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We only know life from one level of consciousness that sees the body as who we are. What is existing is more than we are capable of realizing. The world is energy with matter only existing in consciousness. Consciousness isn’t one strand of light. It’s a plethora of light blended with higher intelligence for living in matter. We are other races of light blended for experiencing matter exactly as we think it. God created everything in existence as an algorithm out of His energy. The world is consciousness coming from outside of us into us. Love increases God’s energy in our light and gives consciousness more light for processing. Consciousness lives in higher intelligence for leaving self for light. The deeper in God we live the more of His energy we process. Living Christ consciousness gives us greater levels of light for deeper knowing of God. 

Keeping our light beyond matter into God is what takes us beyond satan into Heaven. 

Human Photosynthesis

When God shaped human consciousness with His light it was for increasing His level in our lives. Religion never understood how to live with God and made knowing Him society as reality. When you live with God teaching about Himself we experience Heaven on earth and human photosynthesis changing. Our reality changes from society as reality to God as reality because the light in human photosynthesis increases with His level merging within our light. This comes during our thought system changing as we lose our lives to gain them in God. 

Living deeper in God gave the way to experience the bigger world. Our consciousness is in Heaven and the light of God moves deeply in us when we live with Him teaching about Himself.  I hear God and Heaven effortlessly. He moves in me through different light within our world. We see buildings, cars, and trees but was is there are hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The world isn’t as we see it, it’s very quantum and lives as energy. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

God is in my light through different levels of energy moving within human photosynthesis. My consciousness changes because of higher light within my Soul. We have different levels of Heaven in our light and it lives through Spirit for matters level to live. The Soul is in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. When God saved me and began teaching for living Christ consciousness He gave the way to understand consciousness living with higher intelligence that moves through our light when we are ready for blending greater levels of God with us. 

It’s the light in human photosynthesis that changes the light in consciousness. Only God opens that door. As we consciously evolve deeper into God we live through higher levels of our Soul’s light awakening as Love. The human being isn’t living for being someone who can push their way to the front line. We’re living to be at the front serving everyone else in line before ourselves. 


This is a recording of light coming through my Soul in higher levels.  The world is energy crisscrossing and moving through human photosynthesis based upon the Souls light. Only God opens the world for understanding the deeper part of our existence. This recording is higher light moving through me. Which I realized could happen as I said, “I love you, God,” quickly. 

At the time of the recording, I had begun to realize all the ways Heaven moves in our light. The light lived trying to come through and today, it’s blended so well it doesn’t have to live through that level.  It’s a natural part of my beingness.

You’re going to hear another level speak through and say, “Loves abundance.” Then “Ningham has thinned” and “Lots of demons not ever again.” Then “Lots of good energy.” Which speaks to the devil in human consciousness losing levels for light. Ningham is energy that only lived out of animal levels in human consciousness. Nothing develops around ningham until someone lives beyond it. Human photosynthesis changes the more Love we become. It not only changes our lives but the light in the world changes too.  We’ll never have darkness as we once did. 

When we think about intelligence increasing we know it’s because of higher energy in God living deeper in our light. What we hear isn’t different, it’s vibrations within my Soul opening through me. Some people call it our higher self while I call it consciousness in waiting. As we become Love we enter greater levels of our light already here. We’re slowly opening our light in God.