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Living in Human Photosynthesis

The world is living in human photosynthesis. A human being could not have life without life in photosynthesis. We are not the body but the conscious energy inside of the body. For life as energy to live in matter through consciousness life needs human photosynthesis. It gives the level of light through Conscious Energy the level of matter for us to experience. Everything in life is in light.

Human Photosynthesis is the level all life is existing in. It’s creating the way for every human being to live in their own light in matter.  Human consciousness is the collective consciousness having levels of Love and Love creatin the light every human being lives through. It’s creating the circumstances in life. Matter is an image we’re living through in our Soul.

Human Photosynthesis is self-organizing energy in holographic light in decimals. Energy has resonance in structures beyond human consciousness. The level is not numeric; it’s a rhythm hundreds of billions of years alive. Every atom is having measure in the conscious space of God for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle.

Human beings are a species existing as energy, and the world we experience is in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Conscious Energy is another race in the conscious space of God created for giving humanity our livingness in matter. They are the fabric of the world and the light bulb for human photosynthesis.

God is giving the Goditron needed for living in human photosynthesis. In every atom there is a level of light from God giving humanity the light for life in photosynthesis. The level of light in consciousness is from the level of Love we live in our Soul. The Soul is what is living and is alive. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter.

Consciousness is all that is alive. Every thought is all we live as life. The conscious level of humanity is creating the level of matter we call our world. Love is the light in human photosynthesis.


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