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What is Reality? The Storyboard Level of Life

Reality and the Veil of Illusion

Who could have thought that life was living beyond our ideas in another light of reality? Society as an illusion doesn't live well with most people because they can't comprehend how it could be until they know creation. Then it becomes obvious life is more gigantic than we ever fathomed.

Living with God teaching about Himself is the only way we know ultimate reality. Until then we live in incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next listening to our narrative as life. No one lives outside of their narrative. We live listening to our self chatter interpreting everything only in our light. No one lives outside of their perspective or outside of their thoughts.

Human thinking subjugates thought with daydreams seamlessly as if all of it is part of reality. When most of it is fantasy and replays of the past trying to see events differently. We constantly live in the past and future daydreaming about what we did and what we need to do. Very rarely are we focused on the present moment.

Everything in life is an idea in the mind of God and everything we can think of as life is an idea in our mind. Consciousness is all that is alive. This one level of consciousness is our experience of life and it's one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We don't live consciously evolving to see more of our world and all we get is our present ideas of life that live in darkness.

We're living in a thought system that is out of lower earthly energy. Human consciousness has lived at the devil's level since the beginning of Adam and Eve. Satan is swimming with millions of tiny snakes in our mind. The thought maze we shape of knowing and not knowing is nothing more than what we can muster up at this one level of consciousness.

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We're moving through images in our Soul as life. No one realizes that only their narrative is existing as life until pointed out. We think the world is outside of us because it lives so real but it's only living through us.

Everything we believe is reality is out of not knowing our Truth. We don't live with God in conversation and assume everything at face value with ideas that don't know anything but what we can muster up as life. Dreams have been with us for a very long time and no one realizes the pool of consciousness we draw out of. We don't recognize creation's level because we have already answered everything at the little person's level.

Science hasn't known how matter is existing or what being alive is. But we treat it as the axis of truth about our universe.  The human race is making everything in life its idea without knowing anything about life. We're not seeking actual Truth because we want what is easy for us to name and define at our level of consciousness. Truth is beyond our ideas and only live out of God because we are created. Our ideas have to live for living through but they are nothing more than illusions for living through to the next one until we get to God teaching about Himself.

Society is only a backdrop for having a base level when we come into the world. It's nothing more than a dream sitting perfectly for us to live through observing our consciousness and making choices towards God. Knowing only our narrative exists as life tells us the magnitude of reality is nothing more than the story for awakening through.

Living society as reality is the devil's level because we never get beyond it to light. We live in the darkness trying to be something at its level not knowing creation or even what thought is. No one who lives society as reality has ever heard God's voice. The idea of religion knowing God is null and has been since its inception. Satan is the only level existing in human consciousness. We're not trying to make light in our thinking. We go along with society for living money as a  second God and don't think about what thinking is or isn't. No one is questioning the light they think out of or how to move it into other levels.

Cars, buses, trees, and oceans live very real to us but they are resonance. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Only our thoughts live as life.

No one lives passing through anything but their own thoughts. Even when we listen to people we only hear what we want to hear and hear what we don't want to hear. Every person we see is a level of energy within our Soul manifesting for living Love through.

Science never understood how matter was existing and had no idea the atom carried infinite impressions from light in consciousness. Our idea of reality is sleeping in incessant thinking.

What we made as life was what we thought could be life. We don't live knowing much about our world because we can't fathom it in the right light. Even quantum entanglement challenges us even though we don't walk around with couches sticking out of our ears or airplanes flying out of our heads. The idea of quantum entanglement misses the mark when we can't fathom resonance as our world. The knowing that atoms have nonduality is knowing more within the proton is moving outside of the light we know as speed. We're not grasping resonance as the world because we can't fathom the atom's nonduality.

Our state of thinking hasn't moved vertically. We keep living horizontally out of ideas at matters level. Self-chatter can't find its way beyond itself. It's a storyboard of ego, satan, and the little person. There's no way to know society is an illusion when we only have ourselves carrying the narrative.

Thinking vs. Consciousness

Thinking is the temporal part of living in matter. It's fleeting and flooding us with many ideas and ways to move in matter. It's the transitory storyteller. We are not our thoughts. They are part of the costumes design for living through something to God. Thought keeps us moving forward through ideas.  Consciousness is not thought.

Consciousness is the light thinking lives out of. Consciousness is Love and is the Soul's existence. The Soul is in Heaven giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Consciousness creates the light for every experience in matter to live out of. It is the Love we are of and not of. Thought emerges out of consciousness for the story to live. Consciousness doesn't change as thoughts do. It's the deeper knowing of all that gives thought its light to be something.

Ego, satan and the Little Person

Incessant thinking is shaping ego, satan, and the little person as the story builder in life. We live out of darker earthly energy because we made matters level life instead of living with God teaching about Himself. Ego is dull and can only afford to make itself feel good. It doesn't know self doesn't exist and is incapable of knowing it. It gives self-identity in matter everything it can. We think our name, family, job title, car, square footage, and bank account define who we are.  The ego keeps self as what is living and never knows Love is all we are.

Satan procures attack and defend as higher learning. We have millions of tiny snakes in our thought system keeping darker versions of life as light. Satan has no other position in life than making darkness out of something.

The little person is society's idea of being alive and living. We're marching through life with ego and satan shaping our thought system which is the holy grail of life that needs light and not darkness. The little person only wants to be accepted by society and become something that fits into society. It doesn't know divinity or God.

The mind travels many roads and we choose which one to complete. The idea of knowing God is with us is for living with Him teaching about Himself. Until then we live through veils of illusions believing matters level instead of having light for knowing Heaven's level of life.