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Living with God

No one can tell anyone else about God. We don’t grasp His enormity or even understand His existence until we experience it. The mind hasn’t reached the light of Him until we hear Him. 

I’ve gone from not believing in God or thinking He existed to living with Him teaching about Himself. It’s been almost thirteen years in a process that took me from society as reality to only living God as reality.

It began when I discovered an organization was monitoring me. They began destroying my life because I had worked with one of their most famous members and was six degrees from other famous members. My life went from Beverly Hills to below poverty. I thought about how to handle it and chose Love. The choice was not to attack back or defend myself.  I didn’t want to live at their level of attack energy or have answers that were in their darkness. There was a greater feeling for Love as an answer.  

Unbeknownst to me, that choice to live Love would change my life forever. After years of living through their torment, the world began opening for knowing Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and other races of Love. For almost four years they followed me with people stealing my mail, videotaping me, and listening on my computer and phones. It was intense and not normal. They created miscommunications with clients, and consequently, my life was below poverty for over a decade. 

I moved around Los Angeles to keep a roof over my head and ended up living in a storage apartment in Sherman Oaks. I started having massive energy flying around my place. I recorded hundreds of videos and noticed it was intelligent. The most amazing energy of creatures flew out of the ceiling, floor, and walls. After a few months, I started recording voices, and then I was recording many voices on every video. The voices began talking about God and humanity.


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not living for our idea of Him. 

When God came into my life, I had been living more atheist. I had nothing to do with Him and couldn’t stand to hear His name. In January 2014, I began living with God and His Angels, telling me they could hear my thoughts. Angels started speaking like they were in the room with me. God opened my ears and eyes. He began changing my life for only knowing Him. He moved my thought system from society to His light. Everything was for living in the light of Christ for Love. God taught creation and Heaven on earth. He taught me about human photosynthesis, consciousness, and our bigger world. 

This is the first time since Christ walked the earth that a human being has lived with God. The website is His. Nine years of only living God as reality has made my existence the only one in the history of the human race to know Him outside of one reality into His. God is teaching humanity to know Him as the blueprint to life. Religion won’t find Him until people begin understanding creation. 

We live in human precepts making practices, protocols and traditions our knowing. When we hear God, we shed self for light. Going from the many to the one. We don’t live society as reality or experience the world in mainstream ideas. We’re on a journey to Love leaving satan and the devil in human consciousness. 

God had me sell my car and leave for Saint Louis to care for my mom. He knew her future and I didn’t. On the first day in Saint Louis, God made me a vegetarian. Until then, I had no thoughts about being one. I said, “I think I’m going to be a vegetarian,” My mom giggled and said, “Really sweetie? Okay.” From that moment on, I never thought about eating meat again. God had me become a vegetarian to take animal out of light. The eating of meat is low earthly energy. He gave me the way to go higher in Him. 

I had nothing to do with it. It was never a topic or lived in my mind. God made me a vegetarian for living outside of human light. He shaped a bigger light of Heaven by keeping animal levels out. 

Hearing God

Living with God teaching about Himself is hearing Him in all things and out of thin air. I’ve recorded some audios of His voice which are the first recordings of God’s voice in human history. 

In the beginning, Heaven began taking the pain out of my energy. It was a process of them talking about things that I lived through for taking old pain energy out of my light as I saw images of it. They would slowly activate the pain energy and then remove all pain in my light. One time they brought up an experience that happened in childhood that was very traumatic. It was an experience that flooded me with pain as if it was happening. God moved in and changed everything in a blink of an eye. He said loudly, ” Follow” as Angels said, “He Loves you, happy, happy, happy.”  God led me into Heaven’s light in a blink of an eye. Below is the first recording of God’s voice and the only recording of Him healing a human being through His light. I was instantly healed of all pain. Everything was gone. It was like a ton of bricks being lifted off my shoulders. I felt like a feather afterward.  Below is the recording of God healing me.

Below are some notes from the diary I kept as everything was happening. 


2008 It began by people illegally monitoring me and my choice to choose Love. 
December 30, 2012, I saw my first orb. Heaven began entering my life.
June 14, 2013, I recorded my first voice on a video in my bedroom.
January 3rd, 2014, God & His Angels started speaking to me.

It’s now September 8th, 2016 I’m in Saint Louis caring for my mom and the process has continued. Living and being raised by Heaven. I’ve written many blog posts and have a website with much data about God, humanity and what being alive is.

It’s been three years caring for mom. On August 24, 2017, my mom went to Heaven after living in hospice. She started living in hospice on August 10th. Her leaving for Heaven was August 23rd. I could feel Angels and God’s presence so strongly that it was as if the room was Heaven. I had been staying at Mom’s side throughout her hospice making sure I was touching her so she knew she was not alone. Many days passed holding her and on the 23rd I heard her as I was laying with my head on her body:

“Thank you for everything. I never thought it would be you who cared for me like this. Thank you for doing it. I know how hard it was for you and you did it. I love you so much. I love you.” I let it go not realizing it was the moment her light went with God. She already left the body. Her voice was in resonance as the Soul claimed the Spirit.

Afterward, the body began the process of shutting down. She started to get cold and changed. Her features changed so much it didn’t look like her. It was clear her body was shutting down. August 24th is the recorded time that I gave for when the body stopped.

Her Spirit left on August 23rd when I heard her speak to me and felt God and His Angels in the room like there was an army of Angels there. I even texted my brother telling him about it.


God Entering My Life

Energy was flying all over my apartment.  

Heaven Coming into My Light

The videos below tell some parts of where I was when everything started happening. I had no road for God to travel on because I didn’t know He existed or that Heaven existed. I had no reference to the bigger world. My state of mind had only known society as reality. Gradually my thought system changed as I began living with God teaching about Himself.  

Heaven’s Gift

The videos above became Heaven’s Gift to humanity because God told me to post them. This is the recording of God saying “Turn the Videos into Heavens Gift.” 


Two Songs Written with Heaven. 

ALL IN MY HEAD was written and recorded on December 25, 2008, and was written from a place within in my Soul knowing my future when I didn’t. Learning about consciousness and God was not something I was knowing at the time of the song yet it speaks to everything I am living today. It was the first song ever written on a guitar. When this was recorded there were no bells.

All in My Head | Love Creates the Path

LIGHT is a song that was written in Sherman Oaks on my phone. After playing my guitar and recording it I noticed bells and Angels singing in certain places. You can hear Angels at the end of some of my words. Their adding resonance.

Light | With Angels




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