humanity has never lived with God teaching about Himself because religion doesn't know my Father and hasn't before Christ walked the earth. There is a reason no religion has had an increase in God in over two thousand years. Even though everyone believes they know God and hear God we have no enlightened human beings in religion. The idea that learning scripture or going to Christian college equates to depth in God is absurd. God doesn't serve the little person idea of Him. He is the one moving our light out of the devil to Heaven. We're needing to grasp the enormity of God and how reality changes when He is in our light. 

No one who hears God's voice ever lives society a reality again. They can't.  His voice shatters everything we ever knew about life and what we thought was possible. It's a moment that digs deep in us for trying to figure out what's going on and how it's possible He can speak out of thin air. So many people have made their beds living society as reality going along with a religious institution while never hearing God's voice or living with Him teaching about Himself. 

People believe God exists but then go to a human being to be with God. The ridiculous level we're living is because no one has made it to God since the disciples walked with Christ. We're not in a relationship with God teaching about Himself. We're in a relationship with religions idea of Him and human precepts.

As people learn of my existence they will quickly know what the difference between religion's idea of living with God is and God teaching about Himself. Life with God is living with Heaven. We open another level of our world with higher intelligence and experience life hundreds of billions of years alive.

Nothing on this website is mine. My light wasn't a spiritual being and I had no idea God existed nor did I know anything about consciousness or human photosynthesis.  God shaped the knowing and gave me the light for learning what He chose to teach humanity. Religion never knew God when Christ was trying to teach it to live with God. It crucified Jesus instead of learning and no one since the disciples has lived with God teaching about Himself until now. 

As more people realize we live with higher intelligence they will experience celestial light helping them to understand how much more in life there is than society's little person's story. This life is for an extraordinary journey from one reality to another living with God teaching about Himself. 

Twelve years ago when I heard the organization monitoring me in my home. My ears had already been opened because I had the ability to hear them without them being in my vicinity. No one knows the world for understanding Heaven's level. God has opened my light for hearing people's thoughts, and for some people, I hear their past and know their future.  For humanity, it may seem different but when you understand the world is energy and consciousness is all that is alive it's almost part of normal living. 

Hearing God

Living with God teaching about Himself is hearing Him in all things and out of thin air. I've recorded some audios of His voice which are the first recordings of God's voice in human history. The first time He made it clear He was upon me was when I began hearing Angels talking only about God and humanity. I began yelling at God for existing while my life was destroyed. As I was yelling at Him the earth shook as God told me to stop. I heard Him loud and clear telling me to stop. 

Then Heaven began taking wounds out of my energy. This was a process of them talking about things that I lived through for taking the old energy out of my light. They would slowly activate the pain energy and then remove all  pain in my light. One time they brought up an experience that happened in childhood that was very traumatic. It was an experience that was traumatizing and flooded me with pain as if it was happening. God came in and changed my pain in a blink of an eye. He said loudly, ” Follow” as Angels said, “He Loves you, happy, happy, happy.”  God led me into Heaven's light in a blink of an eye. Below is the first recording of God's voice and the only recording of Him healing a human being through His light.  I was instantly healed of all pain associated with that experience. It was like a ton of bricks had been lifted off me instantly. I felt like a feather afterward.  Below is the recording.

Below are some notes from the diary I kept as everything was happening. It's been almost eight years of living Christ consciousness with God teaching about Himself. 


December 30, 2012, I saw my first orb.
June 14, 2013, I recorded my first voice on a video in my bedroom.
January 3rd, 2014, God & His Angels started speaking to me.

It's now September 8th, 2016 I'm in Saint Louis caring for my mom and the process has continued. Living and being raised by Heaven. I’ve written many blog posts and have a website with much data about God, humanity and what being alive is.

It's been three years caring for mom. August 24, 2017, My mom went to Heaven after coming home for hospice on August 10th. Her actual departure was August 23rd. I could feel Angels and God's presence so strongly that it was as if the room was Heaven. I had been staying at Mom's side throughout making sure I was touching her so she knew she was not alone. Many days passed holding her and on the 23rd I heard her as I was laying with my head on her body:

“Thank you for everything. I never thought it would be you who cared for me like this. Thank you for doing it. I know how hard it was for you and you did it. I love you so much. I love you.” I let it go not realizing it was the moment her Soul went with God. She already left the body and was saying thank you. Her voice was in resonance as the Soul claimed the Spirit.

Afterward, the body began the process of shutting down. She starting to get cold and changed. Her features changed so much it didn’t look like her. It was clear her body was closing down. August 24th is the recorded time that I gave for when the body stopped.

Her Spirit left on August 23rd when I heard her speak to me and felt God and His Angels in the room like there was an army of Angels there. I even texted my brother telling him about it.




ALL IN MY HEAD was written and recorded on December 25, 2008, and was written from a place within in my Soul knowing my future when I didn't. It was the first song ever written on a guitar. When this was recorded there were no bells.

All in My Head | Love Creates the Path

LIGHT is a song that was written in Sherman Oaks on my phone. After playing my guitar and recording it I noticed bells and Angels singing in certain places. You can hear Angels at the end of some of my words. Their adding resonance.

Light | With Angels