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Gives the story but we are not our thoughts. 

Matter is Energy


In our world

thoughts gently float





Go warp speed and


into an illusion 



around keeping us in

Incessant Thinking

Sometimes words suddenly




out of thin air…

Our consciousness can make the story


but we’ve got special goggles to


it right up


Once we know God we know Love.


keeps us moving with Heaven.


Incessant Thinking

Human beings experience a world only at their level of consciousness. Everything we know as life is a thought that has lived before which we expand upon for our version of it. Nothing in life is stagnant and no one is only living one life. We live for eternity moving out of matter as energy into new levels of consciousness for experiencing new matter. The thought system is temporal and only lives for each experience in matter.

Thinking is not eternal. Consciousness is eternal.  Thinking is only feeding a temporal story for awakening through. Nothing about the life we are in is permanent. Not our family, friends, or idea of life. Everyone is energy living out of our Soul for living Love through and the story of life is only one version out of an infinite we can have. 

Thinking gives us the way to experience this level of consciousness in matter. It is not who we are. We are not our thoughts. They only produce a movie for us to walk in and change roles for trials and tribulations that carve out Soul for Love. We go from two years old to a twenty-year-old playing different roles as we grow up. Each role gives us substance for living through as we get old. We’re literally building a story to live through to God. Our incessant thinking keeps us living forward in matter until we become conscious of thought.  Until then we move unconsciously from a child to an adult without having a clue about what reality is or isn’t or even what we are or are not. 

Most people think being conscious is being able to know they are alive. Not for us. We’re thinking a species and every level of consciousness is more awake to the next.  As of this writing, the human race is deep asleep only knowing society as reality and having no way to understand there is only one of us here with God. Our thought system is out of lower earthly energy until we acquire greater levels of God’s energy for awakening. Consciousness can’t live outside of itself and has to live through itself. Consciously evolving is imperative for our species. 

God gave us the way to live from a baby to and adult without any doing of our own. We effortlessly grow with everything we need to live through this world to Him. Our body’s digestive system works while we sleep and our cells are constantly rejuvenating themselves with organs operating without our guidance. We literally have miraculous bodies without having any knowehdge of how they actually live as more than seventy percent water. It doesn’t look like water or act like water but yet we are mostly water. Light in temperature is giving us our idea of matter. The body is consciousness and the world is consciousness. 

Our living in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next is lower mind not yet awake to life or God. Lower mind is from darker earthly energy. When we made money a second God and made materialism our idea of life we kept human consciousness in darker earthly energy. We don’t live with God, Angels, or celestial light as our reality. We only want what our senses can tell us is here but even that is a misnomer because in higher consciousness telepathy and greater power in light exist far beyond the senses of lower minds recognition of life. We have other levels of intelligence in our light for living in higher consciousness. 

The same way we grow from a baby to an adult and increase with intelligence we can live beyond society as reality to God as reality with intelligence increasing for knowing life beyond this idea of society. Our ingenuity isn’t what we make in matter it’s how we open the world to God. Our light isn’t for matters level it’s for resonance and the world beyond our eyes. When we live for God our thought system changes from incessantly thinking to having greater space between our sentences for sitting in the conscious space of God. Our incessant thinking makes a maze of thought that keeps living within its own pathways for knowing life.

Once we are in our forties most people have assumed they know what reality is and what life is about. But all we actually know is one fable that keeps us within its walls. No one tries to live beyond society to know what is outside of its idea of life. All we do is try to be something within society. The truth of our existence is for the exploration beyond society as reality to God as reality. Our thought system is one out of trillions and trillions. Only we keep it in the walls of our thought maze. No one lives outside of what they shape as knowing and not knowing. 

Many people watch the news 23/7 and believe they live intelligently when all they live is a story at the devils level making their reality thrive in ego, satan, and the little person. It only placates to lower earthly energy. Everything that holds society as reality is lower earthly energy. This is easy to discern because light is with Heavens level of the world, not the devils. Light gives us the opening to bigger parts of the world and not just society’s little idea of life. We want to know about other races, God, and who we are. This only comes from depth, substance, and maturity through Soul intelligence, not human education. 

What is of human origin stays in human ideas and what is living within God deeper only lives only in Heaven’s level in life.  Our present understanding of consciousness completely bastardized life consciously evolving from an embryo to an adult and then out of the body. 

If no one in science was conscious enough to realize the atom carried infinite impressions meant that one idea in life was nothing more than a fleeting one than who is conscious of life? Science never understood human beings only live in their narrative and at their level of consciousness and never experience anything as life but their own thoughts. Neither did science or religion understand what God of no form and of all form meant. If they did we would all be living with society as an illusion without question. But that’s not what we live.

Instead, the entire human race has to learn about energy, what darker earthly energy entails, what incessant thinking is and how the mind subjugates thoughts with daydreams and fairytales without us knowing we bring them into being for living through in matter. Once humanity knows we only live in our narrative more people will understand why incessant thinking needs to end and we must evolve beyond it. 

If we only live in incessant thinking jumping from one thouyht to another without being conscious of controlling those thoughts we stay in satan deeper and deeper throughout our lives. Human beings will talk more to themselves than to another human being in this life. Self chatter is how we move through matter and we keep our mind busy thinking about the past and future without noticing we aren’t present to the moment we’re in. Our self chatter is daydreams. If it happened in the past it doesn’t exist but human incessant thinking keeps everything in the past as the present moment. We keep regurgitating our experiences wondering if we would have done this or said that differently what could have changed. We daydream about succeeding and we revisit what we wish we would have done differently. 

Most people don’t even realize many of their arguments have been created out of daydreams with satan directing our upset. We react to thought without questioning where the thought came from. We reinvent things out of pain energy and keep them existing because we can’t find closure with forgiveness. Most people can live the same emotions they did twenty years ago that were felt from wrongdoing or success. That energy has never transformed to Love so it keeps manifesting in matter for us to live Love through it.

How we create every moment of our waking lives is only through incessant thinking. We’re literally jumping from one thought to the next while walking, driving cars, and sitting in meetings. Our thoughts do not stop and we continue thinking with daydreams and fantasies mixed in with what we deem are legitimate thoughts. But most of them are made-up ideas that won’t ever live as anything except a bridge to another thought. But what challenges the mind is the emotions of the energy we keep regurgitating as new levels in life. 

No one wants to keep living the same movie over and over again but that’s pretty much what we do except the scenes change as we age. The set is always moving around but our idea of life stays the same. No one lives jumping from reality to reality. We only jump from one thought to the next within the same thought maze we shaped as young adults. We amplify our thoughts with false credibility within life for keeping us within our ideas. No one is challenged for knowing society is an illusion as we grow up. So we never fortify anything except making the illusion our reality. 

