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When I began living in Heaven it was in a light that would be the same for anyone else. I didn’t have any way to conceive it being possible. No one is prepared for experiencing what seems impossible until it happens. When life changes it changes from beyond the world we see. There is a greater intelligence working in life beyond our reality.

Living in Heaven while here on earth has been a process over twelve years with eight of those years living with God teaching about Himself. God has been teaching me to live Christ consciousness beyond society’s level and giving me knowledge of creation and human consciousness. 

God moves in ways we can’t explain. He doesn’t always use the best, most qualified or the people most expected. Even Moses was insecure about His going to Egypt because of his speech. God gave Him the way.  Rather than using the most qualified God’s pattern is to use the unqualified, unexpecting, insecure, flawed, and the underdog.

Just like anyone else, as Heaven came into my life I had to find a way to understand.  My assurance came through carving my Soul deeper into God through living Christ consciousness. Even though at the time I was more atheist and didn’t have a spiritual practice or religious one. God gave me every opportunity to live deeper in Him. Heaven never stopped opening my world for Christ consciousness.

All of this began twelve years ago when I discovered people monitoring me who subsequently began destroying my life because they had been caught. I chose Love and never defended myself or attacked back.  They destroyed my life over four years taking me from Beverly Hills to below poverty.  This began the journey of crossing one bridge for a new world I never knew existed. No one can understand how the entire world is catered to them for living with God until they break from one world to see it as it really lives. 

God led me through the devil to Heaven. He opened my eyes to see with and He opened my ears to hear with.  The past eight years have been a deep process for teaching humanity how to live with God.


Love is the energy that expands consciousness and is the light we live through. It is the energy of God. Human beings are Love creating their path for remembering their light in God.

Every human being is at a level of Love becoming greater Love. Human beings live as energy in human photosynthesis for experiencing matter at any one level of consciousness.  Love is the light in human photosynthesis creating the light of the world we experience as life.

Living in Heaven

The ancient wisdom of Heaven is all there is with human consciousness separating itself from the ancient knowing of all.

Our world is living in Heaven.  We create our version of reality inside of Heaven. Everything we see as matter is tiny little atoms of motion with consciousness imprinting upon the energy the images we see. Consciousness is all that is alive. 

Everyone only lives in their narrative through human photosynthesis. We don’t live outside of our thoughts. We create our life story through every thought. Human beings live in self-chatter talking to themselves living through incessant thinking. We only experience life through our perspective. We never live outside of what we think.

God created life for us to experience only our level of consciousness as the world so we could observe it and evolve through it. This created the path for a life continuum. Giving us living in matter at any one level of consciousness evolving deeper into God.  As life becomes conscious of Love we live in greater energy of God.  This creates a life continuum for what becomes more heavenly in matter.

Every thought is what we live through. The incessant thinking keeps us living in a story nonstop. We move through matter from sun up to sun down not understanding thought can change and the entire light of teh world will change too. No one grasps the agreement is temporal. Our eternal light is our divine level within every part of Love we know as life.  Gradually becoming more conscious of Love leads to higher intelligence for knowing God as reality. 

We’re on a journey carrying the light of God slowly awakening to more of Him than us. We live from consciousness of self to light. Life is only a teacher giving us the way to become conscious of Love. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God.


Society has been living from a thought system in matter instead of light.  Our version of life has been shaped by a very dogmatic level in thinking that only related to the three-dimensional theory as the world.  We didn’t understand the motion at the smallest particle was resonance in God’s consciousness.  We made our senses and what was tangible life. Never understanding what we didn’t see was more alive than what we did see. We never lived deep enough in God for wisdom of our existence.

We thought life was a three-dimensional world and continued expanding everything in matter to live through money. We brought the three-dimensional world into being.  This is important to note because our three-dimensional theory shaped religion, science, and every facet of life we know as reality. No one lived with God teaching about Himself since the disciples lived with Christ. 

If we would have been living deeper in God through Spirit instead of living in human precepts making money a second God, we would have shaped our existence deeper in Heaven instead of the devil’s level in life.

