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God & Religion

Scripture isn’t for religious endeavors.

Human beings scribed, invented, and made what would carry religions, not God. 

Moses and Abraham walked with God
in a story having their individual experience of Him.

The mind can never dictate who God will move through. Religion is remaking knowing God for human ideas to shape God’s existence instead of knowing God beyond all things. We don’t live by our designs with God. God has always chosen those to know Him. 

If God had only wanted Israelites, we would only have Israel existing. He has placed multiculturalism, ethnicities, and more diversity than we can manage with purpose. The papacy is standing at the devil’s level in life with satan because he didn’t walk deeper in Christ. He stopped for the institution’s idea to play a role for society instead of living deeper in Christ.  The walk with God is out of the skin into the light. It’s going from the many to the one and has no religion. 

Every individual is carving their Soul to God, living through a soup of life that is placing agreement and disagreement for carving the Soul to Love. The like-minded idea of life is a waste. God shaped life for knowing Him, not for what works for us. The idea is to see outside of the ego, satan, and the little person. 

When we shape what is comfortable and our idea, we dive deeper into our ego to please satan. God gave us a way to deepen our light in Christ. He knew we would gravitate to ego and satan and placed every elixer for something more. We’re trying to be something instead of letting go. The more we define ourselves, the deeper into lower earthly energy we go.  

Knowing Spirit was the gift for staying out of ego. The day we knew we carried an eternal light was the day we never should have shaped the body as self. The mind isn’t trying to know God. It’s walking on a level that places society as reality and the body as self. It’s working for satan to be accepted by the devil.

We’re not penciling a story about God in this life. We’re writing a story about self in a religion and it doesn’t make it to God.  No one in any religion ever will. The mind is traveling for satan, not light, when we walk as an ideology instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 


God is choosing and placing us to know Him. He’s not living for our idea of Him. Nor does He walk in our designs of knowing Him. 

Judaism and Christianity both have lived under the Roman Empire, trying to be something with power, and both have lost in doing it. Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God. No one is going to claim decree or dance for God under their own design of Him. The majority constantly places ideas of God, making false idols. We don’t lose our lives to gain them in God.

We create what we want, then fulfill it, and claim we know God afterward because we fulfilled our own ideas. The ones with God lose their lives to gain them in Him without any status or showing the public that they know Him until their time comes. It’s deeper than any religious doctrine. 

We didn’t learn how to live with God because religion became something to life without knowing God. It’s making itself seem special to God when it’s not. No one designs their ideas to know God and fulfill them, and it be so. His walk is outside of mainstream ideas. We’re living to know His will, not ours. 

The individual is carving their Soul into light. The rudimentary ideas that keep people living in human precepts only carry darker earthly energy. We’re not deepening our light in God to know Him when we memorize laws and study scripture. It’s not leaving the ideas of self or society as reality. We’re placing our satan ways as something with God without hearing Him or consciously evolving deeper into Him.

No one can live designing anything they want through interpretations of old text, and then claim it carries a decree with God or knowing of God. The depth acquired by individuals with God is beyond this world’s mainstream ideas and only in Heaven’s level of life.  

Religion shaped itself in satan by not knowing God above all things. No one would be a bishop if they knew Christ. They would live for consciously evolving deeper in Him. When the Apostles began giving God to humanity the human race had already made money a second God, and we lived society as reality.

The only ones to know God were the disciples. Everyone else had ideas of Him. No one knew God as the disciples did. Society was in lower earthly energy, and people wanted power. Both Christianity and Judaism lived under the Roman Empire, and both fell to it. They lived adhering to the ruler’s acceptance of God. 

Both stayed at the devil’s level in mainstream concepts, wanting authority over a word they did not know. If the eyes of Christianity had recognized that Judaism’s Pharisees and high priests killed God’s Son, they would have never created a religion out of the very text teaching that religion would not know God. 

Religion’s incompetence made both religions battle with each other. For any human being to place nationism, heritage, and rights to God is the devil. The temporal world is a cesspool of ideas that satan conjures up to be special. We walk adhering to someone else’s ideas for acceptance.

The Apostles were never in agreement with society. They lived beyond its ideas and only in God’s will.  God is never at the level of mainstream and doesn’t live by a religion.  He is the creator of everything in existence and will always do as He does without our ideas of living as part of His. 

There is no place in life where titles and positions amount to something to God. The walk with God is by the Soul, not the mind. The mind is the storyteller of life, and the Soul is the depth for getting through those stories with light. No one comes to God by themselves. We don’t walk with another human being, either. We only walk with Christ.

God created human consciousness to know itself. The individual is experiencing the world in their narrative and won’t leave that light until they hear God’s voice. The walk for every religion is finding God. Only the individual can know Him. Never will a solicitor of God know Him. 

Therefore we faint not, but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed daily. For our light affliction which is but for a moment, causeth unto us a far most excellent and an eternal weight of glory: While we look not on the things which are seen, but on the things which are not seen for the things which are seen, are temporal: but the things which are not seen, are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

The above idea gives us depth to know that what identity of God we place in matter destroys the magnitude of Him moving in us. We’re not here to live in a religion – that’s the temporal idea in human consciousness. We’re here to live with God teaching about Himself – the eternal landscape of our existence walks with us when we Love beyond this world deeper into Christ. 


Listen to God's Voice

The first recording of God’s voice in resonance and the first recording of God healing a human. 

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