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Spiritualism Higher Consciousness


Living for deeper knowledge in life is a journey out of everything we have shaped as life. No one lives increasing in intelligence from where they know life today. Higher consciousness is not an add-on. It’s a complete dismantling. No one knows more about life out of the same ideas that carry life. We learn new ideas from other races within our light. It’s the entire precipice of living from an embryo to a teenager and from a teenager to a senior. Other races in our light increase for us to experience other light in matter. 

The idea of knowing what human is – is mandatory for knowing intelligence. We don’t think about what being human is because people teach it without having intelligence for knowing it. The human education system is the entire knowing of an illusion and not reality.  No one in science or education knew that only one level of consciousness was living. They haven’t known how matter is existing or what being human is because they assumed it was matters level. When we are not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body. 

The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It gives us the way to experience this one level of consciousness in matter. Nothing living in this story is permanent. The thoughts we carry are nothing more than a storyboard for giving us the landing we need to move into higher light. They create stories we live through trying to choose Love. Our thoughts are not who we are. They are only the light for experiencing matter. We’re trying to become conscious of the thinker for observing our consciousness in matter. 

No one lives a spiritual journey until they begin leaving one level of consciousness for living as Love. Reality changing is part of the light in matter changing. No one lives in higher consciousness because they live peacefully in yoga, pilates, and meditation. Society as reality is the little person’s level in life. It’s the thought system asleep existing in incessant thinking and not knowing only one of us is here with God. It’s the thought system not aware of only our narrative existing as life. It’s the thought system that doesn’t know the difference between thinking and consciousness. 

Thinking only provides the story. Consciousness is the light the story can live out of. Thinking is the temporal level of life while consciousness is the eternal. Our light in God determines our depth of knowing. When we come into a world already existing we don’t learn about consciousness or how matter is living to know our light in life beckons us to live for enlightenment. We’re not learning about human life outside of lower ideas deeper in the devil.

The world lives in lower earthly energy with a thought system in incessant thinking because we made money a second God and fell to lower darker energy as the light in consciousness. We don’t live awake to life. We live awake to what we can muster up as life. The story is our only knowing of life. Human education doesn’t know enlightenment and doesn’t carry aptitude for intelligence. It’s a dogmatic level placating to matters level and the ideas of humans that never awakened to God. 

Human education bleeds the devil’s level because no one serving light knows it. Most of the disciples were uneducated fishermen. The light of John the Baptist was living in the wilderness. Moses committed murder and Abraham never went to any college his light was God. The idea of human education was for shaping a story with control. It wasn’t for intelligence outside of the story. It’s only for serving the devil’s level in life because it only gives the illusion as life. No one who lives in the illusion ever makes it to Gor or to ultimate reality. They only know the illusion as life. 

They don’t even have conscious awareness of who is the thinker or how consciousness lives in matter. The idea of God would be a fairytale to people in college without knowing they were the ones living in the fairytale subjugating truth with daydreams that know nothing about matters existence or what reality is and isn’t. We’re not learning at birth the blueprint to life. We’re being fed a story that becomes our entire existence until we unravel and dismantle it. 

Living for spiritualism isn’t a beautiful or pretty path. It’s the down and dirty raw upheaval of everything in us that has ever held darkness for light. We purge and reborn through many levels of thinking that make us last in society, lose the ego and unravel the thought system that held attachment and self-identity at matters level. We don’t fit in with society when we are on the path to Love. It’s the path of Christ and is beyond the world we walk in. 

Jesus is the path of spiritualism and enlightenment because He is the light in God. No matter where we stand today in believing in God or not the moment we understand how matter is existing and what consciousness is living as we know God and higher intelligence give us the way to live in matter. No one can understand matters level and not know higher intelligence. The walk for opening our universe isn’t through human education. It’s Soul intelligence with other races blessing our light in God. Knowing the world from society’s ideas only provides the beginning and not the end. 

