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Human Photosynthesis is the level of Love in everything giving matters level its light. It's the only level existing creating the world exactly as we think it into being. We only experience our level of consciousness as life and human photosynthesis gives us the way to do it. It brings greater levels of light for only living through our narrative as life.  This is an extraordinaire level that science is now only learning through these writings with God. Human photosynthesis dates every technological advance we have ever had to prehistoric levels because it teaches the world only consciousness is alive and only resonance exists as our light in life. 

Knowing that light shapes matter and atoms have infinite impressions gives the world one way to understand our existence only living at the individual's level of consciousness. Living in a world that is only catering to our thoughts is beyond human ideas of living and has never been known until now. Science never understood what being alive was or what reality was and wasn't. 

No one has ever understood how matter was existing and science didn't live for enlightenment to know. With God telling the light for creation's level we get to understand why He shaped us in free will and why our existence only lives in our minds. Most people think the world is outside of them but it's only living through us. Our seeing buildings, cars, and trees is the gift God gave humanity for living as energy. Energy would have no way to live in matter if not for God shaping self-organizing energy within our light matter to exist exactly as we think.

We're not a strand of light but rather a mix of many levels of intelligence greater than ours living hundreds of billions of years alive. They exist within our consciousness and within matter for experiencing matter exactly as we think. The higher intelligence with us is Conscious Energy and they are a light of Heaven giving our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter.

Our world is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We see birds, rocks, and people but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. If we saw creation's level we would see energy crisis crossing for as far as the eye could see. There are no human beings walking the earth as we think. What we believe we touch and see is only images in our Soul existing at one level of consciousness but living so real that if we fall and scrape our knee it may bleed. 

What we experience is as real as it can be for opening consciousness in God. The world is a veil of illusion trying to awaken us for consciously evolving beyond it. We don't understand creation because religion never knew God. Its existed for thousands of years teaching everyone about a God it has never heard.  There's a reason why for over two thousand years there has never been an increase in knowing God from any religion. There haven't been any conversations with Him. We have no enlightened masters from everyone claiming to know God.

Without deeper living through society as reality to God, all we live is the devil's level in life in lower earthly energy. With God, we begin a new level in light of leaving one reality for the next. We literally lose our lives at society's little person level for gaining light in God. We go from society as reality to God as reality living with Him teaching about Himself. 

Humanity has lived seeing and living through matter without question because no one was awake to know they only live in their narrative with the world acting as their personal curriculum. We're living with God and no one else and can't live hearing Him because we made society reality acting as if He didn't exist. Even religion is Godless. They live in human precepts making practices and protocols living with God instead of living Christ consciousness opening Heaven on earth. 

We're born into a world already existing and take matter for granted and don't think twice about living with trees, buildings, and bodies. We never understood the miracle of life even though we have always been living in it. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The body serves the temporal world while our Soul is living the eternal. The body will come and go while consciousness is continuous. 

Everything we see is living in consciousness,  including the universe, atmosphere, and every little speck of life. Every snowflake is in its own light and every blade of grass is in its own light. There is no part of matter that ever lives again no matter how we perceive it. Our narrative is one out of an infinite and only that which is of Heaven is continuous in every life. Each level of human consciousness completes itself with a history and future. Those who walked through the world in one AD had their idea of history and life. Our idea is all there is existing. Five thousand years from now there will be another story. The Bible will live for eternity in a different light at every level of consciousness. 

No one ever sees the totality of anything including their parents, child, or the moon. We only see from one level of consciousness. Even if we sent many cameras into the sky and took pictures of the moon from all angles and then had one hundred different scientists comment on what they saw. No one would have seen the moon. They will have only seen their narrative of it and people speaking about it would only be heard in their narrative. We can't live beyond our thoughts and everything we experience as life only lives as our thoughts.  People say what we want them to say and say what we don't want them to say.  They never give anything other than what can be received for this one level of consciousness. They are answering us without us knowing it. 

