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Algorithms and quarks are nothing more than ideas in God swimming in resonance. They give us light for experiencing life at our own level of consciousness. They’re unique to us and don’t ever experience levels again once lived. The resonance knows the idea in pulses for keeping its existence in our light.  Algorithms are the entire basis of life’s self-organizing energy. There are hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy living within different light for human consciousness to experience matter. Everything we know as life is one idea out of an infinite that can be brought into being. 

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

The human idea is a thought and the thought is energy living in algorithms. The process of thinking is nothing more than blends of intelligence carving temperature for another level to exist. Life is resonance moving through different frequencies in a higher consciousness than our own.

We are blended with higher intelligence for making matter live exactly as we think it. The human being is not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body. What is living is conscious energy moving through human photosynthesis for experiencing matter from different levels of consciousness.

The idea of size is part of one veil of illusion only existing in the narrative of that one level of consciousness. The existence of life is so quantum nothing can know the size. Quarks and bits are human ideas not God’s intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. We seem to dismiss higher intelligence moving in our light and for matter to swim in algorithms the light of it is higher intelligence. Our light is absolute without another fragrance beyond its own idea of itself. The idea of thinking alone is null. 

We’ve been created and move in more light that defines what we feel is alone but we are never alone. Human beings wouldn’t be able to live in matter if not for atoms out of God’s measure. We would have no way to hear our thoughts, see the body or earth. Other light in ours is the essence of living out of God. 

Algorithms are the architects in life