The world is living in Heaven. Every human being is able to see their bodies, touch their faces and see the earth because of God in every atom giving us the light in photosynthesis for it to exist at our level of consciousness.

The oceans will have their high tides and low tides without us doing anything. Leaves will begin to change color as the season's change and we will of done nothing. The sun will rise and the sun will set giving us our morning and night. Still, we will have done nothing to make that happen. God is controlling everything we are witnessing through an intelligence that's living as another race in our existence. We see the tree and sky from a very heavenly light giving us the image in our Soul to process.

What's existing is trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in tiny particles in photosynthesis. They're giving us the light for seeing and feeling matter. We're not seeing the back end of what is having the tree appear to us or how another human being is actually existing. We can't see energy at the level of particles and waves otherwise we would not see the tree. Our experience of matter is for us to live through matter only from our level of consciousness. How we are living is through photosynthesis. There are literally trillions of bacteria covering everything we see. We don't see the bacteria because God has blessed us with eyes that see comfortable. What we live through is our personal experience creating how matter should appear to us.

Miracles are everyone's God given light to live in.

We have the ability to think anything into being we want to live through. Now when I say that I don't mean we can just think of something and it magically appears. What I mean is anything that happens today we can bring into being how we interpret and live through it. Only we create our perspective of how the world will appear to us. We want to live through a filter that is giving us greater light instead of darkness.

I once heard a story about an elder blind lady who was going to a nursing home. She had lived in her house for 60 years. She didn’t have any family left and was being taken by a nurse. As they were walking to the home the nurse said, “ I hope you like your new home.” And the old lady said, “ I love it  -its perfect!.” The nurse asked, “ how do you know, you haven’t seen it yet, we're not there?” And the old lady said, “ Oh honey I decided as we were leaving my other house that I was going to Love my new home.” And so she did.

Her light was already creating her happiness. She was already thinking that no matter she was going to live it through Heaven. Having the ability to create what we are going to feel beyond what society tries to dictate, is a level we can live through when we work on making that choice.

Every day we decide the light we live through by the level of Love we live. Love is the energy in consciousness that's giving us the light in matter we see. Which means it's giving us our interpretation of how the world is occurring to us. It's our filter. Love is the light that expands consciousness to live in greater wisdom and knowledge because it's God's energy in ours. When we have greater wisdom we have the ability to see more than one version in our experiences. This is allowing us to shift our perspective for what holds light in God.  We have the ability to live beyond the mortal world's level of circumstances to a greater level of Heaven. Which gives us happiness, perseverance, and peace.

We want to bless everyone we come in contact with and live Love in all situations and experiences because that's light we live through. When we are angry or upset we see people as having problems, doing wrong and not helping us. This is because our filter is clouding our eyes from seeing the miracle in our brother. Every human being we see is a level of energy in our Soul trying to have us live Love through them. Only we make them our savior or teacher. We perceive people through energy manifesting in form. Which is living in a light only for us to live Love through them. It won't always appear the way we think it should but that's part of the process of carving our Soul. It's usually beyond what we thought it would be.

Every thought emerges out of consciousness and consciousness is the energy Love. Because God is Love human beings are Love. And the level of Love we are living is discerning the light we see life through and its discerning how we live in miracles, happiness, and Heaven.

In order to experience greater miracles in life we have to live more conscious of life. Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next not controlling what we are experiencing. Every thought is all we are living through. When we don't pause our incessant thinking we are literally on a conveyor belt moving through life blindly missing Heaven. We stay at one level of thinking and reinforce that level by only incessantly thinking and keeping it in place. It's like a running on a conveyor belt always living in the same spot.  With little variables making us think it was a different experience when we never left that spot.

Most human beings live repeating everything over and over again. The routines we have are endless and they have been with us for a long time. How we drink coffee, brush our teeth, the side of the bed we sleep on, and what time we wake up etc. We have over a million thoughts a day and 95% of them are repetitive. And over 70% of them are negative. The level of what is repetitive is astonishing when we consider we've created a reality based on a minute level of being conscious. If we are in repetitive levels of thinking we aren't seeing everything that is here with us. We're only seeing what is on that one track.

This is why humanity has never understood what a molecule was, how matter was existing or that the human being wasn't the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. Humanity is only now realizing we live in photosynthesis from these writings.  We want to learn to live understanding consciousness is all that is alive. The world we are experiencing is energy. Every thought will live from how we allow it to live. Living consciously of how life is living is imperative for experiencing God and miracles in our life.

Living with God isn't religious or spiritual as much it's the blueprint to life. Which helps us understand our existence on this planet floating in space. When God created life He created the way for human beings to increase their intelligence. By accumulating energy that would expand consciousness through His light. Love is the energy we want to increase to open Heaven while here on earth.

Learning to pause incessant thinking is the way for life on earth. Part of conscious evolution is human beings changing the inner world for changing the outer world. When we change the way we think we change the world we experience. The space between our thoughts is what we want to increase. Every thought is emerging out of energy. We want our thoughts to emerge out of the conscious space of God over anything else. We achieve this by having a practice that keeps us living through the energy that is of God.

There are different ways to achieve this. One is having a practice with morning prayers and continuing to live out of the prayer energy throughout the day. We stay mindful to making Love, compassion, and kindness our priority with people. Sending Love to everyone we are going to meet and carrying it as our only agenda in life. Living to Love people should be priority with co-workers, business matters, shopping, and all life experiences. When we lead with only Love as our agenda the higher light in life puts everything else in its divine right order for us to live through. Most people make business matters come first instead of understanding how energy is living in God. We want to approach the business matter as not a business deal but as an opportunity to Love someone living compassion, kindness, and warmth.

