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Human existence with other races  is our lineage. God hundreds of billions of years alive created us. Below tells the Truth about my life.  

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13 Years Ago

All Levels Welcome Beginner Friendly


Living with God Teaching About Himself


Year 12 – the change


Living Their Lie


Other Races


Human Purpose

Truth of Life
Being human is conscious energy. We’re a thinking species that is constantly changing form. 

We come into a world that already exists and have no idea what is actually here because the word creates the world. This means only what we can think exists as life. God conceived the idea and has lived for hundreds of billions of years, forming what was needed for any level of consciousness to know matter. What we believe is reality is one idea out of an infinite. It’s where we carry the word. Everything in matter is placed only by thought. Each thought is shaping life.

We’re trying to carry the most light in thought for creating Heaven on Earth. When God created human consciousness, He did it out of His energy. Everything in existence is resonance. It’s energy in God moving through His light for living in matter. We’re conscious energy within His energy.

God is the only idea in existence. We are living in His idea. When human consciousness was shaped, it was with variances of other light. It’s deemed other races because living energy is conscious and exists in a light of its own existence but weaved within human consciousness. We call it higher intelligence and Heaven. It’s a living energy far beyond our idea of other races. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy.

We see buildings, cars, and trees, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of sub-atomic particles zig-zagging for as far as the eye can see. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Conscious Energy with a capital “C & E” carries energy into human photosynthesis and is a race of Heaven.

Human photosynthesis is light deeper in God. It’s a convergence of living intelligence within God’s light for shaping matter from any level of consciousness. They live as another race because they live outside of human consciousness and outside of our idea of living. They don’t carry anything we do in life. They are separate from us but weaved within our light for us to live what we think in matter. It’s like a pool of consciousness, but we only know a tiny fragment of it as self and reality, but what is here is astronomically bigger and beyond our ideas.

Suppose we imagine a massive circle as big as the Earth and imagine a tiny pin dot in the center. The tiny pin dot is human consciousness, and the rest of the circle is Heavens other races. We’re an algorithm in God, having the way to live in matter from any level of consciousness. That is our eternal existence. We’re consistently living from one temporal world to another, living for Love. 

Human consciousness rests in Heaven. Heaven is living as multiple layers of resonance-endless and growing. We’re weaved within other races for living in matter. Human consciousness is a created light from other light in God.

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