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Living in Light

Life can only be what we can think. It doesn’t live outside of this one level of consciousness. Only our narrative is existing as life. Our ideas live and nothing more.

The knowing of life isn’t out of our present ideas it’s beyond them. Our ideas are the illusion and the eternal knowledge is with God. What we receive as data won’t carry the knowing until we consciously evolve for deeper light in God. Human consciousness is at matters level in lower earthly energy which doesn’t carry substance for anything more than its one idea in consciousness. In order to receive new information outside of our knowing and the idea of our not knowing we want to acquire depth and substance. 

Depth and substance are made out of energy that carves itself through something into something. They are the alchemy in consciousness. If we only live in linear consciousness moving in a horizontal line we won’t live deep enough for depth. Our existence hasn’t live for depth. Only linear consciousness is living. We’re not climbing the all-seeing-eye stairs towards the top in vertical evolution. We’re living horizontally stretching out the bottom step moving along the earth like a snake. 

We once lived for a million dollars then we lived for five hundred million dollars and then we lived for a billion dollars and then people lived for five hundred billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. That’s linear consciousness. We once threw sticks and stones and now we use sophisticated weaponry. That’s linear consciousness. Consciously evolving vertically would mean we don’t have weapons today. 

The life of society is the lower mind’s existence from not consciously evolving deeper in God. We live for the devil’s pleasure and have plenty we can live and feel but all keep us spinning in satan only satisfying what society deems is life. None will open Heaven on earth. God living is for having light in our thought system. The only way for anyone to acquire depth and substance is by carving their Soul into God living the journey to Love. 

Soul intelligence won’t be made in the temporal world. It’s out of the eternal light deepening Love in God.  The light we live for is God’s energy in ours. We want to live in the light of Christ doing everything we can for Love as the only idea in life. 

No one ever lives enlightened by carrying the world. It’s by offloading the world unraveling our thought system from society as reality to God a reality. We move beyond ego, satan, and the little person knowing self doesn’t exist. It’s the unraveling of everything we ever knew as life into the opposite of it. Only God changes our light in human photosynthesis for moving out of one thought system into Heaven’s thought system. The light for knowing life is from Love. 

Human education is part of the temporal story and the illusion. It’s the backdrop in life giving us something to move through and observe our thoughts in. Society is the base and not home. We’re living to move through society to higher consciousness and deeper light in God. No one can acquire knowledge out of human education. We only know what other human beings call knowledge we don’t have any knowing beyond the human story. The idea of living with higher intelligence is to get out of self chatter into light. 

Most people only live in their self chatter not understanding what creation is or what being alive is. We live with a world outside of us because we have never learned there was only one of us here with God and the world was living through us. We don’t carry wisdom at young ages like we should because no one is living with God in conversation for teaching it. 

We literally sleepwalk through our self chatter in stories we bring into matter not aware of other races in our light, Angels, Celestial Light, or God. The mind is only able to carry aptitude for the illusion because we don’t live with God above all things at birth. Most people think God is a man with a white beard sitting in the sky. And Angels are human beings with wings. Both are childlike because we don’t know creation. 

Without deeper knowing of matter’s existence, we short-changed our own ideas from hypothesis in higher light. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. God gave us the way to only experience what we think as life for having the way to live beyond it to Him. We’re not doing it because we placed God in religion instead of living with God as the blueprint to life. 

No one in religion has ever made it to God or even knows God. It’s an idea in human precepts that live outside of everything God is. Only living through society as reality to God as reality is knowing God. Everything else is the devil’s level with our thought system in satan. 

Satan is our incessant thinking through lower earthly energy that shapes attack and defend with opponents. Our ideas live out of ego and the little person in darker energy instead of higher in Love. We don’t know there we’re only living in our narrative and self chatter. We are constantly building stories to live through in matter. 

Just like thinking is part of the temporal story while consciousness is eternal. Thinking is only a storyboard keeper for moving out of one idea to another for substance and depth as we make choices towards Love. When we make choices of Love we acquire higher energy in consciousness of God. We’re living for God teaching about Himself for knowing Him. The deeper in God we live the more enlightened we are. Only higher levels of His energy change consciousness. 

Human education is an idea in human consciousness. It doesn’t exist out of higher light in God. It’s in lower earthly energy shaping lower mind. It’s giving society as reality and doesn’t know beyond that. In a few hundred thousand years it will not exist and only Soul light will. We’re slowly moving out of ego into light. Eventually, the light will be a profound knowing for human consciousness. 

Living for knowing God is through Love in Christ. We want to live everything we can for only knowing Love. 

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