Society is the illusion giving us the way to observe our thoughts and make choices towards Love. It’s for deep inquisitions and questions that don’t already have answers from the little person’s know it all idea of life. Most scholars and professors believe they know a subject like an expert. Common sense tells us that no matter our age and titles if we are knowing society as reality we have never awakened to life. We have only lived in our self chatter dead asleep to the world beyond it. The scholars never lived for intelligence they lived to achieve something in society to feel like they were something in society. Living for intelligence is the ripping of our lives into pieces for truth of human existence. 

No one can live having the magnitude of life out of human education. They only get what is fed and nothing more. The idea of opening the universe because we have satellites or telescopes is the imaginary idea that more instruments change thought. It’s the idea of moving without substance. One level of thinking doesn’t begin to change until deeper levels of our light increase. No one can learn more about life if they don’t experience more life. We can have the technology and all sorts of things at our disposal but if the light in our Soul never changes our ideas become one linear movement. Carving the Soul with depth is what gives eyes the way to see and ears the way to hear.

Living in human education is linear to what money shapes as life. Living for intelligence is living for higher levels of our world teaching in God. They are two very different wisdom and knowings. Our journey is beyond the world we live in. It’s outside of human education and every aspect of science and religion. It’s the idea of taking everything life has given and unraveling it for knowing what is between the cracks, outside of it, and beyond it. The thought system must change and the idea of life changes with it. 

We’re not living to be trendy or something society accepts. It’s the Soul’s journey deeper into Christ. There’s no level of spiritualism existing except when Love enters our light. Until the ideas, self-identity, and meaning in matter dissolve we live attached to matters level. No one can go beyond matters level until they let God live deeper in their light for taking their thought system into higher levels of Him. 





Higher Consciousness

We’ve been the seekers walking in shallow water instead of diving into the abyss of life. Humanity has taken everything at face value and made fame the idea of credible. As long as someone has branding on a subject they immediately carry a belief they know something. We’re not living for the truth we’re only making like we know the truth. Our assessments don’t swim in deep water they bathe at the surface idea of life.

We’ve made what is at face value the light of life without knowing what we see is only one level of consciousness out of an infinite. 

Being conscious of life isn’t believing we live with other people. It’s knowing there’s only one of us here with God and no one walking the earth as we see them.  We think by reading a book, listening to a lecture, or studying scripture we carry knowledge. We haven’t grasped where wisdom comes from because we don’t change reality or ideas of society living as reality. 

The human education idea in life is the unconscious knowing of life. It’s part of the temporal story that is the illusion and doesn’t carry any way for knowing ultimate reality. It feeds its own idea of knowledge and does not give anyway for realizing our true nature in life. The knowing of something isn’t knowledge. There’s a magnitude of life being missed because our idea of knowledge is at face value. The knowing of what is in front of us without knowing how it exists or why is ignorance. We have never understood at the smallest particle the motion was resonance. Our not knowing that consciousness was all that was alive created an illusion we can’t carry the aptitude to get beyond without God’s help. 

When human ideas began shaping the world it was out of ignorance and zero-knowledge of creation. No one was knowing our world was energy or that matter was a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Our ideas were matters level and through our senses at face value. We didn’t live outside of what we could see as life. What we were seeing was ideas only at our level of consciousness. The observer is the one in the light and only their narrative is living as life. Our narrative is living as the entire world. Nothing will ever exist except what we think lives. 

We didn’t know the magnitude of thought carried different depths in life. The light of the word shaping the world gives the magnitude of substance that defines ideasa for living shallow or deep. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness.  Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level for living in matter.  

 Nothing in this world ever provides the knowing of life. It doesn’t matter if we try to live like wealthy people, enter secret societies or even live the most religious idea of life. The door to truth reveals itself only out of light in God. The veils of illusion keep us yearning for acceptance without claiming the divinity of our knowing. 

We believe the body, family, name, and job title are who we are. No one knows their light in divinity because matter lives in darker earthly energy. 

We’re not getting beyond the veil of illusion in life because we’re not trying to. We come into a world already existing and learn what life is and isn’t. No one questions what is given as life. If we would have stayed living with God we would understand reality and the illusion. We don’t because no one lives in conversation with God teaching about Himself. All we live in is ideas at the little person’s level of life.  