Born into Matter

Everyone is born into matter and takes matter for granted.  We’re not learning matter is energy only existing at our level of consciousness. We come into the world and immediately start having our consciousness conditioned for living at society’s level. No one knows any better because no one lives with God teaching about Himself.  

Contrary to society’s idea of life we’re not living to become famous or wealthy. We’re living for a divine existence in Heaven trying to become conscious of God living within our light for teaching us about living. 

Today scientists learn life is not in matter and is an illusion through consciousness. They soon will understand consciousness only exist in human photosynthesis.

The theory of everything is consciousness in human photosynthesis. This theory will live more in life than any other level for eternity because it’s the catalyst that serves matter exactly as we think to be. God is keepinig meaure of evert atom for huan consciosuness to assign teh atoms purpose and the livingnes of the particle. 

Human beings must live for higher levels of energy in order to have the light to process unconsciousness for higher intelligence. This is why living in God is imperative. It’s only through His energy do we acquire the higher light in consciousness.

The Word Created the World

When God created the “Word” it created the world and every thought after has been shaping human consciousness.  It’s an algorithm in resonance that brings energy into matter at our level of consciousness.

Consciousness lives obscurely. The world creates itself in algorithms through the collective level of Love and not Love lived.  We live from self-organizing energy for different light in matter. This light comes out of human photosynthesis.

 The human story for this level has Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, Christianity along with Adam and Eve and Abraham for creating the light we live through.

Tens of millions of years ago there was a different human story for another part of consciousness to experience matter.  Five thousand years from now there will be another level of consciousness in a different light having another human experience. The light of Heaven is continuous in every life, in every level of consciousness while the human story changes for new levels of light in matter.

Understanding Realms

Realms are higher levels of consciousness having light through more than what we know as dimensions. Humanity lives in consciousness which gives us the opportunity for experiencing other realms within this light.

Right now we’re living in two worlds at one time in order for human photosynthesis to create our life continuum.  We are creating the next part of life from the places we live of Love and not Love.  Love is the light in human photosynthesis that gives us the light in consciousness to live through. It’s the filter of matter. Human beings live only conscious of one world. As we leave our bodies after this part of life we have a small window of opportunity for knowing two worlds at once as we live in Spirit going to Heaven.

When God created consciousness He created infinite levels that could be realized from any one level of consciousness. How we think is the only source for what we experience. As people learn to Love greater than any level in society they will understand how light lives in our world. Consciousness can’t live outside of itself it has to live through itself transcending the dark for light. 

The Earth

The earth carnates through human consciousness. Our present level of consciousness gives every level of life its light. Including our past and future. We live completing the story we came into, creating the light for the earth and universe, all vegetation, animals, systems, including all physical form we are conscious for. We bring everything into being at our level of consciousness.

There are endless veils to live through that shed themselves for seeing a greater light of our world in God. The human story changes dramatically when consciousness moves into higher light.  Everything transforms including Love. What once was is no longer and human consciousness creates again what is and what will be.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

The earth is a living organism connected to the universe. The universe is speaking louder to everyone for hearing our light in God.  Energy is always changing form. Our universe never exists in the same light twice.

Life is A Pool of Consciousness

God is hundreds of billions of years alive which tells us human consciousness is blended with other light for living in matter. We are energy having the gift of matter as life. The matter we experience as our world only lives in our narrative and from the pool of consciousness shaped perfectly for our existence. 

We cannot know the other levels existing outside of our level until we consciously evolve for more light. Our world is trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy. Conscious evolution is the way of the world because only through living enlightened do we open higher levels of God.

Consciousness is always renewing itself for expanding life.

Human Consciousness

God created human consciousness for living in matter at any one level of consciousness.  Matter is the gift He gave to humanity. Human consciousness is trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in holographic light in decimals living through seven pillars of God. Energy is living at different temperatures for creating the density in matter.

God created our consciousness and the “Word”  gave us the world.  Consciousness is living in algorithms that are determining our levels in matter through light. We are blended with higher intelligence for living in matter. 

God is giving us the way to hear our thoughts. The light we live through is from the level of Love we are of.  Love is the light in consciousness that gives us greater levels of God’s energy.   The deeper in God we live the more light we have in consciousness.

