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God Living with Us Our Light Beyond the World

The world moves in algorithms beyond only our idea of it. More races within God's light give to our living in matter exactly as we think. This is only the beginning of our journey in consciousness with God. 


Life with God

Moving Through Different Realities & Thought System Changes 


Human Photosynthesis


Celestial Light Our Home


Our Journey to Love

Heavens Voices

Listen to God & Heaven. Over 200 recordings. 


Taking Consciousness Higher

Meditations for Balance

Every thought keeps us aligned with God. Learn to live Love. 

Creation & Knowledge

Quantum living and human photosynthesis. 


Download audios of prayers and meditations. Compatible with all mobile devices.

Other Races

The light of our existence is higher intelligence. 


Conscious Living

Letting our light enter the universe. We're living for knowing God. Our world lives at one level of consciousness awakening to Love. 

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The Quantum World

Learning about Conscious Energy, Celestial Light, and Angels. Our thought system only knows matters level but the world is Heaven's level with other light beyond ours. 

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Life with God Teaching about Himself

We're living for light for having the way to hear God. Only through God do we find the Love within. 

Live with Love

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