Life never gives us answers until we make our way to the door and bring them into being. Our thoughts literally shape a story that lives very real to us because we live in matter. If we fall and scrape our knee it may bleed but it’s one level of consciousness out of an infinite we can live through.

Thinking is the storyteller and nothing more. It’s the temporal idea within one level of consciousness giving us the way to live in matter for deepening our light in God. Thought moves us while consciousness sustains us. 

Thoughts live out of consciousness and live out of the Love we are of and not of. They are energy and only swim in the light we hold. The light is consciousness. The Soul is what is living for a human being and the Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter for every life and that’s for eternity. We literally live hundreds of trillions of lives. Our never-ending cycle of life exists because consciousness is all that is alive. Matter is transitory while consciousness is eternal. 

Consciousness gives thinking the light to live out of. There’s a reason science kept the human race out of knowing with thinking and consciousness being two different lights. They had no clue how matter was existing for realizing the motion at the smallest particle was consciousness. Consciousness has lived since energy obtained greater light with God paving the way for holding more levels of algorithms than any other level in existence now and forever. Everything we can live or will live has been shaped in God for hundreds of billions of years alive. His consciousness is our level of living. We don’t live outside of God’s consciousness. We’re an algorithm in His light with His energy giving us the way to live in matter. 

Human consciousness is energy. We have no matter until light brings us into being. The light is out of God’s consciousness. The same way we bring ideas into the world, and into matter is the same way God brings us into life. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Thoughts bind the story for breaking out of and into light. Thoughts only subjugate our ideas for a brief time but every moment gives the opportunity for knowing Love and God beyond any idea society has of them both. 

Our living deeper in God is what brings the awareness of thought having light very different than consciousness. If consciousness fed the story we wouldn’t have one. Thinking only brings a level of the world for living through while consciousness is the heartbeat of life breaking every rule in the book for living with God. It has no rhythm within our world and consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. Our light is out of Heaven while our feet is on the earth but the world isn’t. Our light swims with other races of Love and has higher levels of intelligence holding greater principality for living in matter than we know. 

No one would hear their thoughts or even see the earth if not for other races in our light and God. They give us our livingness in matter. Human beings are consciousness living as energy as an algorithm in God’s consciousness. We’re an idea in the mind of God just like everything we live is an idea in our mind. Consciousness lives far beyond thought and keeps thought within the light for experiencing matter at one level of consciousness. 

Consciousness lives out of many strands and not just one having an identity as one human being. It’s literally a pool of consciousness having life in matter for consciously evolving to higher light in God. Our self-identity is the present level of consciousness that hasn’t learned self doesn’t exist or what living actually is. It’s the little person version of life that hasn’t awaken to God as reality. 

When human beings grasp how incessant thinking is lower mind they will understand that higher thinking is out of higher consciousness that builds a bigger reality beyond the one we know as life. Lower mind is harboring satn, and ego for only knowing the little person version of life. 

When we let go of ego we let go of a world that lives only satisfying our wishes that never knew power in life was beyond our version of it. Everything at soceity’s level is the devil because it makes us feel like we are success. [power or knwig life and God. Nothing screams at us that were in an illusion. And no one in any church group feels like they don’t know God because everyone around us tells us we do know Him. 

We have no way of understanding our existence except fro some major parameters that define life and have been with us for a very long time.  Ancient days knew if they could understand who gave them the stars and moon they would understand why they were here. In our generation, we’re the know-it-alls that think we have everything about life sussed out and science tells us we know life too. No one is living in their fifties is feeling lost. They have depth in society’s story and choose it well. They have lived through enough experiences that kept them living society as reality so the story in the sixties will stay with society as reality too.

We don’t understand enough about consciousness for people to know the futile level of trying to prove things from one level of consciousness. We concocted a way to say this is fact and this exists without ever understanding how consciousness is living in matter. It’s literally snake oil made to be something because an agreement can be made. Do we transplant hearts and send satellites into the sky? And did they both happen because of science having a formula they could extrapolate and make more into being from it. Of course, but that’s because celestial light is working overtime to make it exist. If human ideas can’t be brought into being we have no way to move forward in life. Where does everyone think everything has come from? Human beings? No! Celestial light is helping us have more than we should so we can grow up and shape a world into Heaven and not hell.  

Human beings are being raised even if we jump up and down and swear we’re not. Higher intelligence is blended within our light for making the world a better place.  We can’t conceive higher intelligence with us because we only live in lower mind without conversations with God.  Our idea of living hs always been kept moving forward just like we age effortlessly without any say. Technology and everything we know as living advanced has met a few other levels of light for helping it along. 

Many people who create have moments of aha’s that seem to light up the next move towards what they are trying to achieve. That aha comes from greater intelligence within our light helping us along the way. When people show up unexpectedly and help us or someone brings another idea into our heads. Its Heaven’s level in life with celestial light keeping us moving forward.  Our capability has been very bastardized because we don’t live for enlightenment. 

Science never understood other intelligence with us and hasn’t been able to conceive the quantum world and God.  As people begin surpassing the technology from science for greater ideas in life from ordinary people they will begin to realize science doesn’t own any level of rights for what is the most magnificent part of life. It’s one level that is playing sides to a dogmatic political system and won’t bring into being the very ultimate levels in life. Someone else will who has no training or even a college degree. The idea that science is a legitimate level is only from the government making it be so and naturally, it’s under the wing of government too. 

Science never needed to partner with any government and should have stayed in crazy land instead of trying to formulate ideas that only serve one idea of life. The hypothesis in human consciousness is the only level where celestial light reigns the most. Our ideas of life don’t do what we don’t understand any justice. All we keep doing is moving the dice through what someone else brought into being and that bastardizes science. knowing some speck of something and capitalizing on it isn’t actually capitalizing on anything. Imagine a world existing that you can bring anything into being but people only bring into being what someone else gave a piece of. 

Reality isn’t and one level of consciousness doesn’t give the answers to anything. It allows us to move in the world with victories and inventions that give to life a reward from science but it never pierces the magnitude of what is there. It’s ice skating on the outer skirts of knowing without a way to fall into the abyss for dancing with God. No one in science is living for enlightenment and no one in science has understood why matter isn’t living as anything but our consciousness at one level.

We can’t live in anything but our narrative. Even when we listen to people its in our narrative. Our thoughts are the only level living as life. Science never understood that or even came close to figuring out why consciousness was all that is alive. And if we would have gotten the right data earlier on for why there was motion at the smallest particle we could have avoided the gigantic mistake of making a three-dimensional theory our world.

That mistake birthed gravity and general relativity which shortly will be obviously not capable of existing except for our making it live as something in consciousness. The universe will not determine the atom’s purpose or the livingness of the particle. Only consciousness does and only our consciousness is living. The observer is the one in the light and everything else is the observer’s consciousness. Living in our narrative should have told us our world only serves for a moment. 

