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Incessant Thinking

Living in Stories

Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next in self chatter as we listen to only our voice as life. Human beings are sleeping because we’re not aware of incessant thinking as the present thought system. We don’t know that only our narrative is living as life and only our level of consciousness is living in light of the world. 


Knowing what thinking is and isn’t. 

We’re living in daydreams bringing them into being. Everything we do is in our narrative whether we are talking to someone or listening. We are selective hearing what we want to hear and don’t want to hear based upon our narrative.

No one is living as the observer questioning why they see what they do or hear what they do. We move in life not aware of anything other than what the mind feeds us to live through. No one tries to control their thoughts or change their perspective all the time. We only listen to what the mind says to us in our voice. 

Enlightenment is out of another light in God. Enlightened people know the voice that gives thoughts to us is resonance out of the story and not their own. What is ours is Love and everything else is the illusion to Love. Human beings have never understood creation or what reality exists as.  We think everything we live through. We never matured for understanding vibrations, frequencies, and resonance as life. We use the body as self to move through this world. In higher consciousness, we know self doesn’t exist. 

Self is the transitory level giving us the vessel for living through the temporal experience of this one level of consciousness. There is no self because consciousness is all that is alive. We’re an algorithm out of God’s energy living as Love. We’ll live for eternity moving through different bodies and families that manifest out of the Soul’s light for Spirit to experience consciousness in matter. The body never lives again but consciousness is continuous. There is no birth and there is no death. Energy is always changing form with consciousness moving into a new light. We have to leave the body to get there. 

Thought is only one light for moving through matter. It’s not who we are and has nothing to do with who we are. It’s one level of thinking for the temporal part of life. Thought gives the story we live through trying to awaken as Love. It gives the self-story for living through to God. It’s not existing outside of this one quick trip in matter. Thought only provides a story for carving our Soul into light. It’s the superficial version of our existence. We are more dynamic and divine than at any level we live on today.  

Our thoughts live out of consciousness and only exist for this one experience in matter. Our first understanding of life is as a human being who is learning words and associations in matter. The brain is only a processor and doesn’t exist outside of this one level in matter. Our mind begins developing quicker and quicker for only listening to itself as life. We only begin to understand deeper levels of life as we age. The mind is the same. As we live in many different trials and tribulations we begin changing our light for greater peace and Love. 

Our energy is wrapped within a thought system that keeps moving even when we sleep. The thoughts keep coming no matter what we do until we learn how to pause our thinking. Self-chatter is all we know as life but because matter is existing we think we interact with people and think they are living outside of us. We don’t know they only live through us until we gain greater aptitude about our existence.

Self-chatter keeps incessantly living as life no matter who we are with or what we are doing. As we drive we think in stories at the same time about what we need to do, even have elaborate daydreams about what we did last week that we wish we would have done differently. We daydream about meetings to come and having dates with someone. Our mind keeps feeding us things to think about. There’s very little space between our sentences in our mind.

Incessant thinking is the only level the human race has lived because we live in lower earthly energy until we consciously evolve in God. Most people walk this life without ever knowing their thoughts were all they ever lived. No one knows they only live in their narrative until it’s pointed out and even then they don’t get it like they should. People can’t live knowing what is beyond their aptitude. To hear that we live in our narrative for many doesn’t have us understand there’s only one of us here with God. We don’t have the substance to understand that level but we know we hear our voices all the time in our head. 

Only living in our narrative was for us to live observing our consciousness in matter. It gave us the way to only see our light as life. We have many choices in life that live only from our perspective. They are building our reality and who we believe we are. Most people don’t know we are not our thoughts and that they only give the temporal story for living through. They believe their name, brand of clothes, hairstyle, name, car, job title, family, and bank account are part of who they are. They don’t live deeper for understanding energy or light. 

No one can begin knowing about living in incessant thinking until its pointed out. They don’t have the way to live outside of their own level of thinking to grasp what they are living through. They just move through matter with stories that keep them in something from sun up to sundown. People can’t live outside of their own thoughts and our thoughts only serve to keep living in matter. They work for existing in matter and for living through the story to God. 

Incessant thinking only serves living society as reality. It doesn’t leave the illusion it came into. It will give the illusion of life without anyone knowing the entire world was only at their level of consciousness. The world is our personal curriculum only existing for us to awaken through to God. It has no one else’s ideas but ours.  Every human being is living as energy within our Soul. Every living part of our existence only lives from our idea of life. Nothing shapes the world but us. 

The story of this level of consciousness was given by the collective consciousness and the level of Love we live and don’t live. Every circumstance a human being can live through is created out of the Love we have become and not become. Our journey is through its story and our own level of consciousness shaping the existence of the entire world once we have matured into adults. The world becomes our personal curriculum for choosing Love in. 

Knowing about incessant thinking and that we only live in our narrative and only at our level of consciousness are the golden grails in life. They give us the way to understand what reality is and isn’t and pave the way for only living for enlightenment.