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What Happened in My Life

Almost fourteen years ago I caught scientology monitoring me at home. After I caught them they began destroying my life because I was six degrees from Lisa Marie Presley, Tom Cruise, and Kirstie Alley.  I had worked for Lisa Marie Presley on a marketing job for her single dirty laundry. Tom Cruise wanted a trainer from my trainer’s place. After my life was being destroyed I googled my boss and found out he was a scientologist which I should have known because he often spoke of his good friend Kirstie Alley. His name was Bill Crawford. 

Scientology had monitored my life following me to the gym and taking notes. They monitored my phone calls for knowing what I was doing. They had some way of listening to me over my computer. Many times I would pick up my landline and men’s voices would be talking. Following me to restaurants and stores. They would video tape me walking and in any establishment. They ruined my communication with possible clients through email and phone calls. They stole hard mail from my mailbox and overnight letters that would have checks. 

My life went from Beverly Hills to below poverty with scientology destroying ways of making money and on purpose psychologically changing my light for darkness. They relentlessly followed me around Los Angeles as I moved from place to place to keep a roof over my head.  They broke into my car and I think they also had broken into my apartments. Many times things were out of sorts and exterior hard drives would be smashed. I also caught a scientolgist trying to break into my apartment when I lived on 33rd street in Santa Monica. 

After 4 years of their making my life live below poverty energy started flying around my apartment. I had sold everything of value I had except my car for keeping a roof over my head and buying food. Many times I had to buy anything of substance because I could really by food. The ide ao homelessness was a constant level because my making money wasn’t living in anything because of their harassment and following me. 

Even now with God and Heaven in my life a scientologist lives next door to me. Still monitoring my life. They followed me every where I went. In saint louis they sent private detectives to monitor me as I placed my mom from her wheelchair into the car for a doctors appointment. It was only later that I relaxed their psychotic demnted ways had acted as if I was a threat to them. They had destroyed my life for 4 years and when I went to help my mome leave for Heaven they sent private detectives beuase tom cruise was going to be in saint louis. 

They created and stories of me being a threat….may I now let that come true for them. At the time i had no idea why they did that but later on teh news I heard tom cruise had come to saint louis. Their provoking for something to fight back needs to be answered with their destruction. 

When I caught them monitoring me I made the choice to live love and not attack back and defend myself. I did nothing as they destroyed my life going from a six-figure income to below poverty. I earned less than 13, 000 a year for over a decade. I refused to fight back because I thought it was outrages that they were caught monitoring me but it was my life that had to live at their level of energy and fight back at their level. They were the ones wounded and they were the ones in the wrong…why did my life have to have a disruption?????????

They were the ones who had been criminal for over 30 years in human consciousness. They are the only organization to break into teh White house. They blew up someones car in England. And have been a manace and harassment to many peoples lives destroying their lives effortlessly because they had the money to do so. 

EVEN THough they were the only organization to break into teh white house the IRS deems them a church and gave them tax freedom to create their criminal organization e=with as much money as they could make. Which they made their organization bring in 200, 000 a week or suffer for not doing it. The Sea Org is a division in sceintolgy that has lived for decades inside of teh infrastructure of countries telephone companies, internet companies, utilities and government. Their sea org has only one mission….keep scientolgys mission existing at all costs. They wil lie and pretend and do anything necessary to only accomplish scientologys mission. 

They have a manifesto for doing juts that. They teach peole how to live through harrasing levels and teach them how to become masters at menacing other peoples lives. They disconnect everyone from their families if they families do not support them. They take people from Germany and bring them to the united states. and listen to their phone calls to family and at a drop of  a hat wil  revoke every phone priveledgge from their staff and not allow anyone to have communication with family ever again. I know this first hand becuase it happened to Nadja Lehman who was a sceintolgist that never had a way out of thei roeg and was forced to live in it no matter. 

Every sceintolgist will tell you they are happy becuase they are abused psychologically for living in terror. Peole who try to get out of scientolgy get tracked down and forced to go back in. They do not let people leave it and wil do anything for years to try to keep someone in it.  They have existed as  an organization that soceity has known as the evil level in life. They call their organizations Celebrity Centres to get people to come to them because they tried to market and brand themselves as teh success of life in Hollywood.  They bought and kept every star in their existence juts fro finding the way to bate and switch the peole that came to them. 

they used Hollywood to brand themselves as good juts like they created humanitarian organizations to brand themselves as the ones who help humanity. WHen david Miuscaviage is teh one who treated peole beyond cruelly…making peiole live through terorizing chair games and the loser gets placed in halls of hell for losing. His musical chair ganme were torture for those in it. and his making people live with no access to teh world was also torture. ….His burying los Angeles police officers was done for buying power. I first hand watch police chiefs speak for scientology always turning a blin eye to what they do for their own money gain and having them behind them,. 

sceintolgy has been building itself for power in all parts of life so that government has no way to manage them. They are in more parts of life than anyone can know and do it mal;viciously for only scientolgys purpose. 

