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The Intelligence in Life

We see the opposite of what is here. We’re seeing matter but what is here is resonance. We don’t think about life in small pieces or how thought lives in matter. We see big objects and don’t realize they’re micro existing in hundreds of trillions and trillions of separate elements. Everything in matter is sub-atomic particles living smaller than we know. The world is energy living as resonance.

God created everything in life in its own light. We’re an algorithm out of God. The human being isn’t what is here conscious energy is. We’re seeing images through human photosynthesis and living through them.  It’s a story that lives only in consciousness. Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. The world is only existing in thought and has everything living for experiencing matter. Matter is the gift God gave human beings. We wouldn’t be able to see our hands or hear thought if not for God in every atom. 

God is consciousness living as energy, and He created us out of His energy. Were conscious energy living to know light. The world isn’t moving to anything other than how we think. Our ideas shape the world. The world we see is in human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy.  

Every blade of grass is in its own light. Every pebble, drop of water, and cell is in its own light. They’re coming together for placing an image in our Soul. We see the pieces as one, and at the deepest level, they are. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think is an idea in our mind. Energy is shaping matter from algorithms in our light. The atom is living nonduality for placing everything we think in higher intelligence. We travel through higher intelligence with every idea. No thought is alone. 

When God created human consciousness, He shaped the word to build the world. The world is only living at our level of consciousness. Nothing else exists except our light. Only our narrative is existing as life. For this to be, He placed our light in other races within His light for knowing our ideas. Our livingness is through many other threads of light. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light, it’s multiple layers of higher intelligence for knowing matter. 

We’re not aware of higher intelligence until we consciously evolve beyond lower mind. The day we hear God is the day the world opens for knowing creation. His light is living for us to know Him for moving into deeper levels of Him. The world’s energy only opens as we consciously evolve from self to light. Our light is living at a level we came into. We arrive in a world already existing and live at its level, trying to carve our Soul deeper into God. As we live Love, we begin to know more. 

The body as self is lower mind’s idea. We don’t know the light in our Soul to know we are Love. The idea of the world living outside us has existed for a long time. No one taught us the world was only living through us. Our state of mind doesn’t grasp a deep enough level of creation to know higher intelligence. When we live society as reality we shape the ideas of life to only live at face value assumptions. We don’t know the invisible world, nor do we live in conversation with God. 

The idea of life is only matters level and doesn’t extend to Heaven’s level of life. We don’t live with the bigger world and haven’t experienced more light in our Soul. As we evolve, we do. We know there’s a deeper level within our light that only exists for us to rise in consciousness. It’s intertwined with us and part of our livingness. 

Human consciousness lives through a plethora of races to hear our thoughts. We only hear our thought because God is in every atom giving human consciousness the way to know matter. Every idea is not a single strand it’s living in library of ways for knowing it exists. The library has been shaped by human consciousness since the beginning.  This level of energy is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy living only at our level of consciousness. 

The mind isn’t operating as self. We’re not grasping what being created is to know we are an object in God’s mind. He’s placing light for us to know matter and to know our own ideas. We wouldn’t be able to grasp the pulses without a decipherer. We’re not living alone and wouldn’t live deep enough to grasp thought. We have light for helping us know it. 

Human thinking isn’t living as a single strand. It’s a blend with higher intelligence so that light knows its own level of beingness. There’s a deeper level in all of us that we recognize as we live Love. The idea of life begins to change from billions of people walking the earth to only one of us here with God. We begin the journey to Love transcending society as reality for Heaven on earth. The mind changed and places light ion other places for knowing more. 

If we only live society’s story of life we only know lower minds level of life. When we go beyond it we understand another level of the world with us. We unravel our own existence for knowing creation and what being human actually is. 

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