Human beings feel more than they are actually aware of. What we feel is creating how we experience life. It’s our silent communication with everything around us we begin to know more of as we live in higher light. Human consciousness has higher intelligence waiting for us to open the door for living with races of Love pouring through our light deeper than how we live with humans. They are part of creation and living perfectly in our light for raising us through one level of consciousness to the next. 

We Communicate Before We Are Conscious of It

Human beings communicate in light before they are speaking. Energy is in levels of everything we are conscious of. It’s another language we live through with algorithms pulsing resonance as language. Atoms don’t discern whether someone is speaking French or Spanish. They live by pulses of algorithms. 

 How we hear a word is in trillions and trillions of energy in temperature in an extreme quantum level of waves. How we see a bug or a person is through trillions and trillions of energy in algorithms through Conscious Energy in human photosynthesis. 

When we came into the world. The embryo was receiving consciousness through God in holographic light which has levels of light from the Soul for the Spirit to live in matter.   The Soul is living in Heaven in another level of our existence. We are the eternal experiencing the temporal for building the Soul in light deeper in God.

As the embryo lives it begins baffling into higher resonance and vibrations for greater exterior light. It is only in tiny little atoms the mind is able to receive the algorithm of waves for knowing the design of its unique algorithm in God. The seed in life always carries the imprint of form.  Every human being was already existing as a level of energy before we manifested in matter.

Self Doesn’t Exist

Self is the transitory level of the mortal world only existing for this one experience in matter. It provides a story for living through to Love and it gives us the way to know we’re existing. There is no self. The level of self is only a temporal level for the experience in matter.

We are consciousness and consciousness is Love. Our existence is beyond all matter. There is no level of self in light. Only at matters level do we create the false self for experiencing the human story. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off after every experience. We will have a different body for every new life and in every new life, we will call that body self.  Who is self if we have a thousand different bodies all being called self? The light beyond the body is who we are. We are Love just like God. And we are the path returning to Love.

The Soul

The Soul is living and is the light giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul was created through different algorithms in God for existing as a reflection of His light in human consciousness. The Soul is consciousness living as Love. 

The Soul’s journey is carving itself into higher light in God. We live in algorithms creating different levels in human consciousness to live through accumulating Love.  There is a divine intelligence beyond the light giving to every manifestation. The Soul can rest and then manifest in matter at  different times in human consciousness for evolution.

We tend to think of the Soul from matters level only existing in this body. Instead of it being the light that gives Spirit the way to live in many bodies over eternity. 

The Soul lives deeply in higher intelligence.

God tried to tell us not to live for wealth or material because it would shackle human consciousness to earthly levels. Making the Souls journey a darker one because at matters level we live through ego, satan or the little person. That thought system at that level doesn’t understand Love in the light of Christ. It lives self-centered only experiencing life from society’s littel perosn level instead of in the light of God. This makes life harder to become conscious of Love which we need for greater intelligence to understand God and our the path to Him.

The Soul Can Never Be Harmed by Another

We can only harm our own Soul. In life, there’s only one of us here with God becoming Love. No one can harm another person’s Soul. What we do to another is the prophecy of our own Soul.

How we treat another human being is how we shape our Soul’s journey in life. We create our Soul’s life continuum through the levels of Love we are of and not of.

The Devil

Our world is in Heaven and there is no devil in God.  Human beings are creating the devil in human consciousness by living in lower earthly energy.  When God gave humanity free will He gave us the ability to live through anything we could think. God told us not to make money a second God because He knew about life while we had no idea matter was a nothingness only living in consciousness. 

When we lived for matters level we shaped human consciousness in ego, satan, and the little person. Out of that light we make opponents with attack and defend as a normal part of our thought process. Most people have no idea they live in incessant thinking without living conscious that we only live in our narrative. The unconscious level of life keeps us in an illusion creating darkness as life. 

Lucifer is the terrible level of making our own darkness by not knowing creations level keeping God first, last, and in all things. Living with God is for shaping our thought system in Love. 

