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Communion at Home

We want to remember Christ every day. Remembering by having Holy Communion is perfect for keeping our light deep in God. 

Watch the video for Holy Communion at home. 

We can share communion with others at home or anywhere.


Download Audio

Have the MP3 of the prayer and Holy Communion Service. 

Download MP3


Download the Holy Communion PDF

Everything you need including prayer and service. 

Download PDF


The Prayer for the service

We thank you, Lord, for whose word everything comes to be. We receive this bread as the body of Christ, the bread of life. May God bring peace and make us Holy in every way, may our mind, body, Spirit, and Soul be kept blameless until the day our Lord Jesus comes again. May Angels surround us and bless us, removing all obstructions from our mind that keep us from living in Heaven’s Love. May there be a path providing us, the way, and the miracles to always live blessed.

Only you Dear Lord know our prayers, wishes, and needs. May a light wash upon us and where we are wounded may we be healed. Where we have fear, may it be replaced with Love. Where we are weak, may you make us strong, and where we have fallen, may you lift us up. We pray and have faith in your Love and guidance. Keep us for eternity in Christ’s light. Always and forever in the power and the glory of You our Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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