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Both the Soul and Spirit are living out of God. The Soul is what is alive and is consciousness. The Soul is Love and always in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. It's blessing us with higher light for Spirit to live in matter through our thoughts. 

Spirit changes its light for eternity as we experience different levels of consciousness in matter. The body is constantly changing because the light in Spirit is changing for new experiences from the Soul's Love in God. 

Life is always moving forward for living through new experiences with other perspectives. We're learning to live as Christ making Love first, last, and in all things. We're always living for Love whether we know it or not. The light in life leans in Love's direction. Love is the only existence. The level of Love we are of and not of is the Soul's legacy. 

Spirit gives us the way to have a persona in matter to live through. It's the eternal light out of the Soul for giving us our livingness in matter. Our world is light and everything we live through is in human photosynthesis. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live out of our thoughts. We have more with us than we know. 

Consciousness is outside of us coming into us from Heaven. Spirit doesn't determine existing, only consciousness does and consciousness is the Soul. The Soul is like the Sun and Spirit is the rays. Just like thinking is Spirit's level while consciousness is the Soul's. Thought is part of the temporal world just as Spirit is for the temporal world while living eternally. The Soul is eternal. 

Our thoughts live in Spirit for the brief experience in matter.  The Soul and Spirit give to each other brilliantly for human consciousness to consciously evolve in God. They are living out of the same light but of different essences.