God’s idea of life isn’t anywhere near our idea that made materialism and money the world. We’ve missed our divinity, higher intelligence, and learning about consciousness in matter. We don’t get to know any more than what we can muster up as life because human beings don’t with higher intelligence. We’re not living for Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or other races of Love. 

Satan boggled science and made the entire world believe it knew life when not one scientist knew that only their idea at their level of consciousness was life.  Matters existence is beyond any level we have conceived. Quantum entanglement hasn’t even brightened our ideas because we don’t understand the couch is being seen from across the room and not sticking out of our ears. The idea of quantum entanglement is there is no duality in the atom’s own light moving across spacetime for our energy to craft its existence. The atom is happily performing for us within a much higher level of intelligence for graveling with its presence. 

Science hasn’t opened the door to light.  The world is living energy and there’s no place where one begins or another ends. The reflection is our light traveling for us to observe our consciousness in matter. We’re living only in our narrative whether we’re listening to someone talk or talking to someone one. Everyone only says what we want them to say and what we don’t want them to say. Only our ideas lives as life. Nothing we hear from anyone is anything but a piece in our story reflecting light back to us in our narrative. 

We don’t have relationships with others we have light with others. Consciousness completes itself with a history and future. Never seeing the totality of anything it only sees what it can think. It’s a complete idea that is transitory and only living for awakening through. It’s nothing to live as an eternal existence it’s far from that. It’s the quick trip within one moment of knowing out of an infinite. 

We’re not grasping that thought is relative to substance and substance is out of depth as Love. Love is what shapes ideas to be what they are. The level of Love we are and not make them. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. How life makes the world is out of the collective level of Love humanity is living. It shapes every circumstance a human being can experience as life. We don’t understand why God is Love until we know we are too. Were unraveling our ideas back to Love.

The world provides matters level for building everything as the teacher in life. Our world is our personal curriculum giving us the trials and tribulation for making choices back to God. It’s the level of satan and the devil shaping ideas in lower earthly energy as we live for light in God to shape our thought system out of darkness to light. We’re living through our own ideas and perspectives to Love. Only our narrative is existing as life for knowing our thoughts and changing them to Love. God gave us the way to Him for guiding us through consciousness. He gave us Angels and Celestial Light for helping us to Him. 

God made each of us out of an algorithm in Him. He created the world in six days with human photosynthesis shaping the Heavens for earth and light. Our entire existence is through Him which means we are always in Heaven even when we don’t know it. Human consciousness is inside of Heaven making its way back to God. The ideas we muster up are only living for a short while. Consciousness is continuous in life but our thoughts are part of the temporal world and fade when we leave the body. 

The body isn’t who we are. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It’s used as a vessel for experiencing matter at our present level of consciousness. It’s like a temporary costume we get to play in. The world doesn’t reveal the knowing of costumes until we live that level in light. 

The world will keep a veil over our eyes until we begin the deeper inquisitions for piercing holes through it. Few walk the path for inquisitions that pierce holes in the veil of illusion because it requires living last in society and losing our lives to gain them in God. It’s not fashionable and definitely not the little person’s idea of walking into church and believing we know God. It’s the disciple’s walk along with Moses. It’s the idea of leaving everything in life for what God gives us to live no matter how insane, ridiculous, or how much we don’t want to. He knows us better than we know ourselves and understands the world of satan better than we do. 

Our journey with God is one that is beyond religion and outside of society as reality. It’s learning of Heaven on earth and living divinely in light with higher intelligence with us. It’s learning about our Truth and creation. Experiencing God teaching about Himself and opening the world beyond our ideas. 

Branding and marketing have made religion, government, science, and human education all stand in what they know nothing about. Living in a world that has developed its own idea of intelligence from human ideas doesn’t make for knowing the truth of intelligent thinking.  

Moving through consciousness is an art that is weaved out of Love. It’s the walk that crosses over many bridges no one knew existed while scavenging the land for something remotely familiar to us. It leads us into deeper water than we knew could be walked through. The course that builds substance is the one few take but everyone knows. The journey to God is the journey of Love. 



