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God & Religion

Scripture wasn’t for religious endeavors.
It was for the individual to live to God teaching about Himself.

We’re not treating God like He exists, because we made the papacy and rabbis instead.

When we live with God teaching about Himself, we don’t live in the hierarchy of religion. No position or title represents the Soul’s journey with God. When Jesus walked the earth, Christianity and Islam didn’t even exist. They don’t carry God, and neither does Judaism. As long as we create our doctrine and protocols and tell God He needs to abide by them, we don’t know Him. When we’re ready to surrender and allow Him to drive, we begin a deeper journey. 

Believing in God is not in religion. Religion needs its own idea of it instead of trusting that God knows us better than we know ourselves. He’s living in everything life can live, but we don’t seek Him. We want God to live in our ideas instead of knowing His will. We’re making up whatever we want and then claiming we know God because others accept it. We haven’t learned to know God. Only the individual lives with God teaching about Himself; everything else is part of the story, giving us the way to carve our Soul deeper in God. 

In religion, everyone hears God, while no one knows Him. There’s no gage for knowing God in religion; it created its own doctrine and protocols. We don’t know God; we know human precepts. Religion has been the seeker since its inception. It didn’t learn to know God. By the time Jesus walked the earth, the highest levels of religion were already deep in satan, only knowing the devil’s level of life. That’s why the Pharisees did everything they could to kill Jesus. They couldn’t see Him. Their state of beingness was the devils trying to be something instead of surrendering to God. 

Religion has been making itself be something through branding and marketing, not enlightened living. It doesn’t know creation or how God exists. For thousands of years, there’s been no increase from any religion in knowing God. No one can hear Him. The days of hearing God have long past us. No one understood the individual is the only one with God and everything else is the story to God. 

We made Moses and Abraham the fathers of religion when they didn’t know God before He spoke to them. The idea that Moses, after worshipping many gods in Egyptian culture, knew God was null. Religion placed itself with power through empires, not enlightenment or God. Starting with Judaism the trail of religions followed into the pits of hell. None stand with God today, and all live satans ideas of life. 


God is choosing and placing us to know Him. He’s not living for our idea of Him. 

No religion understands the massive difference between those that live with God teaching about Himself and those that do not. Religion is the do not category of life trying to be something instead of losing their lives to gain them in God. Nothing with God is about society’s purpose. The mind is traveling from a world of matter to a world of light.  Religion made its own purpose to be something and used empires and kings to achieve it. It didn’t know God and never lived for Him. 

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all lived through empires. They had no idea society was an illusion, nor did they know God. They stood at matters level, not knowing creation. The prophets lived individual experiences with God while religion missed the way to God. 

Moses, Abraham, and the Apostles taught us only the individual carries God. Everyone else is part of their story. They gave us the way to know that who we are, what we’ve done, or how we live doesn’t matter to God.  God is upon us whether we are in prison, on a farm, or traveling.  We don’t even have to believe in God; He is with us. The individual is the only one hearing God and is the only one here. 

Creation tells us the light of the world is the observers and only the observers. We’re not going to know God as long as we deepen our muscles to false idols and blasphemy. If we need a rabbi or a preacher, we don’t believe in God. If we want to place a papacy, we have no idea who God is and live with little faith in Him.

If we believe in God, we know His voice because we lived to Him teaching about Himself. There is no point in anyone believing God exists and not living to Him teaching about Himself. Why would anyone believe God exists and not do everything under the sun to know Him? 

We’re designing our doctrine and dogmas how we want, proclaiming we know God because we live exactly how we want to with Him. That’s not believing in God. That’s believing in the ideas of God. We don’t walk to God in this world because we’re walking into religions solidifying false idols instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

Unless we deepen light in Christ, we have no idea of God. The place religion carries is satan. We come into the world already existing and go along with what is here because we are born into it. It’s the devil’s level that made money a second God and doctrines as knowng God.  Religion has made itself into something for power over a word it never knew. Before Christ, it was already deep in satan, making itself something instead d of surrendering to God. 

We live the temporal story instead of walking out of it to the eternal one with God. Living society as reality is the devil’s level of life because we never leave it. We solidify a thought system in lower earthly energy and shape ego, satan, and the little person’s level of life. We don’t know divinity or Heaven on Earth. We’re not exercising a deeper light in God living through religious ideas of God. The Soul needs more, and it needs to walk alone with God. Otherwise, we develop eyes and ears for satan. 

Religion masterminded how to have power and forgot that God didn’t need any. This is why the meek inherit the world. They surrender and allow God to move in their lives. The walk is self-emptying. It’s not shaping ego to be someone to society. God works in the opposite direction. He doesn’t work in mainstream ideas of Him and rebukes satan’s demands for its own decree with Him. No one is going to live with a title and position for society as leave ego, satan, or the devil’s level in human consciosuness. We are too deep in satan when we proclaim we know God perfectly while making the body self and society as reality. That is the devil’s level in satan trying to be something without walking to God. 

When we lose our lives to gain them in God, we go from first in society to last and last in society to first in God. It’s not the other way around. God doesn’t work in our design of Him; He shatters it. Satan is busy at work keeping the ego satisfied that the ego knows God perfectly simply by studying scripture and memorizing laws. Its cheap, insane and doesn’t begin to know God. 

