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The Universe is Consciousness

Every part of nature serves a bigger light

for knowing God. 

The universe is talking to itself. Everything in existence has the profound ability of living beyond what society claims its existence is. What we know the light is only one level of consciousness. What God created was more for existing as anything in life. Every atom has infinite impressions. No two atoms carry the same level of impression. Quantum entanglement only provides matters level for moving through images in our Soul. The universe is breathing within our depth for what it can and will not be. Only we can keep the light at the level we live. Nothing else lives except our level of consciousness. 

Heavens Level in Life

Quantum entanglement is atoms moving outside of only human consciousness. The light is deeper in God for having properties in other races of intelligence moving in our light. Quantum entanglement has motion through decimals in holographic light. It tells us we live with higher intelligence because the couch doesn’t stick out of our ears.

Nature has more light than our eyes see. Every bit of our world has Heaven. It takes us out of misery and always helps us land in light. The level of what we see as life is only one tiny speck of what is here. We can only experience our world from our level of consciousness until we live in light that carries us to higher levels of consciousness. What we’re bringing into being is the minute version for what is actually here. 

The atmosphere is consciousness. Nothing lives only as we determine it to live. Opening one fractal of light changes every aspect of consciousness. Quantum entanglement only provides one knowing of human photosynthesis and the fabric of life in higher intelligence. No one considers light as a variant able to change all light in matter but it is lives for making our world perfectly existing only at our level of consciousness.  The code so many seek as what is telling of life will never be realized because one level of consciousness can never equate to God’s hundreds of billions of years alive.

Science thinks it knows much about life and the universe and all the while not one scientist knew how matter was existing or even what being alive is. Quantum entanglement and motion at the smallest particle should have told science consciousness was all that was alive. They never knew the world only existed in their narrative and that no human beings walk the earth as they see. Everything is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. 


Our version of the universe hasn’t even begun to carry depth with God. No one knows the code with God because it’s not being determined by numbers or any variant in human consciousness. Algorithms need no sequence or rhythm within chaos for living with order. No one can deepen depth in understanding our quantum world without deepening their own level of intelligence outside of human education. If we only live in human education we literally bastardize knowledge of life for the illusion of life. 

Within every level of consciousness, there are other races of light moving in ours for deepening intelligence. Most people never understood Angels or light for knowing how consciousness is existing. Consciousness is a blend of energy in other levels of light. When God created human consciousness He gave us the way to live in matter from any one level of consciousness going through different levels of consciousness in matter for eternity. Consciousness isn’t an isolated strand of our being. It has many other strands of higher intelligence blended for quantum entanglement to live. 

God living as the light all life is in tells us our existence isn’t isolated from Him and hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence. Our world is deepening itself within consciousness for continually existing. We’re only existing because of other races of Love within our light living within algorithms of God. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Just as God is of no form but of all form so are we. We get the temporal visits of matter for observing our consciousness and consciously evolving deeper in God. 

What science made as life live is only matters level through what is at face value. There is no depth or Soul intelligence. There is only living society as reality without knowing it’s the illusion and shaping the world to live in the illusion. The value of science within the temporal world has its place but it won’t ever understand life as long as it lives society’s little person level.  Every advancement we think benefits all of life leaves when we do. Nothing about this world ever exist again. Its living in human photosynthesis as an image and nothing more. 

For us, it is a real as could be and if we stub our toe, we feel it. It’s shaped perfectly only for our level of consciousness and is living perfectly for observing our time with God. No one lives in anything but their story. Nothing about the world exists outside of that story. Human consciousness completes itself. 

We come into the world already existing and learn history and see there is a future and have no way to grasp its an illusion until we have substance. Without higher consciousness, we have no way to understand life at God’s level. This is why He told us not to make money a second God. He knew we would live in darkness if we did. We didn’t listen and now we have no idea what life is, what reality is, or how we’re existing in a world only in our narrative. Our version doesn’t live Heavens level until we live with God teaching about Himself. It only lives the devil’s level with matter as life. 

