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In life, we accumulate lower earthly energy by living through ego, the little person or satan. When something terrible happens in our lives we hold onto the energy and live with the absence of Love. How to forgive is a life long blessing. Thinking only exists out of energy and when we live with suffering the energy we think out of is dark. We want to live Love as our breath in life.

Below are some beautiful mantras for releasing darkness for light.

Every thought is all we live as life. We live in self chatter listening to our narrative and making it exist as life. We never live outside of our perspective. When we understand each thought is life we understand why living Love is imperative to live Heaven. We want to forgive and release all pain in our energy.

The process for that is:
1. Find anything we can focus on in gratitude
2. Forgive everyone including ourselves
3. Change the light of the experiences for knowing there is more we do not see. Our minds cannot tell us the truth of everything it can only tell us our perspective. Opening ourselves for letting God in – is all we are doing.
4. Allow Love to live in us for seeing life with eyes of Love

We don’t have to be right, wrong, justified, guilty, shameful, angered or crucified. More is living beyond what we see…and with God we will experience it. Eventually, everything comes full circle. We just need to live through the pain we hold- letting it leave for existing beyond everything we think is living today. It’s a thought living out of energy that hasn’t had light to process for living it differently.

Mantra’s are a way of observing how the mind lives in stories of the past and future. We begin to understand how every thought is living. The principle of mantras is for ending incessant thinking and being present to every thought as life.

Here are some mantras to live relentlessly making every thought only the mantra.

1. I am Love, I am Light, I am the Love all life lives through.
2. I am God and every human being only lives through my Love.
3. I am happiness and I am blessed by God.

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Saying mantras a million times is to little. It should be your only thought.

Forgiveness takes us off the cross and restores our energy to its divine right order. The person who suffers in holding anger or upset is the one holding it.  Learning to let go of pain is essential for living happy.  One knows the pain is gone when we think of what had us suffer and we only feel Love. Forgiveness is a practice that isn’t about what was done to us. It’s how we remove pain from our light. It’s our blessing for living free from pain. The level of releasing what is experienced in thought can only be released in thought. We must change how we live it in our mind. Here is a practice.

Think of someone or a group of people in your life that you felt suffering, anger or upset with. Say the below and a thousand times every day is too little. Only send that person or persons Love. It’s imperative we do this with discipline because the reward is Heaven like we’ve never felt before.

See a pitcher of water being poured over the persons feet and say in your mind or out loud “I wash the feet of Jenny and I beg for mercy and forgiveness. I am so sorry if I harmed you in any way in my thoughts or actions. I Love you. I am Love, I am the Love all life live’s through.” (Repeat this phrase as many times as you can staying present to saying it. Repeating it like a mantra saying it a million times is to little)

As we live learning to control what we think and to live in energy of Love we begin opening a higher level of our Soul. There is much more life in us and as we clear the clutter and remove the pain the light within shines bright.