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Video Meditations Moving Love in our Light

Loving Humanity with God Meditation

Crucifixion & Resurrection Meditation


Deep Forgiveness Meditation With Christ

Healing Body, Mind And Soul Meditation

Letting God Release The Pain Meditation

Love Meditation With Mantra

Meditation: Wash Away Sorrow

Prayer With Forgiveness Meditation

Healing Situations with Meditation

The Sacred Renewal with Meditation

Manifesting Happiness Meditation

Forgiveness & Restoration Meditation

Love Always Meditation

Breathing Exercise & Meditation

Wisdom And Love Meditation

Living Christ Meditation

Harnessing Love Meditation

Awakening to God Meditation

Start listening and say the word ShaYen. Repeat it in your mind or out loud letting go of thought. Living this with only that word carries peace.  

Power of God 432hz + 528hz + 639hz

Start listening and say the word RaKHeM (Rock-heem). Repeat it in your mind letting go of all other thoughts. It's Love. 

Light out of Love 417 Hz

Start Listening thinking of the word Shmaya (Sha-my-ya) which means Heaven and then let your mind rest.