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Thinking is created light living deep in human photosynthesis. Every idea we have is a created light carrying an essence of our Soul. The light is many but only known as one until we evolve deeper in God. The mind isn’t part of a story and not who we are. It’s an apparatus only working for living in the temporal world. It’s the builder of stories at the temporal level of life and nothing more. The mind doesn’t live outside of this one story. When we leave the body, every idea fades too.

Thinking gives us the way to move through matter at a level of Love. Love is our being and is the Soul’s light giving Spirit the way to live in matter. We don’t know thinking except at lower levels. We’re not observing our thoughts or trying to find where they come from. We allow thoughts to come and go without changing them or observing them. We don’t recognize our voice is the only idea living in this world. We’re not conscious of what being alive is and isn’t, nor do we understand what reality is. Without knowing creation, we skip how to live deeper. 

The mind is working for us to live in something for choices. The choices we make decide our fate. They work within a light for experiencing what we think in matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. It’s not living outside of us. Images move within our Soul and give us the way to know light. 

We’re trying to live beyond everything we see to Love. It’s the only way we can move beyond matters level and what we’ve shaped as reality. We haven’t begun living in another part of life until we observe our thoughts and change them towards Love. Until then, we live in lower mind, only placing self-identity in the body. We’re not living beyond matter. We’re making it live in our comfort zone in knowing and not knowing. 

The mind places meaning in everything we see. We make our self-identity live in matter and don’t see beyond it. Our light lives at one level of consciousness and shades as an echo in matter. Everything we see only exists in our light. The narrative we have is all we know as life. The mind won’t live outside of our narrative. Our perspective is the only living level we know as life. 

Every idea changes tiny pieces in thought, but the thought system never changes. Were moving little pieces of ideas all the time, but they only live in the boxes we placed them in. The sectional rooms of our mind have never changed. Once we built what a bedroom was, it stayed as the bedroom, but we change the furniture around. The thought system lives in thought processes that never change. We repeat our ideas in the same light repeatedly. It creates a thought maze we never leave. instead, we burrow deeper and deeper, only believing our ideas. 

The agreements we make are nothing more than blabber having to be something for us to feel something. We create our ideas of Love in mainstream living instead of Christ’s Love. The light we seek doesn’t live until we start living profoundly beyond everything we’ve known as Love. Once we begin living Love and observing our thoughts, we awaken to another light in the world. 

The mind won’t tell us it’s a storyboard. It tells us it’s real, and everything that comes out of it is real to us, but what we call real is daydreams. We live in self-chatter, constantly narrating life. We live through images. Constantly building movies in our mind about what we did yesterday or need to do later. We’re imagining for feelings. 

Human beings feel before they think. We have another language in algorithms pulsing light ahead of our hearing thought. We don’t register the depth of light. We made our own measurements and won’t displace them. Our associating life with what we measure is missing the mark for seeing the world. We don’t know light because our three-dimensional theory shaped thinking at matters level instead of light. The idea of light now is only based on the measurement of matter. We’re not thinking in anything but shallow water. 

Matter doesn’t live at any one idea’s measurements. God is keeping measure of the atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. We don’t live to experience everything again. It’s not existing for us to know it as we do today for eternity. God created human consciousness for living through matter from any one level of consciousness. This gave us eternal living. The mind’s idea of life is only one story out of an infinite. It doesn’t live again and won’t come close to where it has begun. 

Since childhood, we’ve been building our thought systems. We made every idea of life sit in our comfort zone. We placed our knowing and not knowing as real and traveled into the world only with that library of ideas. The places we have shared self from have nothing to do with our Truth. The body isn’t self, and our thoughts are not who we are. Both are temporal and don’t discover our existence they deter us away from it. 

The mind won’t leave where we take it. And we’ve been teaching our thought system to only know matters level since the beginning. We haven’t tried to know life beyond what has been taught. We’re not being born to question society’s state of mind nor to question religion. Without deeper inquisitions, we never make it beyond matters level. The world won’t open as long as the body is self and society is reality. 

Once society is reality we only know the devil’s level of life because its matters level were living and not Heaven’s level of life. The thought system shapes in lower earthly energy, and we must consciously evolve beyond this level to know light. Love is the way, and the door is Christ. Our ideas haven’t been walking toward God. The mind keeps everything we know as life in a small box for knowing and not knowing. It’s justifying its own existence and won’t live from it. When we make the body self, we can’t live beyond it unless we consciously evolve, unraveling everything we know as life. 

