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Scripture & Religion

Scripture wasn’t for religious endeavors.
It was for living with God teaching about Himself.

The text that became scripture is by individuals who witnessed or knew something about the people who knew God. It doesn’t shape religion, or its protocols.  Living from scripture thousands of years ago tells the world we don’t know God today. We’re not living with Him in conversation. We’re memorizing laws and traditions and in human precepts.  We need to lose our lives to gain them in God and that’s walking into another reality.  The thought system has to change and deepen our light in God.  

Humans with titles and positions make religion something. Not enlightenment or conversations with God. God isn’t choosing anyone’s religion or holding a light in any of them. He is with every human being whether we know Him or not. God doesn’t live as our idea. He’s the creator of everything in existence and is moving in every human being for knowing Him. We couldn’t touch our faces, have a body, or see the earth without God’s light. 

Religion is the devil’s level of life because it’s only living matters levels in mainstream ideas. It doesn’t know Heaven and hasn’t lived in higher consciousness. If religion knew God we would have enlightened masters all over the earth but we don’t have any in religion. 

Just as Moses didn’t know God the light of many didn’t know religion at any level we live. Religion made itself. Joseph the son of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac, Sampson, Joshua, Prophet Samuel, King Saul, David, Daniel, John the Baptist, and Christ only lived with God. Those individuals & the Messiah lived in the light for giving to humanity. There was no religious level like today. 

Jesus wore the clothes of the world and was the opposite of everything religion is. That’s why He was crucified. He sat with the sinners and tax collectors and moved in the world beyond every hierarchy in religion. Religion didn’t have eyes to know God. Jesus walked from temple to temple teaching religion it didn’t know Him. We’re not living for society’s idea of God. We’re living to God teaching about Himself, which is the opposite of everything religion is. 


God is choosing and placing us to change the world. He’s not just living for our idea of Him. 

Listen to God's Voice