Everything in life comes from energy and what will benefit us at the ultimate level will emerge out of Love. Energy is always creating content and what is in light stays in light. If we live surrounding ourselves in kindness, warmth, and Love as our priority in life the other levels in our experiences will emerge out of that energy.

Learning to live sending Love to people and quietly blessing everyone we see also keep us in peace. When Jesus said, ” Blessed are the merciful, for they will have mercy.” It is the same principle we are creating when we live blessing people and loving them.  That is the light we live through. This also takes us out of the incessant thinking of the mortal world to thinking through Heaven. We want to practice quieting our thoughts and praying for people before we meet with them. A simple prayer like this will work.

May Eric be blessed in all he lives and May I be a blessing to him. I surround you in Love.  Amen

Praying for people we don't really know is an amazing experience in how Heaven lives in our world. Even though we believe they are separate from us they are not. There is no place we begin or they end. Everything is energy. Every person we will be with today in person or over the phone is in our light. We will experience them either surrounded in light or with darkness. Every prayer is changing our consciousness for Heaven. It's giving us the strength and substance to live deeper rooted in God in what doesn't break. Keeping our light with Heaven strengthens us every day for living in Heavens Love.

Everything we experience comes out of energy. This tells us we create the ultimate level of energy to live through from the highest light and that's Love. If someone wants to have greater knowledge they do so with Love. God's intelligence is hundreds of billions of years alive. His energy gives us knowledge by expanding consciousness to live in higher vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. When we are down we carry low energy that's more earthly and there is darkness. When we live Love we have a higher vibration that's meshing with other energy at that level. Its a higher frequency of energy that creates a greater light in matter for us to experience. Love is the energy we want to live to acquire Heaven while here on earth.

Most people think of Love as a weak gooey energy. When it's the opposite. Love is the most powerful energy in existence because it's God. Gandhi changed the course of India and he did it through Love. Gandhi stopped the entire British army through non-violence through Love. Martin Luther King changed the course of racial inequality and injustice also through Love. And every enlightened master who has ever lived has done so through Love. There is no other energy as omnipotent as Gods because everything in existence was created out of His energy.  Jesus spoke of living with God as having the power of a mustard seed able to move mountains.

The power in Love is the power of God's energy in life. Love expands consciousness giving us greater wisdom and knowledge because it is a higher light of God's energy in ours. Love swims with miracles. We want to learn about energy and then harness that energy that gives us the most power to live in miracles, happiness, and Heaven.

We want to live practicing pausing our thoughts and quieting our mind for living in the conscious space of God.  We're quieting our minds for living in energy that is holier than how we normally are living.  Most people block out some time for prayer and then go about their day. We want to learn to live the energy of prayer and meditation throughout the day. Keeping ourselves in a peaceful conscious space. When we pray or meditate we connect with the universe, which is God.

Waking meditation is a living meditation I created. I've been using it for over a decade going deeper in the conscious space of God. It's relaxing and peaceful and centers the core on the illusion of our world. By showing us the light all life emerges out of. How it's done is anywhere. We want to rest our eyes on an object and allow what we are hearing to live as it is. We want to go beyond what we hear to the space it's emerging out of.

Remember our world is living in energy and it's in layers. We want to live beyond society's level of energy to the level of God.  What we are hearing is only in vibrations living in a frequency producing audible tones through light for us to hear. It's one level and there are more beyond it. There is another space it's emerging out of. Go beyond what you hear to the silence that's also existing.

We begin with focusing on an object which can be anything. Then focus on breathing in through our nose and out through our mouth. Slowly letting the air come in and gently releasing it out. As we are breathing we allow the mind to fall away carrying us through what we hear going deeper and deeper into it. Hearing every sound there we go deeper into it. We're focusing on our breathing instead of having incessant thinking. Try to not to resist if you fall into thinking. Gently guide yourself to quietly focusing on breathing again going through the nose and out through the mouth.

As this level is lived we begin to have a greater ability for hearing silence. As the silence is becoming more dominant we are living having ability to hear Heaven in our light. We live in the consciousness space of God but deflect it by incessantly thinking. When we quiet our mind we open a channel that has always been there giving us heavenly light.

Humanity has been living through a very dense channel at matters level because we didn't pursue living through Spirit. Living at matters level keeps us earthly while living through Spirit takes us into the infinite unlimited light of God.

By pausing incessant thinking we are able to enter a greater space of light. Through Love we open a level in God that changes the world we experience. We are here to live beyond the present level of what we call reality to the bigger level of Heaven we are in. Which has other levels of intelligence ready to bless us. The way to understand life is that we only experience the world from our level of perception. We want to expand our perspective to live through Heaven instead of society's small level. Society doesn't live creating levels greater than it has been taught to live, individuals do. This is why its never been the majority that changes the world, it's always been the minority. The minority creates the movement that changes the majority.

Miracles live out of Love. Happiness is the brother of Love and Heaven is the light of Love. Every day learn to Love deeper and through all experiences so that the miracle of this life communicating with Heaven opens up. It's always better to give Love than anything else knowing that Love is the answer that invokes miracles, happiness, and Heaven. Our state of mind is the only pathway Heaven can travel through. We want to open it by not deflecting miracles through incessant thinking. Having a practice for ending incessant thinking is a requisite for humanity. It's the level that takes us deeper into God.

We only have two choices in life. One is living in incessant thinking talking to ourselves or living in conversation with God. We want to live in conversation with God calling on Him before every decision and through every trial and tribulation. There are Angels surrounding us every moment of our lives trying to help us live through Heaven. Live knowing that Love is the light that opens another part of our world able to communicate and guide you right through living to the ultimate living you've been waiting for. Our Souls journey deeper into God only takes hold when we begin going beyond the present level we are at.  There is another light we can live through and Love is the only way to open that door.