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Resonance & Human Photosynthesis

The world is moving to light with a rhythm not based on the human measure of beats. Human consciousness is blended with other races to know its own existence. God shaped us with higher intelligence for living in matter.

Consciousness is giving us the way to know matter from our level of consciousness. God created us from His energy, we’re variances of it as is everything in life. God is the light all life is in because only He exists, and everything else is a variance of Him.

The world is showing itself at our level of consciousness, already spoke to other races blended in our light. We only experience what we can think is here and nothing more. Nothing can live outside of how we think. Herein lies the idea of our quest for quantum entanglement. We don’t understand the atom to know quantum entanglement has no furthering knowing for consciousness. Consciousness is moving in light that amasses hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of squiggly atoms that deform their own existence while shattering into tiny bits of light far beyond human recognition.

We know the atom as nondual. Nonduality doesn’t measure its existence without human measurement. It’s better to know the atom from carte blanch ignorance than to believe our eyes. The placement of every particle isn’t placed by human consciousness to begin with. Being created means were living in something and being raised. We didn’t create water, nor did we make hydrogen in stars.

Humanity is reading on top of a book already authored. Echoing as best we can for what is here at this one level of consciousness. We’re in a dynamic story of life. 

The light is moving faster than we know. The plane is in the sky but only in our mind. Atoms don’t exist everywhere. They exist where we believe matter is swimming. The space around every particle is dark matter. Dark matter is the equal of all livingness. We’re dancing into variances through pulses we don’t know.  The mind is calculating measures not by matter but out of algorithms deeper in light. We don’t live with airplanes flying out of our heads or couches sticking out of our ears, but they live through us. 

Human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in different temperatures. We’re living out of already-made light. It’s giving us a way to know matter exactly how we think. 

The sound we hear has already been pulsing in the world. The thinker is restating created light living in God. The word isn’t ours until we claim it to be so. Until then, it’s sitting in our library for use. Whether we do or not is upon us, and how we do is upon us. 

Quantum entanglement isn’t actually the right level to know moving light; human photosynthesis is. This is knowing a few thousand years out but will give science deeper knowledge today. Human photosynthesis is the consciousness of everything in existence, placing itself where it needs to be and when. It does not exist in our light but carries our light. We wouldn’t be able to live in matter without God’s energy.

The world of matter is the infinitesimal tiny world of resonance. God is keeping measure of every atom while human consciousness assigns the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. The light in the particle isn’t only ours. Its other races blended within our light for consciousness to know itself.   


Quantum living is all there is. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. The world is resonance living as consciousness. 

Human beings hear only in English. No matter what country we live in or the language we speak, we don’t hear our language we hear the word in English. Someone Russian thinks cup just as someone Spanish thinks cup. How we speak, is in our language, but what we hear is cup. 

No one can see the totality of the atom we can only observe it from this one level of conciseness. We don’t see anything in its totality. The atom is in algorithms with pulses out of light deeper than we think through. The atom doesn’t decipher if someone speaks Spanish, German, or English. It knows algorithms through pulses

Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. They are the mass, force, velocity, and temperature in all matter. They live weaved within our light to give human photosynthesis the magnitude of our word. 

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