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The Quantum Light Knowing Higher Intelligence

Higher Intelligence in Our Light 

The idea that other races exist as something beyond us becomes null once we learn God is hundreds of billions of years alive. Our knowing life is important and yet we frolicked around through human existence without knowing God. We've been isolated on a planet in space with human ideas that never knew what matter was or how reality is shaped. Human education has no idea what being alive is or even how matter is existing yet teaches human beings what life is about.

The greatest universities of our time are giving diplomas out with ignorance as the pencil for life. No one coming out of human education has any idea society is an illusion or cares that it is. They don't know there is only one of us here with God or how that could be possible because they're not actually conscious of life. They are only conscious of the illusion and only know the illusion as life. We're not grasping what being alive is because we're being told a fable we never graduate out of. The story never opens up to the bigger world it only lives matters level with money as a second God. There's nothing teaching us the world is beyond society as reality. 

God is in every atom giving human consciousness the way to experience our ideas as life. His existence is far beyond ours. God doesn't need facial features, oxygen, or food. He's living as an energy existing as consciousness. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and not in human light as we think. He is crafting the world far beyond our ideas of it. God's light makes our journey in matter effortless with every idea capable of increasing to greater light. 

Celestial Light

Knowing other races as common is when we know our world is Heaven. Celestial light is our brilliance in matter. They are the species of Heaven giving us the way to increase intelligence no matter what that may be. A great way to understand Celestial Light is gravity has no real existence but we use it in everything. We brought it into being but the concept of it has no place at creations level. Celestial light is the muscle allowing us to bring something into being no matter if it's not living as anything so that we have something to live through to the next something and so on. We always will bring ideas into being even if they are far from living as something. There's never anything in our consciousness that cannot find light in the world.  Celestial Light is living for us to bring ideas into being for consciously evolving to more.

The idea that the universe is thinking on its own is null. Only human consciousness is shaping the light of the world. Consciousness observing itself is because we're an idea in the mind of God and everything we think is an idea in our mind. The universe is in the observer's light and only at their level of consciousness. For gravity to exist the world would need to think outside of our idea of it and that wouldn't bode well for us. If gravity existed the world would be ripped apart. God is keeping measure of the atom and human consciousness is assigning the atom's purpose and the livingness of the particle. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Only our human story is living. When we see stars billions of light-years away it is an idea playing out perfectly for bringing into being more. The world is resonance living in pulses of light through holographic light that goes on and on and on. We are infinitely existing within God's light. Consciousness is all that is alive with a fabric encasing human consciousness for experiencing itself in matter. Life is only one story out of an infinite we have brought into being. Learning about quantum living is nothing more than realizing energy is living as the world.

Quantum Entanglement

When we see trees, birds, and buildings we don't know the absolute existence of them is energy because we can feel matter through our senses but we're experiencing images in our Soul. They live from self-organizing energy in temperature. Light is moving quicker than the speed of light and beyond any level, we can begin to fathom. Quantum entanglement gives us the way to know light can move without spacetime. 

We only imagine the airplane in the sky and the sandwich on our plate. They don't exist as we see them or as we taste them. Our idea of taste is one level of consciousness out of an infinite. The story of food is also one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We could live in another light and experience an entire array of food that never lived in this light. Human photosynthesis is giving us our ideas in matter. We're imprinting everything in light with images moving through our Soul for living through. 

Our idea of the white picket fence as life doesn't serve for having substance, depth, or maturity. We don't grasp the enormity of our existence or other races as natural because we shaped our aptitude incredulously only believing what was at face value. The face value level of life is nothing but ego, satan, and the little person living in incessant thinking not knowing our own narrative is living as life. We don't see our world deep enough for knowing the intelligence living in our experiencing different micro realities at two years of age, seven years of age, ten years of age, and so on. Our idea of life in our fifties is nowhere near what we imagined at ten.  Life is living brighter for knowing consciousness for awakening out of this long cold stupor from God. 

We shaped our idea so little and in lower earthly energy we can't fathom being created or having higher light within our consciousness. We don't know were being raised by other races of light.  We've made the idea of being human as the body which is the opposite of our existence. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Our knowing God is hundreds of billions of years alive completely annihilates the body as who we are. Thinking about God being able to live in hostile environments and not living a moment of spacetime should open us to human existence in this environment. Our idea of the body has only lived in consciousness. 