No one will ever know the totality of anything, We can’t measure the mass of the universe because we can only perceive it from one level of consciousness. It’s one of the most idiotic levels in science believing it has facts that are in a temporal world existing for a moment and when they leave the body it no longer exists. The neutral level of facts is only placating to an agreement that lives for a short time trying to awaken us to higher light in our world. But we don’t seem to get that even though we’re a thinking species. 

Consciously evolving beyond the world we stand in is imperative for science just as it is for religion. If we only live at one level of thinking we never see what is on the other levels. No one can live knowing the totality of God from one level of consciousness. We only experience this one level and nothing more unless we consciously evolve to higher levels of consciousness. having the way to understand we only live in our narrative is giving us the way to understand what thought is and isn’t. 

What thought isn’t is facts. Facts are a temporal agreement that flies away when we do. Our level of making science a factual entity is our not having a clue for how matter exists or what reality is and isn’t. If science knew about God it would have understood higher intelligence and why other races are a natural part of life. But how many people in science experience higher intelligence? Almost none. They have no way to comprehend the bigger world because they are busy trying to master the illusion.

Celestial is keeping order out of the chaos. Our idea of living hasn’t been able to even comprehend human beings only live in their narrative at one level of consciousness. Even science isn’t conscious of that or what reality is. If everyone in science only knows society as reality and have no depth in bigger parts of our world. It’s going to get primitive very quickly because the flood gates to the bigger world have been lifted.

We bring into being what helps human beings and create the technology we think is incredible but what lives greater we can’t open because science lives only at matters level because the three-dimensional theory kept it here. Understanding the world is resonance and consciousness is all that is alive brings new light for it to understand human photosynthesis. 


Our idea of heart transplants in a short time will seem barbaric and primitive. The satellites in the sky are already becoming a primitive idea. 


jumping from one thought to the next unaware of the story we’re creating which we never get out of it.  Incessant thinking is the thought system of humanity and is the asleep state of consciousness. No one who is conscious of God lives asleep to creations level and the power upon them for shaping life in light. Until then, we sleep making our way through worlds that live exceptionally real. If we fall we may scrape our knee and it could bleed. The world lives real but is only one level of consciousness not knowing what reality is or isn’t.

Reality lives in our narrative at our level of consciousness and is relative to the agreement in human consciousness. God is the ultimate reality. Everything else is the veil of illusion to God. 



We only live in one level of consciousness. Only in our perspective. No one lives outside of their thoughts. The entire experience of life is ours alone. We’re only living within our light for awakening to Love. 



We will talk more to ourselves than to another human being in this life. Human beings subjugate thought with daydreaming, fantasy, and hopes. Our thought system is being shaped in a maze of processes that never become aware of living in self chatter. 



We don’t live in a world where science knows human beings only experience the world in their narrative at their level of consciousness. Human beings only hear from their narrative and only experience a world exactly as they think. There is only one of us here with God in an illusion shaped perfectly for our enlightenment. 

Thinking and Consciousness

Human consciousness was shaped out of God’s energy. Everything we see is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The world is a temporary experience only giving us the way to consciously evolve deeper into God. God formed higher levels of intelligence for shaping human consciousness. Light is self-organizing energy living as other races of intelligence. They’re energy smaller than anything we can conceive including quarks. God created the way for human beings to increase intelligence.

We don’t think about the aging process or levels of intelligence changing cells and organs as we grow from an embryo to a ten year. Many human functions only live in other races of light. Energy changes and blends according to our consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive and consciousness is shaping energy for living deeper in the light as we age. We didn’t know creation or that living energy in the trillions and trillions and trillions was our world. Nothing we see exists as we see it. We’re having images in our Souls for living through. God gave us the knowledge of atoms having infinite impressions.

Never did science understand how matter was existing. It didn’t understand energy or consciousness for realizing matter was a nothingness only existing in consciousness. No one was grasping energy living as intelligence. We’re living through higher light for matter to exist exactly as we think it. If we only live in human education we only know the story of society. We want to live for Soul intelligence for enlightenment for knowing our truth beyond this one story. 

Many people think the world is living outside of us but there’s no world that exists as matter. There’s only energy creating a world image as matter and we’re the light of the world experiencing it only in our narrative from this one level of consciousness. Nothing we think ever lives again when we leave the body. Everything we will have experienced was a brief lesson in becoming conscious of Love. 

When God created life He gave Heaven the light for keeping order. Light keeps the story at the present level of human consciousness living for higher light. We’re always leaning towards Love and higher intelligence. Every human being experiences a world only at their level of consciousness. It’s our personal curriculum for awakening to God. Ultimately there’s only one of us here with God. Matter never exists outside of our thoughts. It’s only living in our personal light catering to us our consciousness for knowing matter only lives through us. As people understand life and what God created they will realize God gave each of us the way to realize Him and learn from Him about life. 

Human photosynthesis is the level of life. It’s giving every atom the way to live in holographic light through decimals that carry endless light. Quantum entanglement uses levels of light for signaling other races of energy into position for temperature, giving matter its light at our level of consciousness. No one lives outside of their thinking. We only experience our narrative as life. There’s plenty of choices through the image of the world for having opinions, direction, and judgment. 

Thinking is the temporary process of the human experience in matter. It’s only serving a story to us for consciously evolving through.  Thoughts shape the story and give our present level of consciousness the way to see itself in matter. We wouldn’t know we existed if not for matters level. We’re not at God’s level knowing we’re consciousnesses. We need matter to know we’re alive.

The world is living with intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. We haven’t grasped how advanced our existence is because we never believed we were created. Most people don’t think about being created because they live as they want in this tiny story without anyone reigning over them. Only when we begin to have knowledge about consciousness and how matter is existing do we begin to understand God and creation. Until then it all seems like a fairytale. Consciousness hasn’t been understood because no one knew how matter was existing or that energy was shaping our light through human photosynthesis for matter to live exactly as we think.

Without our knowing the world as energy or how energy is moving through light we had no way to realize the magnitude of life living hundreds of billions of years alive as God. God gave the way for human consciousness to shape the world it lives through. He gave us the way to live for eternity experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness consciously evolving and eventually creating Heaven on earth. Our life is living through a world beckoning us to only live God as reality for understanding our existence.

No one questions reality because everyone assumes it’s what we see. What we see is the illusion for living through to God as reality. Consciousness can only experience itself. Our truth only exists for a brief moment within a cloud of illusion. Only Love is real. Everything else is the way to Love. Nothing real is the world we see. Our light is Heaven’s level and matter is the quick trip. We’re only accumulating Love for opening our light in Heaven. Without Love, the world lives dark. Without Love, it lives ignorant. Love is the energy in God giving human consciousness the light to live through in matter. 

