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What is Reality? The Storyboard Level of Life

Reality and the Veil of Illusion

Society as reality is the illusion. Living with God teaching about Himself is Ultimate reality. Seems crazy we've been making our daydreams life but we have. Nothing we know as life is living as anything other than our thought.

Everything in life is an idea in the mind of God and everything we can think as life is an idea in our mind. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We're moving through images in our Soul as life. The idea of society is acting as a backdrop for having a base level when we come into the world. It's nothing more than a dream. 

Society as reality is considered the devil level because it's where we live creating ego and satan as our thought system instead of holding greater principality in God. We don't live conscious of ultimate reality because our thought system lives in incessant thinking only listening to our self chatter as life. Without God, we only hear ourselves for the entire duration of life. We think people are outside of us but there are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. 

Cars, buses, trees, and oceans live very real to us but they are living as energy. They are hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles swimming around for our realizing images to live through. The devil's level will constantly try to have us live believing there are billions of people outside of us. Everything we see is only living through us.

The world is our level of consciousness and the idea of life is only in our narrative. Nothing else is existing as life. It's our idea living in matter. People are levels of energy within our Soul giving us the way to live love. 

Everything in our world is living just for Love. Matter gives us a way to observe our consciousness. Its having echoes constantly with everything we interact with. Our mind doesn't know the difference between daydreams and real. Most of our living are in daydreams. The human mind subjugates thought with the past and the future. We're constantly thinking about what we did yesterday and what we need to do tomorrow. We don't realize our thoughts. We're walking around trying to suss out who is the thinker or where thoughts come from. We just let them come and live with them as we move through matter. 

Human thinking is unconscious to ultimate reality. Its living in satan which is incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next not knowing what being alive is, what reality is and isn't, or how matter is existing.  We don't know the difference between daydreams or realness because daydreams mesh with what we call real seamlessly without our knowing. Incessant thinking keeps us jumping from one thought to the next making our daydreams live in matter. 

Thought doesn't tell you it's bogus. It's there and we imprint the idea of it as deep as we want. Most people are only playing out what they thought about in anxiety, worry, or daydreams and reacting to them in matter. We think about something someone said to us last week but will text them now because it still bothers us. We can think of a memory twenty years ago and relive it as if it was happening. The mind doesn't differentiate our ideas. We make the imprint live as deep as we want or not. Our thoughts are the only idea living as life. No one experiences anything in life except what they think. 

Thinking is the temporal part of life and only feeds the illusion until we hear God. Until then we make up stories about who self is and what life is only mustering up what we can. The idea of life is to live through the veils of illusion to Ultimate reality which is living with God teaching about Himself. 

Society as reality is the illusion. It's the backdrop giving us the way to carve our Soul to God. It provides trials and tribulations for making choices of Love. In ultimate reality, we know there is only one of us here with God. We are living from the many to the one consciously evolving from the thought system of matter to the thought system of Heaven. 

No one lives passing through anything but their own thoughts. Even when we listen to people we are only interpreting from our narrative.

Science never understood how matter was existing and had no idea the atom carried infinite impressions from light in consciousness. Our idea of reality is  sleeping in incessant thinking. Nothing we know as living is life. It's only the story we can muster up as life. We made our idea of life without ever understanding creation. No one is living with God teaching about Himself learning about life beyond human ideas.

What we made as life was what we thought could be life from face value assumptions. We didn't know that matter was a nothingness only existing in consciousness or live under quantum entanglements magnitude. We don't around with couches sticking out of our ears or airplanes flying out of our heads. The idea of distance is relative to thinking at this one level of consciosuness. 

Self-chatter can't find its way beyond itself. It's a storyboard of ego, satan, and the little person. There's no hope of knowing society is an illusion when we only have ourselves carrying the narrative. It's arduous enough to just observe who is thinking. Trying to change the thought system is null unless we are living with God teaching about Himself. Without Him, we only continue living in our little person's ideas in our narrative. 

We have to live through something in order to get to something else as we inch our light deeper into God. We can't live in ultimate reality until we lose everything we held as self and life. Enlightenment is the unraveling of everything that ego made as life to nothingness. The idea of enlightenment being utter bliss is only after the detour through hell and back.  Then we move from one reality to another with our thought system knowing light. We're leaving self for consciousness.

Thinking and Consciousness 

Thinking lives out of consciousness. Thinking is the transitory storyteller giving us the way to live through matter to God.  It's only living temporarily for keeping us moving forward in matter. Consciousness is not the same as thinking. Consciousness is the knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do. It's the deeper knowing of all that gives thought its light to be something. Thought lives out of consciousness.

Consciousness is Love and is the light of life. Consciousness is giving the light in Spirit the way to live in matter. Consciousness is the Soul and is Love just like God is Love. The only difference is we're not living His Love.  

Thought is tricky and can conceal better than we know. It blocks roads, hides rainbows, and switches golden pathways to happiness. When we make the world outside of us our home we make money a second God and materialism our knowing. We think the body, name, job title, car, square footage, family, and bank account are who we are. We are not our thoughts. They are dreams we can muster up not hearing God teach about Himself. We are shortchanging our existence for the story of the mind instead of knowing the divine light within and God. 

Thought is transitory and this story is one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Our idea of self is part of the story for the temporal experience of consciousness in matter. If we live for eternity having billions of bodies which one is self? None. We are Love living through human experiences carving our Soul in God to light. Everything this life carries is one thought out of an infinite and nothing more than a brief daydream we get to live.  

Dark VS Light

Human thinking is not aware of its existence or that the fabric of the world is Conscious Energy. We don't live opening light like we need. We instead go along with what is here and don't have the aptitude to go beyond it. We don't realize there's only one of us here with God or that we need to jump off the cliff of knowing and not knowing for greater inquisitions for light. Human education cannot live for enlightenment because it's the storyteller for the illusion. Enlightenment is beyond our world and lives through carving our Soul in God. 

Living in incessant thinking is darker energy only making matter our reality. It can't fathom God and make its way to God. It keeps society as reality and lives in satan.

Ego, satan and the Little Person

Incessant thinking is shaping ego, satan, and the little person as the story builder in life. They're excluding light from every aspect of their tales. Ego doesn't know self doesn't exist and isn't capable of knowing it. It gives us self-identity in matter making the world appear outside of us. The ego keeps self as what is living and never knows Love is all we are.  

Satan procures attack and defend as higher learning. We have millions of tiny snakes in our thought system keeping darker versions of life as light. Satan has no other position in life than making darkness out of everything.  

The little person is living society as reality marching through life with its brother's ego and satan shaping life. The little person only wants to be accepted by society and become something that fits into society. It doesn't know divinity or God.

The mind travels many roads and we choose which one to complete. The idea of knowing God is with us is for making our way to Him to know Ultimate reality. We must because the thought system never leaves itself and only makes up its existence from face value assumptions. We're living through ego to get to light. When we live in the ego we live in attack and defend creating opponents out of other human beings not recognizing they were our saint. Its not easy to know the illusion and never was it meant to be. 

The walk to God is knoiwng there is only one of us here with God. Society is the devil's level doing everything it can to keep our mind in ego playing in the dark world instead of leaving it for light.