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Consciousness is all that is alive.
Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 
Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. 

The brain is a processor for this one level of thinking. It’s giving us the way to live in matter with a story. Our thinking doesn’t live outside of this one experience. Consciousness is continuous and comes into us from the Soul in Heaven. The universe is consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. 

Every blade of grass, snowflake, and raindrop is in its own light. The Soul is giving the light for the Spirit to live in the matter for the temporal story. Consciousness is a deeper light than thinking. 

Thinking is the temporal world idea, and consciousness is the eternal, continuous light. Consciousness gives the light from which thinking emerges. It is the tone or depth from which thinking can live. Thought is created light. We came into a world already existing, and it had a library for the word to create the world.

Every thought in this life fades when we leave the body. Thought was the temporal idea. We are not our thoughts. They are a brief idea of self. As we acquire depth, we know self doesn’t exist, only Spirit does. The idea of self is the representative we made for the costume we thought was who we should be. 

Consciousness is continuous and doesn’t change as thoughts do. It’s the light of the Soul becoming greater Love in God. Consciousness places the world’s light through our eyes. It delivers a substance for living this life in matter. Thought is the opposite of consciousness and is the incessant thinking machine that keeps us living with ideas from sun up to sundown. We jump from thought to thought, not pausing our thoughts. The dreamer is the mind. Consciousness is the more awakened level in us. 

Everything in life is a piece/algorithm in its own light, just as every cell operates in its own light and with others. Our Heaven is other races. Thought is created light we’re gravitating through via energy within the Soul. The narrator isn’t who we are. It’s a blend of light, giving us a way to know and live something, idealizing our being for depth in God.

Everything we see is a level of energy within our Souls. It is an echo of our light, placing depth for living Love. Thought carries the story, while consciousness carries depth in God.

The world is an illusion. Only Love is real. 

Blend of Races

Human consciousness is a blend of other races, shaping a light to be known. When God created human consciousness, He blended different levels of His light for it to exist. We have been created and resonance is the only level existing. Everything is spatial movement, algorithms, and waves. The idea of human consciousness is like a petrie dish of moving algorithms in a setting with other energy for blending what makes matter. The pool of consciousness sets the one idea for existing. 



Consciousness is a variance of God’s light. Without consciousness, we would not be able to touch our faces, see a tree, or feel snow. Living with an idea that can exist in matter gives us the ability to see our thoughts. We can dive into deeper water when we understand that thought is resonance existing from created light. 

In the 300s, life saw another universe, and their level of consciousness gave them their perspective of life, which was very different than ours. They shaped life based on that one level of consciousness. Today, we see the universe from our level of consciousness and shape life at our level of thinking. Ten thousand years from now, we’ll see the universe completely different and shape life from that level of consciousness.

We can never see the totality of anything. We only witness our perspective. 

When we arrive in matter, we arrive with a library that has the word shaping the world. We’re being given a library that has infinite ability. What we can muster up as thought is what we can live through. The world is a temporal shadow of consciousness. It’s living for a short time, giving stories for carving our Souls deeper in God. 

Matter is resonance. We see oceans, trees, and birds, but if we saw creation level, we would see only grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see. We’re imprinting upon energy from our level of consciousness. Human photosynthesis is giving us the way to see matter. Matter is hundreds of trillions of trillions and trillions of self-organizing Conscious Energy in temperature. The air around us is alive. 

We see human beings, but what is here is resonance. Everything we see is a level of energy within our Soul, only existing for us to live Love through. The mind categorizes pieces of matter without knowing how it exists. We don’t think about who is thinking. We just go along with what is thought. No one considered the mind as a tool for matter and not real. We carry dreams without knowing we’re dreaming.

Incessant thinking carries us through matter until we hear God’svoice. Once we hear God’s voice, we begin living in another light that changes the energy in our thought system for depth in Him. The idea of human education and society as reality is the making of the illusion. Both only make matter as life. 

When God gave us the way to know He was of no form and of all form and to focus on Spirit and the Holy Spirit. We were given a way to know light over matter. Matter is the devil’s level because we never leave it once we place self in it. We only develop the idea of a representative because we don’t know God as our mother, father, brother, and sister. The mind quickly adapts to the environment and what it is taught. 

Human education doesn’t know creation and has no aptitude to understand matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness because it’s a delivery for matter. Consciousness is existing as resonance within other parts of resonance. 

God gave energy the way to know it exists, and it only knows His light. 


Human is an idea from Genesis. Genesis was given at a different time in human consciousness. No one then knew airplanes would fly or that cars could drive themselves. The reality at that time was in another light. Genesis did its job, though, by giving us a way to know we had been created and had a creator. Every level of consciousness needs to know God to know more. 

The Soul is our livingness and is in Heaven. It is consciousness living as Love. It gives Spirit the way to live in matter. 

We’re living with God without any way to have conversations with Him. Instead, we carry around writings from thousands of years ago. The human mind became a weak muscle because satan placed religion instead of consciously evolving. We don’t create religions if we want to know God. 

Acquiring depth is the way to awaken. We’re blended with greater intelligence to consciously evolve. Living from a five-year-old to a twenty-one-year-old processed more intelligence in our light for giving reality its changes. Other races aren’t something outside of us. They are the blend that makes us. Human is an idea we made without knowing creation or God. 

God made pulses know temperature. He made the atom outside of us to know us. God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. The atom doesn’t decipher who is speaking in Spanish or Russian; it has no need to know languages. It knows light without words. The atom isn’t going along with our thoughts, but it’s moving with us. It’s part of a ubiquitous idea beyond ours. 

The universe is consciousness. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. The Soul is always in Heaven, giving Spirit the way to live in matter. 