The Soul is Love and the Soul is all that is alive. The Soul provides Spirit the way to live in matter. Nothing we experience in the body exists. Only light lives. Everything else is the temporal illusion of living. The body comes and goes while consciousness is continuous. Algorithms are the language of God. They’re energy in resonance providing another language of knowing. Algorithms give higher intelligence the way to position no matter our language or word. Atoms are light in God that live without discerning whether a thought is in Mandarin, Spanish, or English. The light is resonating in frequencies that give atoms the knowing of light. We’re only hearing a voice familiar to us with words we know because of algorithms. They live temporarily. Every human being lives within their own light as does every blade of grass, snowflake, and raindrop. 

How we live is far beyond the light we know as life. We shaped human consciousness to only know matters level as life when our existence is the opposite. We live in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance only living from our level of consciousness as life. God gave us a way to experience a world comfortably. We don’t live with creations level at the same time. No one is seeing bacteria crawling all over everything or grids of energy blocking our view. We only see exactly what we think. This gives us a way to observe our consciousness in matter for living in higher light. The world we experience is far beyond the story we’re living in. Creations level is hundreds of billions of years alive and is a plethora of higher intelligence living as other races of energy quantumly. Algorithms are living in decimals in holographic light spacing formations within our light for matter to exist. We only experience our thoughts as life. 

God created human consciousness by shaping hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy. The energy doesn’t decipher which level of consciousness is reaching in life. It knows the light for moving position. The language of human beings has nothing to do with God interpreting our consciousness. The word created the world but the world doesn’t live at the level of the word. It’s beyond it. God gave us the word for shaping our story from any one level of consciousness as algorithms in God. 

God hears our light before thought exists. The sphere of words and matter is the temporal level coming and going.  Energy doesn’t live only in our narrative it’s tens of thousands of years out from us and further. The content of our story is necessary for human consciousness to know its living but energy is the only level existing. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

God created human consciousness through other races of light blended together for us to live in matter. Algorithms are the language of God. The world was made through His energy in a sequence of light. Hence why the world is energy in vibrations, frequency, and resonance. Algorithms live through every language and through our consciousness now and ten thousand years from now. Language doesn’t make our light only Love does. Everything else is temporal as all energy changes form. What is continuous and eternal is consciousness which lives as algorithms in God.

The temporal version of life comes and goes but the algorithms live eternally changing resonance. We’re living through one level of consciousness to higher algorithms in God. As we do we experience other levels of life. 

Our light doesn’t live only in the words we speak today. It lives in the words we speak thousands of years from now. Human beings have more abilities in feeling than we knew. We feel before we hear words and what we feel is in algorithms already registering as matter before a thought is heard.  Algorithms are with higher intelligence that lives differently than how we hear and think. It’s another light within ours and gives us knowing without speaking to others or being near them. Our light is living beyond the body and light-years away within algorithms of celestial light.

Thinking and consciousness are very different. Thought lives out of consciousness. The mind doesn’t produce consciousness. It’s consciousness giving thought the way to exist. Consciousness is Heaven’s level living out of the Soul giving Spirit the way to live in matter.  Thought is energy out of consciousness and only lives in the temporal part of life. Thought is giving the story we awaken through. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn’t change as thoughts do. Consciousness is continuous in every life while thought only exists at each level of consciousness we live through in matter. Thoughts are the temporary level of life and shape themselves in self-containing mazes never going outside of this one experience. Consciousness lives for eternity giving thought the way to live in every experience. 

Consciousness doesn’t live outside of itself. We have to transcend thought for having greater light in consciousness. Consciousness is the deeper level of our existence. It’s the level of Love we’ve become and is the energy all thought lives from.  Hence, why becoming Love for higher consciousness is a requisite for humans.

Our light is Love and what we create in life is having us live through everything other than Love to Love. No one thinks of Love as anything other than a feeling. Love is beyond anything we’ve fathomed. Love is the light in consciousness living as God’s energy. Human beings as a collective consciousness shape the world from the Love we live and don’t live. Everyone is living through everything other than Love to Love.

Thoughts serve the temporary story for having a backdrop to live through to higher consciousness. We’re living through many different levels of energy for this consciousness to complete its story in matter. The energy is living within higher intelligence for increasing wisdom and knowledge.

No one lives outside of their present level of consciousness. It’s the only level existing as life.

We’re living through a thought system that never understood reality or why matter was existing. We shaped human consciousness in incessant thinking instead of being conscious of life. Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next never conscious of the present moment we’re in. It’s a level of energy that only lives from the surface. We live through our senses and what is at face value as the depth of life when there’s more beyond it. We’re not seeing the bigger world we’re in because our thoughts keep us only at one perspective. Life is living with many perspectives and if we only keep ours at one level we never see what else is here. The world is bigger than our one perspective.


We see our world comfortably and only through our level of thinking. Which all thought emerges out of consciousness. We don’t witness the trillions of bacteria crawling all over everything or even the smaller microbes blanketing our world. We only see our thoughts at our present level of consciousness. We create our light out of Love.

We haven’t learned to live outside of what we feel and think initially because we believe what we feel and think is truth and real. We don’t understand what thinking is or how much is being impressed upon simply by vagrant energy that serves nothing more than padding in life. We have to understand energy and how thinking shapes itself for our perspective to exists. Every human being has unique algorithms existing in their level for experiencing the world only in their light.

Perspective is relative to our level of consciousness. We don’t live in anything except our narrative and no matter how many people we have in a room, the only one in the light is the observer. We could be in a room of five hundred people and the observer is the only one in the light. Everyone we see exists at our level of consciousness and in our narrative. All other messengers have no level of giving to matters level.

People haven’t been aware of thinking at any conscious level. We believe our awareness is conscious. Levels of having conscious awareness have always existed. We just don’t consider how human beings live today as unconscious but it is. We didn’t know we live only in our narrative and that completely changes reality. We had no clue how matter was existing and that too changed reality.

We haven’t understood how thought arrives until now. The cycle of consciousness existing outside of us coming into us is one part of light mixing within our little person experience in matter. We’re living through temperature beyond our knowing of temperature and it’s the only level that provides the living of energy in light. Nothing else is giving to human consciousness other than living energy in temperature.

Our own perspective is a unique algorithm in God. The pattern arises from many hundred of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles is resonance. Heaven is the keeper of light and every human being is born with unique algorithms. When consciousness is coming into us it lives for moments only in other races of intelligence. The time and space of our living in matter is null. For us, it’s very real but for Heaven, there’s nothing here. Consciousness never opens beyond the Love we are of. Perspective arrives out of that Love. Energy regroups constantly for providing the light we live. Perspective equals the light we live in. It’s thinking in energy that lives only for moments at a time.

