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Snow Squid and Heaven

In 2016 while in Saint Louis caring for my mother I experienced Snow Squid. Heaven had been teaching me about human photosynthesis and our world in energy. There were so many experiences with other races from my living Christ consciousness with God. It was important for me to experience this for understanding creation and how God gave human beings the way to live in matter at anyone level of consciousness. 

The opportunity for understanding creation and human consciousness was everything.  My learning our existence is in Heaven was profound. 

Snow Squid

Energy is all there is and yet humanity lives believing we’re in a three-dimensional world. Not understanding God’s creation or our quantum existence. Although, most scientists know at the smallest particle there is only a wave. They never had the level to understand consciousness or photosynthesis outside of our version of life which never understood what matter was.

Our existence is in microorganisms and light. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. We’re in the conscious space of God with His light in every atom giving us the way to live in human photosynthesis. Other races have been a part of our existence from the beginning just like microorganisms have.

We are learning life is at a much deeper level and what being alive is, is more enormous and divine than we’ve ever understood.

Quantum Light is Creations Level

Bacteria is covering everything we see including our bodies but we don’t live feeling it or witnessing it. We live comfortably only experiencing our thoughts in matter. Other races are the same they live with us giving us elements for living in matter but we never know their existence. This is even true for God and Heaven. We don’t live with God reigning over us with His light always in our eyes. 

We live in His energy for living in matter and never even knew it. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and we’re in His intelligence. Literally, we are tiny little atoms existing in God’s energy for having the experience in matter. Human beings are conscious energy living at an extreme quantum level only experiencing matter from this one level of consciousness. 

We see a body instead of tiny little atoms and we see an earth instead of waves.  This is how God created us for experiencing our thoughts as life. We are not seeing what is actually here we are only living through our thoughts. 

Creation is a much deeper, complex, and an intricate level of intelligence that speaks to our existence profoundly. The world is living in quantum light which is atoms in holographic light in decimals. Everything is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. What we are seeing in matter is our present level of consciousness. 

The world we see we’re living through trying to become more conscious of Love for living beyond this level into deeper levels of God.  Our world only exists in our mind. We are the observers moving through matter living in a temporal world that will change when we leave these bodies. Everything we experience only lives in our perspective.  It’s our personal dream we live through. No one else’s.

Our perspective of matter and our taking it for granted is because we’re brought into a world and taught how to see at society’s level. We’re living in passed down levels of consciousness that never understood reality. Living for false idols and wealth took human consciousness into the darkness for only living at matters level. To this day humanity doesn’t live understanding God or life.

We live with questions we haven’t been able to answer until now. Most people on earth believe life is about a world living for acceptance in society. Not yet awake to life only living for us to live deeper in God. We believe the world is outside of us when the world only lives through us. The illusion is living for society’s level instead of for the Souls journey into God.

We Never Knew What Matter Was

When we didn’t understand how matter we shaped human consciousness to not understand the world we were in. Other races like Snow Squid our part of the intelligence that gives us the way to live in matter. The universe lives in consciousness. Matters level being made to exist as life led us on a path chasing the empty bowl of knowledge. 

We made the body live as life instead of the conscious energy inside of the body. We didn’t understand energy or Spirit. We only understood what was tangible and that’s because we didn’t stay deep in God for understanding light. 

Our thought system has shaped our eyes for only seeing matter instead of what is living. The universe is a great level for understanding our eyes only live at one level of consciousness. And if we shape them to see at matters level we miss understanding our existence at a profound level. And there is no way to jump to enlightenment because we must live through our thought process untangling and removing false reality for Ultimate Truth. 

No one can live outside of their level of consciousness. They can only live through it. Acquiring eyes to see with means carving the Soul. We can learn about anything but where it rests will always be only at our level of consciousness. 

We can’t define the mass of the universe or even begin to understand it’s existence from this one level of consciousness. We’re not seeing it. Even if we had over a thousand different levels of consciousness giving us a hypothesis for the universe we would still be nowhere near understanding the level of it’s mass.