The tool in the mind that carries words for thoughts to shape is the marker of consciousness for this one experience in matter. The pool of consciousness we swim in has more other races than ideas. It carries life beyond us. Humanity is an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think of as life is an idea in our mind. We experience the world only in our narrative. Human beings live in self-chatter and talk to themselves throughout their lives. We talk more to ourselves than to anyone else. The mind won’t fall away until the Soul has substance.

God created the way for energy to live through matter in different levels of consciousness. A seed is programmed to become a tree. An embryo is programmed to be a senior. We are programmed to age effortlessly without say. We don’t add blood to our veins and we don’t regulate the lungs breathing. Nothing we carry as life is our making.

We have birds, trees, and wind without making them. The lungs’ knowledge of what elements they need for movement is beyond us, as is the intelligence of blood moving in our veins in patterns we don’t design. We haven’t lived with higher intelligence before like this. We’re in a new era with more life than humanity has ever known. 

Going back to Mesopotamia and Adam and Eve, we are learning the world opened before we did. Human consciousness is acquiring knowledge once again. Out of no-thing we came and into light we walk.

Creation is a hypothesis. It’s God’s idea and more advanced than we can conceive in the twenty-first century or thousands of years from now. We see bodies, but all that is – is resonance. Consciousness is all that is alive. The Soul is what is living and is the consciousness Love. God is Love, and so are we, we’re just not at His level of Love. 

Consciousness and Thought Are Two Different Lights

Thought is the organization of the temporal story placing matter. Its energy constantly moving to keep us living from sun up to sundown. Life is always moving forward, and the mind keeps stories placing ideas in the future. Thinking is the processor for matter.

Consciousness is different. It doesn’t change as thoughts do. It’s the knowing of all that is deeper and constant. Consciousness is the light thought emerges out of. 

Consciousness is continuous and eternal. Everything at matters level is temporal and only briefly living. Our ideas seem real, but they aren’t. The world of matter lives real, but it’s an illusion. When we leave the body every thought we had fades. We’re mustering up the best thought we can have and bringing it into being through a measure that is human-made. It’s one idea out of an infinite. We only see what we can see. We don’t see everything here. The mind won’t let us.

Consciousness is always living forward. All energy changes form, and all energy has the ability to repurpose its own levels for what it needs at any one level of its process.

When God created life, He created humanity in His likeness. God is consciousness living as energy/resonance. We are conscious energy. We are not the body, we’re the conscious energy inside of the body.

We are not our thoughts; they only live as part of the story. Self and family don’t exist. God is our mother, father, brother, and sister. Everything we see is a level of energy within our Soul, only existing in thought. This is why God was telling us to know the Spirit: to know the eternal light of our existence. There is no birth or death, only a continuation of consciousness.

Consciousness is far more advanced than the idea of thinking and being present to matter. God is consciousness and He is hundreds of billions of years alive. He doesn’t need facial features or a body. And can live in hostile environments and speak without a tongue. Consciousness is far beyond our idea of it.


Thought is created light we’re gravitating through via energy within our Soul. The word created the world. The narrator isn’t who we are. It’s a blend of light, giving us a way to know and live something, idealizing our being for depth in God. The blend of light is other races, and they have been with us since our birth. God created human consciousness to only live in its light. We don’t live at His level or the same level as Angels, Celestial light, Conscious Energy, or Spark Beings. 

The human story is the story we’re moving through, carrying any level of thought we can at this one level of consciousness out of an infinite level of consciousness. It’s what we muster up to believe and know. 

The mind gives ideas, and we place them. We grew up hearing Love. We wanted to be accepted and loved. Human consciousness builds ideas from how we perceive other people seeing us. We don’t originate thought. We’re in a pool of consciousness living outside of ours. 

We come into a world already existing, and the idea of the word is already here. We carry an incessant thinking mind from birth. We jump from one thought to the next, having no idea who is thinking or where thought is coming from. We’re carrying more with us but never know it. 

We gradually live into our mind and begin believing we are self. The moment we place the body as self, the thought system starts changing and increasing with different levels of energy. We accept what is outside of us as real and begin placing meaning and attachment for self to survive. We carry ego, satan, and the little person because we shape lower earthly energy when we place self-identity in matter. 

The mind won’t wake us up. Something else has to, and the only way to invoke it is Love. Love is the energy in consciousness that carries more of God’s light. It takes us above the circumstances of the mortal world to know more. 

When we live honoring the little person, we make society a reality and have no idea we are living in Heaven while here on Earth. The mind quickly begins dreaming. We are creating self to be “a someone” and to abide by society’s standards of what being alive is. The world around us is living outside of us instead of through us. We have no idea consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. We think the illusion is very real becuase it lives real. 

We don’t see the invisible world or know other races with us. We haven’t understood consciousness or thinking to know what reality is and isnt. The daydreams are living very real to us. Thinking IS daydreams. We constantly see ourselves in the past and in the future. We dont know the present moment, but think about what we need to do or how we looked doing something yesterday. 

No one realizes that only their narrative exists as life until it’s pointed out. Only our level of consciousness is the world. We interpret everything, only hearing what we want to hear and hearing what we don’t want to hear. The mind makes up anything it can to feel like a good human being. We havent known Spirit to dive deeper into light and only place matter as living. 

The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy, and it’s placing our dreams in human photosynthesis. The moment we know depth we begin moving for consciousness to have light. Love is the walk for building depth. 

Living from self to light is our journey. Our destiny is to leave society as a reality for God as reality. When we live with God teaching about Himself, we don’t carry thoughts like we once did. Our thought system changes from self-chatter to only hearing God and Heaven. 

Thinking is only a temporal story at matters level. Depth, substance, and maturity breath into consciousness, and consciousness is the light thought emerges out of.