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The Universe is Consciousness Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world.

Everything is Alive

The universe is talking to itself in our light. Only our narrative is existing as life and only our level of consciousness is the world.  We are living our narrative as life.  Every human being experiences only their level of consciousness as the universe. Everything in existence has the profound ability to live beyond what society holds as reality to the bigger world we're in. What we know as light is one level of consciousness trying to remember its home in God.

Every atom has infinite impressions.No atom tries to decipher whether something is in Spanish or German. It's feeling algorithms with pulses of light.  No two atoms carry the same level of light.

Quantum entanglement is a good way for knowing we live with other races of light because we only live in our narrative with the world exactly as we think it to be. We don't walk around with couches sticking out of our ears or airplanes flying out of our head but we experience them both exactly as we think them to be.  The universe is breathing our light for what it can be and not be. Only we shape the story. 

Heavens Level in Life

We don't think about Heaven because we don't associate the world we walk through as Heaven. No one understood creation or that other races of light give us our livingness in matter. Nothing lives except consciousness and in order for that to have matters level we need hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of other races for giving higher light to our consciousness. 

The world is living energy and energy is the light of matter. When God created human consciousness and gave us the way to live in matter it was through self-organizing energy. We are an algorithm out of God's energy having life live at one level of consciousness. The world is Heaven with human consciousness within its light for experiencing this one level of consciousness in matter. 

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We walk in bodies and see buildings, cars, and trees but nothing we see is living as we see it. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. We're not living creations level we're experiencing what has been created. We're in light that lives what we think lives. No one experiences anything in life other than their thoughts. 

Our thoughts are living within a plethora of higher intelligence for living in matter. We age effortlessly going from an embryo to a twenty-year-old without a say just like a piece of candy on a conveyor belt. We're moving through a world for only living our thoughts as life. 

No one believes the world is a veil of illusion until they know what consciousness is and isn't and what reality is and isn't. Until then we assume reality is our thoughts. 


The quantum world doesn't seem real until we understand more about being alive and how human beings imprint upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We don't register more of our world because we only live it at society's little person level not understanding God's light in life or even why we're on a planet in space living with everything we want. 

Everything we see is living energy. The space around furniture, furniture, trees, the atmosphere, the ocean, and the moon is only consciousness. Nothing exists but consciousness. We're falling deeper into a box because we don't know thought is living light in matter. We don't understand our reality until we live for knowing God. No one wants to live to God because they think it's religious instead of knowing our existence is out of higher intelligence raising us to light.   

Consciousness is energy holding different levels of light depending on the quality of energy we carry. Lower darker earthly energy lives out of knowing society as reality and higher light in God is by living with Him teaching about Himself. 

Quantum entanglement tells us we have energy outside of one level of existence and in another. But both live synonymously joined in the same light. We see the airplane thirty thousand feet in the air and yet it's only an illusion passing through our Soul as an image. It's one level of consciousness out of an infinite and exists exactly as we think it does proving our narrative right. 

Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven giving us the way to see matter with distance and mass. Conscious Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive and lives blended within human consciousness for our livingness in human photosynthesis ( not to be confused with planet photosynthesis). Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. We don't know the depth of light because we haven't lived in deeper levels of our being. 

Nothing in this life is anything but one story out of an infinite. We carry higher intelligence within us for opening more realms within our world. No one opens life beyond society as the reality because science never understood how matter was existing or that human beings only live in one level of consciousness experiencing only their thoughts as life. Without our enlightenment becoming our goal in life we made the entire existence of life a three-dimensional program that has no idea the universe is observing itself.  Nothing about consciousness is idle. 

Every thought is building a story that keeps us moving forward. We are constantly bringing ideas into matter without knowing it. It's part of our present incessant thinking that showers us in darker earthly energy. No one knows their trials and tribulations breath out of ideas that mainly have daydreams and fairytales as the crux of their existence. We subjugate thought out of thinking about what we did in the past or need to do in the future. We don't live in the present moment shaping light from Love. Instead, we think about the world as real and live occupying our time with its livingness.

No one knows society as an illusion who lives it as real. The impossible task for science is to know that human education will not give the ability to know anything except one idea out of an infinite. No one lives outside of their narrative and that narrative is all anyone knows as life. We don't live with other human beings outside of us. They only live through us with our narrative shaping their light. 

If the universe was deciding the atom's purpose the world would be ripped apart. Only human consciousness assigns the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. What we perceive as the world is our idea that has been shaped out of other levels of consciousness breathing into our world. The collective level of consciousness is the idea of life at the present level of human consciousness. Its light is from the level of Love we are of and not of. 

Every idea is shaped out of the energy of Love even if it's lovelessly living. 


Thinking is out of algorithms in consciousness. God's level of consciousness created the word and the word created the world. The world was shaped for us to know God. We're living through our thoughts to Him. The light of the world is other races of Love. 

quantum entanglement
Energy and Resonance

Consciousness is a blend of light and not just one strand. Light is regenerative for moving through temperatures. Knowing the world is energy gives us the way to live moving light for higher levels of energy in consciousness. 

quantum entanglement
Algorithms in God

The human race is a thinking species living only for consciously evolving in God. Our world is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Present human thinking is in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next without any clue the entire world is only at our level of consciousness. The world moves to our thoughts.  

quantum entanglement
Living in Our Narrative

The world is living only from our present level of consciousness. We live in self chatter listening to our narrative as life. No one knows until it's pointed out they only live their narrative as life. Our reality is nothing more than a fragrant of thought. 

quantum entanglement
Human Photosynthesis

Human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy only moving through human consciousness. It's the heartbeat of every part of life we know living. No one would be able to live in matter if not for Conscious Energy living quantumly through holographic light in decimals.