Our perspective is out of a thought system that didn’t even know what matter was. Which tells us how much we believe we know is the epitome of false reality.

We are like the high priest who killed Jesus believing they knew who God was. All the while they were’nt even able to see the Messiah right in front of them. We never understood matter for having a hypothesis about a universe or life. Yet we have been able to bring into being the level we are at which now will begin to understand life.  

Our present reality has been with a veil on.  a good way to understand consciousness is if we are plugged into plug A we will only experience life in plug A. If we are plugged into plug B we will only receive everything in plug B. We can’t live outside of the level of consciousness we weave and if we shape human consciousness to live at matters level we lose the ability of having eyes that see light. 

Human beings must live out of matters level into light for living deeper in God. Only through God do we realize our potential at this one level of consciousness. It’s His energy in our light that gives us eyes to see with and the wisdom to think through.

We Live in Another Race

Humanity has been living in another race for living in matter. Most people know God is the light all life is in. When you go deeper into understanding that phrase you understand the quantum level of our existence and how much has been created for us to live in matter. 

We live in the conscious space of God through Heavens race, Conscious Energy. We would have no way to live in matter if not for God giving us Conscious Energy.

Again, we must go to the place of a very quantum world only existing in waves. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. We do not live in matter. We experience matter as images in our Soul through human photosynthesis. Everything is living extremely quantum with our perspective giving us this level of matter as life but what we actually see is tiny little atoms.

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. Which I’ve written before about the experiences I live daily living in Heaven while here on earth. Conscious Energy is always living within my life sometimes they’ll make my lettuce heavy and hard to move or bottles of water weigh fifteen pounds or more so that I experience their existence. They can even make unplugging something seem impossible and then make it like a feather coming out of the socket.

There isn’t a level in matter that Conscious Energy is not living in. All the way from raindrops to the leaf falling, to the wave and to the wind.  Conscious Energy gives us our livingness in matter at our level of consciousness.

Every cell in our bodies has intelligence. There is more in a molecule that doesn’t live in the light of human consciousness. Just like other levels of life we never see.  The rock has intelligence as does every level of material. All matter is living in God and in Conscious Energy.

We would not be able to hear our thoughts if not for God.

Matter is lucid and doesn’t live beyond our thoughts. It’s giving us a way to observe our level of consciousness for evolving through. We are here to evolve into higher levels of consciousness in God by living greater levels of Love, like Christ.

We Don’t Live in A Three-Dimensional World

When we thought the world was three-dimensional and living through our senses we made the human story live in that light. We continued embellishing that as human life. Everything brought into being from that level of consciousness is now what we live as our world. We are living through it to higher levels of consciousness.

When matter was tangible and a reward we made it what was living. Only living through our senses we made matter life and created the level of a three-dimensional world as our story. It was all we could think at that time into being. 

But there isn’t a three-dimensional world existing because we live in energy.  When we didn’t understand life living in consciousness we didn’t understand our world. We could only think at matters level and that’s because we went with what was tangible and our senses instead of Spirit and God. 

Space-time is a human created level for existing in matter but has no level in Heaven. We didn’t listen to Jesus when He told us there was more life living that we didn’t see than what we did see. 

How we think is the only level building what exists in matters and is the only level creating the human story. If we can’t think intelligently greater than we do today than we will only create in matter a story that is living through lower levels of energy instead of higher light in God. 

This is how linear consciousness was created. Without living for enlightenment we are not giving to our awakening beyond this one level of consciousness.

Snow Squid is a great gift rom God for seeing what we never knew was existing. His existence invokes deeper reflection for greater thought about living in light.

Space-time is only existing for the experience in matter at the present level of consciousness. Our rendition of space-time will change profoundly as we understand consciousness.  Conscious Energy can live in any level of human consciousness at any level in space and time. They have no light in human consciousness.