Nobody can watch movies, buy boots, gloves, and hats, and know Mt. Everest. We have to climb it to know it. The walk up Mt. Everest breaks us and tears into our tenacity, faith, belief, and strength in something far beyond a rudimentary idea in life. Imagine God teaching you about life. It won’t live in what is practical, reasonable, or logical. It won’t make sense to us, and it’s far beyond anything human. The creator of everything in existence isn’t living for what works for us; we’re learning to live His will and only His will. 


Thousands of years ago, we diverted away from God and began playing God. No one understood thinking or reality with God. We didn’t know creation. We assumed everything while knowing nothing. W replaced Gdo with humans instead of opening oru ears to know Him. We lost sight of God early on, with prophets and Kings playing roles like God favored them. We designed our eyes and ears for God, and we did it by denying Him for someone in human form. 

No one knew what a false idol was or what it did to human reality with God. We didn’t understand consciousness or what was shaping our thought system. No one was in the light, and we were making the dark our light. When Jesus walked the Earth, He gave us a way to know religion didn’t know God. The highest levels of religion crucified God’s Son while praying to God. The mind of the Pharisees and the high priest is the mind of the rabbi, preacher, iman, and religion. It’s the mind that misses God because it makes itself be something to Him without ever hearing His voice. 

Religions made themselves into something not hearing God’s voice. No one learned By Christ, and no one lived by Christ. The amount of murder and catastrophic living in religion tells the devil’s story and the walk with Christ. It’s never lived a day in conversation with God to live enlightened to know it’s errored. It can’t see or hear God. It’s in its own design doing whatever it wants, not knowing creation to save itself. 

Without the knowledge from God, it masters satan. All because we can interpret an individual’s story with God doesn’t mean we know Him. We can copy Moses all we want and will never hear God’s voice to live near Him.  This walk wasn’t for trying to live what Moses, Abraham, or the Apostles did.  It was for seeking God within our Soul outside of everything life carries. We deny our unique livingness with God for the devil’s level of life. He created every human being to know Him. Not a religious idea of Him. If we don’t live beyond religion to God, we only live satan at the devil’s level of life. 

The stories we have been given are for opening our light in God. Its the story of our lives and doesn’t stand in mainstream ideas. Living with God isn’t a group knowing. Its the individual surpassing everything in this world to Him. No one is living to be a preacher. We’re living to know Christ’s light. We live deepening our light in God, becoming another light in Christ. There is no mainstream concept that captures knowing God. The individual will fight through satan and out of the devil in human consciousness for a reality that only knows God’s will. It doesn’t place us with society’s purpose, and it doesn’t know society’s ways. 

We live hearing God and living by His will and teachings. It’s closer to John the Baptist being raised with God in the wilderness than anything mainstream. Nothing society is s knowing as God is anything but satan’s wish. We wear costumes and make up our own status as knowing God. The one with God never lives that. They live going from the many to the one deeper in Christ. It’s a never-ending journey with God. We don’t pretend anything because we are too broken into another world to live anything here. Live is constantly delivering what takes us into a deeper light in God. We don’t find comfort from people that know Him as we do. No one does. 

The world of religion is the little person level that hasn’t bothered to walk to God and instead is playing a role like it knows God. No one will ever live in a religion with God. They live beyond all things in life and carry an eternal light in Christ that overcomes the world. We’re not dancing for God and were not claiming to know Him. Were standing differently, idealizing only Love. It is God who chooses us, and it is God who places His light in us.

No one would dare live as a papacy if they believed in God. No one would dare place rabbinic commentary with God’s wisdom if they knew He existed. We’re daring God every day and do not know it.  Standing with the devil comes easy in a world that’s made money a second God, lives with false idols, and not one nation adheres to the Ten Commandments. We’ll learn other laws instead of adhering to the Ten Commandments. Everyone has excuses and reasons to deny God. We don’t have faith in Him because we trust the rabbinic ideas of Him. No one learned about Jesus being crucified by the highest levels of Judaism in Judaism because they denied it. And now have to face God again, telling them they do not know Him. 

Everyone wants to live how they want with God instead living to God teaching about Himself. If the individual will not walk to God and accepts family traditions and history without knowing creation, they are the devil’s child. No one believes God is your Mother, Father, brother, and sister. Because we cant idealize anything beyond the false idol. The rabbi and preachers changed human consciosuness for only living lower earthly energy with God. We live at satans level instead of consciously evolving to hear God. 

As long as we can please our family, community, and religion, we believe we know God and are doing what He wants. We didn’t dare walk deeper to Him than how the rabbi instructed us. We don’t go beyond the preacher’s instructions either. We denied God for the human beings satan. If the individual isn’t willing to live beyond all things to God, we don’t know Him. We live satans ideas and never get beyond them to God. 

The fact that we live religiously already tells us we didn’t keep God above all things. We kept human ideas with us. We proclaim either being Jewish, Muslim, or Christian or some other dogma, which is not keeping God above all things. We carry an ideology in human consciosuness instead. The little person’s level of life is winning because we carry little faith in God.  The turning of the tide only happens when we’re living to surrender to God, losing our lives to gain them in Him. This means we don’t stand in religious ideas or the mainstream ideas of God. We desire a deeper light in Him. 

The ones with ears to hear it will walk to God, and those that don’t will shape religions instead. 

Listen to God's Voice

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