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God & Religion

Scripture wasn’t for religious endeavors.
It was for living with Godteaching about Himself.

Those who know God have no place in the world. They don’t live in the hierarchy of religion. There’s no position or title with status. They are beyond the world with God, living through a deeper forest than mainstream ideas. Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist didn’t live in religion as we do. They lived with God teaching about Himself.

Moses is a good knowing because he teaches us that we don’t have to know God for God to live deeply with us. Moses grew up in Egyptian culture and murdered, but God didn’t care. He knew his Soul. 

The hierarchy in religion doesn’t hear God or remember Him. It’s living society as reality, only living human precepts. We live the body as self instead of knowing Spirit and live society as reality instead of hearing God. The light in the world is for living with God teaching about Himself- everything else is matters level, and that’s the devil’s level because we only live matters level. It’s the storyboard level of living through illusions trying to deepen our light in God. 

Scripture was gathered by individuals who witnessed or lived with God teaching about Himself.


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not just living for our idea of Him. 

It wasn’t a religious gift.  When Moses walked the earth, human consciousness hadn’t found its morality or ethics. The world wasn’t knowing life as we do today. Human consciousness was deep in darkness, trying to find its place.

Moses knew the Truth of living with God. No one knew God as he did. The experience was part of his light for learning.  Moses freed the Israelites from four hundred years of slavery and gave the Ten Commandments. He lived deepening his light in God through every part of it. We overlook his Egyptian upbringing and murder for our devil to live. It was a lesson for all of us and for religion. 

God doesn’t go by our rules or what we deem is reasonable. He’s outside of this story and living for the Soul to know Him. We’re not grasping that society is an illusion or that there’s only one of us here with God because we live self as the body instead of knowing light. Light is living differently for us. We know Spirit and the Soul over the body and matter. It’s deeper knowing that lives as one with everything living as our consciousness. Nothing can live outside of us because everything lives only in our narrative. 

In 1AD, the highest levels of religion crucified God’s only Son as He went from temple to temple teaching religion it didn’t know God. We didn’t get the teaching. Religion skipped over it, and that deepened satan. When we learn about creation, we understand why religion would never know God. We’re living through images trying to awaken. Consciousness is all that is alive. The story gives us a way to observe our thinking in matter and know Love. 

We’ve been making what we want as living with God. Everyone adds God to society as reality instead of losing their lives to gain them in God. We go to church, study scripture, and maneuver our lives how we want. With God, He destroys our lives for living His will. We don’t live how we want or do what we want. The world becomes our personal curriculum as He teaches Love and about Himself. The world opens for Heaven on earth as our thought system changes. 

Religion hasn’t lived outside of society’s level. It’s a mainstream idea only knowing matter as life. It won’t live enlightened. Individuals have experiences with God and live enlightened.  We’re living from the many to the one. And that’s going from a world outside of us to a world only living through us. Only our level of consciousness is the world. I am the light all lives through, and I am the Love all life knows.

No one is being born to live beyond religion to God to then turn around and teach religion about God. The institution is playing God while only knowing satan. God doesn’t placate society’s ideas of Him and has never lived with religion. He chooses someone outside of everything the world knows. No one has to believe in God for Him to move in them.  God doesn’t live by our ideas of Him. He knows the Soul’s journey in Him. Human ideas come and go, and every generation claims its place with God while never living with Him teaching about Himself. 

We don’t dance for God nor do mainstream ideas decide who God is. There’s no understanding of scripture that can bring the journey to Love to life. It has to be lived. With every experience, the Soul carves itself deeper in God. It’s the unraveling of self to light consciously evolving in Him. 

Listen to God's Voice

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