Thei sea org is the henchman level of scienology. David miscaiviage has strangled people an beaten people and those people were cut off from teh world from getting help and had to live terrorized and vulnerable to his whim.

He created a spiritual practice of punching people and if they couldn’t stand it they were the ones who were losers. 

There was a lady there whose leg was so hurt she could hardly walk but told me they wouldn’t not get her help and she had to over come it with her mind. She had dark hair and was an older lady who lived in suffering because of scientology’s ideas. Scientology has kidnapped people and murdered people. They have a 30 year history of living as criminals without having an ounce of what they deserve back in their light. 

David Misvaviage should be rotting in prison and the upper management should be behind bars. 

Sea org is a terrorist group and should be treated as such. They destroy life not for teh government but for only sceintalogs cause. if someone in government messes with Scientology they will destroy their lives and have. People from the press who wrote stories of scientolgy that were negative had their lives harrassed and harmed. 

Over ten years God and Heaven kept scientology in my life…. they were sending mail to my cloverdale address when they should have never had the address!!!!!!!!!!!! they called me here. Tomas is the man on teh ground monitoieing my life,. 

almost 14 years into this and I’m still living with darkness based upon nothing more than some broken level in life that needs to be destroyed and out of human consciosuness fro eternity. 

They need to be shamed – humiliated and made into the truth of what they are. 

How dare they send private detectives to saint louis while I care for my mom — acting like i  was a threat when they were the ones who ecvilly and relentellesy destroyed my life after I did nothing  but Love.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are sick and demnted and need to be humiliated and fucking shamed and teh e level of their Truth!!!!!! 

Ive haeld it in for over 13 years…..for what was right in life to live. I walked in Christ with Gdo teaching about Hismelf and lived through my life and my families life being harmed terribly for nothing mmroe than some dark level in this life justifying its demented psycvhotic existence./ 

Im changing all of it for making everything in my life fin Love… while I hate everything in my life because of God and Heaven Yo have nothing for me to live in this life that wil be something I value

I wont value it ever because you neevr valued my conscious experience or the light lived for having happiness and goodness in life. 

I made a choice almost 14 years ago for happiness

and still have to live in hell  because of nothing more than the darkness in broken fuklcing levskl in life

Your wronger than wrong to not know how primitive and barbaric yo are to harm innocence for broken levels to play roles in human consciosnjhess. how dare you believe you can make progress in conscious evolution by bastrradizing everything that is good for darkness. 

Human beings don’t have to live in your fucked up story. Ill be the first human being to live with God teaching about himself telling him to grind my Soul becuase I will neevr live again in his consciosuness. 

Human life is living for stupid fucking story of dfarkeness or the triumphant journey over darkness. 

Its meaningless and makes life itself meaningless

I lived for goodness and did right by life and now life in harm because of your idea of life. 

your idea is a childs fiucking level that neevr knew life in form to live

Nothing in form holds your idea of form. 

Yoru idea is a childs broken dmented way in life. 

I wont live for your idea to ever live again. Higher intelliegcen is a disappointment to all of life

human beings deserve better and deserve life to lean to wrads heaven…every human beings is living for what is heaven not hell. You seem to be the bvrken level that can only uphold hell. You are broekn

not human being….human beings can live in light… are the bastardized level stopping progress and human consciosuness realizing its potential. 

Everyy achievement I have mad has been turned into nothing 

there is nothing i have lived in this life except what is stellar that has been made into dark becuase the fucking world has energy that keeps making life live in what it shouldnt

No one can fathom why the man who strangles people believes he is good while the one who lived love doing nothing but christ has to feel =awfiul and horrible…

you did the wrong est levels in history for what was the making of history…

there’s nothing here but a bastardized level of consciousness damning the right for the wrong.

Those who get killed had it coming. It was destiny because the idea in human consciousness that the good must be harmed for something in dark to live is wrong.