Incessant thinking is the thought system humanity is in. Incessant thinking keeps us living in the past and in the future. We’re constantly daydreaming about what we did yesterday and what we need to do tomorrow. We think about situations with people and replay them in our mind trying to figure out if it was good or not. We keep daydreams as reality because the mind can’t differentiate thought in our mind or in matter. Only we live it as we see fit but no matter what it was only a thought in us.

Thought isn’t traveling anywhere. We make it be something in matter. No one understood God living as no form and of all form meant energy was all that was living. We don’t need matter to live something. Our thoughts continue while we sleep. Thinking is like a conveyor belt of energy moving nonstop whether our feet are moving or not. 

The mind is feeding energy for making anything we want out of it. We’re constantly thinking about the past and what needs to be done in the future. We don’t live in the present moment because incessant thinking doesn’t have one. We’re not quietly in the space between our thoughts. Ideas and daydreams are the entire make-up of life. Everything in existence began as a thought. This is as true for us as it is for God. We’re an idea in the mind of God and everything we live is an idea in our mind. Consciousness is living for never living in the same light twice. 

Life is moving forward without us doing anything about it because we are living in something that has been created for us to live. The world is happening without us doing anything. We age effortlessly without any say and the word created the world and we were taught the word at birth for shaping our world. The light we hold in our words defines the journey of Love. 

Satan, ego, and the little person shape pain energy in ideas.  We’re not releasing energy for Love because the level of Love the little person lives is out of pain energy. Humanity doesn’t know Love at the level of Christ. We only live Love at the level that works for us. We’re not going to lose anything or wreck anything for Love. We’ll give Love as long as it works for us. When it starts to trouble us or challenge us we begin letting go of it for something easier. No one walks through trouble into the light even though everyone knows the parable about the dark tunnel and on the other side there’s magnificent light. We’re not willing to walk through hell to Heaven. We want Heavens level without acquiring the muscle to hold Heavens light in us. 

The concept of goodness falls to selfishness. We don’t acquire anything that makes us lose what we think we should have in life. We’re not giving to anyone what may take from us. Outside of our comfort zone is where Love begins. No one wants to live feeling embarrassed or vulnerable and yet when we can conquer both we know happiness beyond any level society knows. Our little person’s idea of life wants to keep us in our knowing and not knowing which doesn’t open our Truth in God. The tiny version of life has never stepped into the abyss of life. It made the shallow water the pool of consciousness. 

What is on the outskirts of life has the miracle of life. Money cannot buy the truth and it cannot buy God. The light within beats to a different drum that our little person can’t achieve alone. It’s when we surrender to God we know the power of His light in us. Heaven isn’t through a massive group gate, it’s outside of that through a narrow passage hidden behind the shrubs of life. Everyone has the same opportunity to get there but few take the walk for it. 


Buddha challenges every human being for taking the walk to Heaven. Even though Buddha never made it to God he lived with light in Christ for changing human consciousness for knowing Love, peace, and balance. The ideas out of Buddha are eternally blessing human consciousness. At the time of his existence, he didn’t know the world was only living in his narrative or at one level of consciousness. He didn’t know the difference between thinking and consciousness or the difference between the Soul and Spirit. Knowing the world acted as an illusion was the beginning and not the end for Buddha. 

The western world has never lived for enlightenment or for knowing more than our own thoughts as life. We’re not trying to increase outside of society as reality. The western world is deeper in the illusion of matter because we made money a a second god.  At the beginning of life, there was no mixing of knowledge without God.  As we became denser in lower mind we started fracturing components in life for controlling life. Religion claimed God,  governments claimed power over life, and human education claimed intelligence of life based on the dogmatic political ideas in government.

Branding became the only way a human being knows legitimacy and credibility. It made the idea of fame become the crux of having something over everyone else. When that is a lie that carries deeper ignorance than everyone else.