God knew my future and in life we are bringing into being what is already existing. There is nothing not already existing in God. As an example, if in this moment I want to create a phone that follows me around. It was already existing in light in order for it to come into being. There is nothing existing that doesn’t already exist. We are the ones bringing it into being out of trillions and trillions and trillions of levels of energy. 

We’re an idea in the mind of God and through Him we live creating our ideas in our minds for what we live through in matter . Macro to the micro. We are living in the conscious space of God. 

Our Atmosphere and Snow Squid

Snow Squid is part of the plasma in our atmosphere that is alive and intelligent. Our world is living in human photosynthesis with trillions and trillions and trillions of intelligent life. We live in the conscious space of God.

The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy. Once humanity understands matter we will understand God much better.  The level of living in hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence is where we must dwell when we think about our existence and Snow Squid. What we see is as reality is the illusion only living at this one level of consciousness. 

In new life, we will experience a different family, friends, and world at an entirely other level of consciousness. We will see the universe differently and every aspect of life we see today will no longer live.

We never see the totality of anything we can only experience it from our preesent level of consciousness. This includes our parents, children and friends. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. We only experience them from ours.

Conscious Energy, quantum light, and human photosynthesis are creations level for our consciousness to experience matter. We are only experiencing one level of consciousness. 

Our perspective needs to be deeper and through the knowing of living in intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. The universe will always be expanding.

We can only live allowing God to show us everything we can possibly conceive at this one level of consciousness for understanding Him. This is why it’s imperative humanity live consciously evolving deeper into God instead of falling into matters level. Because matter is the transient piece in life that is earthly and stays darker than light.  Feeding the Soul is what is continuous and why we are alive.  Love is what we are becoming just like God.

The Soul

The Soul creates our life continuum and is what is alive. The Soul is giving Spirit the light in consciousness to live through in matter. 

God knew we would shape human consciousness in the wrong direction if we fell to false idols and wealth.  He gave us what we needed to shape our consciousness in light which was the Ten Commandments, The Bible and Jesus. And we can include Buddha and Hare Krishna because they both shared in trying to awaken human consciousness to the greater light in life.

The Illusion

Everything about our existence is living for enlightenment. We want to go beyond matters level because matter is the temporal side of life. It’s the illusion. It’s fleeting and we only experience it at one level of consciousness at a time. Matter is here for us to observe our consciousness and live through evolving to higher levels of light. 

We’ve made matter life not understanding it was the temporal part of life.

Matter is not life its a piece of life giving us something to live through becoming more conscious of our existence in God. 

We’re only experiencing matter from one level of consciousness among an infinite unlimited level of consciousness we can live.

A good example is we brought into being a three-dimensional world because our level of consciousness at that time had no idea what matter was. We then brought into being through that level of consciousness gravity and general relativity which both have been serving this level of consciousness giving to our existence but neither live in higher levels of consciousness. 

Ultimate Reality doesn’t have gravity or general relativity. They do not exists. Our level of consciousness has brought them into being to live through at this one level. It was all we could think at the time.

Today we are learning about Conscious Energy, consciousness and human photosynthesis which will change both theories into not ever living again in human consciousness.

Living in consciousness gives us the ability to bring anything into being and live through it. It is infinite and unlimited in what can be brought into being. When we bring something into being we embellish its existence into life. Gravity became a staple in our living but it was dependent upon consciousness believing in a three-dimensional world. 

As we live understanding atoms in holographic light in decimals in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance we won’t stay in that light. Conscious Energy will play a greater role in helping mankind live more in Heaven than in matter. 

Ultimate Reality is God.  Gravity doesn’t live in anything other than our present level of consciousness. The universe isn’t deciding the purpose of anyone atom or the livingness of any one particle. Only human consciousness is. If the universe was deciding what an atom does our world would be ripped apart.

There is nothing in matter except for our level of consciousness creating its level of existence.

Other races are a natural part of our existence just like Conscious Energy or God.  They don’t live our emotions, perspective, life purpose or level of intelligence but they are part of creation and hundreds of billions of years alive. Some are part of the self-organizing energy in the conscious space of God. Only existing for giving our livingness at anyone level of consciousness.

