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Knowing the Light of Christ Love

Understanding Love

Love isn't the little person's idea of it. It's the Love in Christ we want. Love moves mountains and rearranges our thought system for light. It's another idea in the mind of God that gives everything to us of Heaven. If we live Love from ego we serve the idea of self and never leave the darker earthly energy in consciousness. Society as reality will remain. 

When we live for Christ we choose Love beyond the world and make it our entire being. The goal is to become Love. We're living through everything other than Love to Love. Living as Love doesn't serve the ideas of ego, satan, or the little person. It serves only God. 

When we live Love beyond society's level we begin changing our thought system. We tend to lose everything we knew as self and life. Our living to Love others over self takes over our existence. The idea of Love from society's perspective is only serving self. The idea of Love in God is Christ.