Branding has become every human being’s idea of success. We’re trying to be something to please someone else without ever knowing who we are, to begin with. We think we know who self is because we carry ego but we haven’t crossed the bridge for knowing what we are beyond ego. The little person’s ideas are easier than living for truth. No one discounts Buddha moving for knowing more about human suffering through his own ideas of suffering shaped many ways for more balance in the illusion. The idea of living in our world is for getting beyond the illusion to God teaching about Himself. 

We want to definitively know our existence and what reality is and isn’t. Most people who carry the idea of higher consciousness believe they know reality and the illusion but only live society as reality. The journey in our thinking is for definitively living with God for knowing the illusion. There’s no water in our well if we know water is living five miles down the road and we have never experienced it in our well. The idea of knowing truth is only by knowing God at the level of Him teaching about Himself. 


The Soul is living far beyond the light we know as life. It’s the truth giver of everything we can realize at this one level of consciousness. The Soul is the sun and Spirit is its rays reflecting out of the suns light. The Soul is in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is the light Spirit is living through at this one level of consciousness. The Soul is alive and is our living in life. It is the consciousness Love. 

The Spirit gives at every level of consciousness for living in matter. It provides the costume’s ideas and allows for our thoughts to live in matter. It’s giving us the way to live the temporal level of life. Consciousness is the eternal light of life. Consciousness is giving thoughts the way to exist just as the Soul is giving Spirit the way to live endlessly in matter for eternity. 

We wouldn’t be able to hear our thoughts, touch our faces or see the earth if not for living through God. He is in every atom giving us the light for living in matter. How much of His energy we carry is up to us and the Love we live in life.  We don’t know our world as higher intelligence because we never venture outside of society’s little storyboard. 

Matter is the gift God gave to human consciousness. He shaped us out of His likeness and created the way for us to experience matter from any one level of consciousness. We’re consciously evolving in God for living Heaven on earth.    


Thought doesn’t live in anything but the temporal story of life. It’s nothing more than a storyteller for moving through matter. Its processing energy. Thought only lives at one level and can’t jump into higher levels without consciousness changing. Thought is Spirit and consciousness is the Soul. 

Thought processes life while consciousness is the heart of thought’s existence. Thought is an arbitrary idea out of consciousness. It only feeds the temporal story for moving deeper into consciousness. Consciousness is the light for how deep thought can live or not live. Consciousness is the knowing of all that doesn’t change like thoughts do. Consciousness is the depth of where thought can live out of. Consciousness is the depth, substance, and maturity for where thought arises from.  Thought lives out of consciousness. 


Human education doesn’t live know life it only builds the illusion. It’s the teacher that hasn’t graduated knowing matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We’re not teaching about atoms with infinite impressions or quantum entanglement in knowingness. The idea of atoms only living through pulses of algorithms is not in human knowing. The atom isn’t deciphering if anyone is speaking Spanish, German, or English. Language doesn’t live within algorithms because resonance in pulses does. 

God is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. We’re having Celestial Light brighten our ideas for living through something to something else. Never did gravity or general relativity exist. The universe would be ripped apart if it did. Only human consciousness is assigning the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. Our ideas of life are what we can muster up at this one level of consciousness. It’s not anything but one idea out of an infinite we’re bringing into being s best we can. Gravity gradually disappears as science realizes only resonance is living as life. We’re not trying to discover anything because science has been made to carry the illusion instead of God.  Living for enlightenment seemed silly for people acquiring college diplomas until they understood what being alive was and how reality was an illusion waiting for us to live for the magnitude of life outside of human ideas. When only our narrative is existing as life we need help. Heaven’s level in life is that help.  

Quantum entanglement never made its way for nonduality in atoms. Atoms are existing perfectly in decimals through holographic light. We see the couch from across the room without it sticking out of our ears.  Mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity are from Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the light of Heaven living as the fabric of our world. They are higher intelligence giving us our livingness in matter. We see airplanes in the sky while our feet are on the earth. The idea of the plane thirty thousand feet up is consciousness carrying it there. Quantum entanglement is the rhythm of algorithms in the same graduating motion in temperature for matters level to exist exactly as we think it to be. It’s traveling through human photosynthesis for providing the image exactly as we think it to be. 


