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The Quantum Light Knowing Higher Intelligence

Higher Intelligence in Our Light 

Every human being is born with higher intelligence blended within their light. We have more races with us than the idea of human beings walking the earth. Our existence is blended in higher intelligence. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and created us out of His light. His existence is energy living as consciousness. Human beings are made out of His likeness. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body.

The idea that other races exist as something beyond us becomes null once we learn creation. We've been isolated on a planet in space with human ideas that never knew what matter was or how reality was shaped. The idea of a three-dimensional theory pushed us into places that were off the mark for knowing life.

Our world is resonance. There's no matter existing as we think. Only what we think at this one level of consciousness lives in matter. 

Human education has no idea what being alive is or even how matter is existing yet teaches human beings what life is about. The idea for knowing our world is going beyond it. What is at face value is the illusion only living temporality for us to carve our Soul to light. We're living on a journey to Love becoming enlightened as we do. 

The greatest universities of our time are giving degrees without anyone knowing what being alive is, what reality is or how matter is existing. They are the storytellers for society as reality and nothing more. They can't give Soul intelligence to the bigger world. They only give the temporal idea of life for living through to God. 

Our ideas only live at our level of consciousness. We're living through our narrative of life to light. We experience many ideas that seem very good but are nothing more than satan swimming in our pool of consciousness. The difference between light and dark is Love. The more Love we carry the more light we know in life. The less Love we live the more dark we have because ego, satan, and the little person shape our thought system.  We carry lower earthly energy when we are not living for light in Christ. 

The idea of consciousness is knowing there are different levels of living in one life experience. We don't have to stay at the mainstream level because there's only one of us here with God opening our light to the bigger world. Consciousness doesn't live for knowing less than it has. It's only living for knowing more.  

Celestial Light

Celestial Light is higher intelligence living on the edge of our ideas for expanding more into being. They are our brilliance in matter. They are Heaven giving us the way to increase intelligence no matter what that may be. A good way to understand Celestial Light is gravity has no existence but we use it in everything. We brought it into being but it has no place in life. Human beings are species bringing what we can muster up into being for living through to the next thing. 

Celestial Light helps expand light no matter if our ideas are wrong, ridiculous, unfounded, or ignorant. Something has to exist for living through to something else.  We always will bring ideas into being even if they are far from us. There's never anything in our consciousness that cannot find light in the world.  Celestial Light is living for us to bring ideas into being for consciously evolving to higher ideas.

The universe is consciousness. The earth is consciousness and the body is consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. Only human consciousness is shaping the light of the world. The universe is in the observer's light and only at their level of consciousness. Our story is one showing for seeing our thoughts in matter. 

We think everything we live through. Every thought is all that is living. No one knows their truth until they lose the ideas that have been given. Enlightenment is the journey of losing everything we think we are, life is, and Love. It's the unraveling of the meaning placed in matter, our self-identity, and our attachments. We don't know our truth until we get rid of the story we have shaped as our Truth. Matter is a temporal part of life and only exists for observing our consciousness. It's giving us the way to know we are alive and in something. 

The human story lives for consciousness to begin out of something to something.  When we see stars billions of light-years away it is an idea playing out perfectly for bringing more into being. Every level of consciousness completes itself with a history, beginning, and end. We are in something for observing our consciousness in matter. The word created the world and provides the light of the word in matter. 

Our knowing is through other races. The light we know as self is a light pulsating through millions and trillions of other algorithms inf God's energy. There's more understanding of our own light as we leave self for consciousness.  

The world is resonance living in pulses of light through holographic light that goes on and on and on. We are infinitely living within God's light shaping our light in Him. Life is only one story out of an infinite we have brought into being. Learning about quantum living is nothing more than realizing energy is living as the world.

Quantum Entanglement

When we see trees, birds, and buildings we don't know the their existence is energy.  We live through our senses without knowing the deeper pulses in life. Light is moving quicker than the speed of light and beyond any level, we can measure. What we measure is only from one idea living at one level of consciousness. There is more beyond how we think and see.  Quantum entanglement gives us the way to know light can move without our idea of spacetime. 