When science didn’t understand the wave was consciousness it didn’t open our world beyond matters level. No scientist in the history of the human race understood matter was a nothingness only existing in consciousness until these writings with God.

Never did science understand what being alive was, reality, or the level of the world in resonance. It only made what was at face value the world. When we didn’t understand God being of no form and of all form we didn’t have the way to comprehend how advanced our existence was. Knowing God is consciousness only existing as energy and able to live as anything in human consciousness beckons us to know our reality doesn’t come close to knowing what is here. What is here is beyond our level of consciousness. No one has the ability to see creations level except for the glimpses God gives us. What we do have though is the ability to deepen our light in God for enlightenment.

Human beings only living in their narrative tells us we have unique realities living. The world in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance tells us that quantum entanglement is the bridge in human photosynthesis for living through matter exactly as we think. No one walks around with couches sticking out of their ears or cars dashing through their heads. Quantum entanglement gives light for knowing human photosynthesis.

The world lives only through us and never outside of us. Living in our narrative makes the entire experience of living only ours with God. We have images moving through our Soul as life. Once we leave the body the story ends for a new one to begin. There is no death. Consciousness is continuous while thoughts never leave the body. Thoughts never leave the story they lived for. Thinking gives the story for one quick trip in matter for becoming Love.

God created everything in existence for our awakening to Him as reality. Until we get there we live through veils of illusion that drop away as we consciously evolve.


When we made money a second God it changed the energy in our thought system for lower earthly energy. As material became the reward and money was buying power it made reality exists at the same level. Everything we know as life has been created from money expanding instead of intelligence vertically ascending in God.

We didn’t keep living vertically in God because society began living more as reality instead of Him. For thousands of years, we’ve been living horizontally in linear consciousness. We’ve shaped human living from money and never evolved out of it. People once lived for a million dollars and then we lived for five hundred million dollars and then people lived for a billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. That’s linear consciousness. The material world is from our lower thinking in energy that lives earthly. Jesus once said, “It would be harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.” Because we can’t live in two thought systems at one time. When we made money a second God we lost our light in God and shaped our thought system for only knowing matters level as life.

We’ve grown incredulous to anything living outside of society’s little level of knowing. We don’t live with principality in God, Heaven, or Angels. They seem like silliness when it’s the level of our world. We’re shutting off the extraordinaire for the mundane.

Our thought system knows reality backward. We’re not living reality we made the illusion and temporal part of life the reality. When it’s the devil’s level of life. It doesn’t exist as anything but the backdrop for carving our light in God. The world seems very real to us because our consciousness has been shaped to see it that way. We have no light for living beyond matters level for reality in God because we made God live in religion instead of as the blueprint to life.

What we think is reality is one veil of illusion and doesn’t exist as anything other than the dream. Society is the backdrop giving us choices for living deeper in God. Even if we don’t know Him yet. We’ve been living through lower earthly energy for thousands of years which made human consciousness stay in lower mind. We need to live for enlightenment for knowing our incredible journey in God. If human beings only live society reality we never live Heaven while here on earth.

Self Doesn’t Exist

Self is the temporary story every human being begins in life. It’s the level of living in matter that gives us a way to observe our thoughts. No one lives outside of what they think. The body gives us the way to experience matter exactly as we think it. It places us in the story for moving through matter. Self doesn’t exist. No one who lives for a million years can believe there’s one time living as self. If we have a million different bodies which one would be self? None. The body is serving as the host for the story in matter. We’re not the body. We’re beyond the body and every experience in matter just as God is.  God is with us for this experience in consciousness and He’ll be with us ten thousand years from now for that experience in consciousness. We’re the same. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. Consciousness is continuous.

Thought Maze

Our thoughts shape a maze of knowing and not knowing. We don’t live outside of what we shape. Our maze defines everything in our world through thought processes deepening themselves in routine thinking that never knows life beyond its depth.

Our idea of reality isn’t from being conscious of life because we haven’t understood what living in our narrative implies. We’re beginning to realize the magnitude of life is outside of everything we think being human is. The world is much more advanced and at such levels, we have abilities beyond what any human being thought possible. Light is giving each of us the way to know God and Heaven.

Being Conscious of Life

No one grasped God being hundreds of billions of years alive implied the world we think is here… isn’t. We could be pink elephants and wouldn’t know it because we’re born in human consciousness that only knows itself as normal. We never live outside of the light we’re created in.  We’re living to know God whether we know Him today or not. Nothing in life prepares us for His living within us or what that implores as living.

Human beings were created which means we’re living in something that has already been shaped for living through to more. The word created the world was given. Our knowing the sky is blue or that grass is green has been established through God before our light knew a single word. We’re in a much bigger story that provides us with ours. Our knowing reality is only when we live with God teaching about Himself is vital for knowing we live through veils of illusion going through different thought systems to Him. 

Living on a planet in space with a sun ninety-three million miles away giving us the elements for breathing is not about having a white picket fence, or fame. It’s about our own existence as consciousness with infinite possibility because what we can think we can bring into being. Our divine nature has been hidden for thousands of years. We live within celestial light for realizing that gift. The magnitude of light upon us is extraordinaire for knowing Heaven as life.

We come into a world already existing and go along with what is here. Never questioning society’s existence or anything beyond what is taught. We take society’s level of consciousness as the only one to live. When God created consciousness it was for having the way to evolve beyond everything in existence.

Society is the illusion serving as the backdrop for giving us the way to make choices that carve our Soul into light. It’s not the world it’s the piece of the world that gives us the way to carve consciousness outside of it. We need it for consciously evolving through to higher light in God.

We could think of it as the cardio, weights, and strengthening for having the body to match. Consciousness needs something to work through to carve its light. The temporary story of society gives us the gym to work consciousness through.  Consciousness is the gift for unraveling the world we see to Heaven on earth. Nothing and no one can keep our light down because God is carrying it for realizing our potential at this level of consciousness.

Human beings never understood purpose in life because we left our home at the start when we made money a second God. Our lives are for enlightened living as supreme beings moving into even higher light in God.

At this level of consciousness, human beings will talk more to themselves than to another human being in this life. Our incessant thinking keeps us living in self-chatter moving through matter from sun up to sundown. Self-chatter is the voice we hear in our heads constantly telling us what we see, hear, and daydream about.  We talk to ourselves as we’re driving, waiting, and watching TV. The mind keeps moving with self chatter for existing in consciousness.  We’re in a state of living in the past and future instead of the present moment until we learn to control and pause thought. Widening the space between sentences is good to achieve.

