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We Live In Human Photosynthesis

Human Photosynthesis is the light of every idea having its livingness in matter. It’s a compilation of different intelligences moving in different temperatures for resonance in light. Resonance is carrying every particle into its livingness assigning the atom purpose and matters level of life. Human photosynthesis is opening more in energy than we can fathom. 

We don’t see light at the level of creation. We only admire light from our little person’s present level of consciousness. The light in every atom has multiple openings out of God’s light for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose. The world has already existed even though we are experiencing it for the first time.  

Light is carried out of energy we’re producing in our Soul. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. Consciousness gives thought the light to live from.  Only in higher levels of consciousness can we understand the prognosis of life out of energy. Our thoughts live for Love because they live for God’s energy. The higher intelligence is a grasp of light higher than ours that infuses everything we are with more seeingness. Perspective can change and ideas can roar. 

The mind is seeking Love because the light in God increases in our consciousness every time we choose it. Human photosynthesis is the world’s decider and is made from our thoughts of Love and not Love. Human photosynthesis is shaping the world’s circumstances out of the collective Love and not Love we live. There is nothing we can experience in life other than what human thinking has brought into being,

Human photosynthesis is the level of the atoms knowing before we assigned our knowing to them. No human being has ever considered where thought comes from. Being a created species tells us the word created the world. The word is God and the world is God.  We’re an idea in the mind of God and everything we think is an idea in our mind. 

The knowingness of matter hasn’t been realized in science. It carries face-value assumptions without realizing only the observer’s level of consciousness is existing as life. Now it has human photosynthesis for understanding atoms are living levels of light placed already in motion before we’ve considered their existence. No atom is deciphering whether someone speaks in Spanish, German, or English. It’s living in pulses outside of everything we are and think we know as life. The atom is bilaterally existing in consciousness.  

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