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We see human beings as bodies but ultimate reality is there is no matter outside of our level of consciousness. We are vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We live in the conscious space of God as energy. Even though we’re in Heaven we only experience our level of consciousness and human consciousness is living at the level of matter slowly leaving self for light. Heaven is all there is but we’ve created a veil of darkness by living for false idols that keep us in lower earthly energy.

As we live Love we acquire greater levels of God’s energy in our light which expands the light in consciousness. The deeper in God we live the more of His energy in we experience. Living Christ consciousness I’ve accessed a greater level of light. And when I did this mantra it was another level in light showing me I could access my Souls light in other ways.

Human beings are energy merging with higher intelligence for living in matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and another race of consciousness. He created human consciousness. We acquire levels of His energy merging with ours which is intelligence in us.

One day while pausing incessant thinking with the mantra, I Love you, God, I started to say it very fast and my body got very tight and my breath became short. I knew something was happening because I felt Heaven so I kept saying, “I Love you God” even faster. Then a higher level of my Souls light opened and greater wisdom came out of my mouth. After this experience, I understood we live in light through levels of our Soul’s consciousness. Its something I’ve done about a handful of times but every time it’s effortless to access the light in higher levels of my Soul.


Living deeper in God has given me a greater outlet to experience our world. My consciousness is in Heaven and the light of God is in me deeply. I can talk to Him and Heaven effortlessly. Now I experience the merging of higher intelligence in my light without having to say any mantra or have any physical change. I know its happening because of the content and textual level of it.

As we consciously evolve deeper into God we live through higher levels of our Soul’s light awakening as Love. The Soul is Love just like God is. While recording a mantra on my phone I decided to do the mantra, I Love you, God, fast again.

In this recording, we hear “Loves abundance and ningham has been thinned. Then right afterward “Lots of demons, not ever again.” Then seconds later “Lots of good energy.” Which speaks to Christ consciousness being lived making the darkness in photosynthesis thinned. Giving human consciousness more light. Ningham is the energy in human photosynthesis which is darkness and has been existing from our not living with God. As more light comes in which is understanding we live greater Love giving more light to human consciousness. We’ll never again have darkness as we have.

What you hear isn’t anything other than different vibrations within my Souls light coming through me. Some people call it our higher self while I would call it consciousness in waiting. As we become Love we enter greater levels of our light already here. We’re slowly realizing our light in God.