The world doesn’t know itself. Only when we live beyond it do we know the world. Quantum entanglement is only living for a moment at a time in a light that lives with no spacetime at all. The atom with infinite impressions showers time with us only within the observer’s light of depth. The light of depth is why quantum entanglement fits as teaching for human photosynthesis. Quantum entanglement shows we’re living in something and not living some organic level of a world. It’s a programmed world beyond our idea of a simulated existence. 

Our living with nature has open doors we need to walk through because they have knowing that gives us ways to know higher intelligence is with us. We are being raised even though we don’t see anything raising us. God of no form and of all form tells us the quantum level of life. We live from an embryo to an adult aging effortlessly without any say. The world is a version and is kept by hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy all living in light for one level of consciousness to experience the world perfectly as they think it into being. 

The language of the heart hears beyond our alphabet. It lives outside of human consciousness and knows a bigger world already. The mind doesn’t open until our light in God shines brighter. The light is living greater in those that seek enlightenment. More intelligence swarms when living opens deeper doors in God. We’ve been created for our level of consciousness and when we try to consciously evolve in God more light comes upon us for knowing Him. We open the world. 


Thinking is out of algorithms in God. God’s level of consciousness created the word and the word created the world. The world has been given to us. We’re living in something that serves our thinking for matter to exist. Quantum entanglement shows us deeper levels of intelligence must live within our light for matter to exist at all. Consciousness is all that is alive.
quantum entanglement
Energy and Resonance

Is the algorithm in God keeping us in matter. Energy lives as intelligence moving through our light for living conscious of matter. Consciousness is a blend of light and not just one strand. Light has a regenerative attribute for always living through our thoughts in matter. Everything we experience has lived before in God as an idea waiting to be recognized. 

quantum entanglement
Algorithms in God

Living out of God’s energy shapes our existence for knowing matters level. Our consciousness has been molded within many other levels of intelligence for increasing light as we go from an embryo to an adult Our increase in growing up is made by hundreds of trillions and trillions of other levels of intelligence swimming in decimals in holographic light. Every level of our existence remains in God for eternity. 

quantum entanglement
Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement gives us some deeper knowing that because we’re not walking around with airplanes flying out of our heads, the world doesn’t live as we see it. There’s another level of intelligence placing the couch across the room and the sun in the sky. Conscious Energy is the living race of Heaven giving the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. 

quantum entanglement
Human Photosynthesis

Human photosynthesis is the level  of every aspect of life only existing at our level of consciousness. Quantum entanglement shows other levels of intelligence provide matters level within our light. It’s the most amazing level of intelligence life knows because it’s holding light for only one level of consciousness out of an infinite for experiencing the world only as one person thinks it. 

The Essence of Consciousness

Quantum entanglement provides our only way for keeping the couch across the room and the sun in the sky. Quantum entanglement works within a much greater level of atoms than we are seeing as dynamic motion. Heaven’s level in life has opened the door for knowing. Nature helps us see what can abide deeper thinking for higher intelligence in the design of life. It gives us one attribute for consciously evolving. From the orchards to the trees and the ozone layer we live perfectly in a world at our level of consciosuness. 

Human living never conquers nature’s living because we can’t see the light in everything around us. We only see it from our present level of consciousness. There is more here beyond how we see. Bees creating honey, pollinating avocado trees for fruit to bear. Flowers on avocado trees open in the morning as female and then close before opening in the afternoon as males. Every snowflake is different and lives with perfect geometric shapes. Every blade of grass lives in its own light as does every raindrop. By design, the world is perfectly created with amazing beauty and extraordinary intelligence. 

Jupiter has more to do with our weather than the moon and the ocean tides. The environment is a living intelligence called Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the livingness in all matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Blessing us with the way to live in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). Nothing living is dormant. Every little pebble in the ocean is living energy. 

The idea of the world living as resonance hasn’t sunk in for science but when it does the flood gates will open for how God created human consciousness, the earth, and Heavens in six days. Our living in a world is very real to us and has not been done easily or effortless. The giving of an entire life existence to each level of consciousness for only experiencing the world at their level of consciousness is enormous and out of this world. Nothing we determine as life is life. 

Our present level of consciousness was shaped by the ability to live through anything we could think. How we perceive life is minutely living with other versions of life within our level of consciousness. But only we can open that door and walk into another realm of life by living for enlightenment. 

