Christ MeditationWhether you've been practicing meditation for years or this is your first time, these guided meditations will open your heart and mind to living deeper in God. With stillness, we return to our Christ nature. Practice helps us strengthen livingness in God for understanding the world around us as an illusion. Without living in the conscious space of God we only live at a surface level never seeing or hearing the bigger world we're in. Living in consciousness we are either creating our thought system to live through God or at society's level. We want to live in God for experiencing higher light in life. Letting ourselves go beyond thought into higher levels of consciousness is good. The below meditations are prayer meditations. There are other meditations in silence that are wonderful as well. May these nurture your spiritual journey into God with Love.

Please sit any way you like and anywhere you like, get comfortable, and begin allowing your body to rest. Bring awareness inward to the one observing and start with any video.

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