God came into my life after living Love for four years while my life was being destroyed. I made a choice to live Love without defending or attacking back. I didn't want to be at their level of energy and didn't know why we had to succumb to darkness in order to have solutions. Love was the choice.

Since January 2014, I've been living in the divine light with God and His Angels. While living in Sherman Oaks I started having energy flying around my apartment. I recorded hundreds of videos and noticed it was intelligent. The most amazing energy creatures flew out of the ceiling, floor, and walls. After a few months, I recorded a voice and then I was recording many voices on every video. The voices would talk about God, Love, and humanity.

I was living more as an atheist at the time and had no idea what was possible in life. Eventually, Heaven started using my name and telling me they could hear my thoughts. Then Angels started speaking to me like they were in the room next to me. My ears were opened and I could hear Heaven and God. Since then God has been teaching me to live Christ consciousness and about creation.

Nothing on this website is mine nor did I pursue this knowledge. God gave the topics and light. I can hear God and Heaven just like a person speaking in front of me. He lives in my light in consciousness through human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

Human beings have many opportunities for living deeper with God. We just don't live Love as life. Moses, Abraham, and John the Baptist are great examples of people listening to God and doing what society didn't. It doesn't have to make sense or even live conceivably. There is a deeper level of our world living we never tap into because religion created God to only exist within it's depth instead of people knowing God is the blueprint to life. Which shaped society to live like the high priest believing we know God perfectly while never living a day with Him rearranging our thoughts for living Him as reality.

Hearing God

We want to hear God speaking to us at the level that's riveting. We can only hear God from our level of consciousness. If we don't live greater levels of Love we can't open higher levels in Him. People live with God from the little person level and want to graduate for living happily beyond society into Him. There's nothing about hearing God that should be lived idle. Hearing Him out of thin air is surreal and the level is riveting because there's no way to process how it's even possible.

The videos are of life living in our atmosphere that can communicate. What we see is Heaven's level quantumly existing. It's not the being we see it's the light. Heaven is energy giving us the way to see through shapes and light.

During the learning of human photosynthesis, God opened the world for understanding the quantum light of other races we're living through.  I live with other celestial races and light. NASA never knew until these writings that other races can live as quantum energy without bodies or facial features. God is of no form and is of all form and Heaven is the same. God doesn't need oxygen or any elements we do and other races can live in what we deem hostile because they are not existing as human beings. 
Listen to God here.

Humanity never understood what matter was, what being alive is or the level of our world in Heaven. Through these writings, God gives us everything we've wondered about from the beginning. 



December 30, 2012, I saw my first orb.
June 14, 2013, I recorded my first voice on a video in my bedroom.
January 3rd, 2014, God & His Angels started speaking to me.

It was a process that took my consciousness into another level of light in Heaven.
It's now September 8th, 2016 I'm in Saint Louis caring for my mom and the process has continued. Living and being raised by Heaven. I’ve written many blog posts and have a website with much data about God, humanity and what being alive is.

Its been three years caring for mom. August 24, 2017, My mom went to Heaven after coming home for hospice on August 10th. Her actual departure was August 23rd. I could feel Angels and Gods presence so strongly that it was as if the room was lined with Heaven. I had been staying at moms side throughout making sure I was touching her so she knew she was not alone. Many days passed holding her and on the 23rd I heard her as I was laying with my head on her body:

“Thank you for everything. I never thought it would be you who cared for me like this. Thank you for doing it. I know how hard it was for you and you did it. I love you so much. I love you.” I just let it be not realizing she was leaving her body. It was afterward I realized she was in Spirit and her voice was in resonance.

What happened after was the body in process to shut down. She starting to get cold and changing. Her features changed so much it didn’t look like her. It was clear her body was closing down. August 24th is the recorded time that I gave for when the body stopped.

Her Spirit left on August 23rd when I heard her speak to me and felt God and His Angels in the room like there was an army of Angels there. I even texted my brother telling him about it.




Text ALL IN MY HEAD was written and recorded on December 25, 2008, and was written from a deeper place within in my Soul knowing my future when I didn't. It was the first song ever written on a guitar. When this was recorded there were no bells.

All in My Head | Love Creates the Path

LIGHT is a song that was written in Sherman Oaks on my phone. After playing my guitar and recording it I noticed bells and Angels singing in certain places. You can hear Angels at the end of some of my words. Their adding resonance.

Light | With Angels



May this website bring Heavens Love to everyone it touches.