There are many races I’ve been with that have no form just like God but can take on any form. They are light. Literally living in holographic decimals.

Quantum Light

Quantum light will become a phrase people live understanding because it defines our existence completely. There is no level of matter existing except for what we live at our present level of consciousness. The world we are experiencing is in quantum light. Which is atoms in holographic light in decimals at temperatures in vibrations that exceed human consciousness by hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy.

We are living in human photosynthesis.

The miracle of our existence has been overlooked and made into a tiny reality living at matters level instead of our divine Truth. We take everything for granted and live shallow believing who we are is tied to the car we drive, the neighborhood we live in, job title and bank account. Instead of understanding human photosynthesis and the Souls journey living in God with Heaven all around us. The enormity of our existence in quantum light is profoundly beyond any level of matter in existence.

Matter is temporary and fleeting. We are existing beyond it and don’t live understanding that light. Self doesn’t exist in light. Only for living through matter do we create self.  It’s one experience of an infinite trying to awaken us a little bit more for knowing Ultimate Reality and our Truth as Love.

Ultimate Reality consists of an enormous existence with other races as part of life. The level of races I’ve experienced in Heaven is very different than how humanity see’s life and our world. Some celestial races are shapes and objects with no facial features yet can communicate effortlessly knowing deep levels of our Soul. 

Everything is for A Reason

When the word photosynthesis was used I had no idea what God was talking about. I went to high school and was a more a jock than anything else. Throughout this level there have been many times I’ve gone to the internet to try and understand what was being said to me. And then I’m astonished at how astute and profound what is being said is.

Learning about creation has been in the light of Christ providing me the substance for understanding a subject I would normally have never spoken about. God moves in our world in ways we can’t imagine and knows us better than we know ourselves. He knew this would be Heaven for me. 

Other races are as natural as every other level in life-giving to our livingness in matter that we never see. There are many levels of life with us we never see just like microorganisms.

As we live deeper in God the world opens for us to have a greater understanding of our existence in light. There are races that come into my light only for giving me the way to question and think deeper about life.

A good example of this is when I was living in Sherman Oaks and I was in the fourth year of my living Christ consciousness while my life was being destroyed. I had moved many times in Los Angeles and was living below poverty. I videotaped an orb coming out of my bedroom wall and shortly after that I began filming orbs all over my apartment.

This experience inspired me profoundly. I thought if this can exist there must be a way to live Love through what was happening. The orbs gave me the way to believe in something greater in life existing.  For never in my life did I think for a second there were levels of intelligence living with us. I wasn’t someone who lived with God and I wasn’t religious.

Other races, miracles, anomalies, and extraordinaire experiences profoundly wake us into seeing what we never thought we could. They  are gifts from God. They provoke thought that we would never have otherwise. How we live in these experiences cultivating faith will define our lives and what opens up next. 

The best way is to choose Love and stay open to greater levels of life. Living deep for guidance is the way.  Everything in life is giving us the way to acquire substance and maturity for living beyond how we think and see today. We want to be open for going into greater levels of light. 

Consciousness Makes Subject Authority Relative

We want to have experiences that take us out of our comfort zone and beyond our reality for knowing life.  This is important because we have many institutions in life that live as the authority on subjects and only want to have theories in practice and protocol explaining what is in their level of thinking. Which is the opposite of learning and knowing beyond this one level of thinking.

We should be humbled we are a people that never knew what matter was and yet can claim authority on subjects when we never understood a single shred of life in the light of Heaven. All the while living in it. So it’s good to rethink how we structure authority on subjects because they are relative to our present level of consciousness.  Which will change profoundly as we live deeper in God. 

We want to have the knowing that what is presently holding credibility can change. And to allow that to be instead of trying to make one level of thinking exists in concrete. Knowing there are infinite levels in higher light with greater intelligence for humanity. 