The mind wanders endlessly knowing routine thinking with daydreams subjugating reality. We mix what is actually happening in this present moment with energy living in the past. No one realizes they’re not present at this moment because we live in our own narrative and have to become more conscious of thought before we can be conscious of our present moment.

Human thinking subjugate reality with day-dreaming, fantasy, and hopes without knowing the difference.

We’ll make up stories about people and then live as if it is real and we’re the only ones that brought it into being from thinking about it in our narrative. We live constantly in energy that never needed to exist or be anything but we brought it into being by living in ego, satan, and the little person. We have no control for living in greater perspectives because we go along mindlessly with our initial thought as real.

Thoughts keep us moving forward. Nothing in life ends its motion for living forward. We make our wants and wishes part of reality through anxiety energy trying to suffice what society deems as success or good. Anxiety is the fundamental energy in the ego. The ego tries to suffice something endlessly.

The next level for human consciousness is pausing incessant thinking and living conscious of consciousness. The ego has principality in incessant thinking as does satan and the little person. All three keep us living in stories that hold dark. We don’t have to live with opponents or in attack and defend. That level of thinking is only because of matters level in earthly energy.

We’re not a species knowing our own existence because we never lived as God told us.  God knew what He created as life and knew if we didn’t live for the light we would only shape life in the dark which is exactly what we did.

Most people never know they only live in their narrative until it’s pointed out. This means they never know what being alive is or that the entire world is literally customized for their experiencing it.

Living only in our narrative changes reality from the world living outside of us to only living through us. We know only our perspective is living as life. Life can only exist as we think it to be gives us a way to control how we think and therefore change the world we experience. We didn’t grasp how powerful we are because we’ve been taught to only see the world at one level and not beyond it, We are the light of the world and we’re the Love it lives through. Our increasing light and Love is vital for knowing more of our world than what is at face value. We’re in celestial light for realizing it. Our power as Love is the grace that shapes the world for happiness and peace.


Intelligence only comes from other races of higher intelligence living in our light. Human consciousness doesn’t live as a single strand of light. We live with more levels of energy at higher levels of intelligence for infusing our light with energy that makes it live higher in light.

Science never understood matter was a nothingness only living in consciousness. No one knew it because science made the three-dimensional theory the only level we live from. All technology advances have lived with greater light blessing intelligence for living with what keeps us moving forward.  Light is the level of Heaven upon us for keeping the world living with some way of moving forward. We live in freewill which means we can live through anything we can think into being. Light accents our world for serving.

When science didn’t understand energy it didn’t have a way to comprehend what living was. And that ended our understanding reality wasn’t society. We had no way to comprehend God living as no form and of all form because our knowing consciousness was null and our understanding of energy was dwarfed from living at matters level. We’ve never lived for enlightenment when it was a mandatory level because we’re consciously living.

Light doesn’t open the world until we lean on it. Human education feeds the temporal world but only Soul intelligence feeds Heaven on earth. That’s why God told us to live with Him. He knew what He created as human consciousness and that we would either live through darkness or light. Intelligence doesn’t live within human education it does on Heaven’s level. Human education teaches for living in the illusion. God is teaching for living in ultimate reality.

The light in human beings is Love and exceeds anything we’ve been understanding as intelligence. We have a knowing that lives realizing itself even when we have no idea how to do something. The light in us shines with only a hypothesis knocking. It’s another level for moving through matter with higher intelligence. We never notice light until it’s pointed out as a level already within us. Almost like cavemen learning to make fire. Light gave them the way or knowing how to convert power for electricity. Light gave the way. When we knock it is there. There are endless examples of higher light blessing us for knowing more than we should simply because we knock.

When people live for bringing into being what can help the human race they find celestial light is there. Martin Luther King spoke about this as did Gandhi. Most people who have changed the world for the better know celestial light upon them. Love opens the world.  It’s the only level in life that begins to convert dark to light for higher wisdom and knowledge. Light is blessing every human being no matter what we have done or live as. It’s the energy that gives us the way out of things and up for creating Heaven in our lives.

Intelligence increasing comes from the quantum level of energy living within our light increasing for having greater intelligence. Consciousness never lives alone for human beings. We’re living within a plethora of intelligence at different levels for living in matter. Our light would have no way to experience matter exactly as we think or experience a world only in our narrative if not for other races of light. The pool of consciousness gives us a way to increase the energy we need for processing light in consciousness.

No one fathomed being created and that makes our ignorance have to work harder for comprehending the magnitude of what being created means to our idea of human. Our quantum existence was never understood until these writings with God. Other races blend within the light shaping human consciousness for higher consciousness. Only God knows the process for bringing together hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy for human consciousness to exist with the way to increase in energy for higher light in matter.

Our idea of life has the pressure for consciously evolving because we hold darkness in it. Human beings are living from one level of consciousness to another through deepening Love. God created our light for eventually shaping Heaven on earth but we have to transcend consciousness.

The devil doesn’t whisper to us, “I’m the devil.” The devil lurks in us making money, boats, and status feel awake. We shape our Soul’s journey through darkness and it can be for eternity until we live God as reality.

Incessant Thinking

Incessant thinking is the thought process that jumps from one thought to the next unaware of living in our own narrative. Its humanity’ ss present thought system shaped out of lower earthly energy. We’re living in routine thinking that doesn’t live outside of itself. No one is being conscious of only living in their narrative. It’s one of the most profound ways for humanity to know its living unconscious to reality in God.

Governments, scientists, teachers, and surgeons have no idea what being alive is because no one understood what living in your narrative implied as reality.

Without our being conscious of living in our narrative we don’t live understanding the power of consciousness and changing our light for greater levels in our world. No one lives with God teaching about Himself in a reality that is only of Him because no one realizes what reality is and isn’t.

Incessant thinking gives one level of thinking that doesn’t live outside of itself and has no way to understand the bigger world its in. It stays on one track making a maze that becomes reality through our knowing and not knowing. We don’t understand life because we haven’t understood reality or what consciousness is. Life lives with various possible perspectives and if we don’t exclude more light within our thinking we have no way to move through other versions of our world.

Most people will live their lives without ever knowing there was only one of us here with God. They haven’t had light for comprehending that level of life. Many people only live with the world outside of them only being conscious of what is on the surface because incessant thinking keeps them moving through matter endlessly without becoming conscious of life for knowing they’re only living in their narrative. The world is their oyster which they never know.

When God shaped human consciousness He did so knowing we would live becoming Love and as we increased in His energy we would change reality and shape matter in a different light. Our knowing reality is only when we live with God teaching about Himself is vital for knowing we live through veils of illusion going through different thought systems to Him.  Incessant thinking is a thought system in ego, satan, and little person. We haven’t understood the bigger world we’ve only lived in our little person’s story of it.

