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Sunrise Healing Meditations 

The meditations and prayers are for healing and restoring our lives. May they provide you with Love, Faith, and courage for living through everything you are facing. The Sunrise Meditations and Prayers are sent via email over a few days.

Sunrise Healing Meditation Segment One


Prayer for Healing

Dear God,
Only you know what is upon us and what is in front of us. You’ve seen our lives from the beginning and know the end. We give You everything we are for healing and blessing us. We pray that You place Angels in our light that live for our healing. We pray for divine physicians to be placed along our path and for Angels to be placed in our light for giving restitution and peace. We ask that You take every cell in our body and cleanse them for living in their divine right order. We thank You for all that we are and for all that we will be. Make us healthy, strong, and braver. Lift us above this battlefield into Love for knowing we are healed. Amen.

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The White Door Meditation Segment Two

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Prayer for Light

Dear God,
Take everything in us that keeps darkness and replace it with light. Replace our fear with Love. Replace our weaknesses with strength and replace every idea in worry with ideas of peace.  Only you know our lives and our thoughts. May Angels remove the obstacles that keep us from knowing our light in You. We are saved by You and live happily in You. May we know Heaven on earth. Fill us with wisdom and knowledge. Make us whole with Love and repair every part of our bodies to light. Amen.

Golden Lake Meditation Segment Three


Prayer for Day of Surgery

Dear God,
Only you know what I’m facing today and where I need healing, courage, and peace. May You stay upon me lifting me through the surgery keeping my light in Love. You have seen my body and know what needs healing. I ask you to replace what needs replacing, restore what needs restoring and heal what needs healing. Heal me of all cancer. Carry the light in the surgery with Angels administering every miracle and blessing needed for success and complete restoration. Watch over me God and Replace my fear with love…all my weaknesses with strength, and any dark with light. Renew my mind and bless me after surgery with happiness, Angels, and renewed energy for life. May I live with complete healing and restoration. I Love you and thank you. And in the light, we faithfully say, Amen.

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The White Room Forgiveness Meditation

Send the Meditation to Someone You Love

(9 minutes)

Building Our Light

When we carry pain in our energy, we live with another lens to life. The idea of thinking is for carrying the most Love for the most light in our eyes. The White Door Cleanse Meditation is for forgiveness and for Love. This meditation can be done by laying down or sitting in a chair.  It’s only ten minutes and doesn’t require anything but the ability to hear an MP3. The meditation is also free to download. Make yourself comfortable and Love.

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