God came into my life and has given me what every scientist on the planet would die for. World governments with all their resources and money never had a way to know what matter was or that we were living in human photosynthesis. This is axiomatic of consciousness living at matters level. 

It took someone living Christ consciousness for humanity to have light to learn about our existence and God.

Living will only give from the level we can concieve and believe. What we bring into being is only existing at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. 

There is no level in consciousness we can live through unless we live believing in the light it lives in.  It’s incumbent upon us to live openly with a door always there for something greater to come through. Otherwise, we cut ourselves off from living in higher light.

To live in defensiveness or in fact only prevents us from bringing in a greater light.  Other than for principality in executing something at this level of consciousness everything is relative to our present level of consciousness. There will always be what seems impossible coming into life as possible. And there will always be what we think can’t live, living. 

It’s important we have funnels for life to have influence in society outside of what is presently existing as the most credible levels in life. There has been a level living only keeping itself as the authority or as a credible source when there is no level of holding that light in a world living in consciousness for conscious evolution.  It’s detrimental for greater levels of intelligence to live in the very levels they exist as. There is much more here than what we ever thought. And life must be giving to what can help the human race with intelligence, sustainability and living deeper in God. 

We’re not living in the days of Rome when Rome tried to stop the Bible going into hands of the common people because they wanted the power coming through them. We are a species that must live for conscious evolution giving to those that can live deepest in God. 


A species on a planet floating in space needs diversity and ideologies that surpass the level of present authority. Because consciousness doesn’t live giving to those in power as it gives to those living Love. Living for Love is our purpose because it gives us God’s energy in our light. Which is wisdom and knowledge.

Spiritual light is needed in world government for keeping life sacred for the human race’s existence. There is a profound level in consciousness understanding life very deeply and what is needed for a species sustainability that comes out of humility and living in charity.

Everything we bring into being is temporary and telling us we must have knowledge in order to give to humanity the wisdom it needs to evolve. Understanding there is only one of us here with God is the light humanity wants to live in.

Gravity gave humanity the way to live creating more at its level but it never gave us eyes to see with.  To have lived all of these years creating satellites and rockets and yet living clueless to what matter was or how life was existing gave us the perspective we presently live at.  Which depicts the enormity of living in linear consciousness not understanding what consciousness was in matter.

We didn’t know the world was only existing in our perspective. That everyone we see,  our world issues and all we experience as life only lives in our light. There is only one of us here with God having an extraordinaire experience in matter trying to awaken to light.

God gave human beings the ability to live in free will bringing anything into being we can think to live through. God doesn’t reign over us telling us how to live this life with a whip. He has given us the ability to think anything we want and live through it. He gave us what we needed for living deeper in Him which was the Ten Commandments, the Bible and Jesus. We are the ones that denied it and then fell into darkness weaving a world that lives not giving to light

We can’t escape our level of thinking we can only evolve through it. All of the experiences in life give us the pathways for doing just that. But living at matters level created a world in darkness with human beings forever seeing but never seeing and listening but never hearing.


An embryo lives in consciousness and then grows effortlessly aging in a process from a child to a senior. We have no say in aging its part of the process of leaving this body for new life.

We come into a world and begin our journey in human consciousness. We want to learn Heaven is what we are coming into and God is the blueprint to life. There is no other purpose in our existence other than enlightenment for understanding Ultimate Truth and what being alive is, so that we can live in light.

We grow from a child to an adult not feeling our bones change. And we don’t live experiencing excruciating pain from our bones growing.  We don’t even feel our organs changing and growing. Nor do we experience trillions of cells constantly in change. God created life comfortably for us to experience only our level of consciousness. We don’t experience creation or the level of what is giving us this miracle. 

We never had to create nitrogen or carbon dioxide to live and we didn’t place the sun ninety three million miles away for giving precise levels for our existence, God did that.

We are only experiencing human consciousness at its present level very comfortably.