Human photosynthesis is blessing us with our light as the world. No one lives outside of our thoughts and everyone lives within our light. The world is the collective consciousness of Love and not Love. We are living through everything other than Love to Love. Every circumstance we can experience in life is shaped from the Love and not Love out of humanity. Oru living for Love is what begins the making of Heaven on earth because we gain intelligence for knowing creation's level in life. 

Up until now, human beings have only lived in incessant thinking. Which is in lower mind with darker earthly energy processing in consciousness. We're living in lower mind because humanity made money a second God which led us to shape matters level as life.  We place meaning and self-identity in material goods. Most people think of their name, family, car. brand of clothes, neighborhood, and bank account as part of who they are. They haven't evolved beyond the little person's idea of life.

Thinking incessantly keeps us moving through matter without being conscious of the observer or how thought lives in matter. We're not understanding what being alive is. We think about our past and future without being present and we constantly daydream in stories that make us feel good. Everyone is living with their own voice narrating what life is and what to do next. We don't hear God and we make up what is the next thing to do without knowing we just invented it. Keeping God first, last and in all things was for ending incessant thinking and opening greater light in God. Only living in incessant thinking keeps us in ego, satan, and the little person. We have opponents and live in attack and defend instead of peace. 

Knowing we live only in our narrative gives us the way to become Love. It gives us the way to shape our thought system in the light instead of the dark. Human photosynthesis is the level of everything in life for human living and replicates every algorithm in our light for living through. Once we open Heaven's level in life we learn more about human photosynthesis and consciousness for deepening our light in God. The world is beyond any level we are fathoming but we won't live it until we consciously evolve beyond society as reality and out of incessant thinking. 

Human photosynthesis only gives our truth in life. Its level is continuously knowing every aspect of existence with higher intelligence, Angels, and celestial light gathering for every instance of our lives. Nothing we think in private is secret to God. Every thought is heard for living in matter. No one can live without a plethora of other races in Heaven giving to our living in matter. 

When we look around a room we see furniture. All around the furniture is Conscious Energy. The air is alive and every level of matter including the pebble has higher intelligence for having it exist exactly as we think it to be. . When we go outside all the open space we see from us to the sky and onward is living energy. Our atmosphere is energy with plasma that is alive and consciously able to communicate. The entire fabric of our world is energy that able to communicate in higher levels of light. Were in the conscious space of God and Heaven is all around us. Snow squid is another race in our atmosphere I met in Saint Louis during a snowfall and is part of the plasma giving us the way to live in matter. This is the only video of another race on video for humanity.  Snow Squid is the first living being beyond humans on video. 

If humanity is going to understand its existence it is by understanding we are living in human photosynthesis with God in every atom giving us the way to assign the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle.  

Holographic atoms in decimals make up human photosynthesis with enormous levels of hydrogen in levels beyond our understanding. Hydrogen is not living only as we perceive. Heavens level with every element is very different than how we are able to consciously understand its existence. Microelements give more to life than any level we know and yet the quantum world is a mystery to us because we haven't found the way to see beyond bits and quarks for minute levels of life. 

Algorithms live very differently than the motion we see in frequencies. Our eyes aren't seeing the algorithms yet but within a few thousand years science will know resonance is the only existence of life. Gravity and general relativity are absurd problems for science in the future because everything they have shaped out of those theories will be known as bogusly floating in one dream.  The idea of higher intelligence living within human consciousness will be better understood for having celestial light give them for only living through. Something has to be brought into being to live through no matter how absurd it may be.

We're bringing everything into being to awaken through. Science is no different. Every advance and technological creation has lived with celestial light trying to give to what is closer to light than darkness. We don't have any other choice except our own idea of life to live through. 

Resonance is the motion at the smallest particle and resonance is consciousness.  Resonance gives light within human photosynthesis for temperature to live from self-organizing energy in the hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions. We're not alone and we are being raised for living as light in God.