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The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy.  When general relativity was theorized and made into being there was no knowledge of Conscious Energy existing being the fabric that humanity is living in. Conscious Energy is giving the mass, force, velocity, levity and temperature to all matter. Living in photosynthesis is giving humanity the ability to live in consciousness through matter. There is no other level of life existing outside of consciousness.

Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity the level to exist as conscious energy experiencing life in matter at ones own level of consciousness. When Conscious Energy is giving livingness in matter it is through light that is being given in the light of ones consciousness. There is no space or time except in humanities consciousness. The light in in every atom is being given by Conscious Energy and within the atom itself is a level that has the light of God which is called a Goditron. The Goditron is the level of light that is giving all matter the ability to exist in a level beyond the level of energy. The level of light from God is in every level of living for the human race. There is no level of life outside of Gods light.

The idea of general relativity is levels of mass and force having energy in a level of the universe. The universe isn't deciding the level of mass or force and if it was the level of matter would be ripped apart in oblivion. The level of mass and force is in the human races level of consciousness and existing only through Conscious Energy and photosynthesis. The universe isn't giving the livingness in matter without human beings having consciousness in the level it is of. The universe is consciousness in the light of photosynthesis in the level of the human race. The level of all elements in living are from the level of consciousness in the mind of human beings.

In the light of life before a human being has become conscious of life they have already been conscious within photosynthesis. The level of the universe is in the conscious space of God and there is nothing in matter that is having levels of light from any other source other than through Heaven.