Through false idols and living in materialism we create a thought system in lower mind. This only renews itself instead of living in light. When we live in lower energy we have no way to understand the bigger world we’re in. Consciously we create a tiny box of reality at matters level to live in. We stay in our knowing and not knowing without a clue as to what is beyond it. Our idea of life swims in satan because incessant thinking is our light. We create a dark veil we don’t even know is existing.

Darkness changes our perspective of life into a hostile world instead of a peaceful one. There’s always someone to persecute.

Suffering is the absence of Love. Only Love rids the dark. Love is the most powerful light in life because it’s God’s energy in ours. The devil in human consciousness only lives from not choosing Love over everything in life and trusting that God will give the light for doing so. 

The Macrocosm

Matter is the effect of the harmonic echo in human photosynthesis. There are many different levels of consciousness creating the light of thought. Every level we experience from now to eternity is already existing in God. We’re renewing the light by creating our path to its existence.

Life is extraordinaire and vast with greater levels of life living all around us waiting for us to realize their existence. What is continuous and the macrocosm is consciousness. Matter is the quick trip for experiencing one level of consciousness as we move along to greater levels of life.  We made the illusion our reality instead of holding the principality in God for knowing our destiny as Love. 

The macrocosm in life is always what is creating light. God is all there is as life and we are tiny algorthims out of His light remembering our way back home. 

Algorithms and the Seven Pillars

The seven pillars of light are Hiphen, Laz, Bak, Nol, Mar, Pias, and Ay. They describe all living things. They are seven pillars of self-organizing energy in the higher levels of God renewing themselves for the eternal expansion of consciousness.

They are not other Gods.  They are pillars of holy self-organizing energy in God creating levels in life for living through. They exist beyond any human light. 

The human experience has light for divine expression. We are the ones choosing what we realize. Everyone lives out of a point creating the journey of remembering their Truth. We are in a process of alchemy for remembering we are Love.

Human photosynthesis is atoms of light hundreds of billions of years alive. These levels have different cycles within them for creating realms through out the different algorithms in consciousness.

Each algorithm is at a different level in consciousness. Every human being is living at some level in God trying to awaken.

Our journey leads us through form slowly creating in matter what eventually awakens us to light. Spiritual evolution is mandatory. There is nothing else a human being is living for other than enlightenment. The journey of enlightenment gives us the Love for deeper light in God.

Harmonic Echoes in Life

In the beginning, humanity had greater light through living deeper in God.  Over time from living at matters level, human consciousness fell away from God creating denser echoes in life.

We lost the ancient knowing of the universe by not honoring higher light.  We want to live in a higher light for experiencing higher levels of God. But we need to open our eyes for seeing beyond matters level.

As we become conscious of Love the Soul has brighter light for us to live through. Meditation, mantras, sound waves, and spiritual living give us the way for creating deeper stillness in God. We want to quiet the incessant thinking for living deeper in the conscious space of God. Leaving society’s story for the Soul’s journey in God.

We have been living at earthly levels, not understanding Angels, higher life and the power of the intelligence within us. Many-many years ago they worshipped the Sun knowing its existence was beyond any level a human being could create. They appreciated life in a practice of gratitude. We’ve taken everything for granted and our eyes don’t see the miracle of the ant.

Humanity wants to renew its relationship with God and restore the light for living like an innocent child experiencing everything for the first time. In deep appreciation. It’s in that light of Love that opens Heaven and higher realms of life.

Conscious Energy

God is dynamic energy and in the conscious space of God is Conscious Energy (with a capital “C” and “E”) which is a level within His light. Conscious Energy is another race of Heaven and is the fabric of the world. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter giving us our livingness in matter.

Conscious Energy is living in everything we see and don’t see. There is no space where they are not. Only through their level do we experience matter. 

Conscious Energy is self-organizing energy in God and give the light in human photosynthesis for matter to live exactly as we think. 

Conscious Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive. There would be no buildings, streets, earth, moon, plants, animals, people, cars, food, tea, pens, pebbles, ants, etc. if not for Conscious Energy.  They give us the way to experience our world from our perspective. There are only waves of energy and we are imprinting upon that energy for matters existence only from our level of consciousness. 