The world we’re living in is only at our level of consciousness and only lived through our narrative. Even we listen to other people, we only hear what we want to hear and hear what we don’t want to hear. Nothing else is living except our narrative. The mind doesn’t tell us what the illusion is. We have to live through it to God. Until we live hearing God, we only know illusory because we only live in self-chatter. Hearing God is what changes reality and our thought system. No one lives in anything other than their narrative and self-chatter. Herein lies why there’s only one of us here with God. 

Our thoughts constantly give us the world, and we move through matter, making them be something. Matter and thinking go hand in hand. We only experience what we think, and matter only provides how we think. We live in routines, constantly repeating our ideas of life. The thought maze doesn’t live beyond itself and keeps us only repeating what we already know. We’ll live every morning the same way until something breaks it up. Our morning routines live brand new but have been the same for decades. Human thinking is repetitive and only in our comfort areas of life. We don’t travel into unknown water. Everything has to touch something we already know as comfortable for us to believe it. 

The place we’re building as reality is nothing more than ideas in a box that have been made to be something. We never learned about Heaven on earth, and most people have no idea God exists. The small reality is partly shaped by not knowing creation. We don’t know what being alive is or what consciousness is. We live with face-value assumptions because the mind doesn’t tell us about illusory. 

human thinking isn’t awake to its own existence yet. We’re still asleep to creation. Science doesn’t know the atom for understanding resonance and won’t until it’s deeper in light than in matter. The mind makes us feel like we’re knowing plenty while only knowing a pebble of sand. We don’t see the shoreline or the depth of pebbles being called sand. We don’t know the beginning or the end. We only know our ideas in this one pebble among trillions and trillions. 

The measuring of atoms doesn’t exist in science. It hasn’t left matters level of measuring to see it. we’re being raised at face value living and measure small to an ant and large to an elephant. The mind doesn’t know light at birth and has no way to see it. We don’t understand energy, nor do we travel in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Our idea of resonance is adversely living to its existence. Science is underestimating the quantum level of life because it has no way to see it.

We don’t know everything in life from one level of consciousness. We don’t see the totality of anything. We only see what we think is here, but there is more here beyond how we think. The mind doesn’t live in the abyss of consciousness.  Instead, it places light in shallow water for knowing it well but what it believes it knows well is only what it could muster up. It’s not seeing the totality of anything. 

Every time we remember something, we walk into an old library of thoughts. When we daydream, we walk into an old library of thoughts too. We don’t place light outside of where we’ve shaped our knowing and not knowing. It’s like a wall to our thought maze, only letting us measure life from its ideas.

We see ourselves in meetings, at restaurants, with other people, and playing sports. We constantly see ourselves in little movies. The mind is placing images of our thoughts in matter. We’re building stories for living through. How we think is what builds our ideas in matter. The mind doesn’t care if it’s real or not it delivers anything we think is real. This is why we can think about childhood experiences and feel them as if they were happening. The stories we carry don’t go far from us. They’re the library of ideas we carry as life. 

Everything we’ve been taught and given as our life ideas never lived hearing God gives His. We shaped an idea about life from the world living in lower earthly energy. It’s in lower mind. Human consciousness has only lived in lower earthly energy in lower mind.  The human thought system is living in dark energy instead of light. 

Our idea of energy has no bearing on what it is. Energy is living outside of ours and is placed in human photosynthesis from the collective level of Love being lived and not lived. The light we live through is out of our Soul. The mind doesn’t know the Soul it only knows the temporal story’s idea of self. The light we live is from the Soul’s Love and not Love. 

Consciousness is the light thinking lives from. The mind has only one duty, and that is to progress our ideas through different ages of human living. It doesn’t live beyond this body and cannot produce anything outside of the light it lives in. We have to transcend thought to know more. Herein lies why living for Love is our mission in life. It changes the light in consciousness thought emerges from. 

Our ideas shape the universe’s vibrations. Consciousness is all that is alive, and it’s a mirror that plays into how we think. Resonance is masses of energy burning taller flames of light than we presently know. The light is always there for recognizing, but we have to live Love for substance to know it. Thinking is created light moving in algorithms through human photosynthesis for knowing resonance as words.

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