Linear Consciousness

Moving out of linear consciousness and evolving vertically towards the all-seeing eye is what is underway.  We haven’t had enough light to consciously evolve vertically until now. Now we are understanding God deeper and our world better. We have light.

We’ve been living at the bottom of the pyramid stretching it out horizontally instead of going up.  A good example of linear consciousness is we once used sticks and stones but now we use sophisticated weapons.

We didn’t have the intelligence to evolve out of needing weapons we only increased using weapons.

Yet no human being wants to be harmed or killed but we don’t have the level of intelligence for ending violence. We have only been able to think at the level of matter for continuing the use of weapons. Having more weapons doesn’t solve human aggression or living animal. We never consciously understood what we were doing and shaped linear consciousness as what we are living through. 

Animal in Human Consciousness

Animal is a word human beings will understand as light comes in.  When a species that can think at the level to transplant hearts and send satellites into the sky continue to harm other life as answers. It’s only because of the inability to process energy in higher light. Only animals that cannot process energy for civility harm other animals. There is an intellectual element missing in human consciousness because of our living at matters level instead of for enlightenment.

We’ve continued from the days of Rome to conquer and destroy. Which doesn’t live in Ultimate Reality. It’s part of the illusion we should be living through and out of.

Never should human consciousness have continued living in survival after creating so much in peace. But greed has kept human consciousness competing and fighting for placement in a world that doesn’t have placement. Human consciousness living at the level of money keeps human beings in hunter-gatherer.

Always living for what money can give to life created humanity’s own level of animal to persist in human consciousness. We made money live beyond human life. We are caring more about material and status than human suffering. Creating luxury brands was part of our living in linear consciousness. We had to build out instead living beyond that level.

We’ve been living cruelly as a species allowing billions of people to suffer only because of our level of thinking in darkness. It made the devils level in human consciousness a cake walk.

Which God knew this could happen and tried to tell us not to make money a second God. Intellectually we didn’t have the aptitude to understand what we were creating.

The technological advances we have had all created a deeper level of darkness in human consciousness because mattters level is all they have been cultivated for. We’re not living for Soul depth or enlightenment. We’re only living in linear consciousness. A good example is we can send satellites into the sky but yet do not care to live creating what feeds every child on earth before creating cars that back themselves up, bigger mansions or satellites.  We’re not being conscious of life at the level we need to be to keep it existing. 

Life requires us to care about other people greater than anything in matter. Creating a society to accumulate in excess before feeding every child on earth was a young devil creating a world to not have eyes to see with.

By allowing money to become what it has in life we ended our ability for consciously living with greater aptitude in light. Light requires Love and it requires living for others more than self. Human beings only live for self and have been taught to live caring more about themselves than anyone else. We didn’t understand what we were doing or what we had become. It’s the opposite of God’s creation for Heaven on earth.

Our caring for others is the light of our Soul. Living to help other people and provide basic human needs to all life is what gives the human race living in Heaven while here on earth.

When we made money more mportant than human life we created the animal in human consciosuness.

To live in society creating billionaires while thousands of children starve to death every day is the epitome of a species not conscious of life. There is a profound level in humanity not understanding how life is existing. Jesus understood this very well trying to teach us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Because He knew what we do to others we do to our own Soul.

We can never harm another Soul in life. It’s always our own Soul that gets harmed. We have to live through what we are of. 

Focus on the Soul

Ultimate Truth is there is only one of us here with God. How we treat other people and the Love we live is the Souls journey into God. It’s where we are today and today is creating the next part of life in our life continuum. We want to focus on the Soul rather than the temporal experience. False idols keep us in false reality at the devils level taking our Soul into darkness.

The world we see is temporary. The Love we give the Soul is everlasting because the Soul will create our life continuum living through everything other than Love to Love. This is why it’s important we live this life awake to Heaven and living as much Love as we can.

The world we experience is the illusion to Love.  And the Soul is continuously living becoming Love beyond all levels of matter we experience. 