Other Races

Our atmosphere is living intelligence giving us the plasma for living in matter. It’s intelligent energy. Other races live in our atmosphere at higher levels of intelligence. Some races don’t even look like we would expect. We relate to bodies as life when we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Every race in existence should be looked upon from the perspective of consciousness instead of the form. All races have a different form based upon their level of light.

There will never be another race that looks like a human being. But there are other races that have similarity to  form.  And there are races that don’t look anything like our form that are objects that we would not know were living.

Other races can have different shapes, sizes and they can live transparent or floating. They don’t need facial features and they communicate through vibrations and resonance. Telepathy is natural.  Other races don’t live in our light and have nothing to do with the building blocks of human life. We don’t even know how life exists or what being human is because science only knows this present level of consciousness which never knew how matter was existing until these writings. 

Oru concept of other races is silly once we understand what consciousness is and how it was created through higher intelligence for living in matter. Other races is our entire existence of being. God being of no form and of all form should have made us realize the form was temporal and the light was eternal and far beyond any level of form we knew as life. Energy has no form whatsoever but can capsulate in any form. 

Learning of other races came through God blessing me to understand creation and the bigger world we’re in and the quantum level. All races I’ve experienced live in peace. Their wisdom and livingness are in a greater dimension in God at higher levels of light. They’re not part of human consciousness they are part of creation’s level for giving light in human consciousness. God created everything in existence and they have their role to play too for carrying us deeper into God. 

As humanity understands consciousness and our world in energy we will begin to acquire a greater maturity about life’s existence. It’s more advanced than we’ve been living. Just knowing that God is hundreds of billions of years alive tells us the depth of life and how advanced it is.

What we think today is young and it’s only based out of living at matters level.  Snow Squid is part of the plasma and can communicate.  Snow Squid is hundreds of billions of years alive. There’s a video on the website where you can see Snow Squid. Human consciousness is in a new era for understanding a much bigger world with extraordinary levels of life living alongside us.

Incessant Thinking

Consciousness is living in energy circulating within its own light. Energy doesn’t live beyond where we live it. We want to understand incessant thinking keeps us from living in the light. It keeps us only living at one level of thinking in a story. It doesn’t leave that level for any other level until we begin changing the energy we think through and pausing incessant thinking. Only through changing our energy do we change the energy thoughts emerge out of.

The brain is a processor giving the story at matters level. It’s moving quantum levels of energy into images through our Soul. Every thought is an image living in energy.  Incessant thinking is a transitory level of the mortal world experience and doesn’t live beyond this one experience. Only consciousness is continuous. The brain is giving us the way to live through the human story in our own light.

We’re only living in our perspective listening to our narrative as we move through matter. We constantly talk to ourselves in self-chatter jumping from one thought to the next. We will talk more to ourselves in this life than to another human being. When we change the energy thought emerges out of we change the experience of our world.

Stillness is a practice that shifts energy into harmony. It gives us a veil to see through has higher light in God. We want to create life living in prayer energy. Out of compassion, harmony, and peace.

Living in incessant thinking was the young stage in human consciousness that allowed us to create stories to live through as we become more conscious of Love. Now life is living to understand the conscious space of God and how to experience Heaven on earth..  This is only done by pausing the incessant thinking and opening ourselves to higher light. We want to live out of incessant thinking for living with God teaching about Himself. 

When we quiet incessant thinking we open the conscious space of God.  The space between our thoughts has more life than the thoughts we carry. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn’t change as thoughts do.

God gave us so many opportunities to know He existed and we’re the only ones that continue to rip ourselves out of His arms for living an easy mistake in life. Understanding consciousness is al that is alive tells us we are thinking species that must understand how to move light in consciousness. God told us to keep Him first, last and in all things for doing just that. 

No one can know God who only knows society as reality. We’re living to live beyond society as reality to God as reality understanding thoughts are energy in matter.One thought system only knows its existence. When we live for higher consciousness we can look back and know the reality once lived was an illusion only giving us the way to live deeper in God. Society is the backdrop for living Love. 

We can live only Love and will fall into the arms of God without ever knowing He existed.