We imagine the airplane in the sky and the sandwich on our plate. They don't exist as we see them or as we taste them. Our idea of taste is one level of consciousness out of an infinite. The story of food is also one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We could live in another light and experience an entire array of food that never lived in this light. Human photosynthesis is giving us our ideas in matter. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Our idea of the white picket fence as life doesn't serve for knowing the divine light of our existence. The enormity of other races is natural because we live in higher intelligence and God created us. The idea of being created misses everyone because we don't feel a taskmaster upon us. The seamless existence in our light is the grace of God giving us free will. Free will is being able to live through anything we can think of. Our journey is to take our thinking into Love for knowing light instead of darkness. 

Society lives through lower earthly energy with ego, satan, and the little person living in incessant thinking only knowing our self chatter as life. We don't know only our thoughts are the world. The mind tells us matter is living outside of us instead of through us. We aren't able to know the light of Angels or God when we only live society as reality. Society is the lower level in our journey to Love. It's the beginning that only provides a backdrop for making choices for Love. 

The storyteller in our mist is one that dissolves the higher we live in God. 

Consciousness Completes Itself and Doesn't live Outside of Itself

Back in 1 A.D they lived at a level of consciousness that didn't live knowing satellites would exist or that phones would be carried everywhere we went. The ideas that could be mustered up and the ideas of a future only existed at one level of consciousness. Consciousness can't live outside of itself it has to transcend through itself. 

The existence of tigers, bears, and lions are only for this one level of consciousness. The animals in the human story three thousand years from now will be matching that level of consciosuness. We're moving out of an era of life in a segment of consciousness that has existed for thousands and thousands of years. 

Consciousness is only consciously evolving when we open Heaven on earth. Until then we move in satan in lower earthly energy. The idea of so many people being spiritual gurus that haven't known what being alive is or how reality is living beckons humanity to know more about life instead of living the animal story of it. Our levels of knowing have us believing we actually do know something because we become famous telling people we know it. Or live the mainstream idea of it which is the devil's brew. As long as we live society as reality and in a thought system at matters level, the ideas of spiritual living and consciousness are lower earthly energy. 

The world has lived in branding and marketing as knowledge and intelligence when it's nothing more than a fragrance out satan. Light isn't living in mainstream ideas its pushing the boundary of living into levels that no one imagines possible. We live marking higher consciousness with people who live in lower earthly energy with fame. The fragrance of being spiritual has become a branding opportunity for being gentle, peaceful, and Loving while only knowing society as reality.

The idea of spiritual existence is losing our lives to gain them in God. We don't have the branded clothing, activities, hairstyle, and idea that works perfectly in society as good. Spiritual growth is from dismantling ego not catering to it. There is no self Love there is Love in the light of Christ giving only to others. The idea of masters in the spiritual arena who exist as gurus knowing more about God than anyone else is null. If anyone knows God they live outside of the world with Him. The spiritual ideas that move at society's level living society as reality are the little person level. 

Being Raised by Higher Intelligence

Our existence is in higher intelligence is from the start. No one who lives in the light ever leaves the light. The light is God's level in us moving for living in matter. 

We're living through everything other than Love to Love. Love is the light in consciousness and is the energy that gives us God's light in our consciousness. We live in higher knowledge when we live Love. Leaving self for consciousness is a process of moving out of one reality for another in Heaven. Our light is always in God but the depth of our light is out of our magnitude of living in the light of Christ. When Jesus told us the way to God was through Him it was because only by Love do we increase our light in God. 

From birth, we're having other races in our light.  We literally are nothing more than energy with Spirit coming in, personality, and unique characteristics that fit perfectly with the world. We're not living outside of the world we come into. We fit perfectly with it. Our light has already lived by the time we are here. 

Everything in existence has already lived because it's an idea in the mind of God just like everything we think is an idea in our mind. Our life is new to us but God has known every part of our living before us. We're living in a world shaped for the word to create the world at our level of consciousness. We're part of a pool of consciousness living only for light. Being raised by higher intelligence gives us the way to increase in intelligence and bearing into being what we think. We are existing as part of higher intelligence but just don't experience it yet. 

When we live with God teaching about Himself we change light into higher grades of algorithms. We never experience more than we can handle in life. We live in human photosynthesis for knowing our existence at one level of consciousness. We live with images moving in our Soul in Heaven. Spirit is mixed in light with Heaven, God, and pieces within our Soul.  The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in consciousness through matter. The Spirit lives like the rays of the Sun and the Soul is the center of the Sun. Spirit is changing but the Soul is us and is eternal. 

God is the source of life for our eternal existence as Love.