Consciousness Completes Itself and Doesn't live Outside of Itself

We're making the principles of life be what they are based only on our present level of consciousness and what we bring into being.  Back in 1 AD they never knew satellites would exist or that the skin of fishes could be used on burn bodies and acclimate for growing cells. They had no idea cars would exist or that electricity would light the earth. Their ideas of the future were different than ours and their principles of knowing were different too. There's an enormous undertaking of other races for life to exist exactly as we think it to be. We're living comfortably with only our thoughts as life. We don't see bacteria crawling all over our bodies or have energy blocking our view. What we think is exactly what we bring into being as life. 

Our idea of life isn't with higher intelligence because our story is too earthly and only trying to be something at matters level. We have to live for Love for knowing Christ. We don't live for hearing God teach about Himself and that changed our world for only money as a second God. We are a thinking species not living for enlightenment or consciously evolving. We have no idea about the magnitude of being human or God living hundreds of billions of years alive and what that means. 

We're with a plethora of races living within our light and with us. We have God, Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and other races of Love giving to our existence. The world is far beyond what we have comprehended because no one in science knew atoms had infinite impressions for living in a world at one level of consciousness. Not many people can entertain society as an illusion until they know they only live in their narrative and in one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Our being conscious of life is with us not knowing how matter is existing, what being alive is, or what reality is and isn't. We don't know anything about our divine light and only exist making matters level our world because we can't inquire deeper within our Soul because we're living society as reality instead of with God teaching about Himself. 

We're moving through ideas we can muster up and bring into being. Our idea of life has nothing to do with what is actually here or Heaven's level with more races. We're living in a story inside of Heaven trying to make it to God. Society is the illusion serving as a backdrop for making choices that take us deeper as Love in God. 

Being Raised by Higher Intelligence

Knowing God was of no form and of all form was telling us energy was the world. His not having facial features or a body is the same for Conscious Energy and Celestial Light. They can move in all things but are of no thing. Our idea of living has been only making form as who we are and what the world is. When it's the opposite. We're living as energy in energy for matter to exist briefly at one level of consciousness. We are never alone and never without other races of light. The shaping of human consciousness is through other races of light for having the ability to live in matter. Human consciousness isn't one strand it's a plethora of quantum levels of light blending perfectly for consciousness to live in matter.  We're aging effortlessly from an embryo to a senior and out of the body to new life because of higher intelligence. 

Our existence is in higher intelligence from the start. No one who lives in the light ever leaves the light. The light is God's level in us participating for living in matter. We're living as an algorithm out of God and as conscious energy. He gave human consciousness the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness. God's gift to humanity is matter at any one level of consciousness. Life is something we get to master as we develop into higher light in Him. We're living through one idea of consciousness to another and for that to increase we have to increase in higher intelligence. This means we have to have a way to increase energy in consciousness. This is through light in God. Love is the level of everything in existence. 

We're living through everything other than Love to Love. Love is the light in consciousness and is the energy that gives us God's light in our consciousness. We are trying to live deeper in God for acquiring more of His energy in our consciousness. The more of God's energy we have the more light we have in life for knowing our existence outside of the illusion.  

If we only live society's idea of life and stay at matters level we don't acquire higher intelligence about life. We only live society's story without a clue we're living with God or the world is only at our level of consciousness. If we live society as reality we live in self chatter only knowing our narrative as life. And that makes small existence through only matters level. 

God gave us the way to increase intelligence by giving us the way to have greater Love in Him. God shaped our existence with higher intelligence so that we could always increase our world. From birth, we're having other races swimming in our light taking aging from an embryo to five years old painless. No one is screaming their bones are growing or that organs are increasing. We don't grow up telling our digestive system how to work while we sleep. Higher intelligence within our light is making everything effortless for us to host this body for a short time in matter. No one commands the lungs to expand or teaches the heart to beat to a rhythm of their desire. Everything is living outside of our light in higher intelligence. We're being raised but don't know it. 

The quantum existence of life isn't only quantum it's brilliantly living outside of everything we know as life and that is a remarkable feat by God. Our ideas no matter how bastardized they are continue to shape a world that has goodness and Love. We don't actually experience more than we can handle in life. It can seem like we do but God is with us changing light for making it through every circumstance in life. The quantum world is moving in pulses perfectly for moving in higher light within our Soul. 

Most people think how they live is alone when they are solo but in our light is higher intelligence capable of moving through our light into deeper places within us. We're not comprehending the existence of more levels within our light because we see the human as a body instead of in human photosynthesis with other races living within our light. God created the world in six days through light in Him.