What is Reality? The Storyboard Level

Reality and the Veil of Illusion

Nothing we know as life is living as anything other than a thought. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We're moving through images in our Soul as life. No one lives passing anything but their own thoughts. Our present idea of life is through incessant thinking that doesn't know what living conscious of life is. We assume we know what reality is when in fact we have never understood how matter is existing or what reality is and isn't. Our idea of it is nothing more than ramblings from an illusion. 

Most people have no idea they only live listening to their self chatter as life. We don't know our existence until it's pointed out. Most people believe what they see is real and sear they know fake without having any idea their own thought system subjugates thought with daydreams and fairytales of past experiences. Human beings live mostly in the past and future. Not in the present moment. Being human is the greatest existence of the storyteller walking the earth. 

Science never understood how matter was existing and had no idea the atom carried infinite impressions from light in consciousness. Our idea of reality is  sleeping in incessant thinking. Nothing we know as living is life. It's only the story we can muster up as life. We make our idea of life truth and believe our own stories without questioning them. No one is questioning their energy or how thought is moving in matter. We don't carry enlightenment from birth like we must. 

Knowing consciousness is the only existing level of life makes it mandatory that our thinking species live for hearing God teach about Himself. If we don't, we end up in the devil's level of life because we only know our self chatter as life. Self chatter is one level of thinking that can't find the way beyond itself. It's a storyboard of ego, satan, and the little person. There's no hope of knowing society is an illusion when the storyboard is out of lower mind.  

We're going to bring something into being no matter how conscious of life we are. God gave us the way to live only at our level of consciousness. Bringing something into being seems normal because we think life into being without noticing it. Our self chatter is our only knowing of life. Human beings will talk more to themselves than to another human being in this life. We're knowing only one level of consciousness and trying to live beyond it. 

In 1 AD another world lived that had a past and an idea of the future.  Consciousness completes itself with a history and future. No one in 1 AD knew microwaves would exist or that people would carry mobile phones with them wherever they went. In 1 AD their idea of life never knew anything of the world we know today. Our world didn't exist. Their illusion couldn't know anything more than what they could think into being.

We cant understand the illusion until we know more about creation and God. Knowing matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness and that our narrative is the only level living gives us an understanding. God living hundreds of billions of years alive created the world for opening our light in Him. We make matters level our world because it's at face value and easy to accept. We don't have to question anything or have deeper inquisitions about life. We just go along with what is here. 

The journey in God is becoming Love. The only existence of society is as the backdrop to God. Society is serving as the giver of choices to Him. The idea of life is for living through society carving our Soul into light deeper in God. Our sleeping ideas have made us believe we know our world perfectly but God gives us the way to know we don't understand His creation or matter's existence as consciousness. We're shaping the paradigm of intelligence based upon human origin for only knowing society's idea of intelligence. It's an idea that placates society as reality and only knows society as reality it doesn't serve enlightenment or depth of knowing beyond its idea. 

Incessantly thinking is jumping from one thought to the next listening to our self chatter as life. Incessant thinking is the thought system we're living through as our light. We haven't shaped human consciousness into higher light because we made matters level our world and matters level only delivers lower earthly energy in consciousness. We needed to live with God beyond every level in our world for holding light. 

Without knowing God our living in light fell to darkness without science or religion knowing the truth. No one in science or religion is living with God teaching about Himself. We're making our idea of life whatever the devil feeds. Reality doesn't move in anything but a temporal idea of itself as it tries to move beyond itself to the new knowing.

We have to live through something in order to get to something else as we inch our light deeper into God. We can't live in ultimate reality until we live with God teaching about Himself. Then we move from one reality to another with our thought system unraveling for light. Changes, in reality, come with changes in thinking. We make one idea our world and then through that idea we shape our journey out of everything we ever knew as life for knowing life. Humanity makes the illusion the story of life until we hear God.  

Human reality doesn't have any existence except as the backdrop giving the story to live through to God. It's a story that gives the backdrop and our self-story for moving out of as we consciously evolve in light.

We're leaving self for consciousness.

Nothing we know is anything but one thought living as real as we make it live. Nobody knows anything outside of this one level of consciousness until they rip through knowing the world as the illusion. We listen to people in our narrative, we speak from our narrative and we live in our narrative. Our entire existence is in our mind living out of the magnitude of thought we can muster up. 

Thinking and Consciousness 

Thinking lives out of consciousness. Thinking is the transitory storyteller giving us the way to live through matter to God.  It's only living temporarily for keeping us moving forward in life. Consciousness is not the same as thinking. Consciousness is the knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do. It's the deeper knowing of all that gives thought its knowing to be something. Thought emerges out of consciousness. Consciousness is Love and is continuously living no matter if in body or out. Consciousness gives thought its light for shaping itself into something.   

Thought won't know anything other than its own level of beingness without higher intelligence shining more onto it until we consciously evolve for that light to shine. Until then, we think we are our thoughts but no one is their thoughts. Thought gives us the world as our personal curriculum for awakening to God. 

Until now human consciousness has been in lower mind because we made money a second God.  This placed our knowing to matters level. We made materialism the reward and made self-identity matters level. We think the body, name, job title, car, square footage, and bank account are who we are. We have no idea about energy or Love. We're living in incessant thinking with a tiny idea of self at matters level. We don't know Spirit or God for knowing self doesn't exist. 