No one is aware they’re being raised because we don’t think of ourselves as being created. The idea of being created seems bizarre and old. Nothing is acquiring knowledge in our world. We’re regurgitating styles of the same thinking over and over again. We’re not moving into the unknown as much as we’re making sure what we know is what is known. Science doesn’t try to shape life out of theories everyone laughs at.  No one wants to have their job threatened because it doesn’t fit into the environment of everyone’s thinking. We’re trying to live through everyone else’s ideas including those from hundreds of years ago. Anything that has credibility we want to associate our life with. The fact has become nothing more than an idea brought into being that we can make agreeable in some way for knowing it more at one level of thinking. 

No one contributes higher intelligence to anything in life. We simply can’t go there because we are too busy living the illusion instead of factual living of life. The stories we carry live greater than the leap of faith to intelligence. Nowhere in our world does it scream were in an illusion and nowhere does our world scream we are blended with higher intelligence. We don’t have any basis for knowing we are created or being raised by higher intelligence until we have basic knowledge of being conscious of life. 

The idea of being conscious of life has always been based upon being aware of our surroundings. But never did we know the surroundings were an illusion of our daydreams. When science began making itself an authority of facts it didn’t know consciousness was all that was alive or that the world was energy. It literally created itself to be something when it had no idea how matter was existing, what being alive was, or higher intelligence was raising us. It was clueless about its own existence as the illusion. 

No one understood that human beings were only experiencing their level of consciousness as life. They didn’t know that human awareness was bibble babble. Our level of knowing never garnered that only our narrative was existing as life because we couldn’t fathom that. We didn’t have the depth for deeper inquisition into life. Knowing how matter was existing didn’t matter to science even though that was the crux of knowledge for everything else in life. We simply did things out of what felt good or could be brought into being with some knowing that solidified our idea of it. 

Nothing in life screams there are other races giving to our livingness in matter. Everything outside of human ideas is considered other races when everything human ideas are made from is other races. The world is living far beyond our idea of it and being human is far beyond our idea of being human. We’re living through a plethora of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive for living exactly as we think in matter. 

Celestial Light is doing the heavy lifting for science and all inventions in life. They are the enigma within our light that takes a spark and ignites it into a roaring fire. Human beings have to bring something into being no matter if it’s crazy or ignorant. We have to live through something in order to live in something else and whatever we can muster up is brought into being for living through to the next thing. Celestial Light is the heavy lifter making the world have Heaven when all it knows is the devil.

Without anyone knowing how matter is existing or what reality is and isn’t we live with microwaves, heart transplants, and satellites. Intelligence isn’t the full picture of our knowing because we’re living blessed by Celestial Light making the world more heavenly for living through to God. 

We live with Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and Angels. They’re far beyond human consciousness and live with a different purpose than we. They are part of creation and exist in other light outside of everything we know as human and yet they are intertwined in everything we live as human. Our journey for Love leads us outside of everything the little person made as life for divinity in God. It’s a road that lives knowing creations level by experiencing it and living Heaven while here on earth. 

The idea of other races is only an ignorant concept that hasn’t begun knowing what being human is or our world in higher intelligence. God being of no form and of all form is probably one of the most obvious tellings of life. God doesn’t need oxygen and doesn’t have facial features or a body. He can live in hostile environments and outside of everything, we can muster up as possible life. God can live through anybody and anything He created in life. 

Living in thought tells us there is more beyond how we can think in life. Our thoughts only tell us what we think is here. They don’t tell us what is actually here.  My mind doesn’t tell me the truth it only tells me what it thinks is the truth. There is more beyond how I think existing as life. 


Living in our narrative is constantly bouncing off of reflections as ideas in life that we live from one level of consciousness. There’s only one of us here with God and everything else is giving us the way to observe our consciousness in matter as we make choices to Love 

Human consciousness shaped itself in incessant thinking by making money a second God and lives in lower earthly energy. Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next listening to our self chatter as life. We don’t observe our thoughts or know what living in our narrative is until we deepen substance in life for understanding our thought are all that live as life. 