Living for enlightenment is the key to life because only through Soul intelligence does the light in matter change. Human education won’t live with enough energy for changing the light in consciousness because it’s in lower earthly energy at society’s level. Only by enlightenment do we open the world within ours. No one understood the light in Christ living far beyond ours as marking our path in life. We’re not grasping what a thinking species makes the world live as and what reality is as frivolous.

Reality is a temporal illusion until we live with God teaching about himself

Each level of consciousness experiences a world for a brief time before moving into another human experience in matter. This one version of society will either keep the person at society’s level or they live beyond it to God. When religion made God live within its little person level it prevented humanity from understanding why we’re living to God. Life as a thinking species will only have two choices Heaven or hell. The idea of thought is to increase with light for living happy and at peace.

Having peace derails everything society exists for. Nothing in society can carry higher energy for processing in consciousness. It’s not existing to stay in but only to move through. Society is a story out of human consciousness and it’s not enlightened to know what being alive is yet or even what matter is living for. It’s a version of life in the dark reaching for light to know what it’s doing on a planet in space. 

Light doesn’t live only within human consciousness. There is a plethora of living intelligence far beyond it but part of it. Our idea of being alive and what life’s purpose and meaning is was opened for us to move through. The word created the world and God shaped human consciousness for living inside of its light for opening other levels of life at higher levels of consciousness. But in order to do that, we must go beyond society’s little person story adding substance to consciousness. 

Substance is the opening level in human consciousness because its depth is enormously pounding away at more understanding in life. It shatters society’s purpose with higher expectations of knowing life. Substance breaks down walls through other levels in consciousness awakening. What is at face value is the endless ghost of life. What is within our light fundamentally exists greater in the light of faith for what is living instead of the ghost of matters level. Faith provides the bigger world to open. 

Curiosity isn’t enough. Depth, substance, and maturity are required because what is revealed beckons a more profound being for witnessing it and carrying the light it deserves. When God created human consciousness He gave us the way to consciously evolve. Knowing Jesus made the world live for Love is knowing one of the ultimate keys for consciousness to carry more of God’s energy within it. Love is energy beyond our knowing of it. Hearing people say God is Love beckons us to dig much deeper and more profoundly for depth in that saying. 

Love lights the way for human consciousness to live in matter. It’s the light in human photosynthesis giving us the light of the world. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. Love shapes every circumstance a human being can live out of through the collective consciousness making what exists in the story. The more Love we become the more light in consciousness we have which means the more intelligence we carry. Love is the light of enlightenment because it’s God’s energy in our light. 

Never do we realize living for enlightenment as the only path of our existence because money was made a second God. When we made money a second God we made materialism the only level of what life was for. No one had any aptitude for understanding the frivolous nature of reality or why God existed in the first place letting us know His only Son Jesus. We made our entire existence matters level instead of light. This prevented science from having any level of aptitude for questioning motion in particles. 

Once society became reality and matters level was all knew as life our depth in God was shallow. Religion made itself the devil’s level through human consciousness not understanding any level of life or God. It went along with society instead of living deeper in God. This is why religion has never known my Father. It didn’t live with God teaching about Himself. It became the hub for always teaching about God while never living with Him in conversation. 

Living to God

After the disciples gave humanity everything they could it began rocky from the start because when they began teaching humanity life was already deep in the devil making money a second God and living society as reality. Religion continued bastardizing every chance of learning to live with God for human precepts. It could only understand textually living with God. No one lived God as reality because the mind couldn’t live it. They only created rituals, practices, and protocols because the level was not opening for knowing God. 

The disciples gave what they had and people quickly made it dark instead of light. No one lived with God as reality until now. Religion has made life godless for over two thousand years because it didn’t learn from Jesus and instead crucified Him. Learning to live with God is through Christ because He gave us the way to know Love is beyond society’s version of it. He knew human consciousness was in the dark which meant satan had more power than Love.

Without someone teaching us about living and how God exists humanity would live in a box deeper in hell than Heaven making life suffer at the hands of the devil’s idea of life. World government makes life tiny because it’s not living with higher consciousness for giving people greater knowing of life. It shapes a story that only fits its profile of life-based upon the satan in consciousness people carry. Without our living, for enlightenment, we miss what God created as life for living a version that is minute and laced with suffering and the devil. 