Incessant thinking is the thought system we’re learning to let go of.  When God told us not to make money a second God He knew we would shape our thought system in darkness if we didn’t stay in light with Him. We made matters level life instead of knowing the divine light within and living with God teaching about Himself.

We’re processing energy without understanding how consciousness is living in matter. Our not understanding energy is the only reason we have shaped a world at the devil’s level. We took everything at face value and made our existence out of money instead of enlightenment. Life beckons us to live for enlightenment because we need higher energy within our light for making human life Heaven. Without greater substance, maturity, and depth human beings live through earthly energy, and that only creates thought systems in darkness.  Life opens higher energy into our thought system as we live greater levels of Love. God is living for us to hold His energy for light.

We didn’t understand God’s existence or why He was of no form and of all form living as the light all life is in. He is the level of everything there is in life and it’s His energy we want to increase for intelligence. Only by living aware of thinking and energy do we have the wherewithal for knowing consciousness.

Science of Consciousness

When science created the three-dimensional theory it derailed our knowing energy. No one was understanding the wave as resonance in human consciousness. We didn’t have the capacity for hypothesis outside of what was at face value. No one grasped the quantum world of energy being alive as a living intelligence. We couldn’t understand how the atom was living in various light because we never understood what was carrying the measure of the atom.

God is the only energy in existence with everything else living as an algorithm out of His energy. Nothing we will ever know as life will be anything other than an idea already in the mind of God.

We wouldn’t be able to hear our thoughts if not for living through His light in every atom. Being created hasn’t been a concept people don’t live as life but it will be. And being created means we live in something. The word created the world tells us every thought we have already existed before we knew it lived in us.

The world is quantumly existing in human photosynthesis. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Every stage of our aging has been processed through higher light moving within our consciousness. No one would have the way for trillions of cells to fall or organs to grow without higher intelligence within our light. Our consciousness was shaped through higher light blended within for giving us different races of light for processing in consciousness. Human beings have light blessing them for increasing energy for enlightenment.

Our idea of human was never developed because we never understood how matter was existing. We didn’t grasp the quantum world or what living in our narrative implied as reality. If we know we only live in our narrative then we know the world is miraculously catering the entire experience to every thought. This makes our existence more advanced than any level science is understanding. When we know the atom has infinite impressions we know there’s more existing for carrying those impressions than we have taken into consideration as living intelligence.

No one understood for a couch to exist hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in human photosynthesis needed to live exactly in our light for giving the couch image perfectly as we think. We’re living with higher races of light blended within our consciousness for living in matter. Human beings are imprinting upon energy for matters level to exist at our level of consciousness.

The hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy are living only for us to live with God and that’s extraordinaire. Everything is existing for knowing God whether we know Him today or not. Right now the understanding of quantum entanglement is coming from thought systems that have only known matter as life.  No one knew the extraordinaire level of what only living in our narrative implied, how matter was existing, or that the world as energy living as an illusion. Science never understood reality.

No one receives everything they want for understanding what’s written. We need to open our light for learning and seeing more of the world than we ever fathomed. For thousands of years, science has piggybacked off of passed down levels of consciousness. This time we’re actually learning what we never fathomed was life. No one understood living was blended with other races quantumly in our light. We didn’t have the way to know our existence was quantum even though most people knew God was of no form and of all form.

Science never understood matter because it never understood consciousness or that human beings were only living in their narrative.  What human beings bring into being and make work doesn’t define intelligence or truth. It’s one level of consciousness and we must have something we bring into being for life to live. But what is brought into being doesn’t define anything other than its use at this one level of consciousness. Our light is beyond it and we can live with greater knowledge of our world when we understand mater is a nothingness only living in consciousness. This tells us live with hypothesis bringing into being what brings life to higher levels of matter.

We want to live for enlightenment as our sole quest. As people realize the gift with God existing for us to live with Him teaching about Himself they’ll know we have light upon us for living in higher light.

Quantum entanglement is providing a way to understand human photosynthesis. It’s telling us that atoms are in holographic light in two places at once living as one.

The light within our eyes never sees creations level because we can only live at our level of consciousness and observe from that level of thinking. Quantum entanglement gives us an idea that should deepen our thinking for how atoms live with infinite impressions and why that is a fundamental quest for understanding the world as a living intelligence of self-organizing energy keeping light within our level of consciousness. Nothing we think has any possible way to live in matter making the couch existing perfectly as we think it without there being quantum entanglement for human photosynthesis to place it there exactly as we think it is there. Light is moving beyond our comprehension and it’s defining more than we fathom. The quantum light is sustaining everything in life for existing at any one level of consciousness.

Every algorithm has its own vibration and this shapes within higher frequencies, for the resonance to be uniquely living without our touch. The atoms in our thought system are moving light in the couch for atoms to live exactly as we think. It’s not in our body. It’s only existing in quantum energy through human photosynthesis. Matter only lives temporarily. Energy is constantly moving. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We think the world is outside of us but it’s only living through us. Everything we see is not living as we see it.

There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Every building, car, and tree is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We’re living through human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis).

Nothing we call life is actually existing at the level of life. We’re experiencing images within our Soul giving us the light for moving through matter. For us, the world seems very real and if we fall and scrape our knee it may bleed but it’s only one level of consciousness out of an infinite.

We’re living through enormous amounts of energy in human photosynthesis in holographic light smaller than the size of quarks. The quantum level of our world has more intelligence than what is living in human consciousness. If we saw creations level there would be only grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see.

Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is a blend of higher intelligence shaping our light for living in matter. We live in hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organing energy within our consciousness for aging and higher intelligence. Nothing in life exists as we know it. There are more levels of intelligence than living in human consciousness.

Human consciousness is an algorithm out of God’s energy.

Human consciousness completes itself. We’re creating our past, history, and future at each level of consciousness. The universe, weather, and ocean live in consciousness. Every animal on earth lives from our present level of consciousness as does the body and food. Only human consciousness assigned the donut to be not as healthy as the broccoli.  Consciousness is all that is alive.

Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. We’re only experiencing our light as the world within the collective story. No one lives in anything other than their own light. We only live in our narrative listening to our self-chatter as life. No human life is living at the level of our idea of it. it’s only satisfying our present level of consciousness. Life is in another level altogether with higher possibility. Everything we bring into being has already existed because we’re an idea in the mind of God and everything we bring into being is an idea in our mind.

God created everything in His energy. He’s the only level there is as life. No matter what algorithm is living, it’s only a level of God’s energy living. God gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. Matter is the gift God gave humanity.

Human beings are not the body. We’re the conscious energy inside of the body just like God. God is consciousness. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The body is temporary just like the world we experience. The world constantly changes because energy always changes form. The illusion of society only serves as the backdrop for having a story to deepen our knowing of God.