Linear consciousness created a society to live always trying to accumulate in excess in levels of matter as the identity of life.  We were once living for a million dollars and then lived for a billion dollars and now people are trying to acquire a trillion dollars. That’s linear consciousness. We are embellishing matters level instead of getting out of it.

Moneys Level

There is a maturity that’s missed living at matters level because the substance is not being acquired living for money. Money has kept us thinking of life at shallow levels. Living superficially for luxury and accumulating in excess while thousands of children starve to death every day.

Our concept of life isn’t able to give to life what can keep it existing because we can’t even do it now, even though we have in excess. 

Living in linear consciousness never gave human beings the light to understand matter even though we have been living in it for thousands of years.

That darkness is something for humanity to realize keeps us from seeing the actual world we are in. We’re not registering Heaven or other levels of races and life because we can’t. We literally don’t have the eyes to see the light in life. 

Money has become the only level that determines a human beings existence. Yet money doesn’t discern intelligence, morals, ethics, consciousness or any level that create’s human consciousness to live sustainable or evolve. It’s a by-product of creating an exchange. Which never needed to become what we are living as life.

It’s only from our not understanding God or what being alive is that we created our consciousness to make life into darker levels of matter. 

Not living for enlightenment is the nemesis of the species. We needed to have light for understanding what we were shaping human consciousness in.

Money became the way of life because human beings didn’t understand what matter was.

Matter is consciousness. It’s an image in our Soul living through human photosynthesis. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Living for money robs the Souls light. There was a very profound reason why God tried to tell us not to make money a second God. And it was because we would weave lower levels of energy in human consciousness instead of light.

Making it near impossible to understand what being alive was or what matter was. Which until these writings have been true. No human being on earth has ever understood Heaven as our world, what a human being was or what matter was until now. And that knowledge has only come from  Christ consciousness.

When Jesus said it would be harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than a camel going through the eye of a needle. It was because consciously we were shaping our thought system to hold darkness that wouldn’t have the higher energy for seeing higher light in life. We were weaving a veil over our eyes preventing ourselves from seeing the world we were in. It’s impossible for consciousness to live outside of itself. We can only live through consciousness. We were callousing our hearts and minds creating darker energy in consciousness instead of living the Love for light.

Living for Light

False idols give false reality and only create consciousness in darkness. We want to live for enlightenment and Snow Squid is a perfect gift from God for taking us into deeper levels of thinking.

Learning about creation is imperative for humanity to have a state of mind that goes beyond the present level of thought. When Jesus walked the earth He did so speaking in parables because the human mind was unable to understand His wisdom and knowledge. We were so deep in darkness our reality was never in the light for comprehending what was being said. We are the people forever seeing but never seeing and listening but never hearing because we don’t live with God in the way we should. 

We are born into a world taking matter for granted. Only learning to live at society’s level of consciousness. We don’t learn that matter a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.  Or that the world we are experiencing is temporal and a brief part of our long life continuum.

We tend to take what is extraordinaire and butcher it for fitting into society’s level instead of widening our light.  God giving humanity Snow Squid is for going beyond our present level of thinking into higher light. We don’t want to try and make Snow Squid live at matters level. We want to expand our mind and Soul for opening the bigger part of our world.

All life only exists for conscious evolution. Every bit of what we experience including rain, snowflakes, snakes, and butterflies are only living for invoking thought. They exist for us to observe our eyes and what we think we see. This includes the chair, the cup and all levels of matter. They are only vibrations, frequencies, and resonance giving to our level of consciousness for how matter appears.

We are the ones thinking everything into being and making it live in the light it does from our level of consciousness.

May Snow Squid help us acquire substance and maturity for our enormous existence in divinity. There has never been a time that a human being in human form walks the earth having Christs light within. 

Humanity is going to live experiencing Heaven on earth in ways that will shatter our reality. Christ consciousness is a level living for any human being to live through.  Our knowing that a human being walks the earth in Heaven gives us the light for living deeper in God is a blessing that will lasts for eternity. 

Visit: Snow Squid for watching the video of Snow Squid. 

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