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Living with God
Teaching About Himself

From matter’s thought system to Heaven’s light.

We’re moving through satan to Love carving our Souls in God.
Living from one reality to another. 


Peter knew Jesus not by flesh and blood but by God moving in Him. 

Thousands of years ago, Jesus walked from temple to temple, teaching the highest levels of religion; they didn’t know God. Religion was deep in satan with practices, protocols and scripture. Jesus taught living with God was the individual’s journey. He gave us the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All are one and live in variances of our existence—the Soul, Mind, and Spirit. 

One God created everything in existence, and He has one Son. His Son materialized to wear the clothes of the world at a time when humanity was derailing itself from God. Jesus relinquished our sins and sat at the right hand of the throne to give us the way to God. He was already within us. We dismiss Jesus as light because we don’t understand creation, for knowing God of no form and of all form. The misuse of religion acting as knowledge has derailed us from divine knowing. 

The Holy Spirit is the light of God living at our present level of consciousness. The light we carry is our temple in God and is the road traveled on. God gave us free will to think anything we want into being and live through it. He gives us the way to know Him no matter what the world carries as Him. The body doesn’t join the Soul. The Spirit lets the Soul permeate with the idea of the body. The Holy Spirit is our way of knowing God from any one level of consciousness. God is giving us the way to know Him no matter what the world shows. 

Peter knew that Jesus was the Messiah, not by flesh and blood. When Jesus saw God would move in Peter, a mere human being,  He knew the house of God would be built upon that rock. The church isn’t a building; it’s our temple in God. We’re carrying our temple through Christ. God’s light is the only level in existence. Everything is a level within it. 

The Living Trinity

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The essence of the human being in all its variances with God.


Listen to God’s Voice

Hear God’s voice and His Angels. 


Who is God?

  • God has no facial features or a body and doesn’t need oxygen. He can live in hostile environments and move through different ideas of light. There’s no place He isn’t. Life is living out of His energy. 


Who is Thinking?

We’re a created light in God. Thinking is a created light. It’s hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy. The word created the world. We’re not of this story, but we’re experiencing it. We are not our thoughts. Thoughts are temporal and not part of the eternal. The body is the transitory level of the mortal world. Thoughts are the storytellers for shaping this one level of consciousness in matter. We think anything we want and bring it into being. Thinking is out of Love and isn’t a being or body. It’s light. 

Who is Self?

Self doesn’t exist. The idea of self is the mortal world’s idea. We once played with floppy hats and dad’s ties for being somebody. Out of that is our representative. Everything we build as self is from trying to be something to society. We graduate college with degrees and manifest an idea of self as successfully living in the world. We place self-identity in our clothes, name, car, family, hairstyle, job title, neighborhood, and bank account. They are the transitory ideas. Spirit is our Truth. We’re not the body. We’re the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It’s the vessel for knowing this one level of consciousness in matter. We’re living through our thoughts, going from self to Love.


Life with God Teaching About Himself

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