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Who is Self?

Self is the transitory level of the mortal world. We’re only living the body for this one experience. In every life, we’ll have a different body. The body is the vessel. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. 

The idea of self is this level of consciousness trying to awaken. Everything we build eventually is for unraveling. Society tries to have us manifest for the little persons idea of life. We’re not knowing society as an illusion as long as we keep trying to be something in society. The only idea we live is out of self for light. How we do that is our personal curriculum for living in higher consciousness. 

We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. We think we’re our clothes, name, car, family, hairstyle, job title, neighborhood, and bank account. They are the transitory idea of self we made. We’re not the body. We’re the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It’s the costume for living through this experience in matter. We’re living through our narrative, slowly going from self to light. 

If we live for eternity in trillions of different bodies, which one was self? None. There is no self. There is one trip through matter for one level of consciousness to experience itself. In every new life, we have a different family, friends, and self-story to live through. What we call self-doesn’t exist, but a storyboard of ideas do for awakening as Love. 

God is Love.  All form is transitory. The earth, the universe, and the body are living as consciousness. The Soul is like the sun and Spirit is like the sun’s rays. Our light is forever changing, but where it lives changes in Heaven. Spirit is transitory, but the Soul is eternal and continuous. It’s creating the way for us to live in multiple stories for carving our Soul into Love.

Human beings are an algorithm in God. We’re a species changing form for experiencing new levels of consciousness in matter. There’s only one of us here with God learning to live through the illusion to Him. Love is all that is real, and everything else is the illusion to Love. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. 

 I am not the body. I am Love.  

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