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Sun Pods Another Race of Heaven

Sun Pods are light living in our atmosphere. What looks like the craft is the body. Our idea of other races hasn’t lived deeply for our existence to have depth. We have assumed so much and created stories that stand in young ideas. Knowing light is blended with higher intelligence for living in matter is learning consciousness is an enormous way of life that surpasses our idea of human living. 

God directed my eyes toward the sun to see the Sun Pods. It wasn’t anything anyone would do. No one looks at the sun directly as He was telling me to do. I used cardboard boxes to block the strongest light while looking at the outer rim. I began seeing Sun Pods. I learned to open my heart and experience them.

Consciousness is an unfolding book that writes with ideas we can live in higher light. The pen isn’t mainstream ideas. We’re passing through veils of illusion living to hear God for knowing more about our universe and what life there is. 

Sun Pods are part of the atmosphere and the livingness of Heaven. 



We’re awakening to a bigger world with more life. 

The Sun Pod video on the left side is slowed more than 25 times so it can be seen. For me, to have the camera angled perfectly to capture this on film is only by God. Other races give us the way to consciously evolve outside of the little person’s idea of life. God is blessing us with seeing more fro living in deeper inquisitions about our existence and His. They give the way to know there is more beyond our idea of life with us and more to discover. Each path deepens our living as Love. 

This is an amazing level of life that lives outside of ours. Its not in the place it should but has been here before. 

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