We’re walking through matter with our self chatter telling us everything life is and isn’t. We don’t actually listen to other people talking we interpret what they say in our narrative listening to people say what we want them to say and don’t want them to say. No one lives outside of their thoughts. Only our narrative is living as life. There is only one of us here with  God trying to awaken out of the devil’s level to Him. 

Human beings talk only to themselves but think they talk to other people. We’re not living conscious of what being alive is. We’re only conscious of our thoughts and ideas as life. We haven’t begun to pause thought or control the energy thought emerges out of.  

Everything we have shaped as our destiny in life was nothing more than an idea trying to find its way into light. Living with the world only at our level of consciousness already tells us the light of living is through our own thoughts to God. It’s the maze we make and it’s the ideas we hold that have to unravel to Him. Satan and ego challenge us because our little person wants fame and adoration. Living in our narrative we build who we are out of that wanting and don’t ever become conscious of life until we begin the journey to Love. 


There’s Only One of Us Here with God

We live going from the many to the one. From the world living outside of us to only living through us. From the world living with billions of people to only existing in our narrative knowing only one level of consciousness is exiting as life. The journey for higher consciousness is the dismantling of everything we know as who we are and life itself. The higher as Love we live the more knowing of God we live. Knowing God is out of Him teaching about Himself and nothing ever with religion. 

Living Love


The idea of living doesn’t tell us the secrets to life nor does it roll out the red carpet. The idea of consciousness is to transcend consciously evolving in God for opening our world. Faith becomes the pillar of the universe because we have to go where no one else does. Society will keep everyone living society as reality until we break out of it. Moving through matter in thought takes our ideas out of everything we’ve made in life real. Our meaning and attachments at matters level shape reality until we have Love erasing every idea we once held. 

We’re on the journey to Love because Love removes our ideas for itself. We take the painting we have made into our masterpiece of life and we wash it away for a blank slate. Love is the whitener that creates the blank slate in our thought system. Up until we choose Love we have judgment and reason that continues living with society as reality. As we make Love our only purpose in life they begin to erase. God made us in His likeness for living in Christ. Jesus gave us the way to know Love was the way of the world. 

Love leads us beyond everything life gives. It’s the only energy in life that can transcend one reality for another.  When we choose Love we have more of God’s energy in our light for processing in consciousness. Love is the elixir and the alchemy of thought. Our ideas have no purpose when Love is first, last, and in all things. Our judgments, reason, belief system, and purpose change. Love makes everything in life the giving to life because without our surrendering to it we can’t release our thoughts from society as reality. 

Love is not the same Love society lives. It’s the light in Christ we live knowing God is upon us. Nothing that can serve us for making our lives cozy and comfortable serves higher consciousness. It’s not about us it’s about losing everything we thought was us for knowing we are Love. We’re dismantling self for Love. Once we begin living with God teaching about Himself He is the one changing light in human photosynthesis for our living deeper in  Him. When someone thinks about God placing armor on us to live through the devil in human consciousness it’s out of human photosynthesis He is changing our light for knowing something way beyond what the world shows us. God in our light is the antidote for overcoming the world. 

Nothing ever changes in us until more light moves into us. Our world is Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and other races of Love that shape Heaven on earth. Human consciousness is an algorithm in God and is encapsulated with higher intelligence. We are existing in a story that has already lived. Nothing we know as life exists as we see it. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see. We see buses, trees, and oceans but what is here is nothing close to what our eyes see as here. The world is energy moving in resonance. The idea of matter is one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

Nothing we see exists ever again when we leave for new life. Human living is always changing form for experiencing other levels of consciousness in matter. Higher consciousness isn’t a community idea. The only way to know one is reaching higher consciousness is God. His living in our light making the entire world change for our depth in Him tells us we are living beyond society as reality. No one living in higher consciousness knows anything other than the world they once knew is broken and mended as Love. 

Life is far beyond society’s idea of it but the path doesn’t reveal itself until we begin the journey to Love.