A total new perspective.

Understanding God doesn't come from textbooks or from anyone else. Is a journey of our own Soul in Him at our level of consciosuness. People try to find God in communities with everyone in a consensus of who God is and how to live with Him. That's the very level Jesus tried to tell us not to do when he showed His light in God as different than everyone else's. The journey of God won't be in consensus with anyone because once we begin living with God teaching about Himself we begin a reality change that changes everything in life we once knew as living with God. We go beyond society and religion deeper into God. 

These videos open us to learning more. We hope they give something within to question a much bigger world existing and that by living with God teaching about Himself we finally go home. 

Love is energy.

Everything we are doing is carrying the Love we are of and not of. Love is the light in consciousness giving us the eyes and ears with live through. One level of knowing is to live with everyone we see as energy within our Soul only existing for living Love through. 

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 The World is bigger than we've ever imagined.

Only one level of thinking lives at any time. Without reaching beyond what we think today we know and don't know we never open the world for everything here.