We Live In Human Photosynthesis

photosynthesisHuman photosynthesis is giving every human being the way to live in matter. It is the only level giving us the way to exist. Life was created through God’s energy for living in different levels of consciousness in matter. He created human beings for one purpose only and that was to live in matter at any level we could think.

The only way matter is existing is through our thinking. There is no other level in life other than energy. Humanity has lived seeing and living through matter without question because everyone is born with it all around them. We take matter for granted and don’t think twice about living with trees, buildings, and bodies. We never understood the miracle of life even though we have always been living in it.

The level of knowing what being alive is will only help us to understand how to live in peace, Love, and happiness. Our environment is only living in consciousness. When we see the moon, sun or stars we are seeing light through images in our Soul through photosynthesis. Because of photosynthesis, we’re having the way to see life in our own perspective. Even though we’re in a world that has trillions upon trillions and trillions of pieces created from the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is creating the level of the world we can experience. The level of Love in the humanity is the light of the world. Just as individually the level of Love we are of is the light of the world we see life through.

There is so much coming together to create the world to live through in our own perspective. The human body is water and this is giving energy in temperature’s greater ability to regulate photosynthesis in our light. At the smallest particle, every level of our body is a wave giving vibrations, frequencies and resonance through Conscious Energy in photosynthesis.

We only experience the world from one level of consciousness and that one level is ours.  What we think is all that is living. Our thoughts build what we live through and keep us incessantly thinking from one thought to the next. We live through our thinking moving forward in matter. Living from morning to night in our minds thinking non-stop. There is no other level living except our own level of consciousness. It’s pretty amazing to sit with that because it’s telling us what we witness and observe as life can only exist from how we think. Photosynthesis is giving us the way to experience life completely customized to our level of thinking. It is a unique experience in our own light having us live through humanity and a world at one level of consciousness.

Humanity has been brought up to live in a world with matter never questioning its existence or our level of consciousness. How we see furniture and the earth is through light in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The level of energy giving us livingness in matter is enormous. The energy is a living species in the conscious space of God called Conscious Energy. That is with a capital “C” and capital “E”. They are the fabric of the world giving humanity the ability to experience life from their own level of consciousness. Conscious energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter.

When we look around a room we see furniture. All around the furniture is living energy and in the furniture is living energy. When we go outside all the open space we see from us to the sky and onward is living energy. Our atmosphere is energy with plasma that is alive and consciously able to communicate. The entire fabric of our existence is energy that is able to communicate in higher levels of consciousness. Were in the conscious space of God and Heaven is all around us.

If humanity is going to understand its existence it is by understanding we are living in photosynthesis with God in every atom giving us the light to live in matter. The human body is only existing in consciousness as is the universe.

Photosynthesis is light in holographic levels in decimals giving enormous levels of hydrogen in levels beyond human consciousness. The level of energy in life is deafening in numbers that can’t be computed in any level of consciousness. Energy is all there is living and consciousness is a gift only having its light through God. When God became consciousness it was through Destiny in osmosis His level became the light all life is in.  Every level of what is living is only having its ability to exist because of God’s light in every atom. There is no other energy in existence greater than God because all energy lives in God.

Consciousness was never understood because we think in a thought system at our level we can’t conceive out of. Heaven in our light is helping us to understand what being alive is and the level of our world. To understand consciousness we have to go really deep because the level of matter we see is living only through images in our Soul in photosynthesis.

As we understand consciousness we can understand principles of life better. God gave every human being the way to have their own experience of life. This is why we live only from our perspective observing and witnessing everything in our own light. We never live through anyone elses consciousness we can only live through ours. Everything we see and hear is only living in our level of thinking.

Our level of thinking is emerging out of consciousness and consciousness is the light coming from the Soul that is Love.  When we think about God and what the gift of life is we want to immediately think He gave us the way as conscious energy to live in matter. The gift is having the ability to experience matter from any one level of consciousness.

We can live changing form for eternity as long we have the light in consciousness to live through. The light in consciousness is Love. Hence, God is Love. Having Love is the key to living Heaven while here on earth because it increases God’s energy in our light.

It’s a gift from God we took for granted even though every human being is born with Love. We literally had no way to understand life when we disconnected from God and didn’t listen to Jesus.  Love has been the way of the world from the very beginning. The Bible tried to help us not live for matter. We didn’t understand and did the opposite. Adam and Eve is a perfect parable for understanding how the human race ate from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge never understanding the snakes being unleashed in consciousness. We created darkness in consciousness from living for false idols, money, and material instead of living for Love and living for God.

When we disconnected from God there was no light for greater knowledge and wisdom. Light only comes from Love because it comes from God. We needed to live Love in levels of Christ and not at the mortal world level but live through the mortal world to Heaven. There is no other energy in life that can give to the human race other than Love because Love is God’s energy. We want to live increasing our Love so we increase living with God.

Humanity was created to consciously evolve and experience in matter what becomes Heaven on earth. God is the only one who can change how we see and think when we live Love. When we realize God is reality and the world is Heaven we live for Love.  When we are living for the light we are living for God to realize our potential in any one level of consciousness. God is with us in all ways giving us everything we need to live in higher light. It is upon us in free will to have the willingness and the want to experience greater levels of consciousness in higher levels of light. When we do, we invoke Heaven to help us experience the light in life that is all around us.

Photosynthesis is a remarkable level in life blessing every human being to live through matter at any level of consciousness. If we are to live giving ourselves the ability for miracles and Heaven. It is by living greater levels of Love we unlock the light in life we’ve been yearning for.

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