Reality is never having light deeper than the illusion until we live with God teaching about Himself.  When that happens reality changes for knowing Heaven on earth. Until then we live through the little person’s stories of illusion slowly awakening to the bigger level of our existence.

Society seems real to us but it’s only living in our narrative. We only experience life as one of us here with God. Everything we’re living through only exists at our level of consciousness and is catered to us for observing our consciousness in matter. Soceity never lives outside of darker earthly energy until the entire human race has ascended in higher consciousness. It’s living like the devil’s level in life because at the little person-level we see it as reality and only live to become something that suffices society instead of living through it to God for experiencing Him teaching about Himself.

Our light in God is slowly getting brighter the more conscious of life we become. As we understand the veil of illusion and ultimate reality we live for higher consciousness. The process of our existence leads us through different thought systems that carry realities for that thought system as we awaken deeper in God.

Until then we consciously evolve we only have the aptitude to live society as reality. Once we get past that our world opens up for divine life. Reality makes more sense as we understand creation. Once we know that matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness and that we never live outside of our thoughts we live with awareness about reality only living as one level of thinking. But there more levels for thinking beyond that one that we want to obtain.

God is a concept religion made as its own. But God isn’t in religion and living with God has nothing to do with religion. God created everything in existence whether we knew HIm or not and is giving everyone the way to live in the world whether we know Him or not. God is the blueprint to life and our living with Him was vital because we had no idea we had been created or what consciousness was. God knew what He created and knew our thought system would either shape to darker earthly energy or to higher light in Him. God was trying to teach us He existed for giving us the way to live within His light for knowing Love and peace.

We had no idea how we live on a planet in space and didn’t understand anything about our light in God. We took life at face value and made matters level our level never knowing God or the divine light within us. No one understood how matter was existing or what consciousness was for understanding the imperative need for living with God teaching about Himself. Our reality was shaped quickly when we couldn’t understand living with God. We placed God in religion and never lived again with Him like the disciples. Reality became society and no one understood reality. We made the world live backward.

Today, society is the only level human consciousness knows as reality and it’s nothing but a backdrop for awakening through to God. Society provides the story for knowing we are alive and for observing our consciousness in matter. It gives us a way to awaken to deeper existing. Nothing about society lives as we see it.

There are no human beings walking the earth as we see. Every building, car, and tree is living as hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. At creations level, there are only grids of energy. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level only in our light. The world only lives at our level of consciousness. It’s our personal world for awakening in.

Living with God teaching about Himself changes our thought system and instantly changes reality. No one can hear God out of thin air and resume living society as normal. When God is upon us at that level our lives only live the path of Christ and the disciples. No human being will ever live with God teaching about Himself and not change the world for knowing God more.

Reality lives as veils of illusion until we live for higher consciousness with greater depth, maturity, and substance for knowing we’re Love and live beyond all temporal experiences of life. We’re living through one veil of illusion for others with higher intelligence opening our celestial light in God.

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is the perfect way to understand living in human photosynthesis. Nothing lives outside of what we think and yet what we think appears outside of us. Quantum entanglement gives us the way to experience matter from any one level of consciousness.

Quantum entanglement opens atoms in holographic dimensions of light for experiencing couches across the room from us. If atoms can exist in more than one light but only live as one atom it means we have more intelligence carrying light from the atom than we’re knowing. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy which is the race of Heaven serving human consciousness.

People take that for granted but shouldn’t because it’s literally hundreds of billions of years alive. No one could fathom an entire world only living at one person’s level of consciousness with life appearing to have billions of people, weather, and every element living exactly as we think. The world is our personal curriculum for consciously evolving. The elaborate level of the world has everyone believing it’s real and outside of us. If we fall we may scrape our knee and it may bleed. The experience lives very real to us. What we’re living through is images in our Soul having levels of light within matters level for giving us the experience exactly as we think. No one wraps their mind around society living as an illusion easily until they understand they’re only experiencing life from their narrative. It’s a deeper understanding of creation and God for knowing veils of illusion are life until we experience God as reality.

Human photosynthesis is giving us images as we think it through our Soul in Heaven. Conscious Energy is giving our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. They are Heaven on earth and bless us with our livingness for experiencing matter exactly as we think.

We wouldn’t be able to hear our thoughts if not for living through God. His light is in the nucleus of every atom placing infinite impressions within it. God keeps measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.

The Brain

The brain is a processor for moving energy for light. Nothing we experience in life originates from the brain. Consciousness is living outside of us coming into us through the Soul in Heaven. The brain is only providing the way to have the temporal story for awakening through. The light of the brain is as its own living organism only transmitting what serves this one level of consciousness in matter.

Action within neurons doesn’t move by thinking as much as its living by algorithms in human photosynthesis. The mind is categorizing every nuance of life within hundreds of trillions of elements per second. We can’t see everything there nor can we begin to comprehend particles in holographic light moving within the head.

No one understood the mind as a functioning entity within our light. It’s shaping of the story is based upon human photosynthesis and it’s not only living matters level. When God created the way for light to live in matter He shaped every part of what would bring consciousness in to matter perfectly for higher consciousness. The brain has capabilities we have never fathomed yet and can exist in the light beyond our present level of intelligence and hundreds of billions of years alive.


Love is the most powerful energy in human living. We know Love as a feeling but it’s much more. We heard God is Love but no one understood the magnitude of that knowing.  Love is the energy expanding consciousness. It’s the only living level of humanity. Everything else is the illusion to Love. Love is the Soul living in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. It’s the light in consciousness that every thought emerges out of.

Love is building our life continuum. We live in two worlds at one time but our only conscious of one. We shape our existence out from the energy Love. Love is energy in God that lives s the dominant light in human consciousness. It’s the heavier level shaping everything we live through. Love determines life.

The Love we accumulate in our light shapes the next part of life. Love is the builder of everything. We see it as gentle but it’s a force more powerful than any other energy in existence. It changes worlds, builds, and activates celestial light upon us. Love is the way of our world and the only level of light that has God in our energy for processing in consciousness.

The more of God’s energy we process in consciousness the higher light in matter we live through. He’s giving us the way to live through enlightenment with Him teaching about Himself. Love has other properties within self-organizing energy that shape our world to live heavenly. It’s the light of Christ growing in us all.



  • Consciousness is blends of higher intelligence in quantum light. Subatomic particles live in decimals in holographic light smaller than quarks. The quantum level of energy is magnified times a million below quarks. It’s light in different frequencies and resonance give to the temperature in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and they give light for human photosynthesis.

    Memory is little bits of subatomic particles having temperatures that keep the resonance in place for messengers in form. Everything in thought is temporal. It’s an image in energy.