Knowing the Light of Christ Love

Understanding Love

Sometimes life gives the opposite of what we want to do or care to do. It gives what we think won't work for us or isn’t comfortable. It doesn’t seem sensible, practical, or even logical. We simply don’t want to do it. Everyone around us would say No to it as well or that it is wrong. We're always thinking about self-care instead of the divine light, our true power. God doesn’t work for our little persons' level. He’s dismantling the thought system of society for Heaven. Our idea of life isn’t His. He knows the truth of our power and existence far beyond any level we do. 

Abraham is a person in the Bible and was told to sacrifice Isaac his son which was probably the craziest level to think would be God but it was. Most people would have told Abraham it was the devil, God would never tell you to sacrifice your son. But God needs to take us out of our knowing and not knowing of life for knowing Him over everything in this world. 

Abraham knew it was God telling him to sacrifice his son. He never ran to anyone to ask their opinion because he knew no one knew God as he did. God knew nothing would happen to Isaac but for Abraham, it was the test of his life. He had no idea and had to follow something in his heart beyond the world he was in. 

Abraham trusted God even though it seemed crazy and wrong. The Angel showed up with the lamb. This test gave Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars. What doesn’t seem natural or what anyone else would agree upon can carry more substance than we know. Our lives aren't living for another human being's approval they are living for God's. Might seem weird but once we know consciousness is all that is alive we know why that is the way of the world. 

As we learn of our world and Heaven living with us we know the idea of human precepts has no validity in God. God doesn’t live by our rules or by human approval. He doesn’t give for keeping us in ego. He’s trying to break us out of our thought maze from darkness to light.  God uses the entire world as our personal curriculum to Love. Love is the greatest level because it’s the highest light in God that gives us His energy for processing in consciousness. 

We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. Our narrative is the only light we ever experience as life. We listen from our narrative and answer in our narrative. People will say what we want them to say and don’t want them to say because we only hear our perspective as life. No one is experiencing anything other than their thoughts as life. There’s only one of us here with God because there is only one narrative of life existing and that is ours. 

The world is having different elements for living Love. Human circumstances only exist out of the collective level of Love we live and don’t live as a species. God will move through any circumstance and give light for finding Heaven through the worst of life. Everyone is born with Love and increasing Love as we live through this one story to the next. 

The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The body lives only in consciousness. We are living beyond the body. Our light is always in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Consciousness is continuous and living for eternity. The body serves the temporal world but we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. We are the eternal. We are Love. We have trials and tribulations to carve our Soul into more light. 

We come into a world already existing and we age effortlessly without any say from an embryo to a senior and then out of the body to more life at different levels of consciousness. We’re always living in higher intelligence facilitating our trip to Love.  

Everyone shapes their thought system and reality with a  knowing and not knowing. We don’t move beyond that maze until something happens for deepening our light in God.  People will talk more to themselves than to another human being in this life. We walk through life not having a clue what incessant thinking is, what being alive is or what reality is and isn’t. 

No one is teaching about life but God. Our greatest journey never lives with Angels or other races of light telling us about Heaven's level in life or our exceptionally divine existence. We move without questioning society’s level of consciousness and what the meaning of life is or its purpose. Most people craft a life purpose based upon society living as reality not knowing their divine truth.

Our purpose is becoming Love and life’s meaning is the apparatus of consciousness living in Love beyond all other levels in life. God gave us the way to know He existed for keeping our light outside of society’s little story of living for knowing our divine light in Him. 

Incessant thinking keeps us moving through life with stories. From sun up to sunset, we will listen to our self chatter as life. We jump from one thought to the next never pausing for the present moment. People live thinking about their past and the future without understanding the present moment was missed. We hear our voice chattering about something we need to do, or did. We daydream and think about a good story where we are the lead actor.  Incessant thinking is the little person level that keeps ego happy. We'll stay in lower earthly energy until we begin pausing incessant thinking for more light. We’re moving out of it for Love. Meditation, mantras give to God for helping us pause our thoughts but Love is the key that unlocks all doors in God. 

Love changes our perspective of people and the world. Love increases God's energy in our light. When we change our perspective we change the light we experience as life.  Life is out of God's consciousness. We're an idea in His mind and the world we live through is an idea in our mind. Everything that has ever been created in matter first started from an idea that someone eventually brought into being. Airplanes, electricity, and cars all began as a thought.

What once was reality for people living in one AD doesn’t have any bearing on what we make reality from this generation's level of thinking. 

At the smallest particle, there is only motion. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Everything we see is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We see buildings, cars, and oceans but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles moving in human photosynthesis ( not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. Everything we see is energy only living at our level of consciousness. 

Everything appears to be living outside of us but it's only living through us. We see the world exactly as we think it.  Everything has already existed at some point because the WORD created the world and the WORD was given to us by God. There's a reason God knows our future and what we think. Nothing can exist without living through His light. We would have no way to touch our faces and move our fingers without His light. 

We never understand God's level in life until we begin to know more about creation and how matter is existing.  The world is profoundly in higher intelligence. It can seem ridiculous that there is a God that exists until we understand our world. Once knowledge begins to pour in our aptitude for understanding we are not the body and the world is no where close to what we experience as life.  It's been created. 

Most people never think about being created because we live in free will and can choose what we think to live through. It's when we start realizing the body functioning without our doing we begin to question more. No one is telling the blood cells to move right or the heart to pump now. The organs all work separately perfectly and together perfectly. No one is telling the digestive system how to break down food. We don't even understand how an embryo has a personality or Spirit. No one knows how we grow from an embryo to a twenty-one-year-old without screaming in pain because our bones and organs grew. 

The higher intelligence in life is giving to us to see matter in size. Conscious Energy the light of Heaven is giving us our livingness in matter. They are living intelligence that can communicate and have been a part of human consciousness from the inception of our species. God gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. That is the gift that God gave to us. He gave us the way as energy to experience matter from any level of consciousness. 

When we think about Love and living with God it's important to know both only exist for having an enlightened consciousness that can understand our divinity and existence.