Our idea of self is part of the story for the temporal experience of consciousness in matter. If we live for eternity having billions of experiences in matter which family and body would be who self is? Everything we live as outside of us is only living through us. Our family and friends are levels of energy within our Soul giving us reason to become Love. They have no existence other than a level of energy within our Soul. We don't know the temporal world from the eternal because humanity doesn't live with God teaching about creation. Our entire existence is from one level of consciousness that has shaped light for the world to live as we see it. Until we consciously evolve and know the bigger existence of life we don't have any way to know it. 

We have lived with other races of light and had no idea human consciousness was intertwined with higher intelligence. This is silly because God created everything out of His light which tells us we have His level in us. We're not one strand of anything. We are living within many levels of intelligence beyond anything we can fathom as life. The world is the same. There's nothing here living as we see it. 

Our thought system has made itself into a tiny maze of knowing and not knowing that doesn't have any aptitude for Truth. We've been clamoring for truth but can't handle it because it's outside of our maturity. We want the world to only fit our idea of it but most people know God hundreds of billions of years alive tells us our world is nowhere near the truth of it. 

No one is being born questioning society's level of consciousness. We don't have anyone telling us what reality is and isn't because we don't live with God teaching about Himself. We go along with what is at face value without deafening inquisition into what life is and isn't. Once we think we know what life is we never graduate outside of that. We literally sleepwalk our lives away not knowing we had chances for hearing God teach about our existence. Some people can live many lifetimes before finally having awareness of thought.

Kowing that we have lived since the beginning without anyone in science knowing we only experience our level of consciousness as life shows us how asleep we can be to living. We're bringing ideas into life with Celestial light carrying the muscle we need for bringing it into being because we're not knowing only consciousness is alive. The human education system can only produce lower eathly energy because it lives society as reality without knowing the bigger world and our existence as higher light in the world. 

Dark VS Light

Human thinking is not aware of its existence or that the fabric of the world is Conscious Energy. We don't live opening light like we need. We instead go along with what is here and don't have any aptitude to go beyond it. We don't realize there's only one of us here with God and that we need to jump off the cliff of knowing and not knowing for greater inquisitions for light. Human education cannot function for enlightenment. Enlightenment is beyond our world and lives through carving our Soul in God. 

Living in incessant thinking is pure darkness because we have no idea how thought is living, what reality is and isn't, who the thinker is and isn't or what lives in us as higher intelligence. We only move on one level of thinking without knowing that if we live outside of it we can know more life. We don't venture outside of it because we make society our home instead of God. If we lived for God's knowledge we would understand the illusion and ultimate reality. 

Ego, satan and the Little Person

Incessant thinking is shaping ego, satan, and the little person as the story builder in life. They're excluding light from every aspect of it. Ego doesn't know self doesn't exist and isn't capable of knowing it. It gives us self-identity in matter making the world appear outside of us. The ego butchers life throughout its trials because it never knows higher light within or the truth of the world. it's making dark island it's home. 

Satan procures attack and defend as higher learning. We have millions of tiny snakes in our thought system keeping darker versions as light. Satan has no other position in life than cultivating darkness in something.

The little person is living society as reality marching through life with its brother's ego and satan shaping life. The little person has no awareness of life and only knows incessant thinking as life but believes it's the know it all of life. Nothing between ego, satan, and the little person give to knowing God. They keep the self-story in matter and only live society as reality. We don't live for enlightenment and have no idea the payoff for shedding ego. We don't inquire into light for understanding another world is within us. 

Nothing we presently know as higher consciousness is anything but an aspiration.  No one can know higher consciousness until they have lost their lives and no longer know society as reality. We have people who think higher consciousness is about adding good fortune to society as reality when that is the furthest mark of light. Losing our lives to gain them in God is a process that shatters one world for another. The world we lose is ego and matters level of life. We gain depth in God and knowing of creation that shapes enlightenment for teaching the world about Him. No one who is teaching someone how to master society as reality has known the light. They are trying to know light but still stand in the dark. 

Knowing light is living Heavens level in life and has no existence with soceity's purpose or aim in living. The sole purpose of anyone living for higher consciousness has to leave one thought system for building another out of the dark and into light. We lose our lives to gain them in God because we lose everything we were for Him. Living in His light is learning the ultimate reality of our existence and knowing the illusion serves its purpose for carving our Soul into the light. 

The illusion of society as reality is temporal and only gives us the way to deepen our light in God. The eternal quest of light is the journey of Love in God. The path to enlightenment is the undoing of our lives out of everything we made them be. What we make as who we are and what life is, has to be shattered for light to come in. We pierce holes through the illusion as we become Love. 

Life never reveals more than what the observer can think into being and beyond our eyes is more life. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Everything we see is living energy. The buses, cars, sky, and ocean live as hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles swimming through human photosynthesis. The thought system carries our ideas of life where we place meaning and attachment. If we don't know how thought lives in matter we have no way to know where to place Love and where not to place meaning. 

Many people thought God was a fairytale because they didn't understand what living in their narrative meant we subjugate thought with daydreams and fairytales. The idea of reality living from one level of consciousness that doesn't even know itself is perfect for knowing higher intelligence is with us.

The illusion is brilliant and is the only existence of life we have until we make it to God teaching about Himself.