Consciousness can’t live outside of itself. It can only transcend through itself. It doesn’t arise out of something it was created to live within the light of Christ. As a thinking species keeping God first, last, and in all things was the way to shape a thought system in the light instead of dark. The observer only experiences the world in their narrative. No one lives outside of their thoughts. We hear people in our narrative and we listen only from our level of consciousness. 

Human consciousness as a requisite must live for Love without making society a reality. Knowing society is temporal and God is eternal should be taught in kindergarten. It’s not religious it’s literally the blueprint to life. 

Knowing the world with clear eyes helps us think deeper about every piece having an opening beyond how we first see it. There is more beyond what we think. Let us not stop living in amazement like a child running through a candy store. Life is calling to us for living beyond this veil of illusion. 

Life doesn’t live for knowing what doesn’t make sense or exist with facts but that is the essence of our existence. How we see the brain has no bearing on what the brain is or what is there. We only see from our present level of consciousness which isn’t even conscious of greater life. Thinking lives outside of the body and in a deeper field of consciousness. Consciousness is coming into us from Heaven. Thinking is only processing the story and is part of the temporal level in life. It doesn’t go with us when we leave the body. 

Our journey is through infinite stories that try to have us awaken beyond them to a more profound existence of being consciousness/light. Never does the storyteller live outside of oneself until it unravels what it creates as the story in the first place. Our knowing life only opens a piece for living through. Nothing in life is stagnant. We’re always moving forward through matter. All energy eventually changes form. When God gave energy the way to live in matter He created light for always increasing so that the story of life could be magnificent. 

We feel before we hear thought

People don’t live through thought as we believe. It’s a feeling of light in temperatures that proclaims our knowing before another language moves through us. We feel before we have a thought. Our thinking has been created through other levels of light. It’s living through other races of light before we have the feeling.

Human photosynthesis lives only by higher intelligence. What we feel and think absorbs other levels of light outside of our knowing. Living without darkness gives greater attributes for holding the aptitude for races of light to live more profoundly in our consciousness. 

Consciousness is a blend of light making our light profound. How we think doesn’t discern what is here it’s only bringing images we think are here. Thought is a fluid light changing temperature beyond the speed of light. The speed of thought breaks every idea of speed human consciousness carries. Our awareness is minute but our processor takes in billions of data every second of our lives. 

Thinking doesn’t live as thinking its algorithms moving deeper into light through our pulses. Only pulses decipher the atom’s magnitude. Atoms don’t discern if it’s in French, Russian or German. Pulses are the language. The pulses arent in rhythms or points. It out of chaos order lives perfectly. Aptitude in human consciousness lives from greater magnitudes of substance stretching light. Without substance, the light has no purpose in expanding.

Nature gives Heavens level for us to realize the bigger world. But if our aptitude can only make life exists at face value we lose what the gift of consciousness is for. God’s existence tells us ours is far beyond what we think. Our version of life doesn’t know life it only knows its present version of life. What is living is far more advanced than we can conceive. God’s existence beckons us to live for enlightenment shattering the perfect world of illusion for more. Only then do we understand God’s living with us is for having the way to move through more realms than one during the experience in matter. 


Fractals shed a moment of knowing light as the only level existing and when you change one speck of it the entire level shifts. When human beings are born they live within a tiny minuscule light of their truth. That light deepens as they pronounce living. When God gave human consciousness the way to live in matter He didn’t limit what could be shaped as life. When human beings think they literally move the world. 

Having greater light in God gives us the way to know why Jesus said the mustard seed could move mountains. Our thoughts are all we live as life. When we begin deepening our light in God our world changes over and over again for only knowing Him teaching about Himself. 

Having the understanding of fractals gives us the knowing of self-organizing energy creating the entire world to change for how we think it into being. It opens a more profound level within our depth that changes the light of every blade of grass, snowflake, tree and human image. It’s a profound level to know the world is consciousness only existing as our personal curriculum for awakening through. 

quantum entanglement